Title: The Art Of Art

Author: John O'Connor

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Rating: NC-17.

Pairings: Sam and Janet.

Category: Established relationship.

Date: 1 July, 2003. 

Series: None. 

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Disclaimer:  "Stargate SG-1" and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SciFi Channel, Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.

Summary:  Adulterous hijinks at the Art Gallery.

Notes: 1) Sequel/next-in-line to Geonn's "The Art Of..." series.  Found at: http://www.realmoftheshadow.com/geonn.htm

2) Mentions (possible spoilers) of "1969", "Out Of Mind", "Into The Fire", "Seth", "Fair Game".

It was getting so bad even Colonel O'Neill noticed.

"Hey, Carter!  What's eatin' you?"

'Nothing, that's the problem,' the baser part of her wanted to say.  Instead she settled for a scowl and a muttered, "I'm sick of this place."

"Whoa!  That's my line.  You're the gung-ho type, remember?  Always wanting to see what's on the other end of the wormhole?"

Sam nodded.  Three weeks ago, she would've agreed with her CO.  But after those three weeks on a planet about as interesting as a slug's trail, she was more than ready to get back to Earth.

"So?  What's wrong with...uh, here?"

"Sir, there is nothing here of interest to anyone with a background in astrophysics."  'And my girlfriend is light years away.  And I'm so horny, I could...'

Before she completed her thoughts, Jack asked, "Nothing?"

"In case you hadn't noticed, the cloud cover is permanent, like Venus.  No sky, no stars.  No stars, no astrophysics."

One of the main reasons for the trip to P5S-844 was to find out why a planet so far distant from it's sun was temperate.  The planet's orbit would place it in the Asteroid Belt in Sol System.  But the temperatures were almost tropical.  The permanent cloud cover ensured a greenhouse effect, but the stellar distance kept it from being anywhere near as severe as Earth's sister planet.

"Daniel is having fun," Jack offered.

In truth, Daniel Jackson was in his element.  Beneath the sandy surface of the planet were a treasure trove of pottery shards, fragments of clay tablets covered in glyphs, and the other usual detritus of a vanished civilization.

"What about you, sir?"

"Well, all in all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia," was Jack's deadpan reply.

"W.C. Fields," Sam observed.

"Where?" Jack asked, turning around and looking to his rear.

Sam had to smile, whether he was being sophomoric or not, Jack O'Neill could usually get at least a grimace, or better yet, a smile out of his Exec.

"Anyway, I just got off the 'phone' with Hammond.  You want the good news or the bad news?"

Sam scowled again.  "The bad news."

"Well, sorry to tell you this, Major, but our little vacation is coming to an end.  Oh, that's only bad news for Daniel...

"The good news is we can wash the grit off ourselves at home tonight.  Or, we could wash it off each other..."

"Thanks for the offer sir, but I have a prior engagement."

Sam smiled at her friend.  The playful flirting had started between them had started a few weeks ago when Jack inadvertently found Sam and Janet in a compromising position in a storage room. 

In a strange way, that uncomfortable moment was the catalyst that Jack needed to finally get on with his life.  He was even seeing his ex-wife on occasion and things were looking up for him.

"Yeah, that doc is one lucky doc...  Better go tell Daniel the bad news.  And, like I said, it'll all be bad."

Home.  Tonight.  Oh the plans Sam had for her little, brown-eyed girl...

Plans that had to be put on hold, much to Sam's chagrin.

* * * * * *

After finally getting out of the Mountain, Sam practically blew every stop light from the Complex into Colorado Springs.  She had to - HAD TO - see Janet.  All of Janet.  Desperately.

This was made worse by the fact that Janet was off-duty and home when SG-1 returned.  Often, after longer missions, Janet's soft touch could temporarily cool Sam's fires.  But not this time.

As she tore threw the streets of the quiet community, Sam found herself, and not for the first time, reflecting on her new-found sex drive. 

Before she and Janet finally took the plunge into having a relationship, she was content in her work.  Sex was often a distraction and something she didn't particularly enjoy.  The few times she had slept with a man, she felt almost superfluous to his needs - at least that was true with Jonas. 

Janet made her feel so special - so loved - that she found the enjoyment and the excitement in sex that she had seemed destined never to fully enjoy.  And, beyond the sex, Janet was a true soul mate, something Sam had never believed in before.

Now, Sam had a place in her life for everything: her work, her adventures beyond the event horizon, her family (even if one was light years away most of the time), her daughter Cassandra, and, most especially, her love.

But, after being lost in time, held captive by Hathor, tracking down Seth, followed by helping her father reconcile with her brother, then the Goa'uld summit and, finally, the never-ending mission on P5S-844, she was almost in pain in her need for Janet.

Sam could picture it all in her mind.  She'd enter, give Cass a big hug with a promise to tell her all about the boring trip she'd been on, then grab Janet and drag her to the bedroom where she'd tear the clothes from the doctor's body and ravage the woman until Janet was screaming in her ecstasy.

Or maybe Cass wouldn't even be home and she and Janet could get reacquainted wherever in the house she found the brunette.  She had to be with Janet...


Which made it all the worse when she pulled up to the Fraiser house to find several bikes scattered near the driveway.  What the...

Janet was standing on the small porch, waiting for Sam.  "He-ey, welcome home!"

"Hi!  God, you look so..."

Janet held up a hand, "Uh, you too but...  We have guests.  Actually, Cassie does."


The hurt in Sam's voice and the disappointed look on her face tugged at Janet.  "I'm sorry but...  I didn't know you were coming back today until Jack O'Neill called and told me you left the Complex like, and I quote, 'a bat outta hell'."

Sam snickered and nodded.  "Yeah, I couldn't wait to see you...to touch you...to kiss you...to taste you..."  Sam's voice dropped with each word to a harsh, lusty whisper.  Her face moved slowly closer to Janet's until their lips were practically touching.

Janet pushed her back, "Sam, not here.  The whole neighborhood can see us..."

"God, Janet!  I want you, so bad it hurts!"

"Oh my poor Sam," Janet said as she took Sam's hand and led her into the house.  Once inside, she grasped the back of Sam's head and pulled the very willing blonde to her for a fiery kiss.

As Janet's tongue invaded her mouth, Sam's hands roamed freely over the tight t-shirt and jeans Janet was wearing.  One hand grasped a blue-garbed cheek while the other snaked between them to knead Janet's breast.

Sam moaned when she found out Janet was going braless at the moment.  The nipple hardened and poked into the blonde's palm like a diamond bit.

Janet gently caressed Sam's tongue with her own, tempting the soft organ into her own mouth, sucking on it.  She loved kissing this woman in her arms.  But there was something...

"Mom?  Aw Jeez!  Can't you two...?" came from behind them.

"Oh, Cassie!  Uh, I was just..."

Sam wiped her mouth and smiled, "Cass!  How...uh, how'd the algebra test go?"

"Uh-huh.  I see, just pretend I didn't see you two groping in the hall like...like seniors!  Fine..."  Cassie's face brightened and she jumped into Sam's embrace, "Hey Sam!  The test was great!  Thanks for all your help!"

Pulling back, she looked at Janet, "Mom?  Can we order pizza?"

Janet glanced at Sam, "I, uh...  Like I was trying to tell you before we got...distracted. We have guests."


"Yeah, about fifty of Cassie's friends are staying over tonight before we go to...Denver tomorrow."

"Denver?  What's in Denver?"  Sam was clearly confused.  She had nothing in her mind but hours of sweaty sex with her lover and couldn't quite process this new information. "Fifty?"

"A photography class field trip to the art museum.  Mom agreed to chaperone," Cassie explained.  "And there're only nine of us here."

"I didn't think you'd be back from your trip to..." Janet glanced over her shoulder for eavesdroppers, "...uh, your trip to Europe.  I volunteered to go since I was already off the duty roster this weekend.  I'm sorry."

"Hey, that's okay.  I guess I can deal with it.  As long as there's cold water to shower in..."

"Jeez, Sam!  TMI?"

"TMI?" Sam asked.

"Too much information?" Cassie said in a typical fourteen-year old's exasperated manner.  "I thought we agreed to keep your sex life private."

Sam smiled, "Love you too, kiddo."

Cassie blushed as she repeated her earlier question, "Mom?  Pizza?"

"Okay, but not too many.  I don't want two or three whole pizzas leftover.  Kay?"


As Cassandra disappeared back into the family room, Janet turned to Sam, "I'm sorry, sweetie.  If I'd known you were coming back so soon..."

"Hey, it's okay.  I think I can handle one more night.  But tomorrow night, prepare yourself.  You have one horny major here."

Sam smiled.  She could handle it.  The kiss only stoked her fires but knowing relief was so near, she knew she could cope.  At least, Janet wouldn't be around her tomorrow, driving her insane with her scent - both perfumed and natural.

Until, the teen terror reappeared.  "Sam, wanna come with us tomorrow?  Jenny Sinclair's mother is sick and we could use another chaperone."

* * * * * *

"So, how's it feel to be volunteered for chaperone duty?" Janet asked around a mouthful of pepperoni.

"Like the Air Force," Sam smirked.

They were sitting in the living room, watching TV while the teens took over the family room.  They had managed to secure a couple of slices of pizza apiece before 'the vultures descended', as Sam put it.

"Wow!" Janet said loudly, her comment echoed by her lover.

"Jeez!  I never thought we'd actually see..."

"No, me either.  There was the episode where they supposedly did but..."

The event in question was Jennifer Aniston kissing Winona Ryder near the conclusion to "Friends" which was followed quickly by Lisa Kudrow kissing Jennifer.

"Wow...that was..."

"Yeah.  Not hot but..."

Sam and Janet shared a look.  Any type of intimate contact was hot for them under the circumstances.  And two women kissing on television was hot.

"You know..."

"No, Sam!  Not a chance!  What if one of the girls walks in on us..."

Sam scowled yet again.  "And I have to be near you all day tomorrow with no relief?   It'll be torture."

"For me too, my love.  But think about tomorrow night..."

"Can we at least make out?" Sam asked with an impish grin.


* * * * * *

That night, Sam slept in the guest room.  It was the first time in over a year that she had not shared Janet's bed while on Earth.

The frustration seemed to boil over into her dreams...


Sam stood at the base of the metal grating, looking around the Gateroom.  It was strangely deserted. And the iris was open.  'Security is sadly lacking,' she thought.

Suddenly, she realized she was naked.  With a bug-eyed look of surprise, Sam clasped her hands in front of her crotch, unintentionally pushing up her breasts with her arms.

A delighted giggle followed by clapping echoed through the large room.  Sam glanced behind her to see Janet, equally naked with a stethoscope hanging around her neck on the other side of the Gate.


"Cum and get me," the nude doctor teased.  And Sam knew, in that special way that only occurs in dreams, exactly what Janet had said: cum.

She needed to.  Badly.  And only the impish woman across the Gate threshold could help her.

As she placed her foot on the bottom of the ramp, she felt the harsh grate on her bare foot but no pain in the sensitive flesh.

Janet had one hand between her legs, fingers moving rapidly in and out as she used the other hand to crook her finger in a 'come here' gesture.

Sam walked up the ramp.  As she reached the Gate, Janet held both hands wide and the event horizon shimmered into existence without the flushing whoosh of the plasma field.  Sam tried to stop herself but it was too late.  Sam fell through the silvery barrier into...

A dinner party at the Officer's Club at Peterson Air Force Base.  At the head table, flanking the speaker's dais, were Jacob Carter General Hammond, Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Colonel Makepeace, the Secretary of the Air Force, the Chief of Staff, and the President.  Seated at round tables scattered through the room were the rest of the SGC, some Tok'ra representatives, Thor, Ra, Apophis, Seth, Hathor, Nirrti, Yu, and Cronus.

Janet, the nude guest of honor, stood at the dais.  She looked at the equally nude Sam sprawled on the desert table directly in front of her, and said, "Mmm, good enough to eat!"


Sam sat up in bed, gasping.  Her heart was thundering in her chest.  What the hell? An erotic nightmare? That had to be the strangest dream she ever experienced.

But rather than just feeling fear, she felt an unsettling need to be back there to be with Janet, if only in a dream state.

She almost began to stroke herself but a wicked idea came to her and, smiling evilly, she lay back down to try and get more sleep. 

* * * * * *

The next morning found Sam and Janet outside Cassie's school as the students filed onto the small school bus that was to ferry them north to Denver. 

"Looks a lot like what I had to ride when I was a kid," Janet observed.  "There wasn't a lot of busing on Army bases."

"Yeah, Air Force bases were the same.  Kids aren't though."

Sam and Janet were a bit surprised by what the students wore.  The clothing was far more outrageous than in their day.  However, after a discussion with Cassandra that left them both feeling older than their years, they kept most of their comments to themselves.  Most of the comments.

"How'd you like to have that much metal hanging from your appendages?" Sam whispered, nodding at a girl with multiple body piercings.

"Wonder where else she's bejeweled?" Janet countered.

"You so nasty," Sam hissed with a smile.

The two volunteers felt out of place with the young crowd.  Both were wearing blouses, Janet's with a simple flower pattern and Sam in white.  Both wore above-the-knee skirts as well with sandals.

"Think we overdressed," Sam commented to one of the teachers, Dana Thorne.

"No, you both look fine.  Thank you so much for helping out," the pretty young woman responded.  She was the school's journalism teacher as well as handling one class in photography and dark room work.

"Yes.  You two are a big relief for us," the other teacher, Cheryl Williams, added.  As well as being Dana's roommate, Cheryl was an art teacher at the school.  "This is a good group of kids but you know teenagers."

Sam and Janet found themselves nodding in sympathetic agreement.

Finally, after the last of the students got aboard, Sam and Janet got on.  They took one of the seats at the front of the bus, across the aisle from the two young teachers.

The small crowd of students, just over thirty, were the best from the photo and the advanced art classes.  They were all quietly excited about the trip and huddled in seats near the back of the bus.

Janet, sitting next to the window, leaned close to Sam and whispered, "That little brunette was checking you out, Hon."

"Huh?  Who?"

"Ms. Thorne.  I saw her eyes locked on your rather attractive butt as you got on."

"No!  Really?"  Sam flashed a pleased smile at her girlfriend.  "Guess she has good taste."

Janet carried on the banter, saying, "As long as she doesn't get a taste..."

Sam's fingers slid between Janet's thighs, lightly scratching the sensitive flesh.  "Not a chance.  You're my one and only."


Sam smiled evilly as she used her 'patented' bad Austin Powers voice, "Do I make you horny, baby?  Do I?"

Sam didn't need to hear Janet's answer, she could feel the increase in heat from Janet's core.

"Anyway, remember what Cass told us?  The rumor that they're a couple?"

Janet, her eyes locked on the fingers tracing patterns on her thigh, shook her head, "Uh-uh."

"Sure you do.  She said that they're roommates and everyone is sure that they're lovers.  She said it was like us, a brunette and a blonde and both brainy."

"O...oh yeah.  I kinda do..."  Janet jerked her eyes up and across the bus' aisle.  "They are...?"


"Wow, I'd never guess it from looking at them."

"That's what Cass said.  They're like us.  They look like a couple of straight women who happen to live together."

"Those two must be beautiful together."

Sam's fingers moved up to the unseen cloth barrier as she whispered, "Almost as beautiful as you."

"Sam," Janet whispered.  "Not here."

"What?  I'm just resting my hand on your leg."

"What if someone sees us?"

Sam shook her head.  The seats had high backs that precluded anyone looking over their shoulders.  And Sam's marginally larger frame blocked the view of the women across the aisle.

In moments, the material was damp to Sam's touch.  The blonde knew she was just as moist.  It wouldn't take much to get Janet to cum.  The joy of bringing her love to a loud climax was almost worth the shame and embarrassment of doing so here.


With one last, slow stroke of her fingers along the sodden crease, Sam took her hand away.

"Mmm..." she whispered as she licked the tips of her fingers.  "Did I mention I had a dream about us last night?"

Janet gazed as Sam with slightly glazed eyes then across the aisle.  Her eyes widened when she saw the young blonde teacher smile and nod at her.  Did Cheryl see what had just happened?

"No," Janet muttered.


"Nothing.  Just keep your hands to yourself," Janet replied.

"We'll see..." Sam whispered.

* * * * * *

A little over an hour later, the bus dropped everyone off near the entrance to the Denver Art Museum.  Just to the east across the park, the gold-plated dome of the state capital building gleamed in the sun.

The group, surprisingly well behaved in Sam's opinion, quietly entered the museum.  Sam commented on that unusual fact to Dana Thorne.

"We have a deal.  If they act like ladies and gentlemen on this trip, we agreed to see about the possibility of a weekend trip to another city."

"Hmm...  Blackmail, eh?"

Cheryl, who had caught the end of the conversation, laughed, "Whatever works..."

As a group, they headed towards one of the visiting exhibits.  It featured some of the finer photographs Ansel Adams had taken in his long career of capturing the western lands in black and white.

Sam was almost as enraptured as the students.  She commented to Janet about the man's technique - his use of lighting, how he framed some of the images, and the differences between different pictures of the same image based on different development techniques.

Janet smiled at this formerly unknown side to her lover.  While Sam had her mother's book of Adams' work, she rarely mentioned it or photography.

"I never knew you were into this," she commented.

Sam looked at Janet wistfully, "It's like listening to Bach or Brahms...it reminds me of my mom.  She loved photography too and, while I have no skill with a camera, I love to look at well-crafted pictures."

"If you want to, I'd love to hear more about this later," Janet offered.

A huge smile split Sam's face, "You would?  Great."

* * * * * *

After the Ansel Adams exhibit, the students were directed to the Western Art exhibition which included some representative paintings and sculptures by Frederic Remington, Gutzom Borglund, and Korczak Ziolkowski.  Many were part of the museum's permanent collection but many were also on loan from other museums around the globe.

The latter two headliners were unfamiliar to the students until they saw Borglund's model for Mount Rushmore and on of Ziolkowski's many models for Crazy Horse Mountain.  They were especially impressed when told that all four heads on Mount Rushmore would fit in the space under Crazy Horse's arm once that titanic sculpture was completed.

Later, after a quick lunch in the small food court in the museum's lowest level, the students were allowed to split up and see what in particular interested them.  The only stipulations were to remain on the museum grounds, behave on their own, and to meet back near the entrance by 3:30 to head home.

Cassie ran off with some of her friends to view the Impressionists.  She was fascinated by the oblique view of the world these masters had.  Coming from a less advanced culture that had little time for fine art, and no time for much beyond the realism of their decorative murals, she loved this taste of the unusual.

As their charges dutifully filed away, Sam grabbed Janet's hand, "I need to use the ladies room."

Inside, Sam pulled Janet into the far stall with her.  She hiked up Janet's skirt and pulled the doctor's panties down to land at their feet.

"Sam?!?  What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Sam leered at her and wiggled her eyebrows lecherously.  She pulled Janet to her and kissed the woman passionately, her tongue forcing it's way into Janet's mouth.  One hand cupped Janet's mound, one finger slipping into the damp folds.

Keeping her mouth sealed on her lover's, Sam used herself to muffle Janet's groans as she slipped two fingers into the wet heat. 

She crossed those fingers inside Janet, causing another moan to echo into her mouth.  Slowly pumping in and out, Sam continued to probe Janet's mouth with her tongue until she felt the doctor stiffen around her fingers.

Janet cried out into Sam's mouth, the muted sound barely echoing with in the stall.  Warm honey gushed onto Sam's hand at the same time and Janet's entire body went rigid.

Holding Janet, Sam whispered, "How was that for payback?"


"For the dirty phone call in the SGC a while ago?"

Janet smiled, "Not too bad..."

They shared Janet's juices from Sam's hand, each taking a finger to lick then sharing the fluid Sam had captured in her palm.  This naturally led to a most heated kiss.

Before much more could happen, the door to the ladies room opened and three loud teens entered.  One of them was Cassie.

Wide-eyed, Janet mouthed, "What do we do now?"

Sam smiled, sat and pulled Janet into her lap.  She moved the doctor's legs up out of sight of anyone looking under the stall.

After a seeming eternity, the three girls left amid a storm of laughter and Sam, who had thoroughly enjoyed holding Janet so close, let her down.

They kissed once more and Sam could tell the excitement of almost getting caught had thrilled Janet.  A tidbit she filed away for later consideration.

The two of them, after straightening up, left the restroom and headed to the food court to replenish their fluid levels.

Later, they were in a gallery of medieval art and artifacts.  One wall was covered by a large arras.

Janet, with a wicked glint in her eye, peaked behind it.  Nodding to herself, she looked around.  No one else was in the gallery.

"Sam," she whispered.

"What?"  The major was fascinated by the ornate swords on display.


Janet pulled Sam behind the tapestry.  There was a small, musty alcove hidden there, just big enough for the two of them.

"See if you can keep quiet..."

With those words, Janet dropped to her knees and pushed her head under Sam's skirt.  Panties quickly fell to the floor, still partially wrapped around Sam's foot, and the doctor's skilled tongue went to work.

Sam went weak in the knees as soon as Janet knelt before her.  She knew they shouldn't be behind the wall hanging but she couldn't seem to muster the will to stop Janet.

She did manage to push the edge of her hand into her mouth to stop any cries. 

Janet didn't want to waste time, she knew the danger of public exposure if they were caught.  But, after the stunt in the restroom, she had to have the major.

And she also found the danger more exciting than she had imagined.

One hand cupped Sam's ass, the fingers tickling the crease.  The other spread the outer lips to allow Janet's tongue to lap up the honey-coated tissue within.  After thoroughly swabbing Sam's inner labia, she forced her tongue inside.

Sam let out a peep around her hand as she fell back to lean against the wall of the alcove.  The thrill of where they were, combined with her weeks of sexual frustration and the wonderful feeling of her lover licking her, left her on a hair trigger.

Using the index finger of the hand on Sam's ass, Janet probed the major's rosebud while grazing Sam's clit with the tip of her nose.  Her tongue had found the special spot within Sam and was teasing the bundle of sensitivity.

Sam gasped as she came.  Everything went white as the waves of pleasure billowed out of her sex. 

When she was once again coherent, she found herself in Janet's arms, sitting in Janet's lap.  She licked her essence off Janet' chin and cheeks before kissing her.

"You okay?" Janet asked.  Sam nodded as she managed to stand.  "Good.  Lemme check to see if the coast is clear..."

"Janet, you know I'm going to have to get you back..."

"We have all weekend for that, my love."

Janet peeked out and saw the room was still surprisingly deserted.  She quickly pulled Sam out of the alcove. Neither noticed the tangy aroma overlaying the mustiness of the little room.  Nor forgotten panties on the floor.

Someone else did.

* * * * * *

Sam and Janet were among the first off the bus once it pulled in front of the school.  But, due to their responsibilities as chaperones, they had to wait for the rest of the passengers to file off. 

Cassie came off with one of her friends who had stayed over the night before.  "Mom?  Can I stay at Megan's tonight?"

Janet paused, merely to irritate her torturer/victim, and said, "I don't know..."

"Puh-leeze?" Cass pleaded, wringing her hands.

"But Sam just got home..."

"That's okay Janet," Sam said quickly.

"Oh, okay.  Go ahead."

Sam leaned close and whispered, "I'll get you for that..."


As the last of the students dispersed to waiting cars or bicycles, Sam headed over to warm up Janet's pesky Volvo.  Janet stood there a few more moments to make sure their job was done.

"I can't thank you enough for your help today, Doctor." 

Janet glanced at the pretty blonde teacher and said, "It was our pleasure.  And please, call me Janet."

Cheryl smiled, her teeth flashing brightly.  "I will.  Maybe, as a way of showing our appreciation, you and your girlfriend could have dinner with us one night?"

"She'snotmygirlfriend," Janet said far too quickly.

Cheryl smiled and nodded, "Okay.  But the invite is still open."

Janet nodded and returned the smile as Cheryl turned to her...what?  Roommate?  Lover?   Janet shook her head.  Who cares as long as they're happy.

"Oh, Doc...Janet?  You might like these back..."

Cheryl pressed Janet's cotton panties surreptiously into her hand.

"Glad you had fun," the teacher said to the red-faced doctor.  The other pair her lover had discovered in the medieval gallery would be returned later.

The End...

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