Title: I Need You

Author: Spikey

Fandom: South of Nowhere

Disclaimer: I have no idea, but they're not mine.

Pairing: S/A

Rating: Proberly PG/PG-13

Feedback: I would be very happy. Thank you. my email is: annetrisanna@hotmail.com

Author's note: I am from Denmark, and not good at gramma and such, but I have done my best.

Author's note II: This little story is written in poem form. First from Ashley point of view, then Spencer's.

Summery: Spencer's mom don't want Spashley to be together.


What do you want me to do?

I am nothing without you

You chanced my life

And I am forever grateful

You saw ME!

Not my famous dad

Not my absend mother

Not my welth

Not the rumours

Not the people I've slept with

You really saw me

You didn't do what everybody else have done

You didn't leave

You became my friend

And I fell for you

You confined in me

Told me you liked girls

I was ecstatic

Maybe I had a shot

Maybe you liked me

I had fallen deep for you

And I hoped

I hoped you had fallen too

And you had

I shed tears of joy

I was really happy

And we were great together

But now you're standing there

I the rain


Leaving me

And I feel my heart shatter

I can't breath

I need to feel you close

I need to be in your arms

I need to hear you say: I love you

Or I'll die

My heart can't take it


Please don't leave me

Just because your mom says so

Why can't we just love each other?

I'm tired of hiding my feelings

It's burining me up inside

I need you to put out my internal fire

Before it consumes me


I love you so much

You are all that occupies my thoughts

I hug you

I say that I love you

I take your face in my hands

I brush away your tears

You lean into my touch

My stomack flips by your actions

I can feel your breath on my face

You are so close

You lick your lips

I look into your eyes

Into your soul

And I see your love for me

I see your guilt

The regret you have for not beeing with me

I see your hate for your mother

And it kills me to do so

To let you go

So I kiss you, one last time

I hug you, one last time

I look into your eyes, one last time

I say I love you, one last time

And I turn around and walk away, one last time



I collaps on my knees

It's raining

I'm soaked

I'm cold

My heart is broken

I see you walk away

I see the defeat in your walk

I see the sobs on your shoulders

And I can't breathe

I miss you so much

I'm dying inside

I feel my soul go cold

Turn to ice

And be filled with hate

Hate for my mother

I'm crying so hard I don't think I can ever stop

I feel like I betrayed you

Betrayed our love

You are the best thing that has happened to me

You gave me the real me

You made me realise I was gay

You took away the doubt

And you loved me

I can't believe we're not us anymore

I need you

I need you to hold me at night

I need you to whisper in my ear: I love you

I need to feel your lips on mine

And I really need to make love to you

I need to feel you skin sliding against mine

I need to feel you touch me

I need to feel your hair tickle me

As you're hovering over me

Why did I let you go?

Why do I listen to my mother?

She can't order me to not loving you

'Cause I do

So very much

I can't live without you

With each passing second

I see you get one step further away

I feel someone picking me up from the ground

I can only think of you

You are what my dreams are made of

I can't let you leave

I'm standing up now

My mother's hugging me

Telling me I did the right thing

But I didn't

I didn't tell her to shut up

I fight against her hug

I feel trapped

I only want you to be hugging me

I know now

I can't let you leave

I can't die of a broken heart

I need you in my life

I need you by my side

I need to love you

And for you to love me

I get loose of my mothers claws

You are almost at your car

I yell your name


You turn around

I see your smile

I hear you say my name


You run to me

We hug

We cry

We kiss like there's no tomorrow

We say: I love you, too many times to count

We are standing in the middle of the road

In the rain

In the dark

And I no longer feel cold

I am in your arms

And I smiling

You're not going anywhere, anymore

I'm not going anywhere, anymore

I have you

You have me

And we're in love

'Till the end of time


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