Pros and Cons of Breathing

Author: LoveandFury


Disclaimer: Popular does not belong to me. I own nothing.

Summary: Sam has a crush on Brooke.

Chapter One

Brooke opened Sam’s room door and saw that the girl was still sleeping. She went over to the bed and pulled the covers from over her head. “Sam it’s time to get up for school.”

“Five more minutes,” Sam pulled the covers back over her head.

Brooke rolled her eyes and got up to turn on the light. “You’re going to be late. Get up.”

“Alright, I’m up,” Sam said sitting up in her bed. “Just turn that light off.”

“Then you’ll go back to sleep,” Brooke said.

“No I won’t,” Sam said. “I function better in the dark.”

“That explains why your clothes never match,” Brooke teased.

“Funny,” Sam yawned. “I’m gonna go take a shower. I‘ll be down in a couple of minutes.”

“Okay,” Brooke smiled and left the room.

Sam rubbed her eyes. “I can already tell today’s gonna be a long day.” She got up and grabbed a shirt and a pair of jeans out of her closet and tossed them on her bed. She went into the bathroom and stared at herself for awhile. “McPherson, today will be a good day. You will not think about how much you like Brooke. You won’t think about her at all anymore. As of right now you no longer have a crush on Brooke McQueen. As a matter of fact, you hate her,” Sam sighed and turned on the shower.

Sam was now fully awake and refreshed when she entered the kitchen. “Morning.”

“Hey,” Brooke said. “I poured you a bowl of cereal. It’s on the table.”

“Thanks… unless you like poisoned it or something,” Sam said.

“I just figured you’d be running a little late since you always take long showers. I’m speeding things up for you. I need to finish putting on my make-up. I‘ll be upstairs.”

“You don’t need that stuff,” Sam said. “You have a natural beauty.” Why did I just say that? Sam thought.

“Really?” Brooke was skeptical.

Sam just nodded and went back to eating her cereal.

“You’re beautiful too Sam,” Brooke left the kitchen to wipe the little make-up she did have on off.

Damn her. Why does she have to be nice to me? If she were mean it would make trying to hate her easier. Sam quickly finished her cereal and grabbed her car keys.

Sam got into her car and tried to start it but it wouldn’t start.

“Need a ride?” Brooke asked as she walked up to Sam’s car.

“No, I can get it to start,” Sam said. After several attempts to start her car Sam began to bang her head on the steering wheel.

“Need a ride?” Brooke repeated.

“Yeah,” Sam nodded.

“This will give us some time to talk,” Brooke said. “We’ve been getting along great recently. Don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Sam said.

“When Jane and my dad get back from their little vacation they’ll be happy we’ve learned to get along,” Brooke said.

“They’ll think we’ve been abducted and replaced by imposters,” Sam said.

Brooke grinned and got into her car.


Kennedy High…

Sam walked to her locker and saw Carmen and Lily waiting for her. “Hey guys.”

“Hi,” Lily said. “Are you enjoying your quality time with Brooke?”

“We aren’t spending any quality time together,” Sam said. “We are getting along though.”

“That’s good,” Carmen said.

“So what’s on our agenda for today?” Lily asked.

“Don’t know,” Sam shrugged. “What do you guys want to do after school?”

“We can all hang at your place,” Lily said. “If that’s okay with you.”

“That’s fine with me,” Sam said. “Where’s Harrison at?”

“Probably stalking Brooke or something,” Carmen said. “He’s working up his courage to ask her out.”

“Do you think she’ll say yes?” Sam asked trying not to sound jealous.

“I don’t want to sound mean or anything but probably not,” Lily said.

“Yeah, Brooke’s high maintenance,” Carmen agreed. “I don’t think she’d want Harrison.”

“Do you think he stands a chance?” Lily asked Sam.

“I don’t know,” Sam said. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”


Brooke walked into the Novak with Nicole at her side. “We’ve been slacking on practice. We need to step it up before the next football game.”

“Alright,” Nicole said. “We’ll practice after school at your place.”

“Great,” Brooke said.

“Make sure to keep Spam out of our way,” Nicole warned.

“Sam’s not that bad anymore,” Brooke said. “We’re actually kind of becoming friends.”

“I don’t want to hear you utter those words again,” Nicole said. “You becoming friends with Sam is not a good thing.”

“Sure it is,” Brooke said. “We won’t fight much anymore. Maybe our two groups can try to get along too.”

“That will never happen,” Nicole said. “Hell would have to freeze over first… and even after that we wouldn’t become friends. Besides, if we start hanging around garbage like Spam we will become losers too. I like where my social status is. Thank you. And speaking of social statuses, I can’t believe Josh and Lily are dating.”

“They make a nice couple,” Brooke stated.

“You’re supposed to be upset about this,” Nicole said. “Lily has moved in on your man.”

“He’s not my man,” Brooke rolled her eyes. “I broke up with him remember.”

“Whatever,” Nicole said. “He still made a big mistake. Who’s going to take him seriously now? He‘s a Lily dating, drama geek.”

“Can you please stop talking trash about Josh?” Brooke asked. “We’re still friends and he’s a nice guy.”

“Okay, this is me not caring,” Nicole said pointing to the expression on her face.

Brooke sighed and shook her head. “Nicole.”

“Alright, I’ll shut up for now,” Nicole said. “Come on, class is going to start soon.”

Chapter Two

Brooke and Nicole walked into their math class and took their seats. Of course their teacher assigned seats alphabetically like Bio Glass did so she was seating next to Sam.

“Hi,” Brooke greeted the brunette.

“Hey,” Sam said.

“How are you?” Brooke asked.

“I’m okay,” Sam said. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Brooke answered.

As soon as the teacher began talking Brooke’s attention went to her. Sam pretended to be listening but she was thinking of the blonde next to her. What if she does say yes to Harrison? That will destroy me. Well, it’s not like I’m making any moves on her. Maybe if he starts dating her I won’t want her anymore… or maybe it will make me want her more. Always wanting what you can’t have McPherson. Sam felt someone poke in her side and returned to reality.

“Class is over,” Brooke said.

“We’ve only been here for like five minutes,” Sam said.

“We’ve been in here for longer that that. Everyone else is already gone. What were you thinking about?” Brooke asked.

“Nothing,” Sam said.

“Liar,” Brooke said.

“Just a person,” Sam said.

“Awwwww, Sammy has a crush,” Brooke teased. “Who is it?”

“No one,” Sam said gathering her things.

“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours,” Brooke said.

Sam raised an eyebrow. “You first.”

“Okay,” Brooke said. “I have a crush on this journalist. Really amazing person.”

“Really?” Sam asked in shock.

Brooke nodded.

“Well, I’m pretty sure the journalist likes you too,” Sam said. “And wouldn’t mind if you kissed her.”

Brooke smiled and leaned in to kiss Sam. Before their lips could touch a loud bell ruined the moment and a female voice could be heard.

“Sam, wake up,” Brooke was saying. “Class is over.”

“Huh? What?” Sam said lifting her head up.

Brooke smiled and shook her head. “Maybe I should’ve let you get your five more minutes of sleep before I dragged you off to school.”

“I wasn’t snoring was I?” Sam asked turning red.

“No,” Brooke said. “You slept like an angel.” Brooke exited the classroom leaving Sam their shocked.

I slept like an angel? Does that mean she was watching me sleep or am I just making something out of nothing? Damn it, stop thinking about Brooke. Sam grabbed her bag and left the classroom.


“Hey Sam,” Harrison said as he walked in step with his friend.

“What’s up?” Sam asked.

“Nothing much,” Harrison said. “Have you seen Brooke around?”

“No,” Sam answered. “Why?”

“I’m going to ask her out,” Harrison smiled. “Maybe I should do it after school. Be there for me for moral support?”

“Sure,” Sam nodded.

“Thanks,” Harrison said. “You look a little worn out. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Sam said. “I’m just tired.”

“I’m gonna head to class,” Harrison said. “I’ll see you in physics.”

“Bye,” Sam said.

Sam needed to type up her article for the school paper so she headed to the journalist room. Before she reached the room she encountered Lily and Josh.

“Hey Sam,” Josh said.

“Hey Josh,” Sam said. “Hi Lily.”

“Going to write a new article?” Lily asked.

“Yep,” Sam nodded.

“Is it going to cause controversy?” Josh smiled.

“Don’t know yet,” Sam smiled back. “I’ll see you guys later.”

“Bye,” Josh and Lily said.

When Sam finally got to the room she saw the new head of the school newspaper there. It was a new teacher, Ms.Lennox.

“Hi Sam,” Ms.Lennox said. “It is Sam right?”

“Yeah,” Sam said.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” Ms.Lennox continued.

“About what?” Sam asked.

“I want you to write an article about the cheerleading captain, Brooke McQueen. I’m sure she won’t mind you interviewing her. Do you know who she is?” Ms.Lennox asked.

“Yeah, everyone does.” Sam said. “But why do you want me to write about her?”

“She seems very interesting. Scholarly and talented. I want you to show that side of cheerleaders to show people that they aren’t all

dumb blondes,” Ms.Lennox said.

“I’m guessing you used to be a cheerleader,” Sam said.

“Yes, I was,” the teacher said. I need to go now. I can’t wait to see what you write.”

As soon as the teacher left Sam dropped heavily into the nearest chair. “I don’t believe this. I’m trying to not think about her and now I have to write an article on her. This day couldn’t get any worse.”


Later that day Sam was sitting in her physics class with, of course, Brooke McQueen sitting right next to her.

“I ran into that new teacher,” Brooke said. “She told me you were going to write about me for the school paper.”

“Yeah,” Sam said. “She asked me to.”

“Well, when do you want to start interviewing me?” Brooke asked.

“Maybe tomorrow,” Sam said.

“Alright, you know where to find me when you’re ready,” Brooke said.

“Can I get the notes you took in trigonometry?” Sam asked.

Brooke couldn’t contain her smile. “Yeah, just don’t drool all over them.”

“I don’t drool,” Sam said. “There was no drooling.”

“I’m just messin’ with ya,” Brooke pulled out her notes and Sam took them. “You’re going to copy them now?”

“Uh huh,” Sam nodded.

“So I’m guessing you’re going to want my physics notes later too?” Brooke asked.

“If you don’t mind,” Sam said.

“I don’t mind,” Brooke said.

“McPherson, stop bothering Ms.McQueen while she’s trying to learn,” Bio Glass ordered.

“I was the one who initiated the conversation,” Brooke said.

“Don’t stick up for her,” Bio Glass said. “I know you’re not a trouble maker.”

“Ha,” Sam laughed.

“Do you find something funny?” Bio Glass asked.

“Could you be any more obvious that you favor Brooke more than anyone else?” Sam said.

“What are you trying to say?” Bio Glass asked.

“Nothing,” Sam said. “Continue teaching.”

“No, I think you’re trying to say you want to fail for the quarter,” Bio Glass said.

Sam’s mouth dropped open. “You wouldn’t.”

“I would and you know it,” Bio Glass smiled. “Now pay attention. God, I love making student’s lives a leaving Hell.”

Sam sat back in her chair and crossed her arms across her chest.

Chapter Three

“I’m sorry I got you in trouble,” Brooke said to Sam as they exited the classroom.

“It’s okay,” Sam said. “It wasn’t your fault.”

Nicole and Mary Cherry walked up to Brooke and Sam.

“Why are you talking to that troll in public?” Nicole asked.

“Cause we’re friends,” Brooke answered.

“She’s just playin’ y’all,” Mary Cherry said to the people passing by them.

“Yeah, it’s help the fashionably retarded day,” Nicole added.

“Bye Brooke,” Sam left in search of her friends.

“No comeback?” Nicole was shocked. “Something must be up.”

“Maybe she just finally realized arguing with you has no point,” Brooke said.

“Y’all let’s go to the cafeteria,” Mary Cherry said. “These shoes are killin’ my feet.”

“Just don’t take them off,” Nicole said.


Sam sat down in the seat next to Lily which was across from Carmen and Harrison. “What’s up guys?”

“Harrison’s waiting for Brooke to get here so he can ask her out,” Carmen answered.

“I thought you were going to ask her out after school?” Sam asked.

“I can’t wait anymore,” Harrison said. He spotted Brooke and her crew entering the cafeteria. “I’ll be right back.”

Sam, Lily, and Carmen watched as Harrison approached Brooke.

“He should‘ve waited until Brooke was alone,” Carmen commented

“Yeah, Nicole and Mary Cherry will have a field day with this one,” Lily said.

Please let her say no. Sam thought.


“Hey Brooke,” Harrison said.

“Hi,” Brooke said.

“Um… I just wanted to know if you might want to go out tonight,” Harrison said.

Nicole and Mary Cherry started laughing hysterically.

“Are you serious?” Nicole asked.

Harrison nodded and shifted on his feet nervously.

“OMG, he’s serious!” Nicole began laughing harder.

“That was the funniest thing I’ve eva heard in my life,” Mary Cherry said.

“You must’ve been dropped on your head too many times as a baby,” Nicole said. “Thanks for the laugh. Bye now.”

“I’d love to go on a date with you tonight,” Brooke answered finally.

“You would?” Harrison asked.

“Yeah,” Brooke smiled.

“Brookie, are you feeling okay?” Nicole asked.

“I’m fine,” Brooke said.

“I don’t think you are,” Nicole grabbed Brooke by the arm and pulled her to their table.

Harrison went back to his table with a big cocky grin on his face. “She said yes.”

“That’s great!” Lily chirped.

No, no, no, no, no!! This isn’t good! Sam thought.

“When is your first date?” Carmen asked.

“Tonight,” Harrison replied.

No! Sam thought.

“What are your plans going to be?” Lily asked.

“Not sure,” Harrison said. “Sam, you live with her. What does she like doing?”

Going to see chick flicks, eating ice cream, cuddling on the couch and making fun of the dumb people on TV, just talking about stupid random things, walking around at night, looking at the stars. “I don’t know,” Sam said. “We’re not that close.”

Josh walked up to their table. “Hi guys. Harrison, I heard you were going on a date with Brooke.”

“Yeah,” Harrison grinned. “Got any tips for me?”

Sam got up to leave.

“Where are you going?” Carmen asked.

“I just remembered I had something to do. I won’t be coming back so Josh you can have my seat.”

Josh sat down and threw an arm over Lily’s shoulder as he gave Harrison some advice on dating Brooke.


“Why in the world did you say yes to Harrison?” Nicole asked. “You cannot be that desperate.”

“I didn’t want to hurt his feelings,” Brooke said. “You guys were making fun of him and I didn’t want to bring him down. Maybe the date will be fun.”

“A pity date?” Mary Cherry said. “Brooke you are so sweet.”

“I have to go fix my make-up,” Brooke lied. She had noticed Sam leaving the cafeteria a few seconds ago and wanted to check on her.

“You don’t have any on,” Nicole pointed out.

“Well, I need to put some on,” Brooke said getting up.

“I don’t know what possessed you to leave your house without any,” Nicole said. “Make-up is a girl’s best friend.”

“I’ll remember that,” Brooke said as she turned to leave.


Sam was sitting on one of the couches in the Novak with her eyes closed. Be realistic here Sam. Even if Brooke had said no to Harrison what would I have done? Profess my undying love for her? No. So why am I so upset? Because Harrison has a chance with her and I’ll never have one. Sam heard a noise and opened her eyes.

“I saw you leave the cafeteria and I got worried,” Brooke said.

“I’m fine,” Sam said.

“Are you sure?” Brooke said. “Cause if you need to talk I’m here for you.”

Stop being nice to me! Sam thought.

“Are you upset because I’m going on a date with Harrison?” Brooke asked.

Does she know I like her??? Sam thought.

“Cause if you want him-” Brooke stopped talking when Sam began to laugh.

“I do not want Harrison,” Sam said. “He’s like a brother to me.”

“Then what’s wrong?” Brooke asked.

“Nothing,” Sam said getting up.

“Sam, why are you pushing me away?” Brooke asked.

“I’m not,” Sam said.

Brooke placed a hand on Sam’s cheek and rubbed her face with her thumb. “I want to help you.”

“I don’t need help with anything,” Sam said trying to keep her voice normal. She’s touching me! I swear I’m going to melt right here.

“Sam-” Brooke began.

“Stop,” Sam pushed Brooke’s hand away from her.

“Stop what?” Brooke asked.

“Being nice to me,” Sam said. “Did Nicole and Mary Cherry tell you to be friends with me so I wouldn’t write about you guys anymore or are you trying to steal my friends from me one by one? First Josh and Lily. Now you and Harrison.”

“Where’s this coming from?” Brooke asked hurt. “I’m not trying to steal your friends from you. Josh really likes Lily. And I really do want to be your friend if you’d just let me.”

Sam took a deep breath and sat back down on the couch. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m just a little jealous.”

“It’s okay,” Brooke took a seat next to Sam. “You know there are a lot of guys at this school who would love to date you.”

“Brooke,” Sam said.

“Yeah?” Brooke asked.

“I like both genders,” Sam said. “Well… not really both. I prefer guys, but there’s this one girl that I really like.”

“Oh,” Brooke said. “Who‘s the girl?”

“You’re not freaked out?” Sam asked.

“No,” Brooke shook her head. “I love you Sam. No matter how weird you dress or how stuck-up you are.”

Sam smiled a genuine smile. “I love you too Brooke.”

“So who’s the girl?” Brooke asked again.

“No one you would know,” Sam got up. “Lunch is almost over. I’m gonna go get ready for my next class.”

“Okay,” Brooke said as Sam left. Brooke sighed and ran a hand through her hair. “If you only knew how much I loved you Sam.”

Chapter Four

The Palace…

Sam and her friends were in the kitchen studying while Brooke and her friends were in the living room practicing.

I’m in here doing stupid trig homework while Brooke’s in the living room. I want to be in the living room

“Sam, you’re not paying attention,” Carmen said waving a hand in front of Sam’s face.

Sam shook her head a bit to clear her mind. “Yeah I am.”

“Then what were we just talking about?” Lily asked.

“Trigonometry stuff,” Sam answered.

“We were talking about Harrison and Brooke,” Lily said. “We gave up on homework a long time ago.”

“What’s been on your mind?” Carmen asked. “You’ve been pretty out of it lately.”

“No I haven’t,” Sam said.

“You can talk to us,” Lily said. “We are your friends you know.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Sam said. “Really, I’m okay.”

“Alright,” Carmen said.

Brooke walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge. “Can you guys watch our routine and tell us if it’s good or not.”

“You want our opinions?” Carmen asked.

“You may have dropped out of cheerleading but you’re still a good dancer. I’d love to hear what you think,” Brooke said.

Carmen smiled and got up with Sam and Lily. They walked into the living room and sat on the couch which was moved in order to make room for the cheerleaders. As Brooke, Nicole, and Mary Cherry did their routine Sam studied Brooke’s every move.

“So what’d you guys think?” Brooke asked after they finished the routine.

“That was great,” Carmen said.

“Awesome,” Lily agreed.

“I think everything that has to do with cheerleading is bad,” Sam said.

Brooke playfully glared at Sam. “You’re no help.”

“Spam, you don’t know the effort we put into cheerleading,” Nicole said.

“Yeah, it’s hard work,” Mary Cherry said.

“Cause jumping up and done takes a lot of effort,” Sam rolled her eyes.

“Guys don’t start,” Brooke said.

“Are we done here?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah,” Brooke said.

“Good, I’ll call you later,” Nicole said. “Come on Mary Cherry.”

The two blondes left and Brooke turned to Sam. “You made her mad.”

“Then I can die peacefully,” Sam said.

“I need to get going,” Lily said. “I’m supposed to meet Josh after he’s done with football practice.”

“And I need to practice my guitar,” Carmen said.

“Okay, I’ll see you guys later,” Sam said.

Carmen and Lily got their things and left.

“Is it just me or was Sam totally checking out Brooke during that routine?” Carmen asked Lily once they got outside.

“”It’s not just you,” Lily said. “Sam was staring mighty hard.”

“Do you think she’s crushing on Brooke?” Carmen asked.

“I don’t know,” Lily said. “Should we ask?”

“No,” Carmen shook her head. “We need proof or she’ll just deny it.”

“Oh, oh, oh, she was upset Brooke said yes to going on a date with Harrison or she wouldn’t have left the cafeteria. She only said she had something else to do so she could leave,” Lily said.

“We need more proof than that,” Carmen said. “And maybe she really did have something to do.”

“We’ll just watch her carefully for the next few days until we’re sure of ourselves,” Lily said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Carmen said.


Later that night…

Brooke was in her room talking to Sam while waiting for Harrison to arrive for their date.

“Do you know where you’re going?” Sam asked.

“Nope,” Brooke answered. “I hope we have fun though.”

“I need to interview you for the paper tomorrow,” Sam said.

“Okay,” Brooke said. “Can you put this necklace on for me?”

“Sure,” Sam took the necklace and Brooke turned around. Sam tried to put it on without having to touch any part of Brooke’s skin but failed.

Brooke jumped slightly. “Your hands are cold.”

“Sorry,” Sam said as she clasped the necklace on.

Brooke turned around, took Sam’s hands, and rubbed them with her own. Sam stared at the blonde as she rubbed her hands to make them warmer.

“I think I’m warm now… my hands. I think my hands are warm now,” Sam said.

“That’s good,” Brooke said softly as her face moved closer to Sam’s.

“Yeah,” Sam said breathlessly.

“Brooke!” Jane yelled from downstairs. “Harrison is here.”

Brooke and Sam jumped apart when they heard Jane.

“Enjoy your date,” Sam said as she left the room quickly.

Brooke ran a hand through her hair. “I’ll be right down!” She yelled to Jane.


Harrison and Brooke were at the Dairy Queen eating ice cream and talking.

“Did you like the movie?” Harrison asked.

“Yeah,” Brooke said. “It was good.”

“I need to use the rest room,” Harrison got up. “I’ll be right back.”

After Harrison was gone Brooke pulled out her cell phone and called Nicole.

“Okay, you damn telemarketers need to stop calling my house!” Nicole yelled into her phone.

“Nic, it’s Brooke,” the blonde said.

“Oh, sorry hun,” Nicole said. “These telemarketers just keep calling my house nonstop. Are you still out with nerd boy?”

“Yes,” Brooke sighed. “This date is horrible. We’re at the Dairy Queen now and it’s so obvious that he got advice from Josh. He knew what my favorite ice cream was and ordered it for me. He didn‘t even ask me if it was what I wanted.”

“So no second date?” Nicole asked.

“Definitely not,” Brooke answered.

“You shouldn’t have said yes to him in the first place,” Nicole said.

“He’s coming back. I have to go. Bye,” Brooke closed her phone and dropped it into her purse.

“So, what do you want to do now?” Harrison asked.

“I really need to get home,” Brooke lied. “It’s a school night and my dad wants me home by ten.”

“Okay,” Harrison said. “Let’s roll.”

“I had a goodtime,” Harrison said as they approached the Palace. “Are you up for a second date?”

“You’re a good guy and all but-” Brooke began.

“But I’m not the one for you,” Harrison finished for her.

“Yeah,” Brooke said. “I’m sorry.”

Harrison sighed and turned to leave.

“Goodnight,” Brooke said.

“Whatever,” Harrison said.

Brooke entered her house and immediately went to see Sam. “We need to talk.”

I don’t want to talk about something that never happened. Sam thought. “About your date with Harrison?” Sam asked hoping Brooke wouldn’t bring up the kiss they almost shared.

“Yeah…right, the date,” Brooke said dully.

“How was it?” Sam asked.

“Awful,” Brooke replied. “I think Harrison actually thought I was enjoying myself.”

“He must be heartbroken. I‘ll find out how he‘s doing tomorrow,” Sam said. “Well, I need to get some sleep.”

“Alright,” Brooke said. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Brooke exited Sam’s room through the bathroom and Sam sighed. I’m supposed to be happy that it didn’t work out between Brooke and Harrison. Sam thought. Now maybe I’ll have a chance. But do I really want to be with Brooke? Does she even like me like that or did she just want to experiment with me? Play with my emotions maybe? Why do things have to be so freaking complicated?”

Chapter Five

Sam was leaning against her locker talking to Harrison about Brooke.

“I don’t know why she didn’t like our date,” Harrison said. “It went pretty good. Do you think I should ask her out again until she accepts?”

“So you can seem psychotic?” Sam asked. “Just give her some time. She’ll come around.”

“Hey guys,” Carmen said walking up to her friends.

“Hey Carm,” Sam greeted her friend.

“So Harrison, how’d your date go?” Carmen asked.

“Not so good,” Harrison answered.

“Why not?” Carmen asked.

Harrison simply shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t understand women. You guys are hard to impress.” Harrison stomped off leaving Carmen and Sam alone.

“Well he’s not too happy,” Carmen said. “Did Brooke tell you why she didn’t enjoy the date?”

“No,” Sam answered. “But I think he was probably just trying too hard.”

“He’ll be fine,” Carmen said. “Do you want to hang out with me and Lily after school?”

“Can’t,” Sam said. “I’m supposed to work on that article Ms.Lennox asked me to do on Brooke.”

“Speaking of Brooke,” Carmen said. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, go ahead,” Sam said.

“Are you…do you… Sam… do you have a crush on Brooke?” Carmen whispered so only Sam could hear her.

“Is it really that noticeable?” Sam asked.

Carmen nodded. “If one is paying enough attention they’d be able to tell.”

“I am so glad I can finally talk to someone about this,” Sam let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m here whenever you need to talk,” Carmen said. “And Lily too. We suspected you had a crush on Brooke yesterday. We were going to spy on you and stuff so we could get proof but I decided it’d be easier if I just asked.”

“And if I denied it?” Sam asked.

“We would’ve watched your every move until you did something that could be used as proof,” Carmen answered.

“You and Lily meet me in the Novak before lunch,” Sam said. “We’ll talk about this then.”

“Okay,” Carmen said. “We’ll be there.”

“Great,” Sam said.


Later that day Carmen spotted Lily at her locker and went over to her. “Lily, Sam wants us to meet her in the Novak before we go to lunch today.”

“What for?” Lily asked.

“I kinda asked her if she had a thing for Brooke and she admitted it,” Carmen said.

“We were supposed to be spies. I wanted to be a spy,” Lily whined.

“I know but this was so much easier,” Carmen said.

“So she really does have a crush on Brooke?” Lily asked.

“Uh huh,” Carmen nodded.

“Wow, I wonder what’s going to happen with those two now,” Lily said.

“We’ll find out this afternoon,” Carmen said.


Physics Class…

Brooke and Sam were doing a lab worksheet together and Brooke was trying to get Sam to talk to her about yesterday.

“Say something,” Brooke said.

“I’m not getting these lab questions,” Sam said.

“I meant say something about the thing we were about to do yesterday,” Brooke said.

“It never happened so we shouldn’t even bring it up,” Sam said.

“Am I that one girl you really like?” Brooke asked.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Sam asked.

“Answer the question,” Brooke ordered.

“Look, we almost kissed yesterday, but we didn’t,” Sam whispered. “So can we not talk about this?”

“We would’ve if your mom hadn’t interrupted us,” Brooke pointed out.

“Okay fine, if we had kissed yesterday what would be happening right now?” Sam asked.

“I’m pretty sure we’d still be doing this,” Brooke said looking at her worksheet.”

“I meant between us,” Sam said impatiently.

“I’m not sure,” Brooke said. “Do you want to be together?”

“Do you?” Sam asked.

“I really don’t know what I want,” Brooke said.

“We’ll talk when you know what you want,” Sam said.

“Fine,” Brooke said dropping the subject.


The Novak…

“So, what’s the what?” Carmen asked Sam. She and Lily were sitting on the couch in the middle of the Novak and Sam was standing in front of them.

“I have a crush on Brooke as you both know,” Sam stated. “I don’t know if I want a relationship with her though. I do… but I don’t. She doesn’t know what she wants either.”

“She knows you like her?” Lily asked.

“We kind of almost kissed yesterday,” Sam said.

“The same day Harrison and Brooke had their date?” Carmen exclaimed. “That must be why she didn’t enjoy the date. She was too busy thinking about you.”

Brooke entered the Novak and Lily and Carmen stared at her. “Am I interrupting something?” Brooke asked.

“No, we were just leaving,” Lily said getting up and pulling Carmen with her.

“We were?” Carmen asked.

“Yeah,” Lily said.

Carmen made the call me sign at Sam and excited the bathroom with Lily.

“Hey,” Brooke said. “I’m guessing they know what’s going on.”

Sam nodded.

“Sam, I want the kiss we never got to have yesterday,” Brooke said.

“Like right now?” Sam asked.

Brooke nodded and moved closer to Sam. Sam closed her eyes and waited for the moment she had dreamt of many times before. As soon as she felt the blonde’s lips on hers she was ecstatic.

“Whoa!” Nicole said as she entered the Novak with Mary Cherry.

“Ohmygod Nicole,” Mary Cherry said. “Brooke and Sam are kissin.”

“Like I couldn‘t see that for myself,” Nicole said.

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