Title: Love on a Hellmouth

Author: Spikey

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, exept Gloria and John Nightlight. All the characters belong to Joss Whedon + writers, and Mutant Enemy. I am only a poor student so please don't sue me!

Fandom: BTVS

Pairing: D/K (some B/F and W/T)

Rating: Don't know. PG to R. I suck at rating things.

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Author's note: I am from Denmark, and not good at gramma and such, but I have done my best.

Author's note II: The spell in the end is just me having a bit of fun.

Summery: Tara didn't die. Willow did try to destroy the world, and killed Warren. Faith also went evil. Faith and Buffy are together. Willow, Buffy, Tara and Faith are in college. Kennedy is not a brat. It is set in season seven, but there is no "The First". This is just a story about two girls, in a special enviroments, finding love.

"Giles!" Dawn yelled. "Giles you're here! I've missed you so much." She hugged him like there was no tomorrow.

"I've missed you too, Dawn. All of you." He looked around at all of them. Buffy joined Dawn, also hugging Giles. "Buffy?"

"Yeah?" "I can't breath." "Oh sorry." Behind Giles stood a young woman, looking out of place. Giles remembered her.


"Oh. This is Kennedy. Kennedy Nightlight. She need your protection, Buffy." "My protection? Why?"

"She's a potential slayer. Her watcher were killed, by some demon." Tara gestured Kennedy too sit down in the couch.


"Thank you" Kennedy said. "You're welcome. Looks like you've had a rough couple of days. Are you hungry?"

"Uhmm.. I don't know.. Maybe?" Kennedy had a sad look on her face. She looked like she still were in shock.

"Come with me. I'm gonna make you something. Dawn? Will you give me a hand?" "Sure. Come on." Dawn gently took Kennedy by the arm, and lead her to the kitchen.


"Sit down here. You want some tea?" Dawn wanted to make her feel better. She had this feeling, that it was important, somehow. "Yeah.. Thanks." Dawn began to make the tea. Meanwhile, Tara was making pancakes.

"I hope you like pancakes.. Tara's the best cook I know." "Yeah I do. I love them."


After tea and pancakes, Kennedy began to liven up a little. She had immediately taken a liking to Dawn.

She was so kind, and she didn't start to question her 'bout her watcher, and everything. She was sick an tired of answering the same questions over and over, to the cops and Giles and everybody.

She liked the Summers house. She felt safe, for the first time in a week.


Giles had explained the whole thing to the rest of the Scooby's.

By nightfall the Summers house was getting ready for bed, Buffy and Faith for their patrol. Dawn came over to Kennedy.

"You can sleep in my room, and Giles can sleep on the couch." "Ok."


In about three in the morning, Dawn woke up, hearing Kennedy talk in her sleep. "No.. No, stop... Please.. Don't. No.."

Dawn was unsure what to do, so she simply wrapped her arms around the darkhaired girl. That calmed her down.

Dawn watched Kennedy sleep. It felt so natural, just holding her. That was new to her, to feel this way about a person she had just met. But there was just something about Kennedy.

Dawn fell asleep, with confused thoughts, running through her head.


Faith and Buffy was walking home, after their patrol. "What do you think of her?" Buffy asked.

"I like her." That earned her a look from Buffy. "No that kind of like. I've got you babe." She kissed Buffy.

"I mean.. She's still in some kind of shock. But she seems nice enough."

"I know what you mean.. To have her watcher killed in front of her, and then get accused for doing it.. It's good Giles got her out of jail." Was Buffy's reply.

"Yeah.. How old is she, again?" Faith couldn't remember Kennedy's age.

"She's 19.. She seems younger."

"I think it's 'cause she hasn't seen and done the things we have. She still has some of her innocence left, B.." "Yeah, I guess so." They reached the house, and went to bed.


Kennedy woke up, feeling something holding her. She turned around, and saw a still sleeping Dawn, cuddling her. First she was confused. Why was Dawn cuddling her? But then she figured, she didn't care. It felt nice.

She looked at the sleeping girl. She was quite stunning. Looked older than her 16 years. Kennedy could see it in her eyes. This girl had been through a lot.

Kennedy was hungry. She got free of Dawns arms, and went downstairs, to the kitchen.


In there she found Willow and Tara eating breakfast. "Morning. Sleep well?" "Yeah. Thanks."

"There's freshly made pancakes." Willow said with a smile. "Thanks. Is Giles awake?"

"Yeah. But he left half an hour ago, for London." Tara said.

"He left?!"

"Yeah, but don't worry sweety, we'll keep you safe." Tara said with a reassuring smile.

Kennedy sat down, and began eating.


After a few minutes, Dawn comes into the kitchen. Kennedy looks up, and they catch each others eyes.

The moment's ruined by Faith and Buffy's entrance.  "Morning everybody." "Morning." Everybody said at the same time.

Tara notices the look, that Dawn and Kennedy shares. But she doesn't say anything.

"We ready to go?" Buffy asks. "Huh? Go where?" Kennedy says, a little worried.

"We have classes. You will follow Dawn to Sunnydale High. I hope you don't mind. Giles said you still were in High School, so Willow got you enlisted, in Dawns class."

"Uhmm.. Ok. How did she get me enlisted so fast." Kennedy asked curiously.

"She uhm.. Hacked into the school computer. And did a little magic, so it won't seem so suspicious, that you just drop in." "Uhmm.. Ok. Thanks."

"No problem. If everybody's done, we can get going."

"We're going to walk." Dawn says, leading Kennedy out of the kitchen.


"Trust me, you don't wanna drive with Buffy. Not if you want to keep your breakfast in your stomach." "Thanks for the tip."


They reach the school. "What class are we gonna have first?"

"French. I suck at it." Dawn says with irritation in her voice. "I speak it fluently." Kennedy said proudly.

"You're kidding. You could totally help me out! Were did you learn it?" Dawn was ecstatic. Maybe now she could finally learn the damn language.

"I lived in France for a couple of years. Which is why I'm still in High School. I took a break."

"Cool." Dawn smiles at Kennedy. "It's unfair. I can speak Latin, ancient Sumerian and a few other demons languages. But I couldn't speak French, if my life depended on it."

"You just haven't had the right teacher. I'll tutor you. You're gonna learn it in no time." Kennedy would gladly help Dawn with her french.

"Great. Thanks.. Are you gonna stay in Sunnydale long, then?"

"I guess so.. This is the Hellmouth after all, you could use my help."

"We really could. What about you're family?" Kennedy gets an angry look on her face. "They're.. I'm not on talking terms with them."

"Why not?" Dawn wanted to get to know Kennedy.

"'Cause They won't except me fighting demons and stuff."

"I'm sorry. That must suck." "It does.. It really does."

"Yeah.. Let's get to class.. Not that it's the most exiting thing to do." "Yeah let's go."


After school, Dawn and Kennedy went to the Magic Box. "This place is amazing." Kennedy had never been in a migic shop before.

"You should see out in the back, they've made it into a training room.. You wanna spar?"

"Yeah.. It's been awhile.. You know I've been training since I was 8 right? You sure you're up for it?" Kennedy didn't want to end up hurting the younger girl.

"I've been trained by slayers, watchers and witches. So I know a few tricks." She smiled to Kennedy, and leads her into the back and they got rid of anything that would be in the way while they fought.


"Ok. Here we go." They say at the same time and smiles wickedly to each other.


They circle each other, waiting for one of them to make a move.

It was Kennedy, that attacked first. She lashed out with her left hand, but Dawn blocked her attack. Dawn kicks out with her right foot, but Kennedy also blocked. They continue to attack and block each other, getting more and more into the fight.

They don't even notice they have an audience. Willow, Buffy, Tara and Faith are watching them.

Kennedy manage to get the upper hand, and knocks Dawn of her feet. But Dawn graps Kennedy, and pulls her down. She lands on top of Dawn, straddling her. They stare in each others eyes.


They both jumps up, when they hear Faith. "You're quite good." "Yeah, Dawn's tough." Willow says. "But then you are a potential, and all that."

"Thanks. Dawn is good." Dawn blushes at the comment, but no one, other than Tara, notices it. She also saw how they had looked at each other, on the floor.

She was sure, if no one had been in here, they would properbly have kissed. She could feel the emotions thick in the air. One of her talents.


"Well.. Let's go home and get something to eat.. And you two could probably use a shower." She says.

"Yeah. I'm starved." "Faith you're always hungry." "Aren't you B?" Faith says flirtatious. "Come on guys."


At dinner, Buffy and Willow, is discussing a book for school. "No you don't get it." Buffy says. "He did it on purpose."

"No you don't get it. Chopin is a figment in Paul's mind." Willow says back.

"He made Chopin do it.. In his head." Buffy says. "So you say he's not real?" Willow is confused.

"Yeah.. Do you ever see anyone of Paul's friends talk to him? No. He's not real."

"Maybe you should read the rest of the book, before deciding if he's real or not." Faith interrupts.

"Yeah good idea. You're giving me a head ache." Dawns says.

"So I hear you've lived in France. How is it? I've always wanted to go there." Tara asks Kennedy.

"It's a beautiful country. People are nice and caring.. Well most of them.. There was this old guy." She giggles. "Every time me and my friends walked past his house, he would come out and chase us down the street, with his cane. We used to laugh at him. It was sad really.. I had a good time there.. It's a nice country. You should go there someday."

"I wanna go." Dawn says. "Except I don't speak French." "I said I'd tutor you. You don't believe i could teach you?" Kennedy says, daring and smiling.

"It's not you I distrust. I just can't get it right." "We'll see." Is all Kennedy says to that.


A couple of weeks passed by quickly. Dawn and Kennedy are enjoying every moment they spent together.

Tara can sense their feelings, towards each other, grow, day by day. It's overwhelming. She hoped one of them would make a move soon. But she figured she'd had to help them out a little.


So when Friday came up, she had a plan.


"You know what? Buffy and Faith is out. Me and Willow have this paper to finish. Why don't you two go to the movies, or something? Maybe get something to eat afterwards?" Why not take advantage that nobody was home? Get a little Willow, one on one, time.

Dawn looks at Kennedy. "Sure. We could do that. You up for it?" She asks Kennedy. "Yeah. Sounds like a plan."

"Great.. Here's some money. Just be careful. Buffy would kill me if anything happens to you guys."

"We will.. Thanks Tara. Come one." They walk out the door.


When they are in save distance from the house. Dawn say. "Paper my ass." Dawn and Kennedy begins laughing. It had been difficult to keep their faces straight, in the house. "Did you notice how fast she wanted us gone?" Dawn says. "Oh yeah. It was hilarious. So what are we gonna see? I hear The Island should be a great movie."

"Yeah, me too. You're game?" Dawns asks Kennedy. "I'm always game."


After the movie, they goes to an Italian pizza restaurant. "Man that was an awesome movie." Kennedy says.

"Yeah it was really good. I just love Scarlett Johansen. She's just so natural."

"Yeah.. And good looking." Kennedy smiles to Dawn. "There's that." Dawn comments.


They eat their pizzas. "I could just live of this stuff. I totally love pizza." Kennedy says. "Me too.. Buffy says I'm unnatural, for eating it so much. But I can't get enough of it." Dawn says, her mouth full of pizza.

"Me neither. It's unbelievable how much we have in common, don't ya think?"

"Yeah. I feel like I've known you forever.."

"Yeah.. Me too.. It's nice." Kennedy says. They look each other in the eyes, for a moment, but look away again.


They walk home, in a slow tempo. They reach the house. "D'you think they're.. Uhm.. Done?" Kennedy asks.

As they enter the house, they hear a moan. "Guess not." Dawn answers. "We'll just go to my room, and put on some music."

"Like that plan"


They go up to Dawns room. Dawn turns on the radio, on a rock channel. "I love this song." Kennedy says, and begins to dance. "Come on Dawn. Dance."

Dawn, a little hesitant first, but soon both her and Kennedy is dancing wild to the music.

At one point, they bump into each other, and ends up on the floor, Dawn on top of Kennedy.


They lay there a long time, staring at each other. Then Dawn leans down and kisses Kennedy. She feel Kennedy kiss back, so she opens her mouth, slides her tongue over Kennedy's lips, seeking permission to enter. Kennedy opens her mouth and welcomes Dawns tongue with her own. They break apart 'cause lack of breath.


"I've wanted to do that to you, since the first day I came here." Kennedy confesses to Dawn.

Dawn answers by kissing Kennedy again.


In another room, two witches feel this big burst of energy. "Wow.. Holy crap!"

"Finally." Tara says. "You knew about that?" "Yeah. You haven't felt them?"

"No.. No I haven't." Willow says. "It's been massive, I can tell you.. Since the first day.. They're in it deep." Tara says with a smile. Willow answers. "When a Scooby gets hit by love, they get hit hard."

"They sure do." Tara smiles mischievously to Willow. "Ready for round three?"

"With you? Always.. C'mere sexy."


Back in Dawns room, Dawn and Kennedy are still battling tongues. Kennedy flips them around, so she's on top. She runs her left hand up and down Dawns side. Dawn take of Kennedy's shirt, leaving her in a tank top. Kennedy move her thigh in between Dawns legs, putting a slight pressure on Dawns groin. Dawn moves her hips slightly, trying to get more pressure. They lay there for a couple of minutes, but things are moving too fast for them.

Kennedy breaks the kiss. "To soon." "I know.. I'm stopping.." Dawn says out of breath. "Yeah.. Me too.."

"Let's just.. get up on the bed, go to sleep, and keep our clothes on."

"I like that plan.. Kiss me again." And Dawns does just that. After a couple of minutes, they break it off, and gets ready for bed.


Kennedy is spooning Dawn, stroking her hair. "Dawn?" "Yeah?" "I uhmm... I've never felt this way 'bout someone before. Not this intense."

"Me neither.. I think I've fallen in love with you."

"Me too." She kiss Dawns neck, just below her ear. Dawn moans, and push her back more into Kennedy. "Goodnight baby."

"I like that." Dawn says, kissing Kennedy. The girls fall asleep, holding each other.


At breakfast, Dawn and Kennedy is sitting close, thighs touching and happy faces. Buffy walks in, seeing them laughing. "Someone's awfully cheery today." She says. "Yeah.. I love this day." Her sister answers.

"Buffy?" "What is it Dawn?" "I wanna show Kennedy the Bronze. Maybe we could all go?"

Faith walks in. "Sounds like a plan. Been a while."

"Yeah. We could go." Buffy says. "Great. Love ya.. Well, me and Kennedy's of to Thomas' house, we have a school project."

"Ok. See ya." Buffy says.


Dawn pulls Kennedy with her, out the door. "We don't have a project. Where're we going?" "To the park. I wanna be alone with you today." "Sounds like a plan."


They walk through the park, hand in hand, talking. "Have you always know? That you were gay?" Dawn asks her girlfriend. "Yeah.. When I was 5, I saw Gone With The Wind, I saw it and I knew I wanted to sweep Scarlett off her feet."

"you're kidding me, right?" "Nope." "You were 5!" "Yeah! So?.. How long have you know?" Dawn thinks a moment. "Properly since I was like 14, or something.. Ok. This you can never ever tell. Promise?" "Yeah I do."

"Ok.. I actually had this crush, but it's LONG gone, believe me, on Willow." Dawn blushes.

"You did! Damn.. Not that i blame you. She's kinda hot. But not as hot as you." Kennedy quickly ads. "You're just.. You're beautiful. You really are."

She stops walking, turn around, so she's facing the younger girl. She takes Dawns face in her hands, and looks her in the eyes. "You're funny, cute, smart. And completely sexy.. I feel safe when I'm with you. You pulled me up from the black hole I was in. You make me happy. And.. I love you."

 A tear came down Dawns cheek. "I love you too." They kiss passionately.


"Oh look. Dykes." Dawn and Kennedy breaks apart. They see 3 guys standing in front of them, blocking the path.

"What do you want?" Kennedy asks angrily. "We wanna show you what a real man is like. "Thanks, but we're gonna pass." Dawn says. "Oh, I don't think so." The guys close in on them, surrounding them. "We're gonna beat you dyke's down." "Oh? You welcome to try." The guys attack.

Dawn and Kennedy smiles to each other, and goes into the fight.


In the matter of minutes, the guys are on the ground, bleeding from various places, and a broken bone or two.

"I think you owe us an apology." Kennedy says, holding 'the leader' by his hair. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry.. Please let me go." "Why should I? You were gonna beat us." Kennedy is furious.

"We're sorry." One of the other guys says. "We're sorry. We'll never do it again. We promise."

"I'm sure you do." She throws the guy she's holding, hard onto the ground. "If we see you again." It was a real threat. "You won't. You won't. We promise."


And then Dawn and Kennedy leaves, arm in arm.


When they've walked for a while Dawn breaks the silence between them. "Well.. That was a lot of fun!" She says sarcastic. "Yeah well.. They deserved it." "Oh, they totally did.. We did good huh." "Yeah.. We were good.. I'm hungry." Kennedy says.

"Me too. Let's hit that pizza place." "Ok. But first. Kiss me." "Aren't we commanding." Dawn says with a smirk. But she does what she's told.

"Now I'm really hungry." Kennedy says and cracks up, Dawn slaps her on the shoulder. "Aw."

"Wuss." "So I'm a wuss now, huh?" "Yep." Dawn smirks. "You're so gonna regret you said that." "Catch me.. If you can."


Dawn starts running, Kennedy only a beat behind her. She catches Dawn, and tackle her. On the ground, Kennedy starts to tickle Dawn. "Take it back." "I'll.. Never.. Take.. It back." Dawn says out of breath. Kennedy just continue her attack. "You give?" "I give.. I give." "Good." She stops with the tickling, leans down and kiss Dawn. "I love being on the winning team."

"Yeah?" Kennedy looks at Dawn, with a passionate fire in her eyes. "Oh, yeah!... Let's go get some pizza." "You pig." "Oink oink." "I have my own pig.. Come on honey. Pizza's waiting." "Yes ma'am." "You make me sound old. You're older than me."

"I know.. It's just.. You seem older than you are. You have this.. Reality sense. You have a lot of knowledge, you speak like, 5 languages. You have been through a lot.. I think that's why I like you so much, you're not one of those brainless bimbos, who were on my boarding schools.. You can actually think.. On top of that. You are one of the most beautiful, sexy woman I've ever met."

"So you like me, huh?" Dawn just fell even more in love with Kennedy.

"I love you.. To the bone." "I love you too. A whole hell of a lot."


They walk for a while, just enjoying each others company. "What's it like on boarding school?" "Well.. I was sent to an all girls school." "Hehe." "Yeah.. Well my parents don't know I'm gay.. But it wasn't that much fun.. I was with a couple of girls, but they were just fooling 'round, and swore they weren't gay. My ass, they sure as hell didn't kiss like straight girls, I tell ya that.. It was.. It was ok, ya know.. It was school."

"Yeah.. I know what you mean." Even though Dawn liked school, it was still just school. "When do you want to tell people 'bout us?" Kennedy asks. "I don't know.. Tonight?" "Tonight sounds good.. I'd like that."


Dawn and Kennedy spent the day just having a good time.


When night was due, the Summers house were dressed to go have fun and party.


On the way, Dawn graped Buffy, and said she'd wanted a word. "What is it Dawn?" Buffy asked a little worried. "Well.. It's.. You know..." "Just say it Dawn."

"I uhmm.. Me and.. And Kennedy are involved.. Romantically." She says in a small voice, looking down in the ground, afraid what Buffy's gonna say. "You love her?"

Dawn looks up in Buffy's eyes. "I do. Very much, and she loves me." "That's all I needed to hear. I'm glad you told me.. When did it happen?"

"Last night... Well we didn't.. You know." "I think I know.. Don't worry. I trust you. And I love you." They hug, and catched up with the rest of the gang.

Dawn, with a big smile plastered to her face, slipped her hand into Kennedy's.


They entered the Bronze, and found a table. "I'll get drinks. You two will have to settle for soda." Faith said. "Damn." Was Kennedy's response, but only Dawn heard it. "Me too." Dawn whispered in Kennedy's ear.

Faith comes back, with drinks. "I wanna dance babe." She says to Buffy. "I know.. Come on." As they move to the dance floor, Dawn looks at Kennedy. Kennedy get the message, and takes Dawn by the hand.


While the two pairs are dancing, Willow and Tara just sit and watch them. "They're quite a pair." Willoe says out of the blue. "Who is, sweety?" "Dawn and Kennedy.. They're a perfect match.. Just look at them. So much love." Willow says.

"They're not the only, who just radiates love." Tara says, nodding towards the slayers. "No.. Buffy and Faith too.."

"And you." Tara said, and kissed Willow tenderly. "You too."


Later, in the bathroom, Kennedy and Buffy stood and washed their hands.

"If you hurt her I'll kill you." Buffy says with a smile on her face, thought she was serious. "I could never do that." "I know.. Just saying.. You're lucky. Dawn is a good person." "She's the best.. Thank you." Kennedy says. "For what?" "Approving." "You seem like a great person, Kennedy. You'd be on hell of a slayer. And I can see the love between you two.. How can I not aprove what I know is right?"

She says and gives Kennedy a hug. "Go out there and love her. That's all I ask.. Give her, what Faith has given me.. A great life."

"I will.. Thanks again." "Well.. Thank you for making my sister happy."


The two woman went back too their honeys, and they all had a great night.


A couple of weeks passed by with nothing big on the evil front. Just the normal deal, vampires and a couple of demons.


Kennedy and Dawn, sitting on the couch, the T.V. was on, but the two girls were not watching it.

They were battling tongues.

"Umm.. I love.. Your.. Tongue. Piercing." Dawn said between kisses. While she was saying that, Buffy walks in.

"Tongue piercing?" Dawn and Kennedy get a shock, and fall to the floor, landing on top of each other. "Hi guys.. So you're watching T.V., huh?!"

"Uhmm.. Yeah?" Dawn says. "Relax." Buffy says giggling. "There's a letter for you Kennedy." "Thanks."

"Let's go to our room." Dawn says to Kennedy.


Once they were in their room, Kennedy read the letter. She got an surprised look on her face. "What is it honey?" "It's from my parents, asking me if I want to come and visit them this holiday." "Why d'you think they're asking you that?" "Maybe they're finally accepting the slayer thing.. I hope so.. I haven't seen them in three months." Kennedy missed her parrents a little. "So.. You're going?" "Only if you're going with me.. I want you there. I wanna tell them 'bout you." She kiss Dawn tenderly. "I love you, baby." "Love you too.. I go were ever you go. Guess you're stuck with me." "Don't care." "Let's go tell Buffy.. I hope she'll let me come with ya." "Me too."


Dawn and Kennedy is sitting in a plane, Dawn, not looking happy.

"I'm beginning to regret she let me go." "Don't worry baby. We're landing soon. Just look at me." Dawn turns her head. looking Kennedy in the eyes. "Kiss me, baby.. It'll be fine."

They kiss, Kennedy takes Dawns lower lip between her teeth, and bites it gently. They battle tongues, for some minutes.

When they break apart, Dawn has a dreamy look on her face. She had totally forgot she were on a plane.

Kennedy giggles. "See, baby.. Told you it would be just fine." "I'm.. Hungry." Dawn says. "Should I call the stewardess?" "No." She leans closer to Kennedy, putting her hand on Kennedy's thigh and whisper in her ear. "I said I was hungry." Dawn moves her hand higher up, stroking Kennedy's inner thigh.

Kennedy has a hard time breathing. "Right.. Hungry... Excuse me a minute." She begins to stand up. "Oh no you don't, honey. You just have to wait." Kennedy whimpers. "Not fair." "I know.. But the world isn't fair." "You're.. Evil!" Kennedy pouts.

"That I am.. But it was you who started it.. You know how I get when you kiss me like that." "I was just trying to make you fell better." "You did.. I feel a whole lot better." Kennedy whimpers again, clutching the armrests, so her knuckles turn white.

"You owe me big time, for this.. BIG TIME." "Don't worry honey.. I have something planned." That earns her another whimper from Kennedy.


Standing in the drive way, to a big beautiful house, Kennedy takes a deep breath. Taking Dawns hand, she walks up, and ring the door bell. "You ok, honey?" Dawn asks.

"Just peachy, baby.. This'll gonna be easy as pie." "We can do this."

A middle aged woman answers the door. "Hi mom." "Kennedy! You made it.. Come in, come in." The woman gives Kennedy a hug. Inside the house. The woman yells. "John! She's here.. And who's this?" Kennedy's mom asks. "Oh.. This is Dawn Summers. Dawn, this is my mom, Gloria." "Hello Mrs. Nightlight." "She's polite. You could learn something from her.. Dawn, I will show you too the guest room." Gloria begins to walk up the stairs, but stop at Kennedys voice.

"Mom? Dawn can just sleep in my room.. We share room in Sunnydale too." "Uhmm.. Ok. If you say so." "I do." Kennedy insists. "Well.. That's settled then.. Good to have you home again." Gloria gives KEnnedy a hug, though a little awkward.

"Yeah.. We're just gonna go up to my room and rest a bit." "You do that.. Dinner's at 8." "Yes mom. Come on Dawn."


They reach Kennedy's room, Dawn is last to enter, closes the door, and is immediately attacked by Kennedy's lips and hands. "Mmmm... Bed." Dawn says. They begin to strip each other of their clothes. "I love you.. So much... Now. Kiss me, honey." And Kennedy does just that.


An hour later.

"We'll have to shower.. I love how you smell after we've gone down and dirty, baby. But I don't think my parent's gonna like it." "Properly a good idea, we have sex hair." "Yeah.. Wanna share shower?" "You have to ask?" Dawn says.


At dinner, Dawn and Kennedy sit across one another, having foot sex, and sending looks. "Kennedy?" "What mom?" "Do you really.. Do you fight vampires?"

"Yeah I do." "You are the slayer?" "No, I'm a potential slayer. I can only be called, if the other slayer dies. And I don't want Buffy or Faith to die."

"Are they slayers? How are there two of them?" Dawn answers that question. "Because Buffy, my sister, died once, well twice. First, when she was 16, she drowned, but Xander did CPR. Second time, she was dead for three months. But Willow, Tara, Faith, Xander and Anya brought her back with a spell."

"My God.. She really died twice?" Gloria asks.

 "Yeah.. She died, saving the world, Mom. We're all alive 'cause of her and her friends.. My friends."

"It sounds so dangerous." Her dad says. "It is dad. They, we, are risking our lives every night, battling the forces of darkness. It's rare a slayer lives past her 20 birthday." "Are they so young?"

"Yes Mr. Nightlight. Buffy got called when she was 15, Faith also." "15! Just a mere child. Children are protecting the world." Kennedy's dad said.

"It is brave children, dad. Willow and Xander started when they were 16, and they didn't have any powers. Now Willow is a very powerful witch." "There are witches?" Her mom asks. "Yes there is. Willow almost destroyed the world last year." "She did what?" Kennedy's dad exclaimed.

"She uhmm.. Well Tara, her girlfriend, was shot, and she thought she was dead, so she.. She killed the man how had shot Tara. And then she tried to destroy the world, if it hadn't been for Xander, We wouldn't be here today." "Willow is a murderer?" Gloria asks.

"Well.. Warren was evil. He had tried to kill us numerous times.. But he was human, and Willow regrets she did it.. I'm just glad she didn't end like Faith." "What about Faith.. Is she a murderer too?" "Well.. Yeah.. On night, Buffy and Faith were out patrolling, and she accidentally kill a man. She couldn't cope, so she got evil, and tried to kill us. Eventually she turned herself in. She got 25 to life." "Is she in jail?" Gloria asks.

"Well.. No. She escaped, 'cause we needed her help, fighting Adam. Very evil." "So your friends are murderers, Kennedy?" "No dad. It's not like that. They regret it, they are good people, dad."

"I'm sure that wasn't what he meant. Was it John?" Gloria looks at her husband. "No it wasn't." "Good.. Now. I think we should go to the living room, and get some ice cream." "Sounds like a plan to me." Kennedy saya.


In the living room, they were done eating desert, and were just talking, when John asks. "So you are trained to fight?" "Yeah. Dawn too, dad." "Can I, if it's not to much to ask. But can I see you fight? I've always wanted to see it up close."

"No prob, dad." She looks at Dawn. "You game?" "I'm game." "You wanna do the spell?" "What spell?" Her mom asks.

"Dawn know a spell so we, just for, like, two hours, we get the strength of a slayer." "I'll just get the book and ingredients. Back in a sec."


When Dawn is out the room, Kennedy walks over to her parents. "Mom, dad.. There's something I gotta tell you." "What is it, Kennedy?" "It's 'bout me and Dawn.. We're involved. like girlfriend involved.. I'm gay."

"You're Gay? And you and Dawn are..?"

 "Yes we are, mom.. I love her. She loves me.." "Are you happy?" Kennedy gets a dreamy look on her face. "I am.. Very much.. You're not.. Disappointed in me, are you? 'Cause I couldn't take if you are."

"We're not Kennedy.. We're just.. Surprised. But it seems so normal, next to vampires." Her mom says, and hugs her. "We are glad you told us." John says to his daughter. "Give me a hug." She gives her father a hug.

"I'm gonna go help Dawn, gather the things." "You go do that"


In Kennedy's room, Kennedy comes in, hugging Dawn from behind. "I told them.. 'Bout us.. They didn't get mad. I love you so much, baby." Dawn smiles. "I love you too, honey.. Now. Let's give your folks a night to remember."


Back in the living room, Dawn and Kennedy sit across eath other, in a circle of colored sand, eyes closed, holding hands.

 Dawn speaks something in ancient Sumerian. The circle lights up, first in red, then in blue. When the light is gone, and the sand, the two girls stand up.

"That was amazing." Gloria says. "So now you have the power of a slayer?" John asks.

"Yeah.. It's amazing. Hand me that iron pole.. Try and bend it, dad."


John tries to bend it, he gets small bead of sweat on his forehead. "I can't" Kennedy takes it, and bends it, with little effort.

"My God." Is all her father can say. "Now, sit back, and enjoy the show." Kennedy says.


Dawn and Kennedy begins to circle each other.

Dawn throw a punch at Kennedy, but she blocks it. Kennedy does a high kick, and hits Dawn, so she falls to the floor. Dawn is up in a second, punches Kennedy in the face.


They trade blows for 10 minutes, when Kennedy jumps Dawn, but Dawn throws her into the wall. "Are you ok, honey? I'm so sorry." "I'm fine, baby. I'm fine."


They had forgot Kennedy's parents were still there, so they begin to kiss passionately. When they hear John cough politely, they jump apart. "Sorry, dad. Just got carried away."

The four people stare at each other for several minutes, before anyone speaks.

"That was... Wow.. That was intense." John says. Gloria just sits, with her mouth open, no sound coming out.

Kennedy looks at Dawn, then says. "You know, We're kinda tired now. We're gonna go to sleep. Night." "Good night."


In Kennedy's room, Dawn and Kennedy jumps each other.

"I can't understand why Buffy and Faith can live with this feeling, 24/7. It would drive me insane." Kennedy says. "Me nether.. Now shut up and fuck my brains out."


They begin to make passionate love. Kennedy, not caring that her parents, who were in the next room, could hear their moans and groans.


A couple of hours later, their slayer stamina gone. Kennedy is spooning Dawn.

"I love you.. I can't stop saying that. I'm just so happy, that I have someone like you in my life. I just love you so much, baby." "You're not they only one who is happy.. I love you too, honey."


Kennedy and Dawn fall a sleep, in each others arms.


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