Title: Once Upon a New Years Eve

Author:  Mel M./Misty

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Her blonde tresses danced in the cool breeze as she sighed and closed her eyes.  This night brought such pain, such rage.  Brooke was suppose to meet her at their fav restaurant but cancelled, her mother was out of town as usual and she was alone.  Every year was just like this one.  She sat with her knees pulled to her chest, above the world.  This was her place, a dark desolate mountaintop where she could oversee the entire city.  She shivered as the icy air ran through her.  She smiled as she thought of something that could melt her frozen heart.


In her mind. . .

The night air was cooling yet restless as she took the girl into her arms.  She could never see her face but she knew her touch.  She was such a sweet and gentle angel, so agile and sincere.  They glided along a sea of white marble, encompassed by waves of vibrant, fluttering magic and passion.  Their lips fought gently in a pouty kiss, their feet never gracing the smooth, freshly waxed floor.  It was such paradise that soon she knew it would fade.

They would dance until dawn broke and then they would be strewn along her bed, desperately seeking sleep.  They found comfort in each other's arm and no words needed to be said.  She woke just as her eyes closed in the dream.


Back in reality . . .

"Satan?  Are you ok?" a voice whispered in surprise.

Her eyes shot open, her barriers lifting the instant she heard THAT voice.  "WHAT do YOU want?" she hissed angrily.

"Look hellbitch, I thought you looked kinda lonely sitting there and I was trying to be nice.  I wanted to see how you were doing but if you wanna play it that way then fuck you, I'm outta here," the girl huffed, taking a step toward the dusty pathway leading down the mountain.

"I'm sorry," the blonde whispered hesitantly.  She let a half smile take her features.  After all, she would rather spend New Years with her worst enemy than spend it alone.

Sam gazed at the girl in utter confusion.  She wanted her to stay?  Sam sighed, knowing she had nowhere else to be.  Everyone she knew was busy with their honeys or drinking themselves into oblivion so she decided it couldn't hurt.  "So, what are you doing way up here?" she asked, resisting any witty sarcastic commentary she could easily add to that.

"Wishing away my New Years, you?" Nic replied distantly, trying her hardest to be civil.

Sam bit back her comment, swallowing deeply before replying, "about the same."

There was an eerie silence as Sam sat next to Nicole.  They looked over the city together as darkness fully blanketed the sky.  Stars peeked out of the misty gray clouds as the full moon glimmered.  Music rose to their ears from the party below.  Nicole turned her head as a tear fell from her eye.  She couldn't let Sam see her cry; she'd never hear the end of it.

Sam caught a glimpse of the glimmering liquid racing down her foe's cheek and her heart melted.  She couldn't stand to see people cry, no matter who they were.  She put her hand on Nicole's to let her know that even though they hated each other she was there.  She wasn't sure this was such a bad thing either.  Maybe it would even end their feud . . .or not.  Either way they were both here and they were all the other had at the moment.

Nicole squeezed gently.  Realizing whom she was with, she muttered, "why the hell are you being so nice?  You hate me, remember?  I am the epitome of all things you hate, all things you consider evil."  She really couldn't understand this.  Her worst enemy was comforting her and she was letting it happen.  She knew why she was being a sniffling little twit but that couldn't explain Sam's condition.

"Maybe but I can't stand to see anyone cry, even you.  And I'm not sure I really hate you, I mean you're still human somewhere in there," Sam reasoned aloud.

"Spam, are you sick?  Cause that's the last thing I need," Nicole replied playfully.

Sam stared longingly into the sky, whispering as playfully as she could bare,  "Don't worry, what I've got you can't catch Scrooge."

Nicole frowned.  Seeing the brunette so melancholy twisted her heart in knots.  That little voice in her head was telling her she should make her move but her heart wasn't so sure that was the best thing to do.  Leaning in, she gently hugged her rival.  "It's ok Spam, they can cure almost anything these days."

Sam was frightened out of her wits.  Nicole Julian was not only being civil to her but she was comforting her.  Had hell finally frozen over?  Her body had become tense, her muscles aching due to the cold.  Relaxing a bit, she sighed.  "So what's your story?"

Nicole let her go and bowed her head.  "Someone I knew died on New Years, at the stroke of midnight."  She ran a hand through her hair.  "Since then all of my New Years have been spent in solitude," she confessed, wanting Sam to see why she acted the way she did.  She needed Sam to understand.

Sam was mortified.  That was horrible!  By the way Nic had said that she knew it was only the beginning.  Worse things had happened and for some reason the blonde wanted HER, of all people, to know about it.  But why?  Why would a girl who loathed her in every way possible want her to know the reason she was so disturbed?  Maybe she wanted her to understand.  "I-I'm sorry to hear that.  I didn't know."

"I know.  It's ok; it's just hard sometimes.  Spam, I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I'm glad you're here.  I'd rather be here with you than be alone tonight."

"Thanks Ms. Grinch."

"So what's your story?" Nicole whispered cautiously, chuckling at the nickname.

Sam debated making something up.  Deciding it wouldn't really matter she took a deep breath.  "I'm in love with someone I can't have, someone I shouldn't want.  It's been tearing me apart since high school started and I just wish it would go away.  I know I'm in love but I still can't get over it," she explained, angry with herself for even feeling this way.

"Hey, don't be so pissed about it.  Maybe you should tell him, I mean the worst thing that could happen is rejection, and it seems like you're prepared for it.  You're tough Spam, even I know this.  You can't let some guy get you down, ya know?" Nicole advised, her feminist voice taking the lead for a moment.

"That's the problem," Sam muttered, not realizing she'd said that aloud.


"It's not a guy," her almost inaudible voice choked, not believing she was coming out to Nicole of all people.

"Oh," Nicole replied nonchalantly, knowing that sort of pain all to well.  "I know what you mean," she accidentally revealed.

Sam scrunched her brows together, not understanding at first.  Once she did catch on she whispered, "who was she?"

"I can't say who she is Spam because you know her and it would just cause too much shit," the blonde admitted.  "You should still tell her.  She might like you back, you never know."

"I honestly doubt it but I guess I could try.  What should I say."

"You're asking the wrong person.  Brookie would be able to help you but she's off keeping MC from getting thrown in jail again.  That girl needs some sort of medication."

"No kidding.  What would you say?"

"I probably wouldn't say anything."

Sam blushed.  Checking her watch, she smiled.  "The count down's gonna start soon."



The crowd below chorused a "five" as their eyes met.  "Satan . . ." Sam stopped, unsure.


Nicole smiled, bowing her head.  "Just tell her the best way you know how, ok?"


"Nicole," she whispered, catching the blonde's attention.


"You called me . . ."


Sam met Nicole's plush lips with her own, kissing her passionately.  "Happy New Year," she breathed hotly, her eyes still shut tight.


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