Title: Just kiss the Girl

Author Name: Kaiva

Email: Satans_Bitch@mailbolt.com

Disclaimer:  Lesbian content and a relationship between two females…or rather the start of one

Fandom: Popular

Pairing: Sam/Brooke

Rating: pg-13 (for some kissage and naughty thoughts)

Summary: Halloween movie madness. Sam and Brooke finally hook up over a nice scary movie and lots of cuddling.

Author note: If anyone wants I’ll continue…but this is my first fic…so be gentle with me…and stroke my ego if you have time by leaving nice comments ^.^

Halloween was coming, and for Sam, that was the greatest news ever. Safely ensconced in her room, Sam surreptitiously looked both ways, then did a small dance reminiscent of her time as an eight-year-old.

“I knew you were odd, but this is just weirder than normal” Sam looked up in surprise, nearly falling over as she saw her blonde housemate giving her a brilliant smile from the door way.

“Jeez, knock much?” Sam pretended annoyance trying desperately to curb the automatic impulse to hug and kiss Brooke on sight. The slight smile she had on her face from thoughts of aforementioned naught deed showed Brooke she was only kidding around.

How cute Brooke immediately thought, her mind playing the little dance scene on repeat with flashes of that small smirk in-between.

“And miss the floor show? Not on your life” Brooke gave Sam a genuine smile, relaxed now that she wasn’t constantly on the look out for Nic’s latest backstabbing plan, or Mary Cherry’s newest hair-brained scheme. Sam and Brooke’s relationship took a much needed turn as the forced close quarters showed them they actually could get along. First to not get grounded, and then, because they actually liked each other.

“If you must know, I was just excited for Halloween” Sam said with a bit of a playful sniff. “Not that I’m crazy or anything…”

“Right, you were dancing because you love Halloween. That doesn’t sound like and excited toddler in the least…” Brooke gave Sam another brilliant smile, pleased at having a not to ‘cheerleader-y’ response.

“And she shows brain function…” Sam responded her eyes twinkling a bit as her brain couldn’t quite help but notice how cute the cheerleader looked when she smiled. A real smile Sam thought, Not the one she gives to Nic, or even Josh…wait…hey…I’m special!!!

“Have a good trip in Lala land?” Brooke asked, a bemused expression on her face as Sam’s eyes finally focused back on her. Not that she complained, she took Sam’s daydream time to slowly look over the shorter brunette. If she was honest with herself, she would call it “checking Sam out.”

“Yeah I did Princess, good thing it was round-trip though” Sam’s eyes focused back on Brooke’s and she found herself falling into the cheerleader’s eyes, almost completely hypnotized.

Brooke felt the scrutiny, and she also felt the accompanying emotion. It felt like-like surrender. Again, she felt her brain try to say something, but found herself ignoring the little voice. But she couldn’t ignore the voice telling her to kiss Sam.

And you know you want to…

Just kiss the girl

Startled and a bit scared, Brooke did the next thing her brain told her to do. Run.

“Um hey Sam, I’ve got to um-call…call Nic” Beating a hasty retreat the blonde suddenly left, leaving Sam blinking in surprise. Again.

What on earth? She thought still staring at her door thoughtfully. Thinking herself a crafty reporter, she knew Brooke was making an excuse to leave. What her crafty reporter mind wanted to know was why? Seconds later, deciding to file the information under case “decipher Brooke McQueen” Sam decided to call her best friend Lily. With a few short rings her friend was on the other side of the phone line.

“Hey Sam” Lily sounded breathless, another thing the now turned on reporter mind caught.

“What are you up to Lily?” Sam asked cautiously, not particularly wanting to be dragged into another “save the beavers” scheme.

“Oh, I was trying to find a Halloween costume, I just got back from the store when I heard you call from the door.”

Whew, crisis avoided

“Oh yeah, um, the thing is…I know I always through the party at our house, but-”

“Your mom and Mr. McQueen are going on a “holiday trip” and you can’t throw the party, and you have to Baby-sit Mac…”

“How did you know?” Sam asked in surprise, she forgot to tell her friends in school that day.

“I heard Brooke telling Nicole and I figured since you two lived together…” Lily trailed off, not quite believing that Brooke and Sam actually got along now.

“Sam?” a knock and Brooke’s voice floated through Sam’s door and Sam looked up.

“Hey Lily, Brooke needs something, I’ll call you back okay?”

“Yeah sure…” Lily said, still confused about the Brooke-Sam truce

“Later Lil’ Lily” Sam added, not being able to resist, laughing at the muted swearing coming from the other end of the line, knowing it was the only thing that could get the pacifist Lily to swear. Besides dissected cats of course.

“Come in Brooke,” Sam called out swiveling her computer chair she was sitting in to face the door. The blonde happily complied bouncing happily onto Sam’s bed. Sometimes Sam could swear the cheerleader was on drugs that mad the “happy”, not natural highs…

“Hey Sam, whatcha doin’ for Halloween?” Sam looked at Brooke strangely…Again-What on earth?

“Same as you…staying home, no party, watching Mac…” Realizing her rather vague question Brooke blushed, knowing how completely stupid her question sounded.

“No, I meant, is Lily, Carmen or Harrison coming over? Cuz Nic, MC, Josh and Sugar Daddy are going to MC’s place for a big bash. Oh and Mary Cherry wants me to tell you Joe is welcome and if he wants to bring his friends he can, just bring his delicious self.” the entire time Brooke spoke, her words were sounded off like rapid fire cannon, again making Sam question her sanity.

“Oh, you mean Harrison?”

“Yeah, I wonder why she calls him Joe?”

“She’s your weirdass friend, how would I know?”

“No one understands MC…” Brooke said gravely, staring at Sam’s deep brown eyes. The same sensation as earlier occurred again. Sam felt like she was drowning in Brooke’s clear gaze.

“Most likely Carmen will convince “Joe” to go taking her and maybe drag a very unwilling Lily also. But I figured I’d just be here.” At Sam’s response Brooke gave another winning smile to the brunette and chirped away again.

“Okay, so you wanna watch movies with me? Like a marathon or something?”

“Sure princess.” Sam replies, her answer seemed a bit breathless as her brain was still in the “must please Brooke McQueen” cage.

“But why don’t you pick the movies?”


“It’s scary Sammy!” Brooke whined diving next to Sam on her bed. Sam, picking the movies, decided to start out with a Saw marathon.

“It’s Halloween, you’re supposed to be scared” Sam said as the blonde burrowed her face into her neck. Sam almost accidentally let out a small purr in response. Thinking herself safe, she didn’t notice Brooke notice a change in her pulse.

It’s not the scary movie Brooke noted, she seems fine…it must be…me? With a start Brooke’s mind finally accepted what she was trying so hard to ignore. She liked Sam…as in like like.

How juvenile was that? her brain retorted…and there is a pretty good chance Sam likes you back.

With this new insight, Brooke decided to plan her next move for one Samantha McPherson.

Her first move was relatively innocent, just keeping her head where it was, firmly laying on Sam’s neck and shoulder. With no reaction given she moved to step two: slide hands onto Sam’s arm. Again, with the no reaction. Returning her gaze to the movie she looked just in time to she a man go up in flames, screaming hideously. Jumping to step six she grabbed Sam’s hand with a small scream and practically lay on top of the smaller girl. She heard a bit of giggling and found Sam regarding her with an amused expression trying hard to look sympathetic…and failing miserably…

With a sniff Brooke decided to get more comfortable and squirmed until she practically spooned Sam from behind, finding comfort from the weight on Sam’s body on her own. She also noticed the reaction her squirming gained and smiled when she felt the vibrations of a small squeak.

Suddenly finding herself in the last step of her plan she decided to wait out the movie, no quite knowing what to do..

Sam herself was in complete agony. She wasn’t scared in the least by the movie…since she wasn’t really watching it. Her mind took hold of her earlier thought and preoccupied itself with fantasy’s of kissing Brooke. Holding Brooke…Feeling Brooke squirming to get behind her was pure torture, as was Brooke breathing on her neck, and stroking her hand…Feeling the cheerleaders body heat rising to match hers made her reporter antenna flick up.

Why would Brooke be…hey…wait a minute…does she like as in like me…okay…that was immature…try again brain…does she have a crush on me too?

Her body’s response at this point kicked in at overdrive, now that the crush may possibly be returned…her body was thinking all sorts of steamy yummy thing. Like chocolate, and Brooke, and Strawberries and Brooke…it was totally win-win for the stomach and the rest of the body…rarely did all her body parts agree too…

Suddenly Brooke shifted again, whimpering as she wrapped her arms tightly around Sam and pushed her face back into Sam’s neck. At the soft sensation of Brooke’s breath back on her neck, Sam snapped. Not in the bad way though. She rapidly flipped onto her stomach leaning over Brooke and leaned in for a ferocious kiss-that somehow turned so sweet. Sam found her lips touching Brooke’s too heavenly for a brutal over-delayed kiss.

When Brooke eagerly responded opening her lips urging Sam deeper, only two things crossed her mind. One, mmmm Brooke. Two, “hey wait a minute…she’s been playing me…”

Neither thoughts really distracted Sam from her goal. To completely taste every inch of Brooke’s mouth, while other parts of her anatomy said “why stop at the mouth?”

Brooke felt the animalistic change in Sam and knew she finally pushed Sam into action. And was completely delighted with results of the planned push. She felt Sam lean over her and almost attack her mouth, only to turn sweetly angelic. Brooke moaned, opening her lips, begging Sam to go deeper and moaned again as Sam accepted her plea. Sam finally tore her lips away, stopping to breathe and gaze into Brooke’s eyes.

“You’ve been playing me haven’t you?” she questioned before attaching her lips back on to Brooke’s, completely loving the way Brooke’s tongue wandered into her mouth, stroking over her tongue.

“Mmhmm” Brooke hummed into Sam’s mouth, letting her lips curve into a wicked smile in response to Sam’s question.


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