Title: Lush

Author: Wolfemeister

Fandom : Popular

Rating: PG~13

Disclaimers:  They don’t belong to me, I get no profit ect, ect, ect.


Lush was a good word, it described Sam’s lips perfectly.  So did sinful, gorgeous and totally kissable.  These thoughts drifted through Brooke’s head as she pretended to pay attention to Bio Glass’s lecture on the mating habits of the Brazilian Mattooakin Bird. 

But alas the object of her affection was totally clueless to her inner musings.  As far as Sam knew Brooke was becoming a good friend and soon to be step sister and that was it.  If she’d been privy to Brooke’s thoughts she would have been stunned.  After all unlike Lilly, she had never questioned her sexuality.  She was firmly convinced she played for the straight team and the fact that all the guys she lusted after were unattainable was just bad luck.  Nope she never (well except that one time) thought about Brooke naked and covered in chocolate sauce. And she’d deny that she thought Brooke had really great breasts.

Both girls let out a slightly wistful sigh causing them to turn towards one another. Sam raised an enquiring eyebrow at Brooke.

Brooke merely shook her head and turned toward the front of the class.  Once again she began to think of how best to describe Sam and the word lush just kept popping into her head.  Sam’s lips were lush, her hair was lush, even her hips were lush.

Hell Lush was the perfect word to describe Sam. Then again so was unattainable, Brooke sighed again and tried to focus on Bio Glass to no avail.


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