Title: What Would Happen

Author: K8

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Fandom: Popular

Pairings: S/B

Ratings: PG

Warnings: If the idea of two women involved in a not-quite-platonic relationship upsets you… well what are you doing on this website? I mean, turn back now… yes, that’s what I meant.

Disclaimers: I am but a measly little peon that only owns newly purchased dishware and thanks to my last payday, slightly more then $ .48 cents in my bank account. Everything important belongs to Ryan Murphy (well… almost everything important) and the song belongs to Meredith Brooks.

A/N: NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF THE YAHOO POPULAR SLASH GROUP!  (Ok, not THAT important.) But I made some alterations to this version of the story vs. my other I posted. Nothing life altering and I will be notifying you on there as well. Sorry for any confusion… (Like there’d be any.)


Brooke put on her well-practiced smile as she was led into the building, once again thanking all those years in high school for teaching her how to hide her feelings. She raised her hand and waved in a model-like fashion as their names were announced on the loud speaker:

// “Now welcoming the Governor of California and his lovely wife, Josh and Brooke Ford.” //

*Brooke McQueen,* she thought to herself, still waving, *I never took his last name and I never will.*

The room that had previously stopped all activity at their entrance now broke into a robust round of applause. Cheers, whistles and various other congratulatory noises reached Brooke’s ears, but they meant nothing to her. None of this meant anything to her. It was all for show, and so was she.

She watched, detached, as Josh removed himself from her to go shake hands and chat with some of the other big wigs that were present. This was the third political convention she’d been dragged to in the past two weeks and they were starting to tire her out.

*Look at them all. They’re all in the same boat as me. Each one of them just another perfectly molded trophy wife,*  Brooke thought to herself, one of the aforementioned wives trying to engage her in menial conversation, *Well, that’s not true. Most of them all enjoy the position they’re in. They love the fame, the money, the prestige. Me… I hate all of this. It’s just too much like being in high school. I should never have agreed to marry Josh. Not when my heart was pining for…*


It was the last game of the year. The Glamazons were getting ready for what was to be the greatest halftime cheer in Kennedy High history. They had been practicing for months and couldn’t be anymore prepared then they were now. Well… Brooke could have been. Physically, she was more then ready, but emotionally…

She scanned the crowd in desperation, *I need her to be here. She promised she wouldn’t miss this.*  She went through her routines like they were just that; routines. She was completing each move with expertise, but anyone who knew her would be able to see her heart just wasn’t in it.

*Where is she?*  Brooke wondered, *Today was going to be the day I finally tell her how I…*

Her thoughts were interrupted by Josh wrapping his arms around her waist. “Hey babe,” he cooed into her ear.

*Why haven’t I broken it off with him yet?*  She wondered internally. *Oh right, because that’s not what’s expected of me. I'm the head cheerleader, therefore, I must date the captain of the football team. Why again do I let popularity rule me like this? If she’s taught me anything it’s that I don’t need popularity to be happy. I just need her.*

“I have a surprise for you during halftime,” Josh broke into her thoughts in a cheery voice.

Brooke put in place her ‘I'm happy, truly, I am. *rolls eyes*’ smile, “That’s great Josh, I can’t wait.”

Josh gave a her a chaste peck on the lips and ran back to join the team who was heading to the locker room. Brooke went back to scanning the crowd, disappointment etching her features as she once again couldn’t find…

Once again she was interrupted, but this time it was by a soft hand being placed on her shoulder.

“Hey, Brooke,” a gentle voice whispered into her ear sending shivers down her spine, “I told you I’d make it.”

Brooke turned to find the object of her desperate scanning standing mere inches in front of her with a glowing smile on her face. Without a second thought she threw herself on the girl and crushed her into a hug.

“You made it!” she shouted into the stunned girl’s shoulder, her voice luckily muffled by the material of the other girl’s shirt.

“Of course,” the girl said, wrapping Brooke in a hug and holding her tightly, “I promised I would and I’d never break a promise, not one I made to you.”

She pulled back and looked Brooke in the eyes, “So what’s the thing you wanted to tell me?”

Brooke was about to respond when Nicole broke in. *Man I'm getting tired of being interrupted,*  she thought to herself.

“What do you think you’re doing touching Brooke before her big moment? If I were you, I’d take your non-Gucci clad self and make a haste exist before I have to lower myself to touching scum like you. We can’t have you defiling our Brookie this close to game time.”

Nicole continued ranting as the girl in question buried her head in the crook of Brooke’s neck and shook with silent laughter. Brooke giggled quietly alongside her when she heard a hushed, “Is she done yet?” mumbled against her neck.

Both girls were torn apart by an irate Nicole.


“Alright, alright.” Sam said, throwing an apologetic look at Brooke, “ Chill Satan, I'm going. Besides, I wouldn’t want to catch any disease from having to make bodily contact with you.” With that, Sam turned and made her way up into the stands.

Halftime went off without a hitch and just as Brooke was turning to pack up her pompoms and go and finally have her chat with Sam the announcer cut in,

// “And now for a halftime surprise…” //

Brooke turned around to see Josh slowly approaching her with a grin on his face. Everything seemed to go in slow motion for Brooke as she watched Josh get down on one knee and open up a small, velvet box. She was so shocked that she felt herself go on autopilot as her mental functions just seemed to shut down. She registered the feeling of a ring being slid onto her finger and the sound of a question being asked.

Too bad for Brooke, her autopilot was the same as her popular side, ready to please and willing to do whatever was necessary to keep the norm. It was the same side of her that had agreed to go out with Josh in the first place. The same side who had gotten her into a pregnancy scare. The same side who had destroyed Carmen’s dreams of becoming a cheerleader. The same side that was about to ruin not only her future, but the future of another.

If Brooke had kept her head on her shoulders and not turned on autopilot, maybe she would have had the chance to really think over what was happening. Unfortunately for Brooke, she didn’t.

The captain of the football team was on his knees in front of the entire school proposing to the captain of the cheerleaders. As far as Brooke’s autopilot knew, there was only one proper response to this. And as that little word slipped past her lips, Brooke knew she had made the wrong choice.

Josh jumped up and planted a kiss firmly on her lips before wrapping her in a suffocating hug, “You’ve just made me the happiest person alive.”

That fake smile was back on her face, *and made me the most miserable,*  she thought sadly, before her eyes found Sam’s in the crowd.

*Make that the second most miserable,*  her heart stopped in her chest as the saw the look of absolute pain flash across Sam’s face.

Sam’s head dropped, breaking all contact with Brooke, who knew without a doubt, that she had just made the greatest mistake of her life and now it was too late to go back and fix it.

She knew Sam was fighting back tears and most likely losing. She watched as Sam suddenly tensed, steeling her shoulders and straightening her back. The expression she wore right then would haunt Brooke for the rest of her life. Her face was devoid of emotion, lips set in a firm line, no sign of tears anywhere on her cheeks or in her eyes… her eyes… The look in them turned Brooke’s stomach and brought tears to her own eyes. Sam’s eyes held a look she never thought she’d ever see in them. Swirling in those usually expressive chocolate orbs… was nothing. No sadness, no hurt, no betrayal… none of the emotions she knew must be raging inside Sam, just plain nothing. Sam and all her passion and drive had been defeated by that one stupid word.

Brooke knew that every single wall Sam possessed had just been put back up and around her heart. Each wall that Brooke had strived so hard and succeeded to break down was now back in place.

With unquestionable certainty, Brooke knew that they would never come down again. With one little word, she had destroyed everything the two girls had built up over the last year. With one little word, she had destroyed Sam.

And somehow, when Sam stood up and walked from the stands, Brooke knew she would never see her again.


*And I never did, she was gone before I even got home from school. Mom said she had just packed and left,*  Brooke felt tears fill her eyes and shook her head to clear herself of thoughts she really couldn’t afford to delve into. *It’s too late to bother obsessing about the past. She’s gone and I'm with…* she looked over to where Josh was busy wooing another major political ally, she sighed, *him.*

She politely excused herself from the woman who was now discussing the political ramifications of banning old men from feeding ducks and was about to head outside for a breath of fresh, non-political air when something caught her eye.

*Make that someone,*  her mind chimed in as she attempted to catch another glimpse of the person. *It can’t be, there’s no way. She’d never come to one of these things. Unless... no, that couldn’t be it. She must be writing an article on it or something. She hates you remember? I broke her heart and for what? Popularity? She has to hate me, even I hate me.*  But none of that stopped Brooke from getting her hopes up and continuing to look for her.

Brook hadn’t even acknowledged that their was music until her ears caught the familiar beats starting up and her eyes caught Sam’s from across the room.

*She’s here!!*  her mind screamed internally.

The sight of Sam standing there in a deep red, knee-length dress almost brought Brooke to her knees. Hell, just the sight of Sam after so long was enough to bring Brooke to her knees.

Emotions flooded Brooke and turned her into a helpless pile of mush. Where she had expected to see nothing less then pure hatred directed towards her, she found love and compassion. Where she had expected to see pain and heartbreak, she saw lust and desire. In that instant she knew that Sam had forgiven her, she knew that Sam understood why she did what she did.

The lyrics drifted through Brooke’s Sam-induced haze and wrapped themselves around her.

Electricity, eye to eye.
Hey don't I know you?
I can't speak.

It was as if that painful even two years prior had never occurred. The two broken lovers gazed at each other as if seeing the other for the first time and Brooke couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Stripped my senses,
On the spot.
I've never been defenseless.
I can't even make sense of this.
You speak and I don't hear a word.

Brooke felt raw. So many emotions were running through her, tearing her apart, leaving her feeling empty and full at the same time. She didn’t even notice Sam approach her or whisper her name. The only reason she had any idea that Sam had said anything was due to her gaze having rested on those oh-so-tempting lips.

*When all else fails…* Brooke’s mind began, *go with the primal feelings,*  it finished, as lust overtook her.

Sam finally noticed that Brooke wasn’t hearing a word she said and when she followed the other girl’s line of sight she noticed why. Unable to quell the urge, Sam seductively ran her tongue over her bottom lip before biting it between her teeth and releasing it with a soft ‘pop’.

Brooke’s thoughts had wondered back to a time when she wouldn’t have thought twice before pressing her lips against the ones in front of hers and taking that talented tongue into her mouth. But now… now she wasn’t so sure that was a smart idea.

What would happen if we kissed?
Would your tongue slip past my lips?
Would you run away, would you stay?
Or would I melt into you…
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust,
Spontaneously combust.

Sam’s hand came up and softly brushed against Brooke’s in order to wake her from her dreaming. She had to get the other girl’s attention before she jumped her where she stood.

Brooke shook her head and brought her attention to the present. She had been lost in thoughts of the past. Thoughts where she would already be pressed against the nearest wall, Sam’s body melded against her own, their lips tasting each other desperately, hands wandering…

Brooke had wandered off again, Sam could tell because her eyes had taken on a glossed over look. *And a slightly darker tinge,*  her mind chirped in. Sam looked over the girl in front of her and noticed the flush in her cheeks and the way her breathing was coming out in short pants. *Damn, if she doesn’t snap out of her daze, I'm not going to be responsible for my actions.*

The room is spinning out of control.
Act like you didn't notice,
Brushed my hand.

Forbidden fruit,
Ring on my finger.
You're such a moral, moral –man-,
You throw it away, no question.
Will I pretend I'm innocent?

Finally, Brooke came back to the present and noticed that Sam was now standing directly in front of her, so close she could feel the other girl’s hot breath on her neck. *This is too much, I can’t do this. I'm married to Josh. Married, mean’s ‘off the market’. Then again… I don’t love him, I never have. Our sex life is non-existent and I know for a fact that he’s been seeing Nicole behind my back so no one’s going to be wronged...*

What would happen if we kissed?
Would your tongue slip past my lips?
Would you run away, would you stay?
Or would I melt into you…
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust,
Spontaneously combust.

Sam watched as thoughts raced through Brooke’s eyes, a myriad of expressions running across her face. Lust, desperation, fear, lust, confusion, anger… before it finally settled on contentedness. *Bordering on lust,*  Sam thought, smirking, *but she’s with Josh, remember? Only for show though…I came to that conclusion a while ago, and after my… riveting discussion with Nicole and discovering what he’s doing behind Brooke’s back… Well, that’s when I truly knew that she never said Yes to hurt me or because she truly loved Josh. She did it because it was what was expected of her. I’ve forgiven her for that. Besides, I saw the look in Brooke’s eyes that day. At first I didn’t understand it, but after a while I figured it out. It was regret, she hadn’t meant to say yes to Josh.*  Sam shook her head to rid herself of the negative thoughts and realized that Brooke was, at last, back in the present with her.

I struggle with myself again,
Quickly the walls are crumbling.
Don't know if I can turn away…

Brooke looked Sam in the eye and gasped as she saw the lust and love she felt mirrored back at her. *She doesn’t hate me! She forgives me!*  And with that thought, Brooke felt her last ounce of resolve crumble. She pulled Sam to her and embraced the shorter girl in a loving hug.

“I'm sorry,” she whispered. “That day, I was planning on finally telling you that I…”

“I know,” Sam interrupted, brushing a strand of hair out of Brooke’s eyes, {{A/N: getting tired of the interruptions yet? *snickers* }} “and you should know I’ve already forgiven you,” Sam whispered back, pulling away just enough to look Brooke in the eyes. She quietly sang the rest of the lyrics to Brooke, a mischievous glint in her eyes,

“What would happen if we kissed?
Would your tongue slip past my lips?
Would you run away, would you stay?
Or would I melt into you…
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust,
Spontaneously combust?”


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