Title: Yesterday, This Moment and Forever

Author: Spikey

Fandom: Xena: The Warrior Princess

Disclaimer: John Schulian, Robert G. Tapert and Renaissance Pictures

Pairing: Xena and Gabrielle

Rating: PG-15 I think (I’m not sure how to rate things)

Spoilers: Not much, but season 1-3

Feedback: What every author lives for. My email is: annetrisanna@hotmail.com

Beta: My really really good friend, Anne Katrine, have read through my stuff, and have made suggestions, witch I’ve taken to heart.

Author's note I: I'm from Denmark, and not the best at grammar and such, but I have done my best.

Author’s note II: Generally I like Joxer, but I’m not very good to him in this story.

Author’s note III: The song is Melissa Etheridge with This Moment.

Yesterday, This moment and Forever

They had set up camp for the night. Had found this little secluded place in the forest, where a small pond lay. It was a very beautiful and quiet place, just what they needed. The two women sat together and watched the sun go down. It was a ritual they had developed, their quiet time to wind down from their day of adventure. For Gabrielle this was perfect happiness. It was sitting between Xenas legs with her strong arms protectively around her, caressing her stomach. The feeling of pressing her backside into Xenas front, to feel the warmth that Xena erated, flowing into her. It was hearing Xenas beautiful voice sing quietly into her ear. Tonight she was singing Gabrielles favorite song. Gabrielle had written it as a poem, not meant for anyone to hear. It was how she felt about Xena, how much she wanted her.

But one night, while they sat by the campfire, she heard Xena sing it. That was the moment their relationship changed. And they hadn't looked back since, though their journey had been far from easy.

They had been travelling together for a couple of years now. Just trying to put the bad guys away and trying to survive the life they were living, which hadn't been always been easy, there had been some close calls. Along the road, Gabrielle had fallen in love. At first she had been scared. She had never heard that two girls could be together, so she thought that there was something wrong with her. Plus Xena could never love her like that. She was much older and it was clear that Xena loved men.

Then they visited the Amazons, and Gabrielle heard and saw things. Though she still wasn’t sure, maybe it was just the Amazons that were that way, and Xena wasn’t an Amazon. Gabrielle’s feelings kept on growing, and sometimes she was close to spilling them to Xena, but she always managed to keep quiet. She loved how strong their friendship was, but sometimes she just wanted more. She wanted to know how Xenas lips felt against hers. How her skin tasted. How her moans sounded. When ever she started to feel like that, she began to write a story or a poem. She also put her energy into training. And with all her pent up energy she quickly became good with that staff of hers.

Then they met Perdicus again. Gabrielle knew that she could never have Xena the way she desperately wanted. And Perdicus was genuinely a nice guy. So she married him. When Xena kissed her goodbye, she really thought it was goodbye for good. That she would never see her warrior princess again. But Callisto changed that, and Gabrielle took that as a sign: She was never to feel love. Not that kind of love. And, as if to prove that, Xena died. Gabrielle thought she was to be alone always. But Xena came back. She came back to her. The kiss they shared was magical, it was unique. But they never talk about it. They never mentioned it again. Gabrielle then thought that it was just a one time thing, and so she got back to her writing. But she still had hope, and sometimes she thought that maybe Xena gave her signs, but then again that could just be her hope talking, so she never did anything about it.

But one day she knew. Gabrielle was standing at the railing of Cecrops ship, watching Xena fight off pirates. And when Xena jumped on board the cursed ship, she knew. Xena loved her. Why else would she risk being stuck on a cursed ship until she died, if she didn’t love Gabrielle? But Gabrielle was still afraid to say anything. What if it wasn’t true?

Then one night something happened. They were sitting by the campfire in silence. They often did that. Gabrielle could feel Xenas smoldering gaze upon her. Xena had done that a lot lately, watching her. Gabrielle looked up and green eyes met blue. They sat like that for a while, just looking into each others souls. Both were afraid to say anything, to break the spell. But then Xena began to sing, softly at first, but her voice grew stronger. Gabrielle instantly knew that it was one of her poems. The poem she loved the most.


I, I am watching you sleep
It’s the promise you made
What I find I can keep
Oh, I want to swallow the moon
Give a smile back to you
Lighting the way
Tell the angels they’ll just have to wait

Cause I want to stay here in this moment
Can I quietly slip into you
You and I can stay here in this moment
Let the world fade away
I just want to stay with you

I, I am watching you breathe
I am pulled into you
As you smash into me
Oh, I want to give you the stars
All that I can hold in my arms
Placing them where you lay
Tell the angels they’ll just have to wait

Cause I want to stay in this moment
Can I quietly slip into you
You and I can stay here in this moment
Let the world fade away
I just want to stay with you

With my hand on your skin
We can slowly begin
I am free
Now the heavens have less
‘Cause I found the best
And I won’t let them take you away
Tell the angels they’ll just have to wait

Cause I want to stay here in this moment
Can I quietly slip into you
You and I can stay here in this moment
Let the world fade away
I want to stay here in this moment

Make the world stand impossibly still
Disappear in you kiss
We’ll never be missed
Let the world fade away
I just want to stay
With you


During the song Xena and Gabrielle had moved so they stood in front of each other. The song ended and Xena bend down and slowly kissed Gabrielle's soft lips. Gabrielle sneaked her arms around Xena and pulled her impossibly close, while she invited Xenas tongue into her mouth. Gabrielle’s heart was beating so loudly in her chest, she was afraid her ribs would crack. They both let out small moans when their tongues met. This was it, Gabrielle thought. This was happiness. This was love. The pair slowly made the way over to their bedroll, laid down, and began to undress each other, while their hands and tongues explored. Their lovemaking was sweet and slow. They were taking their time to get to know the other ones body. They didn’t speak that night. Words were not needed to say what was happening. Actions were what counted at that moment. Actions they had both craved for a long time. When they woke the next morning, they did speak though. They spoke of hidden love, of longing, of hope. They spoke of their future as well. They didn’t want to change anything, so they continued on as they had in the past. The difference was how their bedrolls were arranged, how they slept.

They continued to travel and have adventures for some months, just taking it fairly easy with their lives, while trying to rid the world of bad guys and whatever evils they came across on their path, though it had been a bit slow in that area lately. So the two lovers had taken a vacation, Xena letting down her guard a little.

One morning, after a night of passionate lovemaking, the warrior and bard were curled together, arms and legs intertwined. It had been a warm summers night, so they hadn’t bothered to cover them with a blanket, it was simply too hot. Xena could hear Joxer approaching through the forest, but didn’t think more of it. They were used to him stumbling into them wherever they were, like he had some kind of sixth sense or something, because he always seemed to know where they were. Xena and Gabrielle were slowly waking up when they heard him. “Good morning to you two. I saw Argo from the road and thought I’d joi….” Xena sat up with a jolt, shortly followed by Gabrielle, who was still a bit groggy. They hadn’t told Joxer about them, about their relationship. They didn’t want to hurt him, because they both knew that he was in love with Gabrielle. Plus they were waiting for the right time to tell him. He was one of their closest friends, even though he could be a bit annoying at times. It was just one of his charms. Joxer, when he was over his initial shock, turned around so he stood with his back to them. The pair scrambled to get their clothes on in a hurry.

When Gabrielle had gotten dressed, she walked over to Joxer, put her hand on his shoulder, and opened her mouth. But no words left her. She didn’t really know what to say, she was still in shock. But he shied away form her. “Don’t touch me. Not after.. Not after they have been all over HER!” He turned around and looked, with contempt, at Xena. “You two are disgusting.” Xena was also in shock. She had never thought that he would react that way. She couldn’t, and emotional speeches had never been her thing. “Joxer, I love her. I have always loved her.” It was Gabrielle, who had finally found her voice. “I know you have feelings for me, but we could never be. You are a really really good friend. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but that’s the truth. I truly, deeply, love her.” Gabrielle had locked eyes with Joxer, hoping to see anything other than what she did. What she was starring into was pure, undiluted disgust and contempt, and that broke her heart. Tears began to role down her cheeks. Joxer broke eye contact, and looked down into the ground, for a long time. He could hear Gabrielle's sobs and Xena move over to her. When he looked up, he saw Gabrielle's head buried in Xenas chest. “You two are unnatural. You are freaks. You disserve each other.” The blonde and the dark haired could hear anger, disappointment and sadness in his voice. With that, Joxer left the two stunned women, never to see them again.

That experience had hurt Gabrielle very much. Her perfect little bubble had burst, and the nasty reality had shown its ugly face. The next couple of months had been very hard on the couple. There had been Britania, Hope, Japa and the death of Solan. And it had seemed like they, as a couple and friends, was doomed. But the love they had for each other went too deep, and they worked through it together. They were going to be ok.

A couple of moths went by, and one day they were back in Potedia, saving the village from a hungry warlord. At the night of their victory, the village celebrated Xena and Gabrielle with a party. There were a big campfire, food and wine, music, singing and dancing. Throughout the evening, the pair sought a place where they could be alone together. It had been a while since they had last made love, and Gabrielle would burst if she didn’t feel Xena against her soon. Finally they found a place, a barn that was a little out of the way. Meanwhile Lila was looking for her sister. She was bored and wanted to hear more of Gabrielle's exiting stories about hers and Xena's life. When Lila couldn’t find her sister, she looked for Xena. For, she had learned in the couple of days the pair had been there, to see one of them was to see both of them. She kind of envied their strong friendship. They always seem to know exactly what the other one wanted. It was amazing to watch them work, their dedication was astounding. And to watch them fight. Xena was like a goddess. Gabrielle had learned a lot, and was taking down guy after guy with her staff. Lila was simply amazed with them.

While Lila searched for the two heroes she saw the outlying barn, and thought they might be in there, to get some peace and quiet after all their hard work. She decided to look for them in there. She quietly slipped inside, because if they slept she didn’t want to wake them. At first she didn’t see them, there were no light inside. But then she heard a soft moan. Had someone gotten hurt? She thought, and went in further. Then she saw them. And it was not the sight she had expected. Gabrielle was sitting on top of some boxes, with Xena standing between her legs. They were kissing. Passionately. She could see their tongues swirling together in a captivating dance, and their hands were fiercely touching everywhere they could reach. Lila then heard her sister moan. “I need you Xena. I need you inside me. I’m burning up, please.” Xena started to undress Gabrielle and Gabrielle did the same to Xena. Hands caressed ample breasts. Tongues licked over delicate skin. Teeth gently bit soft spots. Lila was transfixed. She wanted to run, to leave the two of them alone, but she couldn’t. Her feet weren’t able to move. Lila was confused, but also curious. She had never heard of two women together like that. How could it even be possible? Well, she had the proof in front of her. She saw Xena's hand slowly slide down Gabrielle’s stomach and in between her legs. Gabrielle moaned loudly. Xena's hand then started to move slowly in and out, setting a steady rhythm, which Gabrielle's hips bucked in sync with. Again Lila heard her sister’s voice. “Faster.. Harder, baby. I’m so close.” And Xena moved harder and faster. After, what felt like a few seconds and several hours, Gabrielle’s body went ridged and Lila heard an, almost primal, low scream, as the orgasm took over her sister. Gabrielle slumped against Xena, whispering into her ear. But Lila heard her. “I love you, Xena. So much that my heart bleeds when you’re not around. Promise me that you will always be in my life. Promise me, please.”

Xena gently took Gabrielle's head in her hands and gave her a slow and sweet kiss. “I promise that I will be with you always, baby. Gabrielle, without you I don’t want to live. I love you baby. I love you.” With that Lila found movement, and quickly tiptoed out of the barn. The spectacular sight she had just witnessed had left her breathless. WOW! She thought. They really, really, truly loved each other. But how could it be? They were both women. It couldn’t be right. She had never seen anything like that. Nothing so confusing and so beautiful that words alone could not describe it. Lila found her way back to the fire, sat down and thought for a while. What should she do about the knowledge she possessed? Should she tell her father? It was unnatural. They weren’t married. And women couldn’t get married anyway. It was a sin, what they were doing. But they were so sweet together, even though Xena could be very intimidating at times. Lila had noticed how much Gabrielle had changed, since she had left the village. She had become so much more confident in herself. Lila could see that she had grown a lot. She could see it in her sisters eyes. Gabrielle had been through a lot in the years that had passed. Xena had been good for her. But if it was a sin for two women to be together, why hadn’t the gods cursed them? And neither woman were evil, they were fighting for peace and justice for all. Xena was atoning for her past. So if the gods hadn’t cursed them, maybe they weren’t so unnatural after all. But Lila had never heard of two persons of the same sex, who were in a relationship together. Maybe it wasn’t accepted in the communities around the country. Lila then remembered Gabrielle’s letters, how her sister had spoken of Xena. It was then clear that Gabrielle really loved Xena. This opened options for her, though which she didn’t know yet. After a while, Xena and Gabrielle returned. Lila sat and studied them. The pair sat down by the fire and talked and joked with the people from the village, as if they hadn’t just been doing what they had done. And if you didn’t know it, they could have just been out for a walk. Their eyes were glassy and their cheeks a bit flustered. They touched each other in innocent places whenever they could. As Lila watched them she thought; they were a really beautiful couple.

The next morning Xena and Gabrielle left the village, to continue their adventures.

The warrior and bard had just stopped for lunch, and while Xena fished, Gabrielle wanted to write down the story of how they had saved her home village. She found her parchment, but someone had written something on it.


Dear sister.

I wanted to say thank you for saving our village. You have turned into a fine warrior, and I’m very proud of you. You have made an interesting life for yourself, and have seen and experienced the worlds good and bad sides. I’m kind of envious. But I think I’ll be doing my own travelling for a bit. Maybe visit your Amazons? You are lucky that you have found love. Yes, I know about you and Xena, I saw you in the barn. I didn’t mean to, and I’m sorry. But I think that you should hold on to her Gabby. Xena is an amazing woman, and she loves you very much. And so does I



That night Xena and Gabrielle found a little secluded place in the forest, where a small pond lay. It was a very beautiful and quiet place, just what they needed. The two women sat together and watched the sun go down. It was a ritual they had developed, their quiet time to wind down from their day of adventure. For Gabrielle this was perfect happiness. It was sitting between Xenas legs with her strong arms protectively around her, caressing her stomach. The feeling of pressing her backside into Xenas front, to feel the warmth that Xena erated, flowing into her. It was hearing Xena's beautiful voice sing quietly into her ear. It was wonderful feelings of weightlessness after a night of sweet, slow and passionate lovemaking.


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