Author: Raven 5by5


Title: Pt 2 – ‘The Solution’

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Co are the property of UPN, Mutant Enemy & Joss W’ etc. 100% Not mine @ all…damn shame! L

Synopsis: Buffys Point of View. After the panic & the many musings over her predicament, Buffy decided to act on her emotions (Ooo isn’t it exciting hehehe J)

Rating: 18 (UK rating)

Spoilers: None.

Authors Note: A follow-up was necessary, need I say more?!

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As the words edge their way forward, I realise I have no idea what I’m about to say. Auto pilot has just kicked into overtime, so completely not fair. I already look like a complete spaz & now I’m gonna sound like one too…it’s all getting too much, maybe I should run. Not a bad idea Summers…flee the scene, run like a crazy woman before your lack of self control lands you with either a black eye or a rather sultry slayer kissing every inch of flesh on your body…ok, mind & hormones not helping now. Reality check Buffy, if you run you’ll never know the outcome of this little dilema & of course there is the small matter of giving Faith the impression that you’ve finally flipped. I guess it means I’m stuck right here, right now in my self induced state of panic. Time to get vocal.

“I –I…er…I think that vamp cracked a rib.” I stammered.

Once again so very, very smooth. At least I’ve progressed from the ‘Grunt’ to ‘Stammer’ form of verbal communication, if I’m lucky I may ever reach the dizzy heights of structured sentences. Faith edges towards me looking all concerned, her hand reaches over to inspect my body. A total innocent act on her part, but as my entire self is now switched to paranoid mode, I flinch away from her. What the hell am I doing?

“Chill, I’m not gonna get all grabby.” Faith protested.

Now I feel guilty…do I still have the option to run?

“Sorry, my bad. It’s fine…really.” I reply

It’s not difficult to see that Faith has realised I’m acting a tad strange. She frowns at me & warely looks me up & down, assessing in her mind what the most probable cause of my odd behaviour is. I think she thinks I’ve gone gaga, loco, crazy & some. I grin nervously at her & then stop upon the realization that I’m being way too toothy in a big, fat ‘Aquafresh’ kinda way.

“Alrighty…& the whole jitterbug act is just…lemme guess,your way of confirming all’s five by five? Wow the mixed signal, condradiction approach, really never knew that was the new art of communication in this town.” Faith uttered.

Her tone was set in a state of unconvincement…is that even a word? She thinks I’m crazy, I think I’m crazy, it’s a starting point if nothing else. So now that I’ve moved on to the ‘clutching at straws’ phase of this situation, I feel it’s time to start making a little more sense.

“Chemical overload, too much adrenaline after the fight. I’m a tad edgy, all good though.”

At last a glint of the long awaited relaxation vibe flickers on the horizon. I’m starting to chill ever so slightly. No longer a mass of nervous energy, I’ve moved on to pure hormonal overdrive…explain how this can be a good thing! Faith’s bemused look melts into a mischieveous grin, typical renagade slayer response to a person being overcome by acts of violence…worried much! She really does get off on the whole crunching of bones, snapping of necks thing. Not sure how I feel about that.

“Maybe if you learnt to accept the power overload once in a while, you’d get less of the edgy. I know you Summers, you may think I don’t but I’ve seen you fight, seen you let go. Besides all that Spike gave me the 411 on your fetish for kink, never realised you were such a minx, B.”

What the Fuck!!! Since when were Faith & Spike such bosom buddies? Wonderful, there goes the flicker of relaxation in my posture, not to mention the trace remnants of my good girl image. Never trust a vampire, way too unpredictable even the ones with souls. Second Stat’ report now imminent: I’m horned up to the max, Faith is staring at me like I’ve just stepped out of a fricken porn movie many thanks to a certain peroxide vampire. I have a choice to make…play along or protest my virtue in the hope that this will all just fade away. Fuck it, here I go.

“Neither did Spike until I clarified a few things for him.” Suggestive words followed by a smug grin of my very own

The Devil has officially sucker punched the Angel off my shoulder & it would seem he’s brought along a few of his ‘devil pals’ to make this into a real party of corruption. I still feel slightly tense, although I’m grateful to the Devil clique who by now are in full party overdrive in my conscious or there lack of, for allowing me the ability to reel off such confidant words. Faith looks me up & down, as though she’s assessing the situation & me, wondering to herself what the hell Buffy Summers is playing at…now this I like.

“Ok you got my attention. So did you lose the holier than thou image before or after Spike?” Faith queried.

“Way before, just made a better job of hiding the fact. Guess there’s no room for plausible denial right about now?”

I must have made every word slide off my lips with a tone of suggestive connotations. The sly grin spread across my face only seemed to add to the undertones of my words. So I have her attention…good, gives me something to work with. Faith is the Goddess of getting what she wants, especially when it come to carnal desire, I think its time the tables were turned. She narrows her glare at me & if I’m correct with my ‘Faith History’ that’s either an indication that she’s about to rip out someone’s throat or engage herself into flirt mode.

“No denying allowed, slayer. Not when the conversation has just started to get interesting. Ya know I do believe I’ve reached a stage of enlightenment in the ‘true-self’ teachings of Miss Buffy Summers. So how kinky are you really?” Faith winked.

Her words were playful, sarcastic curiosity ebbing its way to any ounce of self-doubt I still bore. She was trying her best to put me on the spot, make me blush, make me turn into the stammering Buffy Summers I had managed to escape from…not gonna happen. Ok, so I’m going with the objection first…hey, a gal has to have some decorum… then let it flow from there, decorum gets boring after the first few seconds.

“Faith!!! Intrusive much! That gets decorum out of the way.

“What!? Can’t a girl have a good ol’ fashion one to one with a gal pal these days? Come on spill.” Faith pursued her line of questioning as I anticipated.

“Sure, but I don’t see the point considering that you & Spike have already gotten vocal about my sex life. So why don’t you tell me how kinky I am?”

I’ve taken her by surprise, she’s one hundred percent whacked out in a state of confusion about my behaviour. Watching her inhale & raise her eyebrows at my words is giving me a total kick, after all this is Faith… the girl who has an answer for everything & now look at her, completely lost for words…damn I love this. She slowly exhales her breath as if was a form of mediation helping her to gain enlightenment over our current conversation.  I wait patiently for her answer, never taking my eyes of hers, never breaking my suggestive glare.

“I really don’t think you want me to answer that question.” Faith murmured, her husky tone sent an electric surge up my spine.

“Now why would you say that exactly?” I softly queried her comment as I moved closer to her body…my God I think I’m openly trying to seduce her, so much for the run & hide solution.

“First off I never believe everything vampires tell me way too much hype, ‘specially Spike…”

“…& secondly?” I interrupt as I move completely into her personal space. Faith didn’t edge back an inch, not that I thought she would.

“Secondly… Faith uttered as her eyes wandered over my lips.

…Yes?” I breathed; moving my mouth a mere inch away from hers & still she never backed away from me. A short pause occurred, although I could have sworn it lasted for what seemed like hours. The anticipation is getting beyond a joke. I could feel her eyes on me, her warm breath breezing over my lips…I’ll be damned if I’m not having this girl…’want, take, have’…all good in my world.

“…Secondly, I prefer to find certain things out for myself.”

I watch as Faith’s eyes narrow as soon as those words left her mouth…time to shine Buffy…nowhere to run, no backing down. It’s impossible for me to wait for her to make the first move, I’m an impatient slayer, a slayer who has just glided her hand to the back of Faiths neck & pulled her closer so that our lips finally meet. The kiss is way beyond passionate…Oh my fucking God its fucking fireworks. ‘Want, take, have’, damn that philosophy is pure gold. Still embraced in the kiss of the century, I somehow lose control over my body as I feel myself walking forward, backing Faith up against the side of a mausoleum. The impact shudders through her body & into mine…er…a little rougher than I intended, not that it for one second put Faith off her stride; in fact it seemed to make her kinda excitable…not that it surprises me.

The kiss deepened, until it felt like our tongues were dulling for supremacy. I am totally enraptured in her body, in her heat, feeling a contradiction of satisfaction & yearning. Completely in awe of her kiss, her body, her touch, yet I want more. I can hear the Devil clique urging me to into the most erotic of notions… & ya know what? I like it! I take Faiths hand & move it under my shirt to my breast, feeling her caress my skin.

“Harder.” I whisper into her mouth.

Faiths response was immediate… damn that felt good. Her strong hand pushing hard against my body, her moans filtering to meet mine, all of this power between us flowing like an ocean of electricity. I could feel her other hand begin to move towards the zipper on my jeans…what a rush, there are no words to express how this makes me feel…for now I’m going with ‘fucking horny’…yeah that about sets it off.

“Not here.” The words left my mouth without even giving me a chance to stop them.

Okay…what the fuck did I just say? Why did I just more or less tell Faith to stop? Why am I such a fucking moron sometimes? Too many ‘whys’ & not enough excuses to apply to them…fuck!!! Buffy Anne Summers it’s time someone kicked your ass into tomorrow for utilising the power of speech. Mental note: DON’T !!! I finally decide to bite the bullet & shift my eyes to meet Faiths. Oookay…this has to be a good thing; my darker companion is lustfully looking at me with all the fire of Hades in her eyes & the most mischievous grin in the world is playing upon her lips. She’s about to speak…I’m intrigued to say the least.

“My place or yours?” She continues to grin at me like a Cheshire cat & I return the gesture.

“Yours…better colour scheme.” Now that was smooth… I love being me sometimes.


What usually took fifteen minutes to get to Faith apartment from Riverbank Cemetery ended up taking forty minutes…what can I say, better off having forty minutes of extended girl on girl contact than fifteen minutes of convenient abstinence. In ‘Buffy Land’ I can assure you there’s nothing convenient about abstaining. Upon entering Faith’s apartment, taking in the sensuous blue & purple colouring it’s apparent that my mouth did me a favour…in more ways than one, ahem. In retrospect having sex in a graveyard isn’t exactly a big fantasy of mine & I didn’t lie when I said Faiths apartment had a better colour scheme, not to mention a serious lack of little sister mooching around the place…all good.

I watch her intensely, her every move…man I feel like a stalker. Faith casually throws her keys & jacket onto a nearby chair before walking over to me. I see that look in her eyes again & it fills me with fervour. We never utter a word to each other as our lips meet once again, only this time there’s something very different, softer somehow…oh & a tad more breezy considering that my shirt now resides on the floor at my feet…my oh my she’s good. Slowly I feel Faith guide me to the bathroom, each of us loosing a piece of clothing every few seconds. Before I know it I’m in the shower, my back pressed against the white tiles, feeling a combination the warm water & Faiths body glide over my bare flesh. Could I be any hotter right now?

These are the moments in life you never want to end. Our lips move in time, brushing our tongues against each other’s, our hands caressing every curve of each other’s bodies. The faint moans echo around the room, I’m totally immersed in this moment. I can feel her hand move over my torso, lower & lower to my thigh.

“Don’t stop.” I murmur into Faiths ear as I slide my tongue down the side of her neck, tasting the water as it runs over my tongue.

“& What if I did?” Faith spoke just millimetres away from my mouth, I could feel her lips brush against mine…she’s taunting me & that will not do.

“Then I’d have to kill you.” Yeah, I know I’m getting intense…wouldn’t you?

I heard a low growl emanate from her mouth; my words were turning her on to the extreme. Moving my hand to meet hers, I guided it to where I want it & she never once tried to stop me. Faith’s lips crushed against mine as I felt her move inside me, slowly & firmly. My body writhed to meet hers, wanting her more & more. She felt so good…we felt so good, maybe it was a slayer thing, because I could never remember feeling this satisfied with any past conquests. This powerful woman knew how to touch me, where to touch me & all the time making me watch as she did so…fucking horny. I could feel wave upon wave of sensations overwhelming me. My breathing was starting to become rapid as my hands moved intensely over Faiths body…jeez this girl is good. I was beginning to feel tension rapidly building in my body, heat was rising, forcing my nails to scratch along Faiths back as I felt like a lightening bolt had hit me threefold. She looked me in the eyes & lightly kissed me. I returned her gesture with a smile & a leading statement.

“ All of this for shower time & just think we haven’t even made it to the bedroom yet.”

I’m an opportunist…so sue me, but I meant every word. Is it my fault slayer stamina takes a very long time to burnout? Every syllable was worth it just to see Faiths eyes widen at the prospect of an entire night of pure sexual indulgence. I predict fireworks & a very long sleep in the next day…life of a slayer, damn its tough.

Continued in Pt3 – The Conclusion.

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