Author: Raven 5by5

Title: Pt3 – ‘The Conclusion.’

Disclaimer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer is owned by UPN, Mutant Enemy & Joss, not yours truly. Not my property one iota.

Synopsis: Buffys point of view. The morning after the hot night before, time to bask in the aftermath J

Rating: 18 (UK rating) Just because.

Spoilers: Just a hint of season 7 finally.

Authors Note: Of course I had to give it a proper ending, what did you expect?! J

Feedback: Sure thing, but ya know how down I am with the construtive vibe.


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Damn! My head feels funny, kinda floaty…I think maybe I’m still dreaming…er…ah, that would be a yes then considering I can see a panther leading me through a large Amazonian jungle area. Do they have panthers & rainforests in Cleveland? Jeez, I can’t believe I even just deliberated over that, of course they don’t have panthers & rainforests in Cleveland, Summers you freak! Definitely a dream! So what do I do? It seems pretty safe to keep following the panther. I’m assuming that if it was gonna start tearing off limbs it would have already done so by now…hell, its warm here. I watch as the very large black cat decides to sit underneath a wild palm tree of some description. It just sits there & never moves, all the time starting at me, not blinking once…alrighty then, getting a little worried right now.

I look deep into the panthers eyes & ask it a question…I love the endless possibilities of dreamland.

“Who are you?” I query softly & to my surprise the panther answers me back.

“I think you already know.” Its voice I didn’t recognise somehow seemed distorted in some way, yet the panther was right, I knew.

I wandered over as it sat now glaring out into horizon beyond the trees, watching as the sun rose to meet the sky. Seating myself besides the panther I’m suddenly made aware of a wave of calm travelling through my body…odd to think a person could feel so unbelievably contented sitting next to a wild cat such as this. We sat in silence for a moment watching the golden sphere move its way out of slumber.

“Morning’s almost over.” Eventually the panther uttered.

“But it’s only just begun.” I replied curiously, knowing full well we were observing the dawn of a new day.

“Maybe you should wake up & see for yourself.”

The panther’s words were almost playful & I could see a knowing glint in the cat’s eye. It seemed natural to merely smile back. We continued to observe the sun as time seemed to fast forward, leaving the golden globe high in the sky. The world around me began to fade into darkness as the sun got brighter…I’m getting the impression that I’m about to wake up, call it a hunch.

I’m still feeling kinda floaty, very serene though. It’s a good vibe, comfortable & warm…er…very warm if the truth be known. In the darkness I’m starting to get sensations tingling over my body, the darkness begins to fade, as blurry light fills my vision. Definitely waking up…why on earth am I so damn warm? My eyes start to focus; clarification is imminent any second now. Full feeling is returned to my body & its then I realise that I’m not alone. My entire body is resting over another person…Woh…need a second here to assess this revelation! I can hear & feel a heart beating as my head rests upon their chest, then movement occurs.

I glare up at the face of the person who shares this bed…I’m still kinda half asleep…where in the hell am I anyway!? My eyes begin to focus on the colour of the bedding first of all; blue & purple…Oookay that colour scheme is familiar. I raise my head slowly, as my bed partner shifts their body ever so slightly. The image I am met with is difficult to process at first…still not one hundred percent awake yet. Needless to say I’m surprised initially…jeez, who am I kidding I’m fucking blown away by the visage I am met with…FAITH!

In a split second reality hits me with the largest baseball bat it can find. The previous night’s events flood back like a tsunami….Mmm, Faith…ahem, I mean ooer what the hell was I thinking!? She’s supposed to be a co-worker, a fellow slayer & even though we work together now, the whole ‘trying to kill each other thing’ kinda stays with a gal, not easily forgotten. Now here I lie in her bed, naked, overheating from the body warmth & did I mention naked!? I think I’m at the guilt stage, after all I did instigate this whole thing…yeah, guilt that’s what I’m feeling………………………..erm……………er…

……………Fuck it! I’m done with guilt, moving on to WOW !!!

Images, sounds & feelings ebb their way back into my mind, total sensory indulgence. How she touched me, how she tasted, how we made each other call out into the night…bliss…bear with me I’m having a moment…(giggle)…ok & I’m done! I feel Faith’s hand begin to stroke up & down my spine…she’s awake…Oh lordy, do I have to get with the vocal? What an earth do I say? Choice is taken out of the equation as I hear her speak.

“You awake?” She queries in a sleepy tone.

“Mmm hmm” I murmur back in acknowledgement, not really knowing what to say. Murmuring is good for now.

“It’s eleven thirty.” Faith lazily comments. Morning is almost over… interesting considering the nature of my dream.

“Mmm hmm?” I really don’t give a damn about the time, just melting into her touch.

“I thought you were supposed to be an early bird.” I hear a faint chuckle in her voice, she is well aware of how her touch is affecting me…evil temptress.

“What ever gave you that idea?” Mmm…feels good.

“Maybe it’s because when you drag me to your apartment for one of those fascinating early morning meetings with the next generation Scoobies, you’re always so…perky.”

I lift my head to look her square in the eyes…those big brown seductive eyes of wonderfulness. I see a drowsy, yet mischievous glint focusing in on me. Two can play that game!

“Faith, if you hadn’t noticed there’s a whole world of perky occurring right here, right now.” Then I deliver the final blow, a flash of that legendary Summers smile…BAM! You are so mine.

“You surprise me.” Her statement is delivered with a cocky grin…that is one hundred percent Faith, yet she has me confounded.

“How’s that?”

“I just figured I’d be getting a whole world of ‘Buffy Summers regret’ right about now.”

“That a fact & this coming from the gal who was boasting last night that she knew the real me. Shame on you slayer, besides if anything you’ve surprised me!” Time to find out a few truths about Miss dark & moody.

“I don’t follow.” Faith frowns at me, not knowing what angle I’m coming from.

“Well your still here for a start & although it’s a given that this is in actual fact your apartment, I’m surprised you haven’t made up a thousand & one excuses to get me out of your bed now that you’ve had your wicked way.”

Faith continues to frown at me, almost offended by my words. She has such a hard edge that sometimes it’s easy to forget that she has actually feelings. You can’t blame me for my line of questioning; Faith isn’t exactly renowned for getting with the smooches the morning after a wild night.

“Ah, so I see you’re still buying into the ‘hump ‘em & dump ‘em’ Faith reputation. I thought you were supposed to have levels?” She throws a mock frown at me. I guess I deserved that.

“Hey! I have levels. Considering how up front you are about making it known to the entire planet that ‘lil miss broody tough gal’ doesn’t do emotions, I have every right to make that presumption.” Oops… that sounded a tad more defensive than I anticipated.

“Yeah, well I guess it’s possible that people change. Anyway, if I wanted you out of my bed you’d already be long gone. Now for the emotional part, check it…ahem… I dig you being here, I dig this whole situation, I dig not having to kill stuff to be able to spend time with you & I for one don’t intend on moving for at least another few hours.”

Woh…that was different, Faith has a soft side! She follows her words with a seductive wink, always a good move. I’m almost taken aback by this side of her nature. The thing is about Faith, is that its so easy to buy into her rebellious nature, to think that’s her entire worth when really there is so much depth hidden away. She makes you believe she’s impervious to feeling, to real emotion…this is her defence mechanism; no emotion, no hurt. I guess I understand to a certain extent, she’s had a tough life. This is why I feel almost honoured by her openness. Considering a few years ago we were a knifes edge away from killing each other, this makes a refreshing change.

“Wow, that’s a lot of ‘digs’. Would it show complete lack of imagination to say I dig being here too?” I return her previous wink with one of my very own.

“If you lacked imagination B, I wouldn’t be lying here with the largest grin ever spread across my face. So pleasantries now out of the way, how’s about making good use of those few hours before we get up.”

Faith leans over to me & pulls me in to a passionate kiss. I have no time to verbally reply & you know what…I’m glad. Every feeling & emotion I experienced last night hits me with intense force. Never let it be said that Buffy Summers never gets the guy…er…girl…whatever. For now I’m content here in the warmth of our bodies. This has been a most unexpected experience & I’m not exactly planing on resigning it to an isolated event. As our hands move over each other’s curves a thought glistens in my mind… ‘aint it crazy how slayin’ makes you hungry & horny!!!’


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