Title:  And They Lived Happily Ever After

Author:  Mel M./Misty AKA SSailorUranuss@aol.com

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Pairing:  N/S

Rating:  NC 17 for adult content

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Comments:  This is the sequel to "Once Upon a New Years Eve".  I hope you guys like it.  Shout out to all those who need to be kissed on New Years.  Keep the faith cause it's a brand new year.  Luck, wealth and love to all.  And remember, I need feedback so FEED ME!  Enjoy!

Nicole sat in shock for a moment, her eyes still shut with passion.  She exhaled deeply, her hazel gaze set on warm, chocolate pools.  They both got up, their eyes never parting.  And then it struck her.  "Where do we go from here Sam?"

"Your car would be a good start. . ."


One year later. . .

Again she sat above the world, still alone.  A year had passed, raining change upon her yet inside she still remained alone.  Why did some things happen like they did?  She would never understand some things but she wondered just the same.  For six months she'd been in a dark, cold place which no being could pull her from.  And why had she become heartless all over again?

Six months ago she had professed her love for another and now she lay wounded by that angel's reply.  Words meant nothing, for the look in her eyes had said it all.  She was pushed away and from then til now she had kept herself away from any relationships.  Even her best friend hadn't seen her much.  Then again perhaps it was better that she'd locked herself in solitude.  Now they would be free of the pain she bled into the world.  But did it really matter now?  Shaking her head, reality claimed her now as she stared into the bleak night.  It was New Years Eve again.


On the other side of town. . .

An inferno washed passed her delicate tongue, twirling down her dry throat.  The instant her glass clunked against the table amber liquid replaced the emptiness.  Again she drown her sorrows with burning existence, her memories slowly being ripped from her mind.  All she sought was peace but would she soon find it?

"You know what, we should go for a drive.  This club is kinda boring," a soft voice hummed.

"Great idea Lily!  I'll drive.  Where should we go?" another voice buzzed from the opposite direction.

"We should go to the lake," a third voice offered, approaching the table.

"The one by THE Mountain?" the second voice questioned.

"Yeah!  What do you think Sam?"

Her heavy lids betrayed her, sliding open slightly.  Focusing on the Latina, she noticed Carmen and Brooke were still there as well.  With a shrug she replied morosely, "whatever.  I don't care."


An hour later on the mountaintop. . .

She found no silence as those below mingled and had their fun.  It would be a new year soon though this time she didn't look forward to it.  The past year had brought more pain than joy.  She'd lost a love and unexpectedly found kin.  She now knew her bloodline and where she'd come from.  But now it was gone.  She was the last and it was likely to end with her.  Then she felt a presence and alarm consumed her eyes.

"Shhh, don't be afraid," he hushed tenderly.

"Who are you and why are you here?" she demanded sternly, still gazing into the darkness.

"Don't be so defensive Nicole.  I use to be that way.  I came here to tell you things will get better," he whispered softly.

"How do you know my name?  And how do you know things will get better.  You don't know me," she sneered, looking around and finding nothing.  "What the. . ."

"I just know.  Have faith baby girl because every rose has its thorn," he replied.

She felt soft lips against her forehead and instantly knew who he was.  As she felt his presence begin to fade, she murmured sadly, "thank you daddy."

"Anytime my little angel.  Just remember I'll be in your heart whenever you need me.  Take care," he sighed as he vanished into the night.


Meanwhile at the lake. . .

Her calmed gaze wondered aimlessly, yearning for that which she could not have.  She heard the others laugh and joke and simply dismissed it as noise.  Why had she let the love of her life go?  She knew now that she'd made a mistake but there was nothing she could do.  Standing, she looked up at the mountains top.  She began walking the dusty path but was stopped by a familiar voice.

"Sam, where are you going?"

"For a walk," she confirmed before continuing on her journey.


Moments later. . .

"Dammit!  It's not suppose to be like this!  I love Sam with all of me and I get fucked?  That. . .that's just. . .God, I should've known better," she sniffled, trying not to cry.

"You couldn't have known Nikki.  I didn't even know.  I love you," a delicate voice soothed from behind the blonde.

Nicole spun around, shock capturing her as she stared at her lover.  "Sam. . .do you really mean that?"

Sam smiled, a rare occasion in deed.  Pressing her lips to Nic's, she tasted her mouth hungrily.  "I was wrong before.  I need you Nic, and I always will.  You make my life worth living."

"I'm yours Sam, always."


Meanwhile. . .

"Are you sure we should be following her?"

"Shhh, she'll hear us!"


"Just chill out and keep moving."

They stopped, kneeling behind a set of rocks.  They all peeked past the rock to see where their friend had gone.  What they found was far from what they expected.  Brunette tresses thrashed wildly in the breeze, her lithe form rocking gently against her lover.  The three peeping toms hid behind the rocks once more.  "We should go."

"Best idea I've heard all night," another replied as they crept off to join the party below.

"Nic. . ." Sam growled, her body shivering with hunger.

"Five!" the crowd chanted.

"Mmmmh, Sam. . ." Nicole gasped, closing her eyes.


The blonde captured her lover's lips, kneading her breasts tenderly.  They tasted the other's mouth, soft moans escaping both of them.  Their hands roamed, eager fingertips teasing aching flesh.


"Please," Sam begged, "I want you to come with me."


They found a rhythm, thrusting into each other.  Their bodies trembled, their desire searing through them.  Heat consumed them as they held the other tight.


The cheers below dulled their screams of passion but that didn't matter to them.  Sam collapsed onto the blonde, panting breathlessly.  Nicole held the brunette close, whispering hoarsely, "I love you Sam."

"I love you too Nicole, always."

And with that a new begging arose, breathing life into their futures.  They would make it though rough times did lay ahead.  Happy New Year everyone and good luck to you for 2004.  May it be better than the last.

~<>~ The END ~<>~

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