Title: Drowning All Our Dreams

Author: LoveandFury


Disclaimer: Popular does not belong to me. I own nothing.

Chapter One

Brooke and Sam were making out on Brooke’s bed when Brooke’s cell phone rang. Brooke got up, got her phone from off the dresser, and sat back down on her bed.

“Hello?” Brooke said into her phone.

“Hey B,” Nicole said. “I’m almost at your house. Are you ready?”

“Huh?” Brooke asked confused.

“We‘re suppose to go to Mary Cherry‘s house to practice our new routine remember?” Nicole said impatiently.

“Oh yeah, that. Of course I remember,” Brooke lied. “I’ll see you when you get here.” She hung up her phone and sighed.

‘What‘s wrong?” Sam asked.

“I totally forgot I had cheerleading practice today,” Brooke replied. “Nicole’s on her way here.”

“Awww, you can’t leave in the middle of our make out session,” Sam complained.

“Sorry babe,” Brooke gave Sam a quick kiss and got up. “I’ll make it up to you.”

Brooke heard Nicole honk her car horn several times. “Bye.” Brooke said as she ran out of the room.

Sam decided this would be a good time to finish the article she was working on and went to her room.


“We need to get you and Josh back together,” Nicole said as she stayed in step with Brooke, Mary Cherry, and Popita.

“If you ask him out I’m sure he’ll want to hook up with you again,” Popita added.

“I don’t want to get back together with Josh,” Brooke stated.

“But y’all were the best couple in Kennedy High,” Mary Cherry said.

“If you’re not going to date Josh at least start dating someone,” Nicole said.

“I want to enjoy being single for awhile,” Brooke lied. “I don’t like anyone at the moment either. Besides, we‘re seniors now. We need to concentrate on school.”

“Or not,” Nicole said. “I’d rather concentrate on other things.”

“I have a cousin you might like,” Mary Cherry said to Brooke.

“No one wants to date anyone related to you Mary Cherry,” Popita commented.

“Brookie, since your dad and Spam’s mom are out of town this week I’m thinking of throwin’ a party,” Nicole said.

“No, no, no,” Brooke stopped doing the cheerleading routine and turned to face Nic. “I got grounded for weeks after you threw that last party at my house.”

“Fine,” Nicole rolled her eyes. “There will be no party. But what are we going to do on the weekend?”

“Nothing, I have plans,” Brooke said.

“Doing what?” Popita asked.

I can‘t tell them I have a date with Sam. Brooke thought. “My dad and Jane are actually coming back early and they want us to go out to a restaurant as a family,” Brooke replied. At least that’s not a total lie. I am going to a restaurant with Sam.

“Parents are such a drag,” Popita said.

“Ew, dinner with Spam? Do you want me to try to bail you out?” Nicole asked.

“No,” Brooke rejected the offer. “I’ll go through with it.”

“Okay, if you say so,” Nicole said.


Sam was writing her article about animal abuse for Lily when she heard the doorbell ring. She went downstairs and opened the door. Lily, Carmen, and Harrison were standing there.

“Hey guys,” Sam smiled.

“Sorry to just drop by like this,” Lily said. “But we figured you were probably going insane from having to be alone here with Brooke so we came to save you.”

“That’s sweet of you,” Sam said. “Brooke’s not here though. She had cheerleading practice.”

“Cheerleading practice. That’s something I would love to watch,” Harrison said. “Brooke’s got some good moves.”

She sure does. Sam thought. Very good moves. Sam shook her head and spoke, “Um, do you guys want to come in?”

“No, we’re going to take you out,” Carmen smiled.

“To where?” Sam asked.

“The movies,” Carmen answered.

“It’ll help you escape reality for a bit,” Harrison said. “You can pretend you don’t know who Brooke McQueen is for at least two hours.”

“What movie are we seeing?” Sam asked.

“The New Guy,” Carmen replied.

There’s a cheerleader in that movie. How is that suppose to help me forget about Brooke? Not that I want to forget about my very hot girlfriend. Sam thought. “Um, let me get my jacket and I’ll be right down,” Sam said.


Brooke had gotten home around four and noticed Sam wasn’t home. She took a quick shower and decided to take a nap. Several minutes later Brooke felt someone get into her bed and put an arm around her waist.

“Hmm, where were you?” Brooke asked.

“My friends wanted to save me from staying here alone with you,” Sam said.

“Nice friends,” Brooke commented. “What’d you do?”

“Saw The New Guy,” Sam replied.

“Was it good?” Brooke asked.

“It was alright,” Sam said. “I’ll see it again if you want to see it.”

“Okay,” Brooke said.

“And I believe you owe me something,” Sam said moving so she was on top of Brooke.

Brooke smiled and brought her lips up to connect with Sam’s. “Give me ten minutes. I’m tired.”

Sam rolled off of Brooke and onto her back. “We haven’t even done anything yet.”

“Get your mind out of the gutter, McPherson. Cheerleading practice wore me out,” Brooke said.

“You didn’t need to go to practice. I could’ve worn you out myself,” Sam pointed out.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Brooke threw her arm over Sam’s stomach and closed her eyes.

Sam kissed Brooke on the forehead and closed her eyes too.

Chapter Two

Sam and Brooke had slept for about two hours and when they woke up Brooke satisfied Sam’s needs. Brooke was now in the kitchen fixing a sandwhich for herself and Sam while singing a song she heard on the radio in her car on the way home from practice.

“She was the one to hold me the night the sky went down. And what was I thinking when the world didn’t end? Why didn’t I know what I know now?” Brooke sang and danced.

Sam was watching Brooke from the entrance of the kitchen with a smile on her face. She decided she’d join in. “Right now. Face to Face. All my fears pushed aside. And right now I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Brooke turned around and saw Sam standing a couple of inches behind her. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Not long,” Sam replied. “Love that song by the way. When we weren‘t together I would listen to it and think of you.”

Brooke smiled and gave Sam a soft kiss. “Who’s it by?”

“Evan and Jaron,” Sam replied as she picked up her sandwich. “What do you want to do for the rest of the night?”

“I don’t know,” Brooke sighed. “There’s nothing to do. Actually, there‘s something we need to talk about.”

“What’s that?” Sam asked.

“Us,” Brooke said.

Sam suddenly got nervous. Is she breaking up with me? Sam asked herself. “Um, okay, we’ll talk after we’re done with our sandwiches.” Sam said as she went to the living room.

Brooke nodded and followed Sam.

A few minutes later the two girls were sitting on the couch in silence.

“Are you ready to talk?” Brooke asked.

“You know what, I’m really tired,” Sam said getting up.

Brooke grabbed Sam by the arm and pulled her back down. “Why don’t you want to talk?”

“Okay talk,” Sam sighed. “Make it quick.”

“Do you want to tell our parents and friends about us?” Brooke asked.

Sam relaxed and ran her hand through her hair. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“What?” Brooke asked confused.

“I thought you wanted to break up with me,” Sam said.

“I would never do that,” Brooke kissed Sam.

Sam tensed up again. “You want to tell people about us?”

“Only if you want to,” Brooke reassured the brunette. “I’m just tired of lying to everyone.”

“Me too,” Sam said. “But I would rather tell them after we graduate. If that‘s alright with you.”

“That‘s fine with me,” Brooke said. “I’m so bored. What do you want to do?”

Sam grinned and pulled Brooke off the couch. “Let’s go to my room.”

Brooke rolled her eyes. “You’re insatiable.”


Kennedy High…

“This is your last chance to accept my offer to bail you out of that horrific family dinner you’re going to have,” Nicole said as she took the books she needed out of her locker.

“It’s not going to be that bad,” Brooke said.

“If Spam is there it’s definitely going to be that bad,” Nicole said. “Speak of the devil.” Nicole spotted Sam headed their way.

“Fashion disaster,” Nicole said to Sam as she was walking by. Sam turned around to look at Nicole. “Nicole, have you not noticed your constant taunting does nothing to faze me? Do us all a favor and stop making your comments before someone finally shuts you up.”

“Those sound like fighting words Spam. Is that a threat?” Nicole asked stepping closer, invading Sam’s personal space.

“Just some advice,” Sam said.

Brooke pulled Nicole back away from Sam. “Don’t waste your time on her Nicole. Don‘t you have somewhere to be McPherson?”

Carmen walked up to Sam when she saw her arguing with Nicole. “Sam, let’s go.”

“Hey Carm, you look nice. Have you lost weight?” Nicole wisecracked.

Carmen glared at Nicole and walked away with Sam.

“How can one person be so damn mean?” Carmen asked.

“Must run in the family,” Sam muttered as she stopped at Carmen’s locker.

Carmen opened her locker, pulled out a little box, and handed it to Sam.

“What’s this?” Sam asked.

“Well, me, Lily, and Harrison know that tomorrow’s going to be five years since your dad passed away and we wanted to get you something,” Carmen said.

“You wanted to get me something because my dad died?” Sam asked confused.

“Well… yeah. Is that wrong? We’re not celebrating his death or anything. You don’t think that do you? Please don’t think that. It was just a ‘we love you’ gift and we hope you can get through tomorrow okay, you know? It’s just-” Carmen was cut off by Sam.

“I got it,” Sam smiled softly. “Thanks. That was nice of you guys.” Sam opened the box and saw two tickets.

“They’re two tickets to your dad’s favorite play. Maybe you and your mom can go or whoever you want to bring,” Carmen said.

Sam gave Carmen a big hug. “Thank you so much.”

“I was kind of suppose to wait until lunch to give them to you but I couldn’t wait,” Carmen said.

Sam put the tickets in her pocket and the five minute bell rang. “Let’s get to Physics.”

“I hate that class,” Carmen whined. “And we have the same teacher we had for biology and chemistry. Ms.Glass always teaches anything that has to do with science. We need more teachers. We‘re suppose to change teachers when we move up a grade.”

Sam put her arm around Carmen’s arm and began to walk to class. “They know Ms. Glass can break us so they let her teach everything.”


Bio Glass was writing on the board and talking so Sam took this opportunity to ask Brooke to go with her to the play on Saturday. It’ll give them more to do on their date.

“Do you want to go to a play with me?” Sam whispered quietly to Brooke.

“Sure,” Brooke whispered back. “When is it?”

“Saturday,” Sam replied. “It’s at seven and ends at eight thirty. Then we can go to dinner.”

“Sounds lovely,” Brooke smiled.

“Great,” Sam smiled back at the blonde.

Chapter Three

Sam was in the Novak with Brooke. The door was locked and Sam was sitting on the sink counter talking to Brooke.

“About this morning, when I was mean to you. You know I didn’t mean it right? Brooke was leaning against the wall across from Sam.

“I know you didn’t mean it,” Sam said. “You don’t have to apologize every time you say something mean to me in front of your friends. We have to do it to keep up appearance.”

Brooke went over to Sam and gave her a quick kiss. “I’m sorry anyway.”

Sam gave Brooke a long soft kiss and pulled away. “Let’s head to lunch.”

“Meet me back here near the end of lunch,” Brooke said.

“Sure thing,” Sam said.


“Sam, how are ya?” Harrison asked pulling out the chair next to him so she could sit down.

“I’m good. Thanks for the tickets,” Sam said to Lily and Harrison.

Lily and Harrison turned to Carmen simultaneously.

“Sorry, I just had to give it to her. It was sitting right there in my locker and… yeah,” Carmen said.

“Leave Carmen alone,” Sam said. “You guys are awesome. Thanks again.”

“No problem,” Lily beamed. “I hope you enjoy the play. “Who are you bringing with you?”

“I don’t know yet,” Sam lied.

“Oh Sam, I have a question for ya,” Harrison said. “Do you think you could put in a good word with me to Brooke?”

“Brooke?” Sam asked. “As in McQueen?”

“The one and only,” Harrison said. “I’m thinking about asking her out. I may have a chance now that she’s single.”

“Um,” Sam wasn’t sure what to say. “I’ll see what I can do.”


“Look at Joe over there starin’ at you,” Mary Cherry said to Brooke.

“Harrison is such a loser,” Nicole stated. “Brookie, I hope you never get desperate enough to date someone as low as him.”

“Nicole, Harrison is a nice guy,” Brooke said.

“Does Brookie have a lil’ crush on Joe?” Mary Cherry asked.

“No,” Brooke said.

“Brooke you need to start dating someone,” Nicole said. “There are a lot of guys at this school who want you.”

“But I don’t want them,” Brooke pointed out.

“Hey Brooke,” Josh said as he set his lunch tray down on the table.

“Hey Josh,” Brooke said.

“How are things going?” Josh asked.

“Good,” Brooke answered.

“We’re just talkin’ ‘bout Brooke’s love life,” Mary Cherry said.

“You’re dating someone?” Josh sounded a little hurt.

“No,” Brooke shook her head. “I’m enjoying the single life.”

“Anyway, what is Spam writing for her new article?” Nicole asked. “That last one about me made me want to snap her neck. I am a natural blonde and I do not put other people down to make myself feel good. Thank you.”

“Lily asked her to write about animal cruelty,” Brooke answered.

“Lily really needs to accept the fact that people wear fur,” Nicole commented. “Anyway, we don’t have practice today.”

“Nicole, isn’t Brooke the cheerleading captain? Why are you always giving orders?” Popita asked.

“Because Brooke let’s me,” Nicole responded.

“I need to go talk to one of my teachers before lunch is over,” Brooke said getting up.

“Bye hun,” Nicole said.

Sam saw Brooke heading out of the cafeteria and made up an excuse of why she had to leave.

Sam followed Brooke to the Novak and locked the door while Brooke checked the stalls to make sure no one else was inside.

“Harrison might ask you out,” Sam warned. “He thinks you’ll say yes and wants me to put in a good word for him. I feel so bad.”

“Nicole and the others want me to start dating again,” Brooke said.

Sam sat on the sink counter and pulled Brooke to her. She placed a kiss on her neck. “This lying thing is getting harder.”

“Yeah,” Brooke agreed. “By the way, I forgot to tell you that I told my friends that Jane and my dad are coming back tomorrow and they want us to have a family dinner at a restaurant.”

“Okay,” Sam said. “What are you going to do about Harrison?”

“Avoid him,” Brooke answered simply.

“You’ll run into him sooner or later. It’s inevitable,” Sam said.

“I know,” Brooke sighed and she moved a piece of hair out of Sam’s face. “We should get out of here.”

“Okay, but I’m gonna need a kiss to last me the rest of the day,” Sam half-smiled.

Brooke kissed Sam until they both needed oxygen. “I’ll see you when I get home. I don‘t have cheerleading practice so I should be there the same time as you.”

“Alright,” Sam said.


Sam was in the kitchen when she heard the front door open and decided to greet Brooke at the door. Before she could say anything to the blonde, Nicole and Mary Cherry walked in behind her.

“Brooke, why are you tracking dirt into the house?” Sam said referring to Nicole and Mary Cherry.

“Spam, three of us… one of you… no witnesses. Think about that for a second,” Nicole said.

Sam rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I’ll be in my room. Brooke, don’t let your pest break anything.”

Brooke watched Sam go upstairs and sighed. “I’ll be right back.”

“Why are you going after her for?” Nicole asked.

“I’m just gonna make sure she’s not going to go through my room while I’m down here with you guys,” Brooke replied.

“You need to ask your dad for a lock with a key for your door instead of that easy-to-break into lock you have,” Nicole commented.

“You two can wait in the living room,” Brooke said. “I won’t be long.”

Brooke went upstairs and entered Sam’s room. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Sam said.

“I know it was just supposed to be us today but Nicole and Mary Cherry insisted on coming over,” Brooke explained.

“I’m not upset,” Sam assured the blonde. “I just like spending every chance I get with you since we have to sneak around and don’t get to hang out as much.”

Brooke kissed Sam softly. “Tomorrow will be our day.”

Sam brought her lips back to Brooke’s and before things could get out of control Brooke pulled away. “We can’t. I have guest downstairs remember?”

“Make them leave,” Sam begged. “I need you.”

“Sorry,” Brooke said. “I can’t just tell them to leave without an explanation.”

“Okay,” Sam sighed. “I’m gonna take a shower.”

Brooke got a mental image of Sam in the shower. “You said that just to get me all hot and bothered.”

Sam grinned. “You better go back downstairs before they think I’ve killed you or something.”

Brooke gave Sam one last kiss and headed downstairs. Sam groaned and fell back onto her bed.

Chapter Four

Saturday Night…

“Brooke we’re going to be late!” Sam yelled from downstairs.

“I’m almost ready!” Brooke yelled back.

“I’m gonna leave you!” Sam shouted.

Brooke exited her room quickly and stopped at the stairs. “What do you think?” Brooke spun around and continued to descend the stairs. She had on a topless black dress that reached her calves.

“Wow!” Sam said in awe. “You didn’t have to get all dressed up.”

“I wanted to look good for you,” Brooke smiled. “You look amazing yourself.”

Sam had on a denim skirt that reached her knees and a white sleeveless top. “I do not.”

“You’re just being modest,” Brooke placed a kiss on Sam’s nose.

“Are you ready now?” Sam asked.

“Let’s jet,” Brooke replied.



Brooke and Sam were sitting near the window of the restaurant, closest to the entrance. It was the only table left. They had already ordered their food and were now waiting for it to arrive.

“That was a beautiful play,” Brooke said.

“Yeah, it was,” Sam agreed.

“Sam, I know today marks the fifth year of your father’s death and I want you to know I’d love to hear about him some more whenever you feel like talking about him,” Brooke said.

“Thanks Brooke, that means a lot to me,” Sam’s smile was faint.

It was silent for about two minutes and then Brooke began to speak. “Do you ever think about what’s going to happen when people find out about us and where we‘re going to be in the future?” Brooke asked.

“Not really,” Sam answered honestly. “I just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. As long as we’re together nothing else really matters.”

“What about college?” Brooke asked. “Are we going to the same place?”

“I don’t know, Brooke,” Sam sighed. “All I know is that I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Brooke smiled at the brunette. “You’re just saying that so I’ll shut up. We’re talking about this later.”

“I meant what I said,” Sam said. “I want to be with you until I die.”

The waiter came by and put two plates down on the table. “Enjoy ladies. If you need anything I’ll be around.”

Lily was walking pass the restaurant when she spotted Brooke and Sam inside. She had just finished working and was headed to her car. She went into the restaurant and Brooke saw her right away.

“Lily!” Sam exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” Sam asked when Lily walked the short distance to their table.

“I was just walking by and I saw you,” Lily replied. “What are you two doing here… together?”

“Dinner with the rents,” Brooke answered casually.

“Where are they?” Lily asked.

“They’re in the bathroom,” Sam replied.

“Well, I better get home before my mom freaks out,” Lily said.

“Bye Lily,” Sam said. “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye,” lily said. “Tell your mom I said hi.”

Sam nodded and watched Lily leave. “That was close.”

“Too close,” Brooke agreed. “Maybe we shouldn’t have sat here.”

“It was the only table left remember?” Sam asked. “Let’s just hurry up and eat before someone else we know walks by.”

“No one else is going to walk by. I hate this,” Brooke sighed. “I want to be able to have dinner with my girlfriend without having to worry about who‘s going to see us.”

“I would like that too,” Sam said. “But we agreed to wait until we graduate before we tell anyone about us. It‘ll be better that way.”

“I know,” Brooke said. “And we’re going to need to start being more careful about where we go on our dates. I‘d rather tell our friends and parents about us than have them find out themselves.”

Sam nodded in agreement. Both girls ate their dinner in silence for the rest of their date.


Sam was in her room waiting for Brooke to get out of the shower. They hadn’t really said anything to each other after Lily had seen them in the restaurant. She knew the blonde wasn’t angry with her. She wasn’t ashamed of being with Brooke and she knew Brooke wasn’t ashamed of being with her. Things were just confusing right now. But Sam was sure everything would work out for the best. While Sam was thinking she didn’t notice Brooke standing at the doorway of the bathroom watching her. Brooke loved watching Sam. She found the brunette very interesting. She could stare at her for hours and not grow tired of it. She went over to Sam and stood in front of her. “Can I sleep in here tonight?”

“Of course you can,” Sam said.

Brooke got into the bed and began to speak. “I had a good time tonight… even though it kinda went down hill after Lily spotted us.”

“I had a good time too,” Sam said.

“When are our parents coming home tomorrow?” Brooke asked.

“Sometime in the early morning… like five,” Sam replied turning off the lamp. “That means you’ll have to leave my room early.”

“We should take advantage of this alone time while we still can,” Brooke said.

“Then you won’t wake up in time to leave my room,” Sam joked. “You’ll be too worn out.”

“I’ll set the alarm clock,” Brooke moved Sam’s shirt up a bit and began to place light kisses on her stomach.

Sam played with Brooke’s hair while the blonde kissed her stomach. “I love you.”

Brooke stopped her actions and looked up at Sam. “I love you too. No matter what.”

Sam pulled Brooke up towards her for a kiss. “If our parents walk in and see us tomorrow morning it’ll be all your fault.”

Brooke grinned. “I’ll take full responsibility. Now less talking and more doing.”

Chapter Five

Jane and Mike had come home around five in the morning. Brooke was still in Sam’s room by then but they were lucky their parents were too tired to check in on them. It was now twelve in the afternoon and Jane, Sam, and Brooke were in the kitchen having lunch.

“I hope you girls didn’t fight too much while Mike and I were gone,” Jane said.

“We stayed out of each other’s way,” Brooke said. “No fights were had.”

The phone ran and Sam answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey Sam.”

“Hi Harrison,” Sam said. “What’s up?”

“I actually wanted to talk to Brooke,” Harrison said.

“Oh, okay. Hold on,” Sam held the phone out to Brooke. “It’s Harrison.”

Brooke got up from around the kitchen table and took the phone from Sam. She walked into the living room so she could have some privacy.

“Hello,” Brooke said into the phone.

“Hey, how are you?” Harrison asked cheerfully.

“I’m okay,” Brooke answered.

“That’s good,” Harrison said.

“So, what’s up?” Brooke asked hoping Harrison wouldn’t ask her out now.

“Nothing much. I was just wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime,” Harrison said.

“Okay, I’ll ask Sam if-” Brooke began before Harrison cut her off.

“No, just us,” Harrison said. “A date.”

“…I’m sorry. I’m just not ready to be in a relationship right now,” Brooke said. “It’s nothing personal.”

“Right,” Harrison sighed. “Bye.”

Brooke turned off the phone and went back to the kitchen to hang it up.

“Why’d Harrison want to talk to you, Brooke? I didn’t know you guys were friends,” Jane said.

“He asked me out,” Brooke replied. “I turned him down.”

“You and Harrison would make a nice couple,” Jane commented. “Don’t you agree, Sam?”

“Yeah, sure,” Sam answered.

“You should think about dating him,” Jane said. “Harrison’s a nice young man.” Jane went upstairs leaving Brooke and Sam alone.

“Was he heartbroken?” Sam asked.

“Well, he wasn’t happy about it,” Brooke replied.

“I’m such a bad friend,” Sam scowled herself. “Harrison has liked you since first grade and here I am dating you. He’s gonna hate me when he finds out.”

“I asked you out so maybe he won’t hate you as much as he would’ve if you were the one to ask me out,” Brooke was trying to make Sam feel better.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” Sam asked.

“Yeah,” Brooke said.

“Well it’s not,” Sam sighed. “He can get mad at me for being the one you want. Why do I have to be the one you want?”

“You would prefer me to lust over Harrison?” Brooke asked.

“Of course not,” Sam said. “It would just make things easier. Let’s do our physics homework. It’ll give us something else to think about.”

Brooke followed Sam out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Harrison had called Brooke from Carmen’s house so that’s where he was now. Lily was also there listening to Harrison complain about Brooke turning him down.

“Maybe you should give her some time and then ask again,” Lily suggested.

“What exactly did she say?” Carmen asked.

“She said she wasn’t ready to date and that it wasn’t anything personal,” Harrison replied. “I need Sam‘s help.”

“Why?” Carmen asked.

“She lives with Brooke,” Harrison said. “She knows things. She can help me win Brooke’s heart.”

“You’re going over to Sam’s now?” Lily asked.

“Yeah,” Harrison nodded. “I’ll talk to you guys later.”

“Tell Sam we’re going to need to copy her physics homework ‘cause this shit is hard,” Carmen said to Harrison.

“Okay,” Harrison said and then left.


Sam and Brooke were in Sam’s room doing their homework; well Sam was trying to concentrate on her homework while Brooke was busy nibbling on her ear.

“You’re supposed to be doing your homework,” Sam said.

“How ‘bout you do it and I’ll just copy yours?” Brooke stuck her tongue into Sam’s ear and felt her shiver. “I’ve found something better to do.”

“The door-” Sam began.

“I locked it,” Brooke said.


Several minutes later…

Harrison rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer.

Mike opened the door and saw Harrison. “Hi, Harrison.”

“Hi, Mr.McQueen,” Harrison greeted.

“Sam’s in her room,” Mike said stepping aside so Harrison could walk inside.

Harrison nodded and went upstairs. When he reached the door he opened it and saw Brooke and Sam doing things that weren’t too sisterly. Sam jumped off the bed and Brooke opened and closed her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

“You said the door was locked,” Sam said to Brooke.

“I thought it was,” Brooke said.

“Well you thought wrong,” Sam said.

“Why the hell were you two kissing?” Harrison asked.

“Uh… we’re um, together,” Brooke answered.

“What!” Harrison yelled. “For how long?”

“Almost a month,” Sam replied.

“You’re telling me you’ve been together for awhile now and never told me?” Harrison asked with a cold voice.

“No one knows,” Brooke said. “You’re not the only one we kept this from.”

“Sam, you knew I loved Brooke,” Harrison said. “You’re supposed to be my friend. How could you?”

“It just happened,” Sam said.

“This can’t just happen. Did you two have fun making fun of me? Oh, poor Harrison he actually thinks I want him,” Harrison was fuming now.

“Harrison-” Brooke began.

“No… don’t. Say. Anything,” Harrison said angrily. “I’ve loved you both for so long and you go and do this. And Sam, you know about my mom. You knew how this would affect me.”

“I didn’t do this to hurt you,” Sam said. “Everything’s not about you.”

“When were you planning on telling everyone about you?” Harrison asked.

“After graduation,” Brooke replied.

Jane and Mike walked into Sam’s room.

“What’s with all the yelling?” Jane asked.

Sam looked at Harrison, silently pleading him not to say anything. Harrison thought for a second and decided he didn’t owe anything to Sam or Brooke. “I just found out that Brooke and Sam have been dating for a month now.”

“What?” Jane looked at the two girls. “Is this true?”

“No,” Sam said. “We’ve been dating for almost a month.”

“Harrison, I think it’s time for you to go,” Mike said.

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