Title: Never Too Late

Author: Love

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Couple: Sam/Brooke, eventualy (DEFINATLY)

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Part Eleven

"I would like to take a break from us and I want to talk to Brooke alone when she gets back." Sam saw the look on her girlfriend's face and flinched when Toni screamed at her but held up her hand. "I don't mean for good. I just need some time to myself. I need you to be patient. Can you do that? For me? I have hurt you and to ensure it doesn't happen again and to help me think things through, I need some space and time. Please understand this is only temporary. It's just something I feel I need to do." Sam stood staring imploringly into her girlfriend's eyes.

Toni's first instinct was to scream and throw a tantrum but she wanted to stay on Sam's good side so she relented. But she definitely wasn't about to give up. She sniffled, pulled Sam to her and whispered into her ear.

"You take all the time you need and just know that I will be waiting for you when you are ready. I know this might not be the time to say this but, I love you, Sam. I am so in love with you." She let out a little sob kissed Sam softly on the cheek "I'll wait but please come back to me, Sam. I need you." And with that she left without looking back.

Sam felt horrible but almost relieved. That confused her but she knew it was for the best. She needed time because if she continued with the way things were going she would have pushed Toni further away. She really liked Toni but something wasn't right. She couldn't relax with her. She was attracted to her, that was obvious. She would have to be straight or blind not to see how incredibly sexy Toni was. But she also realized that all of the things that she noticed weren't right about her girlfriend were all the things she had in Brooke.

She was trying to replace Brooke with a replica. She also realized that it wasn't fair to Toni because she didn't think, no she knew, no one would be able to fill Brooke's shoes. She had her on a pedestal so high up that no one could ever come close. She realized what she had to do was get some closure. She had to let go and the only way she felt she could do that was by watching the other girl marry and be happy with someone else. Sam knew that deep down she harbored thoughts that she could somehow make Brooke happier than anyone else, but it didn't matter because obviously she wasn't an option to the blonde.

Carmen stood there for a few minutes quietly contemplating what she should say or do. Nothing was coming to her mind. She was positively ecstatic that Sam put her relationship with Toni on hold. On the other hand, she felt bad for her best friend. Sam looked so lost and confused. But she also knew Sam was a very strong willed person. She wouldn't want her to butt in even if it was meant to help her. She would just have to wait to see where this was all headed.

Sam spun around and tilted her questioningly at Carmen.

'"Why didn't you tell me Brooke had excepted Jake's proposal?" Carmen's eyes got wide and she took on a look of total confusion.

"She told me that she hadn't excepted and she wasn't even sure if she was going to. All she mentioned was that she needed to talk to you." Carmen was totally lost now. "She told you she excepted?" Sam got a far away look on her face as she nodded yes. "Where is she now?"

"She said she needed to be alone for a few minutes. I'm going to go look for her. If she comes back, ask her to please wait for me." Sam started for the door and turned to look at Carmen. "I do know I love Brooke, I admit it now." Than her face fell and she got tears in her eyes speaking, with so much emotion it broke Carmen's heart.

"But I guess it doesn't matter anyway." It hurt Carmen to see and hear Sam sound so defeated. Sam turned and walked out with a heavy heart.

Brooke sat there in her car crying. All she kept seeing was Toni sitting there with such a smug expression on her face. She kept wishing she would have went in and just grabbed her by that bleached blonde hair, yanked her off of Sam and beat the living shit out of her. She let out a sigh and tried to compose herself. She knew she had to get herself together before they came looking for her and it wouldn't do for that bitch to see her crying.

'I shouldn't be thinking like that. I don't even know that girl and I already hate her,' part of her was saying with good reason. The rest of her was saying, 'give her a chance. If she made Sam happy she has to be a good person.' She looked at herself in the rear view mirror and said,

"Well, I look like shit" She rubbed her face a little reapplied the little bit of the make up she had on. Since out of high school, she didn't wear the thick almost mask of make up.

She smiled when she thought back to Sam standing in front of her in their shared bathroom, staring at her as she stumbled in with her hair messed up and no make up on from just waking up. She looked at Sam questioningly.

"What?" Sam just smiled.

"You don't know just how beautiful you are, do you? You definitely do not need make up. I don't understand why you hide your true beauty." The comment totally caught her off guard. She didn't know what to say so she just gave Sam a small grin and looked down slightly embarrassed and mumbled a thank you. When she looked up she could see that Sam was a little embarrassed, so to alleviate the situation she chose to joke a little.

"You still aren't getting the shower first today," than she winked. Sam just giggled and headed out of the bathroom saying something about annoying cheerleaders and their primping habits needing to give the rest of civilization a chance to at least go pee in peace.

She came back to the here and now. Getting herself together she got out of her car and steeled herself for what lie ahead, muttering,

"This is going to be one hell of a weekend. Spending time with the woman I just realized I am in love with and I just found out is gay and has a girlfriend. I wonder if I should call Springer now or later?" She giggled to herself as she made her way out of the elevator and toward Sam's dorm.

As she turned the corner she ran right into someone and when she realized who it was she froze.

Part Twelve

Brooke stood there looking into angry hazel eyes, she was a bit taken back by the look of almost hate in them. She didn't know what to say so she opted to stay quiet. This girl looked like she was about to pounce and tear her apart. They stood there for a few minutes waiting for the other to speak, even though Brooke was waiting for Toni to say something she jumped a little at the sound of the other girl's voice. "I know why you are here!" She leaned a little closer her words dripping with hatred, so much that it shocked Brooke and made her quite nervous, she looked around to see if anyone else was around. "Don't think for one minute I am going to let you get away with it! YOU are way out of your league here and you better just run along back to your boyfriend where you belong!"

With that she walked past her bumping her shoulder hard, practicly spinning Brooke totally around. Brooke watched her go till she turned the corner and was out of sight, she stood there with her mouth gaping open, rubbing her sore shoulder and blinking rapidly. She was totally confused, hurt, emotionally drained and all she wanted to do was wake up from this nightmare. She let out a screech of surprise when she felt a hand on her shoulder and she spun around ready to defend herself , when she saw that it was Sam she let out a relieved breathe she had been holding, Whispered "SAM" and almost collapsed in her arms.

"Woa, are you ok?" Sam was surprised by Brooke's initial reaction, the emotions that crossed the blondes face made Sam worry. First there was anger, fear and than complete relief. "Hey, what's going on? What happened? You look like you just saw a ghost." Sam pulled back slightly to look in Brooke's eyes, and noticed she looked better, "Did I startle you that bad?" she asked with her Sam smile as Brooke like to call it and she couldn't help but smile back.

Brooke didn't know how to tell Sam about her encounter with Toni so she decided to just leave it be for now, besides she didn't want to start a fight between Sam and her girlfriend, and maybe I over reacted, she reasoned with herself. "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention and you startled me." She gave Sam a what she hoped was a reassuring smile and nodded toward the dorm. "Shall we go in?"

As they walked in Carmen was on her way out the door, "Sorry guys I have to go to work, if you guys want come up to the coffee shop later, I'm working a double, Again" She hugged Brooke and said it was great to see her and that she would be back later. And than she was gone, leaving a lot of nervous tention behind hopeing things would be a little better when she got back.

So there they were, neither knowing where or how to start the conversation, But both despretly wanting to talk. "Would you like something to drink? Soda? Beer? Wine? Tequila?" she looked up smiling at the blonde. "A soda will be fine" she smiled back "For now." Walking over to where Sam stood holding the soda out to her. They stood there staring into each others eyes both wanting to say so much but not having the nerve to. Their spell was broken by Brooke's cell phone ringing, she unclipped it from her side and saw that it was Jake and rolled her eyes and answered it.

Sam heard that it was Jake and went into the living room to give Brooke some privacy, and so the blonde wouldn't see the jealousy in her eyes that she knew would be there. She sat down on the coach and went over the events that transpired over the past hour, Brooke found out she was gay, walked in on her in a compromising position, than broke up with her girlfriend, she found out Brooke was defiantly going to get married to her ex girlfriend's brother. And not to mention the fact that she finally admitted she is in love with the beautiful blonde standing in her tiny kitchen. She let out a frustrated sigh and through herself back on the coach wanting to bang her head on something, (maybe it will knock some sense into me.) she thought bitterly.

She layed there with her arm thrown over her eyes wanting to be woken up from what she wished was just a horrible dream. That's how Brooke found her, she hung up with Jake who, she noticed was acting very strangely and wandered into the living room, and noticed Sam looking very sexy, her T-shirt had slid up slightly so she could see her muscled abs just peaking out, and her left leg was laying straight out, and her right one bent at the knee, her very short shorts positioned slightly so that she could almost see up them, just a tease though. She let her eyes travel up and down Sam's delicious form for a little while longer until her body started to react. She felt extremely hot all of a sudden, her mouth was feeling dry, she absently wondered where her soda went, and her breathing had picked up and she had to look away for fear she would just run over to Sam and beg her to love her, but her eyes were drawn right back like magnets. She traveled up one last time to meet curious brown eyes staring back at her.

Part Thirteen

Brooke was caught in Sam's stare for a minute, then looked away guiltily. She cleared her throat and fidgeted nervously, trying to think of something to say. Sam lay there wondering what was going through the beautiful blondes head. She caught the not-so-subtle examination of her female form and she saw the accompanying look in Brooke's eyes. It both confused and intrigued her. (Was that longing in Brooke's eyes?) Sam wanted to test her theory but was afraid that she was wrong. Plus, she had had enough disappointments for one day so she just chalked it up to wishful thinking.

The blonde couldn't look in Sam's eyes. Every time she did, she would blush slightly.

"Ummm, so how did you meet, Toni?" Brooke was kicking herself for not having the guts to ask what was really on her mind: like (How long have you known you were gay?'; and 'How come in all the times we talked in the past year and a half didn't you tell me you were gay and had found a girlfriend?', or most of all, 'Why didn't you ever show an interest in me? I see you like blondes) She frowned at her own thoughts. (Was Sam just not attracted to her?) That thought depressed her but she wasn't about to let Sam know. She wanted to show Sam that she would support her in any way. That Sam could trust her to be there for her no matter what.

Sam cocked her head to the side and stared at Brooke for few seconds before answering. She was shocked. Out of all the things she was waiting for Brooke to say or ask, that wasn't what she expected, especially by the way Brooke was acting nervous and jittery. She couldn't stand still. And, of course, she kept pushing that wayward strand of hair behind her ear. All were signs that she was confused and had something on her mind.

"I was at the coffee house where Carmen works. I was reading a book and Toni came in and just plopped down in front of me. I looked at her and there was a little something familiar in her, the way she looked at me, and her smile. (I know now it is because she reminded me of you, but I cant tell you that) I couldn't help but smile back. We fought a lot at first but she was persistent. And the rest is history."

Sam watched Brooke for a reaction. She sat up, scooting until her back rested on the arm of the coach. She raised both legs at the knees and patted the spot in front of her.

"Hey, have a seat you're making me nervous." Smiling when the other girl looked up and met her dark eyes. Again she saw that look that she thought might be longing in Brooke's eyes but it was a lot more fleeting. Sam shrugged and told herself to quit dreaming. The blonde sat on the other end looking stiff, like she was going to explode any minute.

Sam stared at her helplessly, trying to figure a way to ease Brooke's nerves, to make her relax.

"So when did you decide to except Jake's offer?" (OK, that wasn't the right topic to get her to relax) she thought as she looked into Brooke's tear filled eyes. Sam slid closer to her and put her arm around her shoulder pulling the blonde to her. Speaking softly close to Brooke's ear, "Hey, what's wrong? Are you OK?" As Brooke felt Sam's arms wrap around her, she felt warm and happy. Then, with that, she felt the reality of the situation hit her hard and she started to cry.

Feeling the warm body against her was wonderful. She wanted to hold on tight and never let go. Briefly she thought that (this is how I should feel when I am holding Toni). But when she felt the tremors that rocked the blonde, she pulled her closer and felt like she couldn't hold her close enough.

"Shhh, I've got you. It's OK, tell me what's wrong Brooke. Shhh, come on sweetheart." She coed in Brooke's ear till she felt her relax some.

She pulled back slightly so she could look into the watery eyes staring back at her. She gave the blonde a half smile as she slid her hand up and ran her thumb across the flushed cheeks, wiping the tears away as she went.

"Now, are you going to tell me what's going on in that pretty head of yours? What has got you so upset?"

Brooke opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. She shook her head and pulled Sam to her and whispered to her.

"Can you just hold me for a little while, please?" Sam wanted to know what could possibly have Brooke in this emotional state but she couldn't refuse that sad request. Pulling her tighter, she leaned back holding the now quiet girl as close as possible, never wanting to let go. She kissed the head softly that rested on her shoulder thinking (this feels so right).

Part Fourteen

Toni got back to her apartment and slammed her door as she picked up the phone to call Jake yet again. This would be the 3rd time since Sam broke up with her that she called him. She was fuming. All she wanted to do was go back over there and beat the shit out of Brooke, but she knew if she wanted Sam back that definitely wasn't the way to go about it. Besides, her brother would be pissed if she did.

"Why isn't he answering his phone? I can't take this shit. I need his help. He has to get his bitch back home somehow. Things were going great before Ms. Popular had to show up." She was getting more and more pissed as she walked around ranting to herself. She hung up the phone when she got his answering machine. "Ahhhhhh!!! I need to think. How can I get rid of the little princess without making myself look bad? I think I'll call Sam, just to show her I'm thinking about her."

She picked the phone back up, dialed the familiar numbers and waited with bated breath for her obsession to answer the phone. After the 5th ring, the answering machine picked up and she felt an unbelievable surge of anger well up inside of her. She just knew Brooke was keeping 'her' Sam from the phone. That she was probably in bed with her right now, touching and kissing what belonged to her. Toni's mind produced very vivid images of Sam laying beneath a naked Brooke with her eyes closed and lips slightly parted in ecstasy. She pushed the off button before the beep on the machine and let out a blood curdling scream. She threw the phone against the wall shattering it. She punched the wall next to her not noticing the instant swelling as she repeatedly chanted.

"She can't have her!" When her vision started to blur, she leaned her back against the wall and slid down until she sat on the floor with her knees up to her chin. She wouldn't let Brooke have Sam. Her mind desperately tried to come up with a plan to get Sam back.

Sam continued to hold the beauty in her arms, trying hard to keep her emotions and feelings from Brooke. The blonde was finally calm. She was content to stay in Sam's warm embrace. She had decided that this was where she wanted to be forever. Both were quiet and deep into their own thoughts, neither knowing what to say. The phone rang and startled them. Brooke picked her head up to look into Sam's dark compassion filled eyes.

"Do you want to get that?" she asked shyly. Sam just shook her head.

"No, I'll let the machine get it." Brooke smiled and laid her head back on the comfortable shoulder as Sam tightened her arms around her slightly.

They heard the beep but no answer and Sam thought nothing of it. All she could concentrate on was the feel of the soft body pressed against her. She had reclined some so that she was leaning back against the arm of the couch again and Brooke was laying practically on top of her. Both were hyperaware of this intimate position but neither of them wanted to move. Sam started to run her fingers in soft circular motions on Brooke's back causing the blonde to close her eyes, arch into the caress and let out the slightest mewl before she could suppress it. It was so low that Sam almost didn't hear it. But Brooke's reaction was so erotic that it sent a tingling sensation through Sam's body, causing her to shift beneath the blonde and press inadvertently against Brooke's hips that were resting against her now throbbing lower body.

Sam's breath caught in her throat as she tried to think straight. She couldn't believe her body's reaction. It scared her in a way. She had never felt so excited. And with that realization, her face turned red and she cleared her throat.

"Umm, w...want t...to order a pizza?" She wanted to get up and away from Brooke before she did something she would regret.

Hearing the stutter and feeling Sam's body stiffen beneath her, Brooke looked up to see a slight flush to Sam's face and a look she couldn't place. She thought she saw passion before it turned to fear when their eyes locked. Brooke couldn't turn away. Sam looked so beautiful and all she wanted to do was lean up and kiss those full sexy lips that Sam kept gliding her tongue across to moisten. She felt Sam's breathing turn to short pants and couldn't help but reach up and lightly glide her fingers torturously slow over Sam's eyebrows and down her nose until she reached her lips. She lightly caressed those luscious, imploring lips. Feeling Sam's breaths against her fingers she slid up so that her lips hovered just above Sam's. She felt this need to taste them, a craving so strong, she was helpless to ignore it.

Sam saw the look in Brooke's eyes. She didn't move. She was afraid if she did the passionate haze that surrounded them would disappear. Her body felt like it was gonna burst into flames any second. Sam could feel Brooke's breathing change to match her own as Brooke moved closer to her lips. Both of them were shaking uncontrollably and neither cared. Their lips barely touched and Brooke whispered breathlessly against her.

"Oh God, Sam." And with that, Sam slid her hand behind Brooke's neck deepening the connection. Sam and Brooke simultaneously moaned into each others hungry mouths. They kissed wild and passionately and neither wanted it to ever end. Both girls clung to each other, they couldn't get close enough. Sam's hands made their way under the blonde's shirt to feel the soft warm skin she needed touch.

Brooke whimpered into the fiery kiss. She needed to feel all of Sam against her. She started to work her hands up Sam's shirt when there was a knock at the door. They ignored it at first until the person on the other side got more persistent. Brooke ripped her lips away from Sam, pulling in short heavy pants, looking into glazed over eyes mirroring her own.

"I need you Sam, I can't deny it anymore. I want you so bad, I...I," She couldn't get anymore out because the person knocking seemed to be getting impatient. Sam smiled and put her finger to Brooke's lips to stop her from continuing. She wanted the moment that she admitted her feelings to Brooke to be special, without any distractions.

"Hold that thought, beautiful. Let me get rid of whoever this is, then we will talk." Brooke nodded her head and smiled back, both girls feeling very happy at the moment. Sam stood up on shaky legs and opened the door, her eyes growing wide.

"Ummm, this REALLY isn't a good time right now." Knowing that wasn't going to go over well, she felt very nervous all of a sudden.

Part Fifteen

Sam stood there staring into the angry face of her ex, Thinking this isn't going to be fun. Toni held up her hand pushing past Sam , stopping just in the door, her eyes tracking over too Brooke, who looked as flush and out of breath as Sam did, confirming what she already knew. Toni felt her anger bubbling up, till she felt she was about to explode. "I bet this isn't a good time right now Sam!" She spat turning to give Brooke a hateful glare. Brooke's eyes widened and than she turned them guiltily away from that icy look.

"I left my uniform in my overnight bag here," She turned her angry eyes back to Sam, "And I called but the answering machine picked up, Sooooo, I thought maybe you and your little,… GEUST might have gone too visit Carmen at work. So imagine my surprise when I got there and she said she hasn't seen either of you since she left for work" Both girls cringed at the sound of the venom in her voice as it dripped with anger and sarcasm "Anyway, I figured I would take a chance and come back here, Surprise here you are!" Her frustration level skyrocketing, as she looked between the two girls avoiding eye contact with her.

Sam heard the anger but she also heard the hurt in Toni's voice, She felt terrible for causing Toni so much pain, Toni had helped her and been there for her when she needed her, she didn't know what to say, "I, I I'm sorry, Brooke and I were talking, she was a little upset and so I let the machine get it, so not to be disturbed. I mean" Toni cut off anything else that she was about to say with anger flashing in her eyes.

"I'll just BET you were TALKING, But I always found it hard to carry on a conversation when someone else has there tongue in you mouth!" She was so angry all she wanted to do was go over to the coach and rip that blonde hair out of Brookes head, but she knew she would ruin any chance she had with Sam. She was slightly crazy not stupid.

"Hey" Sam yelled " Look Toni, I understand you are upset! But you…"

"NO!!! Sam I don't think you do understand how I feel right now! I Love you!!" She interrupted." But I am very sure my brother is going to understand, Am I right Sam?" She almost screamed the last part as tears slid there way down her face.

Brooke jumped, startled and faced the two girls as they started to raise their voices, She looked at Toni and felt sorry for putting her through this pain but she also felt a twinge of guilt because she knew didn't regret kissing Sam at all and if given the chance she will do it again. When Toni mentioned her brother she looked a little confused, not understanding what her brother had to do with any of this, till it dawned on her eyes widening with shock as the realization hit her. She had saw a picture of Toni at Jake's it was a taken a few years ago and Toni had dark brown hair and she had braces, that's why she didn't recognize her at first. She stared at Toni with her mouth hanging open, there was no mistaking that face. She never even thought to ask about who she was and than the picture never crossed her mind again till just now, ( Oh MY GOD, Sam is dating Jake's sister, How much more complex can this little vacation get) she thought to herself. She was brought out of her musings at the sound of Sam's voice.

"Toni, Listen, I am sooo very sorry , I never meant to hurt you, I do care about you. It's just that a lot has happened, and I have a lot to think about that is the reason I told you we shouldn't be together for awhile" Brooke's face brightened so much at that she had literally force herself not to smile. She knew she should feel bad for this girl's pain, but part of her was jumping for joy. She also was holding a slight grudge from the way Toni treated her in the hall earlier.

"So honestly Sam, you asked for time away so you could fuck Brooke? Is that it? Because that is EXACTLY how it seems, She is obviously a slut, I mean she jumps right from my brother's bed into yours!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH" Both girls were startled, Sam's voice seemed louder and angrier than either girl had ever heard it and for Brooke that's saying a lot. "DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT Brooke that way!" Sam's voice leveled out into an almost eerie calm.

Toni realized she was letting her anger take control again and that she had to back pedal to make up for that mistake. "I' m sorry Sam, please understand this is just very hard for me, all I wanted was for us to be together to make a life and be happy. PLEASE forgive that little outburst." She could see it in Sam's eyes she was treading on thin ice now. She was going to have to tread lightly now.

Sam was so angry she thought about slapping some sense into Toni, She looked over into Brooke's eyes and she saw Brooke Smile at her and it sent a warm glow through her that made it impossible to be mad while looking at that beautiful face.

Brooke stood and walked over to Sam, "I'm going to go visit Carmen, you take some time alone with Toni she deserves at least that, I will stay and walk Carmen home so you too can work through things. "Brooke held up her hand when Sam started to protest, "We will talk more later." She smiled to reassure Sam, but deep down she was afraid if she walked out now she would loose Sam for good. That the old saying out of sight out of mind would be true in this case, that Sam would choose Toni, but she also was afraid that Sam would choose Toni now even with her there and she wasn't ready to come out of her dream world where her and Sam were meant to be together and nothing could stand in their way. She knew that wasn't true there was two very big obstacles and they were brother and sister. She reached up and hugged Sam whispering in her ear "Ill be thinking about you." With that she lightly kissed Sam on the cheek and walked to the still open door, grabbing the handle in a tight grip, turning her head she looked Toni in the eyes" she's all yours" glancing back and forth between the two one more time, ending back with the other blonde "For now." And than she was gone without looking back.

Toni wanted to pounce on the bitch when she hugged Sam but she knew it wouldn't help the situation and after all she was stupid and kind enough to leave them alone for a while. Toni watched as Brooke walked to the door and than said that to her "I will not kick her ass, I will not kick her ass" She silently chanted over and over in her mind. She got an evil grin and whispered to herself "I will get you back Mcqueen, you wait!"

Sam watched as Brooke left and felt a little swell of pride at Brookes parting words to her and Toni and couldn't help the smile that formed on her lips. She turned and her face fell when she realized she what she was going to be dealing with, she sighed and thought this is going to be a long night.

Brooke left around 8 pm and Toni finally left around midnight, the situation didn't get any better, in fact she was afraid that things were worse and she got the feeling that Toni was going to turn out to be a major problem. After hours of listening to a crying and angry Tony, and fighting off Toni's amorous advances toward her. Toni had never been so pushy, she knew why but she was so emotionally drained by the time Toni left that all she wanted to do was wait for Brooke, she knew the blonde would make her feel better just by being there.

She felt drained so she figured a quick shower would wake her up. She took a shower and put on her robe and walked into her bedroom and sat in front of the mirror to brush her long hair. She sat there thinking about everything that happened, even with Toni's crap she couldn't help but be happy, Brooke was there and she kissed Sam and admitted that she wanted her, she felt the familiar stirrings in the pit of her stomach. (God Brooke's body felt so good against mine, her lips tasted incredible, mmmmmm I need to feel all of her soon before I go out of my mind!) she was startled out of her Brooke induced haze by the phone. "Hello?"

"Ahhhh Yeah, hello, this is Jake, is Brooke there? I just tried her cell phone but it appears that it is turned off."

Sam felt jealousy grip her gut and she had to fight from being nasty to this guy that Brooke wanted to marry, hopefully she still didn't.

"Ummm, no sorry she went to visit our friend Carmen at work but Ill let her know you called'

"Ok Thankyou, bye Sam" and he hung up pissed off, that little tramp is lying I know she's there, Ill just head out that way and surprise my girl in the morning," that descided he went to go get things ready for his little road trip.

Sam hung up the phone and decided she didn't like him, she layed down on her bed looking at the clock it was only 1am and Carmen still had a half an hour before she got off of work. She closed her eyes intending to just rest them, but fell asleep instantly.

It was 2am by the time Brooke and Carmen walked through the door and both noticed it was dark and quiet, Brooke felt her anxiety pick up when she saw Toni's overnight bag sitting on the floor by the coach, her heart sunk, her eyes drifted to Sam's bedroom door and it was closed slightly, she faught the urge to cry, she just knew that Toni and Sam had worked things out and they were in there together. Carmen saw the look at she felt bad for Brooke, she had spent the whole time that Brooke was there listening to the blonde go on and on about Sam and more than once had to hear a recap of the kiss they shared and how delicious and soft Sam's lips were.

Brooke looked up and forced a smile "I am going to take a shower, and go to sleep, I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow, I am going to go home and work on things with Jake." She picked up her bag and headed to the bathroom.

" Brooke? Im sorry things went the way they did, I wish there was something I could do." Brooke looked to Carmen and smiled again

"Things worked the way they should, I am fine, I just had to wake up from my little dream world. Don't worry, Ill be ok, really" She looked at her worried friend and walked over and gave her a hug.

Seeing that Brooke wasn't in the mood to talk she decided she would retire to bed and give the blonde some space. "Brooke there are blankets in the hall closet, If you need me Ill be right here, have a goodnight." She walked into her room and closed her door.

Brooke's smile faded instantly looking back to Sam's room one more time to afraid to look in , afraid she might see something she wouldn't be able to erase from her mind, and she wanted her kiss with Sam to remain fresh and untainted by that bitch. She let out a heavy sigh and walked into the bathroom and closed the door and got into the shower, only than did she let her tears fall where the shower could wash them away.

After she got out of the shower she donned a men's sleeping shirt that came to about mid thigh and picked up a pair of boxers, getting an evil glint in her eyes she decided to forgo them, hoping Toni would get pissed. She brushed her hair and stared at herself wondering how this day turned to shit so fast. Putting her stuff away, opening the door and shutting the light she looked at Sam's door again, she was drawn to it, she didn't want to see Toni, but hoping to get a glimps of Sam.

She stood in the doorway and first noticed that she could see Sam's robe covered form laying there in the moon light and partly from the hall light. Than she noticed with indescribable happiness that she was also alone. Walking into the room slightly her heart started to race. She stood there thanking anybody that was listening.

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