Title: Beat It

Author: Corbeau's Alcove

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Rating:  NC-17

Fandom and Pairing: CSI; Catherine and Sara - Established Relationship.

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Spoilers:  Season Three stories are mentioned.

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The klaxon's piercing alert spurred everyone into action on both sides.  Prison inmates loudly cheered on their fellow members who had found a way out of the hell hole while the officers yelled instructions to anyone and everyone.  It was a mad rush left and right; some people tumbling to the floor during the struggle to gain control.

"Get them locked up!"  The Warden yelled as he came down from his earlier meeting with the politicians.

"Right Baker, Smith and York you take the E-Wing.  Get them all in," Vukoja yelled to his charges.

He ran his head through his thinning hair and sighed.  This would make the news in a matter of hours and he'd have to explain how the yet to be finalized number of women had managed to break the supposed secured walls.

"And somebody get me a black coffee," he yelled out the office window.  It was time to call all the appropriate authorities.


"Cath!  Wait up," Nick ran from behind Catherine slightly out of breath.  He had been working a case with Grissom and got his orders changed as he was coming back from the lab with some preliminary evidence.  He had grumbled to himself, disappointed that he hadn't had the chance to impress Grissom.

"Nick," Catherine said acknowledging his presence.

"Gris asked me to come help," Nick said grinning.

Catherine cringed at his statement.  She knew he was only joking with her like usual but it hit a little close to home since the directive had come down from the stuffy members of the board.

"What have we got?"  Nick asked oblivious to Catherine's mood.

"Run of the mill murder," Catherine said handing him the information she had.  She put her case down on the curb while Nick caught up.  She looked up to the sky and saw a flock of black birds circling out in the desert.  She rolled her eyes at the symbolism; like they were purely there as a sign of her impending doom.

"So you want to take the body?"  Nick asked.  When Catherine made no attempt to respond he asked her again.

"Huh?  Oh sorry Nick, just thinking.  Yeah, I'll take the body."  Catherine replied.  She walked over to the car where the body was seated in the drivers seat wanting to stave of any questions from Nick.

It was two hours later in the increasing heat that Catherine declared herself finished.  Nick was talking to Brass arranging for the car to be towed back to the lab so Catherine decided to make a quick phone call.

"Hey sexy," the caller purred.

"It's so good to talk to you," Catherine admitted to Sara.

"I'm sorry but who is this?"  Sara joked.

"Your best lover ever," Catherine replied smiling.

"Once again, who is this?  You'll have to be more specific," Sara continued.

"The woman who gave you those red scratches up your back."

Sara shuddered at the memory of the previous evening's love making.  Catherine had let out her frustration and anger in their love making.  Sara had encouraged her to let go but Catherine had held back for fear of hurting her.  It was a natural slide into a rougher yet still passionate tone that had led Sara to sport numerous marks on her body.

"Do they hurt baby?"  Catherine asked.

"No Cath, don't worry." Sara said softly.

"I am sorry though," Catherine said.

"I was there enjoying every moment of it incase you don't recall," Sara said smiling.

Catherine laughed and was amazed at how relaxed she now felt.

"Thank you," Catherine said.

"For what?"  Sara asked puzzled.

"This conversation.  It was just what I needed."

"You'll get through this Cat," Sara promised.

"Only because I have you will I make it Sara," Catherine whispered as though speaking in a louder tone would make it seem untrue.

Sara was silent for a moment as the conversation took a serious turn.


"I'm okay Cat.  I just love that you have such faith in us."

"Of course I do hon."

Sara felt sure that she loved Catherine but to vocalize it was hard.  She always had that niggling doubt that was never far from her decision making process.  There had to be a right time to say it but everytime Sara saw Catherine she found a reason not to.

"I've got to go Sara."  Catherine said reluctantly.

"Okay Cat.  I'll see you back here?"

"Count on it," Catherine said smiling.  "Bye for now."

Catherine hung up and walked over to Nick and Brass who were involved in an animated talk.

"Talking sports again boys?"  Catherine joked, her dark mood lifted.

"Nah Cath, Brass was telling me of the prison breakout.  Southern Nevada Women's Correctional Facility to be exact."

"How many?" Catherine asked Brass.

"The Warden is still doing the head count but early reports say three for sure."

"Have the names been released yet?"  Nick asked.

"No, this news is coming hot of the airwaves, the serial numbers are all we've got right now."

"Another faceless member of our prison population," Nick commented.

Catherine nodded in response.

"Well this is us off Jim.  Good luck finding those escapees" Catherine said.

"In this heat hopefully they'll walk right into our air conditioned offices and surrender cause I sure as hell don't want to be out in it," Brass said grimacing.


Catherine and Nick drove back both discussing their findings.

"I found an empty pill bottle with the label ripped off in the backseat."  Nick said.

"You told Jim to take the whole neighbourhood as a potential crime scene right?" Catherine asked.

"Yep and I called Grissom.  He said he and Warrick would take the houses surrounding the car and Sara will meet with us at the lab."

"To go back out," Catherine asked rhetorically.

"We're all pulling on this one.  That crime could have been committed anywhere; the body dumped."

"You're right Nicky.  I was speaking with Jim before you arrived and he told me the door knock wasn't terribly successful.  A BMW parked in that neighbourhood wasn't suspicious.  Add to that the tinted windows, well let's just say the neighbours weren't much help."

"That body would be kicking up a nice odor by now," Nick said making a face.

"I don't envy the Doc with this one."  Catherine said agreeing.

"I took a few sets of prints from the car doors but the rear right door was clean."

"Possibly the killer cleaned it?"

"That's what I was thinking."  Nick said nodding.

"Cause of death should be interesting.  No visible puncture marks, no bullet wounds, no obvious strangulation."

"I was thinking a poison or toxin," Nick said.

"Like a simple overdose?  You could be onto a good thing there Nicky.  Deliberate or murder?  I'm leaning towards foul play here,"  Catherine said.

"Me too Cath," Nick said smiling.  He enjoyed working cases with Catherine.  She was impulsive with her conclusions at times but she continued working the evidence until the end.  If her original hypothesis turned out to be incorrect she pressed on not afraid to admit she was wrong.  With Grissom it was all about the evidence.  There was no real personal connection.  He would discuss the case but it always seemed one sided.

"What are you smiling at Nicky?  Some new girl?"  Catherine teased.

"Nothing really.  I just enjoy working with you."  He admitted.

"Thanks Nicky.  Anyway, we're at the lab.  Want to take the evidence bags to Greg?"

"Don't want to go near him?"  Nick joked.

"You got it," Catherine said winking in response.

Sara had heard Catherine in the hall and she rushed out of the break room to meet her.  She smiled as she saw Catherine rolling her right shoulder back and forth.  Her discomfort was more than likely a product of the time spent in the shower half and hour before the shift started.  Catherine had managed to tempt Sara into the shower with her with the offer of washing her back.  Truth be told, Sara needed no more encouragement than Catherine's naked body.  It was glistening in all its glory as she stood with the door open, the stained glass window of the bathroom shining a kaleidoscope of colours on her.

"Need a massage pretty lady?"  Sara asked in a husky voice from behind Catherine.

"What I need is to take a shower on my own," Catherine said smiling.  "I think I pinched a nerve."

"Your screams of ecstasy must have detracted from that pain," Sara suggested smugly.

"Screams?  A tiny whimper more like," Catherine retorted.  She smiled and touched Sara's arm as she joked not sure at times how Sara would react to their sexual banter.

"Next time I'll video tape it.  I know how to collect evidence," Sara said grinning.

"Video taping?  Now that's not a bad idea," Catherine said.

"Come with me,"  Sara said as she led Catherine to her office.

"I love your office," Catherine said as she was lifted onto the desk.

Sara kissed Catherine, her tongue entering into Catherine's mouth immediately.

"Why is that?"  Sara asked as she pulled away.

"Memories of the beginning of our relationship," Catherine said sliding her hands from Sara's hair to her breasts.  She pushed them together and ran her fingers across the cotton top.  She enjoyed the friction she felt on her thumb pad.

"I want to take you on my desk," Sara grumbled.  She licked Catherine's collarbone and smiled as Catherine's pulse quickened.

"Not at work Sara.  Especially now."

"No one comes in here Cath."  Sara said.  She undid Catherine's pants and ran two fingers through her pubic hair.  She knew Catherine had not put any panties on today and was slightly arrogant knowing only she knew that.

"Sara, we can't,"  Catherine mumbled.

"I know you want me Cath.  Please let me," Sara pleaded.

Catherine looked at Sara's face and saw the plea in her eyes.  She cupped Sara's cheek and kissed her chastely on the lips.

"I know why you're doing this Sara but sex won't be the answer everytime I get burnt at work.  Just having you support me is enough."

Sara did not move her hand from Catherine's pants but she did still her progression downwards.

"I find that sex often clouds the issue Cath but I want to do this for you to relieve some tension.  Let me make you soar baby."  Sara said kissing Catherine gently.

"I'm so glad I have you Sara."  Catherine said grinning, leaning back onto the desk.

Sara leant over to undo Catherine's top and, meeting no resistance, kissed her torso.

"Please let me Cat.  Let me love you."

Catherine sobbed as Sara placed gentle kisses on her stomach and bra clad breasts.  Sara looked up at the sounds worried she had gone to far.

"I'm okay Sara."  Catherine said reassuring her with a smile.

Sara nodded and slid Catherine's pants down.  She sat on the chair and spread her legs apart.  She could see that Catherine was aroused and took pride in the fact that she had brought her there.  She kissed Catherine's kneecaps smiling as Catherine moaned.  She was gentle and giving, her mouth placing kisses all over her flesh before she got to Catherine's centre.


"Please Sara."  Catherine said.

Sara needed no more as she licked two fingers and pushed them into Catherine's opening.  She thrust them in and out gently until Catherine sat up and grabbed her hand.

"Harder Sara.  Harder."

Sara smiled and thrust three fingers into Catherine's walls.  Catherine had undone her bra during the love making and was stimulating her own nipples.  With every thrust Catherine would pinch her nipples.  Sara watched in awe as Catherine played with her breasts, it spurring her on to bring Catherine to a hard climax.

She pressed on Catherine's clit and enjoyed her small jump off the table.  She steadied her with one hand while the other stimulated her clit.  Catherine had stopped playing with her breasts and was locking eyes with Sara as she was brought closer to climax.  She closed her eyes seconds before exploding, her muffled moan of ecstasy silenced with Sara's mouth.

Catherine wrapped her arms around Sara, kissing her shoulder and whispering words Sara couldn't understand.  She pulled Catherine away so she could clean her up, Catherine shuddering as Sara's tongue licked her juices up.

Once Catherine was re-dressed but still shaken up from her intense encounter Sara pulled her into her lap and they both sat there silently.  It wasn't until Catherine's pager went off that they pulled apart.

"It's Grissom,"  Catherine said.  She pulled Sara into a kiss, her tongue massaging Sara's.

"Your hair is a little messy," Sara said laughing.

"I don't care." Catherine replied hotly, holding Sara's hand as she got off her lap.

"Cath, are you okay?"

"Sara I'm fine.  I'm sure Gil wants to know what I've done second by second since starting today and I'm a little on edge.  Sorry for snapping hon."

"Well you're always a Goddess to me Cat; even when your hair is sticking up."  Sara said smiling.

"Why didn't anyone before me keep a hold onto you?"  Catherine asked, gathering Sara up into a hug.

"You mean in my entire relationship years or just here in Las Vegas?"  Sara joked.

"Any of them," Catherine said seriously.

"Not sure Cath.  Could it be the one thousand insecurities I have?  My work-a-holic nature?  My inability to find a supportive and honest partner?"

"I've told you not to put yourself down baby.  You aren't perfect but hey, no one is.  The way you take care of my needs and make sure I'm happy is a truly wonderful gift."

"Well I know why none of my Las Vegas relationships didn't work," Sara said.

"Why is that?"

"Because I'd always compare them to you.  I was setting myself up for disaster everytime,"  Sara said blushing.

"I shouldn't be the model you take Sara," Catherine said.

Sara kissed Catherine's forehead smiling.

"Half the time I didn't even know I was doing it."  Sara admitted.

"Well I'm glad they didn't work out," Catherine said laughing.  "That sounded bad.  I'll re-phrase that.  I'm glad that we worked out after we've both had some horrendous attempts at building something important."

"Me too," Sara said.  She moved to kiss Catherine but she moved away, heading for the door.

"Give me a kiss woman,"  Sara said mimicking a caveman.

"I should go see Gil Sara,"  Catherine said, moving closer to Sara nonetheless.

They embraced and kissed.  Sara snaked her arms around Catherine's waist and moaned as Catherine invaded her mouth.  They pulled apart when the pager went off once more.

"You'd better go," Sara said reluctantly.

Catherine nodded and turned to leave.  Before opening to door to leave she turned and said, "I'm falling in love with you Sara Sidle."  Before she could see Sara's reaction for fear she had overstepped the mark she left.

Sara couldn't have run after Catherine even if she tried.  She was frozen in place, a huge grin adorning her face.  She felt like her heart would explode at Catherine's declaration.

"I love you Catherine," Sara whispered to the now dark and empty room, "and tonight I'm going to tell you."


Catherine had just left from seeing Grissom.  He told her that there would be a meeting in ten minute with important news.  When she questioned him as to why she was being told in advance he simply said that he wanted to see how she was fairing.  It wasn't an official evaluation purely a friendly inquiry.  She had replied that she'd feel better when the shadow was lifted he nodded and dismissed her.

So now she took her place at the table in the break room.  Nick, Warrick and Greg were discussing the Yankees v Rangers match the previous evening making no attempt to include either woman.  Sara rolled her eyes at them and smiled, sitting close to Catherine, her hand resting on her thigh.

"About what you said Cat," Sara whispered.

"Forget about it Sara.  You don't have to say anything.  I just wanted you to know how important you are to me."  Catherine said nervously.

As Sara was about to reply, Grissom entered with Brass.  They looked solemn, Grissom even more so than usual.

"What is it Chief?"  Greg asked, thrilled to be involved.

"The prison breakout earlier today," Brass started.

"We saw it on the news," Warrick interrupted.  "Have they found out the ones who escaped?"

"Yes they did.  Two have been captured but one remains at large.  I'm sorry Catherine but it's Bobbie Messina."  Grissom said.


"So?"  Catherine said.

"She's made numerous threats against you Catherine," Sara said concerned.

"Come on Sara, we've all had that," Catherine said.

"She had something for you," Sara said firmly.

Catherine smiled at Sara's tone and was tempted to place a reassuring hand on her leg but with everyone in the room she simply held eye contact with her hoping that was enough.

"I'm not taking any chances Catherine.  In her cell were clippings form her case, your name underlined on every article.  Considering her display in the interrogation room," Brass stopped unsure whether to let everyone know what had happened.  He sighed in relief when Catherine took over.

"She grabbed me and kissed me," Catherine said.

"She what?"  Warrick said stunned.

"She assaulted her," Sara said loudly.

"She seemed to be more intent on flirting with me than talking about that case itself.  No big deal," Catherine said shrugging.

"Is she getting some kind of protection?"  Sara asked Brass.

"I was getting to that," Brass said smiling at Sara's protectiveness.

"Catherine, I think you should have a squad car parked outside your house.  You can get a police officer to care for Lindsay if you want."  Brass offered.

"Is all that necessary?"  Catherine asked a little embarrassed at all the attention.

"Cath, I think you should take it," Grissom said speaking up.

Catherine threw her arms up, rising from her chair to pour herself a cup of coffee.

"Fine, stick someone on Lindsay after I speak to her okay?  I don't want her spooked."

"I'll keep the squad car out of sight at her school," Jim said nodding.

"All this fuss and she's probably long gone.  I'm not that interesting to stalk," Catherine said smiling.

"Just make an old man happy and grant me these few things okay Catherine?"  Brass said.

"Fine Jim," Catherine said sighing.

Brass left with Grissom in tow.

"Why didn't you tell us Cath?"  Warrick said worried.

"Cause it was nothing big Warrick.  We've all been there."

"I've never had a bloke kiss me," Warrick countered.

"Not for lack of trying on their part I'm sure stud," Catherine said smiling.

Sara sat at the desk silently mulling over Brass' revelation.  She was slightly upset that Catherine was not taking it seriously.

"Well I've got to go Cath, you'll be okay right?"  Nick said rising.  "Doc said he'd have the tox screens back."

"Let me know what they say," Catherine yelled after him.  She turned to see Warrick frowning.  "Honest Warrick, I'm fine."

"I want you to take your gun with you when you leave," Warrick ordered.

Catherine smiled and stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

"You're sweet Warrick, go on get to work," she joked.

"I'm serious Cath."  Warrick said.

"I know and I appreciate it.  I promise to be careful."

Warrick nodded and left, casting one last concerned look over his shoulder.

Catherine took a sip out of her coffee and sighed dramatically.

"Can you believe all this trouble?"  She asked Sara.

"I can't believe you're so casual about it," Sara said turning in her chair.

"Oh no, not you too," Catherine grumbled.

"How can you sit back, sip that day old coffee and not be worried?"  Sara asked.

"This is a day old?  No wonder it tastes so bad," Catherine replied.

"You're in danger.  Your daughter is in danger.  Don't you care?"  Sara asked.

"Of course I'd care if my daughter was in danger Sara," Catherine replied calmly.

"This woman liked you Catherine, she made threats to your face!"  Sara exclaimed.

"So what do you think she'd going to do Sara?  You think she'll flirt at me until her eyelashes fall out?"  Catherine asked sarcastically.

"She could come after you.  You put her away for murder.  She's capable of killing her lovers."

"We weren't lovers," Catherine pointed out.

"Drawing straws there Cat?  She was attracted to you."

"I don't want to talk about this anymore," Catherine said exasperated.

"Will you wear a gun when you're out on assignment?"  Sara asked softly.

"Fine, if it'll get you off my back," Catherine said tipping out the remaining coffee.

"I'm worried about you Cath," Sara said.

Catherine sighed and turned and held her hand out for Sara to take.  Sara took it and found herself being pulled into an embrace.

"Don't worry baby, I'll be fine."  Catherine whispered.

"I don't want to lose you," Sara replied.

"Good because that would be impossible," Catherine said kissing the crown of Sara's head.

"I'm staying with you until they catch her," Sara said.

Catherine pulled away smiling.


"Yes.  I'll stay on the couch if you want but I'm not leaving you and Lindsay on your own," Sara said firmly.

"If you're coming over Sara you'd be staying in my bed," Catherine said kissing Sara's neck.

"I think I can do that," Sara moaned as Catherine licked her pulse.  "Cat we're in plain sight."

Catherine pulled away from Sara's embrace smiling.

"Let's get some work done hey?"  Catherine said walking past Sara.

"You tease!"  Sara complained.


Catherine was smiling as she went about trying to sift through the crime scene photos.  Nick had left a post-it message on her coffee cup which made her laugh.  It had Doc Robbins autopsy results; poisoning was the cause of death.  There was bruising on the chest, a sign the victim had been held down and forcefully been made to swallow the pills.  She looked around for the complete file and found it under a pile of photos.

"Hey Catherine," Nick said knocking and entering the room.

"Just about to read this," Catherine said holding up the autopsy report.

"You got my memo?"  Nick asked smiling.

"Yep.  Why the mug though?"

"It was the only thing it stuck on," Nick said shrugging his shoulders.

"So, bruising and sleeping pills?"

"Yeh.  Oh and I got an i.d on him.  Geoffrey Cousins.  Runs his own dog wash company.  37 years old, divorced with two teenage daughters."

"Amicable divorce?"  Catherine asked.

"Brass has the wife in now."

"Okay, look I'm tied up here.  Can you head Jim off and see what his take on the wife is?"

"Sure thing Cath," Nick said smiling once more and leaving the office.

Catherine placed the photos on the table and turned all the lights out other than the small lamp she had on her desk.  She managed to take out a final total of thirty shots and placed them on the other side of the desk.  She didn't throw out the others however.  One time early on in her job she had thrown away the photos only to scrounge the rubbish bins a few hours later.  These days she found nothing was expendable and acted accordingly.  The remaining photos she placed in a folder labeled with the case number and placed them in her filing cabinet.

She stretched out her arms in an effort to release the tension from leaning hunched over for a full hour.  She winced as her left shoulder blade cracked under the strain.

Her cell phone beeped and she reached into her jacket to read the message she was sure was sent from Sara.  Seeing that she was indeed correct she sat and read the message.

'So, about our first date ...'

Catherine smiled at the open-ended message and hit reply.

'Now you ask! Anyone would think you were taking advantage of me.'

Sara replied almost immediately with, 'I was testing you in the sack first.'

Catherine laughed and replied, 'I guess I pass then?'

Sara hit back with, 'Oh yes.'

Catherine's cheeks reddened with Sara's message.  She wasn't sure what had gotten into her.  After all it wasn't a sexually suggestive message yet she could imagine Sara's posture as she typed it.  How her head would bow if she was face to face with her; embarrassed to hear the husky timbre of her voice.  Catherine thought hard about what she would write back and decided on, 'I accept your invitation.'

She put her phone away and turned the lights back on.  She was drawing the blinds up when she jumped slightly.  Sara was standing at her window grinning at her.  Catherine opened the door shaking her head.

"You scared me half to death!"  She exclaimed.

Sara smiled and presented Catherine was a single purple rose.  Catherine motioned for her to come in and promptly locked the door behind them.

"I thought it was rude of me to simply text you so I come here Miss Willows to ask if you would be my date on Saturday night.  I have booked a table at an undisclosed restaurant where you will be wined and dined.  Dancing is optional.  A kiss at the end of it is mandatory."

Catherine took the rose and smelled it.  She smiled as she touched the delicate petals.

"I accept Miss Sidle.  Thank you for the rose."

"I thought that purple was a good idea.  They are more rare than the red and in a way they are like you."

"Beautiful yet prickly?"  Catherine asked smiling.

"No.  In a world full of people we have sought a long term relationship with you are my purple rose.  You are the rare one that I've finally had a chance to be with."

"Sara, that's so beautiful," Catherine said kissing her on the cheek.

"You're beautiful," Sara countered, laying her hands on Catherine's waist.

Sara leant down placing a kiss on Catherine's mouth.  She was about to pull away when Catherine leant into her and opened her mouth.  Sara couldn't resist an invitation like that and pushed Catherine up against the door.  She attacked Catherine's mouth like she was tasting her for the first time.  Her hands moved from her hips to under her shirt and began rubbing her sides.

"Blinds," Catherine mumbled.

Sara pulled away reluctantly and looked at Catherine's swollen lips.  She pulled the cord and closed the blinds.

"I need you," Sara moaned as she place her palms on the door behind Catherine and licked Catherine's lower lip.

Catherine grabbed at Sara's forearms and ran her hands down them, smiling when she hit a ticklish spot.  Her hands felt like a heat pack on Sara's flesh and she hissed when Catherine's hands ran up and down her spine.  With one quick flick Sara's bra was undone and Catherine was rubbing her palms on Sara's breast.

"How ready are you baby?"  Catherine whispered as Sara bit her shoulder.  She took her hands away from Sara's breast and smiled as she complained into her neck.  She undid the button on Sara's pants and moved to her zip.  She pulled it down half way and stopped.

"Sara?"  She asked.

Sara replied by unzipping her own pants and grabbing blindly for Catherine's hand.  Catherine laughed at Sara's urgency.

"Take your top off," Catherine ordered.

Sara complied in a matter of seconds, her breasts now fully exposed to Catherine's hungry glare and the cool temperature of the office.

Catherine attacked Sara's nipples with ferocity, biting and sucking them until Sara pulled her head away.  Catherine saw the desire in Sara's eyes and knew it was reflected in her own.  She kissed Sara, her tongue gaining the supremacy.

With her right hand Catherine entered Sara's panties.  She could feel Sara's arousal as she curled her fingers into her core.  Sara fell against Catherine and Catherine's head hit the door with a thud.

"You okay?"  Sara panted as she parted her legs.

"Sshh," Catherine said as she wrapped her left arm around Sara's waist.

Catherine was fully clothed against the door as she knelt down.  Sara looked down and saw Catherine kiss her pubic hair.  She was standing, her legs apart and hands placed on Catherine's head, her pants pooled at her ankles.

Catherine stood, smiling as she pulled Sara to her.  Sara's nipples brushed against Catherine's top causing them to ache as the friction of cotton touched her breasts.  Catherine changed their positions so Sara was leaning against the door.

Catherine kissed her way from Sara's neck to her centre and entered her with two fingers.  She stood, thrusting her fingers in and out.  Sara was squatting slightly as Catherine continued to thrust.  She was panting and moaning, hoping she could keep the sound to a minimum.  Catherine pressed on Sara's clit with her thumb, moving away when Sara tried to thrust into her.  She maintained eye contact as she twisted her fingers inside Sara.  Sara had to kiss Catherine to muffle the moan.  Her tongue massage Catherine's until Catherine pulled her fingers out of her.  She broke away confused but the answer came in form of Catherine's index finger circling her clit.  She rubbed it until Sara was chanting her name and as she was about to climax Catherine captured her mouth in a searing kiss.  Sara fell to the ground after her climax, glad that Catherine had supported her so she landed softly yet awkwardly on her knees.

"You okay baby?"  Catherine asked.

"You are utterly amazing,"  Sara whispered out of breath.

Catherine merely wrapped her arms around Sara as she rode out the small tremors, whispering endearments and rubbing her back.  When Sara expelled a breath of contentment Catherine helped her stand and dressed her but not before placing one last kiss on her centre.

"You had your clothes on the entire time," Sara commented.

"It was all about you there baby."  Catherine said.

"You are a Goddess," Sara admitted, wrapping Catherine up in a hug.

"Seeing you give yourself to me completely is enough for me," Catherine admitted.

"You mean you?"  Sara asked unsure how to complete the sentence.

"I'm so wet right now it wouldn't take much," Catherine said taking Sara's hand and placing it in her pants.

Sara could feel the heat through her panties and smiled.

"You want some help there?"

Catherine smiled as she dropped her slacks.

"What do you think?"  Catherine asked.

Sara wasted no time in pulling Catherine's panties down.  She breathed in Catherine's arousal and smiled.

"I've taken you on my desk, now it's time to do it here," Sara said backing Catherine up against her desk.  Catherine pulled her shoes and slacks off and sat up on her desk.

"Please hurry," she begged.

Sara knew it wouldn't take much for Catherine to climax so she entered her wet core with two fingers and took her clit into her mouth.  Catherine climaxed shortly after calling out Sara's name.

Sara took her fingers out and cleaned Catherine's core.  A few aftershocks provided her with more sweet nectar.

"You were loud," Sara said grinning.

"Your fault," Catherine said smiling.


"What is it baby?"

Sara picked Catherine's panties and slacks up and put them back on Catherine as she jumped off the desk.  Catherine pulled Sara's chin up concerned.

"Tell me Sara," Catherine pleaded.

"About what you said before.  About loving me,"  Sara stumbled.

"I told you, you don't have to say anything," Catherine said.

"I'm just not sure I'm worth it," Sara admitted.

"I don't say it to everyone Sara," Catherine said harshly.

"Are you sure you should say it to me?  I've got issues and we've only just started this," Sara said waving her hand between herself and Catherine.

"I said it because I meant it."  Catherine said firmly.

Sara cursed herself for starting this conversation.

Catherine had put her shoes on and stood face to face with Sara.

"If you don't feel the same Sara then that's fine but don't cheapen my admission with this pity routine," Catherine said upset.

Sara took a few steps towards Catherine and flinched when she turned away and looked at her crime scene photos.

"Cat," Sara pleaded.

"You can go now that you got what you wanted.  I've got work to do."

"Please Catherine," Sara said tears falling onto her top.

When Catherine made no attempt to look up Sara turned and opened the door.  She found it non-cooperative and realised it must be locked.  She unlocked it and, keeping her head down, made it to the safety of her office where she slumped to the floor crying and cursing herself.


Catherine found it hard to concentrate after her interaction with Sara.  She was amazed that they could be a perfectly oiled couple; attending to each others needs physically and emotionally and then be separated by miscommunication and harsh words.

She was falling in love with Sara that she was sure of.  What was Sara feeling for her?  She knew Sara had opened herself up to her and, knowing Sara that was a big step.  Catherine knew she should have handled that better.  Sara acted tough but inside she was a bundle of insecurities.

However, Catherine couldn't fight her own insecurities.  It was irrational but she wondered if Sara was really interested in her beyond sex.  Was her openness just a stepping block to Grissom?  Sara had admitted feeling something for him but she wasn't one hundred percent sure what it was.  Thinking along that path was a disastrous one to take and Catherine shook her head and tried to focus on the case.


Sara was trying to compose herself in an attempt to speak to Catherine.  She had decided that she would open herself up to her.  Completely and honestly.  She just hoped Catherine was receptive to it.  Sara knew Catherine had been hurt in their previous talk and she would do anything to take that away and replace it with a security in their relationship.  She made a phone call that she hoped would help her break the ice.


Nick was whistling as he walked the halls in search of Catherine.  He was pretty sure they had the first suspect; the ex-wife.  Brass had told him her new beau was the chief rival in the local dog washing business and while he was away on interstate business she took over.  A fight had erupted over an Alaskan malamute last week and Sherrie had turned the hose on her ex-husband screaming and cursing him.  At one stage, according to a witness, she had wished him dead.

He found Catherine sitting at her desk looking depressed.  When she noticed him there her expression changed but Nick had seen the frowning and slumped shoulders.

"Sherrie Cousins, Geoffrey Cousins ex-wife," Nick said.

"Suspect?"  Catherine asked.

"She was the regional manager of her new boyfriend's business.  The same business as Geoff.  She had a fight with him; wished him dead,"

"Does Jim think she's capable of it?"

"Well she would have needed help.  She's not strong enough to have done it on her own but she wasn't sorry to hear of his death."

"Perhaps the boyfriend was her accomplice?"  Catherine asked.

"Brass is checking his whereabouts now," Nick said smiling.  He noticed Catherine was absentminded and asked, "Cath, you okay?"

Catherine smiled a weak smile replying, "just tired Nicky."

Nick nodded, not sure if he believed her but respecting her privacy.

"Nice rose," Nick said looking down to the purple rose.  "That from the boyfriend?"

Catherine reached out and gently touched the petals.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"  Catherine asked.

"Purple are rarer than red and yellow," Nick commented.  He saw Catherine smile and shrugged.  "Hey, I give flowers to ladies."

Catherine smiled.

"Okay Cath, I'm off to get the results from Greg.  Fingerprints and those fibers you found on the body and the back of his head rest."

"Okay Nicky.  I'm off to pull the car apart," Catherine said placing an arm on Nick's back as she walked past.  "Thanks for your concern Nick."  She said as she left.

Catherine heard the sounds of jazz as she put her overalls on.  It could only mean one thing; Sara was nearby.  Sure enough Sara was in the car, her butt sticking out of the backseat.

"Find anything?" Catherine asked.

Sara was startled at the voice and even more frightened when she realised it was Catherine.

"The back seat is a little wet," Sara said.

"The vic had a wet collar and some of his hair was a little damp.  We thought it may have just been sweat," Catherine commented.

"Nick told me he was made to swallow pills?"  Sara asked.

"Yeah.  We found an empty pill bottle but its sticker was rubbed off."

"I'd say he was held down in the back seat, made to swallow the pills and then placed in the front seat," Sara said.

"It would make sense, there was bruising on his chest so he was obviously held down."

Sara nodded and turned her radio down.  She turned to Catherine and smiled shyly.

"I'm sorry."

Catherine nodded.

"Okay Sara."

Sara frowned.


Catherine nodded once more.

"Yes Sara, okay."

"So we're okay then?"  Sara asked confused.

"No we're not," Catherine admitted.

"Are you breaking up with me again?"  Sara asked scared at Catherine's response.

"You're hiding yourself from me again Sara.  I told you I didn't want that."

"I can't just open up Catherine no matter how much I want to."

"Sara I've told you that I'm not looking for perfection.  I didn't choose you because you'd be easy.  I chose you because I see past your insecurities.  I see the woman you are.  The one who cares and protects me.  The one who is so gentle and giving.  The one who says the most beautiful things to me without having to think about it."  Catherine said.

"I'm afraid I'll fail you," Sara admitted softly.

"You can only fail yourself Sara.  If you shut yourself off from me or if you doubt your importance in my life.  Let me take that Sara and show her my love for her."  Catherine said crying.

"Cat," Sara said embracing Catherine.

"Can we get through this?"  Catherine asked Sara, stroking her cheek.

"I'm so sorry Catherine.  I'm tied to you forever I can't get away from you no matter what.  You'll always be the one for me."  Sara said smiling.

"I love you baby," Catherine said kissing her softly.

Sara swallowed her fear and pulled away so she could see into Catherine's eyes.  She wiped the few tears on cupped her face.

"I love you too Catherine," Sara said.

Catherine's eyes widened and she laughed in relief.  She pulled Sara to her in a bone crushing hug.


They stayed in a comforting embrace for what seemed an eternity content to feel each other's hearts beating.  Catherine pulled away first and sat on the tool box near the car.

"I meant it Sara, we're not fine.  We need to talk.  Open and honest."

Sara ran her hand through her hair and sighed.  She kept her back to Catherine and started, "Cath, I can't interact as well as you.  My natural instinct is to put a wall up.  It's not healthy but it's helped me get through life.  In a sense it's become my second skin.  I see what I could have with you and it petrifies me."

Sara stopped yet didn't turn to face Catherine.  Catherine had stay sitting, listening to Sara's every word.

"Cat, I've always felt something strong for you since we first met.  I was almost glad when you turned a little hostile on me because it meant I could get close to you by gaining your respect as a co-worker.  I didn't envision a romantic relationship then, I just had the need to know you."  Sara turned to face Catherine but kept her distance.  "Catherine Willows you are the most amazing woman I have ever met.  I saw that with absolute certainty.  There is no one else who could break through.  There is no one else who I would even allow to break through.  Over time you're dedication for the job, your love for Lindsay and your casual and approachable personality sunk under my skin, into my soul."

Sara stopped and summoned the courage to look at Catherine.  She was relieved to see Catherine was staring at her with a small smile emerging.

"I find it hard to take praise, to take compliments.  I always thought that if you listened to it you'd lose focus.  When you tell me you love me or you say something complimentary my natural reaction is to deny it or think that the person is lying."

Catherine looked up, mouth open to dispute the last fact but Sara stopped her.

"Cat, I'm not saying that I think you're lying.  You've shown me that what you say is true.  I'm so incredibly insecure and it hurts me when my mouth opens and I tell you I'm unworthy.  I see that it hurts you.  You're the brave one in this relationship and I cut you down.  I'm sorry."

Catherine stood and smiled.

"Sara, once you start talking you definitely get on a roll," she said laughing.

"I have to tell you about me.  I want you to know me."

"Sara, my baby.  I'm going to help you get through your worry about your worth because your emotions mean so much to me.  Plus honey, I've got more wonderful things to say about you!"

They both laughed, relieving some of the tension in the room.

"Cat, this is what I'm talking about.  I paint myself into a corner and you stretch out your hand and grasp it.  You refuse to let go even when I push you."

"I've taken the easy way out at times Sara, saying I'd end our relationship and so forth.  That stems from my own concerns.  I have to be honest and tell you that I'm worried you'll leave me for Gil.  It's stupid and irrational but it's there.  I've been thinking that you don't want to open yourself totally because you only want one person to know all of you."

Sara touched Catherine's cheek.

"Cat, you are that person.  When you walk into the room the world around you becomes blurry.  When I hear you laugh it's like I'm hearing it for the first time everytime.  When you touch me, oh my God it's heavenly.  There is no way I could find anyone else to make me feel so wonderful."

"I was worried that you were.."  Catherine stopped mid sentence.

Sara brushed Catherine's hair from her face and smiled.

"Tell me baby."

Catherine saw the love and trust in Sara's eyes and took a deep breath.

"I thought that maybe you were experimenting."  Catherine admitted.

Sara's first instinct was to get angry at Catherine's lack of trust but she knew that this was the opportunity they both needed to be completely honest.

"Cat, that hurts.  I understand your fear though even if it is unfounded.  I probably didn't give you enough to make you feel like we were a secure couple.  Sure, there were times that we both made it clear but I'd always turn the other way and act nervous.  Let me tell you right here and now that you Catherine Willows are mine.  I'm looking into the future and all I see is you and Lindsay.  I don't want Grissom, I don't want Hank.  I don't even want Angelina Jolie."

Catherine smiled and waited for Sara to continue.

"I want you Cath.  I need to have you.  I'll hide away at times but please be safe in the knowledge that you can bring me out of it.  Only you."

Catherine smiled as a few silent tears were shed by both women.  She took Sara's head in her hands and gently kissed her.  Sara replied by opening her mouth and allowing Catherine's tongue to massage her own.  It was a slow and steady kiss filled with forgiveness, understanding and promises for the future.

Catherine pulled away first and looked to her left.

"Can you do me a favour?"  She asked Sara.

Sara ran her hands up and down Catherine's back and smiled.

"I hope it's fun," she said winking.

"It will be.  For both of us."  Catherine promised.

Sara grinned and waited for Catherine to ask her question.

"Can you pull that car apart like I know only you can?"

Sara looked puzzled for a moment.  She had not been expecting that request.

"Unleash the inner butch you mean?"  Sara joked as she kissed Catherine quickly and went to the tool box Catherine had been sitting on

"Honey you are so sexy," Catherine purred as she saw Sara pick up a drill.

"Stand back Cat and enjoy the show," Sara said smiling.  She felt so free and liberated and it was funny but she noticed it immediately.  She felt her hidden playful self was getting a chance to come out more and was loving it.

"Just remember that this is evidence and not just a show," Catherine said laughing as Sara pretended her drill was a gun recently fired by blowing the top of it.

"Oh believe me baby, this is fun."  Sara growled.

"Don't talk like that, I'll have to fill out an accident report."  Catherine warned.


Sara sat on the floor, legs stretched out in front of her.  She frowned at the mess from the car that she'd just pulled apart.

"What is it?"  Catherine asked as she finished writing down the correlating codes for the pieces layed on the blue tarp.

"I don't understand why so much effort was taken to vacuum the back seat but one area is still wet.  Why only wipe one door clean?  The killer has half heartedly tried to cover their tracks."

"Add to that the medicine bottle was found in the back," Catherine said looking at her watch.  "Hey I've got to go get the prints from Greg, will you be here later?"

"I'll be here a while Cath," Sara admitted.

"Okay.  Play safe," Catherine said smiling.

"See you later?"  Sara asked.

"You'd better.  You're taking me out on that date tonight."  Catherine smiled and kissed Sara on the cheek.


"Hit the freeway!"  Sang Greg as he ran the latest batch of tests.

"Whitney?"  Catherine asked.

"Toni Braxton," Greg replied.  "Hey, prints are back.  We have recognized prints for the vic and one came back with a criminal record.  Victor Norello.  Assaulted his business partner.  Took a pipe to his head and shoulders."

"Ouch.  So he's not one for sharing the spoils," Catherine mused aloud.

"What's with the nursery in your office?"  Greg asked conspiratorially.

"The what?"  Catherine asked genuinely confused.

"You haven't seen?"  Greg asked.  When Catherine nodded in the negative he smiled and grabbed her hand.  "Come with me."

Catherine followed reluctantly and gasped when Greg flung the door open.

Sitting on her desk and covering most of the floor were an assortment of roses.  Colors ranging from pearl white to rich reds.  The roses on the table were in vases while on the floor were single roses layed like a rug.  Catherine scanned the room; mouth agape.  It was truly a wonderful sight.

"Man is he gonna get lucky tonight," Greg commented under his breath.

"Did you see how they got all of these flowers in here?"  Catherine asked, full well knowing who they came from.

"Three men came in and placed them around your office about half an hour ago.  I signed for them,"  Greg answered smiling.  He was happy that he had been involved.  Perhaps Catherine would reveal the mystery man to him.

"Is there a card?"  Catherine asked still unable to take her eyes off her office.

"Yep.  Here," Greg handed a sky blue envelope to her.  She smiled when she saw it was stuck down.

"What happened Greg, you didn't open it."

Greg smiled.

"Well you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.  Or is that the other way around?"  Greg asked scratching his head.

"You were hoping I'd just come out and tell you," Catherine guessed.



"Yeah Catherine?"

"Go run the fiber tests,"  Catherine said closing the door.

Catherine was afraid to walk on the roses but noticed she had a path to her desk so she took that and sat down in the midst of the flowers.  The fragrance was hypnotic.  Catherine closed her eyes and took in the smell.

Touching the petals of the nearest vase Catherine couldn't stop the huge smile that adorned her face.  She opened the envelope and took out the folded paper.



I know I'm hard to read and that sometimes I run from you but I love you more than I ever thought possible.  My heart beats for you and all I can become with your love.  You inspire me to reach higher and further than I thought I was capable of doing.  My thoughts are wrapped up in you.

'I want to sleep the hard ground in the comfort of you arms, on a pillow of blue bonnets in a blanket made of stars.  I want to be the only one for miles and miles except for maybe you and your simple smile.' - Dixie Chicks.

Please accept these roses as a symbol of my ever blooming love I have for you.

Love always,



Catherine folded the paper and placed in gently back into the envelope.  She wiped two tears from her eye and looked around the room once more.  Sara was a hard one to get through at times but her gestures showed Catherine more than she would have dreamed.

Grissom interrupted her train of thought with a brisk knock on the door.  He looked around her office and then to Catherine.

"They can't stay in here," he said.

Catherine's laugh came out more as a bark at his directness.

"You don't give a girl a chance to enjoy the romance of it do you Gil," she said smiling at her friend.

"It's a lovely gesture Cath," Grissom added.

"It is and don't worry, I'll get them in vases."

"I didn't mean it as," Grissom started but stopped when he realised he'd yet again mis-communicated with a staff member.

"It's okay Gil, I understand."  Catherine said smiling.

"They really are nice Cath.  Some of those on your desk are quite rare,"  Grissom said marveling at the petal formation.  "And expensive."  He added.

Catherine frowned.  She hoped Sara hadn't spent too much money on them.

"You want anything in particular Gil?"  Catherine asked.

"Jim found that this Victor Norello is Sherrie Cousins boyfriend."

"How did you know we were looking for him?"

"Greg gave me an update," Grissom said shrugging.

Catherine smiled.  Greg was always eager to impress his boss.

"Okay, well thanks Gil."

Grissom nodded and was turning to leave when he looked back up at her.

"Cath, Greg telling me wasn't a way to keep a reign on you."

Catherine nodded.

"It's okay Gil.  I know."

Grissom nodded and closed her door walking off down the hall.

Catherine picked up her phone and made a call through to Sara.


"Thank you," Catherine said.

Sara smiled.  "You liked the roses I assume?"

"I loved that and the letter.  You shouldn't have spent so much money though.  Gil told me some of those flowers were expensive."

"If I had a million dollars Cat I'd spend it on you and Lindsay.  I'd love nothing more than to see the joy it would bring you."

"Well come to my office and see the foolhardy grin that is plastered on my face," Catherine said laughing.

Sara laughed.

"I don't want you to think that I assume a few flowers and a note makes up for my insecurities Cath.  I just needed to do something that showed you what I have trouble saying aloud."

"Today you've run a gamut of emotions Sara and I'm sure it's been hard.  We'll get through with each others help," Catherine promised.

"Good.  I love you."

Catherine blushed.

"You said that so easily."

"Well it's true Cat and now that those barriers around my heart are falling I can say it with ease.  Honesty is the best policy," she added laughing nervously.

"I love you too Sara.  It's amazing how much I love you."


"Yeah.  Consider the path we've taken to get here to this very moment.  It's been an incredibly strange ride."

"But we're here now so that's all that matters," Sara said.

"It's important that we are open with each other baby.  That's why we're here now."

"I agree Cat.  I'll try to be who you deserve."

"You already are Sara.  Don't doubt that for a second."

"I'm trying Cath."  Sara admitted.

"That's my girl," Catherine said smiling.

"I've got to get back to this car," Sara said reluctantly.

"Okay Sara.  I'm off to see Victor Norello.  His prints were found on the car and Gil just told me that he's Sherrie's boyfriend."

"You going out to pick him up with Brass?"  Sara asked concerned.

"I'll be okay Sara," Catherine said understanding Sara's concern.

"Take your gun,"  Sara said.

"I'll be with the police Sara."  Catherine said.

"For me?"  Sara begged.

"That's cheating, you know I'd do it for you."  Catherine complained.

"Well if that makes you uncomfortable then do it for Lindsay," Sara replied.

"Oh shit!  Linds.  Sara, can you pick her up from her friends place?"  Catherine asked.

"You want me to bring her here?"  Sara asked.

"Yeah, could you?  I'd usually pick her up in about twenty minutes."

"No problem Cath.  Will there be a police car there?"

"Jim said he'd post an unmarked car."

"Okay, well let them know I'm coming to get here.  I don't want to be cuffed," Sara laughed.

"I will baby.  Thank you."

"Not a problem Cat."

They hung up and Catherine called Jim to let him know about Sara and to see if he was ready to see Victor.

"Yeah Cath, that'll be fine but the car will tail Sara's car until she gets back here," Jim said.

"This is all so silly," Catherine said sighing.

"We've been through this," Jim said.

"I know.  Indulge an old man," Catherine said imitating their previous conversation.

"That's it.  Okay, I'll meet you in ten."

"Right Jim.  Later."


Catherine and Jim drove to the location given to them by a patrol car.  Victor Norello was washing an uncooperative poodle when they pulled up behind the mobile unit.

"Mr. Norello?"  Jim asked.

"I'm kinda busy.  If you want your dog pampered go see my assistant."

"I'm Detective Brass, we need to ask you a few questions."

"I'm in the middle of a delicate rinse," Victor said.

"Either turn it off now or I'll find a few problems with your side road licensing permit."

Victor sighed and yelled over his shoulder for a young blonde woman to take over.  He dried his hands on the towel hanging over the side of the trailer and walked over to Jim and Catherine.

"This is perfectly legal," Victor stated.

Catherine took the opportunity to have a look around.  She heard Victor protest about police harassment while she was collecting a few samples of the shampooed water that was falling from the edges of the trailer and into the gutter.

"Don't you need a warrant?"  A voice asked from behind her.

"Not when it's falling to the gutter," Catherine said.  "And you are?"

"Sherrie Cousins."

"Miss Cousins, I'm sorry to hear about the death of your husband."

"He ain't my husband anymore.  Anyway, I'm with Vic now."

"The chemicals you use, are they the same your husband used for his company?"

"His stuff was cheap.  This shampoo is top of the range."  Sherrie replied.

Catherine was waved over by Brass.

"Excuse me," she said to Sherrie before making her way over to Brass.

"He gave us an alibi that I'll check out.  Any luck?"

"I took some samples of the shampoo.  Warrick and Nick are on their way."

"Well tell them they'll have a warrant waiting for them.  It took some time but we finally got it."  Brass said.  "Every damn judge is on holiday," he said.

"That's great Jim.  I'll stay here and wait for them."

"I'll leave a squad car," Brass said.  He saw Catherine was about to protest and added.  "Not for your protection. To bring them in if you find anything you can use."

Catherine nodded.

"I'll see you back at the lab,"  Brass said.

No sooner had Brass left, Warrick and Nick arrived.

"Hey boss, what's the warrant cover?"  Warrick said smiling.

"Everything.  The trailer and the car."  Catherine said.

"Oh Cath, Sara said to tell you that she's given the sample of foam Doc found on the gums of our vic to Greg and he's breaking the chemicals down."

"That's great news Nicky.  I've taken a sample of the shampoo so hopefully we'll be able to match it."

Warrick and Nick snapped on their latex gloves and made their way to the trailer while Catherine went through the car.


"Hey Cath?"  Warrick shouted.

"Yeah Warrick?"

"Nick and I are almost done.  We'll wait for you and then head back together."

Catherine ducked her head from out of the boot and smiled.

"I'll be okay here on my own.  Get the squad car to take Sherrie and Victor in.  Something tells me Jim will want to have a talk with them."

"I'll stay with you," Warrick offered.

"Did Jim put you up to this?"  Catherine asked.

Warrick tried to look puzzled at the question but failed.  Catherine smiled knowingly.

"Go.  We will get more work done this way."  Catherine said.

"I'm not sure I should,"  Warrick admitted.

"You really think Bobbie will come and kidnap me?"  Catherine asked laughing.

"I'd rather not take that chance to find out," Warrick said.

"Look, go okay.  I'll be here another half hour and I'll call you when I'm on the way back."

Warrick knew Catherine was stubborn so he nodded in agreement at her compromise.

"I'll call you to make sure everything is okay,"  Warrick said.

"I appreciate the big brother routine War, really.  I'll be okay."  Catherine said smiling softly.

"Don't be afraid to use your gun if you hear anything,"  Warrick ordered.

"Oh sure and I'll shoot some poor woman walking her dog.  Go Warrick."  Catherine said.

"Hey Brown, we going or what?"  Nick yelled from the car.

"I'll be safe Warrick.  No silly chances."  Catherine promised.

"If you have any issue you don't hesitate to call."  Warrick said kissing Catherine's head and pulling her into a hug.  He pulled away and called the uniformed police officer over with Catherine's request.

"Hey lady, you can't arrest us,"  Sherrie yelled in Catherine's direction.

"We've got evidence Sherrie."  Was all Catherine said.

Nick beeped the horn and waved as he and Warrick drove by and Catherine was left alone with the car and trailer.  She looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was setting.  It would be night soon and knew if she stayed out in the dark Sara and Warrick would head a huge police hunt for her.  She smiled at the image and Sara's face having to explain the urgency of the ten police cars and got back to work.  She hit her head on the inside of the boot when she heard a yelping sound.  Turning, her hand on the clasp of her gun belt she sighed in relief when she realised the half washed poodle was still in the trailer.

"God Warrick," she cursed.  She smiled and hit speed dial.


"It's Catherine."

"Is something wrong?"

"Calm down Warrick, I was just wondering if you had the list of the latest clients.  We still have that poodle in the back.  I need you to call them to come collect their dog."

"Bring it back with you."  Warrick suggested.

"Okay Warrick."  Catherine said sighing.  She was tired of arguing with him over her safety.  The faster she got back to the lab the faster she could see Sara.  She laughed at her own behaviour.  She hadn't been in love like this before and she never thought she'd find someone she wanted to spend so much time with.

She wrapped the dog in a towel and put it in the back of her car.  It sat shivering on the backseat until Catherine got in the car where it decided to climb into the passenger seat.

Catherine looked at the poodle, smiled and started the ignition driving back to work.

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