Title: Temperature is a Relative Thing

Author: Wolfemeister

Fandom : Popular

Rating: PG~13

Disclaimers:  They donít belong to me, I get no profit ect, ect, ect.

A/N:  Feedback welcome.


Temperature is a relative thing.  You can be burning up and the thermostat says itís only 40 degrees, and your blood can run cold even if itís 110 degrees outside. 

Brooke knew this intimately, because every time Sam touched her no matter how innocently she felt her temperature rise and, every time Sam ogled a cute guy she felt her heart freeze. 

Oh God and right now feeling Samís lips on her skin was causing her blood to boil.  Yes temperature was a relative thing because she was sure she was going to burst into flame if Sam kissed her again.

But then again what a way to go.


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