Author: Raven 5by5

Title: Pt 1 – The Predicament.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & associated characters are the property of UPN, Mutant Enemy & Joss ‘the man’ Whedon. I claim no ownership over them, although sometimes I believe it would be worth the court battle to say that I did, just for posterity J hehehehehhe.

Synopsis: Point of View from Buffy. Our blonde-haired slayer finds herself having extremely surprising thoughts towards one hell of a kick ass gal.

Rating: 18 (UK rating) Just to be on the safe side J

Spoilers: Just the one, season 7 finale – Goodbye Sunnydale, hello Cleveland.

Authors Note: What can I say, I was bored & started typing. These things happen.

Feedback: Always welcome on a constructive level.


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Oookay, this is bizarre! I mean whacked-out, twilight zone, ‘oh my God my head just turned a three sixty’ kinda bizarre! Alright, breathe Summers, take a time-out & just chill… impossible, totally impossible…I’m definitely having a moment here. A lightening bolt straight from the might of Zeus himself moment, I tell you now that’s no exaggeration. Gotta get a grip… right…okay…taking some down time to assess this whole vibe. Stat’ report incoming:

We’re in Riverbank Cemetery, Cleveland. New Hellmouth, new battles; it’s almost eleven. A full moon hangs in the night’s sky; low level mist collects on the ground…its all-very Hammer House of Horror. Minuets ago some egotistical vampire had just thrown me against a marble gravestone; needless to say my rib cage hurts like hell, never good sign. Swiftly I got to my feet, pain put to the back of my mind, retribution forced to the forefront. Upon reflection, this vamp looked as if he should have been partying to the swingin’ sounds of the seventies, lapels to die for…literally. Can’t believe he was under the illusion that look was still cool, the guy was beyond retro…new millenium alert, mister Saturday Night Fever. I use the term ‘was’, due to the fact that in the blink of an eye I had broken his arm, his jaw & dusted the son of a bitch as my grand finale…maybe I should have taken a well deserved bow to really set off my performance.

Deciding not to engage in the whole bowing thing…not much fun without an audience… I glanced over at my fellow slayer, Faith who was battling a vampire of her very own, although from where I was standing it seemed as though she was engaging in more of a battle dance than an actual fight. Her movements so fluid, each strike well placed, each defense well caught. She toyed with him, making him work harder & harder to win his prize & all of this is done with a smile on her face. Eventually she had enough of playing, enough of the games, his throat was clamped hard by the grip of her hand. Pinned over a large gravestone, the vampire fought with every ounce of his strength to overpower the raven-haired young woman dominating him…futile, totally one hundred percent futile. Faith knew her power, she knew that backing down was never an option in her world, a philosophy which held as many con’s as it did pro’s.  

A heartbeat’s worth of time passed & then it happened! She turned to look at me as I stood, still attempting to gain my composure, clutching at my side making sure my rib cage was still intact, which it thankfully was. A playful grin played upon her lips as she winked at me, those deep brown eyes searing into my soul. Within an instant the vampire was dusted & my heart skipped a beat. A rush of the most amazing sensations hit every nerve ending full force. I began to imagine such thoughts that would make Basic Instinct seem like Disney. I began to feel such dark, indulgent emotions that were usually reserved for the kind of Nightclubs that have ‘Bring your own chains’ printed on the entrance doors.  All of that from a smile & a wink… a smile & a wink for sobbing out loud! Am I really that easily turned on? Damn it, hell no I’m not…er…well not usually & certainly never by someone of the same gender.

So you see my predicament, the emotional situation my damn hormones have gotten me into… yet again! If it’s not vampires with souls, its ex-psycho slayers who have the most amazing lips…Arrrgh…no Summers, think pure thoughts…er…Sunday school… cherubs…Faith… WAH!!! Definitely not helping. One of these days I swear I’ll find the off switch to the ‘Buffy Summers hormone extravaganza’, save myself a whole heap of trouble. Right now I have to deal, suppress what ever the hell is going on inside my psyche, put it to one side & behave like an adult not some horny teenager. All good right up until the point I see her saunter over towards me. Why does she have to do that? Why can’t she just walk in a casual fashion like most people? Why oh why, for the love of God does she have to move her hips like that…side to side like a pendulum in motion. Seriously can’t take much more. I think I’m blushing, I feel kinda warm…er…correction, I feel like a fucking volcano. Need to breathe…get air to my lungs & try to cool down. Damn it, I don’t stand a chance!

She stands about half a meter in front of me, glaring over my face with a puzzled expression. I’m making it obvious aren’t I? I get the feeling she so completely knows what’s going on inside my mind or maybe I’m just being paranoid. I think I’m starting to induce panic, maybe even early menopause ‘cos I’m getting hot flushes like you wouldn’t believe. My eyes shift to her lips as they begin to part, my oh my they look so damn fine & yet again my libido decides to knuckle me straight between the eyes. I don’t see stars; all I see is luscious, pouty lips moving as if the time had slipped into slow motion…I love it when that happens…hate it when real time kicks in.

“Hey, dream gal! Yo B, you still on planet Earth?”

Faith shouted as she waved her hand in front of my eyes. I reluctantly snapped out of my lust fix & brought my eyes to meet hers, still very much dazed at this point.

“Huh?” I grunted.

Smooth; very, very smooth Summers. I’m sure the ‘grunt’ approach will go along way to securing a passionate embrace by the end of this evening…er don’t look at me like that, I may have stated that I’ve never been turned on by someone of the same gender, I don’t ever recall saying I wasn’t open to the idea. It’s all about greed, which is probably my second favorite sin as it happens. Faith once taught me the concept of ‘want, take, have’ & of course it’s agreeable that this philosophy may not be applicable to everything in life, when it comes to consenting adults I feel it is my duty to administer such a concept to the best of my ability…ahem. Anyway, moving swiftly on! It would seem that my inability to muster a single syllable let alone any legible kind of word, was leading Faith deeper into bewilderment land.

“What’s the what, vampire knock that brain of yours for six or are you just in awe of my bad ass fighting skills? ‘Fess up, don’t be shy now. I have no problem with an ego boost.”

Faith stood there as though she’d just picked up the gold medal for maximum slayage, in the Olympic category of ‘demon death decathlon’. A wide smile beamed across her face as she paraded herself like a proud lioness. I forgot how much she got off on the kill, if my memory serves me I believe the term utilized back in Sunnydale was ‘hungry & horny’. I know for a fact I’m definitely not craving a low fat yogurt right about now, which leaves me with a whole bunch of ‘horny’ to deal with…will the drama ever end?! Ok, so my mouth is about to attempt control over this predicament…words are forming, forcing their way to my mouth…I’m doomed!

Continued in Pt 2 – ‘The solution.’

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