Title: The Distance

Author: Raven Morbisk

Fandom: Heroes/BtVS (just a little)

Pairings: Faith/Niki

Ratings: G

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Tim Kring owns Niki, Jessica and Micah. The song I based this on is from Oliver James.

Summary: This is sorta a short something that connects with my other fic ‘Heroes and Slayers’. When Niki decided she wanted to go to Cleveland.


They had just come back from the airport after setting Faith on a plane and running into Peter Petrelli. Niki was sitting in her room, looking out of her window at the sky. She was thinking about the brunette and how easy the young woman had made it to trust her, and how hard it was to miss her.

The moment Faith walked through that gate; Niki found that her world was darker now. The blue sky wasn’t so blue anymore and the sun that was shining so brightly, was now gray. She laughed at herself for thinking that but that’s how it felt to her, every time the young woman walked away from her.

She shifted on her bed, wondering how long it would take before Faith came back to her. She glanced at her clock and saw that it had already been three hours since the brunette left. She smiled to herself and sighed.

‘That’s three hours closer to my baby coming back.’ She rolled her eyes at her own thought and snorted. After all, she hardly knew the woman but that’s not what she felt.

“You’re such a lovesick puppy. She’s more than two thousand miles away.” Jessica said with a smirk from the mirror.

“I can’t help it. I want her to come back, I can’t stand that she’s so far away.” Niki replied with a dreamy smile. “I want to see her smile, like when I call her ‘baby’. I don’t care what you say or think.” She lay down in her bed.

Jessica didn’t say a word; she didn’t have to be a genius to see her sister was falling in love. She watched as Niki closed her eyes and arched her back, imagining Faith’s touch. She saw her hand traveling downwards and couldn’t help but think about Faith's question about helping a hand. Before the hand reached its destination Niki stopped and sat back up.

“It’s not the same.” She merely said. Her thoughts wandered back to her conversation with Peter in the airport and smiled as an idea popped in her head. “You still want to help Faith and the big fight?” Jessica’s wide grin said enough.

Niki made her way to Micah’s room, seeing her son on his laptop she doubted for a second until she saw the necklace Faith had given him.

“Hey sweetie, how about a trip to Cleveland?” She asked her son. The boy in question looked at her, his mouth slowly curling in a wide smile. “Pack a bag, we’re leaving tomorrow.”

“You’re really going to Cleveland?” Jessica asked when Niki entered the bedroom again, packing a suitcase.

“Yeah, because that’s how much she means to me.” Niki replied with a smile.

The next day Niki had Micah fool the metal detectors so that it seemed that she didn’t have the dagger with her, when actually she had the dagger in the back of her pants.

“I’ll go the distance for you.” Niki sighed as they sat on the plane to Cleveland.

Raven Morbisk

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