Title: What a Way To Go

Author: Cherry89

Fandom: The OC

Pairings: Alex/ Marissa

Ratings: NC/17 as usual. When is it not?

Warnings: It's an f/f fic, if you're not into fem slash, I don't know why you'd be here in the first place, but I suggest you leave... if not then please enjoy.

Disclaimers: Characters aren't mine... if they were Alex would have never left and Marissa would be alive... But sadly I don't own them.

Feedback Email Address: Uconnchick4lyf15@yahoo.com or fr3akybaby16@hotmail.com Feed back is greatly appreciated.

I opened my eyes and looked around the best I could. Not noticing anything different I sat up and the room began to spin. I closed my eyes again and waited for my head to feel like it was stationary again. I opened my eyes once more and looked up. My mouth dropped.

"Where the fuck am I?" I looked around and stood up. There were trees and flowers everywhere. And then I heard a voice.

"You are in purgatory." I looked around but saw no one.


"The in between realm."

"In between what?"

"Heaven and Hell."


"Alex, you're moving on."

"Again I say...What?"

Who ever the voice was it was getting annoyed with me. "I mean hello you as in Alex Kelly are DEAD and moving on to the after life."

"After life as in going to heaven or hell?"


"Ok, one question though."


"How the hell did I die?"

"Well I could tell you or you could see for yourself."

"I think you should tell me. I mean I'm barely an adult here 26 isn't very old how could I have died?"

"Well I think you should just see for yourself. Shall we?"


"Close your eyes."

I did as I was told to do and felt the room spin again. I opened my eyes to see nothing around me and I felt dizzy all of a sudden and closed my eyes again. "Fucking A I need to get used to that."

"You will in time. You can look now."

I opened my eyes and hell if I know what was before. I couldn't see a damn thing. "What am I looking at?"

"Oh right sorry." I heard before I saw a portal like thing open up. I sighed and looked down.

There I was with some girl. "Wait, wait a second, that's, it can't be, we broke up, we got back together? Woah...confused."

"Yes it's Marissa, yes you broke up, then got back together. Do you not remember?"

"Not one bit." I said shaking my head.

"Ok then, well to the part where you become all dead and such now."

"Wait I want to know what happened."

"You'll remember eventually, now you asked me how you died that is all I can show you."

"Damn higher beings." I muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, just show me." I said annoyed.

"Keep looking."

I stared at the site before me as it changed day to day to finally the last picture became clear. Marissa and I were having sex.

"Oh, wow."

"Oh wow indeed Miss Kelly."

I watched intently as my alive self pleasured Marissa. My head followed my own movements and then went from side to side.

"Well this is different."

"Yes it is." The voice answered.

I continued to watch as Marissa flipped me on my back and began her own assault on my body. Well my alive one.

"Holy shit!"

The voice laughed. "You two were getting freaky down there."

"I noticed." I said turning my head side ways to watch.

"Anyway I'll just fast forward."

"Wait...what..Noooo don't." I was too late I was already just laying there.

"Oops sorry too far." I watched as the scene before me rewound itself several minutes to where my body was arched in the air and I was screaming.

"Oh my God!"

"Yes oh my indeed."

"That's how I died? Screaming my head off over an orgasm created by my lover?"

"Sadly yes. Heart attack."

"Who fucking cares how! What a way to go!" I yelled.

"What a way indeed. But it's time."

"Time for what?"

"To leave."

"What? No, I like it here."

"Everyone does. Close your eyes Alex."


"No buts."

I sighed and closed my eyes. Next thing I knew someone was talking to me again. "Alex... Alex... open your eyes sweetheart...Alex... please..." Slowly my eyes fluttered open.


"Shhh, you scared me for a second, you passed right out. You ok."

"Oh, uh yea, sorry."

"It's ok, just try not to do that again huh?"


"Now let's sleep."

"Sounds good." I replied laying down with Marissa. I wrapped my arms around her and smiled.

What a way to fucking go indeed...I thought to myself.


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