Title: Denying the Stars

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Author: Jessica


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PART 37:

"Sam, could you get the ties on the back of my gown?" The blonde asked, holding the front of the garment up as she looked over her shoulder at the brunette. Her hazel eyes following her lover's hands as they slid black leather up muscled, sun bronzed thighs, then over a firm round ass. [Maybe we shouldn't be getting dressed just yet...What's wrong with me, I can't seem to stop wanting her...Nothing's wrong with me, I'm in love. In love with my Sammy, and constantly wanting my Sammy, wanting her naked...on top of- I've really got to stop this now.]

"I'm better at untying these." Sam murmured as she started lacing up the blonde's gown. Seeing the surprised flash in her wife's dazed hazel eyes, she smirked. "Didn't know I was here already love?" Finishing with the ties, she wrapped her arms around Brooke's waist and lowered her mouth to the girl's ear. "As much at I would love to make what ever you were thinking about real, we have to be getting back." Her whispered breath washed over the delicate shell before her warm mouth closed over the soft lobe at it's base.

Moaning softly, Brooke leaned back into her wife's body, her arm going up to hold the brunette in place. "You keep that up and we won't be getting back home until next year." Turning around in her wife's arms, she placed a tender kiss on the girl's full lips. Hugging the brunette tightly, she rested her head on the warrior's chest and sighed. "Thank you for today, I thoroughly enjoy swimming." Feeling the girl suddenly stiffen in her arms, Brooke picked her head up and looked at her wife. Seeing the brunette's eyes scanning the area around them, she frowned in confusion. "What Sam, what is it?"

Pulling Brooke in close, she buried her face in the girl's hair, running her hands down the blonde's sides before resting her right on the hilt of her sward. Through lowered lashes, she covertly watched five men creep closer to them from the bushes. Whispering in her wife's ear, she didn't take her discreet gaze from the approaching group as she spoke. "When I pull you behind me, you are to stay there until this is over." When she felt the blonde begin to stiffen and go to nod her head, she was quick to stop her. "No, don't make any movements, they'll know we've seen them."

"Where are they now?" Brooke asked in a hushed voice, struggling to keep her body from displaying the fear she felt running through her.

"They're just getting to the end of the woods, we're going to run for our horses before they reach us." With a swift movement of her arms, Sam pushed Brooke behind her and pulled out her sward. Keeping her left hand on the small of the blonde's back, she ran along behind the girl, keeping her eyes on their advancing foes. "Faster Brooke, keep going!" She shouted as a scruffy blonde man in rags started gaining on them.

Breathing heavily, Brooke shoved her way through the shrubs and branches reaching out at her. Running as fast as she could, her gown and fair skin being torn by the foliage, always aware of her wife's presence behind her. Crashing through the bushes and tree branches, she rushed over to Blizzard's side and took hold of the saddle horn.

Sam stooped down and boosted the blonde into her saddle, before turning around to face the first man who'd brake through the woods. "Go now Brooke, get to the palace." She called out to her wife, her eyes never leaving the trees in front of her, the sound of heavy boots stumbling over the ground drawing closer.

"No Sam, come with me." The blonde pleaded, not wanting to leave her love behind. "Mount up or I stay and fight with you." With that, her voice lost it's pleading note, replacing it with an edge of determination. As if agreeing with his owner, Blizzard let out a snort and stomped one of his heavy hooves.

Growling out in frustration, Sam ran to Eridanus's side and swung up into the saddle. Tapping her leather heals into the animal's sides, she bent down and took hold of Blizzard's reins as she rode past the white horse with it's golden haired rider. "You better hold on tight!" She yelled out over the sound of their mounts pounding hooves.

Holding onto Blizzard's mane with a death grip, Brooke tuned her head to see if their would be attackers were following. Seeing one of the dirty rag wearing men ride out of the woods with four other horses following, she sucked in a gasp of air as the other men mounted up to give chase. "Sam, they're coming and they've horses!" She called out in a quaking voice, unable to tap down the fear that had increased it's movements in her blood stream.

Hearing Brooke's cry of warning and the thunder of horses coming after them, Sam smacked her heals into Eridanus again, urging the animal to go faster. Pulling on Blizzard's reins, she waited until the white horse was running along side her own before turning to speak with Brooke. "I have to fall back and face them, it'll buy you enough time to get to the palace and send help." Seeing the blonde shake her head and open her mouth to protest, Sam cut in quickly. "If you don't, then both of us will die, I can't fight them and worry about you all at once."

Looking into Sam's deep brown eyes swirling with emotions, Brooke closed her eyes and nodded. Taking a deep breath, she opened her hazel orbs and gazed at her wife. "Just come back to me whole this time." Not waiting for an answer, she bent down low over Blizzard, tapping her heals to his side. As the horse started to pull ahead of Sam's palomino, she continued to encourage the animal to greater speeds. [Faster we reach the palace, the faster Sam gets help. She'll come back to me, she said she'd be with me always.]

PART 38:

Sir Domonic's obsidian eyes scanned the horizon from his post in the tower, missing nothing in their scrutiny of his Lord's holdings. To the right he noticed a dust cloud steadily getting larger and smiled in relief. [They've finally decided to return, I just hope the swimming lesson's went well.] When his eyes could focus on the cause of the small sand storm, a frown replaced the smile, worry taking up residence in his eyes, banishing his previous relief. [It's only the Lady Brooke, some thing's wrong.] Looking down into the yard, his eyes locked on the figure of Simon. "Simon! Mount up and ride out with a few men, there's trouble!" His deep voice carried out he window, reaching the younger man below. Turning quickly, Domonic rushed down the tower stairs and over to the stables, wanting to ride out with the others.

By the time he and the other men were mounted and on their way, Brooke and Blizzard had reached the outside palace walls. Simon was the first to reach the blonde, pulling back on his reins to stop his horse beside hers. "My Lady, what is amiss?"

"Sam and I were attacked, there are five mounted men out there, Sam made me go ahead." Brooke said, her hazel eyes wide with fear and worry, her voice rushed in her need to get help for her wife. "They're Glass's men, go now, she needs help!" The blonde practically shouted, her gaze traveling from one soldier's face to the next.

"Cole, escort Lady Brooke into the palace, the rest of you, Move!" Sir Domonic yelled, already setting his mount in motion.

Brooke watched as Sam's men rode out to give her aid. Sighing in relief, she slumped slightly in the saddle. [They'll save her, they'll bring her back to me.] Looking up at the young squire who was to be her escort, Brooke gave an attempted smile. "Let's go Cole, Sam will be home any moment now."

Nodding his head, a few wayward curls falling into his eyes, the squire said, "Yes my Lady." Turning his horse around he lead them through the palace gates. Sliding out of his saddle, he went over and helped Brooke dismount. "I'll take care of the horses my Lady, you go on up stairs and let Tara care for you."

A soft smile graced her features as she looked into Cole's concerned eyes. "A fine idea young squire, thank you." Turning around, she went up the stairs and into the palace, going straight for her bedchamber. Breathing heavily, she rushed over to her water pitcher and pored herself a full glass, gulping it down quickly. Setting the cup back down, regaining some of her calm, she filled the glass again and started drinking more slowly.

"And here I thought I'd have to find a way to get you to drink the drugged water." Cecile said tauntingly as she stepped out of a shadowed corner. An insane gleam in her eyes, while a sneer curled her lips when Brooke turned her shocked gaze to her. "That's right ice princess, I've got you, and soon Bio Glass will have you too." Walking right up to the blonde, who was beginning to stumble, the glass falling from her weakening fingers. Watching as the girl's hazel eyes became unfocused, Cecile whispered in Brooke's ear. "I won't be going to the Julian's, and I'm eager to see how our Lord's shining Lady will fare in the forever darkness of Lupus."

Brooke tried to push herself away from the table, tried to get away from the villainous kitchen maid, but her body refused to respond to her commands. Feeling the abyss of unconsciousness creeping up on her, she put all her effort into remaining awake and alert. [No, no, no, no, no! This isn't happening, this can't be happening...Oh please Sam, please let my Sammy be alright, please let her find me.] Brooke felt the impact of her body meeting the unyielding floor of her bedchamber before sinking into the nothingness.

PART 39:

The brunette stood amidst the five men surrounding her, the sward in her hands at the ready while her senses reached out for the sign of the first strike. Sam cleared her mind of every thing, focusing all of her being on the fight about to take place. Her eyes never leaving the narrowed gaze of the unkempt blonde, who seemed to be the leader of the little group.

Spitting down at the woman's feet, his voice filled with contempt, the blonde spoke. "Women should know their place, they shouldn't be playing at being a warrior."

A confident, taunting smirk lifted the corner of her mouth as Sam challenged the group of men. "Why don't you see for yourselves, just how adapt I am at playing then?" Lifting one brow, she watched as the blonde waved the rest off and stepped closer to her, drawing his own sward. [That's a good boy, fall right into it.] As the man brought his weapon up in an over head arc, Sam raised her own to connect with the blade in a metallic ringing of steal.

Ice blue eyes watched as his leader and the brunette woman circled each other in combat, lunging and blocking respectively. [He's going to loose, his concentration is not in it, hers is unwavering] His attention was snagged from the fight bye the faint sound of approaching horses. Turning to the other men with him, he said, "We've got company coming, get ready for a fight."

"We shouldn't have let the blonde bitch get away." Their leader growled as he blocked another of Sam's advances. He was awakening to the fact that the woman was gaining the advantage, putting himself more and more on the defensive. "I was looking forward to playing with her too." His cold eyes went wide as he realized all too late the mistake he'd just made. He scrambled to block an over head shot, only to find the brunette's sward buried in his chest.

Leaning in close to the man, thrusting her blade in deeper, Sam's eyes were black with rage. Her voice was a hissing growl as she whispered into the dying man's ear. "No one as vile as you would ever have my angel." Placing her foot on the man's shoulder, she pushed his body off her sward onto the ground. Lifting her head quickly, flinging back her midnight tresses, she rushed to the closest man. Her blade lashing across his middle before he had a chance to block. As he bent down in pain, she brought her weapon down in a powerful swipe, decapitating the man and moving onto the next.

PART 40:

Sir Domonic pulled back on his reins forcefully, bringing his horse to an abrupt stop as he surveyed the carnage in front of him. Seeing Simon come up beside him, he let out a relieved breath when the younger man pointed to a raven haired woman mounting up on a strong palomino. "I guess we didn't get here fast enough, she took care of the matter on her own."

Shaking his head, Simon's light brown eyes watched his long time friend ride over to them. "I'm just glad that she's on our side, I'd never want to face her in battle."

"Nor would I Sir Simon." When Sam joined their group, Domonic's eyes looked her over. Only seeing a few shallow cuts and scrapes, he asked. "Are you alright?" When the woman simply nodded, he turned to the men with them, "Back to the palace!" He called out as he turned his mount and they rode off.

Ridding along side Simon, Sam looked over at her best friend, asking, "Did Brooke make it back?"

"Yes, she ordered us out to help you." Simon answered, a reassuring smile lighting his features. A silent sigh escaped when some of the rage swarming in Sam's eyes left her. [God help those who are foolish enough to threaten Sam's family and friends, but there'll be no help for those daft enough to threaten her Lady Brooke.]

Tapping her heals into Eridanus's sides, urging the animal to a faster pace, a slow smile spread across Sam's mouth. [They're dead and Brooke's safe, my Brooke. Come on Eridanus, faster, my Lady is waiting for me.] The brunette leaned down, hugging the palomino's neck, continuing to encourage the animal to increase it's stride. [I'm going home to my Brooke, and then I'll bring war onto Lupus and Bio Glass. First I must speak with Alex, he'll be useful in planning an attack, he knows everything about his holdings.]

Simon watched as his friend took the lead, almost taking flight in her haste to get to the palace. A huge grin spread across his face, his eyes sparkling as he looked upon his friend. [Perhaps I should think of finding one woman, I've never seen Sam so happy...I guess that's something to think on, or not. Sam may be happy with only Brooke, but I've yet to meet that one girl who makes the sunshine brighter...I'll continue to do what I'm go at... the more the merrier.]

PART 41:

Cecile pulled the unconscious form along, dragging it up the ramp into the ship, humming a chipper tune as she strapped the blonde onto one of the cots against the wall. Walking back out of the craft, she waved to the two men who were tied and gagged. Kneeling down in front of them, she reached out and patted each one on the head. "I know you're both going to miss me, but the Lady Brooke and I really must be on our way." Looking off to the side, her gaze far away form the reality around her. "She'll be in the dark and I'll bask in the shine of Glass, the Lady will be my new toy, a pet." Standing up, she lifted the supply bags beside the ship and walked back up the ramp. Tossing the bags into the corner, she spared a glance for the still drugged captive, before sitting down in front of the controls. "This will teach every one's precious Samantha to under estimate me, now she'll remember me, she'll never forget me now." Flipping a few switches, she wrapped her fingers around the controls and pulled them toward her, getting the ship in motion to Lupus. "Now you'll be the one in the dark ice princess, you'll be the one left in the shadows to be forgotten."

Brooke cautiously opened her eyes to tiny slits, easily hidden behind her long lashes. Her hazel gaze took in as much of her surroundings as she could see, finally settling on her abductor's back. Slowly reaching up, careful not to make any sound with her movements, she brought her hand to her neck. Brooke wrapped her fingers around the white gold snowflake found at the base of her neck. The dull crystal points indenting the flesh of her palm, her knuckles turned white from her hold on the charm. Hazel eyes drifted shut, her body surrendering to the chemicals running through it. Her thoughts centered on her love, her hope. [My Sammy will find me, Sam will find me...but I'm the one who'll handle Cecile, me...just let me get these drugs out of my vanes first, then I'll teach that little snake a lesson...I'll teach her.]

Glancing back at the still form on the cot, a wicked grin lifted the corners of Cecile's mouth. "Now we'll see who brings the ruler to their knees Lady Brooke. You might've taken Sam away from me, but Bio Glass is firmly wrapped around my finger. My Glassy will let me play with you all I want, and after the McPherson family is handled, I'll be the Lady of all those holdings. Everything I wanted from Sam will be mine, with the added planets of Lupus and Lepus." Setting the destination into the ships memory, she switched it to auto pilot and went to lay down on another cot. Squirming into a comfortable position, she yawned as she glared at the unconscious blonde. "I always wanted Sammy's heart, but you've had it all along, so by taking you, I take that as well. If she won't love me, she certainly won't have you to love anymore, and she'll know how much pain you were in...I'll be sure to tell her all about it before she dies too." Closing her eyes, the villainous woman drifted off into a sleep filled with anguished cries extracted from a hazel eyed blonde. A slow smile crept onto her lips as her mind fell deeper into sleep, anticipating her arrival on Lupus.

PART 42:

Before the brunette's boots had a chance to touch the ground of the yard, her attention was on her squire who was running at her, calling her name frantically. When the young man reached her, she grasped his shoulders and looked into his eyes, finding all sorts of emotions running wild in their depths. "Cole, calm down and tell me what's happened." Sam said in a steady voice, as she watched the boy take in several large gulps of air before speaking.

His body began to quake as re relayed what had happened in his ruler's absence at the palace. "Tara was found beaten and left in the woods, she told us that it was Cecile's doing. I rode out to the ship that was waiting to take the maid to the Julian's and found the pilots bound and gagged with the ship already gone. The pilots say that Cecile took the ship and supplies..." Looking into Sam's deep brown eyes, Cole's bottom lip trembled as he spoke the last of it. "They say she's taken the Lady Brooke with her as well, that they're on their way to Lupus."

The brunette's eyes went wide with worry and gear, a gasped "No" escaping her suddenly dry lips. Turning around she grabbed hold of Eridanus's reins, flinging herself into the saddle, mounting up once again. Looking down at Cole, she said, "Get Alex Primous, gather all men willing to go, Domonic and Simon included, all of you come to the launch area." Rearing the horse up on his hind legs, she swung the animal around and rode out of the gates.

Cole's eyes hadn't left the opening yet, and when the rest of the rescue party arrived, he stopped them from dismounting. Standing in front of Sir Domonic and Simon's horses, he told them of Sam's orders and what had happened. Looking into the narrowed eyes of the two men on horse back and the seething soldiers behind them, Cole said, "I believe Cecile has pushed our Lord beyond the limit."

Sir Domonic nodded sharply, his fist clenched tight around his mounts reins. "Now both Glass and her wench will find out why Lady Samantha's armies are glad to be on her side." Hearing grunts of agreement form behind him, he looked down at the young squire. "Go gather the rest of the men, make sure thirty are left behind to man stations here and guard the palace. The rest of us, move out, we've some where to be." Tapping his heals into his horse's sides, Domonic lead the men out to the launch area at a break neck speed. [Glass and Cecile have unleashed a hell upon themselves, not even God will be able to stop Samantha if they've harmed her Lady Brooke.]

Simon was pushing his horse to the limit, trying to get to his friend as fast as he could. His usual cheerful and friendly demeanor was replaced with a stone faced soldier's expression, as rage boiled in his vanes. [They'll die for this, the Lady Brooke has come to be a friend and fair match for our Lord. Cecile will wish that she'd passed on in Thomas's place when I'm through with her, and there's no telling what Sam will do. Taking Lady Brooke put the last nail in Bio Glass's coffin and Cecile will follow that monster to hell soon after.]

PART 43:

Cecile shoved the groggy blonde through the entrance to the thrown room, smirking as she watched the girl stumble on a head of her. "My Glassy's made a special holding cell just for you Lady Brooke. Glass wanted a front row seat to watch all the things I have planed on doing to you." Pushing the disorientated girl down onto the cold stone floor, Cecile wrapped long blonde tresses around her hands. Dragging Brooke into the cell by her hair, pulling harder than necessary, leaving the girl's scalp burning in pain. Stepping out of the iron cage, she slammed the door shut with a vibrating clang. "Bio isn't here yet, so we'll have to wait a bit before we begin my game. All the toys are here, and I'm sure your precious Sammy has figured out what's happened to you now...If we get lucky, she'll get to see some of the performance before you both die."

Brooke's hazel eyes shot daggers at the sandy haired maid form her position in the cell. Turning away from the woman, her eyes went to the toys that had been mentioned. As she looked over the whips, paddles, daggers, branding rods, and other implements of torture and pain, her body began to tremble and quake. A steady leak of fear started to travel down her body, creating a pool of terror in her gut. [Oh please Sam, please come for me. The girl has gone mad... please save me my love.] Brooke's thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of a dirty blonde haired woman. [No, wait that's a man... No, a woman... but it's got a... oh who cares what the hell that thing is, I've to find a way out of this.]

"Glassy!" Cecile hopped up excitedly, rushing over to the new comer's side. "Now that you're here, can I play now?" The sandy haired maid asked, sticking out her bottom lip in an attempt at a becoming pout. "I've finally gotten the toy I've always wanted, please let me take her out of the cage and play with her."

Bio's gaze shifted from Cecile over to the trapped blonde, a sneer coming to his/her lips. "I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to play, as long as you include our guest in your fun." Kissing Cecile on the forehead, Glass gave the girl a light pat on the bottom as she went to Brooke's cell. Motioning over one of the guards by the door, Bio whispered, "I'm sure that Lady Samantha will be along to fetch her wife in the near future. Set up a meeting for tomorrow morning, we'll have to discuss defences for when she arrives."

"Yes my Lord." The guard nodded crisply, clicking his heels together as he left to inform the other men of the meeting the following day. [I hope Lady Samantha does come, I she puts you and the little wench of yours in the ground. Your men might rise to your defence when McPherson arrives Glass, but the men who've served the Primous family will aid her in the attack and your destruction.]

PART 44:

The ship was already in space, propelling toward the night planet of Lupus at it's highest speed. Brown eyes clouded over with seething rage and infinite worry gazed around at the men crowded into the transport vehicle. Catching a glimpse of short auburn hair, Sam called out, "Lord Alex, please join me here." She watched as her friends younger brother shouldered his way through the congestion of bodies to stand before her. A sharp pain entered her heart at the thought of Karen and Alex's other three siblings.

Kneeling down in front of Samantha, Alex bowed his head in respect to the brunette. "I will do anything that you ask of me Lady Samantha. Any aid I can give, I will gladly provide to you." His green eyes looked up into the expressionless face of the raven haired woman as he kept his head bowed.

"There is no need to kneel Alex, you are my friend, I do not require the formalities." When the young Lord rose, Sam gestured to the chair in front of her and waited until he was seated. Leaning forward in her own seat, she glanced at Simon and Domonic who flanked each of her sides, before focusing on Alex once more. "I need you to tell me every thing you know about your home and how Bio Glass runs it. The layout of the palace, if it's changed since I last visited, the guards schedules and stations, where Glass could be holding Lady Brooke, anything you can tell me."

Nodding his head, Alex thought for a moment before answering. "Bio runs Lupus very orderly, the palace hasn't changed much at all, the guards follow a strict schedule but are spread very thin. Glass's war against you has caused her forces to fade off significantly, there are only enough men to post, at most, three to a station. As for Lady Brooke...." Pushing his fingers through his short sandy red hair, he frowned as his thought. Raising his head quickly, green eyes wide as they locked on Sam. "The cell in the throne room, Glass had it built after taking control, I didn't know why. She'll have the Lady Brooke there, and the royal passages for escape lead to a room adjacent to the throne room."

"What royal passages?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow.

A smirk tilted up the corner of Alex's mouth, they had a way in that Glass wouldn't see coming. "My great grandfather had them built into the walls of the palace in order for the children and women of the family to escape in case of attack. There's a hidden entrance in the woods west of the palace, we can go in that way as well as leave through it too."

Sitting back in her chair, Sam rested her chin on her fist as she thought. Her brown eyes focused on nothing but the plan forming in her head. "You say the guards are spread thin, so they'll rush from all directions to get to a point under attack." Looking to her right, she asked Domonic, "How many men are with us?"

"A hundred and fifty my Lord, the others wished to come as well but we needed adequate protection for the palace." Sir Domonic answered crisply.

"Then a hundred and forty seven men will attack the front entrance of the palace, causing the guards to rush there and leave the throne room open for an attack from the passage." Running the palms of her hands down the black leather britches encasing her thighs, she let out a small sigh, as she continued. "Domonic will lead the attack at the front, if you take care of the enemy head for the throne room to join us. Simon, Alex, and I will make our way through the passages and to Glass. When we reach the throne room, Alex you are to make sure Brooke is alright and stand guard over her. Simon, you are to find that snake Cecile, I'll be going after Glass."

Simon listened intently at his friend's left side, watching as Sam's fist clenched when ever she spoke of Bio Glass. [I've never seen her this way before, if Glass and Cecile had a brain between the two of them, they'd run and leave Lady Brooke unharmed. The kind hearted blonde has become family to us all, if she's hurt....Glass and Cecile will die in this battle, and Lord Alex will be restored to his rightful place as ruler. Sam and Brooke will get their happily ever after, even if I have to slaughter all of Glass's followers to make it so.]

When Sam was finished giving her orders, her eyes met every man's gaze for a moment before she spoke again. "We will all return home when this is finished, is that understood?" Receiving answering nods and soft grunts, the brunette dismissed them to prepare for the approaching battle. [Simon, Alex, and myself will go directly to Brooke, the others will engage Glass's men in combat. Everyone is coming home when this is finished, and my Brooke will be safe in my arms again. I'll never let her out of my sight again, I'll always know where she is. No one will harm my love without regretting it until their death. I'm coming love, hold on just a while longer, I'm coming.]

PART 45:

Brooke's hazel eyes were wide with fear as she backed to the corner of her iron cell. Her body was trembling in uncontrollable terror while Cecile and two guards come toward her cage. [No, please no, just let them leave me alone, don't let them touch me. Stop this! Pull yourself together Brooke...you are a McPherson now. Think, think quickly.]

While the guards opened the cell each took one of the blonde's arms to lead her out, as Cecile stood with a triumphant smile. "Don't worry Lady Brooke, I'll make sure you feel every bit of the fun I have in mind for you. I'll make you hideously beautiful for your Samantha, and then I'll kill you both very slowly." Looking over her shoulder the sandy haired maid smiled at Bio Glass who was seated on the throne. "My Glassy knows that little Sammy will becoming after you, but we still have time to play ice princess. She won't know where I've taken you for a few days, she's probably running all over her holdings in desperate search of you right now." Smiling at Brooke as the guards held the blonde up in front of her, Cecile winked at the girl. "It's a shame she won't recognize you when I've finished with my game, but then I'll just play it with her too."

The blonde's heal slammed down on the surprised guard's foot, causing the man to let her arm go. Brining her free arm back into a tight fist, she swung and rammed her knuckles into the second guard's jaw. As he stumbled back, also releasing her arm, Brooke launched herself at the vile maid in front of her. Straddling Cecile's waist, pinning the shorter girl beneath her, she unleashed a furry of blows upon the maid. "You little bitch, you'll never touch Sam again, I won't let you, she'll come for me and kill you all, you'll die, I promise you."

"Grab the Lady Brooke now!" Glass shouted to the two guards who'd let the blonde go in the first place.

Even as the two men pulled Brooke off Cecile, the blonde's feet continued to land solid kicks to the maid's prone body until she was pulled to far away form the girl. "You'll die you vile little bitch, I promise." Brooke spit out between clenched teeth, her hazel eyes flashing with blue fire as they watched Cecile slowly get to her feet.

Lifting the back of her hand, she wiped the blood flowing from her lip on it, smearing the crimson liquid across her flesh. Walking right up to Brooke, Cecile met the rage in the blonde's eyes with her own. "Everyone dies my Lady, but you'll go before me, and I'll hear your screams before the release of death claims you."

Drawing her head back from the sandy haired girl, Brooke opened her mouth and spit in the maid's taunting face. "I'll never give you the satisfaction of hearing my pain, but I know I've caused you plenty. The woman you love has always loved me, and I her. Every thing you do to me is a way of screaming out your own pain, the pain my Sam and I caused you." A slow smirk tilted Brooke's lips when Cecile's eyes narrowed in hate at her words, knowing they rang with the truth.

Turning to face the guard on her right, Cecile growled out he orders. "Chain her to the wall, I want her back facing me." As they took Brooke over to the far wall, the maid mumbled to herself. "We'll see who's in more pain ice princess." Walking over to the torture devices lined up on the wall, her fingers closed over the cold leather handle of a cat. "How long can you hold your screams with nine whips biting into your flesh at once my little toy? I guess we're just going to have to find out." Holding onto her weapon of choice, Cecile walked quickly over to a chained Brooke, shouting out to the guards. "Move now! I want to play with my toy."

PART 46:

Filing off the ship, Sam stood in front of Sir Domonic with Simon and Alex in the shadows behind her. Looking over her second in commands shoulder, her gaze traveled along the men waiting with slight inpatients. Returning her brown stare to Domonic's obsidian orbs, she clapped a hand onto his shoulder. "This is where we split up, make sure all of you come back to us old man." A half smile slanted her full lips at Domonic's offended grunt as he lead the troops away toward the front of the palace. Turning around to face the two men behind her, Sam gestured to Alex. "Lead the way to your passages."

Nodding once to the order, Alex started to weave his way through the trees of the western woods, knowing the path from childhood memories. Sir Simon followed close on his heals, leaving Sam watching their backs for any unexpected visitors. They made sure to keep their footsteps light and swift, their eyes were in constant motion as the three warriors scanned the area around them for danger.[I'm coming Brooke, I'm close, just hold on a little longer love.] When Alex opened a hidden chamber door hidden in a large cropping of rocks, Sam trudged into the dark passage behind Simon without question. Following behind her friends, her brown eyes adjusted to the new setting, making out the two large shadows of Alex and Simon moving in front of her. The chill from the completely stone passage matched the cold hatred burning inside of her chest for her enemies and wife's captors. [They will pay, I'll have retribution for harms done to my friends and family.]

Stopping in his tracks, Alex waited until his companion were as close to him as the narrow chamber would allow. Looking back over his shoulder he could just make out the whites of two pairs of eyes in the darkness, as he spoke in a low whisper. "Where getting closer to our target area, we must take every care to stay quiet so they'll not hear our approach from behind." Seeing two shadows nod he started on his way once again, down the dark passage way.

The three warriors continued on with precaution, surrounded by the still darkness of the chamber. As their steps took them farther along, the deafening silence was broken by the sound of rushing feet and calls to arms. All three knew that their diversion was well under way at the front of the palace, now they were clear to make it to the throne room.

PART 47:

Blood trickled down the chained blonde's chin from th wound her teeth had inflicted on her bottom lip, but still she did not cry out in pain. Her back was smeared in red crimson, soaking into the tattered and torn remains of th gown she was wearing. She could feel the warm liquid coursing down her back and legs, pooling at her bare feet on the cold stone floor. Her hazel eyes squeezed shut at the feel of the nine tails of the cat biting into her flesh once again causing it to sing with their fiery touch, but still no sound passed her lips.

Cecile growled low in her throat as she brought the stinging leather across Brooke's back again and again with only the blonde's tense, bloodied body as a reward. Tossing the weapon to the ground, she turned sharply and walked over to her wall of tools. "I'll hear your screams ice princess, it's only a matter of time before I brake you." Picking up the cool end of an iron poker, it's tip glowing bright as the sun from hours of resting in the hot flames of a fire. "I want her facing me, now!" She ordered the guards as she walked back to where Brooke was chained. Stepping up to the blonde now facing her, she held the fiery tip of the poker close to Brooke's sides. "I'll brake you ice princess, just like I broke little Sammy." Seeing the rage ignite in hazel eyes, Cecile couldn't have been happier. When Brooke went to speak, she touched the poker to the blonde, burning her gown and flesh. "You will not be speaking until I get to finish my story."

Brooke clenched her teeth tightly together, her breathing became a lot harder as she fought the cry of pain back down into her throat. Keeping her hazel eyes on the sandy haired woman in front of her, she let the anger and hate simmer beneath the surface of her aching skin. [I'll get out of this, Sam is coming for me, and we'll send this hell spawn to her true home in time. Sam is no longer fourteen years old, Cecile will not brake her now, no matter what the bitch has done to my love in the past.]

"Did you know it took me a full day of torturing our dear little Sammy before I got a hiss of pain out of her? She's a tough one, unless of course you go for her most vulnerable point." Leaning in close to Brooke, Cecile whispered, "Her family and friends are weak points for her, but you are another matter. If you are hurt, Sam's heart bleeds." Cecile touched the hot iron to Brooke's body once more, branding the flesh beneath her chained arm before moving to the next. "By bleeding you dry, I do the same to her." Branding the blonde's skin on her other side, Cecile smiled sweetly at the chained girl. "I'm only trying to play fair."

As the last word was spoken, three warriors charged into the room, with Alex zeroing in on Brooke as Sam and Simon fought through the only two guards in the room. "You're idea of fair is sorely lacking wench." Alex snarled into the maid's ear as he grabbed the collar of her gown and tossed her onto her backside. When she swung at him with the poker he kicked the weapon out of her hand with little effort. "You were suppose to be Sir Simon's problem, but I'm to protect the Lady Brooke, that makes you mine as well."

"No need to trouble yourself Lord Alex, I'll take charge of my problem." Sir Simon growled out as he back handed Cecile as she stood on her feet once more. When she fell unconscious to the ground, Simon tossed a set of keys to Alex as he smiled. "No more problem, now we must free the Lady Brooke." Shrugging off his cloak, he wrapped it around the blonde woman's shoulders as Alex released her from the restraints.

"Where's my Sammy?" Brooke mumbled out, dimly aware of the warriors efforts to free her from the binding chains. Her body was a symphonic composition of pain, singing out it's torture in a haze that caused her breath to shorten and her minds clarity to fuzz over. "Sam, where's..." Brooke felt her body fall forward into strong arms, but not the arms she craved.

"Our Lord is taking care of an important matter at the moment, she'll be through in a moment." Simon answered simply as he lifted Brooke's body into his arms, watching the fight going on in the front of the room. "She'll have this settled within minutes my Lady."

PART 48:

Seeing the creature that had taken the lives of her friends, and had dared t steal her angel from her brought the flames of rage inside Sam to the point of a fire storm. Her sward was already drawn, stained in the crimson liquid of the two guards who'd attempted to bar her path. "You die this night Bio Glass." The brunette stated simply and calmly, her smoking brown eyes watching Glass's approach.

"You've crumbled so low into the realm of casting out threats. Oh what a sad sight to see, the mighty McPherson has fallen." Glass sneered, stopping three feet in front of the girl. "So sad."

"It wasn't a threat Bio, I was stating a simple fact, nothing more." Sam arched an eyebrow, the fear swimming in Glass's eyes pleasing her to no end. [Yes, you have reason to be afraid you vile beast.] Sam launched into a stampede of blows, landing them faster than Glass could block them, making sure that most were superficial while others were placed to weaken her enemy. She knew that the other two in her party had freed Brooke, she'd seen it on her approach to Bio, it did not surprise her now to feel three sets of eyes on her.

Falling to his/her knees as bright red slashes cris crossed her body from the brunette's sward. The white tunic Glass had been wearing now dyed with the blood spilling from her numerous wounds, leaving rose colored rivers running down his/her body. "Please," Glass looked up at the raven haired avenging angel who stood above her, sward at the ready for the final blow. "Please don't kill me, I'll give anything, please..."

Leaning in close to the wounded hell creature on the stone floor, Sam's brown eyes shone with hate fueled fire. "I want you to give back all the lives you've taken, and rid everyone of all the misery you've brought them." Standing up straight once again, she brought her steal blade back. "Only you can't give me that Glass, so I intend to settle for making sure you can do no more." Bringing her arms down in the final blow, she severed the creatures head from it's body, watching as blood pooled in front of her and ran down through the cracks of the stone floor.

"Sammy, my Sammy." Brooke had pushed her way out of Sir Simon's hold, and by determination alone, walked over to her wife. Looking into shimmering chocolate brown eyes, she felt herself lifted into the arms that had become her home. "I knew you'd come love, I knew my Sammy." The blonde whispered into the crook of the brunette's neck as her body gave into the blackness brought on by the pain it suffered through.

Sam's eyes went wide in panic when the blonde went limp in her arms, only the feel of steady strong breath brushing over the skin of her neck stopped her from crying out in fear and panic. "I will always come to you angel, never fear that I won't." The brunette whispered as crystal tears glided down her cheeks. Kissing the blonde's forehead softly, Sam looked up in time to see Cecile come at her in a maddened rage brandishing an iron poker.

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