Title: Never Too Late

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Author: Love

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Part Twenty One

Brooke was too shocked to speak at first. She didn't know what to say.She didn't want to hurt Jake, he had been so good to her and he really was a sweet guy. But realizing that Jake was waiting for an answer, she shook herself out of her stupor and forced a small smile.

"Sure Jake," she said as she looked to Sam a little nervously.Sam looked upset by his presence and she realized Sam must be worried that she would choose him over her.

Sam looked between them and a whirl wind of emotions assaulted her.First shock, then jealousy, then anger, and then finally fear.She needed to distance herself from him before she said something that would probably upset Brooke. After all, she wasn't sure if Brooke wanted to remain friends with him and she knew exactly why he was there. He was going to try and talk Brooke into going back with him.And that last thought made her stomach ache.

"I uhh, I need to go get some…" She was cut off by Brooke grabbing her hand and squeezing it.Feeling slightly more at ease, she stayed where she was.

Jake was getting angrier by the minute wishing Sam would leave the room so that he and Brooke could be alone. Watching the interaction between Brooke and Sam was making his jealousy flare.He was determined now to hurt Sam. When Brooke grabbed Sam's hand, he spoke up looking right at the brunette and pasting a sweet smile on his face.

"Would you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes?" Then he looked back to Brooke, dismissing Sam like she was already gone.

Brooke didn't like the thought of Sam leaving her side so she held the hand tighter and smiled.

"No, I want Sammy to stay here with me.Anything that we say can be said in front of her." She looked to Sam and saw the beautiful smile on her face.She drew strength from that.With her shock wearing off and Sammy at her side, she decided to stop beating around the bush.

"I am truly sorry Jake, and I never meant to hurt you, but I can't marry you.I am head over heels in love with Sammy. I have been for so long. I was just afraid to admit it.But I'm done denying my true feelings.I know this isn't fair to you but, believe me if I stayed with you, that would be even more unfair to you and me. I would never truly be happy and a part of me would always long for Sam.You deserve someone that can give you their whole heart." Turning to look at Sam again."And I have decided that if Sammy will have me I would like to move in here, with her," she finished looking into Sam's happy face and already knew the answer.

Sam's smile lit up her whole face after Brooke's confession. Then she looked over to Jake and almost felt sorry for him.As Brooke spoke, he closed his eyes and a tear slipped down his face.She sympathized with him knowing exactly how it felt to be in love with Brooke and to not have that love returned. But now she had never been happier in her life and she didn't plan on giving it up without a fight.

Jake decided it was time to leave before he strangled Sam. Clearing his throat to get their attention.

"Well…I didn't expect this." Looking down at his hands, acting the part of the jilted boyfriend, he went on with a shaky voice. "I only want you to be happy Brooke, and if Samantha is what you need then I am happy for you. I hope that we can still be friends."He looked up with sadness in his eyes.He gave her a slight smile. "Take care Brooke."He then turned to leave.As he was walking out the door he turned back.

"If you ever need anything, Brooke, I'll be there for you.Just give me a call." Then he looked to Sam. "Be good to her." And then he walked out the door.

Brooke let out the breath she didn't know she had been holding and turned into Sam's waiting arms. Both were quiet for a while with Brooke trying to burrow deeper into Sam.She couldn't seem to get close enough. Sam just held on tight and rubbed soothing circles on the blonde's tense back, not having any idea what to say.Finally Brooke spoke first.

"That went easier then anticipated," pulling back slightly she looked into Sam's dark eyes. "I love you so much."Leaning in she placed a small kiss on full lips. "And I am soooo happy right now.I know I should feel some kind of remorse. I mean, I did just break up with my longtime boyfriend and he looked totally crushed. But for some reason I can't stop feeling happy.I can't stop smiling. I feel so…so...ecstatic," she breathed with excitement in her voice.

Sam couldn't help the full smile from spreading across her face.Pulling Brooke closer and leaning until their lips were barely touching, she spoke.

"Me too, baby, me too," placing a chaste kiss than pulling away she continued to smile at her new girlfriend.Brooke looked thoughtful for a moment.

"You don't think that makes me a terrible person? Do you? I mean, I hurt him and all I can think about is how soft your lips are and how beautiful your smile is and how incredible you were last night!" she blushed and looked down. Then she got a very sexy smile and leaned in until her lips were right next to Sam's ear and she whispered, "And how good you taste.And how much I would love to taste you again, right now" She then licked the ear and felt Sam shiver against her.

Just as Sam was going to lead the way to their room Carmen spoke in the doorway.

"God, didn't you two get enough last night? Get a room," she finished with a wink as she walked in and poured herself another cup of coffee.She smiled at the two figures blushing in front of her. Taking pity on them and not commenting on that subject anymore she decided to change the subject.

"So how did it go?I guess from the fact that Sam is still standing and you are still here, Brooke, that it went well.No blood shed is a good thing," she finished with a bright smile.Sam gave Carmen a brief smile.

"Yeah, it definitely went better then I thought it would.But I was ready for anything." She looked back to Brooke and she felt a tingling sensation run through her body at the desire she saw there. "I think Brooke is in need of some comforting right now, so if you'll excuse us," she finished with a wink and a huge smile.

Brooke matched her smile and added, "Yes, I am in need right now. We will talk to you later, Car," she giggled and took Sam by the hand, leading her out of the room and toward their bedroom with what Carmen thought looked like to be a very devious smile.

Carmen smiled, happy for her friends but she felt like something wasn't right. Her eyebrows drew together in thought (I have a bad feeling that I can't shake.I don't trust Toni and just from my short meeting with Jake, I don't trust him either.I saw the look he gave Sam.If looks could kill.Maybe I'm overreacting, but I'm going to keep my eyes open. Those two are so blind to anything but each other right now. So I'm going to have to watch out for them.)

Finishing up her coffee she went to get changed so she could go to the library and study because from the sounds coming from down the hall she knew she wouldn't get any peace and quiet there. (Damn, you would think there was a whole sorority having sex in there. People are going to start to complain.) She laughed knowing they weren't that bad but cracking herself up anyway.

Jake drove over to his sisters.His anger was skyrocketing after having the time to dwell. As he walked in, he noticed his sister passed out on the coach with half a bottle of Jim Beam laying beside her. She looked a mess. Going into the kitchen, he got a cup of cold water, walked back and threw it in her face.

Jumping up Toni screamed, "What the Fu…!" She shut up when she saw Jake standing there looking very pissed.

"So I guess you visited Sam and Brooke," she snarled as she sat down before she fell down.She was very hung over and all she wanted to do right now was go back to sleep.

"YES!! I just happened to come from there!" he yelled making Toni wince in pain at the tone of his voice. "Do you know what she told me? She said that she is in love with Sam and is moving in with her!"Pissed and wanting to hit something he opted to pace. "It's time for Plan B. I tried it your way and it didn't work… Now we do things MY WAY!" he finished stopping right in front of her.

"NO! Sam will not be hurt in ANY of this!" she screamed as she jumped up and got in his face.She instantly regretted it as her head felt like it was about to explode and her stomach churned. So she sat back down shaking her head. "You will not hurt Sam!" she said in a much calmer tone.

"Well you better come up with a better one before tonight or I am setting my plan into action," he warned as he sat down. Looking at his hung over sister he continued. "Sober up and take a shower.You will never win Sam back looking like you do right now." Angry at Toni for failing but knowing he needed her for the next part of his plan he decided to go a little easier on her. Standing up he went to the kitchen, got another glass of cold water and 2 Tylenol, and brought them over to her.

"Here take these and drink this." Then he went, sat back down and stared off deep in thought.

Toni took the pills and drank the water watching her brother. She knew she had to act fast to try and come up with a plan. She knew Jake would really hurt Sam if it came down to that and she had to make sure it didn't. When her head stopped pounding, she stood and said she was off to take a shower, leaving Jake to his thoughts. She smiled as a plan formed in her mind and decided to explain it to him when she was done with her shower.

Jake sat there thinking of all the pain he wanted to cause Sam.He got an evil smile at one of his torturous ideas and laughed out loud. Anyone that saw him right now would think he was absolutely out of his mind. And they would be right.

Part Twenty Two

Jake was in the same exact spot that Toni had left him, staring off with a purely evil smile on his face that made even Toni a little scared. She called out to him a few times but he didn't seem to hear her.Finally getting closer she yelled.

"Jake!"She saw a flicker in his eyes and then he turned to her slowly.

"Yes?" he said in a very placid tone.

He was making her nervous.She knew what he was capable of and she was very afraid for Sam. Clearing her throat she decided to voice her plan now before Jake got any more ideas. She walked over and sat directly in front of him.

"I think I know what we can do to win back what is truly ours."Jake perked up and Toni had his full attention.

"I'm listening." As Toni spoke, both became more excited with the idea. Toni mostly because she knew this was giving Sammy a chance at least. Finally, after some debate on a few minor details, two hours later they were ready to put their plan into motion.


Sam and Brooke were laying in bed, Brooke with the upper part of her body using Sam as a pillow. They were just happy and content.They both wanted to lay like that forever. After a while of silence, Sam spoke up.

"So..." she tightened her hold on the blonde and kissed the crown of her head. "When are you moving in?" She felt Brooke giggle slightly and then the blonde shifted to look up into her eyes smiling.

"Whenever you want me to, Sammy" Leaning up she placed a soft kiss on Sam's perfect lips."I love you so much. I can't even bare the thought of being away from you for a minute. I think I am addicted to you, Samantha McPherson. What have you done to me?" She smiled as she leaned in for another kiss, this one a little more passionate.

Sam felt a warm glow engulf her at Brooke's words and the kiss intensified it.

"Mmmm, I love you too! And I will try not to stay away from you for too long. I will come straight home to you after classes and make love to you for hours to make up for my absence," she winked and they both giggled.

Then Sam caressed the blonde's soft cheek lovingly.

"Seriously though, If you want me to go back with you to pack and move, I will.I know it's going to take a couple of days and I can't stand the thought of being without you either."

Sam leaned in and captured Brooke's lips again, but this kiss she poured all her love and passion into and both moaned at the feeling. Rolling them over, Sam settled on top of Brooke and pulled away to look down at the blonde panting slightly.

"God, Brooke, you are so beautiful!" Brooke's body came alive again.She started rocking against the warm body above her.

"Mmmm, Sam, you are perfect!" Her excitement started to grow and her eyes started to flutter. Sam's hips were matching her pace and she loved the feel. "Ooooh God, Sam, please…touch me," her voice was shaky as her heart began to pound wildly.

Both were getting lost in the sensation of each other when the phone started to ring. Sam pulled away breathless and looked at the offending object and Brooke turned her face back to her.

"Ignore it," she said urgently and their lips met again.

When the phone quit that annoying ringing sound they started to get lost in their mutual explorations again.Until it started again. Sam pulled away with an annoyed grunt.

She looked at the phone and thought briefly about tossing it out the window. When she looked back down, she could see Brooke wasn't happy about the interruption either.

Leaning over, she picked it up and growled into the receiver.

"Hello?" When she recognized the voice on the phone she let out a brief sigh and said to hold on, then she handed Brooke the phone.Brooke looked up a little shocked that it was for her.

"Hello? Jake, why are you calling? This really isn't a good time" she rolled her eyes. Sam released an even louder frustrated sigh and rolled off of Brooke and went to get up to give her some privacy.But the blonde grabbed her arm and pleaded silently with her to stay. So Sam lay on her side facing the blonde with her head propped up by her left arm and started a slow caress over Brooke's back.

Jake was pissed but wouldn't let it be heard in his tone. In a deceptively calm tone he spoke.

"I'm sorry if I interrupted something important. I just needed to talk to you." He paused and took in a shaky breath for dramatics. "Ummm, could you please go out with me for dinner tonight?" He knew it was going to take some convincing but he was ready for it.

"I don't think that's a good idea.I'm…" and before she could say another word she heard something that sounded like he was crying.Even though she didn't regret her choice, she couldn't help but feel a little bad for hurting him. He was her friend and had been there when she needed him.

"Brooke, please.I'm going to head home tonight and I would just like to say good-bye and just talk to you for a little while. Please…I just need a little closure." He knew she would cave and she did.

"OK, but I can't stay out long.Instead of dinner, let's just have coffee where Carmen works on campus." Brooke was hoping that would be enough because she wasn't willing to stay away from Sam for too long.She felt Sam tense up.She knew Sam wasn't going to like the idea so she figured if it was close by and Carmen was there she would feel a little more at ease.

Jake smiled to himself and thought (Hook, line, and sinker)

"OK, no problem, Brooke.Anyway you want it.Why don't I meet you there around 7:30?" When he heard her agree he added, "OK, I'll see you then," and then he hung up and turned to Toni.

"You have an hour at best.I can tell she isn't going to cooperate too much, so you better hurry up and get your half done quickly."With that comment, he went to take a shower.

Toni realized she wasn't going to have time to waste.

"Please Sam, don't hate me," she said softly to the picture of her love in her hand.

Sam looked expectantly at the blonde as she hung up the phone. Brooke hurried to explain.

"He wants some closure, Sam. I can't just close him out of my life.He was my friend for so long.When I needed him the most, he was there for me. I just need for him to understand how I feel about you." Brooke looked down.She was praying Sam wouldn't be upset with her.

Sam reached over and lifted Brooke's chin so she was looking her in the eye.

"It's OK, Brooke. I may not like it and of course I am a little jealous, but I understand.And as long as you come home to me that's all that matters." When Brooke smiled at her she continued. "Do you realize how in love with you I am?" Without waiting for a reply she answered her own question. "No? OK…Let me show you." Then she rolled back on top of a giggling Brooke and was raining kisses all over her face. "Now where were we?" she said as she pulled back to look into beautiful hazel eyes.

Brooke felt so complete and happy she couldn't even express it if she tried. Staring up into impossibly dark sexy eyes, all thoughts of playing fled quickly as she said in a husky voice:

"Right about here." Then she pulled Sam down to kiss her slow, to satisfy this hunger for Sam that only seemed to intensify every second they were together.

They made love, then got in the shower and couldn't keep their hands off each other in there either. Sam got out first and made her way to her room. Looking at the time and noticing it was almost 7, she started to get a little edgy.Something was bothering her, something didn't seem right and she couldn't place the feeling. She didn't want to tell Brooke, she was afraid that she would look like she was just being the jealous girlfriend. She didn't want to upset Brooke so she just tried to calm her nerves and get past it.

Brooke too was feeling a little off, like something was going to happen. She just shrugged it off, got ready and stood by the front door kissing Sam like it would be their last time seeing each other for a long time.

The kisses were wild and passionate and she felt like she was trying to climb into Sam. Sam was loving these kisses and trying to hold on as long as she could. When they pulled apart, both let out a moan of disappointment.

Both panting and getting hot again, Brooke opened the door, giving Sam soft pecks as she backed up until she was out in the hall.

"OK" ::kiss:: "I have" ::Kiss:: "to go." ::Kiss::. Pulling away they stared at each other for a few more breathless minutes and then laughed, "We are terrible," Brooke said as they hugged.Sam laughed.

"Yes, we are. OK, you better go before I drag you back to the room and make you scream my name again," she finished with a wink.Brooke smiled.

"Well, you are such a temptress. OK, I'm going but I am going to hold you to that for when I get back," and with one more quick kiss she was on her way down the hall, turning back once to look at her gorgeous lover watching her go. (God I love her) she thought as she continued on.

Sam watched her go until she turned the corner and then shut the door and leaned against it.

"God I love her," she said to the empty room. Just as she went into the kitchen to get something to drink, she heard a knock on the door. Grabbing the doorknob as she opened it, she smiled.

"Forget something, baby? You know you don't have to knock…" And the rest of her statement was forgotten and her smile fell as she saw the figure standing in the door way. "What are you doing here?"

Part Twenty Three

Brooke walked the short distance to the coffee house already missing Sam.  She knew she was being ridiculous but all she wanted to do was curl up in Sam’s arms. She still couldn’t shake the feeling something wasn’t right. So she figured she would try to make this trip as quick as possible.

When she saw Jake, he looked terrible.  She again felt bad for hurting him. She walked over to him not knowing what to say. He looked up wearily as she approached and then stood. Leaning in he hugged her. Noticing the way her body stiffened he pulled away and motioned for her to take a seat.

“Sit…Please…What would you like to drink?” Brooke felt real edgy at being around him but she wasn’t exactly sure why. She forced a small smile.

“Just plain coffee is fine, thank you.” She was confused about these new feelings around Jake. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, but still something wasn’t right. 


Sam stood in the doorway looking at her very unwanted guest and that feeling that something wasn’t right intensified. Toni just gave a small smile and pushed her way past Sam.

“Well, first off I just came to get my bag that I left again, and I …just wanted to talk.” She walked further into the room and made her way over to the coach to sit down, making herself comfortable. Sam stood there still holding the door open.

“Toni, I really don’t think there is anything left to say and I don’t think you should be here, Brooke will be back soon.” Toni felt her anger bubbling up but was doing her best to calm her nerves.  She knew she needed to get her part of the plan to work or Sam might get hurt. Turning to look back at Sam she forced another smile and started her guilt trip routine.

Please, Sam…I just want to talk. I know we can’t be together, but I was hoping that we could be still be friends. I care about you and I don’t want to loose you completely. I'm sure Brooke will understand,” she finished with a genuine smile seeing Sam’s resolve slip.

Sam closed the door and walked toward the kitchen.

“Would you like a soda or something?” she called over her shoulder. She was feeling edgy still and she knew now it had everything to do with the other girl sitting in her living room.  Sam quickly got herself and Toni sodas and brought them back into the living room, handing Toni hers. All of a sudden, she needed to hear Brooke’s beautiful voice to calm her nerves.

“I’ll be right back. I need to get something out of my room,” Sam said as she put her drink on the table and made her way to her room. Toni waited until she heard the click of Sam’s bedroom door, then she pulled out a little bottle with no markings on it and poured all of the clear liquid inside of it into Sam’s soda. Thinking that her plan was beginning to look good, she smiled devilishly.  Sam picked up the phone and dialed Brooke’s cell number, smiling as soon as she heard the voice of her love.

Part Twenty Four

Brooke was sitting at the table looking out the huge window staring at nothing while Jake was getting their coffees when her phone started to ring. She picked it up and couldn't hold back the huge smile that spread across her face when she saw Sam's name on the caller ID. She quickly answered it.

"Hello Beautiful, miss me already?" She giggled when Sam answered 'yes'. But then her face fell when Sam mention Toni was there. Brooke thought it was kind of weird that both Jake and Toni would decide that they needed to talk at the same time. Suddenly the feeling that something wasn't right came back even harder, almost making her feel physically sick.

Brooke decided right then that she would give Jake the closure that he said he needed by just saying her goodbyes and going her separate way. She didn't feel comfortable right now and she never felt that way with Jake before.  He was always there for her but right now, for some reason, she didn't trust him.  Things just felt wrong.

She told Sam that she loved her and that she would be there in 20 minutes. As she hung up her cell phone she looked up to see Jake walking back toward her giving her a small smile.

When he reached their table, she stood up.

"Jake, I am so sorry, but I have to go." Seeing that he was going to protest she rushed on. "I'm sorry that I hurt you. I never meant for this to happen.  You mean so much to me and I hope that someday we can get passed all this and still be friends. I know that you will find someone that will be the woman that you need, but she it isn't me.  It never really was me.  I would never have been able to give you my entire heart because Sam has always had it.  I could never love anyone the way I love her."

Brooke felt terrible but she knew he needed to hear this.

"I waited so long for her and now that I have her, nothing will stand between us or tear us apart. I never truly believed in the theory that there was one person for everyone. Until now.  I feel so complete with her, so alive.  Like I was just going through the motions of life not really living it.  But now I look forward to another day because she is my soul mate."

Jake's anger was getting harder for him to push down but he managed to look sincere.

"I understand. I just want you to be happy." He looked to anyone watching to be a sad, jilted lover but deep down he was just angry. Angry because Sam was in his way; angry because he wasn't getting what he wanted, what he felt belonged to him. 

"I just wanted to spend a little more time with you before I headed for home.  Do you really have to leave?" He gave her his best sad eyes, hoping she would change her mind and at least stay for a few more minutes and give Toni a chance to put her plan into action.

She looked at his expression and expected to feel sorry for him, but for some reason all she felt toward him was irritation. She needed to get back to Sam. Brooke just knew that Toni was up to something. Nodding her head she forced a smile.

"Yes, I'm really sorry" With that she stood, gave him a quick hug and left as quickly as she could with out running.

Carmen watched it all.  She didn't trust Jake or Toni and when she saw Brooke leave looking a little nervous she decided to beg her boss to let her leave. Something was very wrong and she didn't want to be stuck  where she couldn't help if she was needed at home.

With a little begging, she finally convinced her boss to let her go.  She was almost to the dorm when she heard someone yelling.  She ducked behind a wall when she realized it was Jake. He was on the phone yelling and he was pissed.

Deciding she didn't need to be caught eavesdropping by what appeared to be a lunatic she ran the rest of the way home, praying that her gut feeling was wrong.

Sam sat down and instinctively picked up her soda feeling extremely awkward. Only taking a quick sip she placed it back down.

"Look, Toni I care about you and I would never have hurt you purposely. You understand that, right?" She finally looked at the other girl sitting on the other end of the couch pleading with her eyes for the blonde to understand and praying that she wouldn't make this any harder.

Toni was hurt and worried about Sam.  She knew that if this plan didn't work her brother was going to do something drastic. This plan was drastic too, but he was going to hurt Sam. She couldn't let that happen.

Toni looked into Sam's eyes and gave her a sad smile.

"I know, Sam, it hurt. a lot.  But I came here tonight to tell you that I understand and that if you're happy then I'm happy for you.  I would like it if we could remain friends," she finished with a hopeful look.

Sam gave her a genuine smile.

"I would like that Toni, because you have been such a good friend to me the whole time I have been here.  If it wasn't for you and Carmen I don't think I would have made it here."

Toni smiled and gave a Sam a hug.  Then picking up her soda she motioned for Sam to pick up hers.

"A toast," she said with a goofy smile. "To new beginnings and friendship." Tapping her glass to Sam's she took a sip watching with bated breath as Sam brought her glass to her lips.

Taking another small sip Sam wondered to herself at the odd taste.  It wasn't too bad but she decided she didn't want anymore soda so she placed it down and than turned to face the Toni.

"I can't tell you how relieved I am that we worked through this. I know it's still going to take some time but I'm happy we can be friends still," she finished with that gorgeous 'Sam' smile of hers.

Toni was a getting frustrated. Her plan didn't seem to be working. Sam barely drank any of her soda.

(God, I hope that little bit is going to work) she thought wearily.

Part Twenty Five

Sam was looking at the other girl when suddenly her vision blurred and she felt a little dizzy. Blinking a few times, she shook her head to try and clear her sight.

"Toni? I feel…" was all she got out before her eyes rolled back and she fell to the floor with a loud thud.

Toni tried to catch her before she crashed but only succeeded in landing on top of the unconscious girl. Leaning in closer, she realized Sam was barely breathing and started to panic. She started patting the brunette's cheeks, chanting over and over again.

"Come on, Sam. Can you hear me? Please, Sam, wake up." Tears started rolling down her face as she realized Sam wasn't coming to.

"Oh my God! What have I done?!" She was so freaked out and still trying to wake Sam that she didn't notice when the door to the dorm opened and Brooke entered.

Brooke could hear desperate cries and she could tell they were coming from Sam and Carmen's place. Suddenly, she felt her heart start to race and a tight feeling in her gut.

"Oh no, no, no, no!" She ran as fast as she could to Sam's room.

She opened the door and instantly noticed Sam's pale still form and rushed to her side, pushing Toni out of the way and pulling the brunette's limp head into her lap. She repeated Toni's frantic actions of trying to wake her love. Looking over at the other frozen girl, Brooke screamed at her to call for help and then turned back to Sam, whispering to her to hang on as she placed kisses on her head.

Toni crawled over to the phone and called 911. After giving all the information they needed, she hung it back up and sat there staring at Brooke holding Sam and rocking her back and forth. All she could think about was how bad she fucked up.

(I tried to keep her from getting hurt and that's all I ended up doing) She ran a shaky hand through her hair and cried harder.

Brooke brought her attention back to the other girl sitting huddled in the corner and spoke to her in a deathly calm voice.

"What did you do to her? Why is she like this? I swear Toni if anything happens to her I will kill you!" Then she turned her attention back to Sam. She wanted to grab the other girl and beat the shit out of her but didn't want to let Sam go.

The venom in Brooke's voice gave Toni chills. She knew that that wasn't an idle threat.

"I swear Brooke I …"

Suddenly Carmen came rushing through the door with the paramedics and was panicking.

"What the hell is going on? Brooke? What happened?" The EMT's pushed past her and started taking Sam's vital signs.

Brooke watched helplessly as they picked the brunette up, placed her on the gurney and hooked up oxygen and an IV to her. One of the men looked over at the other girls standing around and asked if anyone knew what happened.

Toni stepped forward.

"Yes, I drugged her," she said and looked down when she noticed the shocked looks from all around. "I didn't mean for this to happen and I am not exactly sure what it was. My brother got the stuff..."

The next thing Toni realized was that she was on the floor with a very pissed of Brooke screaming at her.

"You bitch!" Brooke howled, over and over again at her as she punched her repeatedly in the face. All Toni could do was try to block the hits and she wasn't very successful with that.

One of the paramedics grabbed the irate blonde and pulled her back as the other helped Toni up.

"Listen girls we have to report this. As of now she's stable. She seems to be just in a deep sleep. We're taking her to the county hospital. Are one of you riding with us?"

Brooke instantly was at their side.

"I'm riding."

As she followed the men out, they passed the police. She looked back and Carmen assured her she would take care of the details and would meet her at the hospital as soon as she was done.

An officer took statements from Toni and Carmen and they sent another cop over to the hospital to get one from Brooke and possibly Sam if she had regained consciousness.

Jake stood in the shadows as they put handcuffs on his sister and shook his head.

"She got caught. Damn! Well, I guess if the bitch lives through this I will have to take care of her myself." Then he turned and left thinking that Brooke will be so heart broken and in need of a little support.

Twenty Six

It was getting late, Brooke noticed, when the police finally left the hospital after getting her statement, And Sam still hadn’t regained consciousness yet. She couldn’t stop staring at the pale form lying there hooked to all those wires and machines. She was so scared, she finally had her chance with Sam and it was ripped away after only hours. She was so furious with Toni and Jake, She knew somehow he had something to do with this.

She saw the shocked look on Toni’s face, she knew whatever the plan was, she didn’t want Sam hurt. Carmen had told her she over heard Toni tell the police that Jake gave her the drugs, that she thought they would just disorient her, but he had threatened to hurt Sam, if Brooke chose her over him. Brooke was totally confused, how could she have been in a relationship with this man, for so long and not see any signs of this side of him.

The police got his name, address, and description from Brooke. They told her that they would be in touch, and until Jake was caught she would have a police officer on guard for her and Sam, that made her feel a little at ease, but she was still so frightened.

Carmen came back from getting them coffee just in time for the doctor to come in, “Hi, I’m Doctor Jameson” The young very good looking doctor shook their hands but could not keep his eyes off of Brooke. Carmen couldn’t help notice, how blue his eyes were, She sighed, another one of Brooke many admirers she thought.

Brooke instantly asked “Please, tell me she is going to be alright.” Her eyes seemed to yet again have tears welling up, it felt like she would never stop crying.

Doctor Jameson looked sympathetic, thinking she must be her sister or friend. He cleared his throat and explained “She is stable, she will wake as the effects of the drug wears off. From all the tests we ran it appears that it was a very strong tranquilizer one that in the small doses can put an elephant down, and just a little to much of it can kill them.” Seeing that the beautiful blonde was about to panic he went on to assure her. “But it seems Ms. McPherson here didn’t quite get enough in her to do much more than put her in a deep sleep, We will keep her over night, of course for observation but I am sure that we will be releasing her by tomorrow afternoon.” He finished with a small smile.

Noticing that Brooke was now back at the unconscious girls side he realized that he probably wasn’t going to win her over tonight, hoping that she would be a little more receptive to his charms once her friend woke up he turned to leave. “I will be making my rounds and come back and check on our patient in a little while, I am working a double tonight, so I will be around, if you need anything just have the nurses page me.” Brooke didn’t look up, she just nod her head and sat back by Sam and held her hand again.

Carmen felt bad for the doctor and spoke up “Thank you doctor, we will, and we appreciate everything.” She smiled and shrugged as the doctor looked from her to the blonde once more and than back to her. When he was gone Carmen said shaking her head “That poor doctor”

Brooke looked to her for a min than back “Why do you say that?”

Carmen laughed “You really didn’t notice did you?” at Brooke’s confused look she went on “That poor boy was trying his hardest to get your attention, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you” She finished with a giggle at Brooke’s expression. Just when Brooke was about to respond she felt her hand squeezed slightly.

“Sammy, sweetie, can you hear me?” at that Sam’s eyes fluttered open slightly. Sam’s eyes were very unfocused and she blinked rapidly trying to get them to stop stinging. Carmen noticed this and switched off one of the switches so it dimmed the room a little.

Brooke almost lost it when those beautiful, a little blood shot, but still beautiful brown eyes looked right into hers. Sam smiled and with what little bit of strength she had she lifted her hand and wiped a few of the tears that were falling freely now. “Hey princess” she said groggily, while giving her signature half grin.

Brooke let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding. “Hey yourself, how are you feeling?” she asked as she kissed the brunettes head.

Sam leaned into the blonde, “Like I have been hit over the head with a frying pan” she smiled a little, “I’m just so tired still.” She said a little groggily as her eyes slipped shut again. Brooke just kissed her head again and whispered “That’s ok baby, sleep, I’ll be here when you wake up.” She looked over at Carmen and looked worried. Carmen gave her what she hoped was a reassuring smile and said she was going to find the doctor as she slipped out the door.

TBC... Maybe...You Tell me ;)

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