Title: Never Dropping Hands

Author: Jojo


Fandom: Popular

Pairing: Brooke and Sam of course! Is teh love!!!

Rating: Starts out PG and rolls into NC-17 *blush*

Warning: If the ideal of lesbianism make you slightly terrified I suggest you not read this…because yes lesbianism is contagious. Tee Hee

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not owned by me at all. If they were I would have kept the show running a hundred more seasons and would have had to change to HBO or Showtime. Can’t let the kiddies see the sexin!

Brooke rolled over and looked at the slumbering brunette stretched out on the bed in front of her. In the light of the moon filtering in through the window, she could just barely make out the soft curves of Sam’s body.

She smiled to herself closing her eyes, knowing that even if she was stricken blind right that minute she would never forget the unbelievable sight of that body.

It was the body of the women she loved, the women she was resolved to love for the rest of her life. Her smile got bigger as she said those words over to herself…My love, for the rest of my life…I like that.

In the dark of the night Brooke could not help but look back over the last six months. It was almost possible to remember where they were a six months ago…yelling all the time, fighting like two caged dogs, at each other’s throats day in and day out.

And then that night…that horrible night at prom, the night that their world had completely rearranged itself.

She could remember everything clearly. In the prom with Harrison, hearing him say he wanted to be with her and not Sam, the look on Sam’s face which broke her heart. Running out of the prom, her mind a mess of feelings and emotions. And Sam, yes Sam chasing after her, yelling the words at each other in the lobby. And then running again…

The headlights coming at her…she could see everything in slow motion, Nicole staring at her from behind the steering wheel, then bracing herself, then out of the corner of her eye she saw Sam running at her…

No Sam…and then it was all over…she was on the side walk watching the horrible event play out in front of her, Sam being struck by the car, rolling off the hood, falling onto the cold ground.

The recovery had been slow…three weeks in a touch and go coma and another four months of physical therapy to get Sam walking again.

Neither girl can tell you when it happened. They spent all their time together and it just naturally occurred on its own. It would be safe to say that neither of them really even realized it before the other one.

After Sam woke up, Brooke continued to stay by her side twenty-four seven, taking their school work there to the hospital to do it together. Jane and Mike gave up and just paid BioGlass to come to the hospital to keep them up to date.

The relationship quickly progressed into something beautiful and awe-inspiring to say the least, it started with a timid friendship, and moved into what each girl agreed to be best friends. Then once the physical therapy started to get more intense and they spent more time together it turned into innocent flirting.

A soft touch on the shoulder, a look of caring and passion at a hard moment, a soft kiss on the cheek or forehead.

Both girls were plagued by nightmares of the event, and despite the fear of sounding like babies, they quickly realized that they only slept peacefully with each other. Eventually the girls gave up on starting off in one room and moving to the others. They just both ended up in one room after their nightly bed rituals and stayed in that room.

And then one night before bed the words were finally spoken. Brook looked back on that night like one would look at the most wonderful happiest moment of their life.

Lying in bed they were just staring into each other’s eyes each lost in their own world. And then with a sigh they leant in and kissed one another. And it was a kiss that would end all kisses as the best kiss in history. It was right and it was deep and both girls knew that they had found that one person that would be their one true love for all the days of their lives.

That night had been the most passionate experience either girl had ever had in their young lives.

For Sam it was the night that her mental and emotional walls came crashing down, the moment Brooke took her virginity.

For Brooke it was the first time in her life that she felt unconditionally loved for who she was inside as well as outside.

That night had led them into a hard road that was plagued with constant bumps and potholes. The backlash from their peer’s, the loss of a few friends, and the negative reaction they had received from their parents.

Both parents had taken it badly, after what seemed to be a good four hour fight, the girls had been threatened with being split up, being sent away, and ultimately charged with ruining their lives.

But through the entire thing they had held hands and stood firm.

Through the whole gauntlet of pain and anguish they had came out on the other side just as much in love as they had been when they entered, if not more.

In the end they had moved out, joining forces with the newly wed Josh and Lily, pooling their funds, getting jobs, and obtaining a small apartment to call home.

Looking back on the events Brooke smiled, through it all nothing had changed between them, they had not buckled under the pressure, not doubted themselves; not doubted each other.

As Brooke stared down at the brunette she could felt her heart beat faster at the emotions running over her.

The soft breathing coming for her lover was the sound that had kept her going since she had woken up from the coma, the sound of life.

Brooke gazed down at the warm body that belonged to Sam, they had gone to bed naked after a passionate love making session and Brooke could see Sam’s hard nipples through the thin white sheet. She quietly pulled the sheet off; uncovering her lover so she could take pleasure with her eyes on the beauty of Sam’s perfect body.

She put her hand softly between Sam’s breast cupping them softly in her hands, running her fingers over the soft nipples lightly, hoping not to wake the brunette. She wanted to be free to explore the body of her lover and see just how far she could push before Sam woke up. Softly she ran her hand over the girl’s abdomen, running her finger along the zigzag of scars that ran over her body where the car had hit her. Each one of those scars was a reminder of the love between them.

Brooke continued to run her hand down her girlfriend’s body, resting on top of her lover’s mound, the heat coming from that part of Sammy sent tremors up Brook’s spine and made her wet. She softly delved a finger between her lover’s lips slowly running it over Sam’s clit, this touch elicited a moan from the sleeping girl and Brooke felt a another tremor run through her body.

Slowly running her finger around in circles she looked into her lover’s face. She was greeted by a soft smile that told her Sam was awake and she wished very much Brooke to continue her nightly actions. She leaned forwards and kissed her lover on the lips, tasting her sweet round lips, she kissed down Sam’s cheek stopping at her ear to whisper her love and to tease and lick at the soft earlobe she had became so familiar with.

She started to quicken the pace of her one hand and brought her other hand underneath her to support her body. Lying on her side she took one of Sammy’s already hard nipples in her mouth and lightly nipped at the end of it. This drove a deep moan out of the already close brunette. Crawling down on the bed Brooke began to leave a trail of kisses down Sammy’s legs careful to gently support the leg that was slightly more affected by the accident.

As she kissed closer and closer to her lovers aching warmth, she could smell the sweet smell of Sam’s aroused state. Gently she kissed her lovers lips, licking her own and relishing in the taste of Sam. From the first time she had tasted that she had been hooked, perfectly ready to spend the rest of her life drinking it in every day.

Feeling Sam’s urgency Brooke decided against drawing out the session and instead went into it full force, licking and nipping in the spots she knew would bring Sam to orgasm as soon as possible. As Sam began bucking her legs and tensing her muscles, Brooke slipped one and then two fingers into her wetness. As Brooke predicted, this pushed Sam over the edge, her back arched off the bed and she let out a wail that resembled Brooke’s name.

Brooke crawled up to her lover and pulled her close, feeling her body shake as her orgasm subsided, and her breathing returned to normal. Brooke held her close to her heart kissing her on the top of the head cherishing this moment of bliss.

“What was that for?” the brunette whispered into the crook of Brooke’s neck.

“For never dropping my hand.”

Sam nodded into the crook of Brooke’s neck accepting the explanation with total understanding and clarity.


“Hmm baby?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too forever and forever.”


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