Title: Denying the Stars

Author: Jessica

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Pairing: Brooke/Sam

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PART 49:

Sir Domonic and the men under his command made short work of Glass's followers with the help of the Primous's loyal soldiers when they'd mutinied in the beginning of the battle. Now they were rushing through the torch lit halls on their way to the throne room. Domonic was in the lead, his steps halted at the sound of frantic shouting.

"Sam watch out!"


Picking up the pace, Domonic was in the throne room in time to see Lady Brooke collapse to the ground with her hazel eyes slowly closing. Without thought, Domonic took the crossbow from a fellow soldier and fired. The arrow hit it's mark, burying itself deep into Cecile's chest, snuffing the light from the insane eyes of the sandy haired maid. Running over to Sam's side, Domonic joined Simon and Alex in watching their Lord cradle her wife's prone body as she rocked back and forth.

"No, no, no, no. Not my Brooke, not my angel, no." The brunette pulled in on quivering breath after another. Running her finger's through Brooke's blonde tresses, Sam held her wife close and lifted her brown gaze to Alex. "Your healers, get them now." She watched Alex rush off at her order before locking eyes with Simon. "Go set up a room for her, I'll carry her up." Standing on her feet with Brooke in her arms, she followed Simon and called out to Domonic. "Take care of the men, you're in charge for the time being."

PART 50:

Simon, Alex, and Domonic stumbled around each other as the three warriors paced the length of the hall outside the chamber that held their Lord and Lady with the Lupus healer. Watching the gray stones of the floor pass beneath his feet, Sir Simon mumbled out his thoughts as h paced. "Should've killed her, should've gotten to her before she made it to Lady Brooke. She was my problem to take care of, Sam made it so, but I failed. Cecile will rot in the depths of hell and I there with her when my time comes, I failed my friend, my Lord."

Domonic grabbed Simon by the shoulders and turned him so they were standing eye to eye. "I like this situation no more than you, but this is not your doing, no fault lies with you. You did not fail our Lady Samantha or Lady Brooke." Narrowing his eyes, while a frown puckered his brows, Domonic continued. "Further more, should Sam hear those words from you, do not doubt she'll whomp you good for it, and I'd say your hide would deserve the tanning." His obsidian stare softened a bit as he looked into Simon's guilt ridden gaze. "NO one knows the future Simon, you could not have known this would happen, there is no blame to rest on your shoulder's my friend."

Feeling a hand clap down on his shoulder, Simon turned to see Alex beside him, his face a silent agreement with Domonic's words. Dropping his head, Simon closed his eyes as he spoke. "I just want Lady Brooke to be well, with out her Sam will be lost to us once again. It all happened so fast Domonic, one moment Cecile was on the ground, and the next she was running at Sam and Lady Brooke." Looking up into the older man's dark eyes, finding only patients and caring in their depths, Simon went on. "Alex and I were shocked and too far to stop her in time, and when Sam tried to turn so she would take the blow, Lady Brooke awoke and stiffened in her arms. I don't think Sam expected it and by then Cecile had already done her worst, she'd thrust the iron poker deep into the right side of our Lady's back." Simon clenched his jaw shut, feeling the anger building inside him once again after retelling what had happened. Taking in a few deep breathes, he turned his gaze to Alex. "Do you think your healer can help, will he keep her with us?"

Alex looked down with a soft sigh before lifting his worried eyes to Simon once more. "I do not know my friend, all that I can tell you is that he's skilled in his practice and I pray for her." Hearing a loud scream from the room holding the two women, all three warriors turned to stare at the closed wooden door.

PART 51:

"Ahhhhh!" Brooke's body arched and stiffened with pain, her hands digging into the sheets and mattress of the bed. Looking into misted over brown eyes, her own hazy with tears and pain, Brooke took comfort in her wife's touch. Trying to focus on her love instead of the fire pressing on her back, focusing instead on her Sammy.

Smoothing sweat dampened blonde hairs back from her wife's forehead as tears ran down her cheeks, Sam took one of Brooke's hands into her own. Glancing up at the healer cauterizing the wound in her wife's back, she returned her stare to her love. "I'm sorry angel, I'm sorry but he has to...please princess, please stay with me love." Sam felt her finger's being squeezed together, their small bones groaning with discomfort, but she didn't care. As long as Brooke's hold on her hand was tight and strong, the blonde was still with her, and that's what mattered to the brunette, nothing else.

The his of flesh meeting heat once again filled the room causing Brooke to squeeze her eyes tightly shut, and her grip on Sam's hand to strengthen farther while her body shook. "Sammy.... it hurts." Brooke whimpered out to her wife, tears slipping out of her tightly shut eyes. Her breath started coming in fast short gasps as she tried to fight down the pain, not wanting to scream again and see the anguish and helpless look in her wife's chocolate brown eyes.

"It is done my Lord, your wife will recover with rest and time." The healer said softly, walking over to the side of the bed where Sam was kneeling. Shifting his long black robes around, he produced a small tin case and held it out to the brunette. "This ointment will help the healing process along and minimize the scarring." Looking between the two women, he nodded once to both before saying, "I will take my leave now, good night and blessed dreams to you both."

Sam watched the tall man in black slip out the door before returning her gaze to the prone blonde laying face down on the bed. Running her finger's through Brooke's damp hair, she smiled softly when the blonde's hazel eyes started drifting close, only for the girl to force them open again. Leaning down, she placed a trembling kiss on her wife's lips, then a soft kiss on the blonde's sweat beaded brow. Whispering down at her angel, she said, "Sleep love, I promise not to leave your side, I'll be here always."

"Knew.....you'd come....always.....know." Using a good portion of her wavering strength, Brooke opened her eyes to lock onto saddened brown orbs. "I knew my Sammy, my love would come for me." Seeing a single tear slide down the brunette's smooth cheek, she felt the mirrored action on her own flesh.

Leaning into the blonde, resting her forehead against her wife's, she watched hazel eyes drift shut once more. "I love you, I love you, I've always loved you my angel, my heart." Sam whispered out in sobs, not caring about the tears covering her face in hot moisture, not caring about the trembles causing her body to shake, only caring about the girl who held her heart laying before her on the bed. "I'm not a person with out you love, I'm nothing more than a shell, I know that now. You filled up my emptiness Brooke, you filled it with laughter, caring, sweetness, and love... you filled me with so much love, and I thank you for that angel, my angel." Moving those few inches left, she touched her lips to Brooke's softly before resting her head on the pillow beside the blonde's. [I'll be right here when you wake up love, I promise I'm not going anywhere unless it's with you by my side or me by your's.] It didn't take long for the young brunette to surrender to slumber in her seat beside her wife, her head still laying along side her sleeping angel's.

PART 52:

It had taken four weeks for Lady Brooke's wounds to heal enough for her to travel. Although the young blonde didn't seem to mind spending those four weeks on Lupus spoiled and catered to by her wife. Now the Lord and Lady of Perseus were standing at the docking plat form saying their fair wells to Alex before boarding with Simon, Domonic, and Cole. The other men that had come with them had returned three days after Alex's holdings had been restored to him, and now it was their time to return as well.

"We'll see more of each other Lord Alex, Perseus is always open to you my friend." Sam said as she took hold of the young man's forearm and he took hold of her's.

"As are Lupus and Lepus to you Lord Samantha. My people and myself are forever in your debt." Alex responded with a nod of his head.

Giving the young Lord a soft smile, Lady Brooke followed her wife onto the ship that would take her home. [I'm going home to Perseus. Strange, I always though Corona Australis would be my home, that I'd never consider anywhere else as such.] Looking over to her raven haired wife, a hidden smile tugged at the corner's of Brooke's lips. [Corona Australis doesn't have my Sammy, no place is my home unless it has my love there with me, she is where my heart is and where it will remain.] Sitting down beside her wife, the blonde reached over and took Sam's hand into her own, smiling when she felt it lightly squeezed.

Turning her head to face her wife, Sam leaned over and softly kissed the blonde's temple. "I love you Brooke." The brunette whispered in her wife's ear.

"And I love you my Sammy." Brooke said with a soft smile before pressing her lips to Sam's for a quick kiss. After a few moments of silence, Brooke turned to Sam with a questioning eyes. "Sam?"

"Yes angel?" Sam asked with one dark brow raised and concern shimmering in the chocolate depths of her eyes.

"Sam," Brooke took a deep breath, her gaze going to their joined hands before looking back to her wife, an expression of hope and pleading gracing her features. "I want to have a baby Sam, I want to have your baby." Seeing Sam's eyes go wide for a moment before the brunette turned her head away from her too look down at the floor, Brooke panicked and rushed on in her plea. "I don't know all there is to know about two women being together, but I though, if it were possible... I just so very much want to have your child, one that has your eyes and smile and... and your everything."

Sam turned to Brooke with glistening brown eyes, a brief smile gracing her lips before she swooped in, ceiling her to her wife's. Cupping Brooke's cheek gently with her hand, Sam pulled back from the kiss with a bright smile. "We travel from one planet to another love, we can have a baby that is both you and me." Leaning up to place a gentle kiss on the blonde's forehead, Sam whispered, "We'll have a child princess, but first you have to be fully recovered." Kissing Brooke gently once more, Sam continued. "I will not loose you, not even for a child, I can't."

"And you won't Sammy." Taking the brunette's hand from her cheek and bringing it down to her chest, she placed it over her heart. "It beats for you Sammy, my Sammy." Brooke whispered softly before capturing her wife's lips in a tender kiss.


Jane cooed softly to the precious bundle resting in her arms. "She is gorgeous Samantha. Her dark little hair, so much like your's and those eyes...Not a soul on any planet could deny she is a McQueen with those eyes. Like crystal ice they're so blue." Lady Jane looked over to her husband and smiled softly at his enchanted expression as he gazed down at the infant girl in his own arms. "You and Brooke will be fine parents to them both Sammy." The older woman said, turning her soft brown eyes to her daughter and daughter-in-law.

"Thank you mother." Sam said in an awed town, her voice had not lost that amazed quality since first holding her new born daughters. Squeezing Brooke's hand with her own, her eyes locked with the blue orbs she would willingly drown in. "We're fortunate the two survived, as advanced as we are, there was still a chance it wouldn't work at all."

"What I love about them is their opposite coloring." Lord Robert said. Speaking for the first time since having his first grand child placed in his arms. "Reanna here has golden blonde hair with the McPherson brown eyes. Then little Arianna there is raven haired with clear blue eyes." Nodding his head as if coming to a decision, Lord Robert looked over at the two new mothers with a serious expression. "These two little ones will not be allowed any type of courting until well into their 20's."

Smiling softly at her protective father, Sam spoke in a gentle calm voice. "I'm sorry father, but that is not a decision for you to be making. Brooke and I will do right by our daughters, when we feel they're ready we'll see how things go." Receiving a begrudging nod from her father, Sam smiled over at a softly chuckling Brooke.

Brooke leaned in closer to Sam and whispered, "At least your father said they'd be allowed to court in their 20's, not like Simon insisting they both be sent away until they're well into their 50's."

"Who ever wishes the hand of one of my granddaughters had best be meeting me and your mother before asking for such a gift." Lord Robert grumbled under his breath.

"I second that." Agreed Lady Jane, her eyes focused on a little Arianna.

"That, we can agree to as well." Brooke commented with a sweet smile, leaning into her wife as the two sat together watching Sam's parents with their children. [And all is right in my world] Brooke thought as her smile widened a bit.

~~the end~~

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