Title: Never Too Late

Author: Love

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Couple: Sam/Brooke, eventualy (DEFINATLY)

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Part Sixteen

Brooke stood in the doorway continuing to stare at the beauty sleeping a few feet away. She couldn't take it any longer, she needed to touch her, feel her warm skin, to know Sam's touch, even if it was only for one night. She couldn't resist the craving she felt every time she looked at Sam, and she didn't want to anymore either. She moved into the room and closed the door, softly shutting out the hall light. Turning around she brought her hands up to start undoing the top buttons that held her night shirt closed, never taking her eyes from the sleeping form of the girl who had possessed her every thought for so long.

Walking slowly and trying not to loose her nerve, she came right up to the foot of the bed that Sam was laying on. She took in the way the way Sam's dark hair was spread out across the pillow and the way the pale moon light illuminated her fair face making her look almost ethereal.

"God, you are so beautiful," she breathed out softly. Undoing the last button of her top, she slid the shirt down her overheated skin letting it glide lithely to the floor. She put her right knee on the bed beside Sam's left foot and brought herself up to straddle Sam's lower legs. Barley touching Sam she crawled up the sexy, robe covered form. Sam's eyes fluttered open in time to see the most sexiest sight of Brooke slowly crawling up her body with slightly hooded eyes. The need she saw there made her body come alive, the muscles in her core pulsed and her warm essence immediately followed.

"Brooke?" barely whispered, was all she could get out before Brooke was hovering above her. She could feel the heat radiating from the blonde above her. Brooke placed her finger to Sam's lips halting any further words. She leaned in and lightly kissed Sam. Over and over again their lips touched so softly. Brooke pulled back until their lips were only a breath apart.

"Please, Sam, touch me," she whimpered before she completely covered Sam's lips again. Sam moaned into the kiss and Brooke took that opportunity to deepen the kiss, sliding her tongue past Sam's perfect lips to intertwine with Sam's soft, velvety one. Sam brought her hands up to the blondes hips and let out a loud whimper into Brooke's mouth at the feel of the warm skin. The need to touch Sam's naked flesh was becoming too much for the blonde to take. She slid her right hand between them and pulled at the tie that held the robe closed. She slid her hand inside one of the folds and pushed it open.

Breaking away, both were breathless and too caught up in the moment and their mutual hunger to even feel nervous about the fact that neither of them had ever done this before. They were both going on instincts and right now Brooke wanted, no needed to see Sam's whole body. She needed to feel her skin against her own. She slid the robe completely open and gasped at the beauty that was Sam McPherson.

"You are perfect," she whispered in awe, running her eyes all over the body that was now exposed to her hungry gaze. Sam was so sensitized that she could feel the other girl's excitement. The body straddling hers was thrumming with pent up desire. She waited until Brooke's beautiful glazed eyes were done with their exploration of her now shaking body and met her gaze with her own.

She gave Brooke that beautiful Sam smile, licked her kiss bruised lips and pulled down on Brooke's hips bringing Brooke's warm wet apex in contact with her own. Both moaned at the feel of the others warm essence as they combined. Brooke had never felt anything so intense. Her eyes fluttered shut and her head fell back as she felt little tiny electrical surges rush through her entire body, leaving tiny tingles and chills in their wake. Her body slowly started rocking against Sam's and Sam used her hands to guide the blondes' body into her own. Her own eyes fluttered but she fought to keep them open, to watch the erotic vision above her.

"OOOOH, GOD, SSSSAAAM, yesssss" Brooke barely got the words out as she panted. She brought her head up and looked into Sam's eyes she started to grind a little faster and a little harder. Sam let one hand glide up Brooke's firm body until it reached her firm breast and cupped it gently, feeling the hard nipple pushing against her palm. Slowly she started playing with the excited tip and pinching it lightly.

"Mmmmmmmm, YESSS, touch me Sam. Pleeassssse don't stop. Don't ever stop," Brooke whimpered as Sam continued to make her feel more than she ever had. She thought she had felt passion and need before, but it was never anything close to this. This was almost frightening in its intensity.

"MMMMMM, Brooke, I wont stop. I want to keep touching you like this forever," Sam replied breathlessly. Sam needed to hear Brooke more, her sweet sounds causing her own arousal to intensify. Sam's own hips were straining for more contact, she wanted them closer.

"Oooooh yes baby!" she moaned out as Brooke rotated her hips a few times bringing forth new sensations. Sam could feel Brooke's copious wet bundle of nerves throbbing against her own. She could feel her wetness increase with each thrust against her, the trickle of warmth sliding between them to mingle together. "You're so wet, mmmm God, Broooooke" she purred.

Brooke's breathing was short pants and her soft noises were becoming more insistent. She was getting close. She could feel the incredible tingling sensations starting to pool in her belly. She ground her hips faster, staring into Sam's equally passionate gaze knowing Sam was just as close. The feel of Sam's hands were maddening.

Sam slid her hand that was just working on the other breast back down to the blonde's hips. She loved the feel of Brooke thrusting against her, her own hips coming off the bed to meet the wild, almost violent grinding. Then she felt it, the swirl in her orgasm approaching.

"OOOOH MY GOD BROOOOKE, YEEESS, I can't hold back any longer," she almost screamed with the intensity as the first of her contractions started. "Please, baby, mmmmmm, please cum with me!" She let out a low growl and she saw Brooke's eyes flutter and than she felt her body jerk against her. That's all she saw before her eyes fluttered shut when she felt the blonde's contractions along with her own.

As Sam begged Brooke to slide over the peak with her, Brooke's body let go. She had the most amazing orgasm of her life. It started slow and went on for what seemed like forever, yet not long enough.

"Ooooooh, mmmmmmmm SAAAAAM!!!" When both their orgasms faded away, Brooke fell forward against Sam's warm body, both their hearts racing and breathing heavy. Neither could believe what just transpired and both couldn't put into words what happiness they felt if they had too, but they were perfectly content to come down from their dizzying height in each other's arms. When Brooke's breathing slowed slightly she turned her face into Sam's neck and took in her scent, smiling as tears of joy slowly made their way down her flush cheeks.

When both of the girls came back to themselves, they felt better than they ever had in their lives. They felt complete, like suddenly the last piece to a very complex puzzle was snapped into place. Sam felt an almost overwhelming need to laugh, maybe even dance. She never felt anything as incredible as the after glow that came after finally having the one thing she thought she could never have. The one thing that she needed, and wanted more than anything, or anyone in her life. She felt the smile spread across her face and slid her arms tightly around the warm beauty that lay atop of her. She purred with complete and utter joy. When she felt Brooke start to shake with small tremors and the wetness on her shoulder, she started to panic fearing that the other girl regretted what had just happened. She took a deep breath and steeled herself for what she thought Brooke might say.

She nudged the blonde slightly so that Brooke would look at her.

"Hey? What's wrong, Brooke? Come on Hun talk to me. Are you OK? Come on, don't leave me hanging," she whispered into Brooke's ear as she felt herself start to panic. Brooke shook her head. She felt stupid for crying after the most incredible, happiest experience in her life but she couldn't control it and she didn't want Sam to see the tears in her eyes yet again.

"Hey, beautiful, come on look at me. Please, talk to me. Are you, I mean do you regret what happened between us?" She almost couldn't get all that out around the lump of emotions caught in her throat. Brooke pulled her head up quick so that she could look into the tear filled eyes.

"NO!!! No, Sam don't think that," she smiled and stared down through her own watery eyes. "That was the most beautiful experience of my life."

Sam looked into her eyes and saw all she was saying was the truth. She brought her right hand up to the side of Brooke's face using her thumb to lightly wipe away the tears she found there. Brooke leaned into the caress as her eyes slid shut.

"Then why the tears, beautiful?" she whispered softly. At those words Brooke opened her eyes and stared into Sam's love filled ones and leaned in to kiss her softly.

"I'm just very happy," and than she deepened the kiss and their passions started to build all over again.

Part Seventeen

Sam moaned into the kiss and all those familiar stirrings came rushing back. She needed Brooke again but she wanted to take her time, to touch and kiss her everywhere. She slid her roving hands up Brooke's back and braced her as she slowly rolled them over without breaking the passionate contact with their lips. As soon as she was settled on top, she let her hands glide all over the smooth silky skin that she could reach. They both broke off the kiss panting to stare into the others passion filled eyes. Sam was the first to speak in a shaky, out of breath voice.

"Brooke, I want to make love to you, taste all of you." Brooke just stared up and shook her head yes. She brought her right hand up around Sam's neck pulling her down and just before their lips met again she whispered to her.

"Yes! Oh God yesss!" and they both got lost in the sensations swirling between them. Sam's wandering right hand came up and started a light caress over Brooke's breasts, feeling the blonde arch into her touch. She needed to kiss them. She pulled back and started placing feather light kisses over Brooke's chin, down her elegant long neck, sliding her tongue out to taste the collarbone that came next. She worked her way down until she was hovering over the already taut nipples. She ran her tongue all around the hard peaks not yet touching the part begging for the contact.

Brooke was writhing under Sam, her hands on her shoulders, needing to touch the other girl in some way. Brooke kept lifting her upper body imploring Sam to take her excited flesh into her mouth. Her body broke out in chills when she felt Sam's warm breath rushing over her nipples. Whimpering, "Please!" was all she got out before Sam finally gave in and closed her soft full lips around first the right than the left nipple. She let out a grateful groan as the feelings intensified and Sam nibbled slightly. Her hands flew to the flowing silky brown hair that was swaying across her body in the most maddening way.

"Oooooh, Sam, yes!"

Sam was loving the way Brooke was responding and when she called out her name her muscles clenched in sympathy. She was throbbing and soaked and she could feel against her belly that Brooke was in the same state. She continued with her slow exploration for a little while longer until the scent of Brooke's arousal reached her and she couldn't help moving on. It was like the body beneath her was calling to her. She needed to taste her, she craved it. It was the most scary and exciting feeling. She was about to please Brooke in the most intimate way and the closer she got the stronger the need to make Brooke cum was.

She ran her tongue all around the tight abs beneath her and continued her downward trek until she reached the light golden curly mound. It was trimmed perfectly like her own and it was glistening with the proof of the blonde's excitement. She dipped her tongue in to taste and groaned at the flavor that was Brooke. She didn't know she would enjoy the taste this much.

Brooke knew where Sam was heading and she was surprised that the closer Sam got to her core the wetter she got. Her body had never reacted like this. She was a bit worried (Would Sam be turned off?) She had only had a few sexual encounters before Sam and was always left dissatisfied and needy. None of the guys had ever taken the time to please her this way, so she was little nervous. All her fears were quickly gone as she heard the groan Sam let out at her taste. She looked into Sam's eyes and almost came at the site of her hovering over her apex with an almost feral look. She dropped her head back down to the pillow and whimpered loud as Sam ran her tongue across her pulsing need.

Sam loved the taste of Brooke and she let the blonde know by moaning against the hot excited flesh. She couldn't help it. She was beyond excited. She never knew someone else's pleasure would feel this good. She closed her eyes and hummed into the blonde's core as her tongue and lips found the little bundle of nerves and she began to gently suck and lick in a circular motion. Brooke's hips surged off the bed and started to rock against Sam. Sam was so excited that she too was teetering over the edge of complete rapture. Brooke's body was moving so fast that Sam had to grab onto the blondes hips and still them as she picked up her pace. Brooke's body was almost there and as she lifted her head and her hooded eyes made contact with Sam's, she lost it. Her body convulsed into indescribable pleasure. Her muscles contracted repeatedly as wave after wave of pure ecstasy washed over her. Sam never let up until Brooke's body went limp and for a second she thought the blonde had passed out. Brooke lay there making little mewling sounds as little tiny shockwaves still shot through her core.

Sam smiled and made her way up Brooke's spent body feeling her need still swirling in her belly. But she tried to ignore it so that she could hold Brooke while she came back to herself. Sam was on such a natural high, that she could bring such pleasure to the blonde in her arms. It was amazing how she felt right now. She could probably run laps around the Olympic track runners. As Brooke opened her eyes she looked into Sam's in almost a state of awe.

"WOW, you are incredible." She could see the happiness in Sam's face but she could also tell that Sam was in need. She looked almost uncomfortable. She grabbed Sam's head and brought their lips together hard and pushed Sam back onto her back. She got an almost predatory look on her face and brought her hand right to Sam's need. Running her finger over the swollen, copiously wet lips she searched out that spot she knew would bring the most pleasure. When her finger brushed the protruding nub, Sam's body jerked, her eyes closed and she let out a long low moan. Her hips settled into a steady rhythm with Brooke's fingers.

"Oh … yes … Brooke...please.." That's all shegot out as her words turned into incoherent whimpers. Brooke stared down at the sexy site of Sam with a fine sheen of sweat covering her thrusting body. Her head was tilted back, her eyes were tightly shut, and lips slightly parted with whimpers escaping them. Brooke leaned in and started kissing Sam's neck close to her ear.

"Ooooh, Sam, you look so incredible…. Come on Baby." Andthen she whispered, "I Love you! Please cum for me baby." And that was it. Sam's body went completely still and she stopped breathing for a few seconds as the orgasm ripped through her entire body. Her eyes fluttered behind closed lids and her muscles contracted against Brooke's fingers and Brooke had another orgasm as Sam did. Both lay moaning as their bodies tried to recover. Sam lay there, heart racing and breathing erratic, and all she could think about was that Brooke had just told her that she loved her.

Brooke continued to stare at the beautiful form panting next to her and she couldn't believe how happy she was. She wanted to be with Sam forever, she just hoped Sam felt the same way. When Sam's body was completely relaxed, she kept her eyes closed a little longer soaking up the after glow. A huge smile broke out onto her face as she cracked open one eye to look at the blonde.

"What are you smiling about?" Brooke asked as she leaned in and placed a quick kiss on Sam's lips.

"Ohhhh, nothing. Just extremely happy I guess." And then she winked at the blonde.

"Ummm, Brooke? Could you do me a favor?" The blonde tilted her head at the question wondering where this was going and she replied.

"Anything." Sam smile widened.

"Good. Would you please repeat the last statement you made while we were, umm, well you know when I am talking about?" with that she blushed. Brooke thought that it was adorable how Sam just got embarrassed and smiled but without hesitation Brooke looked into Sam's eyes and spoke.

"I Love you Sam!"

Sam let out the breath she didn't even realize she had been holding and closed her eyes with a contented smile. Then opening them again and looking back into the Brooke's beautiful eyes and replied.

"I," she kissed her lightly, "love," and again a kiss, "you," another kiss, "too," and with that she kissed her with all the passion and love she had to prove the words she just spoke. When they broke apart, both were smiling and stared into each others eyes. Then Sam slipped out of bed and said 'wait here' while she slipped back into her robe and headed for the door. She looked back one more time and smiled.

"I love you, I'll be right back," and she winked as she walked out the door.

Brooke watched Sam walk out and she smiled at the rush of happiness at her parting words. She couldn't believe it, after all this time Sam loved her too. She lay there staring at the ceiling wondering what was in store for them. But she decided she didn't care as long as they were together. Just as she was beginning to wonder where Sam went and what she was up to, Sam walked in holding out her hand for Brooke. Brooke took it and was helped out of bed.

"What are we doing Sam?" Sam placed a finger over her lips and said.

"Shhh, trust me. I want to do something, OK?" Brooke just nodded, picked up her discarded shirt and put it on holding it closed in the front and followed Sam out. Sam covered her eyes and led her to the bathroom. Once in with the door shut she took her hand away.

The first thing Brooke noticed was the smell of vanilla in the air and when Sam took her hand away she saw all the little candles lined up about the room and the tub filled with warm scented bubbles. She turned with a smile to Sam, wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her softly. Sam returned the embrace and whispered for her to climb in.

"What about you?" Brooke asked sounding almost disappointed.

"I will be in in a minute, I promise," she gave Brooke a reassuring smile and guided her closer to the tub.

Brooke climbed in slowly letting her body adjust to the heat of the water and let out a blissful sigh. Then she watched Sam slip out of the room only to return a few minutes later holding a tray with strawberries, whipped crème and some Wild Vines strawberry wine.

She smiled up at her and Sam placed it on the small folding table she had placed next to the tub. Sliding into the tub facing Brooke she smiled and winked at the blonde.

"Snack time," she said. Brooke just smiled back, leaned toward Sam and kissed her. They both let themselves linger for awhile just reveling in the love they shared.

Part Eighteen

As they broke from the kiss, Sam picked up a big juicy strawberry and dipped it into the creme. She brought it up to Brooke's lips and watched as the blonde's mouth closed around the sweet fruit and her eyes closed with a slight moan as she started chewing slowly. Sam watched the display with complete rapture.

"You are so sexy," she breathed as Brooke's eyes opened and focused on hers again. The blonde gave her a sensual smile and leaned in for another long slow kiss.

Sam was enjoying the taste of the strawberry's sweet juices lingering on Brooke's soft lips. As the kiss continued both girls were amazed at the intense happiness flowing through their bodies. Neither girl had ever dreamed that she could feel this good. Sam pulled back slightly and looked deep into the passion filled hazel eyes of the woman she loved. She smiled at Brooke, still in a state of awe that the blonde loved her too. Then Sam picked up the soap and started soaping up her hands and gliding them down Brooke's sensitized body. Leaning back, the blonde practically purred under the attention she was receiving. They took turns washing and exploring each other's bodies. Although exploring more than washing. When they were done both girls just lay back feeling relaxed and content.

Sam handed Brooke a glass and picked up one herself. Then she poured some of the sweet wine into each glass and raised hers up to her lips and took a sip of the pink liquid. Brooke watched as Sam's tongue came out to swipe her full sexy lips. She couldn't restrain the chill that ran through her body. She drank some of hers then put the glass to the side and slid over and onto Sam's lap, tangling her hands in Sam's damp locks. She leaned in and kissed those sensual beckoning lips again and again. Pulling back breathless, Brooke started placing little kisses down Sam's chin, neck, and around to her ear. Brooke could feel herself craving the other girl all over again. Never had she felt such an all consuming passion for anyone as she did for this perfect beauty before her. Moaning slightly into the ear she was now nibbling on she whispered breathily.

"Saaam, I want to get out of here," she paused to lick the ear and nibble some more. Then her voice got very husky, almost growling as she said, "I need you. Now!"

Sam was laying back with her eyes closed, moaning low in her throat enjoying Brooke's lips grazing all over her neck and ear when Brooke made her demand. Her eyes opened and a jolt of pure excitement shot straight through her body and settled in between her strong thighs. Sam watched as Brooke stood in front of her, letting her eyes follow a few water droplets down the blonde's sexy body. Then she followed the beautiful curves back up until her eyes met Brooke's blazing gaze. Brooke gave a sultry smile at the slightly dazed look and the low whimper that escaped Sam's lips. The blonde was totally enjoying the affect she had on the other girl. Stepping out of the tub, Brooke wrapped a towel around her still dripping form and handed one to Sam. Sam got up and out of the tub as fast as humanly possible, not wanting to waste anymore time. Brooke winked and headed out of the bathroom toward Sam's room across the hall, swaying her hips enticingly.

Sam stood there for a few moments watching the blonde's hips. Then she got a cocky smile and looked up at the ceiling whispering:

"THANK YOU, to anyone who is listening, THANK YOU!" As an after thought, she grabbed the tray with the strawberries and creme and headed toward her room too. When she made it across the hall she walked in and gasped at the sight that awaited her. Brooke was lying naked with her head back, eyes closed and one hand caressing her own breasts while the other was gliding over her hips and thighs. As her right hand got closer to her soft blonde mound she opened her eyes and stared right at Sam with a sweltering look that made her lovers knees weak. Sam walked the remaining distance between them and placed the tray down on the dresser near the bed and sat down beside the writhing beauty.

Sam's eyes showed her intense desire. But when Brooke stopped all movement Sam shook her head and whispered.

"Please, don't stop baby, I want to see… I want to see you touch yourself." Then she placed her hands over Brooke's to move with them. The feel of Sam's hands over hers, guiding her, was incredible. And feeling Sam's eyes devour her was intensely erotic. Sam pulled her hands away after a few minutes and watched Brooke's hands. Both was more aroused than ever. Sam didn't sit passive for long. She leaned over and took a nipple into her warm mouth and started pulling and nipping at the taut flesh. She pulled back and groaned at the sight of Brook's hand sliding through her own wetness.

She reached over, dipped her finger into the bowl of creme and painted a nipple with the sweet treat. Brooke inhaled sharp at the cold desert touching her overheated skin. She watched as Sam bent over and took that same nipple into her warm mouth. The extreme change between warm to cold to warm again sent thrilling chills through her. She moved her hands to the bed, gripping the blanket, tightly beneath her and reveled in the extreme pleasures Sam was causing in her body.

Sam recognized the surrender and climbed up and over the blonde. Whispering to her lover, "I love you," and looking into the blonde's glazed over eyes, she took both of Brooke's hands and gently pulled them over her head to the headboard of her bed.

"Hold on. Don't let go…I'll stop if you do…OK?" All Brooke was capable of was low whimpers and a slight nod. She gripped the bars of the headboard until her knuckles were turning white as Sam started running her hands all over her. Brooke could feel Sam's warm slick essence on her stomach and it made her push her body up trying desperately to make more contact with Sam's heated core.

Sam slid down Brooke's body planting kisses every where. She couldn't get enough of Brooke's toned body. She reached up, dipped into the creme again and smiled as she saw tiny goose bumps rise when she touched first the blonde's right then left nipple. Then she painted a line down Brooke's tummy until she reached the blonde patch. Looking up, she never broke eye contact with Brooke as she licked up all the sweet substance, making the blonde moan and writhe at the carnal look in Sam's eyes. Then she reached up and pulled a big strawberry from the tray, dipped it into the whipped topping and brought it to Brooke's parted lips. When the blonde tried to take a bite, Sam pulled it away and then brought it back, and again pulled back when Brooke tried to take a bite. Sam shook her head and slid her tongue out from between her perfect lips and licked some of the white creme and then brought it back down for Brooke.

Brooke licked at the fruit as it was brought down to her lips again and she moaned as Sam leaned down and kissed her with the strawberry still between their lips. Sam bit slightly into the sweet fruit, just enough to pierce the skin and taste the juice as it dripped and mingled with their tongues and lips. Sam pulled back after a few minutes and brought the strawberry to Brooke's right nipple and circled it with the wet fruit, then made a path with little drips across to the other one and gave it the same treatment. Brooke was going crazy. Sam was doing things to her that were making her feel out of control. Her body was rocking out of her control, she so needed more contact with her lover. As Sam circled the nipple again she brought her head down and wrapped her lips and tongue around the it and licked it clean. Then she licked the drops leading back to the right nipple and lavished it too.

Taking the dripping fruit and guiding it down Brooke's tight abs and following closely with her lips and tongue, she again stopped at the blonde's apex. Brooke needed more, she needed Sam.

"PLEEEAAASE Sam, please baby, don't tease me anymore," she moaned loudly. Her hips continued their steady, slow rocking and she closed her eyes trying to concentrate on getting her body under control but it wasn't working. Sam had complete control over her. Her liquid desire was rushing out of her. She never felt or saw anything so arousing as what Sam was doing to her.

Sam could smell Brooke's passion again. She inhaled deeply and needed to run her tongue through the wetness that she knew she would find there. She held the strawberry over Brooke's core and watched as the juices dripped and mingled with the blonde's natural ones. Brooke felt the cool berry juice touch her swollen flesh. Her hips surged and she let out a long low moan and begged Sam to continue.

"Ohhhhhh, God! Please Sam, please. I am aching for you baby!"

She watched as Sam dipped her head down and tasted the mixed juices and felt Sam moan into her body. Brooke was gripping the headboard tighter with every swipe of Sam's talented tongue. Sam sat up, tossed the berry back into its bowl and leaned in, kissing Brooke. The blonde moaned into the kiss. She could taste the mingled flavors and wanted more but Sam pulled away and slid down her body before she settled between Brooke's parted legs. She placed both of the blonde's legs over her shoulders and placed her hands on her hips holding them in place. Dipping her head in, she slid her lips and tongue between the excited flesh and felt the blonde contract against her. She knew Brooke was close and she didn't want her to have to wait any longer, so she wrapped her lips around the little hard bundle and started to suck gently. Then she started thrusting her tongue quick and nipping lightly. With every lick the blonde's muscles would pulse, releasing more of her sweet wetness. Sam needed Brooke's release almost as much as the blonde did. She couldn't explain it but her own body was craving it.

Only a couple of more licks and all movement and sound from the blonde stopped and she froze as wave after intense wave of orgasmic bliss rushed through her entire being. She felt Sam continuing and then Sam slid her tongue into her. And before Brooke was done with the first orgasm, the second one charged through her. Sam slid her tongue back up to work on the lips and clit again. Finally letting go of the headboard Brooke, started to protest thinking it was too much too soon. Placing her hands on Sam's shoulders she breathlessly spoke.

"Oh Sam I don't think…" As those words left her lips, Sam slid two fingers deep inside of her and curled them up, rubbing the slightly raised skin as she slid in and out of her and Brooke came harder than she ever had. Her body convulsed as her muscles clamped down on the fingers thrusting in and out of her. Sam's eyes rolled back as her own orgasm ripped through her, making her almost scream into the blonde's pulsating flesh. Brooke's body went limp, her eyes closed tightly, and she couldn't form a coherent word. All she could do was lay there and whimper.

Sam stopped finally, slowly slid her fingers out and felt Brooke's body shiver slightly. She climbed up and lay beside the panting blonde.

"Are you OK baby?" she whispered. Brooke just whimpered again, nodded, and rolled over throwing her arm and leg possessively over Sam before burrowing her face into her lovers neck. She sighed in contentment as her heart rate and breathing slowed. Sam could tell Brooke had fallen asleep, so she pulled the covers over them both, kissed the blond head resting on her shoulder and smiled as she too fell asleep quickly and happily.

Part Nineteen

The next morning Sam awoke first to the warmth of Brooke nestled beside her. Taking a deep breath, she rolled over to take in the beauty laying beside her. She couldn't help the grin that spread across her lips so wide it almost hurt.

Her mind went over the night before and she still couldn't believe it was finally happening. Brooke was lying naked next to her with the sheet only covering her from the hips down. And Sam was so amazed with the recent events that she was almost afraid it was all a dream. So she reached over and with a feather light touch she slid her fingertips over the warm soft skin of Brooke's shoulder and down her arm.

Sam had so many emotions running through her that she couldn't stop the single tear that made its way down her cheek. She took a deep breath and wiped it away while still staring at the sleeping form.

Brooke felt the bed moving and fluttered her eyes open to see dark glistening brown eyes staring at her. She looked at the clock and noticed that they had only gotten about 2 hours sleep but she was suddenly not tired anymore. Smiling huge, she whispered to Sam.

"Good morning." She felt an overwhelming urge to sing and get up and dance, thinking to herself: (My God, this is really happening? Sam and I made love ALL night long) She ran her eyes down the length of Sam's perfect naked form. (And I want to do it again) She licked her suddenly very dry lips. Seeing Sam in the daylight lying next to her made Brooke's body come alive all over again.

Sam watched the blonde's eyes roam across her exposed form and blushed as Brooke's look turned from wonder to predatory. ( Mmmm, I want her again. I don't think I ever want to leave this bed) she thought with an intense look of her own.

Neither had to say a word. They came together in a soul searing kiss that lasted for long minutes before they broke apart moaning. Looking into each others eyes, both conveyed extreme love for the other.

"Brooke, we need to talk." Brooke flinched at those words. She was afraid Sam was having second thoughts, a part of her saying it was all to good to be true.

Sam saw the fear and quickly went on to distinguish the pain already working its way across Brooke's beautiful features.

"Brooke? Baby, listen, I just want to know where we're heading. I mean… I am so completely and hopelessly in love with you. I want us to be together, in everyway. Do you want me to transfer schools and move back home? Or do you want to move in here?" She gave Brooke a small shy smile. "Of course, this also means I don't want you to marry Jake." She laughed and pulled the blonde into a tight hug.

Brooke couldn't help the grin that made its way across her face at Sam's admission and it only got wider the more Sam talked. She pressed her lips and nose further into Sam's neck sighing with contentment. Taking in the scent of the girl she loved, she started raining little kisses where ever her lips could reach.

"Mmmm, I am in love with you too, Sam, and I don't want to marry Jake. I never did. I thought I had to settle." She pulled away so she could look into Sam's emotion filled eyes. "I have always wanted to be with you. No one else can even come close to the feelings you invoke in me. I need to be with you, Sam. I don't think… No, I know I would never be truly happy with anyone else," she finished and wanting to get her point across she leaned in and kissed Sam with every emotion she had. She poured all of the love, devotion, and passion she had in her into that one kiss as their tears mingled.

Both pulled away completely breathless and smiling. Sam had to express to her love just how much she meant to her. She reached up and gently ran her thumb over her the blonde's cheek wiping the tears as she went. With an emotion filled voice she spoke.

"Brooke, I have been miserable for so long. Since my father died I have been lost, not living at all and just simply existing. For a long time I thought that was enough." She had to stop a moment to get herself under control. " Now…, now that I have felt what true happiness feels like, I want to live. I want to be more than the robot I have become. You, Brooke, make me feel things I never knew were possible and I need you in my life. And I am willing to do anything and everything to make you happy and keep you by my side." The lump in her throat wouldn't let her continue.

Brooke's tears flowed freely now and she smiled at Sam.

"I will be with you as long as you will have me," she whispered. She leaned into share another long kiss full of love, passion, and promises of beautiful things yet to come. When they broke apart Sam smiled.

"Better keep your schedule clear for eternity then." They both giggled and held each other tight never wanting to let go.

Brooke could smell breakfast being cooked.

"Mmmm, that smells good. Let's go make some breakfast too. And then after we eat let's spend the whole day just lounging and..." she blushed and looked away, too embarrassed to continue.

Sam was completely charmed by the way Brooke got shy all of a sudden.

"And hopefully make love most of the day," she finished for Brooke. When Brooke looked up at her she just winked. "Come on lets feed you so we can get back in here for…" As she was saying this she stood up, helped Brooke up and wrapped her arms around the blonde. She nuzzled her ear and dropped her voice to a sexy, breathy moan.

"Some more kissing," she kissed the blonde's ear. "Touching," kiss, "tasting," Sam's tongue traced Brooke's ear causing her to shiver. " And so I can hold your naked body close to mine."

They both hurried to get dressed. They wanted to eat breakfast and then hurry back to the room. Brooke was so happy she couldn't stop smiling and Sam was in the exact same state of euphoria. Neither was aware of how bad things were about to become.

Part Twenty

Carmen could hear Sam and Brooke laughing as they came down the hall. Smiling to herself she thought with a smirk (I bet they're hungry). As the two girls rounded the corner they both beamed and greeted her good morning.

Carmen smile widened

"I bet it is a VERY good morning for you two," she wiggled her eye brows and winked. Noticing the blush and shocked faces on both girls she continued. "Sit down, I made breakfast for you both. I figured you needed your strength after last night." She giggled as both their faces got an even deeper shade of red.

"Enjoy. I have to get ready for work soon." She started to walk to her room and turned to face them. " I'm happy for you both. I just wanted you to know that." She gave them both a huge smile and headed for her room.

Both girls were embarrassed beyond belief. But when they heard Carmen say she was happy for them neither could hide their happiness. Smiling wide back at Carmen they told her:

"Thank you."

Brooke looked to Sam and her blush deepened again.

"I can't believe she heard us," she said as she hid her face in her hands. Sam couldn't help but tease the blonde a little.

"You mean she heard YOU." As Brooke's head shot back up with wide eyes she continued. "You were the loud one," and than she winked. Brooke burst out laughing.

"Oh REALLY? Well, I seem to recall a certain brunette getting up there in the octaves, calling out my name, a few times last night." She giggled as Sam's smug face turned mock shock. Sam stood up.

"And what was Carmen calling out your name for, hmmm? I think I'm going to go have a talk with a certain brunette," Sam turned as if she was about to head in the direction Carmen had gone in.

Brooke sat there for a moment realizing what Sam was implying then jumped up and wrapped her arms around Sam.

"Oh stop it, you know you're the only brunette for me," she said into Sam's ear. Then she giggled. " And you know I'm kind of in a hurry get breakfast done." Then she dropped her voice to a low purr and ran her tongue slowly over that delicate and sensitive ear. "So I can see just how loud you can get, " smiling to herself as she went back to her seat at the shiver and moan that came from Sam.

Sam felt Brooke move back to her seat and moaned in protest then hurried back to her seat. They ate quietly but kept glancing up at the other and smiling. Both were getting more excited as they thought about what they wanted to do to each other.

Just as they were done and clearing the table there was a knock at the door. They heard Carmen yell that she had it so they went on about getting the dishes done as quickly as possible.

Brooke was standing at the sink with her hands in dishwater when Sam came up and leaned into her as she placed the last dish into the sink. Brooke felt Sam's hips slowly grind against her and she nearly dropped the glass she was washing.

"Mmmm, Sam, you better stop or I am not going to be able to finish the dishes," she moaned. Sam just smiled and placed her hands on Brooke's hips pulling the blonde into her she whispered.

"I think maybe we should leave them until later. I have a more pressing matter for you to attend to," pushing her hips a little to get her point across. Then she nibbled on the blonde's soft inviting neck.

At the feel of Sam's lips on her neck Brooke set the dish back into the sink and moaned "Oooh, Sam, I want…" she was cut off by a clearing throat.

Both girls turned to see an awkward Carmen standing there and standing behind her was a very upset Jake. Brooke's eyes went wide and she had to grip the counter behind her to keep from falling as her legs got weak. She had not even thought about him since she made love to Sam and she was really wishing he would just disappear. But she knew she had to at least deal with him and tell him she was in love with Sam. She owed him that much.

Sam instantly felt shock than fear. (Will Brooke go back to him?) She had to believe that she wouldn't but there was still that little nagging voice repeating: this is all to good to be true. Something is going to happen. She shook those thoughts and turned to Brooke to gauge her reaction. She saw many emotions flash across the blondes face but none were the love that she saw directed at her every time Brooke looked at her today. That made her feel a little better but she felt like something bad was going to happen. She didn't know what but she felt it was coming.

Carmen cleared her throat again.

"I'm going to finish getting ready for work if you guys need me." And she went back to her room feeling a little uneasy too. She too felt something bad was going to happen but she just figured it was just because Jake had showed up.

Not knowing what to say, Sam stood there staring down and hoping the awkwardness would subside sometime soon.

Brooke stood there staring at Jake trying to figure out how to tell him. She wanted to be with Sam and she was hoping Sam was OK because she looked upset. She really wanted to just walk over and wrap her arms around Sam and ignore everything else but she knew that wouldn't be a good idea till Jake was gone. He really was a sweet guy. She didn't want to cause him anymore pain than necessary.

Jake was totally pissed, thinking to himself (That pain in the ass sister of mine can't do anything right. I am going to have a talk to Toni today.) Just looking at them he knew it was going to be hard to separate them now. It was going to take drastic measures. And he knew exactly what his next step was going to be. (Brooke will be devastated and come running back to me.) He surpressed the laugh he felt. Deciding to get the ball rolling he spoke.

"Hello, Brooke, can we talk?"

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