Title: The Art of Revenge

Author: Geonn

Email: neil_j_miser@yahoo.com

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Sam/Janet

Category: PWP!

Series: Second in The Fine Arts Series.

Sequel to: The Art of Undressing

Disclaimer: These folks don't belong to me. I stole them from MGM's toybox without asking their mommies for permission. I promise to return them more or less unscathed.

Spoilers: Urgo

Archive: Yes, just let me know where it'll be.

Summary: Janet gets revenge!

The infirmary was deserted. Janet sighed and ran a hand through her short hair, taking an inventory of the empty beds. 'Enjoy the sight while you can,' she told herself. 'It probably won't be like this very long.' She turned and went to her office, telling the interns they could grab a quick lunch if they wanted. The two young officers scurried off, leaving her alone in the infirmary. She went into her office, closing the door and taking a seat at the couch.

As she rested her head on the back of the sofa, she spotted the six video monitors next to her desk. Three were still flickering. "Damn," she muttered. She'd forgotten to turn them off when the team had been freed of Urgo's influence. She kicked off her high heels and walked behind her desk, turning them off one at a time. She turned off O'Neill's, Teal'c's and... stopped on Sam's.

The Major was actually in her quarters. What were the odds of that? Janet checked her watch and realized her lover had a mission the next morning; Sam always stayed on-base the night before jumping. It caused a lot of havoc in their love lives, but Janet understood why she did it. She was about to turn it off as well when she realized that Sam was totally unaware she was being watched. The brunette chuckled. "Well, little Miss Voyeur... the shoe is on the other foot now."

Sam was already dressed for bed; her hair looked plastered to her head and she was wearing her Powerpuff Girls t-shirt. Janet sat back and watched as Sam crossed in front of the bed, her gaze focused on the magazine in her hands. Janet chuckled, then got up and went to lock the office door. She wouldn't want to explain to General Hammond why she was spying on an unsuspecting Air Force officer. 'Honestly, Sir, she *likes* it when I look at her! No, Sir, I've seen her naked *thousands* of times! Sir, I've eaten *candy* off of her naked body! Too much information, Sir?' She laughed at herself and sat down.

While she had been up, Sam had taken a seat in a recliner, her right leg balanced on the cushion and her left leg dangling. "Ooh, Sam, honey. Not a very lady-like pose!"

But from this angle, Janet could see the title of the magazine Sam was so engrossed in. "Sam reads 'Playboy'?!" Janet gasped, leaning forward a little. Definitely no mistaking that cover... and the way Sam was staring unblinkingly at the page. "Oh, my God," Janet laughed. "My little Major is a porn-hound!"

Sam moved her left hand to the center of the magazine, holding it by the spine, and slid her right hand down between her legs, biting her lip as her hand disappeared under the hem of her shirt. Janet's eyes popped open. "Is she..." Sam leaned her head back and let out a quiet whimper. "She is!" Janet whispered. "Sam is... oh, God..."

For a while, Janet watched her lover play with herself. It was a beautiful sight to behold, but she suddenly started to feel like she was invading her privacy. She considered just turning off the monitor and walking away. She considered calling Sam and telling her to 'hold that thought' until they could be together. Then, a decidedly devilish plan began to form in her mind. 'Wait. She laid in bed and watched me get undressed. Maybe it's time the shoe really *is* on the other foot...'

Janet turned up the volume on the monitor and heard Sam's voice, a quiet and hard panting as the Major softly chanted, "Janet... Janet...."

Shivers ran a marathon up Janet's spine and spread across her shoulderblades before diving back down. She turned down the volume and sorted out a plan. She stood and picked up the base phone before realizing that calls might be monitored. She grabbed her cellphone and dialed Sam's number. On the monitor, she saw Sam jump at the sound and drop the magazine, quickly going through her purse until she found the offensive object. She lightened a bit when she saw the number in the CallerID window.

"Hello," Sam panted into the phone.

"Sam," Janet said innocently. "Why... you sound out of breath. I didn't disturb you, did I?"

There was a pause. "Uh, no. No, I wasn't doing anything."

"Sam," Janet softly chided, sitting at her desk again. She could see Sam in her quarters. "I know what you were doing," she teased in a sing-song voice.

"What do you mean?"

"I was watching you. On the security monitor."

Sam spun around and scanned the room, quickly spotting the small camera. "Oh, God!" she gasped, pulling at the hem of her shirt with her free hand. "D-d-did anyone else see?"

Janet shook her head. "Nope. Just li'l ol' me. Remember those monitors I had put in during the Urgo situation?"

"Oh, God," Sam put a hand on her forehead and turned away from the camera. "I'm so embarrassed."

'This isn't exactly what I planned,' she thought. "Oh, no, Sam. Don't be embarrassed. It was hot." Janet leaned back in her chair. "I just had to call and let you know how much I enjoyed it. I certainly didn't call because I wanted to show to end."

Sam turned slowly and looked into the camera. "You want to watch?"

"Oh, yeah," Janet said, leaning forward and looking into the monitor, as if Sam could see her through the lens. "Remember the little incident where you spied on me getting undressed?"

"That was totally different," Sam said, starting to smile.

Janet ran her finger down Sam's body, leaving a finger trail on the screen. "C'mon, Sammy," she purred. "Do it for me."

Sam shook her head slowly and walked back to her chair. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she said into the phone. She sat down and looked up at the camera. "What should I do?"

"Honey," Janet chided. "If you need me to write down a how-to for this..."

"Funny," Sam sighed.

Janet lowered her voice slightly. "I heard you say my name a minute ago... when you were touching yourself. God, baby, that made me so hot. It made me want to run down there and grab you and make love to you..."

"Why don't you," Sam offered, letting her free hand slide back to it's previous position. "I'm just a few floors down..."

"Touch yourself," Janet said, ignoring her lover's pleas.

Sam rested her head on the back of the couch and spread her legs slightly, resting her hand between them. "Good," Janet whispered. "Touch yourself," she repeated. "I want to see you pleasure yourself."


"You watched me," Janet reminded her. On the monitor, Sam's hand began to move. Smiling wickedly, the brunette said, "Do you remember the first night we spent together? It was summer. Your car had broken down at my house, so I offered to let you use the guest room. But... you didn't want the guest room, did you, Sam?"

"No," she said weakly. Janet's eyes were locked on the back of the blonde's hand. The fingers were no longer visible, her knuckles resembling a mountain ridge.

Janet rubbed the back of her neck and glanced at the door. 'No one would come in here, would they?' she asked herself. 'No, no, not as quiet as it's been...' "Sam... pull your shirt up a little so I can see."

Sam did as she was told. She tugged on the hem of the shirt and her lower body came into full, glorious view. Janet licked her lips, realizing that this little plot of revenge was backfiring. She squirmed on her seat and rested the phone between her cheek and shoulder, leaning back in her chair. "Back to that night. You remember in the kitchen? Around two am?"

"Mm-hmm," Sam softly said.

"You wanted some milk," Janet continued, her own hand working it's way up her stockinged thigh. "I don't know if it was the fact that I was still half asleep or the fact that you were only wearing that tank top and those delicious little panties. I couldn't hold myself back. I just... God, I grabbed you and I kissed you so hard."

Quietly, Sam said, "I spilled milk on you."

"That's right," Janet nodded, closing her eyes for a moment as her fingers found their destination. Electricity sparked from her fingernails and traveled up through her body, completing the circuit and electrocuting her. She looked again at the monitors. "You had the carton in your hand. And when I kissed you, it spilled all over my nightgown and throat." She hissed and pulled aside the material of her underwear, the strain of keeping her eyes open becoming a huge burden. "Your hair was long then. So long. My fingers messed it up and you got some strands stuck in your eyelashes. God, you looked so gorgeous right then."

Sam chuckled hoarsely. "Just right then?"

"Always," Janet corrected. "Since the moment I met you, you've been nothing less than gorgeous. And that look in your eye... when you pressed me against the fridge and licked the milk from my throat."

"I was thirsty," Sam said.

"And I was hungry," Janet purred. "For you. God, when you peeled my nightgown off and kissed my bare chest...."

"The milk was cold," Sam breathed. "Your nipples were already so hard the first time I saw them... the first time I kissed them."

Janet noticed Sam's hand was picking up speed. "That first night, we weren't making love. God, what we did on that kitchen floor was... primal," she growled the last word, her own hand matching Sam's velocity. "But every time since, Sam. Every time, we've been making love. Even now, we're making love with each other..."

"By proxy," Sam chuckled, her head thrown back against the chair and her back arched. Even on the low resolution of the video monitor, Janet could see Sam's nipples pressing against her t-shirt. "God, Janet, I'm so close..."

"Close to what? What are you about to do?" Janet gasped. She loved to make Sam talk dirty...

Sam rolled her head. "Don't make me say it."

"Say what?"

"I'm going to come," Sam said. "God, Janet... you're going to make me come."

Shivers ran a trail along Janet's central nervous system. "Come for me, Sam," Janet said.

Sam pushed herself away from the back of the chair, her hand buried between her legs. The phone fell from her ear and clattered to the floor, but Sam didn't notice. The way the camera was angled caused most of Sam's body to be blocked from view, but Janet could hear what was happening through the phone. She bit her lip and followed Sam like a lemming over a cliff. "Yes, yes," she whispered. "Oh, God..." Her phone fell as well, landing and balancing itself on the arm of the chair.

After they both relaxed enough to realize their phones were still on, they picked up again. "Sam?" Janet asked.

Sam searched the floor and found her cell, putting it to her ear as she leaned back. She pulled her shirt into place and said, "Yeah?" her voice was dreamy, sleepy.

"That was outstanding. Can you come over to my house arou--"

The klaxons drowned her out and an airman reported there was an unauthorized off-world activation. "Damn," Janet hissed. She knew what was coming next. "Medical team to the Gate room!"

Sliding her panties and skirt back into place, Janet made sure she was presentable and stood. "Sam?"

"I'll be waiting. I love you."

"I love you too," Janet said quickly before hanging up. Back to work, she thought with a sigh.


Janet tossed her rubber gloves in the trash and ruffled her hair. What a mess... Captain Perkins of SG-4 had been spooked while on watch and shot at the local equivalent of a wolf. The wolf released a howl, which woke the rest of the team. Major Tompkins had seen the silhouette of a man (who had turned out to be Perkins) at the edge of camp and opened fire, thinking it was a Jaffa. He hit the captain twice in the leg. Perkins, shocked by the bullets in his leg, strafed the camp.

Luckily, both men were lousy shots. The whole thing had resulted in flesh wounds and minor injuries. Both men were being taken off-duty for the time being, however, and were forced to retake quite a few basic training drills. She tugged off her lab jacket as she walked into her office, tossing it at the couch. "I wonder if Sam's still in her quarters," she wondered aloud.

"Nope," a voice behind her said.

She jumped and spun around, shocked to find Sam standing behind the door. "Sam! What are you doing here?!" The Major was wearing a standard blue jumpsuit, instead of the t-shirt she'd been wearing earlier.

The Major shut the door, turning the lock. "Stalking you," she grinned.


Sam put her hands on Janet's hips and pressed her nose to the brunette's hair, inhaling deeply. "God... that little phone sex thing was hot," she whispered, her lips brushing the doctor's forehead.

"T-thank you."

Sam began unbuttoning Janet's blouse. "You got me so hot... I want you so bad. But tomorrow we have a mission and we vowed to never mess around on base."

Janet closed her eyes. Sam had the lower three buttons of her blouse open and had darted her hands inside, her fingers cold against the doctor's warm belly. She knelt in front of Janet and spread the material, pressing her lips to the small dot of Janet's navel. She suckled on the warm flesh, her tongue wetting it before circling with her tongue. "I could do this lower," Sam promised. "Just say the word."

"Lower," Janet breathed.

Sam immediately loosened Janet's belt, pushing her skirt down around the doctor's thighs and angling the petite woman back towards the couch. "Sam..." Janet warned.

"Shh," Sam whispered, her fingers trailing over the doctor's underwear. "You're so wet, Janet. Even an hour later, you're so wet for me." She kissed the light blue material, then said, "What do you want me to do?"

Janet cracked an eyelid. "Kiss me."

Sam nodded. "Okay. Kiss you where?" Janet gave her an odd look and Sam smiled. "You made *me* talk dirty, sweetheart."

Janet laid her head on the back of the couch and whispered, "I want you to kiss me between my legs. I want to feel your tongue on my thighs and I... I want your lips on mine... I want you to kiss my pussy, Sam. Drink me, eat me... take me."

Sam shivered and lowered her head, pulling Janet's panties down with her teeth and brushing the tip of her nose in the doctor's pubic hair. Janet's back straightened and her arms went to the back of the couch, holding her upright. "Yes, Sam," Janet whispered. "Right there."

Sam extended her tongue, lightly probing for Janet's clitoris. When she found it, she inhaled the small bud between her lips and whistled. Janet's lower body jerked and one hand landed on the back of Sam's head. She ran her fingers along the Major's skull, threading her fingers in the long blonde locks. She brought her other hand down, cupping Sam's head between them as she lifted her legs and rested them on her lover's shoulders. Once she was in position, Janet began to rock her hips against Sam's searching lips and tongue.

"Oh, God," Janet whispered, throwing her head back. She lifted her butt off the couch and Sam's hands slipped from her hips, latching onto the two pale globes. "I'm going to come in your mouth," Janet gasped.

"I want it," Sam assured her. "Give it all to me, beautiful."

Janet threw her head back and parted her lips, gasping as she felt her orgasm beginning to crest. It was taking every ounce of willpower she had to keep from crying out. God forbid anyone heard and came to see what was wrong. She felt Sam lapping at the juices seeping from her body and closed her eyes. "God, Sam. You're so outstandingly gorgeous and beautiful. God Sam, I love you so much. I love you, Sam. Yes, Sam..."

The blonde kissed her way up Janet's body, kissing her breasts through her shirt and finally latching onto her mouth. Janet tasted herself on Sam's lips and grabbed the zipper of the blonde's jumpsuit. She was surprised - but happily so - to see that her lover was nude beneath the crisp material. She kissed her lover's throat, finding the pulse point and nipping gently at it. Her hand found Sam's crotch and gently began to rub it through her jumpsuit.

Sam pulled one foot up onto the cushion, closing her eyes as Janet manipulated her through her clothes. "Janet," she whispered.


Sam closed her eyes and kissed the only part of Janet her lips could reach; a spot on top of her head. Janet pushed aside one half of Sam's jumpsuit and freed the blonde's breast, latching onto it. As she played with the erect nipple, the doctor said, "So many men on the base would kill to touch you like this," Janet said. "Every man on base. Most of the women, too. You're so beautiful, Sam, so many people want you. But who gets to do this?" she asked, pressing two fingers up and wetting the material with Sam's juices. "Who gets to do this?"

"You, only you," Sam gasped.

Janet gave the nipple one final kiss before she moved up to Sam's lips. They kissed, their tongues dancing as Janet's fingers danced along the sensitive nerves between Sam's legs. Suddenly, after several minutes, Sam pulled back with a gasp. She looked down, eyes wide as she came. Janet kissed Sam under the ear, then tilted her head to kiss the back of her lover's neck. "God," Sam whispered. "God, that was outstanding."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Janet said, kissing Sam and pulling the zipper back up. "See you when you get back from your mission?"

"Definitely," Sam said, exhaling and brushing the hair from her face. "Definitely."

Janet kissed Sam softly and said, "What will you do to get back at me for that phone call?"

Sam's eyes twinkled. "I'll have to think about that. But I will get *my* revenge."

"I can't wait."


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