Title: All Alone

Author: Ry_Rain


Fandom: South of Nowhere

Pairing: Ashley/Spencer

Rating: PG-17

Disclaimer: Known characters belong to Tom Lynch and The-N, not me.  Missy, Whitney, Jess, and Mrs. Carlin do though.

Chapter Eighteen – Shopping Spree

The next day Ashley, Spencer, Missy, and Whitney all stood in the food court of the local mall.  “What kind of furniture are we going to find here Ashley?” Spencer asked as she looked at a directory and couldn’t find a single furniture store.

“We’re not here for furniture Spence.  I’m hungry and it was the closet place with food.”  Whitney snorted as Spencer rolled her eyes and Missy tried to hold in a giggle.  “Panda Express is just calling my name.”  Ashley started heading towards the fast food Chinese place, leaving the other three girls to laugh at her.

“Well, as much as we are laughing at Ashley, I am hungry too and Panda Express sounds good to me.”

“You’re always hungry Whit,” both Missy and Spencer said as they headed towards the Pizza Hut Express.  Whitney groaned as her girlfriend and best friend laughed at her expense and quickly went in the same direction as Ashley.

“It’s scary how alike the two of them are.”  Spencer nodded at Missy observations and looked over the menu.  “Shit, Whitney has my wallet since I don’t have any pockets.”

“I’ve got it, don’t worry.”  Spencer reached into her purse but then quickly smacked herself in the forehead.  “Dammit, Ashley wouldn’t let me bring my wallet because she insists that she pay for everything this weekend.”  Spencer carefully spun around and looked for Ashley and Whitney.  “I don’t see them in line so they must already be sitting down.”  She pulled her cell phone out and was about to call Ashley before the brunette was standing right in front of her, smiling sheepishly.  She handed Spencer a twenty then walked back to the table.

“Man, she’s whipped.”  Spencer chuckled and pushed Missy back in line.

After everyone had finished eating, the four girls just sat around talking for a while.  “Ashley, where are we going to go shopping?”

“Well, it depends on what you want.”  Spencer glared at her.  “What kind of furniture do you want?  Are you looking for funky, modern, old, antiques, what?”

Spencer looked at Missy and Whitney.  “Well, you guys are going to be living with me too so you should have a say.”

“Funky.”  Spencer looked over at Missy and rolled her eyes.  “You asked and you have seen my dorm room.”

“We don’t want the whole apartment to look like a dorm room Whit, that’s the whole reason for moving off campus.” Whitney rolled her eyes.  “Talk to Missy about having your bedroom looking funky but not the whole place.” 

Whitney nodded and smiled sweetly at Missy.  “We’ll see.”  Whitney pouted but Missy just looked at her pointedly.

“How come when I pout I get looked at but when you pout you get whatever you want?”  Missy shrugged.  “It’s not fair.”

“You’re not doing it right.”  Whitney looked over at Ashley.  “You jut out the lip too much.  Also, it shouldn’t quiver that much.  It looks like your bottom lip is having a seizure or something.”  Spencer chuckled and shook her head.  “What’s so funny?”

“Sweetie, you might think you can pout and get what you want, but how many times have I given up when you pouted?”  Ashley blushed and started cleaning up everyone’s trash.  “Okay, how about a modern feel for the common areas and then the two of you can decide to do whatever you want with your bedroom.”  Missy and Whitney nodded.  “So, where we going Ash?”

“Well, we can check out IKEA for the big furniture, like a bed for Missy and Whitney and maybe a table for the dining room.”  The other girls nodded.  “I guess we can even look for a couch there but I think we should get that from a store that will deliver it for us.”

“Yea, I don’t think Whit’s truck is big enough for a couch and all the other crap.”  Spencer stood up and waited for everyone else to do the same.  “Let’s get going then.”


Spencer groaned as the girls made their way through IKEA.  “This place is packed.”  She brought her crutches in close as someone passed and almost kicked one out from under her.

“Would you like me to get you a wheelchair Spence?  I don’t want you to get hurt.”  Spencer waved Ashley off as she found a clear path to the beds, where Missy and Whitney were already waiting.  “I’m sorry Spence, I didn’t even think about this place possibly being too packed to get around easily.”

“Don’t worry about it Ash, it’s not your fault.”  Spencer plopped down on the bed Missy and Whitney were looking at.  “This bed is awfully low to the ground.”  Whitney nodded as she looked around at the other beds.

“I like that it’s low.”  Missy sat next to Spencer and leaned back.  “Whitney doesn’t though.  She wants the freaking circle bed.”  Spencer chuckled as she watched both Ashley and Whitney wonder over to the circle bed.  “Oh man, Ashley is just going to encourage her.”

“Ashley hates those circle beds.  She says they don’t have enough room.”  As if on cue Ashley started walking back towards the two sitting girls, shaking her head.  “Told you Ashley wouldn’t be encouraging her.”

“That crazy girl wants the damn circle bed.”  Missy and Spencer looked at each other and laughed.  “What’s so funny?”

“Missy already veto’d the circle bed.”  Ashley nodded.  “Help me up.”  Ashley tried to help Spencer up but the bed was just too low.  “Ugh, this damn bed is too low.”

“See Missy!  It’s too low.”

“Whit, Spencer is on crutches, of course it’s too low for her to get up.”  Whitney groaned as she moved to help Ashley help Spencer up.  She grabbed Spencer’s crutches and then moved out of the way.  Ashley lifted Spencer off the bed and then carefully set her on her feet, holding her up until Whitney gave her back her crutches.  “I am not going to agree to the circle bed, but I will settle for a different one than this.”

“How about the one over there behind the circle bed?” Spencer asked, pointing a higher version of the bed she had just been pulled off.  Missy looked over at it then looked at Whitney.  “Whitney?”

“It’s not the circle bed,” Whitney said, pouting.

“Get over the circle bed sweets.  We ain’t getting it.”  Spencer and Ashley chuckled as Missy got up and walked over to the bed Spencer pointed out.

“I really want the circle bed.”

“Maybe when you get your own house you can get a circle bed in the basement or something, just so you can say you bought the damn circle bed,” Ashley said with a smile.

“Yea Whit, it might be a good idea to just forget about the circle bed for now.  I mean, it would probably be cool the first couple of nights but then it would just get really annoying I think.”

“But I could build a rotating platform, and-”

“WHIT!”  Whitney smirked as she noticed Spencer blushing and Ashley showing some interest in the circle bed now.  “Go look at the damn other bed.   I think Whitney likes it.   Ashley and I are going to go look at the couches.”  Spencer pushed Whitney towards Missy and then grabbed Ashley’s arm, spinning her around, away from the circle bed.  “Let’s go find a damn couch.”  Ashley chuckled  as she walked ahead of Spencer, clearing a path for her.


Two hours later and the girls were done.  All four of them were sitting on the red couch Spencer had picked out along with a matching chair and love seat.  All that was left was going downstairs and getting all the different things that were going to need to be put together.

“We still gotta put all the shit together after we buy it,” Ashley groaned as she let her head fall onto Spencer’s shoulder.

“Aww, poor Ashy tired?”  Ashley nodded and cuddled closer.  “Well, we should go get all the tables and stuff and get going cause you three are going to be busy putting all this shit together.”

“Us three?” Whitney asked as she stood up.  “Um, I think you mean all of us there Spence.”

“I can’t put this stuff together.  Put together furniture means a lot of sitting on the floor and I am barely going to be able to get off this couch without help, let alone the freaking floor,” Spencer said as she struggled to get up.  “Ugh, these damn crutches.”

Ashley stood up and took the crutches from Spencer.  “Calm down babe.  You’re just going to get all frustrated and hurt yourself.  Let me help you.”  Ashley grabbed Spencer’s hand and pulled her up.  “How about we get the stuff downstairs then go back to the apartment and take a nap?  We are all tired and  shouldn’t be trying to put together furniture anyway.”

“I second that,” Whitney said.

Missy chuckled.  “Of course you do Whit.  Any chance to take a nap and you jump at it.”  Whitney stuck her tongue out at Missy but couldn’t keep a straight face and ended up rolling her eyes as she chuckled a  little.  “One little problem with that plan though Ashley.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, you and Spence will have a place to lay down and take a nap but the furniture doesn’t get delivered until tomorrow and our bed needs to be put together.”


“Well, how about we put y’alls bed  together then take our naps,” Spencer suggested.  “Your mattresses are already in your room.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Whitney said.  The four of them headed downstairs.


By the time the four of them got everything from  IKEA and got Missy and Whitney’s bed put together, it was time to go to bed.

“Damn Missy, we could have just slept on the floor for our nap.”  Ashley chuckled from her spot on the floor between Spencer and Missy.  The four of them were staring at the bed they had just barely managed to get together before midnight.  “Seriously, it has never taken me that long to put something together from IKEA before.”  Spencer groaned and banged her head on the wall behind her.  “What the hell Spence?”

“I want to go to bed.  Now.”  Ashley chuckled again and stood up then helped Spencer up.  “Thank you.  Night guys.  Um, wait a couple hours before you decide to …. christen your new bed.”  Whitney chuckled this time as Missy blushed.  “See you tomorrow.”  Ashley and Spencer slowly made their way out of the room, leaving Whitney and Missy grinning at each other.

Whitney looked over at the bed and then back to Missy.  “So, how long should we wait?”


Spencer woke up smiling but could not help frowning as she realized Ashley would be leaving that afternoon.  “Hey babe, why the long face?”  Spencer turned to look at Ashley, and tried to smiled but failed miserably.  “Aww, sweetie, I’m going to be back in a couple weeks for Thanksgiving.  It won’t be too bad.  You got a cool new apartment that you’re sharing with your friends.”

“I know but I wish I was sharing it with you,” Spencer said as she pouted.

“I know babe.  I wish you were sharing it with me too.” Ashley leaned forward and softly kissed Spencer.  As Ashley pulled back she smirked.  “So, Whitney and Missy didn’t seem to have any trouble acclimating to their new bed.”

Spencer rolled her eyes.  “Yea, they didn’t wait very long did they?” 

Ashley laughed and shook her head until she noticed a glint in her girlfriend’s eyes.  “What you thinking Spence?”

Spencer smirked evilly and started getting out of the bed.  “I have a plan.”  Ashley jumped up and helped with her crutches.  “Thanks babe.  Let’s go wake up those noisy people.”


Ashley smirked as she listened to Spencer whistle while making breakfast for everyone.  Whitney was still grumbling about being rudely awakened by the two of them jumping on their bed and singing Mmmbop at the top of their lungs.  Missy was still blushing.  The two of them had been naked still.  “You do realized the two of you asked for it, right Whit?  Spencer and I could hear you guys all the way in our room, with the door closed and pillows covering our heads.”

“Well, the two of you should have been breaking in your bed.”

“We did.”  Whitney looked at Ashley in disbelief.  “Last night,” she said as Spencer walked in.

“We did what last night Ash?” Spencer asked.

“Break in our new bed.”  Whitney laughed as Spencer blushed an even brighter red than Missy was and sat down.  “I’ll get breakfast out here.”  Spencer nodded as Ashley stood up and headed toward the kitchen.  Right as Ashley passed her, Spencer picked up one of her crutches and lightly hit Ashley.   The brunette spun around and glared at an innocently smiling Spencer.  “What was that for?” Ashley asked as she rubbed her butt where Spencer had hit her.

“What was what for?” Spencer replied, batting her eyelashes.  Ashley playfully glared and backed the rest of the way into the kitchen.   Spencer laughed and turned to her friends.  “I’m not even going to ask how you guys slept last night, cause I know the answer already.”

“Ha ha ha Spencer.  Very funny.  What time is the rest of the furniture getting delivered?”

“Soon,” Ashley said as she walked out of the kitchen with a stack of pancakes in one hand and a plate of bacon in the other.  “Whitney, could you get plates and utensils for all of us and Missy could you get the syrup and towels?  I’m gonna find a blanket or something to set on the floor so nothing gets on the carpet.”

“Sure thing Ash.”  Missy and Whitney got up and head into the kitchen.

“Why you still standing Spence?”  Spencer shrugged and looked around the room.  “Do you need help down?  You know Whit or Missy would have helped you if you needed it.”

“I know.  Hey, there’s a blanket in the corner over there.”  Ashley nodded and quickly got it then stood next to Spencer.  “Ash, babe, I’m fine, really.  I’m just a little tired still.  I think I’m gonna take a nap after you leave,” Spencer said and Ashley watched a couple tears start falling down the blonde’s cheeks.

“Oh sweetie,” Ashley said, wrapping her arms around Spencer.  “I really don’t want to go either but you’d kill me if I failed out of school.”  Spencer chuckled through her tears but did not loosen her hold on Ashley.  “Three weeks babe.  Only three weeks before you see me again and then it will be another three weeks before you are back in LA on break.”  Spencer nodded into Ashley’s shoulder.  “Come on, let’s get you sitting down.”

“I’m sorry Ashley.  This has just been-”

“Spence, it’s okay.  I know how you feel.  It’s been an emotional couple of weeks.  I love you though and I’m glad I was able to help you get through all of this.” 

Spencer smiled at Ashley and kissed her.  “I love you too Ashley.”

“Awwww,” Whitney said as she walked into the kitchen.  Missy turned and hit her in the shoulder.  “Ouch.  Geesh.  They wake us up this morning and I can’t make fun of them?  What kind of a world did this turn into while we slept?”

“Shut up Whit and set out the blanket so Ashley can help Spencer.”  Whit grumbled but set the pile of plates down and picked up the blanket where Ashley had dropped it.  “You two alright?” Missy asked as she noticed Spencer’s tears.

“Yea, we’re fine Missy.  I’m just no looking forward to Ashley leaving today, that’s all.”  Missy nodded.  “Now, I’m hungry.  Help me down Ash.”

“But of course m’lady.”




Spencer sighed as she walked into the apartment with Missy and Whitney.  Ashley was gone for three weeks, three long weeks.  Spencer flopped down onto the couch that had been delivered right before they left to bring Ashley to the airport.  “Spence, you alright?” Missy asked as she carefully sat next to the blonde.  Spencer nodded and closed her eyes.  Missy looked at Whitney for help.

“Spence, we should do something, go see a movie or something.”

Spencer opened her eyes and shook her head.  “I’m fine guys, really.  I think I’m going to take a nap.”

“Need help up?” Whitney asked as she offered Spencer her hand.

“Thanks.”  Spencer let Whitney help her up and then headed toward her bedroom.  “Wake me up at five if I’m not already up?”

“Sure thing Spencer,” Missy said.  Her and Whitney watched Spencer carefully go up the stairs to her bedroom.  Missy turned to Whitney.  “You think she’s going to be like this for three whole weeks?”  Whitney shrugged.  “Whit?”

“I love you Missy.”

Missy smiled and pulled Whitney into a hug.  “I love you too Whitney.”


Spencer stared at the ceiling once she was able to climb into the large bed.  She could feel the tears running down her cheeks but could not bring herself to wipe them away.  She never thought a long distance relationship would be this hard, especially not for her and Ashley.  Yes, they were still as much in love as they ever had been, but the time apart was getting harder and harder on the blonde.  Being friends with Whitney and Missy helped some, but it also made things a little harder.  The two of them were able to be together.  They could go out on dates.  They could kiss.  They could make love whenever they wanted to, not that her and Ashley had not taken advantage of the time they had together to do all of those things.  They just knew that their time was limited.

Spencer thought about calling Debbie but was still a little hesitant to become friends with her again.  The former blonde had hurt her once already.  Spencer could not help but wonder what happened to her to change her mind.  She was afraid that Debbie had not really changed and had just spoken to her mother or worse, was friends with Spencer’s former roommate.  Spencer shuddered at that thought and roll into a ball.  Her pillow was wet now but Spencer did not care.  She just wanted to sleep.


Whitney sat on the couch staring blankly at the television screen.  Missy was asleep, her head nestled in Whitney’s lap, soft snores drifting to Whitney’s ears.  The brunette could not help but smile at the sounds coming from her girlfriend.  She was so cute when she slept.  Whitney only hoped her blonde friend was sleeping alright upstairs.  Earlier when she had gone up to see if everything was all right, Whitney could hear Spencer crying through the door.  It was only logical that the blonde eventually cry herself to sleep but Whitney wished it had not come to that.  She sighed and brushed some hair out of Missy face.

“What’s wrong babe?”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.”  Missy sat up and stretched.  “You should go back to sleep.”

“I’m fine Whitney.  I didn’t mean to fall asleep in the first place.”  Missy moved closer and snuggled into Whitney’s side.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Then what was with the big sigh a few seconds ago?” Missy asked, looking at Whitney with concern.  “You worried about Spencer?”  Whitney nodded.  “She’ll be fine.  She’s a tough girl and has gotten through worse I am sure.”

“Hey guys.”  Whitney and Missy turned around and saw Spencer standing at the top of the stairs.  “Could one of you help me down?”

“Of course,” Whitney said as she jumped off the couch and ran up the stairs to help the blonde.

“Geesh, I’ve never seen Whitney run to me like that.  Should I be worried Spence?”

Whitney blushed as Spencer laughed.  “Nah, she’s too tall for me.”  Once Whitney had carried her downstairs, Spencer started digging through her purse.  “Have either of you seen my cell?  I want to see if Ashley text me or left me a message when she landed.”

Whitney looked at her watch.  “Wow, it has been long enough for her to have landed.  I heard you phone ringing earlier but it wasn’t Ashley’s ring tone, could have been the text ring tone though.”

“Both your text ringer went off as well as your default.  They do sound a lot alike,” Missy said as she handed Spencer her phone.  “It fell out of your pocket before you went to take your nap.”

“Thanks and I know they sound a lot a like.  That’s because Ashley and Whitney are the only people who ever send me texts.  If it was Ashley either she used someone else’s phone or my phone being stupid again and having her texts come in with regular ring.”  Spencer flipped her phone open and scrolled through her messages.  “Okay, so Ashley is safe and sound in LA … well as safe and sound as you can be in LA.” 

Whitney chuckled but stopped as she noticed Spencer frowning.  “What’s wrong?”

“My friend Debbie called and left me a message.”

“What’s wrong about that?” Missy asked.

“Well, nothing yet, but this is the friend who visited me in LA and was a total bitch to Ashley.”

“And she’s calling you?” Whitney asked.

“She’s called me before.”  Missy and Whitney both nodded.  “Ashley and I met with her and she seemed to change.”

“Have you listened to the message?” Missy asked.  Spencer shook her head.  “Are you going to listen to the message?”  Spencer shrugged.  “Spence?”

“I guess I should listen to it huh?”  Missy nodded.  “Okay.”  Missy and Whitney watched Spencer as she listened to the message.  “She wants to go to a movie.”

“And …”

Spencer glared at Whitney.  “I can’t go with her by myself.  Will you guys please come with?”

“Of course,” Whitney said.  “We were going to try to drag you out of the house anyway.”  Spencer chuckled.  “Missy was just about to let m actually carry you out of this apartment.”

“I was not!”


Spencer looked around while Whitney waited in line for their tickets.  Both Missy and Whitney insisted that Spencer pay for nothing.  One thing they did not know was Ashley was the only person to ever do that before.  Spencer quickly wiped away the traitor tear that fell from her eyes.  Missy sadly smiled as she noticed but said nothing.

“Hey Spence.”  Spencer looked up and saw Debbie standing in front of her, looking a little more like the Debbie she use to know.  “Spencer, what happened?”

“Huh?  I thought you already knew about the attack?” Spencer asked, completely confused as to what Debbie was talking about.

“Yes, I already knew about that, but why are you crying?  Are you in pain?  We can do this another time if you’d like.”

“No way in hell are we letting Spencer get out of this,” Whitney said as she walked up to the group.  “Blondie has been moping all day, she’s not gonna do the same thing all night.”

“Debbie, this is Whitney and Missy.  I hope you don’t mind them joining us.”

“No, not at all, but you still haven’t answered my question.  Why are you crying?”

“I’m fine.  Just a little sad that Ashley had to head back to LA.  She’s already missed so much school for me, I couldn’t expect her to stay forever.”  Spencer carefully stood up and grabbed her crutches.  “Let’s head in so we can get some good seats.”  As Spencer turned around, she missed Debbie’s small smirk, but neither Whitney nor Missy missed it.  The two brunettes looked at each and both decided they needed to keep n eye on Debbie.

Everyone followed Spencer into the theater and all the way to the back.  “Spencer, are you sure you want to sit all the way back here?” Whitney asked.

“Yea, if we sit in the front we can be the first out of the theater and you’ll have a little more leg room.”

“Both those might be true Whit and Missy, but I am slow to get up and down.  If we sit back here, then we can let everyone else clear out and not have to worry about how long I am taking to get up.  That’s also why I brought us to the side farthest away from the exit.”

“Which could prove to be a bad idea if something happens.”

Spencer chuckled.  “Missy, nothing is going to happen that we need to run out of here.”

“You realize that because you said that, something is going to happen?” Whitney asked with a small smirk and as motioned for Missy to head into the row before her.  Spencer just shook her head.  “You sitting between Miss and me?”

“Sit between you two love birds?  I don’t think.”  Spencer smirked at Whitney’s blush.  “So glad the lights aren’t done yet,” Spencer said with a chuckle.  “Also, I need to sit on the edge so I can stretch out the one leg a little more than I would be able to on the inside.”  Whitney glanced at Debbie and then sat next to her girlfriend.  “You’re next Debs.”

“You sure you don’t want to sit next to your friends?” Debbie asked with a little apprehension.  She had seen the look Whitney had thrown in her direction.

“I will be sitting next to a friend,” Spencer said then smiled at the former blonde.  “Now get your ass in the row and sit down.  My arms are starting to hurt from having to keep myself upright.”

“Shit, sorry.”  Debbie moved and sat down then watched as Spencer slowly sat down.  “You all right?”

“Yea, I’m fine, just a little tired and sore, but it’s all good.”  Debbie nodded and tried t relax.  “Whitney, pass the popcorn.”

“Nuh uh.  You said you didn’t want popcorn so now you don’t get any.”

“Oh come on Whitney.  You knew I would want popcorn.”

Whitney smirked.  “Should have asked for some when we were buying snacks.”

“Missy,” Spencer whined causing Debbie to chuckle.  Whitney threw her a dirty look, quieting her right away.

“Whitney, give Spencer some popcorn.”

“No.”  Missy grabbed the bag from Whitney and passed it to Debbie.  “Hey!”

“Debbie, please pass the popcorn to Spencer,” Missy said as she shook her head.  “Whitney apparently never learned to share.”  Spencer took the bag from Debbie and grabbed a handful of popcorn.  Once she was down to one piece, she turned and threw it at Whitney.  “Spencer!” Missy said as she tried to not laugh at the expression on her girlfriend’s face.

Whitney just took a sip of her soda and shook her head before picking up her box of candy.  Spencer slumped back, disappointed that the taller brunette had not retaliated.  “Hey Spence.”  Just as Spencer turned to look at Whitney, she felt something hit her forehead.  Looking down in her lap, Spencer saw a green dot.  “Did you really think I was going to let you get away with that?”  Spencer pouted and sat back in her seat.  “Spencer.”  Spencer shook her head as the house lights went down.  “Spencer.”

“Whit, the movie is starting, please don’t get us kicked out again,” Missy said as a few people turned around and glared at them.

Spencer turned to look at her two friends.  “You guys got kicked out of a theater?!”

“SHHHH!” said a man in front of Spencer.

“You realize you made more noise yelling shhhh at me than I was making in the first place, right?”  The man turned around and glared at Spencer until he noticed her crutches.  Spencer raised an eyebrow and the man just shook his head and turned around.  Spencer smirked and sat back in her seat.  “You are explaining all after the movie you two.”  Whitney groaned and slumped in her seat while Missy and Debbie chuckled.

Halfway through the movie, Spencer noticed Debbie’s arm around her shoulders.  She shrugged, trying to get Debbie to move but the former blonde took no notice.  Finally, Spencer just moved Debbie’s arm herself.  “Oops, sorry Spence,” Debbie whispered.  Spencer smiled tightly and went back to watching the movie.

With only a half hour left in the movie, Debbie’s arm had made its way around Spencer’s shoulders again.  Her jaw clenched, Spencer leaned forward, letting Debbie’s arm fall behind her and grabbed her crutches.  She jumped up as she felt Debbie’s hand fall lightly onto her butt.  “Debbie!” she hissed.

Debbie looked at her innocently as Whitney and Missy turned to see what was going on.  “Is everything alright?” Whitney whispered, glaring at Debbie.

“I have to go.  I’ll wait for you guys in the lobby,” Spencer said then slowly made her way out of the theater.

“I think I’m going to go with her,” Debbie said and stood up.

“Like hell you are.”  Whitney pushed Debbie back into her seat and climbed over her legs to get out of the aisle.  She then ran after Spencer.  Missy shook her head as she stood up and followed her girlfriend, leaving Debbie all by herself.

The two brunettes found Spencer sitting on a couch in the lobby, just watching people walk by.  “Spence?” Missy asked as she sat next to the blonde.  Spencer looked up and Missy saw the tears making their way down Spencer’s cheeks.  “Spencer, what happened?”

“Debbie was making moves on me.”

“WHAT?!” Whitney yelled.  Everyone in the lobby turned and looked at her.  “I’m going to kill her.”

Missy grabbed Whitney’s hand before she could go running back into the theater.  “Whitney, sit down.”

“Actually, can we just go?  Please?” Spencer asked, looking at her friends.

“Of course,” Whitney said.  She grabbed Spencer’s crutches as Missy helped her up.  “Let’s get you home and watch some movies at home.  We have all kinds of DVDs, some that aren’t even open yet.”

“You mean I have DVDs that aren’t even open yet?” Spencer asked with a sad smirk.  “You open them as soon as you leave the store.  You’d probably open them sooner if you could.”

“Yea, yea, yea.  Let’s go home.”

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