Speak in Time

By: Shadower


Disclaimer: Nothing is mine!

Fandom: CSI

Pairing: Cathrine/Sara

Rating: PG

Summary: Speak in time, or learn to keep your mouth shut.

"I didn't mean it like that!" I couldn't help sounding defensive: she completely took my meaning and turned it around.

"Oh?" her eyes were burning with anger. "Then what did you mean?" her eyes, like twin icicles bore into me, I tried my best not to flinch.

"Cathrine, you're taking this way out of proportion."

"Oh, am I?" Open mouth, insert both feet. "You tell Me I've been doing this for days, but you only mention it now?" I gulped

"I thought you did it on purpose..."

"You thought I put my shirt back on BACKWARDS, ON PURPOSE?"


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