Title: Beat It

Author: Corbeau's Alcove

Email: persistance_is_futile@hotmail.com

Rating:  NC-17


Catherine was motionless as Grissom sat next to her in the speeding ambulance.

"Sir, can you tell me what happened?"  The paramedic asked elevating Catherine's legs as she layed on her back.

"She received some disturbing news."  Grissom said, his eyes never wavering from Catherine.

"And you found her in this state?"  He asked.

"A co-worker discovered her first.  She was rocking to and fro mumbling when he approached her.  Her skin felt clammy at the touch.  She slipped into this state shortly after I saw her."  Grissom said.

"It's pretty obvious to state but she's suffering severe shock.  This can become worse but we'll keep a close eye on her."  The paramedic said checking Catherine's airway and breathing pattern.

"Can I do anything?"  Grissom asked.

"Just make sure she keeps this blanket on.  Talk to her calmly, see if she responds."

Grissom nodded and played with the edge of the blanket, unsure what to say to Catherine.

"Catherine, it's Gil.  We're taking you to the hospital.  You'll be fine.  Lindsay will want to see you so you remember that.  Get better."  Grissom said.  He sighed feeling useless.  One on one emotional interactions weren't his strong point.

The ambulance stopped and Grissom looked ahead.  Seeing that they were at the hospital he got out of the back of the bus and stood looking uncomfortable.

"Can I go with her?"  Grissom asked.

"We'll get a doctor to have a look at her but you can wait outside if you like."  The paramedic said smiling sympathetically.

"Thank you.  I appreciate everything you did."  Grissom said.

"Never mind that Sir, you just help your friend.  Good luck."  With that the paramedic rushed off with the doctor.

Grissom's phone rang as he sat in the visitors lounge.  Receiving a glare from the nurse Grissom turn his back and answered it.

"Griss, it's Nick.  We've had a look at the envelope the photos came in and there is nothing.  Stuck down with tape and no signs of prints on the photos themselves."

"Do we know how it got into the office?"  Grissom asked.

"Warrick's checking surveillance camera's now.  Jane at the desk said that it was just in the pile when she got in."

"Okay Nick.  Greg in?"

"Yeah he is and he's not taking it well.  I put him to work right away, told him that would help Sara faster."

"Thanks Nick, good work."  Grissom said.

"Any news on Catherine?"  Nick asked concerned.

"Severe shock.  Doctor is with her now."

"Tell her we're all thinking of her."  Nick said.

"I will.  I'll be in later."  Grissom said.

"I'll call if we get any more news."  Nick said hanging up.

Grissom dialed Brass' number.

"Gil, we've got a APB out on Sara's car.  It's missing.  I've informed undercover and they are stepping up the watch on Lindsay.  They'll be her obvious shadow for a while.  I'm sure Catherine wouldn't mind."  Brass added.

"So you think Messina took Sara and her car?"  Grissom asked.

"It's a starting point,"  Brass shrugged.

"Okay.  Thanks Jim."  Grissom said hanging up.

"Mr. Grissom?"  A man asked from behind him.


"I'm Doctor Hall, I treated Miss Willows."

"How is she?"  Grissom asked.

"We've got her nil by mouth at the moment while we try to monitor her.  She was non responsive when I first saw her but she seems to be coming around slowly."

"Is she talking?"

"No Sir.  It's a tricky thing, shock.  It's the will of the individual person to come around."

"She's a fighter."  Grissom stated.

"Good.  If you'd like to see her you can come with me."

Grissom followed the doctor remembering the last time he and Catherine were in hospital.  He was going in for an operation to save his hearing and Catherine had come to offer support.  Now the roles were reversed.  He hoped he could help her through the dark shadows.

Grissom was left alone with Catherine.  He felt like he was losing his hearing again.  The room was eerily quite.  Catherine's chest rose and fell as she layed wrapped up in white standard issue bed sheets.

"Catherine.  Come back to us."  Grissom whispered.


"How do you like that!"  Bobbie yelled as she hit Sara across her already red cheek.

Sara knew her cheek was blossoming into a black and blue treat but did nothing to show her pain.  She defiantly stared up at Bobbie as she crouched down to see her handiwork.  Sara was trying to find some clues to where they were.  The ground was wet in patches, she was sitting on a concrete floor that she knew.  There was a constant dull sound coming from somewhere above, Sara assumed she was in a basement of some kind.

"Got nothing to say Sara?"  Bobbie laughed as she stood up and walked across the other side of the room to stand under the only light in the room, a few moths circling it as it swung around precariously.

"I thought you'd be a little tougher, fight back or something.  I don't know what my Spitfire sees in you.  You're too placid for a feisty woman like that."  Bobbie laughed as she lit a cigarette.

Sara didn't rise to the bait.  She leant against the cold concrete wall feeling blood entering her mouth from her split lip.

"Little Spitfire would be looking at those star shots of you today.  My little present to her."

"Leave her alone Messina,"  Sara growled in anger.

"Ah, she speaks!"  Bobbie laughed.  "Maybe there is a spark in you after all."

Bobbie got up from her chair and pulled Sara up by her shirt, ripping the seam along the neck.

"Come on get up."  Bobbie yelled.

Sara felt her legs give way slightly from pins and needles but she stood, handcuffed.

"I might have a little fun knocking you down a few pegs."  Bobbie said licking Sara's cheek.

Sara tried not to be repulsed knowing it would only further encourage Bobbie.

"Come on, let's go."  Bobbie said pushing Sara in the back.


Sara's eyes took a moment to adjust as Bobbie led her out into the dusk light.  She scanned the area for location, her investigator instinct in full gear.

"Get in the car and don't make a sound."  Bobbie hissed.

Sara tried getting in the front seat of the car but with handcuffs on it was impossible.  She first tried to get in by backing up but misjudged the seat and almost fell.  Trying to get into the car head first was also hard.  She fell on her face, her mouth tasting the cotton of the car seat.  Bobbie stood behind her laughing.

"You look ridiculous."  Bobbie commented.

"It's impossible to get in with these on."  Sara said having pushed herself up off the seat and waving her hands at Bobbie.

Bobbie just stood watching her.

"Try."  Bobbie ordered.

"Why don't I just scream for help.  A woman in handcuffs would look suspicious."  Sara suggested.

Bobbie pushed Sara up against the car.

"I said not a sound.  You wouldn't want me to go and visit Catherine would you?"  Bobbie threatened.

Sara quieted immediately.  She hoped everyone was working hard on the case and Bobbie would be found before she got the chance to get to Catherine.

Sara felt the blood in her mouth well up and spat on the pavement.  She smiled to herself; another little clue to leave behind with the fingerprints she managed to get on the car.  She hoped some of the blood had trickled out while she was in the basement also.

"In the car!"  Bobbie yelled.

Sara backed into the car and while it was awkward she managed to get in.

"See, it's not that hard once you have the proper motivation,"  Bobbie said smiling.

"The police will find you."  Sara said.

"I dare them.  They couldn't find me when I broke out what's to say they'll find me now?"  Bobbie laughed.


Nick ran into the lab after getting a page from Greg.

"Anything from the envelope or photos?"  Nick asked.  He knew Greg would find something, he had all the tools necessary to look for the clues.

"Not on the photos but I did on the envelope.  A small hair found inside the envelope.  I cut the envelope and on the inside, right down the bottom I found a hair.  I've run it and it came up.  It's Bobbie Messina."  Greg said.

"She was after Catherine."  Nick said confused.

"Sara worked the case too, maybe she was her target all along."  Greg suggested.

Nick smiled.

"Excellent work Greg.  Sara would be proud."

Greg smiled.

Nick ran into the break room to tell Warrick of Greg's discovery.

"We didn't think to look inside it."  Warrick said cursing.

"It's all cool man.  I gave it to Greg because I knew he deconstruct the entire thing to find something.  We've got to let our emotions work for us."  Nick said sitting down.

"Sara is counting on us being at 100%."  Warrick said sighing.

"It was easily fixed.  We know that the photos have no prints so we'll tell Brass we've got a hit and he can work with that."  Nick said.

"Okay.  Hey Nick, how's Cath?"  Warrick said changing subjects for a moment.

"Grissom said she's suffering from severe shock.  He'll stay with her a while."

"Why send that package to Catherine?"  Warrick asked.

"She worked the case with Sara?"

"Still, it strikes me as an interesting place to send it.  Catherine's reaction was stronger than I would have thought also."  Warrick said.

"It would be a shock to the system to open that."  Nick countered.

"Yeah.  I just didn't know Sara and Catherine were so close.  I know they've been spending time together and the tension has certainly dissipated.  Perhaps they are closer than we thought."  Warrick said.

"It would be good for Sara to have a girlfriend she can talk to.  She's a pretty hard one to get out of that shell of hers."  Nick said.

Warrick smiled. "She's pretty closed up that's true."

Nick stopped smiling, realising they were talking about one of their colleagues who was missing.

"I'm going to call Brass."  Nick said.

"I'm going to see Lindsay."  Warrick said.  "Just let her know about her security upgrade."

"I'll call if I find anything else out."  Nick said.


Grissom's phone rang and he took the call in the hall.

"What have we got Nick?"

"Greg pulled apart the envelope and we found one hair.  Ran it and Greg got a hit.  Bobbie Messina."

Grissom didn't ask why Nick himself didn't find the hair knowing from Nick's tone that he was upset he missed it.

"Did you call Jim?"  Grissom asked.

"Yes.  He's fuming as you could imagine.  He said he'd canvass every house himself if he had to."

"I'll come in soon.  The nurses told me they'd call if there was any change."  Grissom said looking into Catherine's room.

"Okay Gris.  See you later."  Nick said hanging up.

Grissom took up his original position in the chair next to Catherine's bed.

"We know who took Sara.  It was Bobbie Messina."  Grissom whispered.  "We'll find her Cath and you can get back to your life with Lindsay."


"Where are we going?"  Sara asked.

"Shut up."  Bobbie said.

Sara looked around and noticed Bobbie was driving them through a residential area.

"Can I get a drink?  My mouth's a little fuzzy."  Sara asked.  She hoped to leave another clue.

"I'm not going to take those handcuffs off.  I'm not an idiot."  Bobbie spat out.

"Look, I'll promise not to flee.  Handcuff me to the car, just give me one hand free.  I'm really quite thirsty."  Sara said softly, trying to act like a victim.

"I'll give you some water.  I'll hold the bottle."  Bobbie said.

Sara knew Bobbie wouldn't change her mind and decided to try giving her team mates clues at a later date.

"Okay.  Thank you."  Sara said.

Sara was about to ask where they were going until she noticed the area.  When Bobbie turned left Sara gasped.  They were going to Catherine's house.


"Sara.  Sara."  Catherine mumbled softly.

Grissom shook himself out of the restless slumber he'd endured for the last hour when he heard Catherine.

"Catherine?"  Grissom asked.

Catherine's eyes opened slowly and she blinked to refocus.

"Sara?"  Catherine asked confused.

Grissom pressed the buzzer laying on Catherine's bed to alert the nurse.

"You're in hospital Cath.  You were suffering from shock."  Grissom said.

"Sara."  Catherine said once more.

"Do you remember what happened?"  Grissom asked cautiously.

The nurse came in before Catherine could reply.

"Miss Willows, welcome back.  How are you feeling?"  The nurse asked.

Catherine didn't take her eyes off Grissom.

"Where is Sara?"  Catherine asked, her voice groggy.

"We're looking for her Cath.  We've found out that Bobbie Messina took her."   Grissom said softly.

Catherine tried to get up but the nurse gently restrained her.

"I'm sorry Miss Willows, you need to rest."

"I have to work."  Catherine said breathlessly.

"Stay here Cath, we'll find her."  Grissom said.

"No.  I need to find her."  Catherine said.

"No.  You need to take care of yourself."  Grissom said.

"He's right."  The nurse said agreeing.

"I'm fine.  I'm coming into work Gil."  Catherine said trying once more to get out of bed.

Grissom could see Catherine was struggling.

"You're not fit to work.  You are no good to Sara if you're not at your best."  Grissom said firmly.

Catherine sighed.

"Fine.  But I want updates."  Catherine said defeated.

"Of course.  Lindsay is staying with Mrs. Roach.  Jim updated her security and doesn't think it's a good idea she goes back home yet."  Grissom said.

"I'd like to call her,"  Catherine said looking to the nurse.

"Sure thing love, I'll get you a phone."  The nurse said smiling as she left.

"How did Messina get to Sara?"  Catherine asked.

"We're not sure Catherine.  I tried calling her in and when she didn't answer I assumed she was still angry with me for calling her in on her day off a while back.  She's changing a little."  Grissom said.

"Changing how?"  Catherine asked.

"Less overtime, she's happier.  I think she's found something to do.  A hobby."  Grissom said.

"You told her to get one when she first came here.  Maybe it just took her a little time."  Catherine said.

"She doesn't talk to me anymore."  Grissom lamented.

"She'll be fine Gil."  Catherine said trying to reassure herself also.

"She's smart, she'll help us find her."  Grissom said.

The nurse came back in holding a telephone.

"I'll go back to the lab Cath.  Will you be okay?"  Grissom asked.

"I'll be fine Gil.  Go, find Sara."  Catherine said.  "Thanks for staying here with me."  She added smiling.

"We were all very worried about you Cath.  You gave us all quite a scare."  Grissom admitted.

"Those photos were just so..."  Catherine said.

"I know."  Grissom said nodding.

Grissom quietly left the room and left Catherine alone with the memories of the photos of Sara.  She felt her cheeks become wet as she cried at the horror of discovering the envelope she now knew was sent by Bobbie.

"This is my fault."  Catherine whispered.  "I'll get you back Sara."

Reaching over to the phone she took a deep breath and dialed Mrs. Roach's number.

"Roach residence."  A woman's voice filtered over the phone.

"Pam?  It's Catherine."

"Catherine.  Are you alright?"  Pam asked concerned.

"I was suffering from shock but I'm okay now.  I'm sorry to have to put you in such a potentially dangerous situation."  Catherine apologized.

"Honey, the trouble you went to when my man was in trouble is a debt I told you I'd repay.  This is no problem.  I've actually never felt safer."  Pam laughed.

"How's Lindsay?"

"Reveling in the attention but concerned about you."  Pam admitted.

"Can I speak to her?"  Catherine asked.

"Hang on Catherine, I'll get her.  You take care honey okay?"  Pam said.

"Thank you Pam.  I will."  Catherine said.

"Mommy?"  Lindsay said softly into the phone.

"Hello baby.  How are you?"

"I'm fine mom.  How are you?"

"I just got a little sick baby but I'm okay now."  Catherine said.

"Uncle Jim told me Sara is missing."  Lindsay said.

Catherine cursed Brass.

"Uh, yeah she is baby but we'll find her."

"I know mom.  I like her."  Lindsay said.

"I like her too baby."  Catherine said.

"Okay mom, well Detective Oscar is playing Twister with me and it's my turn.  Call me when you find Sara.  Maybe she can stay with us for a while."  Lindsay suggested.

"We'll see honey.  You take care and be careful ok?  Do everything the police tell you."  Catherine said.

"I know mom, I will.  Love you!"  Lindsay said.

"I love you too baby.  Bye."  Catherine hung up and pressed the buzzer on her bed.

The nurse popped her head around the corner.

"I'm getting out of here.  What forms do I have to sign?"  Catherine said determined to find Sara.

"You're a stubborn one."  The nurse laughed.

"My partner is missing and I have to find her."  Catherine said.

The nurse nodded.

"I understand.  I'll get the doctor to come in just quickly and then you can go."

Catherine nodded at the compromise and called work.

"Warrick Brown, CSI."


"Cath?  How are you?"  Warrick asked.

"I feel like I've been sleeping for years but I'm getting out soon.  I want to know the latest on Sara."

"We've found Sara's car.  It was parked a few miles from her house in an ally.  Nick and Greg are out there now."  Warrick said knowing Catherine wasn't calling for small talk.

"Was there any sign of a struggle?"  Catherine asked.

"Nick says no obvious signs of trauma.  Sara's not stupid.  If Messina had a gun she'd simply do as she was told so they'd be no need for things to escalate."

"Okay Warrick.  Thanks for that."  Catherine said shuddering at the thought of Sara being held hostage by a gun wielding Bobbie.

"We're taking baby steps Cath but we're making progress."

"I know Warrick.  We just need to find Sara safe."

"We will Cath."  Warrick said trying to assure Catherine.

"My doctor is here so I'll see you soon okay?"  Catherine said.

"Okay.  Good to hear your voice.  Take care."


Bobbie pulled up three houses down from Catherine's.  Sara's heart was pounding out of her body.  She was filled with fear.  Were Lindsay and Catherine home?

"Where's the cop car watching them?"  Bobbie asked, pointing the gun she'd almost forgotten she had at Sara.

Sara looked around and found that the car wasn't there.

"Don't lie bitch otherwise your precious Catherine will get a bullet in her belly."  Bobbie said pressing the gun against Sara's side.

"They're not here."  Sara said.

"Good answer.  I already knew they weren't here.  I've been watching Spitfire's house and those obvious cops.  Just testing you out."  Bobbie said laughing.

Sara sighed in relief and tried moving her shoulders to get a bit of circulation in her arms.

"I'm going to take the cuffs off but one wrong move and I will shoot you."  Bobbie said.

Sara nodded.

Bobbie took the cuffs off and trained the gun at Sara.

"Remember, I will shoot.  Don't think I'm bluffing."  Bobbie said.  She got out of the car and motioned for Sara to do the same.  Sara found a piece of paper on the floor and tucked it into her pocket.

"Come on!"  Bobbie hissed.

Sara prayed as they walked up Catherine's driveway that no one was home.

"How are we going to get in?"  Sara asked.

"Spitfire hasn't given you keys yet?  Oh what a set back in your relationship."  Bobbie said laughing.

"Stop calling her that."  Sara said angrily.

"I'll call her whatever I want.  Once you're taken care of she'll learn to love me."  Bobbie said.

Bobbie took out a small kit and went about opening the door.

"Adding break and enter onto your rap sheet?"  Sara said sarcastically.

Bobbie hit Sara with the butt of the gun, causing Sara to stagger backwards.

Sara thanked the wall for holding her up.  She knew the wound was open; she could feel the blood trickle down her forehead.  Pushing herself off she noticed a small stain of blood on the wall.

"I like you better when you're quite."  Bobbie said smiling menacingly.

Sara touched her forehead wincing when she pressed on the cut.

"Why are we here?"  Sara asked.

"No one will look here."  Bobbie said shrugging her shoulders.

"That's ridiculous logic.  This is Catherine's home.  She's bound to come back..." Sara stopped when Bobbie's grin got wider.  "You want her to come back here."

"That's right criminal investigator."  Bobbie said raiding Catherine's fridge.

Sara sank back to the floor feeling a little dizzy.  She remembered the paper in her pocket and knew Catherine kept a pen on the bench.  Pushing herself up with some difficulty Sara made her way over to the bench.  Bobbie was rifling through the fridge and Sara took the opportunity to grab the pen and slip it in her shirt.

"Ah look, I've got to go to the toilet."  Sara said.

"Yeah?  Well how do I know you won't run off?"  Bobbie said from inside the fridge.

"Stand outside the door for all I care."  Sara said shrugging and making her way to the bathroom.  She stopped when she heard the gun being flicked off safety.

"I'm the boss here."  Bobbie said.

Sara tuned around hoping her fear didn't show.

"I'm going to the toilet.  I can't escape from the bathroom.  Look for yourself."  Sara said standing perfectly still.

Bobbie laughed and put the gun back of safety.

"Alright, go.  But if you're not out in five minutes I'll come in."

Sara nodded, her head feeling quite heavy.

"I'll be standing out here waiting."  Bobbie said.

Sara turned and walked in a determined fashion to Catherine's bathroom.  Once in there she locked the door and took out the paper and pen.  Blood dropped onto the paper making it hard to write on.  Sara couldn't decide on what to write, settling for 'At Catherine's.  Come quietly.'  She hoped it would reach the right hands.

Sara was satisfied she had done something good until she realised she had no way of getting it to Grissom or Brass.  She cursed herself for her impetuous behaviour.

"Hey come on!"  Bobbie said pounding on the door.

Sara put the pen in Catherine's cabinet and tucked the paper in her sock.  Grabbing a face towel from the sink Sara turned the tap on, wetting it and placing it on her cut.

Bobbie pointed the gun at Sara as she opened the door.

"What were you expecting?  Think I'd come out with a shampoo and squirt it in your eyes?"  Sara asked sarcastically.

"I'm really getting sick of your cheek."  Bobbie said pushing Sara in the back.

"What do you plan on doing to us once Catherine is here?  This is a pretty poor plan."  Sara said.

"I told Spitfire I'd see her again and I will."  Bobbie said grabbing Sara's collar and pulling her down onto a chair.  "Give me your hands."

Sara did as Bobbie requested and sighed in frustration as Bobbie once again put the handcuffs on.

"I love a girl who is chained up."  Bobbie whispered.

Sara bit her tongue to avoid provoking Bobbie.  She closed her left eye as blood continued to trickle down her face.

Bobbie left Sara on her own and she went through Catherine's house.  Sara hated the idea of Bobbie going through Catherine's belongings.

"I won't let her get you Cat."  Sara promised.


Catherine had discharged herself with a lecture from her doctor and a knowing look from her nurse.  After being instructed to drink plenty of water Catherine rushed out of the hospital and straight to the lab.

"Catherine.  I thought you were in the hospital."  Nick said as he saw her enter the building.

"Got out.  Any news on Sara's car?"  Catherine asked anxiously.

"How'd you know?"  Nick asked amazed.

"Warrick.  So?  Any news?"

"We've got prints.  Sara's and Bobbie's are both on the drivers side.  Her pager and cell phone were in the backseat."

"Any sign that she tried to call before Bobbie got to her?"  Catherine asked.

"Her last cell call was to you but not at the time of her disappearance.  We tried not to violate her privacy so we only checked last number called."  Nick said.

Catherine placed her hand on Nick's forearm.

"She'd appreciate that."  Catherine said softly.

"We need to go through Sara's house but we've a little behind.  Now that you and Gris are back we can start doing more."  Nick said frustrated.

"Nick, Sara knows you're doing everything you can to find her.  Don't carry that weight all on your own."  Catherine said knowing she was carrying a heavier load.

"I'm sorry Cath.  I'm just getting worked up."  Nick said.

"Understandable.  What do you say you grab Warrick and Greg and we'll all meet in the break room?"  Catherine said.

"Okay."  Nick said.

Catherine hugged Nick, thinking the embrace was more for her than him.

"Thanks Cath.  Good to see you back."  Nick said.

"Go Nick, I'll get Gil.  We'll get Sara back I promise."  Catherine said determined to make good of her promise.

Nick smiled, more confident having spoken to Catherine.

"We'll get you back baby."  Catherine whispered.


Catherine knocked on Grissom's door.  He looked up saying nothing.

"We're all in the break room."  Catherine said.

"What are you doing here?"  Grissom asked in his flat tone.

"Trying to find a member of our team and the murdered who happens to be with her."  Catherine said sarcastically.

"You should be resting..." Grissom started.

"I'm not staying in that bed and I'm not going home.  I'm here and I'm helping."  Catherine said adamantly.

Grissom sighed and picking up his folders he motioned for Catherine to leave the office before him.


Sara was trying to formulate a way to get her note to Grissom.  She knew that her objective was to keep Catherine away from Bobbie.  Scanning the room she wondered if she could get to the cordless phone on the table if she managed to get herself out of the handcuffs.

Bobbie was whistling when she re-entered the kitchen after her look through Catherine's home.

"She's got some great lingerie."  Bobbie smirked as Sara wiggled in her chair.

"I need to attend to this cut."  Sara said refusing to rise to Bobbie's bait.

"I gave it to you so it would hurt, why would I now help you?"  Bobbie said laughing.

"The blood, I just need to wipe up the blood."  Sara said.

"Want a band-aid and me to kiss it better?"  Bobbie asked sweetly.

"I have First Aid training.  If you'd just let me go into the bathroom where you know I can't escape I can clean it."  Sara said.

"The door stays open."  Bobbie said considering Sara's idea.

Sara once again cursed a missed opportunity but refused to give up.  "That's fine."  Sara agreed.

Bobbie came over to Sara and undid the handcuffs.  She smiled as she pulled the gun out of her jeans.

"Nothing silly."

"I'm just cleaning up this wound."  Sara said raising her hands slightly.

Bobbie's cell phone rang and she stopped to answer it.  Sara turned to see she had put the gun down to pull her phone off her waistband.  She considered making a dash for the weapon but didn't trust her motor function with her head wound.  Instead she twisted her back slightly so she could try to reach Catherine's phone.  Bobbie saw her moving and frowned.  Sara simply pretended to be woozy and Bobbie just laughed.

"Yeah?"  Bobbie answered her phone gruffly.

She turned her back to Sara, taking the call in the kitchen.  Sara couldn't make out the conversation but her mind was occupied with gathering up Catherine's phone to listen anyway.  She continued pretending she was uneasy on her feet and got to the phone.  Bobbie was not paying attention.  She was cursing the caller and whispering into the phone.  Sara snatched the phone.  Her breathing stopped at that moment.  She expected to be caught, it all seemed too easy.

Bobbie was ending her call so Sara made her way to the bathroom, calling Catherine's cell phone as she went.  Hiding the phone under the towels Sara ran the water and took a few tissues, putting them under the tap.

"I loved watching your puppet string moves."  Bobbie said laughing as she over acted Sara's apparent dizzy spell.

Sara ignored her, hoping Catherine would pick up and realise something was wrong.

"A head wound is a dangerous thing to manage if the person with it is handcuffed."  Sara hissed.

"Maybe I should gag you."  Bobbie said.

"Look, I want to go to the toilet.  Can I get a little privacy?"  Sara asked.

"Again?  You have a small bladder."

"I didn't go last time, I got too caught up in my head wound."  Sara said pointing to the cut and the dried blood caking the area.

"Are you up to something in here?"  Bobbie asked, moving closer to Sara.

"No.  I told you, I can't get out of here."  Sara said trying to act calm.

"You're not sending messages out the window?"  Bobbie said climbing to see where the window led.

"To who?  My trained doves?"  Sara asked, cursing herself for her comment.

"You really need to button that smart mouth of yours up."  Bobbie said coming closer to Sara.

Sara knew her remarks were a by product of her fear but she certainly wasn't going to share that information with her kidnapper.  Instead she turned back to the mirror and tried to wipe the dry blood that had traveled down her face.

"Okay, I've got to make a call.  Stay in here and do your shit.  I'll tell you when you can come out."  Bobbie said lightly hitting Sara's bruised cheek and smiling.

Sara sighed in relief when Bobbie closed the door.  Locking it she pressed the phone to her ear.

"Catherine?"  Sara whispered.


Catherine was sitting in the break room.  The whole team was silent, no one sure of who should speak.  Grissom looked at Catherine.

"You called it."  Grissom said.

"I just think we should get some things done.  We've not gone to Sara's.  A place that should be top priority.  We don't know if Bobbie found her on the road somewhere or got her at home."

"We were short staffed."  Nick said defensively.

"Nick, I'm not blaming you.  You, Warrick and Greg have done a great job.  I'm just saying, we have more players now so we can expand ourselves."  Catherine said softly.

As Catherine was about to continue she felt her cell phone vibrating.  She took it out of her jacket pocket.

"That's strange."  Catherine said as she saw 'home' flash up on caller id.

"What is?"  Warrick asked.

"Someone is calling me from my house."  Catherine said.

"Maybe a neighbour?  Or Lindsay?"  Nick offered.

Catherine answered the phone but heard nothing.

"Hello?"  Catherine said.

She frowned and looked at Grissom.

"I think I can hear voices but it's really muffled."  Catherine said.

"Bad connection?"

"Maybe the battery needs to be recharged."  Catherine said.  "Did Jim call you saying Lindsay was coming home?"

"No.  I'll call him now."

Catherine hung up her phone.

"Anyway, while Gil calls Brass I think we should organise who'll go to Sara's."  Catherine continued, her mind still on the phone call.

"Maybe Grissom should.  He's been there before."  Warrick suggested.

"Maybe Sara would appreciate a woman going through some of her things if there has indeed been trouble in her place."  Catherine said trying to act as neutral as possible.

"Are you anticipating her place to be ransacked?"  Nick asked.

"I'm not anticipating anything in this Nick.  I'm just offering to do it.  We've become closer, I've been to her place."  Catherine said shrugging as though she wasn't worried either way when in all honesty she wanted to go to Sara's right from the hospital.

"Okay.  Seems fair."  Warrick said.

Catherine almost flew across the table to hug Warrick but settled for a simple nod.

"Catherine?  It wasn't Lindsay.  She's still with the Roach's."  Grissom said.


Sara swore when she heard the engaged tone greet her ear.  She made sure the door was locked once more and dialed Catherine's number once more.

"Please, please pick up."  Sara whispered, running the water a little higher.


Catherine's cell vibrated on the table.  Catherine noticed it was the same caller as before.

"Hello?"  Catherine said.

There was silence and Catherine looked to Grissom once more.

"Cat?"  Came a whisper so quite Catherine almost missed it.

Catherine dropped her cell phone as she recognized Sara's voice.

All four men in the room ran to her assistance.  Catherine's hands were shaking.

Greg, who had been silent during the interview got there first and handed the phone to Catherine.

Sara was worried she had lost the connection once more and was close to tears.

"Cat?"  Sara repeated.

Catherine's hands were shaking violently but she took a deep breath and managed to pick the phone back up.

"My God.  Are you okay?"  Catherine asked.  Grissom shooed Greg away so he could get to Catherine.  She mouthed 'Sara' to him and he reached for his cell phone.

"It's Sara.  We need to act."  Grissom said to everyone.

Warrick sat next to Catherine simply holding her hand.  He was surprised by the emotion in Catherine's demeanor.  Her eyes were welling up with tears as she turned to smile at him.

"I'm okay Cat.  Are you?"  Sara whispered.

"Oh my God.  We're coming to get you Sara."  Catherine said, unable to hold back her tears any longer.

"Don't cry baby.  I'm ok.  Listen, Bobbie's got a gun.  Don't come here until she's arrested.  She's after you."  Sara warned.

"Has she hurt you?"  Catherine asked, afraid of the answer.

"She's hit me a bit but I'm okay."  Sara said.

"Grissom is calling Jim.  They'll be there soon."  Catherine said.

"No, no sirens.  A small unobvious team.  She's crazy but calculated."  Sara warned.

"Gil.  No sirens Sara said.  Tell Jim to hold off till I've spoken to him."  Catherine said.  "Sorry Sara.  Go on."

"That's all Cat.  Please don't come until she's gone."  Sara begged.

"I have to know you're okay Sara."  Catherine whispered.

"I am okay.  I love you.  I better go okay?  Please stay safe."  Sara said softly.

Catherine was crying silent tears as Sara spoke to her.

"We're all here waiting for you to come back to us."  Catherine said.

"Give them my love."  Sara said smiling.

"Don't play hero."  Catherine said.

"You're my hero baby."  Sara said.  "You're my strength to get through.  I have more to live for now."

"Love you."  Catherine whispered.  She knew Warrick was seated next to her but didn't care.

"Love you.  Gotta go."  Sara rushed as she hung up.

Catherine hung up, wiping her eyes.

Warrick took her in a small hug, kissing her forehead.

"She'll be fine Cath."  Warrick smiled.

"Thank you."  Catherine said into his shirt.

She pulled away and smiled when she noticed a small wet patch on his shirt courtesy of her tears.

Jim Brass entered the break room.

"Why are we stalling?"  He fumed.

"Okay, so Sara said no sirens.  Bobbie has a gun.  Sara said her state of mind is crazy but she's not stupid.  If she hears any sirens she'll more than likely shoot Sara.  Small but decisive."  Catherine replied all business.

"We can do that."  Brass said.  "So you spoke to her?"

"Yeah, Sara said she's been hit but she's okay otherwise.  We need to hurry Jim."  Catherine said.

"Already on it."  Brass said.

Grissom nodded.

"We're coming."  Nick said.

"This is our specialty Nick, you just need to trust us."  Brass said.

"This is Sara!"  Nick exclaimed.

"And I'm a cop.  Let me do my job."  Brass said.

"Nick, we'll just wait for Sara here."  Warrick said trying to calm Nick down.

Nick shrugged off Warrick's arm and pushed his way past Brass.

"Sorry, we're all a little anxious."  Warrick said.

"It's okay.  Look, I'm off okay.  We'll get her back here safe and sound."  Jim said making eye contact with everyone.

Catherine followed Brass as he left.


"Catherine, look I really do need to go."

"I want to come."  Catherine said.

"I already told Nick no."  Brass said.

"Please.  I'll stay in the car.  I just need to come."  Catherine begged.

"Sorry Catherine, this time I can't let you."  Brass said.

"Jim, please."  Catherine whispered.

Brass was taken aback by the emotion Catherine was displaying and nodded.

"Stay in the car and don't get out until I say."  Brass said.

"I promise.  Thank you Jim."  Catherine said.

"If anyone asks, I don't know how you managed to follow us."  Brass warned.

Catherine nodded in agreement.

"Alright then, let's go."  Brass said.


Catherine strapped her gun on and put her hands to her eyes.  She closed them and sat on the bench; head resting in hands.  Taking a deep breath she focused and nodded to herself.  Seeing Brass in the hallway waiting for her she smiled what she hoped was a confident smile and walked out to the awaiting police car.

"Remember Catherine.  Stay in the car."

Catherine nodded, all thought of speech gone with her overwhelming fear and nervousness.  She knew this was the end of the line for Bobbie but she hoped everything would go smoothly and after the ordeal she'd have Sara safely held in her arms.

"Okay, let's go."  Brass instructed the driver.  Two unmarked cars in front led the procession.  Behind the car Catherine sat in was a small van of swat members.  Catherine hoped they weren't needed.  They would certainly attract more attention decked out in their black overalls and carrying semi automatic weaponry.

"Detective Brass,"  a voice crackled over Brass' two way.

"Brass here."

"Sir, we're about ten minutes away."

"Good.  Set up barriers and alert car one to do the same the other end.  No one moves until I say."  Brass said.

The car stopped and Brass got out; gun drawn.  Catherine noticed they were down the other end of her street, out of view of her own place.  She knew Jim was stopping where Bobbie wouldn't realise there was movement outside.  She turned her head to see four member of the swat team exit and talk with Brass.

"Okay, now I'm not going to tell your division what to do but just be aware that I don't want a storm team entering unless I call for it.  We've got a co-worker in there, so we'll go my way."

"Understood.  We'll post four scouts around the home, coming in from the left.  No window there so we'll be out of sight for as long as possible.  You take the lead and my boys will back you.  We're trained to rescue so if your plan doesn't work I'll be sending my boys in the obvious way."  The swat leader warned.

"Let's try mine first, then your boys can shatter a few splinters on Catherine's door."  Brass said.

Catherine wound her window down as Brass made his way to the car.

"You can get out of the car Catherine as long as you blend into the background."  Brass said.

Catherine got out, adjusting the gun on her hip.

"I'm heading in now.  I'll need your keys."  Brass said holding his hand out.

"My keys?"  Catherine asked puzzled.

"Yeah.  I'm going to walk to the front door with swat hiding around the area and then they'll subdue Messina."

"But she'll be at the door with a gun.  Or she could shoot Sara."  Catherine exclaimed.

"This is how it'll work Catherine.  Better than swat barging in first."

"Let me go.  At least she won't think that suspicious.  It's my home after all."  Catherine offered.

Brass held his hand up.

"No.  No way.  You're not trained for that."  Brass said.

"I'm only opening my door Jim.  I've done it before."

"Sorry Catherine, it won't happen."  Brass said.

"If you showed up she'll think something is wrong and she'll more than likely take it out on Sara."  Catherine said.

Brass was starting to think Catherine was right but he wasn't comfortable allowing her to do as she offered.

"Please Jim.  It's the only way."  Catherine pleaded.


Sara heard Bobbie knocking on the door and hid the phone.

"Out now!"  Bobbie ordered.

Sara unlocked the door and was once again greeted with a gun pointed at her.

"Nice chat?"  Sara asked.

"Shut up."  Bobbie ordered as she pressed the nozzle of the gun against Sara's back.  Sara could feel the contrast of the cold in the warm room as it was pressed into her shirt.

"Catherine may not come back to her house now that you've taken me, you do realise that."  Sara said as she was forcefully pushed onto Catherine's couch.

"If you call her she'd come, I have no doubt."  Bobbie said smiling, pointing the gun at Sara.

"I won't place her in danger."  Sara said firmly.

Bobbie flicked the safety off the gun, pointing it at Sara's knee.

"I think you will.  Unless you want me to inflict some excruciating pain."

"You can threaten me Messina, I'd sacrifice my life to keep Catherine safe."  Sara said sitting up straighter.

"I think when you're rolling on the floor screaming as blood pours from the bullet wound you might change your tune."  Bobbie said laughing.

Sara knew she was at a dangerous junction and tried to calm her breathing down.

"She's everything to me.  If I knew she was put in danger because of me I'd never forgive myself.  That would be more painful than anything you could inflict upon me."  Sara said.

"Oh you're a brave one."  Bobbie laughed.  "No matter.  I'll call her myself."

"No!"  Sara exclaimed.

"I didn't take you for your sparkling conversation, I took you as an ends to a means.  Catherine."  Bobbie said, looking for a phone.

Bobbie noticed the empty cradle on the table and Sara started to perspire slightly.

"Where's that phone?"  Bobbie asked.

"Maybe it's in Lindsay's room."  Sara offered.

"Do they have another?"  Bobbie asked.

"It's a portable.  Catherine always has her cell phone in her room."

"What's the number of this phone?"  Bobbie asked, grabbing her cell phone.

Sara knew if she called it she'd find the phone hidden in the bathroom.  Thinking quick Sara said, "Why don't you check Lindsay's room?  I'm sure it'll be in there."

"Just give me the number, it's faster."  Bobbie ordered.

Sara knew she had to act fast.  She started giving the number to Bobbie and suddenly fell off the couch.  Bobbie walked over to see Sara grabbing at her head and softly moaning.

"What is it?"  Bobbie asked exasperated.

Sara didn't answer at first.  She continued moaning until Bobbie reluctantly got her a glass of water.

"Here."  Bobbie said holding out the glass.

Sara sat slowly and took a few sips of the water.

"Dizzy."  Sara whispered.

"Get over it."  Bobbie said gruffly.

Sara would have laughed at the absurd order if she hadn't been trying to act ill.

"Head wound."  Sara said in order of an explanation.

Bobbie sighed and pulled Sara up.

"The number, I need the rest of it."

"Call her cell, she'll find it funny that her house phone is calling her."  Sara spat out.

Bobbie smiled.

"You're a smart girl.  Okay, give that to me then."  Bobbie said.

Sara wrote the number down and handed it to Bobbie.  She layed on the couch, keeping her act up.  If she was completely honest, it wasn't too hard to act ill.  She'd been feeling dizzy since she had been pistol whipped.  It went in and out, the pain concentration never at the same level.

Bobbie dialed Catherine's cell and waited for her to answer.


Brass was still internally debating Catherine's offer to enter the house herself.  His cop instincts told him it was a mistake but he also knew of Messina's obsession with Catherine.  She could possible let her guard down easier with her.  He'd witnessed Messina's behaviour towards Catherine in the interrogation room and had seen the inside of Messina's cell.

Catherine was pacing the road waiting for Brass to come back.  She felt like the tread on her shoes were fading as she spun and did another lap.  Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she fished it out.  Not recognizing the number she frowned.

"Catherine Willows?"


Catherine waved Brass over as she heard Bobbie on the other end.

"Bobbie, how did you get this number?"  Catherine asked.

"Your girlfriend was kind enough to give it to me."

"Sara?  Is she okay?"  Catherine asked, grabbing Brass' forearm for support.

"She will be if you do as I say."

Catherine heard Sara in the background telling her not to do it.  She shuddered when she heard Bobbie hiss at her to shut up.

"Leave Sara alone."  Catherine said.

"I will my Spitfire.  If you come to your house and keep me company."

Catherine almost gave herself away by saying she'd be there in two minutes but some part of her mind kicked into gear and she played along with Bobbie.

"Why are you at my house?"

"Safest place to hide your lover."  Bobbie said laughing.

"The cops won't let me go to my place."  Catherine said as she saw Brass telling her to continue the call.

"Oh you're smart, I'm sure you can get around that."  Bobbie said laughing.

"Let me speak to Sara."  Catherine asked.

"You can speak to her when you get here."  Bobbie said hanging up.

"Bobbie..."  Catherine started.  "Shit," she cursed when she realised Bobbie had hung up.

"I managed to get the swat team situated around the house during that call.  Unbeknownst to her, Messina just hindered herself by helping us."  Brass said smiling.

"Now I suppose it's imperative that I go."  Catherine said.

"She'll definitely been looking for you."  Brass agreed.

"I won't try to do anything heroic."  Catherine said smiling.

"Just going up that path when you know there's a murdered with a gun is heroic."  Brass countered.

"No, it's a necessity."  Catherine said.

"I want you in a vest.  I want you to talk to the swat leader.  Do everything he says."  Brass ordered.

"Don't worry Jim."  Catherine said with a calm betrayed by her nervous fidgeting.

"I'll be worrying until Messina is in lock up and you and Sara are fine."  Brass said.

Catherine hugged Brass briefly.

"Okay.  Get me a vest and I'll speak to the swat leader.  What's his name?"

"Rodriguez."  Brass said.

"First name Jim.  If I'm going to be taking orders from him I'd like to know his first name."

"Tony."  Brass answered.

Catherine nodded and made her way over to the van.

"I'm looking for Tony Rodriguez."

"I'm him.  Willows right?"

Catherine shook his hand.


"I hear you're heading in there."  Tony said.

"Yes.  Jim Brass told me to talk to you."

"Good.  Okay, here's the deal.  No funny business.  Don't look to my men at anytime you are walking up the path or opening your door.  Act natural."

"Like everyday a maniacal woman has my partner held hostage?"  Catherine asked sarcastically.

"Look Miss Willows, I need you to focus."

"I am very focused Officer Rodriguez.  I know the severity of this and I know the dangers.  I'm not going to place myself in any more danger than necessary.  I won't give up your guys.  I'm not a civilian off the street."  Catherine said.

Tony smiled.

"I like you, you've got fire."  He said.

"Okay, so we're ready then?"  Catherine said.

"Yeah.  Just wait until you get the go ahead.  Until then try to relax."


"Did she tell you to go to hell?"  Sara said.

"She'll be arriving on her white horse to protect you shortly."  Bobbie said.

"Why not just give it up now.  You've called Catherine and it's her obligation by law to inform the police.  They'll be swarming this place in minutes."  Sara said.

"Something tells me Catherine will come on her own."  Bobbie said sitting across from Sara.

"She'll come with police."  Sara said firmly.  She didn't want to think that Catherine would put her life in danger to save her.  After all, she had Lindsay to think of.

"She loves you right?"  Bobbie asked.


"Trust me, she'll come alone."  Bobbie said sitting back in the seat.


Catherine was pacing once more.  This time it was in anticipation.  Brass came over to her with Rodriguez.

"You're on Catherine."  Brass said.

Catherine zipped her vest up.  It was big and bulky but she knew Jim would never allow her to go near the house without it.  She laughed thinking that all it would take to kill her would be a shot to the head but didn't think a helmet would be terribly practical.

"Remember, no eye contact with anything but your path."  Rodriguez reminded her.

Catherine handed her gun to Jim and took a deep steadying breath.

"Park in your driveway; make it look natural."  Brass said.

Catherine nodded and took the keys.  Brass indicated for everyone to make a path for her.  A few good lucks were exchanged but Catherine didn't hear them.  She could only hear the blood pounding in her ears.

"Do this for Sara."  Catherine said as she got in the car.

As she drove past the command centre she knew this was the most important thing she'd do for a while.  She felt truly alone when she passed all the police and only saw her street.  It looked normal.  A few cars parked in the street, neighbours coming home from work but there was a silence that descended upon the street that was in stark difference to the activity around her.

Driving up her driveway Catherine saw two members of Rodriguez's team.  Parking and getting out she felt like she was coming home from work but the surrounding environment told her differently.

Bobbie heard the car in the driveway.

"Stay here and so help me if you make a move I will shoot your precious Catherine."  She warned Sara.

Cocking the gun she stood at the doorway.

Catherine adjusted her vest and got her keys out.  Her hands were shaking so much that the keys jingled loudly.  Before she put the key in the lock she announced herself.

"Bobbie, it's Catherine."

"Are you alone?"  Bobbie shouted through the door.


"Open the door and get in.  Close and lock the door behind you."  Bobbie ordered.

Catherine put the key in and turned it.  She felt a slight push as the swat members took over.

Sara saw a shadow out the back and knew Catherine had brought some friends.  Knowing that surprise was the key she stayed perfectly still.  In a matter of seconds two armed swat members were in Catherine's house.  Yelling at both Sara and Bobbie their guns pointed at both women they were flung to the floor.

"Nobody move."  One man yelled, handcuffing both women.

Sara was slightly surprised at the brutal way she was handcuffed.  Reading up on the elite swat teams was a hobby of hers and she knew that treating everyone like a suspect was the best way to ensure the safety of the actual hostage.

Bobbie was flung to the floor, her gun kicked from her reach.  She layed cursing Catherine as she was handcuffed.

"You lied to me!"  Bobbie yelled.

"Shut up."  The swat member shouted, kneeing her in the back to stop her from getting up.

Catherine was being physically restrained by a swat member but it didn't stop her from yelling for Sara.

"Sara, are you okay?  Sara, speak to me."

Receiving no reply Catherine thought the worst.  She tried pulling away from her capture but he held on tight.

Sara could hear Catherine yelling and tried to reply but was face down on the couch and it came out as s muffled response.  Frustrated that she couldn't reply she cried. Tears rolled onto the couch making small pools under her eyes.  If she didn't answer she knew Catherine would think something had happened to her.

"Jack, I have the escapee here.  I repeat, I have the escapee."  The man who was with Sara's two way crackled.

"Affirmative.  Un-cuffing the hostage."  He replied.

The cuffs were taken off Sara and she sat up.  She noticed the gun was still trained on her.  Wiping her eyes embarrassed she rubbed her wrists.

"Hi, I'm Sara."

When the swat member said nothing Sara shrugged and stood.  The man, whose face was partially covered by a mask moved back slightly, gun still on her.

"You've ascertained that I am indeed the hostage, can you point that at her instead?"  Sara asked.

"Sorry ma'am, we need someone to confirm your identity."

"I have a wallet in my pocket."  Sara suggested.

He nodded.

"Please reach for it slowly."

Sara nodded and reached for her wallet.  She opened it and showed him her work id.

"I also have a co-worker out there.  The woman that is screaming."  Sara said smiling.

"I'm sorry ma'am but we have to be sure."  He said handing her wallet back to her.  He put his gun down and Sara sighed in relief.  Taking his mask off he smiled apologetically.

"My name is Tom."

Sara laughed.

"Hi Tom.  Thanks for rescuing me."

"Thank your co-worker.  She came to the hot zone without a gun.  Pretty gutsy move."  Tom said.

"Can I see her?"  Sara asked.  She knew her voice sounded like she was begging but she didn't care.

"I'll take you to see her."

Sara was lead out the back.  She was thankful she didn't have to see Bobbie.  When she got to the front she saw Bobbie being hauled away.  She was yelling threats at Catherine but Sara couldn't find her.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Catherine Willows."  Sara asked a swat member.

"She's over with Detective Brass."  He motioned to the car in front of Catherine's house.

"Ma'am, you need to get your head looked at,"  he said as he noticed Sara's wounds.

"I need to find Catherine."  Sara mumbled as she walked past the sea of police officers.

"Catherine?"  Sara asked hesitantly.

Catherine heard Sara as she came up behind Brass.  Brass turned and saw Sara.

"Sara, you okay?"  He asked.

Sara nodded, her eyes not leaving Catherine's.

"Sara."  Catherine said, getting out of the car and standing.  In her mind she was moving closer to her but in actual fact she was cemented to the spot.  She saw Sara's bruised face and her heart broke.

Sara noticed Catherine's eyes shifted to her face.  She knew it looked a mess.

"I'm okay Cat.  I'm okay."  Sara said trying to comfort her.  She was hesitant to move closer.

"I'll go check on Messina."  Brass said to no one.

"Oh my God Sara.  I am so sorry."  Catherine said falling to the cement sobbing.  Her body jarred as her knees made sharp contact with the pavement.

Sara rushed to Catherine, sliding to the ground and gathering Catherine in a hug.

"Sshh baby, it's okay.  She's gone."  Sara said soothing Catherine.

"I'm sorry."  Catherine sobbed.

"Don't apologise."

"I wanted to be strong for you and you're the one comforting me."  Catherine said wiping her eyes.

"Coming to the door knowing Messina was there with a gun is the bravest thing anyone has ever done for me."  Sara said kissing Catherine's tear stained face.

"You need to get that cut looked at."  Catherine said in her motherly tone.

Sara smiled.

"Only if you'll come and hold me hand."

Catherine laughed despite the situation.

"I'd like to see the paramedics pry my hand from yours."  Catherine said standing and pulling Sara with her.

Catherine ran her hand along the bruise near Sara's lip.  It ran up her cheek, purple and red.

"I'll kill her."  Catherine hissed, looking over to the police car that Messina was sitting in.

"We're safe.  She's going away.  We won baby."  Sara said wrapping her arm around Catherine's waist.

"I've got to call Gil.  Let everyone know you're okay."  Catherine said suddenly.

"I'll go to the ambulance."  Sara said.  She wanted to talk to them about her dizziness without Catherine.  No need to worry her further Sara thought.

Catherine was reluctant to let Sara go.  Sara smiled.

"Can I kiss you?"  Catherine asked, not sure if Sara would feel comfortable outing herself in front of everyone.

Sara replied by leaning down and capturing Catherine's lips.  She flinched slightly as she remembered her cut but the emotion in the kiss made her forget about it.

Pulling away and burrowing herself into Sara's neck Catherine closed her eyes.  She listened to Sara's heartbeat, relieved that she had her back.

"I love you."  Sara whispered.

Catherine pulled back, looking into Sara's eyes.

"I'm so incredibly happy."  Catherine said laughing.

"Why is that funny?"  Sara asked.

"Look at the situation and I'm saying I've never been happier.  Seems funny."  Catherine said shrugging her shoulders.  "I'm just relieved to have you back where you belong."  When Sara frowned Catherine elaborated.  "In my arms."

Sara's smile was so wide Catherine wondered if it hurt her cheek.

"That's just what I needed to hear."  Sara admitted.

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