Title: Denying the Stars

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Author: Jessica


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PART 25:

Bending down to kiss the brunette's warm forehead, Brooke went over to the door, intent on getting new bandages for Sam. Placing her hand on the brass handle, her movements stilled at the sound of anger tinged voices coming from the hallway. Leaning into the cool wood surface of the door, she pressed her ear up against it to hear better. "Is that Sir Simon?" She whispered softly to herself, her ears straining to hear the conversation.

** "You are not going in there, you're not going anywhere near our Lord or her wife!" The speaker sounded furious and determined.

"Ever the faithful watch dog aren't we Simon. Why are you so loyal to some one who almost got you killed, succeeding in killing two others?" The second speaker was female, her voice was dripping with viperous venom.

"You've been nothing but a conniving little snake your whole life Cecile. You thought playing on Sam's guilty feelings would make you the Lord's bed warmer, the Lady of Perseus as well perhaps." Simon's voice dropped lower, and the hateful smirk on his face could be heard in his tone. "It's just too bad the she's always been in love with Lady Brooke, she's never looked twice at you in the way you wish. You never stood a chance and you knew it then just like now, that's why you did all those things to Sam. You're lucky Thomas isn't alive today, he'd hate to see what you've turned into."**

Brooke's hazel eyes went wide at Simon's statement, her head lifting from the door to look at the resting form of the fevered girl. "What has she done to you Sammy, what is he talking about?" She asked in a soft whisper, knowing she wouldn't receive an answer from her wife's still form. Shaking her head, she opened the door and peeked out into the hall. Seeing a red faced Cecile and a narrow eyed Simon glaring daggers at each other in a face off, she politely cleared her throat. "Sir Simon, would you have some one bring up some fresh bandages so I might change Sam's dressings?"

Bowing slightly, the man's light brown eyes turned gentle as they connected with Brooke's. "Of course my Lady, at once." Returning to glare at the huffy sandy haired maid in front of him, he bit out his next words with barely leashed hatred. "Go fetch new bandages for our Lord wench."

Brooke raised a golden brow as she heard a low growl and mumbled profanities come from the departing Cecile. Watching Sir Simon walk toward her, the blonde frowned in question. "Might I ask you some thing Simon?"

"By all means my Lady." The young man's tone was pleasant as he addressed his Lord's wife.

"I've been on Perseus for more than a few days, and I've noticed that Cecile is treated with only hostility and dislike." Arching one eyebrow again, Brooke stepped fully into the hallway with her wife's friend. "That's actually putting it nicely too. I was wondering if you might be able to tell me why?"

Simon ran a hand through his short jet black hair as he cleared his throat. "She is treated the way she's treated other's my Lady. There is nothing to like about Cecile, there fore she's treated with dislike."

Releasing a breath, Brooke crossed her arms over her chest and decided to get right down to it. "Sir Simon, I want to know what she's done to my wife." Her voice was commanding and determined, letting the man know he was going to get away with a round about answer.

Sighing softly, his eyes meeting Brooke's unflinching hazel gaze with resignation. "Cecile put Sam through hell my Lady. The woman is Thomas Stone's little sister, and when he died she used Sam's guilt over that for her own selfish reasons." Sitting down in the chair he'd made his home since Sam's injury, he rested his elbows on his knees and leaned forward, choosing to look at the floor instead of Brooke. "Ever since she fist spotted Sam, she's wanted her and the title of Lady McPherson. The only problem was that Sam never showed interest in her, always having yo- younger maids or prettier ones on her mind." Simon rushed on, his cheeks brightening a bit at the little slip he'd made.

Leaning against the stone wall of the hallway, Brooke continued to look at the man's bowed head. "So when her brother died, Cecile used that to gain Sam's attention. What is the rest of the story Sir Simon, what aren't you telling me?" The blonde asked, getting toward the end of her patients.

"Even playing on Sam's feelings couldn't get her into Cecile's bed, so she go angry and lashed out instead." He ran his hand through his hairs again, bring it to the back of his neck to rub out some of the kinks there. "She tricked Sam into meeting her some how, no one knows exactly what happened except the two of them. The only thing every one know is that when Sam came back she had whip marks criss-crossing her back, and other injuries that weren't there before. The only thing we can think is that Cecile made her feel guilty enough to convince her that she deserved the punishment."

"She did deserve it, even she knows that." Cecile said with a venomous tone as she came sauntering over to Brooke with the requested bandages. Looking the blonde right in the eyes, her own were crystal shards of visible malice. "She couldn't save my brother, but her biggest failure was her unstoppable mooning over the ever wanted Brooke McQueen. She got the whipping and much more, but I won't bore you with the tortures details my Lady." The little maid said with a sneer.

Brining up her closed fist, she jabbed the taunting sandy haired girl right in the jaw, sending her stumbling backwards. "You best pack your bags, you'll be gone with in the week." Taking the bandages out of her hands, Brooke nodded toward Simon before disappearing back into the bedroom.

Simon looked up at the tear eyed Cecile with an ear to ear grin on his face. "I'm sorry, did that hurt? It looked like it did." His voice was oozing with sarcasm before he simply laughed out loud, watching the girl turn quickly and run down the hall. "I do like our Lady Brooke, Sam caught herself one hell of a woman."

PART 26:

When the blonde stepped into the bedroom it was to see her wife squirming beneath the crimson covers, moaning softly in her sleep. Going quickly to the bed, she sat down beside the girl and started running her fingers through her long damp raven hairs. "It's alright Sammy, every thing's alright, you're safe now." Leaning down, she kissed the girl's forehead, wishing that the fever would brake and release the brunette. "You're safe Sammy, I've got you, you're safe." She whispered softly, keeping her voice soothing while worry ran rampant through her.

"Brooke....my Broo....mine...." The brunette mumbled out on a few short breaths, leaning into the hand playing with her hair. Her brown eyes were closed, behind them she could no longer hear Thomas and Daylan screaming out for help, only the sound of a soft silk and warm honeyed voice whispered from the darkness. She couldn't put together what the voice was saying, she only knew that it didn't want to harm her. [I want to go home, I don't want to be trapped in the dark anymore. I want to be with Brooke, I want to be warmed by her presence and wash the darkness away with the light of her soul. I want to be back with my ice princess, with my Brooke, my love.]

While the blonde went about the cleaning Sam's wound and replacing the bandages, she continued to whisper soothing words tot he fevered brunette, not caring if they made sense. "You've been trapped for two days and three nights Sammy, but I now you'll find your way back to us. Your parents come and see you, as well as Sir Domonic and young Cole. Sir Simon has placed himself in the position of your personal guard, he sleeps in the hall outside the door." Finishing up, she went over to the table where she and Tara played cards, and pored a glass of water. Walking back to the bed with the glass in hand, she took her seat on the bed again. "Are you thirsty, you did well yesterday eating the broth I fed you. Let's sit you up a bit so you can take a few sips." The blonde positioned herself so that her wife's head rested on her shoulder. Lifting the glass to the brunette's lips, she tilted it up slowly so that the girl didn't choke or spit up. "There you go Sammy, I bet that feels a lot better."

When Brooke took the cup away, Sam whispered in a soft scratchy voice, "Yes it does, thank you."

"Sam?" Brooke craned her neck to look at her wife's face, thinking she imagined the words. Studying the brunette's features, she sat the cup down on the bedside table. "Sam, are you alright, did you really speak?"

"Yes princess, I spoke." The girl's voice was rough and low as she answered, her brown eyes slowly fluttering open to look at the blonde. [I've made it back, I've made it back to my Brooke, to home.]

The blonde couldn't keep the trembling smile form her face as she watched Sam's eyes begin to droop. Leaning forward, she kissed the girl's forehead gently, her hand brushing back damp hairs. "It's alright Sammy, you're safe now, I've got you." She kissed the brunette's temple as her arms wrapped around her wife.

"Silk and warm honey....it was you....the voice...." Sam whispered brokenly as the darkness took hold of her once again. Burrowing deeper into the blonde's embrace, she sighed as she surrendered to sleep. [Have to rest now, but I'll come back, I'll always come back, always to my Brooke.]

PART 27:

Lady Jane walked into her guest chambers to find her husband readying himself for bed. Walking up behind him, she wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him from the back. "Simon tells me that Sam hasn't changed much, and her Brooke rarely leaves her side. How did the questioning go tonight?"

Turning around, Lord Robert gathered the tiny brunette into his arms, holding her close. "It went well this night, a young man named Alex was quite informative. Much like the rest of us, he has a deeply rooted loathing for than rat Bio Glass. That thing slaughtered his entire family, and usurped his heritage from beneath him." The scorn and disgust Robert felt for his enemy could be heard in every word he spoke.

Pulling back slightly, Jane's brown eyes were wide in surprise. "You mean to tell me that Alex Primous, heir to Lupus and Lepus is currently in the dungeons?"

"No, he's been moved to a bed chamber. Apparently he had to disguise himself as a foot soldier to get here, he's hoping that we can help him regain his birth right and free his people." Robert said, kissing his wife's forehead as he finished speaking.

"He picked the right time to sneak away and ask for help, Sam will be out for blood when she hears the Alex is the only one left of the Primous family." Resting her head on her husbands chest, Jane tightened her hold on his waist. "His older sister, Karen, was a friend of Sam's, she'll take her death personally." Shaking her head softly, she released a light sigh. [More pain to shadow my little girl's eyes, but Lady Brooke is starting to take them way. Her marriage to Sam has put some light back into my daughter's dark gaze. I only hope that she can continue to do so...I only want my Sam to be happy.]

PART 28:

"So that little retch Alex finally grew a brain, huh." Bio Glass spoke out loud, pacing around the throne room on Lupus. "I let the insipid little whelp live on account of his stupidity, now I'll have to find a way to strike at the McPhersons before little Samantha closes in on me." Bringing a hand up to rub the slight stubble found on her/his chin. "My army's no match for the power behind the McPhersons, I'll have to find a way to take out the little heiress before she comes at me full speed." Turning to face one of the guardsmen standing to the side, 'it' continued. "I want you to send five of our best men to Perseus, tell them to follow Lady Samantha and her wife. They are not to strike at them until they are alone, I want them dead, and I don't want any witnesses." When the guard nodded and left, Bio Glass went back to pacing and rubbing the chin stubble. [When they feel safe enough to venture out on their own my men will pounce, kill them both and leave Perseus vulnerable without it's brave ruler. Lady Jane and Lord Robert will be back on Corona Borealis by the time my soldiers reach the little spring and fall planet, none of the McPhersons will know what hit them. By the time they do it'll be too late, I'll have killed all those who would not yield to my rule, and I'll have young Samantha's army to add to my own. There is no way a lone Sam can protect her Lady and battle five of my best warriors on a surprise attack. I'll have Perseus and form there, move on through the rest of the families holdings, the most powerful family will fall to me.]

PART 29:

The blonde growled out in frustration, as she locked onto defiant brown eyes. "You're still weak and you've just gotten over the fever, there's no way you're going out ridding." Brooke's hands were on her hips as she looked directly at her wife. Hearing a soft chuckle to her right, she glared at the highly amused Sir Simon. "And you my good knight are most assuredly not helping."

Coughing once to hold back the rest of his laughter, the soldier's cheeks colored slightly at the reprimand. "My apologies Lady Brooke." Bowing respectfully, he slowly ducked out the door, escaping from the squabbling married couple.

Nodding once as the young man left, she turned her hazel glare back to it's original target, who was currently lacing up her left boot. "Oh no you don't." Rushing over to her wife, she bent down and scooped up the second boot sitting beside the girl. "You're not going out there, you have to wait until you're more fit." Standing up she held the boot up high over her head.

"Brooke." The brunette pushed herself to her feet, saying the blonde's name in a warning tone as she reached for the piece of foot wear. After a couple of failed attempts at regaining possession of the item, her wife continually moving out of reach, Sam released a heavy sigh. "Would you just give me the blasted boot already, I'm going out no matter what you say."

"No." Brooke stated simply, her eyes never leaving her wife's chocolate gaze.

Pushing her hand roughly through her thick dark hair, Sam growled in annoyance. "Why, I'm fine, why won't you let me leave?" The brunette demanded, her voice rising in her frustration.

"Because last time I let you go you almost died!" Brooke shouted, the hold she was desperately trying to keep on her emotions since Sam decided to go out, slipping away at her wife's loud voice. "I asked you to stay, to be safe here with me, but nooo." Not bothering to attempt to regain control, the blonde paced back and forth in front of the standing brunette as she continued her tirade. "The great and mighty Samantha McPherson couldn't stay behind, had to mound up and ride off into battle with her men. Had to go off and get herself stabbed so she could come back here half dead, covered in bloo..." Her voice trailed off as images of that night replayed in her mind. Tears she didn't even realize had built up, tumbled unchecked down her cheeks and over her trembling lips. "You came back covered in blood, there was so much, and then the fever, I didn't think... I was....I was so scared...." She whispered out on a broken sob, collapsing to her knees as the fear and sorrow she'd pushed down since that night finally broke free to wash over her in tidal waves.

Dropping down beside her wife in an instant, Sam scooped the shaking girl up into her arms, holding her tightly to her. Pressing Brooke's head to her chest, her hand caressing the soft blonde hairs, she kissed her wife's head tenderly. "Shh, shh Brooke, it's alright now, I'm here, I'm still with you." Rocking gently back and forth, she felt her own tears slide down to her chin. "Please don't cry, I'll stay inside for the rest of my life, just please stop crying love." When she felt the blonde stiffen in her arms, her dark brows drew together in a confused frown.

Pushing back from the brunette's hold, Brooke looked into concerned water eyes. In a whispered voice of wonder and disbelief, she asked, "Did you call me love?"

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PART 30:

Lady Jane paced back and forth in the dinning hall, her movements stopped when she spotted a chuckling Sir Simon coming toward her. Looking up anxiously, she had both eyebrows raised expectantly. "Well, did Lady Brooke convince her?"

Smiling down at the woman he considered a second mother, Simon nodded. "I don't believe the Lady Brooke will allow your Samantha out ridding today, and the only way she'll be able to do so is to knock the feisty blonde out and run." Leaning down with a smirk and a wink, he whispered, "That is, unless Lady Brooke knocks Sam out first."

"That bad is it?" Jane asked with a smile tugging at her lips.

Nodding his head and chuckling softly, Simon's light brown eyes twinkled in amusement. "Yes my Lady, it is. If I had stayed much longer, I believe my eye would have a black ring around it to match Cecile's. The Lady Brooke seems to pack quite a hit, and I'd rather not be on the receiving end." Patting Lady Jane lightly on the shoulder, the smile never left his face. "There's no need to worry my Lady, Sam's wife will let no more harm come to her, and my friend never could resist Brooke McQueen for very long." Looking past Jane's shoulder, his smile widened and his right eye winked quickly.

Turning around to see what had caught Simon's interest, Jane shook her head as she spotted four of the kitchen maids eyeing up the young soldier. Turning back to Simon, she lightly swatted him on the shoulder. "You're nothing but a hound Simon Tavis, one day you'll have to settle down with one girl, not four."

Smiling down at the woman, he started to walk over to the maids, winking back at Lady Jane as he went. "It's not always four my Lady." When the woman arched one eye brow, he continued. "Some times it's five or six, or more." He shrugged nonchalantly as he strutted over to the four young women.

Shaking her dark head, she watched Simon flirt shamelessly with the gaggle of kitchen maids. "That boy has always run around after girls, even as a young one, constantly trying to look up their skirts." Laughing softly, she walked out of the dinning hall in search of her husband. [He's the reason Sam started wearing britches, I got tired of her socking him for his lecherous ways, and him always snivelling about it afterwards.]

PART 31:

Sam's gaze fell to the floor, suddenly becoming very interested in the fine rug she and Brooke were currently sitting on. Taking in a few deep breaths, still refusing to look at the blonde in her lap, she nodded so slightly you questioned if she actually preformed the gesture. "Yes, I called you love." She whispered softly, exhaling slowly as she waited for the girl's reaction.

Leaning in a little bit, Brooke tried to capture her wife's eyes with her own, but the brunette was being anything but cooperative. "Sam, please look at me." Pushing down the toothy grin that threatened to burst out, she waited until Sam slowly lifted her gaze before speaking again. "While I was caring for you, you told me that," raising her hand, she placed it over the brunette's heart. "You told me that this beats for me." Looking down at her hand on her wife's chest, she bit her bottom lip before looking back up into nervous brown eyes. "Is that true Sam?"

"Yes." The brunette said on an exhaled whisper, unable to look away form the blonde's hypnotic hazel orbs. "Yes, it's true."

The hot sting of tears caused Brooke to blink rapidly, even as her lower lip trembled on a soft smile. Leaning forward, she pressed her forehead to her wife's, her free hand taking hold of the brunette's and resting it over her heart. "It beats for you Sammy, it has since the moment I first saw you." Brooke watched in amazement as her words caused quiet rivers to flow form the dark haired warriors eyes. "You came into the school room, and I couldn't look away. I knew then Sammy, I knew then that I was yours. It was written in the stars, for us to be together." She whispered out as her tears and Sam's continued to flow.

"And who are we to deny them." Sam said in a husked tone, leaning forward to capture her wife's mouth with her own, gently sucking on the girl's lower lip. After a few minutes, she pulled back from the kiss and hugged the blonde tightly to her, burring her face in the girl's hair. "I love you Brooke, I love you so much I feel as though there is no light with out you."

Wrapping her arms around the brunette's neck, Brooke hugged the warrior tightly. "Oh Sam, I love you too, so so much. It's always been you, no other, only you Sammy, only you." Pulling back from the hug, she lifted her wife's face to her own and pressed her lips to the brunette's. Her fingers gliding up from Sam's shoulders to burrow into the midnight tresses at her nape.

Moaning into the kiss as the blonde's gentle finger tips massaged her scalp, Sam's hands started to roam down the girl's back, worming their way beneath the ties holding her gown in place. Pulling back from the kiss, she took in a few deep breaths as she pressed her forehead against the blonde's. "You love me, my Brooke, you love me."

Brooke looked into the brunette's amazed eyes, a slow smile spreading her lips as she listened to the whispered words. "Yes, your Brooke loves her Sam, my Sam." She said softly, running a hand through her wife's dark hair slowly as new tears sprung to her eyes. "My Sam."

A full smile took over the brunette's face as the blonde started to lean into her once again. "Always your Sam my love, always." She said in a hushed tone before closing the small space between them. Pressing her mouth to the blonde's, she left one hand behind the girl's back and slipped the other beneath her knees. Cradling Brooke in her arms, she slowly got to her feet and headed to the large bed.

PART 32:

Sifting her fingers through sun kissed tresses, Sam relished in the feeling of her wife's skin resting against her own, the weight of the girl's upper body resting on her chest. Turning her head to the window, an amused smile lit up her features as the night's stars winked at her from outside. "It seems that you've gotten your way love."

Snuggling in closer to her wife's warm body, Brooke placed a light kiss on the girl's abdomen as she looked up into twinkling brown eyes. "I know I've had my way with you, but what manner have I gotten my way in?"

Chuckling softly at the confused look in her lover's eyes, the brunette leaned down to steal a swift kiss before speaking. "I've-no, we've not left this room all day. I did not go ridding, just as you wished."

"Oh my Lord, but you did go ridding, as well as been ridden this day." The blonde said with a teasing grin, the stars themselves could not out shine her eyes as she gazed up at her wife. When her love let out a loud bark of laughter, the grin turned into a prideful smile. [Tara believes I've caused Sam to feel again, and I'll just go along with that. My Sam's laughter is such a sweet sound, and her smiles, her true smiles would cause a God to go weak in the knees.]

Wrapping her arms around the blonde, she pulled the girl up her body so her head was on her shoulder instead of her chest. Tightening her hold on her wife, Sam crushed the girl to her in a gentle embrace. "I've not laughed in years, but then it should not surprise me that you're the one who's gotten me to do so. Every thing you touch seem to turn to gold." Kissing Brooke's temple tenderly, she whispered, "Even me."

Shaking her head, the blonde ran her hand up and down her wife's side in a soft caress as she spoke. "No Sammy, you were gold long before I ever met you."

A secret smile tugged at the brunette's lips, her fingers trailing ghost like touches down the warm flesh of the blonde's back. Nuzzling her cheek against Brooke's forehead, a single tear slipped from Sam's eye, falling to get swallowed in her wife's hair. "Then you are the one who makes me shine my love. If you didn't come along, I'd still be tarnished and dull." Placing a soft kiss on the blonde's forehead, feeling nothing but love and happiness for the first time since she was fourteen. "You've taken the pain away, you've washed out the darkness." She whispered in a hushed tone filled with wonder as her eyes began to close.

Tears quietly made their way form hazel eyes to the fleshy pillow of the brunette's shoulder. Hearing her wife's breathing even out as sleep claimed her, Brooke slowly closed her eyes as her arms hugged the girl close. [I will never leave you Sammy, and I'll never let the darkness take you from me. It's always been you, there will be no others, I want no one else, I'll have no one else. I'll take your pain away my love, my heart, I'll give you nothing but happiness and love.]

PART 33:

The lone figure slithered around in the shadows, blending into the darkness that lined the palace halls. Gliding along the cold gray walls, the shadow stopped outside the study, the fire burning brightly inside the room. Leaning forward a bit, the figure's ear twitched as it strained to hear the hushed conversation in the cheery room.

**"So it's true then, our Lady is having Cecile sent away." A soft sigh left the speakers throat, accompanied by the sound of a heavy body slumping into a chair. "Lady Samantha really agreed to it?"

"No, she doesn't know yet, our Lady hasn't spoken of it to the Lord." The sound of swishing skirts bounced off the walls as light foot steps paced in front of the fire, rearranging the shadows cast about the room. "Cole, I don't know how Sam is going to react to this."

"You've been able to read Sam like a book since you were born, even after... You really have no idea Tara?" The worry and concern came through the young squire's voice.

"It'll be alright Cole, there's no need to worry." The maid's gentle tone filtered out into the hall.**

[Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that little Tara, Lady Brooke's actions might just cause some one to bite back at her.] A slow sneer caused a flash of white to appear in the shadows as the figure began to snake it's way back down the hall. [Oh yes my Lady, some one will bite back alright. Perhaps you'll get to find out all those things lovely Samantha went through...firsthand.] The figure walked further away from the soft glow spilling out from the study, slithering back deeper into the darkness. [My dear Sam, your little ice princess and I are going to have some fun. We'll see who you chose when I get through with the precious Lady Brooke McQueen. She won't be so sought after then, not when I've finished.]

PART 34:

The brunette finished with the ties on her boot, and stood up to look at the nervous blonde in front of her. Sighing softly, she walked up to the girl and wrapped her arms around her in a tight hug. "Do you really think that I would get upset or angry with you about some thing like this?" Kissing her wife gently, she rested her forehead against the blonde's, looking right into deep hazel pools. "I love you Brooke, and to tell you the truth, I've wanted to rid myself of Cecile since I was eight and she wouldn't stop following me. The only reason she's stayed as long as she has is because of Thomas, I couldn't just toss his sister out."

A relieved breath escaped Brooke's throat as she burrowed into her wife's warm embrace. "You're not tossing her out Sammy, she's just going to one of the other ruling families, and I'm sure the Julian's will treat her just the way she should be." The blonde couldn't help the vindictive smile that appeared as she spoke those words.

"Sending a snake to live with snakes, I believe you're right love." Sam said, an amused smile finding it's way to her lips.

Resting her cheek on Sam's chest, Brooke groaned slightly. "I like the sound of that. 'You're right love', I hope to hear it more often. Mostly that 'love' part though." Her smile lit up her eyes as she felt the low chuckle rumble through Sam's chest. "You know," she tightened her hold on the brunette's middle, and lifted her gaze to her wife's. "You're parents have gone home, giving instructions that Sir Dominic is to be in charge for the next week, and I recall a promised swimming lesson."

Smiling at the eager expression on the blonde's face, a mischievous sparkle shone in her deep brown eyes. "So you wish to get me wet today?" She asked, one eye brow arched and a smirk replacing the smile.

"No my Sammy," stealing a quick kiss from the brunette's full lips, she leaned in to whisper in her wife's ear. "I've already gotten you wet today, now I wish to learn how to swim." Feeling a pinch on her rear, she hopped up and let a surprised squeal. "Why Samantha McPherson, is that anyway to treat a Lady?" She asked in mock shock as her eyes twinkled with mirth.

"Only if the Lady in question is my wife." Sam answered with a smile before sweeping in and capturing the blonde's lips with her own. As she increased the pressure of the kiss, her tongue slipped out to skim along Brooke's bottom lip. When her wife's mouth opened to her, she nibbled on the girl's bottom lip, then sweeping inside to duel with her lover's tongue. Waiting until she heard a low moan come from deep in Brooke's throat, she pulled back and smiled at the dazed blonde. "Alright, we can go swimming now." Letting go of the blonde, she walked over to the bedroom door and opened it, politely holding it for her wife.

Blinking rapidly a few times, Brooke shook her head before a scowl replaced her dazed look. Lifting a hand, she shook her finger at the patiently waiting brunette, as she walked to the door. "You're luck I love you so much because that was just plain mean."

PART 35:

Looking down at herself, clad only in her under garments, she lifted her gaze to scan the area around them. Releasing a shaky nervous breath, she looked over to her undressing wife. Her eyes following the slowly descending leather britches as the brunette slipped them off her muscled thighs and calves. [The sight of her is some thing I'll never tire of, naked or dressed, she's breath taking.] Watching as her warrior lifted her tan shirt over her head, leaving the girl in the same state of undress as herself. Not tearing her eyes away for a moment, Brooke bit her bottom lip gently. [Why did I want to go swimming, we've got a perfectly good bed in our chambers right now, and I don't believe we've used it enough.]

After folding her top and placing it with the rest of her clothing on the bank of the lake, her brown gaze traveled over to the blonde with her. Seeing the glazed over hazel eyes, Sam chuckled softly as she shook her head. "Now my Lady, it you insist on looking at me like that, your swimming lesson will only last longer." Walking over to her wife, she lifted the girl into her arms and whispered into her ear. "You'll find there are some entertaining things to be done in the water, but it works better after one participant learns to swim."

Smiling up at the brunette, Brooke stole a swift kiss. "Then let's get on with these lessons my Sammy."

"As you wish my Brooke." Sam said softly, walking out into the lake with the blonde in her arms. When she was in to waist deep water, she looked down into the frightened hazel eyes of her wife. Holding the girl closer to her, she placed her lips next to the blonde's ear. In a gentle whisper, she said, "I won't let any thing happen to you Brooke, not ever." Gently setting the blonde onto her feet, she wadded out farther about three feet in front of the blonde, where the water just reached her breast. Looking into Brooke's eyes, she smiled in reassurance. "Alright, just remember that you can plant your feet down and stand at any time." When the blonde nodded, Sam opened her arms wide. "I want you to come to me by kicking your legs and pulling the water back with your hands, like this." She demonstrated the correct motions, swimming out a little more so that the water now covered her shoulders. Looking back at Brooke, she lifted her eyebrows, asking, "You think you're ready?"

Nodding slowly, she mumbled a low, "As I'll ever be," before taking several deep breaths. Stretching out one arm, she pushed off the bottom of the lake bed, mirroring her wife's actions. A little awkward and slow going at first, she had gotten the rhythm down by the time she reached her brunette warrior. Planting her feet back on the ground, she threw her arms around the girl's neck as a giddy laugh erupted from her throat. "I did it, I made it to you."

Wrapping her arms around the blonde's waist, she spun them around, sending water splashing around them. A bright smile lit up her entire face, leaving proud sparkles in the brown depths of her eyes. Resting her forehead against Brooke's, she kissed the girl slowly before speaking. "You, my dear wife, are a quick learner and a natural in the water."

Brooke hopped up in the water, slipping her legs around the brunette's waist, crossing her ankles at the small of the girl's back. "Natural enough to learn those entertaining things done in water?" She asked huskily, one golden brow rising up as she looked into her wife's eyes.

A teasing smile appeared on the brunette's face as she nodded slowly. "I suppose so." She whispered just before closing her mouth over the blonde's, gently nibbling at her wife's lower lip. Sam's hands climbed up Brooke's back, pulling the blonde's body closer to her own, causing the girl to moan softly. Smiling even as she continued to kiss her wife, she whispered against Brooke's lips. "I'll never get enough of the sounds you make, or of you."

PART 36:

"Should we make our move now?" A low scratchy voice whispered to the tall blonde in front of him, both peering through the cluster of bushes. Leaning in closer to get a better look at their targets, his ice blue lecherous stare never left the two women in the lake.

Shaking his head, greasy strands of stringy dull yellow hair falling into his dirty beard stubbled face. "No, we wait until they've dressed and start loading up to head back for the palace." Turning his head to look over his shoulder, he gave his companion a rotted tooth grin. "We'll ambush them, kill the girl who thinks she's a warrior, and take the blonde for ourselves." Turning completely, he clapped the man behind him on the shoulder and started sneaking back to the others with them. "Come on, we've got to tell the others, get every thing set up for the ambush."

Taking one last lingering look at the two in the water, a chilling sneer covered his features. "We'll take the blonde for ourselves, and I'll make sure to have the first taste of her. That woman playing warrior should get a kick out of knowing what's gonna happen to her wife once we get hold of her." Melting back into the shrubbery, he followed his companion to the rest of their group. "Get things set up, then have us a little fun. Yep, some fun with a little blonde."

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