Title: Shadow Lover

Author: Wolfemeister

Fandom: Popular

Rating: PG~13

Disclaimers: They don’t belong to me, I get no profit ect, ect, ect.

A/N: Feedback welcome.


Her lover came in shadow never in light. Her lover’s skin glowed like a mist filled cloud and she wore darkness like the finest silk.

Brooke sighed. Poetic as the thoughts of her lover were the reality was that no matter how much she loved their nights together she wanted more.  The problem was that she had no idea if Sam was interested in anything more and that scared her. What if Sam just wanted a sexual outlet?  What if the reason they never spoke was because Sam liked things the way they were?  God why did her life have to be so complicated?

The sound of her door opening caused her breath to hitch and her heart to pound.   As her door quietly closed Brooke made a decision and flipped on her bedside lamp. “We need to talk.”  She said.

Sam froze, still in the shadows.

Brooke sighed and motioned the brunette towards her.  Sam hesitantly sat at the end of the bed.  The silence stretched painfully between them as Brooke was unsure how to begin.

Finally Brooke couldn’t take it anymore. “Sam look at me,” she said more sharply than she had intended.  Sam raised her head looking at the blonde.  The cocky self assurance Brooke expected wasn’t there, in fact the look on Sam’s face was of someone expecting to lose everything.  That look all but broke her heart.

“Sammy…  oh Sammy it’s ok,  don’t be upset.” Brook scooted down the bed pulling the unresisting brunette into the circle of her arms.  Sam started crying burying her face against Brooke’s neck.

“I’m sorry whatever I did I’m sorry I promise I’ll fix it. I can’t lose you Brooke I need you. I need us, please…” she sobbed.

“Shhh, it’s ok.  I’m not going anywhere, you didn’t do anything wrong.”  Brooke tried to calm the shaking girl in her arms.  “Sammy I don’t want us to stop.  I just… I just want it to be different.  I don’t want a shadow lover I want a girlfriend with all that implies.  I want to be able to hold your hand or kiss you in the light of day.  I can’t deal with the silence between us any more I want to talk to you about things.  But must of all I want to be with you.”

Sam raised her tear stained face looking deeply into Brooke’s hazel eyes.  She saw only longing and a love to match her own.

“You want me? I mean like publicly?”

“Yes! Oh Sammy I don’t care who knows, well the parentals don’t need to know yet.  But everyone else? Hell yes.  I’m proud of the fact that I love you and I really don’t give a damn what anyone thinks any more.  As long as I have you nothing else matters.”

“You love me?” Sam asked bewildered.

“Duh didn’t I just say that? I’m supposed to be the blonde in this relationship.” Brook managed to get out before Sam crushed their lips together in a long and desperate kiss.

“I love you, god I help me I love you so much.  I just never thought we could be openly together.  I stayed quiet because I thought that was the only way we could be together.  I love you” she said the last barely above a whisper before gently kissing Brooke again.

Normally their kisses were completely sexual, meant to arouse and inflame, this kiss was tender and almost chaste yet so full of love neither doubted the others feelings when it ended.

“So does this mean were dating now?” Sam asked.




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