Title: Beat It

Author: Corbeau's Alcove

Email: persistance_is_futile@hotmail.com

Rating:  NC-17


Catherine pulled into the car park and got out of the car.  She turned the corner to see that Sara and Lindsay were sitting out the front.

"Cool dog mom.  Can I play with it?"  Lindsay asked, hugging the poodle.

"Until the owner comes Linds.  Be careful okay?"

"Thanks mom.  Come on dog."  Lindsay ran inside, the poodle trotting obediently behind her.

Sara took Catherine's case from her smiling as they held hands for a few seconds.

"Were you making sure I got here safely?"  Catherine asked.

"Kind of.  Lindsay wanted to see you come in."

"Did Warrick tell you he called me three times in half and hour?"  Catherine said smiling.

"No but I don't blame him.  I would have also but I was kept busy with Lindsay."

"I would have told you the same thing I told him," Catherine said.

"Which was?"  Sara asked.

"If he called me one more time I'd make him clean the little deposit the poodle left me in the car.  Without gloves."

Sara laughed, opening the door for Catherine.

"He cares for you Cat."  Sara said.  She placed her hand on the small of Catherine's back.  "We all do."

Catherine placed her hand on Sara's cheek and smiled.

"It's touching but it's also just as frustrating."

"Anyway, we're almost knocking off.  We've got a date to get ready for."  Sara whispered.

"Is it that time already?"  Catherine asked surprised.

"Grissom said you, Warrick and I had to go home early because we'd all worked a double."  Sara said shrugging.

"There was a time where you'd still stay here," Catherine said.

"Yes there was.  But now I have a wonderful woman to take care of.  To wine and dine."  Sara said smiling.

"Hey mom, look at what the dog can do!"  Lindsay said running down the hallway.

Catherine watched as the poodle fetched and dropped the ball at Lindsay's feet.

"That's great baby."  Catherine said.

"Mom can I stay here with Nick and Greg until the dog goes home?"

"No baby, they have work to do."

"Please mom?"  Lindsay begged.

"Sorry sweetie.  Mrs. Roach will pick you up in an hour so you can play with the dog until then."

"Fine," Lindsay said in a huff.

Sara smiled as Lindsay threw the ball and the dog chased it.

"Such a tough mother," she joked.

"Sometimes I think she uses Eddie's death as an excuse to be spoilt," Catherine admitted.

Sara cringed at the mention of Eddie.

"She loves you and it's her duty to annoy you," Sara said smiling.

"I'm worried sometimes."  Catherine admitted.

"About what?"  Sara asked as she followed Catherine into her office.

"That she'll resent me for living."

Sara walked over the roses and gathered Catherine in a hug.

"Eddie put her life in jeopardy Cat, not you.  You saved her remember."

Catherine felt herself being wrapped up in a comforting embrace and sank into it.

"Yeah but if I had stayed with Eddie then Lindsay would never have been in that danger."

"So what?  There are a thousands of variables in every decision we make; big or small.  Would staying with a man like Eddie make you feel better?  Fighting in front of your daughter, having to put up with his adultery?"

"I wouldn't have had the chance to be with you if I stayed with him.  I'm not sad about that decision," Catherine said.

"I'm glad too Cat."

"Sometimes Lindsay starts to say something about her father and stops," Catherine said.

"Do you try to encourage her to speak about it?"

"Yes.  She has a counselor, I guess that's who she speaks to.  When I was called into her school after she got into a fight I knew she was changing."

"Warrick told me about that.  It was around the time the lab exploded," Sara said immediately regretting mentioning the incident that had Catherine in her current predicament.

"Hey, it's okay Sara.  I know I messed up," Catherine said sensing Sara's regret.

"It was a mistake anyone could have made."  Sara said firmly.

"I could have killed you.  Or Greg."  Catherine said.  "My God I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did that."

"Sshh, it's okay.  It's in the past.  I'm fine.  Greg is back to normal."

"I'm so sorry baby," Catherine said softly.

"I'll forgive you on one condition."


"You kiss me," Sara whispered capturing Catherine's bottom lip in her teeth.

Catherine moaned and allowed Sara to dominate the kiss.  She enjoyed the sensation of Sara's tongue in her mouth and Sara's hands running up her spine.

"You're forgiven," Sara said as the broke apart.

"I hope I don't have to get my penance that way from Greg," Catherine said smiling.

"He'd love it," Sara said laughing.

"The only person who I'll ever kiss again will be you Sara,"  Catherine said nibbling on Sara's earlobe.

"I can live with that," Sara said breathlessly.



"You need to drop the baggage of Eddie's case too."

Sara traced Catherine's lips with her finger.

"I don't think I can Cat.  Not because I felt like I failed you and Lindsay but I just don't like to fail at my work.  It's a personal thing with me."

"I know baby.  I didn't help you either.  I'm just glad that we've managed to talk about it like adults."

"So how about we just put those instances down to our explosive personalities?"  Sara said smiling.

"Okay."  Catherine said laughing.

"Good.  Now, I'll drop you home tonight and I want you to be ready in an hour and half for our date."

"That's not a lot of time to get myself beautiful,"  Catherine complained.

"You certainly don't need any help with that Cath.  You have always been the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."  Sara said trailing her finger down Catherine's back.

"Flatterer."  Catherine hissed.

"It's the truth.  Surely you realise you've got it all?"

"There was a time I'd try to use my charms but I always thought that was the way to be respected by men.  I quickly learnt that I wasn't getting their respect.  With you I always feel like I'm loved for who I am as a whole.  It's a change."  Catherine said kissing Sara.

"I was always trying to get your respect but there was a barrier in the way.   I'm glad I realised that if I worked with dedication and pulled my weight that I would earn respect like everyone else."

"Baby, you are so great at your job; I always saw that.  I just didn't want to take that next step and accept you.  I can be a bit of a bitch," Catherine smiled.

"We're at this point now Cat.  The past can be overcome if we remember it but try to move beyond it."

"Did you do some kind of philosophy course at college or something?"  Catherine asked.

Before Sara could reply Lindsay charged in the room laughing and yelling.

"Uncle Greg is chasing me!"  Lindsay said hiding under Catherine's desk.

Catherine and Sara looked at each other wrapped up in an embrace and pulled away smiling.

"Honey, can you knock before you come into mommy's office?"  Catherine said.

"Sshh mom, I'm hiding."  Was Lindsay muffled reply.

Sara smiled.

Catherine shrugged and kissed Lindsay on the forehead.

"Sara and I are leaving now baby.  Be good okay?"

"Okay mom.  See you tomorrow morning."  Lindsay said waving her mom away from her.  "Don't tell Greg where I am."

"I won't baby.  Love you."

"Love you.  Bye Sara."  Lindsay said waving to Sara.

"See you Linds,"  Sara said.

Catherine and Sara made their way to the locker room to collect their belongings, coming across Greg in the hall.

"Thanks for looking after Lindsay Greg," Catherine said.

"No probs Catherine.  She's fun."  Greg said.

Sara smiled as she heard Greg calling out for Lindsay and ignoring the obvious laughing coming from Catherine's office.

"It's good that Greg's got someone his own maturity level to play with,"  Sara joked.

"Nah, Greg's not as smart as Linds,"  Catherine said smiling.

Ten minutes later Sara was driving Catherine home, her hand firmly placed on Catherine's thigh.

"You know Sara, we could skip the date and just go home,"  Catherine suggested as Sara's hand ran circles up and down her thigh.

"Sorry Cat but I don't put out before the date," Sara joked.

"Maybe I persuade you to change your mind?"  Catherine asked as she moved Sara's hand to the zipper of her pants.

Sara smiled.

"I can't respect someone who puts out that early Cat.  I may have to rethink this date."

Catherine unzipped her own pants and pulled Sara's hand to rest on her silky panties.

"Are you sure?"

Sara cupped Catherine's panties and smiled as Catherine clenched her thighs together.  She pulled her hand out and heard Catherine's disappointed sigh.

"If you're good Cat I may continue that after our date."

Catherine brought Sara's hand to her lips and kissed her knuckles.

"I look forward to my dessert then," she growled.

Sara's hand shivered at Catherine's tone and she had trouble concentrating on the road.


Catherine had turned her stereo up and was running through her house trying to find her hairdryer.  Madonna's Impressive Instant was booming through the speakers and Catherine smiled.  The album belonged to Lindsay; a gift from Eddie, but Catherine had grown to enjoy it.  It made a change from the shrilling of Christina, Lindsay's latest obsession.

It had taken Catherine forty-five minutes to decide on what to wear.  Numerous articles of clothing were layed out on her bed, none of them grabbing her eye.  She swore under her breath, she hadn't been this nervous in a long time.

After deciding to wear her hair out Catherine took a deep breath and stood back surveying her options.  She picked out her final three choices and, standing in front of her full length mirror, she put each individual piece against her body.  At last satisfied she smiled and blew her reflection a kiss.

Singing along to the cd Catherine jumped in the shower making sure her cinnamon and vanilla body lotion had enough in the bottle.  Once she had spent longer than usual in the shower she stepped out, drying herself and searching for her new lingerie that she'd put on after the date.  Cursing as she saw she had twenty minutes until Sara would be at her door, she got dressed and did a few finishing touches to her makeup.  She smiled as she twirled in front of her mirror.  She was looking forward to this evening.


Sara drove around Catherine's block three times before she parked halfway up the driveway.  She couldn't explain why she was so nervous.  Stepping out of the car she smoothed her outfit down and made her way to Catherine's door.

Catherine had unlocked the door and left it slightly ajar the first time she had seen Sara drive past her place.  She laughed as she saw her do it a second time but became worried the third time.  Had Sara thought this was a
ridiculous idea?  She went about making a pot of coffee and decided to open the door so Sara could just come in without having to stew at the front door.

"Cath?"  Sara's voice was quizzical as she pushed the door open.

"Come in Sara,"  Catherine shouted from the kitchen.  She poured two cups of coffee and made her way to the door.

Sara and Catherine stood in the lounge room, stunned into silence.  Sara was mesmerized.  Catherine was wearing a sky blue dress with silver roping tied three times around the waist.  Her shoes were the same color as the dress, the heel a light silver.  Catherine's hair was out and cascading down her shoulders, her makeup simple and barely there.

"My God you look stunning," Sara said taking the coffee from Catherine.

Catherine smiled and kissed Sara's cheek.

"You obviously haven't seen yourself in the mirror," she said appreciating Sara's outfit.

Sara wore a charcoal grey pants suit with no shirt underneath.  It dipped low enough to reveal that fact but didn't go as far as Sara's breasts.  Her hair was perfectly straight, not an easy feat.

"That colour is wonderful on you," Catherine said appreciatively.

"I'm not much for fashion but I just like the look of this one."  Sara said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Trust me, that suit is great.  The cut on that is very sleek.  Add to that the woman who is in it; well you can't go wrong," Catherine said putting her coffee down.

"Thank you," Sara said blushing.

"Nervous?"  Catherine asked grabbing Sara's hand and leading them to the lounge.

"A little.  Silly huh?"

"I've been like that all evening.  You should see my bedroom, all those outfits that didn't make the cut."

Sara smiled.

"Are you trying to get me into your bed Miss Willows?"

Catherine placed her hand on Sara's thigh and smiled.

"Always," she whispered.

Sara put her coffee down and took Catherine's face in her hands.  She moved in closer and captured her lips.  Her hands found there way to Catherine's back and it was then that she realised Catherine's dress was backless.  She ran her hands up and down the flesh made available and smiled when she felt Catherine shiver from the contact.

"Sara, if you keep doing that I'll rip this dress off and it cost a fortune,"  Catherine moaned.

Sara pulled away smiling.

"Let's go on our date and then I'll slowly peel it off your body," she said.

Catherine needed Sara's support to stand after Sara's husky promise.

Catherine regained her composure and grabbed her keys and purse.  Sara watched her as she double checked the locks and alarm system.  She loved the way Catherine seemed to glide across the room, the silk of the dress helping to create that illusion.


"Yeah babe?"

"I love you."

Catherine turned to face Sara, the smile on her face wide.

"I love you too Sara."

Sara got up from the lounge and held her hand out.  Catherine took it and they made their way to the car.

"Hang on, let me get the door for you," Sara said rushing around to the passenger seat.

"Thank you honey."  Catherine said smiling as Sara extended her hand to help her into the car.

Once Sara had started the car Catherine placed her hand on her thigh.  Catherine couldn't explain it but she always felt the need to be in some form of physical contact with Sara.

"Trying to seduce me into telling you where we're going?"  Sara joked.

"Would it work?"  Catherine asked.

"No but that doesn't mean you should move your hand."

"I just like to touch you," Catherine said laughing.  "That sounded dirtier than I wanted."

"You feel the need for a connection, a physical explanation for your feelings,"  Sara offered.

"Are you really a psychologist?"  Catherine joked.

"It's how I feel.  Like if I'm not near you in some way I don't feel complete."  Sara said blushing.

"I can't explain it either but I feel the same."  Catherine admitted.

The drive continued in a comfortable silence for a while until Sara stopped the car and turned to Catherine.

"We get out here."

Catherine looked around and found no restaurant in sight.

"Where are we eating?  On the bonnet of your car?"

"No but this is the first stop of the evening."  Sara said mysteriously.

Catherine looked at Sara puzzled but got out of the car.  Sara took out her cell phone and made a cryptic call which frustrated Catherine to no end.

"Can I get a clue?"

"I know you like to be in control Cat but this is your night and I want it to be a wonderful ride."  Sara said.


Sara kissed Catherine on the cheek and turned when she heard the car coming towards her.

Catherine frowned as Sara flagged down the approaching vehicle.

"Catherine, this is Harry."  Sara said.

"Wow she's a knockout Sara!"  Harry said exiting the car.

Sara blushed.

"Harry owns a whole lot of cars and I asked him for a favour."  Sara explained to Catherine.

Catherine stood with her back leaning against the car and watched as Harry and Sara interacted.  Harry was in his thirties with sandy coloured hair that was messy but looked like it had been styled that way.  He wore overalls that were covered in stains and cowboy boots.

"Hello Harry, nice to meet you."  Catherine said smiling.

"Sara told me she had a date but I didn't expect her date to be so beautiful."  Harry said smiling.

"I don't think Sara has anything lacking in that department Harry.  You're giving me far to much credit."

"Yeah Sara scrubs up well," Harry admitted looking over Sara.

"She's absolutely the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," Catherine said looking directly at Sara.

"You've got this one hypnotized," Harry said to Sara.

"Too many nights under those fluorescent lights must have hurt her eyes," Sara joked.

Catherine walked over to Sara and wrapped her arms around her from behind.

"It's true baby.  I'm going to love showing you off tonight."  Catherine whispered.

Sara closed her eyes and leant against Catherine until Harry cleared his throat.

"Ladies I need to get home tonight so Sara if you want the car it's yours.  Drop it back when you've finished with it and you can collect your car at the same time."

Sara caught the keys being thrown her way and smiled.

"Thanks Harry.  I'll see you tomorrow."

"No probs Sara.  Have a great night.  Nice to have met you Catherine."  With that he jumped in Sara's car, tooted the horn and sped away.

It was then that Catherine paid more attention to the car being lent to them.  She smiled as she realised it was a red Thunderbird, possible from the 1960s.

"Great car," Catherine said.

"Yeah Harry loves these old cars."  Sara said opening the door for Catherine.

"A girl could get use to this,"  Catherine said smiling.

"Good because it's no less than what you deserve,"  Sara said.

Catherine grabbed the lapels of Sara's shirt and pulled her down.  Sara braced herself on the hood of the car and kissed Catherine.

It was a slow kiss, Catherine taking the lead by fighting Sara's invading tongue.  Sara became more aggressive, pushing past and entering Catherine's mouth.  She was encouraged by Catherine's moan and continued to explore her lovers mouth.  She finally pulled away, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"God you're a great kisser,"  Catherine said.

"I want to make love to you in this car right now,"  Sara whispered.

Catherine ran her finger down Sara's jacket smiling when she felt Sara lean into her.

"Baby we're on a road in the middle of nowhere,"  Catherine said.

"I'd throw you on a blackjack table and ravish you, I have no control."  Sara admitted.

"God I love it when you use that tone,"  Catherine said.

"My desperate tone?"

"It's not desperate.  It's husky and downright sexy.  Your voice is already great but when you drop a few levels and your eyes start getting a little wider it's a total turn on."

"We need to stop, our reservations won't wait for our little adventure and Harry would kill me."  Sara said pulling away from Catherine.

"You're driving me crazy," Catherine said getting into the car.

"Believe me you're no easy woman to turn down but I want this night to be special.  I want to do it right."

Catherine smiled.

"I know baby and I love it.  Let's hope we can make it through dinner."


Sara hummed as she drove the Thunderbird through the Vegas Strip.  She was afraid if she talked to Catherine she'd let slip the plans for the evening.  Catherine's constant questioning was not helping her resolve.

"Can I have a tiny clue?"  Catherine begged.

Sara laughed.

"You'll know soon enough.  You'll have to be patient."

"I don't do patient well," Catherine growled, placing her hand on the back of Sara's neck.

"Ten minutes and you'll know."  Sara managed to get out.  Her hair was standing on end.  Catherine's touch did that to her all the time.

"Okay.  I can wait that long.  Just."  Catherine smiled and leant across to kiss Sara's cheek.

Catherine looked out the window, the lights of the Strip blurring into a kaleidoscope of colours.  The blur was only increased by the sound of people all around her.  It was always busy; Las Vegas.  Catherine smiled as she saw a young couple exiting one of the many casinos arms around each other laughing and stopping for a kiss.


"Yeah sugar?"

"I hope you don't think this is a seedy first date."

Catherine turned her attention from the strangers outside to Sara.  Sara was looking embarrassed.

"Honey, this is Las Vegas.  The excitement this place generates is phenomenal.  It's loud and bright.  Anything goes here.  I think it's the perfect place for our first date.  We won't have to worry about people looking at us, we can be ourselves."  Catherine said grasping Sara's hand with her own.

"I just thought that maybe this was to ghoulish,"  Sara said.

"Las Vegas is all about being flamboyant.  It's the charm of the place."

"Okay, we have to park in here,"  Sara said noticing where she was.

Catherine looked around trying to find any clues as to where they were going.  Sara smiled and put her out of her misery.

"I'm taking you to the Isis Restaurant in the Luxor Hotel and Casino.  I'm paying for the entire evening."  Sara said smiling.

"Ooh Egypt."  Catherine said rubbing her hands together then turned in shock,  "Sara, you can't pay for everything."

"Yes I can and I will.  This is me taking you out on a date.  No arguments,"   Sara said.

Sara gave her name to the valet who opened the door for Catherine.

"Great car ma'am," he said in awe of the hooded Thunderbird.

"It's an antique, treat it well,"  Sara said throwing him the keys.

"Yes ma'am," he said smiling at the opportunity to drive such a classic.

Sara held her arm out for Catherine to hook hers in.

"Shall we?"

Sara and Catherine walked through the foyer.  The entire area was surrounded by Egyptian themed artifacts, hieroglyphics and paintings.  The colours were mostly dark yellow and brass to blend with the theme.

"Some of this stuff is amazing," Catherine said in awe.

"Wait here for one moment, I have to check our reservations."  Sara said.

Catherine nodded and took a little walk around.  She could hear the lights and sounds of the casino just ahead of her inside the pyramid portion.

"Cath?  They are ready,"  Sara said.

Catherine smiled and waved making her way over to where Sara was standing.  She took the time to once again study Sara.  Catherine couldn't understand how Sara thought she was unattractive.  The woman standing underneath the illuminating light was a remarkable woman both inside and out.  The love and support she'd given Catherine was beyond all Catherine had ever wished for in a relationship and with Sara it had seemed to come naturally once they got together.

Sara's heart was beating like she had run a marathon.  She saw Catherine walk towards her and she almost felt like she was moving in slow-motion.  Her beauty slowed time.  She still couldn't believe she had Catherine sometimes.  This woman who oozed confidence and beauty had chosen to be with a nerdy, lanky woman who buried her head in her work to avoid any long term relationships.  She never thought she would have had Catherine's confidence over the other team members yet no one else, other than Grissom, knew that her work was being closely scrutinized.  No one else knew that Catherine wasn't always as secure as she portrayed.  She was human like the rest of the team.  No one else knew how to make Catherine pass out after making love to her.  Sara smiled, she finally had Catherine and she wouldn't mess this up.

Catherine saw Sara smiling and, taking her hand in hers asked, "what are you smiling about?"

"Just thinking about you."  Sara said.

"Me too."

"You were thinking about yourself?"  Sara asked.

"No, I was thinking about you and how lucky I am."

Sara smiled and followed the waiter who was showing them to their seats.

"We're both lucky,"  Sara said.

Catherine looked up at Sara and smiled.

"You're right."

The waiter and Sara both went to pull Catherine's chair out.  A quick look from Sara made the waiter move away with a small smile on his face.

"Can I make a placement for a drink order before your meal this evening?"  He asked as Sara sat across from Catherine.

"Yes, a bottle of your best white please,"  Sara said.

"Sara, that's very expensive,"  Catherine whispered.

Sara took Catherine's hand and smiled.

"Nothing is too expensive for you,"  Sara said.  She noticed the waiter still hadn't gone so she nodded at him saying, "we'll have that bottle please."

"Yes ma'am, coming up."  He said bowing slightly and moving away.

Catherine kissed Sara's hand.

"You don't have to spend so much Sara."

"I want to Cath.  Please let me spoil you.  I told you already, I have nothing else to do with my money.  It'll make me happy."

"This and the roses, Sara I don't need all that."  Catherine said softly.

"I want to make you feel like the Goddess you are Catherine.  You know that sometimes I'm not good with words.  This shows you without them."

The waiter came back and interrupted them.

"Sorry for the interruption.  Your wine has arrived.  Would you care for a taste?"  He said.

Sara nodded.

The waiter poured a mouthful into the glass.  Sara took a quick smell and, swishing the liquid in the glass took a taste.  She nodded her consent to pour her and Catherine a glass each.

"It's a wonderful drop," Sara commented.

Catherine watched the entire scene in awe.  Sara looked at home in this atmosphere, something she would never have expected.  She enjoyed learning these new things about Sara and loved that she would be the only one who would have that memory.

"I've only seen that kind of thing on television," Catherine said smiling.

"It's all about show, its kind of silly,"  Sara said blushing.

"I found it sexy."  Catherine said huskily.

Sara took a long sip of her drink to calm her hormones down.

"How'd you learn to do that?"

"I used to know a wine taster, she told me about the etiquette and so forth.   I guess I just kept that knowledge,"  Sara said shrugging her shoulders.

"Was she pretty?"  Catherine asked, trying to be casual.

"She was a lovely woman but we never clicked romantically."  Sara said ignoring the question.

"I know you just avoided that question," Catherine said smiling.

"I didn't think it mattered.  You will always be the most stunning woman in any room, any conversation, anywhere."

Catherine leant across the table to plant a kiss on Sara's lips.  Sara opened her mouth and Catherine entered, flicking her tongue in and out and pulling away.

"Sorry."  Catherine said blushing.

"For kissing me?"

"Yeah, that was kind of public,"  Catherine said taking a sip from her wine glass.

"I'm not ashamed of us Cat.  I'll admit, I'm a very private person but when I'm with you I feel free.  As you said, this is Las Vegas.  Anything goes.  Only that old couple over there looked affronted with our little kiss there.   I'm slowly coming out of my shell."

"I just couldn't resist kissing you,"  Catherine admitted.

"I certainly wasn't complaining,"  Sara said smiling.

"Right, lets look at this menu."  Catherine said.

"Remember, you can order anything."

The waiter returned to take their orders and left without a sound.  Sara had excused herself for a moment, Catherine didn't know where she went.  She took the chance to look around the restaurant.  She loved the Egyptian artifacts that adjourned the room.  They were striking yet not too overbearing.  They had managed to make the restaurant an intimate spot thanks to the subtle lighting and table placement.

Catherine had to admit, she felt like royalty not just because Sara was spoiling her but because the restaurant looked like it was built for the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.  The front of the Isis had two wonderful statues and the glass doors had wings gold-embossed on them.  She read the little brochure and learnt the many of the reproductions inside were from King Tutankhamun's tomb.  She wondered what it would have been live to like royalty in that time.

Looking up she was amazed to see the vaulted ceiling was intricately decorated with gold stars.  She smiled wondering how much patience a painter would need to paint every individual star.

"Sorry I kept you so long,"  Sara said.

"That's okay baby, I was looking around the room.  Did you know that a lot of these artifacts are recreations of the things inside the tomb of Tutankhamun?"  Catherine asked in amazement.

"I have a thing for history so yes.  They have a tour here, you can see his tomb and so forth."

"Why am I not surprised you knew that already?"  Catherine asked smiling.

"My free time, all I do is read."

Catherine reached for Sara's hand.

"Now you can do other things with that time."

"Yeah, I can read to you,"  Sara laughed.

"That wasn't exactly what I had in mind but I do love your voice so I could cope with that,"  Catherine said.

"I have another surprise waiting you after dinner,"  Sara said smiling.

"I'm not going to ask, you won't tell me," Catherine moaned.

"You're catching on."  Sara laughed.

The waiter brought over the meals, placing them in front of Catherine and Sara gently.

"That was pretty fast,"  Catherine said.

"We pride ourselves in making the customers happy," the waiter replied.  "You ordered half an hour ago."

Catherine looked at her watch in shock.

"You were gone a long time Sara,"  Catherine said.

"I came back just in time though,"  Sara said looking at her Lobster Tail en Croute.

"What would have taken you so long?"  Catherine asked aloud.

"You call me a work-a-holic!"  Sara laughed.

"You're not going to budge at all are you?"  Catherine complained.

"Eat you dinner,"  Sara said smiling.

Catherine took the salt and sprinkled it on her Grenadine of Veal Loin.  She smiled her thanks when Sara poured her another glass of white.

"So how's Lindsay?"  Sara asked.

"Well you saw her today, she's a hyperactive child."

"I meant overall."  Sara said in-between bites.

"You mean with Eddie?  What we talked about briefly?"

"You said she's trying to use Eddie's death as an excuse to be spoilt.  Do you think that maybe that's her way of coping?"

"I'm not sure Sara, I don't really get as much time with her as I would like."

"It must be a tough time,"  Sara commented.

Catherine nodded as she chewed.

"She's lost a parent.  Worse, she was there when it happened."

"Well if you need to talk about that night you know you can come to me,"  Sara said.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course,"  Sara said frowning.

"It's just that, well your memories of all that can't be fun either."

"What I felt then is nothing compared to Lindsay's feelings.  Or yours."

"Sara, your emotions at the time are just as important to me as Lindsay's.  It's always worse working a case where there is a personal connection."

"Lindsay lost her father!"

"I know that, and I almost lost Linds.  But you were under so much pressure and stress too.  You lost too."

"What did I lose?"  Sara asked puzzled.

"You lost that belief that you always have.  The belief that you are helping the victim.  The belief in your own ability.  I saw it in you after that and I hated myself for it."

"I didn't think you noticed."

"I noticed everything about you Sara.  I'm sorry I made you feel like that."

"It wasn't you.  It was my own insecurities.  My own inner voice.  I took the case too personally and that was the wrong was to do it."

"You can talk to me about it okay?"  Catherine asked.

"Okay."  Sara nodded.

"How's your food?"  Catherine asked changing the subject.

"Wonderful.  Want to try some?"  Sara said smiling.

"Sure,"  Catherine said.

Sara put some on her fork and reached over the table.  Catherine opened her mouth and allowed Sara to place the fork in there.  Catherine's eyes closed as she tasted it causing Sara to shiver.

"Mouthwatering,"  Catherine said.

"It certainly was,"  Sara said, her eyes growing darker with arousal.

Catherine winked at Sara and continued eating, ignoring Sara's lustful glare.

The waiter offered the dessert menu but Sara declined on their behalf.  Catherine's mind went into overdrive trying to think why Sara was so urgent to get them out of the restaurant.

"Don't even bother Cat, I won't tell you,"  Sara said as she saw Catherine was about to say something.

Catherine pretended to sulk and Sara laughed.

"Come on beautiful lady," Sara said rising from her chair.

After paying the bill on credit card, Sara met Catherine in the foyer.

"Okay Cat, now here is my idea for the rest of the evening."

"Yes?"  Catherine asked anxiously.

"I want to take you to bed and ravish you,"  Sara whispered as she hugged Catherine.

"No complaints,"  Catherine said as she returned the embrace.

"I booked us a room here.  Now you can say no.  I know you have to get Linds tomorrow,"  Sara started until she was silenced by two fingers on her lips.

"Sara Sidle, I accept your invitation."

Sara smiled widely.

"Are you sure?"

Catherine pulled Sara's head down and captured her lips.  She pushed at Sara's bottom lip and Sara gladly allowed entrance.  Their tongues parried, Sara's hand running up and down the free flesh available.  They broke apart smiling.

"This is the best date I've ever been on Sara.  Not because of the location or the amount of money but because you wanted to do it all.  To spend this money on me, to want to go to so much trouble.  You have certainly made me feel special."  Catherine said.

"I'm glad.  You are the only one I'd do this for."

"I love it and I certainly love you."

Sara blushed and held her hand out for Catherine.  Catherine took it and Sara lead them to the elevator.

"It's funny, usually when I'm in a casino elevator it's because a crime has been committed.  I'm pre-processing the crime scene in my mind.  I see you and you're looking amazing.  No matter what you're wearing.  You're chatting with someone sometimes laughing or smiling.  Then you get to business and you're a professional.  Everything is questioned and processed.  I used to try not to think about you while I was working.  I'd gotten used to the fact that you weren't interested."  Sara said leaning against the back wall.

"Look at where we are at now,"  Catherine said smiling.

"Sometimes I still can't believe it."  Sara said smiling as she felt Catherine wrap her arm around Sara's back and rest on her ass.

"I wish they didn't have a camera in here,"  Catherine said as she kissed Sara's neck.

"Then stop doing that,"  Sara hissed.

The doors beeped, signaling they were opening.  Sara grabbed Catherine's hand and they ran to the suite, giggling all the way.


Once in the hotel room Catherine and Sara faced each other, both perfectly still.  The only sounds that could be heard were from outside but were muffled and dull and the fast breaths both women were taking.

Catherine was the first to break the silence.

"I'm nervous.  Again."

Sara sighed in relief and reached out to embrace Catherine.

"Thank God you spoke.  I was worried we'd just stand here all night.  I don't know why I'm so nervous.  We've done this before,"  Sara said into Catherine's shoulder.

"And we do it damn well,"  Catherine whispered as she licked Sara's earlobe, biting down on it as she pulled away.

Sara moaned as Catherine was playing with her ear, all thought of continuing their talk now gone from her mind.  She pulled Catherine's head up in her hands and slowly bowed her head to capture those lips she loved so much.

The kiss was slow and soft, both women happy to explore each others mouths at a leisurely pace.  Catherine's hand came to rest on Sara's ass.  She cupped both cheeks as Sara's tongue traced her teeth and mapped out every space there was on offer to her.

Sara's hands weren't idle.  They had found the flesh of Catherine's back, an area Sara had enjoyed touching a few times this evening.  She moved her hands to Catherine's sides, enjoying the differing texture of silk to skin and realising that at times she couldn't find any difference.

Sara pulled away from Catherine's mouth, smiling when Catherine's small moan of complaint was heard.  She moved to Catherine's neck and placed small butterfly kisses there.  She inhaled Catherine's smell, enjoying the cinnamon and vanilla.  She relished the thought that only someone who was this close to her would notice that smell.

"Sara,"  Catherine whispered as Sara continued on her path down to Catherine's breasts.

"Cat, I want to take this off,"  Sara whispered.

Catherine winked and in a matter of seconds, the dress was pooled on the floor.  Catherine smiled at Sara's look of amazement as she stepped out of the dress and layed it over the nearest chair.  She hooked her finger and made a 'come hither' move as she layed on the bed in her panties and high heels.

Sara didn't know what to look at.  Catherine's bare chest, her barely there panties or the whole woman in front of her beckoning her to the bed.  She felt her mouth go dry as she followed Catherine's request.  She managed to get rid of her shoes and undid her pants before Catherine knelt on the bed and grabbed Sara's head and kissed her.

This kiss had more fire in it.  Catherine was in full control, dictating the pace.  She pulled away and smiled, running a finger down Sara's jacket.

"You're too clothed for this party Miss Sidle."

Sara smiled and cupped Catherine's breasts enjoying the sounds Catherine made when she flicked her aroused nipples.

"You cheated,"  Sara whispered.

Catherine pushed Sara's pants down until they dropped on their own.  Sara smiled as she felt Catherine undoing her jacket.

Sara ran her hands down Catherine's back and came around to her stomach.  She moved away so she could get out of her pants which gave Catherine the opportunity to take her shoes off.  She pulled the bed cover off and took off a few pillows.  Sara came from behind her, running her hands down her back.  She knelt and ran her hands down Catherine's legs.

Catherine turned around and threw Sara's jacket off, her eyes feasting on Sara's naked torso.  They met in another steamy kiss, Sara trying to get Catherine's panties off and cursing when they bunched.  Catherine laughed and swatted Sara's hands away, doing it herself.

"Wasn't very smooth,"  Sara complained.

"Honey as long as they are off and you can touch me,"  Catherine said grabbing Sara's hand and placing it on her pubic hair.

Sara moved Catherine back until she was pressed against the bed.  Catherine moved onto the bed and Sara layed on to of her.  She smiled as she saw Catherine's eyes move to her breasts.

Catherine pinched Sara's nipples and watched as she hissed and buried her head in her shoulder.  She kissed Sara's head, "honey, I want to touch you."

Sara kissed Catherine softly and rolled over.  She smiled as Catherine kissed all over her torso, paying special care to a particularly ticklish spot.

"Cath, stop," Sara panted as she tried to move Catherine's head away.

Catherine looked up smiling.

"You're so cute when you're giggling,"  Catherine said as she kissed Sara's chin.

Sara was about to respond when Catherine's mouth moved up to capture her left nipple.  She moved to her right nipple and sucked on that one too, Sara encouraging her with her moans.

Sara's hands decided to make a move also.  They cupped Catherine's breasts, massaging and pinching the nipples.  Catherine's moan of pleasure reverberated around the nipple she had in her mouth, making Sara even more aroused.  She continued doing it as both women teased each other.

"God you're beautiful,"  Catherine mumbled into Sara's stomach as she made her way down to Sara's core.

Sara shuddered at the declaration, she loved hearing it from Catherine.  She pulled Catherine's head away from its destination and kissed her, thrusting her tongue into Catherine's warm mouth.  Catherine moved her body, her knee now pressed against Sara's hot core.  With every thrust and parry of their tongues Catherine's body would rock against Sara, her knee hitting into Sara's centre.

Sara whimpered at the touch and needed more.

"Please Cath,"  Sara said looking into Catherine's desire filled eyes.  Her hair was in every which way and her lips were bigger than usual but to Sara she looked like a Goddess.

Catherine smiled and retreated down Sara's body.  She kept eye contact with Sara who propped herself on her elbows.  Sara swore she'd need no assistance from Catherine when she licked two fingers and trailed them down her body.

Without warning Catherine slid one finger in.  Sara's hips moved up and Catherine smiled.

"I love you Sara,"  Catherine said as she thrust two fingers into Sara's opening.  Sara's hands flew to Catherine's head as if on reflex.  She looked down and saw her hands covered by soft strawberry blonde hair.  She pulled Catherine's head up.  Catherine continued thrusting her fingers in and out, Sara's body naturally following the pace.  She looked up to Sara who smiled at her.

"I love you Catherine."  Sara whispered.

Catherine smiled widely and kissed her stomach.  She moved her mouth down and passed Sara's curls, her tongue found her clit.  She touched it gently, wanting to prolong the torture.  Sara groaned in frustration.

"Cath,"  Sara panted.

"Relax baby,"  Catherine said as she increased the pace of her fingers.  She placed a small kiss on her clit and looked up at Sara.  Her body was moving around, her hips moving with Catherine's fingers.  Her eyes welled up as she witnessed the abandon Sara was showing.

She took Sara's clit in her mouth and began to bring Sara to her release.  Sara's moaning and whispering had increased, her words less intelligible as she closed in on her orgasm.

Catherine knew Sara's responses and knew she was close so she gently took Sara's clit in her teeth and it was enough to send Sara over the edge.  She called out Catherine's name as her body arched and dropped back onto the mattress.  Catherine kept her fingers inside Sara, enjoying the sensation of the tremors.

"So beautiful," Catherine whispered as Sara's breathing tried to return to normal.  She pulled her fingers out slowly, small shockwaves hitting Sara as she did it.  Catherine smiled and kissed her core.

Sara's core was twitching as Catherine tasted Sara.  Catherine grinned as she noticed and flicked her tongue over Sara's clit.  Sara's body responded and it was all the encouragement Catherine needed.  She flicked her clit again and got the same response.

"Cath, stop."  Sara begged.

Catherine ignored her and continued flicking Sara's clit.  Sara's body exploded, another orgasm rolling through her body.  Tremors shook Sara as Catherine continued to play with Sara's clit.

Sara found her body was completely spent.  As Catherine lay beside her, hooking her leg around her, Sara still felt small shockwaves pass through her body.

"Trying ... kill ... me,"  Sara got out in short bursts.

Catherine laughed as she wrapped her body around Sara completely.

"You looked so beautiful from where I was, I just had to do more."

Sara placed a kiss on Catherine's head.

"Thank you,"  Sara whispered.

"God you're beautiful Sara, you don't need to thank me.  Get some rest."  Catherine said wrapping a sheet around them.


Catherine smiled.

"I'll be fine, I uh, kind of already,"  Catherine blushed.

"Without me?"  Sara asked.

"Because of you.  I just couldn't hold it back when I saw you give yourself to me."  Catherine admitted.

"Sorry."  Sara said.

"Not a problem.  Get some rest."  Catherine said kissing Sara's collarbone.

Sara sighed contently.

"Love you Cat."  Sara said as she fell asleep.

Catherine snuggled up closer, enjoying the listen of Sara's heartbeat.

"Love you baby."


Catherine woke first the next morning.  She looked to the clock lying on Sara's side of the bed.  It read 6.43am.  Stretching her leg out she stopped when Sara stirred.  Sara seemed to simply be rolling onto her back which freed up more of Catherine's body.  Catherine managed to get out of the bed and padding to the bathroom naked she ran a quick shower and wrapped herself up in one of the robes on the back of the door.

Her hair wet, she took the chance to air dry it and look around the incredibly spacious suite.  Catherine smiled, realising both her and Sara had other things on their mind when they got into the room.  She gasped when she noticed the room in the daytime.  She ran her hand along the large Jacuzzi tub which sat next to the window, providing a view of the Las Vegas skyline.  When she first came into the room she'd seen it but her attention was quickly diverted by Sara.

Catherine noticed the suite lost nothing of the Egyptian theme she had seen so far through the complex.  The room was decorated with Egyptian motifs and featured wooden furniture etched with hieroglyphics; a beautiful setting that made Catherine feel like royalty.

"Hey,"  a sleepy Sara mumbled from the bed.

"Hey there."

"This place is huge,"  Sara said sitting up.

Catherine walked over to sit on the bed.

"The Jacuzzi looks like fun,"  Catherine said smiling.

"Let me shower and have breakfast and I'll jump right in there.  Well I would have I not listened to Grissom's little lecture on public pools and so forth.  Not as romantic when you think of who else has been in there."  Sara said reaching across to kiss Catherine.

"Good morning," Sara said smiling.

"Good morning.  I could get used to you waking up next to me,"  Catherine said.

"I could get used to this huge bed."  Sara said.

"You'd never know with the way you were content to stay in the exact middle of the bed," Catherine joked.

"You were the one who was all over me."

"And to this day I've never heard you complain about that,"  Catherine said lying on the bed with Sara.

"You never will either.  I could stay in your arms forever."

Catherine reached for Sara's hand and they layed deep in thought.

"Last night was truly magical Sara."

"Only because you were here with me."

Catherine sat up facing Sara.

"Everything you did last night was so beautiful.  The way you took such care in every task."

Sara pulled herself up, the sheet falling from her bare chest.

"You know me Cath, always working on something."

"It was incredibly romantic.  From the flowers to the entire date.  I won't ever forget last night."  Catherine said leaning across to kiss Sara.

Catherine's hand came to rest on Sara's left breast and Sara broke away from the kiss.

"Cath, I uh, about you last night,"  Sara said uncomfortably.

Catherine silenced Sara with another kiss, this one deeper. Sara pushed Catherine back and soon Catherine was on her back with Sara straddling her waist.

Catherine enjoyed the sight of Sara naked above her.  Her hands ran down Sara's front coming to rest on her hips.  Sara attacked Catherine's collarbone, biting and licking a path down to the flesh available.

Sara undid Catherine's robe and smiled when she saw Catherine was naked underneath it.

"May I?"  Sara asked.

Catherine nodded as Sara's mouth moved to her breasts.  She kissed them both and then replaced her mouth with her hands.  Her fingers pinched Catherine's nipples while her mouth made its way down to Catherine's hips.  She kissed the bone and stopped there.  Her hands were still playing with Catherine's breasts.

Catherine was moaning and hissing as Sara captured her mouth.  She bit at her lower lip, Catherine's lip moving to allow Sara's tongue entrance.  With every pinch or roll of her nipple Catherine's tongue would thrust out of her mouth.

Catherine's heartbeat was speeding up as Sara moved away and took one breast in her mouth.  She licked Catherine's nipple and moved to the other doing the same.  She sat back and admired her work.  Catherine had trails of red marks on her body and her chest was rising and falling fast.

Sara slid down Catherine's body and positioned herself between her legs.  She kissed her kneecaps and placed small kisses up her right inner thigh.  She stopped and placed a quick kiss on the place Catherine most wanted her touch then she moved away, kissing down Catherine's left inner thigh.

"Sara,"  Catherine growled.

Sara laughed into Catherine's thigh at her impatience and smiled when she noticed it caused a tremor to shake her thigh.

Sara's index fingers trailed a path from the arch of Catherine's feet, stopping at her kneecap then resuming up her inner thigh.  Catherine's legs moved around when Sara hit a spot she was particularly ticklish in but like Catherine, Sara didn't relent.

"Please baby,"  Catherine begged.

Sara kissed Catherine's curls.  She cupped Catherine's mould and felt Catherine rise to gain some friction.  Sara moved her hand away causing Catherine to sigh.

"Soon,"  Sara promised.

Sara's mouth traveled back up to Catherine's nipples.  They were still erect and sensitive as Sara discovered when she took one in her mouth.  As she flicked her tongue over it she entered Catherine with two fingers.

Catherine was lost in the sensation of Sara's mouth on her nipple she wasn't prepared for Sara's joint assault.  She almost bucked Sara off her as she reacted to both attacks but regained enough of her equilibrium to move her body with Sara's thrusting.

Sara positioned herself so she could give Catherine's nipples attention whilst still attending to her throbbing core.  At times her mouth would leave Catherine's nipples when Catherine's body would shake but she simply went back to her task.

Catherine had to move Sara's head away from her nipples after a while; they had become so sensitive.  She pulled Sara into a kiss, sucking on Sara's tongue and moaning as Sara quickened her pace.

Sara broke away from the kiss and bent to claim Catherine's clit.  She sucked on it, flicking and pressing down until Catherine screamed her release.  She continued to clean Catherine long after she tried to push her head away, she couldn't resist the taste of Catherine.  Subsequently Catherine experience two smaller orgasms.

Catherine smiled as Sara softly kissed her nipples as she gathered her up in a hug.

"I'm going to order room service okay baby?"  Sara said softly.

Catherine nodded, afraid she couldn't speak.

Sara untangled one arm to dial the phone.  While she was ordering she ran her hand through Catherine's wet hair.  She hissed with Catherine as she ran into a few knots.

"Sorry baby."

"It's okay,"  Catherine whispered.

"Room service will be here in half an hour.  Do you want to shower before that?"  Sara asked.

"You first,"  Catherine said.

Sara smiled.

"Having trouble with long sentences?"

Catherine half heartedly hit Sara's stomach.

"Okay Cat.  I'll go have one now, let you get a bit of rest."  Sara said kissing Catherine's head and jumping out of bed.


Catherine woke to the smells of coffee.  She opened her eyes and stretched.  She knew why her body hurt but wondered how long she had slept.

"It's okay, it just arrived,"  Sara said as if reading her mind.

"I'll have a quick shower if I have time."

"Sure you do.  I'll pour your coffee."

Catherine smiled and climbed out of the bed, running to the bathroom.  She showered and combed her hair in a manner of minutes.

"You going to wear that to breakfast?"  Sara said pointing to Catherine's naked form.

"Funny, no.  I left the robe on the bed."  Catherine said moving the sheets around.

Sara smiled and pulled Catherine's seat out for her.  Catherine took it and wrapped her arms around Sara's waist.

"What's this for?"  Sara asked.

"No reason."  Catherine said shyly.

"I like that little shyness in you."  Sara said smiling as she sat down at the table.

"Just don't tell anyone or not even Grissom could solve your murder."  Catherine joked.

"I wouldn't dream of it.  Besides, how could I mention it without mentioning just exactly how I saw the shyness?  Greg would hound me for details forever."

Catherine laughed.

"Oh well, it's just between you and I then,"  Catherine said taking a sip from her coffee.

"I didn't know what to order so I ordered blueberry pancakes, fruit salad, waffles and toast."

"How about we just eat whatever.  I don't mind sharing with you."  Catherine said.

"Fine by me."

Catherine took a waffle and put in on her plate.  She looked at the fruits on offer and took a spoonful of strawberries.

"So where do you think our case is going?"  Sara asked.

"Ready for work Sara?"  Catherine laughed.

"Sorry, should we talk about something else?"  Sara asked embarrassed.

Catherine reached across the table taking Sara's hand.

"We can talk about whatever you want hon.  Work is fine."  Catherine said smiling.  "I think by the time we get back in we'll have our results from Greg.  Brass was interviewing the boyfriend.  I'll look at the updated report and then have a meeting, then see what the next step will be."

Sara nodded.

"Then I'll asked for Grissom's permission to do everything,"  Catherine said sarcastically.

"I shouldn't have brought up work, I'm ruining our time."  Sara said.

"No you're not baby.  It's just always there.  The worry, the fear.  I mean almost a month has gone since then and I'm still looked upon with menacing eyes.  I wonder how long it'll last.  Sure, I messed up with the lab.  I messed up with Braun.  Am I the only one?  No."

Sara came over to kneel next to Catherine.

"I've got your back Cat.  If they want to fire you, demote you, put a black mark in your file I'll fight them.  Grissom will too.  Until that's finished with you lean on me, I'll be the strength you need."

Catherine kissed Sara softly.

"I feel your strength whenever we're working.  Thank you for putting up with this."

"Nothing to thank me for.  I always wished one day you'd open up to me and now you are and I'm going to prove to you and to myself that I can do it.  That I can be in a relationship and be an equal partner."  Sara said smiling.

Catherine ran her hand through Sara's hair.

"Come on, go eat some breakfast."

Sara sat back in her seat sighing.

"What is it Sara?  Too many choices?"

"No, we have to check out in half and hour."

"Gives me enough time to finish all this food on offer and get changed."  Catherine said taking a spoonful of fruit.

"I wish we didn't have to hurry off,"  Sara said regretfully.

"The real world calls us back,"  Catherine said laughing.

"I want to run away with you and Lindsay.  Never have to think about dead bodies and unsolved cases ever again."  Sara said.

"Could you break yourself away from the work you love so much?"

"If I had you then it wouldn't be a contest,"  Sara admitted.

"It's too bad that I love watching you work."

"As I sink obsessively into yet another case?"  Sara asked.

"No, watching as you care for those who have been lost.  Watching you as your mind works to solve it.  Watching you in that vest with your gun strapped on your belt."  Catherine added smiling.

Sara smiled.

"Well I know what I'll be wearing to work today,"  Sara said winking at Catherine.


"I learnt from the best,"  Sara said.

Catherine's cell phone started to ring and she tried to find her purse.


"Miss Willows?  This is Officer Tanyous."

Catherine frowned into the phone.

"I'm sorry officer, do I know you?"

"Yes ma'am, I'm guarding your daughter, Lindsay."

Catherine's eyes widened in fear.

"Is she okay?  Has something happened?"

Sara had been watching the exchange and rushed to grab Catherine's hand.

"Yes ma'am.  Sorry, I should have said that first.  I was just informing you that she is now leaving the current location with someone who is claiming to be your neighbour.  Can I please get some clarification on this person?"

Catherine smiled weakly at Sara who nodded and began to dress.  She answered a few questions from the police officer and hung up.

"Linds is okay?"  Sara asked handing Catherine her clothes from last night.

"Yeah.  For a second there I thought,"  Catherine trailed off.

Sara hugged Catherine to her.

"I know baby, but she's okay.  At least we know the police are doing a good job.  You can know she's safe with them."

"How can she when I haven't even told her?"

"You can tell her when we get home."  Sara said.

Catherine nodded and started getting dressed.

"I thought maybe Bobbie had come after her."   Catherine whispered.

"Bobbie's made no contact with you at all and she struck me as someone who is flashy.  She'll probably be caught by the end of the day."  Sara said.

"But what if she had gotten to Lindsay?  It would have been my fault."  Catherine said.

"Sshh Cath, you can't think like that."  Sara said hugging a sobbing Catherine.

"I'm sorry,"  Catherine said wiping her eyes.

Sara smiled and kissed Catherine softly.

"I'm here for you."  Sara smiled.

Catherine blew her nose and, putting on her shoes, opened the door for Sara.

"This really was a wonderful date Sara,"  Catherine said changing the subject as they made their way to the elevator.

"Thank you Catherine."  Sara said bowing.

Catherine laughed and slapped Sara's arm.

"Don't get too big an ego."

"It's pretty hard when you equate me with God during,"  Sara was silenced by Catherine glare.

"I don't know if I like this cheeky side of you Sara,"  Catherine said smiling.

"Too bad, you're stuck with every side of me,"  Sara said.

Before Catherine could comment the elevator opened and they were greeted with an elderly couple.

"Lovely place isn't it?"  The woman asked Catherine and Sara.

"Yes it is, very nice,"  Catherine replied.

"We're here on our fortieth wedding anniversary.  I'm Mary and this is my husband Leonard."

"Nice to meet both of you.  I'm Catherine and this is Sara."

"Congratulations on your anniversary."  Sara said smiling.

"Thank you dear.  What are two lovely looking ladies doing without handsome men?"  Mary asked.

Catherine smiled.

"We don't need men to keep us happy,"  Catherine said winking at Sara.

"Are you two?"  Leonard asked.

"Leonard, that is not our business.  You'll have to excuse him, he watched some gay show in our hotel room and now he thinks everyone is gay."  Mary smiled apologetically.

"That's fine.  As a matter of fact we are.  Sara is my partner.  We hope one day to get to forty years too."  Catherine said smiling at Sara.

"It's all about love, commitment, honesty and letting them have their silly hobbies,"  Mary whispered to Catherine.

Catherine smiled.

The elevator signaled Sara and Catherine's floor.

"Well, this is us.  It was lovely to meet both of you.  Enjoy Las Vegas."  Catherine said smiling.

Sara waved shyly as she left the elevator.

"Well that was weird."  Sara said.

"They were lovely."  Catherine said taking Sara's hand in hers.

"Do you really think we'll be together in forty years?"  Sara asked.

"I'm in this forever Sara.  We can't predict the future but I'm ready to commit myself to you."  Catherine said.

"I'm just not used to things going so fast and going so well.  It may take me some time to get into that frame of mind,"  Sara admitted.

Catherine kissed their entwined hands.

"I can wait."

Sara laughed taking Catherine by surprise.

"Sorry, I was just imagining us in forty years.  Grissom living in a cave made by his precious bugs, Nick married with two children living on a ranch and telling old war stories about CSI, Warrick running his very own stop-gambling motivational tour and Greg.  Well Greg's pretty much the same but his hair's a little whiter."

Catherine laughed.

"Interesting places you've got them in.  Where would we be?"

"I'd be on the scanner and you'd be screaming at me to lay off it?"  Sara asked smiling.

"Sounds pretty good,"  Catherine said.

"I love you so much Catherine."  Sara said as she opened the car door for her.

"You're a big softy Sara,"  Catherine said smiling.

Sara started the car and smiled when she noticed Catherine put her hand on her thigh.

"Are you coming back to my place?"  Catherine asked.

"I'd love to Cath but I've got to drop this Bird back and you should have some time with Linds, let her know about this thing with Bobbie."

"She'd love to see you,"  Catherine said.

"They'll be time for that another day baby, I really think you should talk to Linds alone,"  Sara said.

Catherine sighed.

"You're right.  Plus it'll give you some time to be on your own.  I know you like that time,"  Catherine said.

"I don't want you thinking I don't want to come over,"  Sara said worried.

"No baby, I don't think that.  Earlier I would have but we're communicating much better now.  I'll miss you though."  Catherine said smiling.

Sara smiled.

"I'll miss you too baby."

"Will you come pick me up for work?"  Catherine asked.

"Something wrong with your car?"  Sara asked concerned.

"I'm sure there will be something wrong with it,"  Catherine smiled.

"Well in that case I had better drive you to work, and drive you home again,"  Sara said.

"Very gallant of you,"  Catherine replied dryly.

"I do what I can,"  Sara said grinning.


Sara pulled up outside Catherine's place behind the unmarked police car.

"So they're watching your house but aren't following you?"  Sara asked.

"This is Lindsay's police car.  I told Jim to call mine off."

"Catherine,"  Sara started.

"Now, now Sara.  I wasn't going to have obtrusive police officers follow us around on our date.  I'll call Jim today and ask for the fools to stalk me if that would make you feel better,"  Catherine said.

"It'd be better than a murderer stalking you," Sara countered.

"Okay, I walked into that one,"  Catherine said smiling.

"So can I kiss you here or will they document it?"  Sara asked.

"I could care less what they write down about us Sara."  Catherine said leaning across to kiss Sara.

"I'll come pick you up for work okay?"  Sara said playing with Catherine's hair.

"Can I call you later today?"  Catherine asked.

"Of course you can baby."  Sara said smiling.

"God I love that smile,"  Catherine said getting out of the car.  "Bye babe.   Thanks again for a wonderful date."

"Be safe okay?"  Sara yelled as Catherine closed the door.  "Love you!"

Catherine blew a kiss as Sara drove away.

One of the police officers got out of the car and made his way over to Catherine.  He smiled.

"Miss Willows, we spoke earlier today."

"Yes, Officer Tanyous.  Thank you for watching my daughter."

"It's our job ma'am."

"So you've not seen or heard from Bobbie Messina?"

"No ma'am we haven't but that doesn't mean she isn't about.  We'll continue our surveillance of your daughter until she is apprehended."

"Okay then.  Well if you'd like something to eat or drink please don't hesitate in knocking on my door."  Catherine said.

"Thank you ma'am, that's very kind."

Catherine smiled and went to get Lindsay.  She knocked on her neighbours door a few times before there was an answer.

"Mommy!"  Lindsay said hugging Catherine.

"Hey there little one.  Did you have a good time last night?"  Catherine said waving her thanks to her neighbour who was juggling an infant and a barking dog in the backyard.

"I was playing with the dog and Greg for ages Mom, it was so cool.  I missed you though, you were gone a long time."  Lindsay said.

Catherine winched at Lindsay's comment.

"Mommy's not around a lot is she Linds?"  Catherine said playing with her daughter's hair.

"It's okay mom, I know you have to work."  Lindsay said running to their house.

Catherine smiled weakly as she opened the door and watched as Lindsay went to the fridge for a drink.

"I love you Linds, even though I work a lot."

Lindsay didn't look up from her glass as she was pouring it but replied, "I know mom.  I miss you but I know you have to work."

"About that baby, I need to talk to you."  Catherine said sighing with dread.

"Did you catch a bad guy mom?"  Lindsay said sitting at the table opposite Catherine.

"Lindsay, you know I'm always going to look after you right?"

Lindsay nodded.

"There is a bad woman after mommy and Uncle Grissom wants to protect me."

"Is she really bad mom?"  Lindsay said.

"Yes baby.  She escaped from goal and they can't find her.  I put her in goal so she's angry."

"Do we have to move?"  Lindsay asked concerned.

"Oh no baby, we don't have to move.  I'm just going to be very careful for a while.  We have to be careful."

"Don't talk to strangers," Lindsay said smiling.

"That's right.  We thought it would be a good idea to have somebody watch the house to make sure this woman doesn't come here."

"You can arrest her mommy."  Lindsay said shrugging.

"It's not that easy baby.  I want to make sure that you are safe too."

"I'll be good mom,"  Lindsay said.

"I know Linds, but this woman is very bad so I've asked Jim Brass to have a police car watch you at school and things like that."

Lindsay smiled.

"I'll have a bodyguard?"  Lindsay asked excited.

"No Lindsay, they will be undercover and secret.  Just to watch and make sure you're safe when mommy can't be with you."

"So I can't tell anyone?"  Lindsay sulked.

"I'm sorry Linds, no you can't.  No one at all."  Catherine said taking a sip from her daughter's glass.

"Okay mom.  I promise not to tell anyone."  Lindsay said getting up.

"Thanks sugar.  Okay, so how was school?"

"It was okay mom.  We're starting a new math program next week."  Lindsay said rinsing her glass.

"That's great Lindsay."  Catherine said smiling.  She was relieved Lindsay took it so well, she'd been dreading this conversation.

"I'm going to do some homework mom,"  Lindsay said kissing Catherine on the cheek.

"If you need any help I'll be in my room."  Catherine yelled after her daughter.

Catherine made herself a coffee and made her way to her bedroom.  She smiled when she saw the state of the room.  Clothes were thrown everywhere.  Catherine put her steaming coffee on the bedside table and hung everything up.  Stripping out of her dress she put a pair of sweatpants on and her favourite old shirt.  It had holes in the sleeve, a product of a misadventure with an old shed when Lindsay was a baby but she always felt comfortable in the merle colored top.

Relaxing on her bed she took a quick sip of her hot coffee and dialed a number she now knew by heart.


Catherine smiled as she heard Sara's distracted voice.

"Am I disturbing you?"  Catherine asked concerned.

"Just fighting with the fridge.  It's making some weird whizzing noise."  Sara said.

"Maybe it's just on a slant.  Put something under it."

"I tired that.  I think the fan is lose."  Sara said trying to move the fridge out.

Catherine smiled as she heard Sara's labored grunts.

"I hope you won't pull your back out.  I plan to ravish you in the locker room this shift,"  Catherine purred.

Catherine heard a sound and Sara's distant cursing.

"Sara?  Are you okay?  Sara?"  Catherine asked alarmed.

There was silence for a minute and Catherine was getting up, prepared to drive to Sara's.

"I'm okay Cat."  Sara said picking up the discarded phone.

"I thought the fridge fell on you or something."

"No.  Your voice and your suggestion, well it kind of made me a little weak kneed."  Sara said smiling shyly.

"Oh.  Okay."  Catherine said relieved.

"Did you talk with Lindsay?"  Sara asked.

"Yeah I did.  It went well."  Catherine said.

"That's great Cat.  I'm glad."

"Thanks.  She got a little upset that she couldn't tell anyone but I think she's okay about it."  Catherine said.

"She's like you Catherine, she'll understand it's for the best.  Those Willows women are smart cookies,"  Sara said smiling.

"I miss you Sara."  Catherine said wistfully.

"We're talking now babe."  Sara said smiling.

"I know and I'm being highly irrational and needy."  Catherine said sighing.

"If I could spend my every moment with you Catherine I would do it.  We just have separate lives that are slowly merging."  Sara said.

"I know.  I'm sorry."  Catherine sighed once more.

"Hey, it's okay.  Honesty remember?  Besides I like that you can't live without me."  Sara said smiling.

Catherine smiled.

"Your ego will be so big it'll need a new office,"  Catherine said laughing.

"Considering about two months ago I was still lusting after you thinking there was no hope I don't think my head will swell to a dangerous level."  Sara said.

"So it'll swell to a manageable level then?"  Catherine asked smiling.

"I think so."  Sara said laughing.

"Talking to you has helped."  Catherine admitted.

"I'm here for you."  Sara stated.

"I'm glad."

"Hey Cat?"

"Yeah babe?"

"Do you know how to fix a fan in a fridge?"  Sara asked.

Catherine laughed.

"No but I know who would."

"Who?"  Sara asked confused.

"An electrician."

"Oh you're funny Willows."  Sara said.  She wished she was face to face with Catherine so she could poke her tongue out at her.

"Call one baby and then come over and we can spend some time together before we head off to work.  Lindsay would love to see you."

"Alright but I'm not going to watch Finding Nemo again.  I can't stop doing that bloody whale noise scene in the shower."

"I'd love to hear that,"  Catherine smiled imaging Sara in the shower.

"Well if you're a good girl maybe I'll let you scrub my back when I come over."  Sara said.

Catherine closed her eyes at Sara's tone.

"You'd better get over here soon Sidle."  Catherine warned.

Sara smiled.

"I'll be over after I call the electrician.  Think you can wait that long?"  Sara teased.

"No."  Catherine growled.

Sara laughed as she said goodbye and hung up.

Catherine drank her coffee smiling.  She was amazed at the depth of emotion she had for Sara.

Catherine busied herself for the next hour and a half, time getting away from her.  She looked up at the wall clock and frowned.  Sara hadn't called and it was a while since she had promised to come over after making a phone call.  She wondered if the electrician had indeed managed to fit Sara in right as she called.

Dialing Sara's number she got her answering machine.  Leaving a message she celled her mobile.  When getting no answer on either she wondered if Sara was either in the shower or on her way.

Her phone rang and she ran to answer it.

"Catherine, it's Gil."

Catherine sighed.

"Yes Gil?"

"I'm calling everyone in early and I need you in too."  Grissom said.

Catherine smiled, the mystery of where Sara was had been solved.

"Okay, I'll just need about half and hour."  Catherine said hanging up.

Yelling at Lindsay to pack up a few things Catherine jumped in the shower and changed in record time.  Being used to Grissom's calls she found she could get ready in a matter of minutes.

With Lindsay safely next door and the police still out front Catherine drove to work.  She checked her mobile a few times in the trip hoping to see a message from Sara.  She smiled thinking Sara must already be in focus mode.

"Some things never change,"  Catherine said aloud.

Once she parked and locked her car she ran into the lab and straight to Grissom's office.

"Gil.  What's so important?"

"Your case.  Last night Nick left some evidence out and it spoilt."

Catherine sat down.

"They'll blame me you know,"  Catherine said referring to the Board.

"Not if they don't know.  Nick's already out getting in the field.  Brass interviewed Victor Norello and he looks good for the murder.  Now we just need to get Sherrie."  Grissom said comforting Catherine.

Catherine nodded, not believing him and left his office.  She went to her office not wanting to see anyone from day shift.  She'd call Sara from there.

Opening her door she noticed all the roses were in vases.  There was a note on her desk near some mail.  It read 'Couldn't let these puppies die. - G.'  Catherine smiled and made a mental note to thank Greg later.

She sat at her desk and began opening her mail.  A lot of it was boring but nestled in with it was a few invitations to forensic seminars and a few thank you cards from families of victims.  She layed her hand on the last envelope, frowning as it felt heavy.  She hoped it wasn't another batch of Reader's Digest magazines.  She couldn't recall how many times she had rung and cancelled her subscription but they still sent things out to her.

Opening the envelope she yelled.  She tried getting up from her chair but only managed to fall to the floor.  Jim Brass was walking past in search of Catherine and heard the sounds coming from Catherine's office.  He opened the door and saw no one but heard a whimpering coming from the floor.  Hesitantly making his way over to the sound he saw Catherine rocking back and forward chanting, "no, no, no."

"Catherine?"  Brass asked softly.

Catherine looked up and Brass, her eyes red and mascara running.  Her shoulders were slumped and she was visibly shaking.

Brass made his way over to Catherine and put his arm on her shoulder.  He looked down at the carnage in front of Catherine and his hand flew to his cell phone.

"Gil, Jim.  Get into Catherine's office now."

Brass tried to pick Catherine up off the floor but she refused to move.  She sat starting at the contents of the envelope.

Grissom didn't have time to ask questions but he knew from the tone in Brass' voice that it was urgent.  He was at Catherine's door in a matter of seconds and saw Brass wave him over.

Grissom knew it was Catherine on the floor, the woman curled up on the floor sobbing and mumbling was the woman he had left a few moments before.  However, the woman in front of him was not the Catherine he knew and he would wager that people would look in disbelief if he told them that was Catherine Willows.

"Jim what happened here?"  Grissom asked knowing Catherine wasn't able to answer.

"I heard her yell and came in here.  I found her here.  She's getting worse.   Look at these."  Jim handed Grissom a batch of black and white photos.

Grissom took his glasses off and looked visibly shocked.

"Where did these come from?"  Grissom asked, bracing himself on the edge of Catherine's desk for a moment.

"Catherine had them in her lap."

"This is a crime scene.  We need to get on this now."  Grissom said.

Brass nodded and left the room to make the arrangements.

Grissom stared at the photo in front of him and looked down to Catherine.  She had stopped making sounds now.  Her body was rocking to and fro and tears were streaming down her face.

"Catherine?  Catherine?"  Grissom said crouching in front of her.

Catherine was non-responsive simply staring at Grissom.

Grissom got up knowing Catherine would be of no help for a while.  He called Nick and Warrick in stating an emergency and hung up.  He put his hands to his face, breathing slowly.  He had a few minutes to let the emotion of this run through him before he had to put that in the back of his mind and focus.  He sat at Catherine's desk with several photos.

Nick was the first to get to the lab and he ran through the halls.  He saw Grissom at Catherine's desk and ran into the office out of breath.

"Gris, what is it?"

"This.  This is our priority case."  Grissom said handing a few photos to Nick.

Nick gasped at the sight of Sara bound and gagged, a gun to her head.  The next photo showed Sara being hit with a fist, the shot blurry but it showed enough.  When he flipped to the next photo he saw Sara's face close up.  It displayed more than anything else did.  It showed terror in her eyes but Nick noticed her eyes also were firing with defiance.  He smiled for a moment knowing Sara would do her best to help them.

"Who did this?  How'd we get these photos?"  Nick asked.

"I don't know Nick.  We start at point one."

"Why are you in Catherine's office?"  Nick asked.

"Catherine found the photos Nick.  She's in shock."  Grissom said waving him over to see Catherine.

Nick dropped the photos and made his way over to comfort her but was stopped by Grissom.

"She'll need to be checked out by a doctor.  Can you call one please Nick?"

Nick was torn between comforting Catherine and helping her.

"Sure.  I'll do that now."  Nick nodded hitting the number on his cell phone.

Warrick ran in frowning at the scene in front of him.

"What is it Gris?"  Warrick asked concerned.

Grissom found he had no words so he showed the photos to Warrick also.  Warrick's response was the same as Nick's was.

"Who is the bastard who did this?"  Warrick yelled.

Nick came back into the room exchanging looks with Warrick.

"The ambulance is on its way Grissom."

Warrick looked around confused.


His question was answered when Grissom helped a dazed Catherine up.  Warrick reached his hand out, unable to move.

"My God, Cat."

"Warrick you and Nick see what Brass has.  I'll take Catherine to the hospital."

"I'll get Greg in,"  Nick offered.

"Good idea.  Catherine's office is the first clue we have so let's go."  Grissom said.

Nick and Warrick nodded.

"We'll find Sara."  Nick promised.  He wasn't sure who he was saying it to but he needed to say it aloud.

Warrick clasped him on the back.

"Let's get her back,"  Warrick said in agreement.

With one last look at a distraught Catherine Warrick and Nick slapped on gloves and started processing Catherine's office.

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