Title: Beat It

Author: Corbeau's Alcove

Email: persistance_is_futile@hotmail.com

Rating:  NC-17


A team of eager co-workers barreled through the hospital doors.  Stopping to ask for directions at the nurses station they walked calmly the rest of the way after receiving a stern warning from the nurse.

"We should have bought something man,"  Nick said.

"We did.  We bought Greg."  Warrick said smiling.

"Should I have worn a bow?"  Greg asked wiggling his eyebrows.

Nick groaned.

"We should have left him in the car."

Catherine heard the three men coming up the hall and got out of the brown chair.  She rubbed her bottom in annoyance.  The chair had little to no stuffing and it her bottom was numb.

"Hey guys."  Catherine said motioning for them to keep the noise down.

"How is she?"  Nick asked peering over Catherine's shoulder.

"She's sleeping but the nurse has to come in all the time to wake her.  Make sure she's not suffering more than her concussion.  We've got to be sure she won't slip into a coma."

"Can we go in?"  Greg asked like a small child asking for permission.

"The nurse has to wake her in five so I don't see why not."  Catherine said.  She had wanted to have Sara to herself but she knew her co-workers were concerned for her also.

Warrick put a comforting arm around Catherine as she stood at the doorway watching Nick and Greg walk over to Sara's hospital bed.

"Rough day."  Warrick stated.

"Yeah.  I was so scared."  Catherine admitted.

"How are you feeling?"  Warrick asked concerned.

"I'm fine.  It's Sara we should be concerned with.  That cut is pretty bad.  Fifteen stitches.  Her cheek is so bruised, Bobbie hit her a few times."

"Any other injuries?"  Warrick asked.

"Other than psychological?"  Catherine asked.

"She'll have you to help her.  A few months ago I would have been concerned for her but she's got you."  Warrick said smiling.

"She has all of us."  Catherine said, unsure what Warrick was eluding to.

"I know you love her Cath.  It's fine, I'm not going to say anything."

Catherine looked up and saw the sincerity in his eyes and knew he was telling the truth.

Catherine wrapped herself around Warrick.

"Thank you."

Greg stood at Sara's bed not touching her.  He'd only ever seen his grandparents in hospital and after his own little trip in here courtesy a mistake made in the lab he had to admit hospitals made him nervous.  Seeing Sara lying in the bed, her arms on top of the white linen and attached to a monitor Greg wanted to flee.

"Greg?  You okay?"  Nick asked concerned.

Greg nodded and swallowed down bile.

"Greg, get out of here."  Nick said.

Greg spun and ran out into the hall.  Warrick and Catherine watched him go.

"Let me Warrick.  You go stay with Sara a while."  Catherine said.

"You sure?"

"Yeah.  She knows I'm here."  Catherine said relieved she had someone to confide in about her and Sara.

Greg was drinking from the water cooler when Catherine put a hand on his back.

"Sorry, kind of creeped me out."  Greg said embarrassed.

"That's okay Greg.  I suppose you don't have too fond a memory of this place."  Catherine said.

"Not really."

"Sorry about that."  Catherine said.

"It's okay.  Could have happened to anyone Catherine.  The fact that you came to me and copped to it shows your integrity."  Greg said smiling.

"Sara would like to see you in there when she awake."

"I'll be okay.  It just kind of threw me."  Greg admitted.

"Okay.  Well look, you stay out here as long as you like."  Catherine said running her hand up and down Greg's back.

"Miss Willows?  We'll be waking Miss Sidle now."  The nurse attending to Sara informed her.

With one more look at Greg she turned to follow.


"You're in a lot of trouble Messina."  Brass said smiling in accomplishment.

"Play another tune, you're killing me."  Bobbie said laughing.

"Sparkling d.j humour no doubt?"  Brass said sarcastically.

"Look, where is my lawyer?"

"Stuck in traffic?"  Brass offered.

"Then put me back in my cell until he arrives."  Bobbie said.

"Miss Messina, you are already serving ten years for murder.  Add to that your escape from prison, kidnapping a police employee, assaulting said employee, break and enter and carrying a firearm without a license.  Great jacket to show to the parole board.  If you ever get to one."  Brass said.

"I'll find God in there.  That's a sure fire way to get released early."  Bobbie said shrugging.

"I don't think you understand the seriousness of this."  Brass said.

"Oh I do but I just don't care."  Bobbie said.  "Now, either get me my lawyer or put me back in holding."

"Sara Sidle is a very good friend of mine.  You don't want to jerk me around."  Brass said leaning over the table.

Bobbie laughed.

"She's out of your league Pops.  Plus, she's a lesbian.  Got a little something going with my Spitfire."

Brass was about to respond when a uniformed officer knocked on the door.

"Detective, her lawyer is here."

Brass sighed.

"Your lawyer just arrived."  He informed Bobbie.

"Good.  Ask him if he bought the latest Soap World."  Bobbie said laughing as Brass left the room.


"Miss Sidle."  The nurse shook Sara gently.

Nick and Warrick moved to the corner of the room as Catherine entered and grasped Sara's hand.

"Huh?"  Sara said as she stirred.

"Hey there."  Catherine said softly.

Sara smiled as she came around.

"Beautiful."  Sara said as she traced Catherine's face.

Nick looked at Warrick.

"Meds, make you high."  Warrick said.

"Hey Sara.  Taking a vacation hey?"  Warrick said, making him and Nick known.

Sara dropped her hand quickly and noticed Catherine's disappointment at the gesture.

"I have too many reports to write up,"  Sara joked.

"How are you?"  Nick asked.

"I'm sure I look pretty beat up.  Well, I am."  Sara said smiling.

"Brass is interviewing Messina.  Grissom wanted to come in but you know how he is with a crowd,"  Nick said.

"That's okay.  He called earlier.  Sent flowers."  Sara said pointing to the yellow tulips.

"Flowers!"  Nick exclaimed.

"What?  You boys didn't bring me anything?"  Sara asked feigning hurt feelings.

"We bought Greg."  Warrick said.

Sara sat up, looking around the room.

"Where is Greg?"

"He, uh.  Bad memories."  Catherine said.

Sara nodded in understanding and squeezed Catherine's hand.

"We should go."  Warrick said to Nick.

"Okay.  Get better soon Sara.  See you later Cath."  Nick said smiling.

Warrick kissed Catherine's cheek before he left.  Sara frowned at the gesture.

"See you soon Sara.  Glad to see you're getting better."  Warrick said.

"Thanks for coming guys."  Sara said smiling.  She always wondered who would come visit her if she was in the hospital.  She spent so much time with her co-workers but was still uncertain as to how they felt about her.  Their visit conveyed the closeness they all felt towards each other.

"Ah Sara?"  There was a knock at the door.

"Greg.  Come in."  Sara said.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay.  Nick and Warrick are waiting for me.  I'll uh, see you at work?"  Greg said, shifting nervously.

"Sure thing Greg.  Thanks for stopping by."  Sara said smiling.

Greg blushed and waved slightly before leaving.

"Poor thing."  Sara said.

"Yeah."  Catherine said, getting up and fixing the flower arrangement from Grissom.

"Cath?  You okay?"

"Yep."  Came the one syllable response.

"Come sit with me."  Sara said patting the bed next to her.

"I've got to call Lindsay."  Catherine said.

"Do you need to go?"  Sara asked.

"I just need to call my daughter."  Catherine said firmly.

Sara sighed.  She knew what this was about.

"Lindsay can wait another five minutes.  You're pissed at me."

"No I'm not."  Catherine said unconvincingly.

"You are.  I saw it in your eyes when I moved away from you when I realised Nick and Warrick were in the room."

"You were content to let me kiss you in front of hordes of police but you can't touch me in front of your friends?"  Catherine asked.

"I was just caught off guard.  You know I value my privacy.  I'm trying to be the woman you want me to be but that takes time."

"I want you to be you Sara.  But I want you to feel no fear.  If you want to touch me then you should be able to.  They'll catch on soon enough.  Warrick already knows."

"I can only apologise to you Catherine.  It's all I have."  Sara said softly.

Catherine kissed Sara's bruised cheek.

"It's all I need.  I love you and I want to be able to demonstrate it.  I'm sorry for pushing my over exuberant will onto you."

"Kiss me."  Sara whispered.

Catherine lowered her mouth perilously close to Sara's.  Their breath mixed as both waited for the other to make a move.  Sara groaned and pulled Catherine to her.  Catherine was careful to make sure Sara's cut wasn't re-opened.

Sara pulled away, her hands still in Catherine's hair.

"You're perfect."  Sara whispered.

"I wish I could take you home."  Catherine said.

"I don't want you in your home for a while Catherine.  I want you and Lindsay to stay with me."

"Gil said he'd clean the house if it needed it.  I'll be fine in there."

"She went through your stuff Cat.  Your personal stuff."

"So I'll throw all my underwear out.  We can go shopping, you can pick some things out for me."  Catherine said smiling.

"Can I tell you something?"  Sara asked.

"Anything baby."

"I don't think I can go back to your place for a while."  Sara said lowering her head.

Catherine pulled her up by her chin.

"Baby, there is no shame in telling me that."

"I feel less when I acknowledge my weakness."  Sara admitted.

"You have me to hold onto."  Catherine said.

"Catherine please come and stay with me.  You and Lindsay."

"Okay Sara.  I'll ask Lindsay first though."

Sara nodded.

"Fair enough.  This will be her place for a while, she should be able to like it."

"This will be a huge adjustment.  Lindsay is like her mom, she wants to know everything.  She'll go through your things."

"I think I'm comfortable with that Catherine if it means I have you."  Sara said.

"Excuse me is this Sara Sidle's room?"  A woman carrying a large basket of flowers asked.

"Yes it is."  Catherine said smiling.

"I have a special delivery."  The woman said dropping the flowers.

Sara eye line followed the spilt flowers until she saw something metallic catch her eye.

"Catherine get down!"  Sara yelled as she saw a gun being drawn and pointed directly at both women.


Time stood still as the woman masquerading as a florist squeezed the trigger.  Sara pushed Catherine to the ground and dove on top of her.  She felt a sharp pain in her shoulder as she landed on Catherine and felt a wet patch seep through her flimsy hospital gown.

"This is for Bobbie you bitches."  The woman yelled as she shot indiscriminately into the room.

The woman ceased firing into the room when distracted by a security guard.  He yelled at her and she swung to fire at him.  His gun was already out and dropping on one knee he fired.  The woman fell backwards, her gun making a clattering sound as it hit the floor before she did.

After checking for a pulse, the security guard entered Sara's room.

"It's safe now."  He said.

Sara grunted as she got up.

"Ouch."  She hissed as she tried moving her shoulder.  Looking down she almost fainted.  Expanding in a red circle on Sara's gown was blood.

"Sara, you okay?"  Catherine said getting up.  She saw the blood on the floor and her eyes opened wide in terror.

"My God, we need a doctor in here now!"  Catherine yelled.

"You okay?"  Sara panted.

"You've been shot Sara, sit still."  Catherine said.

Sara pulled her gown away, too concerned with her wound to worry about modesty.

"Cath, I'm not shot.  Glass has fallen and cut my shoulder blade up."  Sara said turning to see some shards of glass in her back.

Catherine frowned.

"There shouldn't be that much blood."

Catherine stood to gather up the sheet to press against Sara's wound.  She leant on the draw for help but fell back down immediately.

"Cath?  You dizzy?"  Sara asked.

"Oh shit."  Catherine said as she pressed her hand to her side.  Blood spilled over her hand and her top stuck to her body.  Looking up at Sara and suddenly going pale, her eyes filled with terror she fell on her back.

"Catherine?"  Sara ripped Catherine's shirt open and almost vomited at the sight of Catherine's side bleeding profusely.  Pressing her hands on it tightly she yelled Catherine's earlier request for a doctor.

Sara knelt astride Catherine's legs and watched as the blood seeped through her fingers.  She pressed down so hard she was worried she'd pop Catherine's ribs.

"Oh no.  Stay with my Catherine.  Stay with me.  Stay with me."  Sara's tears fell onto Catherine's torso and mixed with her blood.

"Can I get a fucken doctor in here!"  Sara yelled.

Sara was bustled aside by a team shouting instructions at each other.  Sara tried to stay near Catherine offering encouragement.

"Miss, you injured?"  A nurse asked.

"Look after her."  Sara said brushing the nurse's hands away from her.

"The doctor is taking her to emergency so there is nothing either you or I can do.  Let me tend to your injury please."

Sara relented and sat as the nurse pulled out the glass and cleaned the wounds.  She was detached from the entire experience, not even realising the woman was talking to her.  She sat staring at her hands; blood covering them.

"I have to call someone."  Sara said not knowing who she'd call.

"I'll get you a phone love."  The nurse said leaving Sara alone.

Sara blinked a few times when she thought her hands were still pouring Catherine's blood out of her.  Pressing her hands together she shuddered.  Catherine could die.

"Here you go.  I'll get you up soon so you can wash your hands."

"No."  Sara said firmly.  "I want to remember."

The nurse smiled sympathetically.

"Still, you can't have all that blood on you when you see her family."

Sara knew she couldn't call Lindsay so she dialed work.


Sara tried talking but her voice came out in a strangled sob.

"Nick."  Sara managed to get out.

"Sara?  What is it?"  Nick asked concerned.

"Hospital."  Sara said hoping Nick would understand.  She hung up looking to the floor.  To the blood.

To Catherine's blood.


"Warrick, get Grissom.  Sara's in trouble."  Nick said.

"In trouble?"  Warrick asked confused.

"She was hysterical.  Something is not right."  Nick said grabbing his coat.

"I'll get him now."  Warrick said trusting Nick's judgment.

Warrick raced through the corridors not caring who he hit or ran over.

"Gris.  We have to go to the hospital now.  Sara's in trouble."

Grissom sat still for a moment, turned off his opera and followed a hurried Warrick to the car.

"What is wrong?"  Grissom asked as Nick tore of out the car park.

"Sara called me crying.  She hardly got a word out."

"Why didn't Catherine call?"  Warrick asked, knowing Catherine would still be there.

"Not sure, maybe she went home."  Nick guessed.

"Something is really wrong here."  Warrick said.


Sara was on the floor when all three men entered.  They saw the blood and their investigative instincts kicked in.

"Sara?  Where is Catherine?"  Warrick asked.

"We have to clean this up.  Catherine will need it."  Sara said frantically mopping up the blood.

"Need it?  Where is she?"  Warrick repeated.

"Shot.  She's been shot.  It's all my fault."  Sara mumbled as she continued wiping up the blood.

Warrick knelt alongside Sara, stopping her motion by holding her wrists.

"Sara.  You need to stop."

"I'll go speak to the doctor."  Grissom said.

"What happened here?"  Warrick asked.

"Some florist came in.  She wasn't really a florist."

"I'm calling Brass."  Nick said.

"She wasn't a florist.  She had a gun."  Sara whispered.

"And Catherine was shot?"  Warrick said filling in the blanks.

"I tried to save her.  I thought I had."  Sara said leaning against Warrick, her sobbing becoming louder.

"Sshh Sara, she'll pull through.  She'll be fine."  Warrick soothed Sara.


"I need to see the doctor who operated on Catherine Willows."  Grissom said.

"Sorry, she's still in surgery."  The nurse responded.

"The woman who shot her, where is she?"

"She's in the morgue."

"Well she's part of the crime scene.  I need it sectioned off until we can get in there."  Grissom said showing his badge.

"I'll post security out the front."  The nurse said reaching for the phone.

"Thank you."  Grissom said.

When Grissom got back to Sara's room he saw her wrapped up in an embrace with Warrick on the floor.

"Brass will be here in five."  Nick informed Grissom.

"Sara.  Sara.  You'll need to talk to Jim when he gets here."  Grissom said

"How is Catherine?"  Sara asked, her eyes bloodshot.

"They are still in surgery."

"Should we call Lindsay?  I'm not sure."  Sara said rising and putting a dressing gown on.

"I'll call Catherine's sister, get her to look after her until we know what to tell her about Catherine."  Grissom said.

"What do you mean until we know?  She's going to be fine."  Sara said defensively.

Grissom said nothing.

"Gil, what happened here?  We got a call but uniform took it."  Brass said.

"Catherine's been shot.  Shooter was taken out by a security guard."  Grissom said.

"Shot?  By whom?"

"Bobbie had an accomplice."  Sara whispered.

"What?"  Brass and Grissom asked simultaneously.

"I didn't think much of it until now but I remember a call she got.  On her cell phone.  When this woman came in she said it was for Bobbie."

"You didn't think to tell me this piece of information earlier?"  Brass asked.

"Sorry Jim, I was concussed.  I wasn't thinking at all."  Sara said, tears rolling down her face.

"You couldn't have prevented it Sara.  This is not your fault."  Warrick said comforting her and shooting daggers at Brass.

"I'll see if I can an id on this shooter."  Brass said.

"No need.  I got the info off uniforms.  Her name is Emma Burke.  27 year old Vegas resident.  Apparently she visited Messina in goal."  Nick said pulling out his notepad.

"Another goal junkie who thinks her lover is innocent."  Brass commented dryly.

"I'm sure if we checked Messina's phone we'd see Emma's number."  Nick said.

"How's Catherine?"  Brass asked Grissom quietly.

"Still in surgery.  She lost a lot of blood."  Grissom said grimly.

"I'm off to grill Messina again.  I'm posting a guard on the operating theatre and Sara's room."  Brass said.  "If she needs any blood my team will volunteer."

"Shutting the gate after the horse has bolted,"  Sara spat out angrily.

Brass ignored her comment, leaving Sara to her grief.


Three hours passed before the doctor appeared at Sara's doorway.  He pulled off his glasses, wiping them.  He looked weary, his shoulders slumped down.

"Miss Sidle?"

Sara sat upright in a flash, her eyes boring into the doctor.

"We took Miss Willows into surgery and found a bullet had also hit her arm.  She was expanded several times with crystalloids to maintain hemodinamics and systolic blood pressure. We did a neck examination and good news, it didn't show subcutaneous emphysema, crepitations or pulsating hematomas.  400 cc of blood was drained from the chest, without any further bleeding.  As there was a bullet inside her stomach area we had to do a trauma ultrasonography which thankfully showed no pericardial effusion and a normal cardio thoracic ratio.  As she was unconscious for a while we took a few neurological scans and they also show no evidence of aphasia or another impairment."

Sara put her hand up, the words swarming around.

"English doctor.  Please."

The doctor smiled.

"While there was a lot of blood loss neither bullets caused irreparable damage.  The bullet just missed her liver and as for her arm, it didn't hit any tendons.  Because she was under a while without the need for any sleep inducing medication we were concerned about the blood flow to her head.  Early scans indicate that's it all okay.  Her recovery will be slow and she'll be in pain but she'll be fine."

Sara looked at her hands which were still covered in blood.  It had dried and could have been mistaken for paint.

"We'll have to keep an eye on her of course, she'll be in hospital a while.  When she regains a little fitness we may have to do a laparotomy to make sure there is no danger to her organs."

Nick and Warrick embraced as the heard the news.  Grissom thanked the doctor quietly.  Sara said nothing.  She heard the adulation around her but all she could see was Catherine's blood all over the place.

"Now, she'll be in ICU until she wakes.  I know you all want to see her but I can only really allow one person as a professional courtesy.  Try to be careful, don't move her tubing."

"Can we have her clothes?"  Grissom asked.

"I already bagged them.  They are at reception."  The doctor said.

"Thank you Doctor."  Grissom said, following him out.

"Isn't that great Sara?  Cath will be fine."  Nick said smiling.

"I want to see her."  Sara said.

"Maybe her sister would like to come in."  Nick suggested.

Sara nodded, unable to fight anymore.

"She's with Lindsay." Warrick pointed out.

"We can take care of Linds."  Nick said.

"Maybe Sara can go now and then when Catherine's out of ICU her family can see her."  Warrick suggested.

"What's going on here?"  Nick asked.

"What do you mean?"  Warrick asked.

"Well I know Sara and Catherine have gone through a lot but why are you pushing Sara to see Catherine?  Maybe Grissom would like to go in.  He's closest to her at work."

"It's precisely why Sara should go in.  She has been through an incredible ordeal and her mind would need some kind of reassurance that Catherine is okay."  Warrick countered.

"I'm in the room."  Sara whispered.

"Sorry Sara, it's just, well it's just a little weird."  Nick said.

"Nick, the reason I want to go is because Catherine and I are lovers."  Sara said not looking up at him.

"You're what?"  Nick asked amazed.

"It's true Nick."  Warrick said.

"Okay.  So when did that happen?"  Nick said trying to understand.

"Does that matter?"  Warrick asked exasperated.

"No, I suppose it doesn't.  Look Sara, this has thrown me for a loop."  Nick confessed.

"I didn't want you to find out like this while Catherine was in danger."  Sara admitted.

"So I'm the last to know?"  Nick said.

"No.  Greg doesn't know."  Warrick said.  "And he won't."  He warned Nick.

"Hey, you two are like my sisters.  You can trust me with your secret."  Nick promised Sara.  "Does Grissom know?"

"No and I don't want him to."  Sara said.

"Okay."  Nick said.

"So, I think Sara should be the one to see Catherine."  Warrick suggested.

"Yeah.  I agree.  Give her a kiss from us."  Nick said.

"Thank you."  Sara said.

"Hey Sara."  Warrick said as she was leaving the room.


"Maybe you should wash your hands first."

Sara looked down at her bloodstained hands.



Sara made her way to Catherine's bed.  Lights flashed and beeped while nurses checked charts.  Sara was attune to every sound from the ventilator of the woman in the bed next to Catherine's to the soft fall of footsteps.

Catherine was lying perfectly still in a hospital bed reminiscent to Sara's own.  She looked serene, peaceful even.  The tubes attached to her body belittled the stillness of the scene.

"Miss are you here to see Catherine?"  A nurse asked.

"Yes.  How is she?"  Sara asked.

"Oh take no notice of the all the contraptions around honey.  She's still the same person you knew before the accident.  Go talk to her."

'The same with some nice decorative scars from the bullets,' Sara thought.

"What do I say?"  Sara asked.

"Anything you like love."  The nurse said smiling and leaving her.

Sara pulled the chair up and held onto Catherine's hand.  She ran her thumb along her knuckles, looking down when she hit the drip attached.

"I'm so sorry.  I thought I had saved you."  Sara whispered.

Sara wiped her eyes and continued.

"You'll get better.  I'll be your own personal nursemaid."  Sara said.

Sara looked around her and felt a feeling of numbness.  She was powerless to do anything to help Catherine.  Catherine looked like a part of a science fiction experiment gone bad.

"I want to stay here but they won't let me.  The gang says hi and sends their love.  Oh, and Nick knows about us."  Sara said reaching over to kiss Catherine's forehead.

"I love you.  I'll come back to see you but you have to be awake.  I need to hear your voice."  Sara begged.

Sara got up and with one last look at Catherine walked out of ICU feeling so very alone.


"Hey Brass, got a sec?"  Nick asked.  They had all said their goodbyes to Sara and were back at the lab finishing up the reports on both Sara's kidnapping and Catherine's shooting.  With the shooter dead there was no need to continue but Messina was another story.

"Sure Nick, what is it?"

"I was wondering, if we told Messina that Emma killed Catherine, would she cop to sending her to the hospital?"

"I was on my way to interview her now.  Feel free to join us."  Brass said.

"Nah man, I can't pull of that kind of sorrow.  She'd see right through me."

"Okay.  Well I'll float your idea see if she takes the bait."  Brass said.

Brass entered the interrogation room noticing Messina had her lawyer present.

"This harassment has gone on long enough.  You have her on these charges you've outlaid in this report, what else would you like to pin on her?"  Her lawyer asked.

"Catherine's dead."  Brass said staring right at Messina.

"Who is Catherine?"  Her lawyer asked flicking through the pages of report he had in front of him.

"She ain't dead."  Messina said.

"I'm afraid she is.  Your girlfriend came into Sara's room and shot her.  Then a security guard shot Emma.  Killed her."

"I don't know anybody named Emma."  Messina said.

"Funny because I looked into your phone records and I see she called you while you had Sara kidnapped.  Then I went to your prison and what do you know, she's visited you on numerous occasions."

Messina sat back saying nothing.

"You can't pin this murder on my client.  She was in prison."

"Oh I can and I will."  Brass said.

"It's not my fault if some loopy bitch wanted to shoot at people."  Messina said.

"Here's what I think.  You ordered a hit on Sara in case you were caught.  Only you didn't expect Emma to shoot Catherine."  Brass said.

"I don't believe you.  Catherine's not dead."  Messina said hotly.

"You're just lucky Sara's not here."  Brass said leaning across the table.

"That's it, I'm asking that my client be put back in her cell.  This is unacceptable!"  Her lawyer yelled standing up.

"Got anything to say Messina?"  Brass asked.

"I only told her to shoot that bitch Sidle."  Messina said.

Nick clenched his fist in triumph.

"Bobbie, I advise you to stop."  Her lawyer said placing a restraining hand on her forearm.

"Oh it's okay, we have enough."  Brass said.


Sara layed in her bed wide awake.  Everytime she closed her eyes she felt like she was swirling in a pool of Catherine's blood.  She got out of her bed and strolled the darkened corridors trying to think of something other than the sheer terror and helplessness she felt when she saw Catherine had been hit.

"Miss Sidle?  Are you okay?"  Her nurse came up alongside her looking concerned.

"I can't sleep."  Sara admitted.

"I can't really give you anything what with your concussion,"  she said apologetically.

"It's okay.  I just need Catherine to wake up then it'll be okay."

"She's in the best hands, she'll recover."  The nurse said soothingly.

"We've been through so much, I can't leave her now."  Sara said.

"You've not left her.  She's right here with you."

"No, I need to be next to her.  I don't want her to wake and see strangers around her."  Sara said frantically.

"Calm down.  Too much stress will harm you."  The nurse said placing a hand on the small of Sara's back.

"She's everything to me and I can't even save her from harm."  Sara said frustrated.

"What would you have done differently?  You can't stop bullets or the intentions of a mad woman.  Sometimes we have to allow for the unexplained.  I've seen it enough working here."

"You don't understand."  Sara said angrily.

"I think I do.  You love her yet you're powerless to release her from her hospital bed.  It's a natural reaction."

"In my job I find the evidence.  Science helps me make a conclusive result.  Where is the logic and science in this?"  Sara said.

"Science saved her."

"But I couldn't!"  Sara said loudly.

"Come on, let's get you back into your bed.  You need to conserve your energy for when Catherine wakes up."

Sara let herself be led back to her room.  The nurse noticed the blood soaked linen on the floor and smiled ruefully.

"How about we get you another room?"

"I'll remember it anyway."  Sara said depressed.

"I'll be off in an hour.  If you'd like me to stay I will."

"I'd not be good company."  Sara admitted.

"If you change your mind you just ask for Molly."

"Thank you Molly."  Sara said smiling at Molly's sensitivity and support.


"I hear Bobbie confessed."  Warrick said as Nick entered the lab.

"Well not everything but she did let it slip that she sent Emma to kill Sara."  Nick said.

"I can't believe no one called me when Catherine was shot."  Greg said glumly.

"Sorry Greg.  It was very quick."  Nick said apologetically.

"At least this saga is over."  Greg said.

Warrick sighed.

"I think it's a long way from over.  The emotional toll will hit Sara and Catherine and it may take longer to recover from that."

"We're all here for them."  Greg said.

"That's a good starting point but a lot of it they'll have to go through on their own."  Nick said recalling the time a gun was pointed at him.

"Where's Grissom?"  Warrick asked.

"He left saying he had business to attend to."  Nick said shrugging.


Grissom parked in the hospital car park.  He sat in his car for a few minutes, his eyes closed.  He tried to comprehend the drama surrounding Bobbie Messina but found that he had no answers for it.

Making his way to Sara's room he saw the lights were off.  He hoped that was a sign that Sara was getting some sleep but as he stood in the doorway watching over her he heard her speak.

"That's really spooky Grissom."  Sara commented.

"Sorry, I didn't want to wake you."

"Come in, I'm not sleeping."  Sara said turning on the lamp near her head.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay.  They won't let me see Catherine but told me she's progressing well."

"I'm fine.  You should be working."  Sara said.

"The well-being of my team mates seemed more important."  Grissom said embarrassed.

"Sorry Gris, I'm a little cranky."

"I was worried about you."  Grissom admitted.

"Save your worrying for Catherine."

"I'm worried about her but I was also worried about you."

"It's just a concussion."  Sara said.

"I thought that I may have lost you when Messina took you.  It made me re-evaluate a few things."

"Like what?"

"I'd like to,"  Grissom stopped and put his hands in his jacket nervously.  "I'd like to take you up on that dinner offer."

Sara moaned.  "Grissom, I'm seeing someone."

"Sorry.  I overstepped my bounds by insinuating that you'd be waiting for me."  Grissom admitted.

"That's slightly arrogant."  Sara said.

"I know.  I'm sorry."

"I'll admit I may have sent out false signals of interest but I'm very involved.  I'm in love actually."

Grissom nodded, feeling ashamed.

"Please forget I said anything."

"It's okay Grissom, you weren't to know."  Sara said.


Grissom and Sara hit a stalemate in terms of conversation.  Sara wanted to hide under her covers and hope that if she removed the sheets Grissom would have vanished in a puff of smoke.

Grissom was cursing his attempt to connect with another person.  His track record was pretty poor in that area thus the sheltered life he lived.  His last disaster was with Lady Heather and now Sara.

"I'm going to uh, leave."  Grissom mumbled.

Sara could do nothing more than nod as Grissom turned and left.

"Oh my God,"  Sara groaned.  She had not needed Grissom's emotional baggage to arrive on the same day her lover was lying in ICU.  She cursed her luck or lack thereof, lying in the room that was driving her crazy.

"Miss Sidle, Miss Willows is awake."  A nurse Sara had not seen before announced.

Sara couldn't get out her bed fast enough.  She hadn't expected Catherine to wake so fast.  Granted, it had been hours and what felt like days to Sara yet it was still a surprise.  One she'd gladly have.

"Is she in pain? Is she fully conscious?  Is she asking for anything?"  Sara fired off in rapid succession.

Her guide laughed at Sara's eagerness.

"Steady on, you'll be able to see her in a few minutes."

Sara blushed.

"Sorry, I'm just really excited."

Sara would have run to ICU but decided against it.  She didn't want to fall over once she made it to Catherine.

"I'll let you be."  The nurse said as the turned the corner.  Sara nodded, not really listening.  She was already thinking of the first thing she'd say to Catherine.

Catherine was being fed what Sara assumed were ice chips when she made visual contact with her.  Her hair was messy with big black bags under her eyes.  Sara's hands were sweaty as she came into Catherine's eye line.

"Hey,"  Catherine croaked.

All the things Sara thought to say first went out the window when she heard Catherine's voice.  Two tears fell onto Sara's gown, Sara's smile wide.

"You look beautiful."  Sara whispered.

Catherine tried to laugh but her throat was still dry and it came out more like a cough.

"I feel like shit."

"Does it hurt?"  Sara asked looking a down to Catherine's side.

Catherine took Sara's hand in her own.

"I'm pretty well medicated but I can feel that something happened.  But don't worry, it only hurts when I breathe."  Catherine joked.

Sara kissed their clasped hands.

"I thought you were going to die."  Sara admitted.

"I've got a lot of life left in me Sara."  Catherine said.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that,"  Sara said berating herself.

"If that was your fear then you have every right to share that with me."

"There was so much blood."  Sara said crying.

"Oh baby, I'm sorry you had to go through that on your own."

"Having you here now, talking to me is enough to make up for it."

"I spoke to my doctor.  He thinks I'll be in hospital for a week at least.  They are concerned about the wound in my side."

"What do you mean?"  Sara asked worriedly.

"Just that there was a lot of blood and they couldn't safely have a proper look around.  Nothing to worry about."  Catherine said smiling.

"Well if it's all the same to you I'd like to worry."  Sara said.

"So, how are you?"  Catherine said changing the subject.

"Some more stitches, this time in my back.  I'm pretty safe with my concussion.  They are discharging me in a few hours."

"That's great."  Catherine said smiling.

There was silence for a moment before Sara spoke.

"I thought I had saved you but I didn't."  Sara said, lowering her gaze from Catherine's.

"A gun in that small radius, someone was going to get hit.  You saved me from certain death.  My guardian angel."  Catherine said lifting Sara's head so Sara could see the sincerity in her eyes.

"I'm getting sick of feeling like I'm failing you."

"I can't help you with that.  It's your own insecurity.  All I can do is let you know that I think the opposite."  Catherine admitted.

"If you tell me every three minutes I may start believing," Sara joked.

"I know I've been shot but do you think I can get a kiss?"  Catherine pouted.

Sara pushed herself off her chair and leant to place a chaste kiss on Catherine's lips.  Catherine pulled Sara back to her, her tongue entering Sara's mouth when she gasped in shock at the force of Catherine's intentions.  Even with one good arm Catherine was too strong.  Not that Sara was planning to resist her lips.

Once Catherine let go of Sara she sat back down, smiling widely.

"You've got a bit of energy."  Sara remarked.

"I can't resist you baby."

"That's very good because I've had time to think while I've been lying in my uncomfortable bed.  My place has too many stairs so I'm going to rescind my offer to stay with me."  Sara started.  She smiled when she saw Catherine's startled look.

"And, I'm going to clean your house, throw out the stuff Messina went through and put a very important piece of equipment in your lounge room."

"Which would be?"  A confused Catherine asked.

"My police scanner."

"What would I want with your scanner?"  Catherine asked frowning.

"I've got to have something to listen to while you're lying in bed exhausted after I ravish your body."

"Sara Sidle are you saying you're moving in?"

"Temporary only, while you recuperate.  That is, if it's okay with you."

"I thought you said you wouldn't feel comfortable going back to my place."  Catherine pointed out.

"I've faced so many fears since we've started to go out and with you next to me I think I can get over that one.  Plus, it's the most practical thing for your recovery.  You are the most important person to take care of."  Sara stated.

"We should take care of each other.  I don't want you to feel funny

"Do you not want me to stay with you?"  Sara asked hoping she hadn't overstepped her bounds.

"Oh honey, I'd love it.  I just don't want you to sacrifice your own demons.  You need to work through them."

"And  I will.  With you."  Sara said.

"I'm selfish and I'm saying I want you to stay with us but if you feel like it's too suffocating, too traumatic then you come to me honesty and tell me.   I'll not hold it against you at all.  I'll still love you."  Catherine said.

Sara kissed Catherine's lips softly.

"It's a deal."


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