Title: Through Time and Space

Name: Cherry89

Pairing: Marissa and Alex

Rating: PG to NC-17

Warning: Contains strong emotion, sexual content, some language

Disclaimer: Again I own zip zilch zero...Though I'd love to own Olivia Wilde.. *insert grin*

Summary: Marissa and Alex meet after Marissa decides to come back to Newport because she misses someone.

Spoiler: None....

Author's Note: Buzz away like a tiny little bee if two women in a romantic relationship freaks ya. (will have a sequel soon)

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Chapter One

Marissa entered the bait shop after three years and starting college at NYU for fashion major. She hasn't seen Alex since the night they broke up and she missed her dearly. She needed her. She tried to get back together with Ryan but it just didn't work. She drowned herself in her pity and her problems with alcohol worsened. It was Saturday night and she was alone back in a town that she hated but loved. Summer was here still and Marissa missed her so she transferred to CSU. As Marissa sat there at the bar remembering all that happened with Alex someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around seeing someone she recognized. "Hey Sum, it's great to see you."

"You too." They hugged and sat at a table in the back of the baitshop. "So how were things after you left?"

"Pretty bad and I really missed you and so I came back and found myself an apartment."

"That's great. So you're here to stay this time?"

"Yea I am." Marissa seemed distant.

"What's wrong Coop?"

"Huh? Oh I just really miss one other person but she isn't here so it doesn't matter."



"She is here."

"What do you mean?"

"She came back for you about six months ago I told her you were at NYU and that you had planned to transfer back here after the semester so she decided to wait around for you. She loves you Coop. After all that happened, all that time, all the space between you two she is still in love with you. She is working right now."

"She is, where?"

"Calm down the baitshop took her back as full time manager. She is probably in the back barking orders to the new guys. Don't worry you look fine." Sum saw Riss puffing her hair. "She knows you're here too she called me before I got here and told me you were here. And she wants to talk to you when she gets her next break."

Marissa just sat there stunned. "She is really here?"

"Coop would I lie to you?"


"Alright then."

Marissa and Summer spent another hour and a half of talking and catching up with their lives when they saw her step out of the office.

Chapter Two

Alex stepped out of her office spotting Sum and Rissa right away. God I missed her and now she is back. Breathe Al Breathe. She coached herself not that it helped much. She walked slowly over to Marissa and cleared her throat.

Marissa looked up at Alex her Alex. I can't believe she waited for me.

"Hey, how have you been?"

"Why don't we go in your office and talk?"

"Um ok I guess."

Al and Rissa walked to her office and she opened the door after fumbling with her keys because they never worked. Marissa didn't take notice to the fact that she was really nervous. Alex was biting her lower lip and partly shaking. Al finally got the keys in the door and turned the knob.

"You should get that fixed Al." Marissa said walking in and sitting on the couch.

"Yea I know but I am broke and too cheap to do it so it will wait." Al sat at her desk trying not to look at Rissa.

"Al what's up?"


"You are zoning out there."

"Oh sorry." Rissa knew she was nervous now.

"Look Al I am sorry for what happened."

"Me too. I mean not you because you were wonderful and you still are."

"I knew what you meant, and I really missed you too. I am sorry for the way I acted I was scared and it was moving so fast. Me moving in and us sleeping together not like just a one nighter but having that connection. I just never had that before not even with Ryan."


"Yea. Al you are the one person I fell in love with and I screwed it up so bad and I felt like such an a55 after that."

"No Rissa it was me not you I mean I rushed it on you."

"No Al you didn't."

Al and Rissa sat there for a few minutes not talking until Al finally spoke.

"So what happened after I left?"

"Well I tried to get back with Ryan but it didn't work out."

"Why not?"

"Because we were at a party one night and he was drunk and he hit me."

"He did what!?"

"Don't worry Sum kicked his sorry a55."


"Yea well after senior year at Harbor I started up at NYU and it was good for a while, but it went down hill after a few weeks."

"What do you mean down hill?"

"I mean alcohol. Boys...girls, but never the one I really wanted I tried to get you off my mind but before I could even kiss anyone you popped back into my head. So I tried to get ride of you by drinking well lets just say I ended up in rehab for 3 months."

"Wow Rissa promise me you won't do something like that again."

"I promise, besides you are here now and I am not going anywhere, are you?"

"No I am not my life is here now."

"I am glad."

"Me too."

"So what have you been doing?"

"Well I came back about 6 months ago thinking what I am not sure," I am such a liar, "and the baitshop took me back as full time manager."

"That's awesome, but what I don't get is why you waited 6 months before I even came back Al."

"Because I wanted to be with you again."

"That's good because I have wanted you back since you left. Why didn't you ever call?"

"Because I wanted to straighten out my life before I came back because my life wasn't anything compared to yours."

"Al I didn't care how your life was I just wanted you to stay."

"I know that now. So why did you come back?"

"I took a chance thinking that maybe the only person I ever truly loved would be here and it turns out she is."

"Yea did that chance pay off?"

"Well I don't know yet. Is she willing to give me another chance?"

"He11 yes!"

Rissa was sitting on the couch and Al walked over sitting next to her and they talked for a while longer before rejoining Sum out in the lounge.

"Hey you guys were in there for a while."

"Yea." Al and Rissa smiled ear to ear and sat down at the table with Sum.

"So I guess it went well?"

The girls didn't answer but they didn't have to the looks on their faces said enough. They swapped glances a few times and Al reached for Rissa's hand.

"Ok you two want a room?" Sum laughed. They just looked at each other.

"No we are going to take this slow." Al said.

Chapter Three

Marissa smiled at her comment...slow. "I love you Al."

"I love you too Rissa. And nothing will come between us again." Al smiled at Rissa squeezing her hand.

"Now seriously do you two want a room?"

"What are you talking about?" Al asked.

"Oh that...right. Umm Al I kind of don't have a place to stay."

"Oh, well you can stay with me if you want."

"Are you sure?"

"Yea of course. "This is going to be hard Al thought.

Sum and Al and Rissa sat at the table until closing when Sum left. "Hey see you guys later." She waved and walked out.

"Bye Sum." Al turned and went back to picking up barstools.

"You want some help there?"

"Nah you just relax."

"Ok." Marissa couldn't help but think of what might happen after they went to Alex's place and she was sleeping there. ‘Wow. Ok I don't know if I can control myself.’

Al finished up and looked her office. "Ready?"

"Yep." Rissa walked up beside her and took her hand as they walked outside. "Well this is me."

"Wow you still have that thing."

"Are you kidding I wouldn't sell this baby for nothing, except maybe one thing." Rissa smiled.

"Yea yea follow me ok."

Rissa nodded and Al and her drove off. Alex drove for a few minutes before making a right onto Sunset Blvd. She drove up that way and stopped in front of an average apartment. Alex stepped out of her jeep and walked up to Rissa's door opening it for her.

"This is it."

"Wow. You have done good for yourself Al."

"Yea well I had some motivation. Come on." Al took her hand and lead her to the front door and let them both in.

"Wow Al you really did well for yourself." Marissa looked around the apartment aimlessly. The furniture and everything it was all expensive. "How did you afford all of this stuff Al?"

"Simple the baitshop gave me a large raise to run the entire club. It is my club now. I own it."

"Wow. Al you are doing so great."

"Yea maybe all that is great but there was still one thing missing till now...you." Alex couldn't take it anymore. "Ok I have a major confession to make."

"Me too, you first."

"Ok...ever since I saw you again I just wanted to take you up into my arms and kiss you."

"Really I was thinking the same thing. "Rissa and Al moved closer to each other their faces barely apart from one another. Al moved in first finding Rissa's lips to be as gentle and soft as they had been three years ago. Rissa opened her mouth slightly allowing Alex entry. Alex tenderly nibbled her lower lip pulling at it and then entering her mouth again. Rissa moaned into their first kiss after their reunion. The first of many kisses to be shared by the two of them.

Chapter Four

Al and Rissa woke up next to each other fully clothed and holding one another. Marissa yawned. "Morning sunshine."

"Hey." Al said stretching. "What do you want to do today?"

"Hum...go to the beach?"

"I think I can manage the beach for a few hours."

Alex and Marissa packed two lawn chairs, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, tanning oil, and a blanket in case it got cold quickly.

Alex packed it all in the back of her jeep. "Ready?"

"Yep." Marissa and Alex hopped in and Al drove off to a remote spot in the beach where they could practically be alone. Al set up the chairs and put the cooler between them.

"So we should talk."

"About what Rissa I thought we were going to take this slow."

"That's just it Al...Could you get my back?"

"Huh...oh yea." Alex spread the tanning oil on Rissa's back.

Rissa loved the feel of Alex's hands traveling her back roaming where they pleased. "Thanks Al." She said as she finished.

"No problem. What were you saying?"

"Oh yea... I don't want to take it slow. It isn't going to work out that way and you know it. Not as long as I am living in your apartment."

"You're right...so what are we going to do then?"

"Just take it a day at a time and how it comes it comes."

"Ok...can you get my back and shoulders?"

"Yea." Marissa rubbed the tanning oil into Alex's skin giving her the chills.

Marissa and Alex sat there for a few hours tanning until they got bored and Alex got up and ran into the icy water. She jumped right in and dove under. She came back up quickly and ran back to Marissa jumping on her lap getting her all wet.

"Oh my god Al you're going to catch a cold."

"Nah I won't. I'll be fine." Al gave her a big wet hug getting her soaked.


"What?" Al laughed and ran back towards the water.

Marissa ran after her jumping into the water as she had done before hand. Alex tried to swim away but couldn't Marissa had her ankles and pulled upward putting her under the water.

Alex came up shortly after wards and splashed Marissa and tried to swim away again but it was to no avail. She was caught once again. Marissa put her under again. This time she didn't come up.

"ALEX!! WHERE ARE YOU!!??" There was no answer. "ALEX DON"T DO THIS TO ME!!!ALEX!!" Still no answer. Marissa turned in all directions looking for her girlfriend. "ALEX!!" She heard a faint cry from the beach and it sounded like someone was shouting about something floating in the water. "OH MY GOD ALEX!" Marissa swam to her aid. "ALEX!! Can you hear me? ALEX!" Alex's body was face down in the water floating like a piece of drift wood.

"ALEX!!!...NO...ALEX!!!" Marissa turned Alex's body over and.....

Chapter Five

Alex looked up at Marissa her eyes wide and she smiled. "Got you."

Marissa splashed her. "You scared the hell out of me you pain in the a55. Don't you ever do that to me again!"

"Ok...ok. Stop splashing me. Come on let's get out of here before we make a scene."

"Fine let's go." They swam back in, packed up their beach stuff and walked back to Alex's jeep.

"You should have seen the look on your face."

"Shut up Alex!"

"Oh just get in the jeep you sour puss."

Alex turned the jeep over and pulled out of the parking lot and drove back to her place. Marissa sat there looking out the window admiring the scenery. Alex's hand drifted over to hers and found its way into her palm of her hand. Marissa smiled to herself.* I am so glad to have this amazing person back in my life* Alex looked over at her and she knew that they were together and things would stay that way forever this time.

Alex pulled into her drive way and parked the jeep. She got out and went to the back to get the stuff they had packed to go to the beach so she could unload it. She walked around to the back of the jeep opening the door to the back. She felt two hands grab her waist and turn her around quickly and pinning her hands against the jeep. "Ohhh you wait till we get inside you are done." Marissa smiled seductively and walked into the apartment. Alex followed carrying the supplies they took with them.

Marissa stood behind the bedroom door waiting for Al. Alex went into the spare room and put the things away. She walked back to the bedroom to see if Marissa was in there but she wasn't. Just as she passed the door Marissa jumped out scaring her half to death. "BOO!"

"Ahh" Al jumped. "Jesus Marissa. Don't do that."

"Why not?"

"You scared me."

"Oh did I?" Marissa looked at Alex with that 'see that's how I felt' look.

"Oh sorry." Alex looked down at her feet.

"Don't worry about it just don't do it again."

"I promise."

"Ok. Now come here you." Rissa pulled her close enough that she could feel her heart beat. Their hearts beat faster and faster. Marissa turned her around throwing her on the bed and jumping on top of her pinning her hands above her head.

"I told you I would get you."

"You always do." Alex smiled at the thought of kissing Rissa and touching her soft skin.

Marissa slid her hands down Alex's arms slowly giving her goose bumps and made a pit stop at her hem line of her shirt. She slowly began to lift it up as she let her hands move farther up her stomach, placing little kisses as she continued to lift her shirt higher. Alex loved the feel of Marissa's moist tongue on her skin. She loved Marissa. She loved everything about her. "I love you." Alex breathed out heavily.

Marissa lifted her head. "I love you too."

Alex sat up slowly lifting Marissa off her body. "Wait here." Marissa nodded and Alex stood up and went into the bathroom. *Dam where are those candles.* Alex cursed herself while opening different cabinets. *Where are they* Alex opened the last cabinet on the right finding the white candles. She placed them around the tub. She turned the water on and threw in a few beads of heaven.(bubble bath) Alex looked at her work and smiled. *She'll love it*

Alex walked back out to the bedroom and took Marissa's hands leading her to the most earthly place in the world with Alex by her side. Alex closed the door behind them and turned her around so that she couldn't see the bathroom yet. "Close your eyes."

"Ok." Marissa closed her eyes and Alex lead her to the tub. Alex let go of her hands and slowly lifted her shirt over her head exposing her bathing suite top. She then moved a step back removing her own top and her bathing suite. She walked back into Marissa removing her top and bottom to her suite as well. She turned Marissa around to face the tub and wrapped her arms around her so that every part of their bodies were touching. "Open your eyes now."

Marissa opened her eyes slowly looking at the site before her. "Oh Alex did you just do all this?" She turned to look at Alex.

"Yes I did." Alex took her up in her arms and lifted her into the warm water. She followed sitting behind her. Marissa set back and laid against Alex's body. The two of them enjoyed each others company for a while before finally getting out. Marissa wrapped a small towel around her wet body as did Alex and they went into the bedroom after blowing out all the candles and draining the water from the tub.

"That was great."

"Yea it was, I am glad you liked it." Alex took Marissa up in her arms again kissing her passionately. As they both laid there on the bed thinking about tonight's events and what would come to be.

Chapter Six

Alex was laying on the bed not sure exactly how to bring up this factor in her life, at this point she wasn't sure she wanted to tell Marissa. I mean it was almost four years ago. She wasn't sure if Marissa could handle it. She wanted to be honest but still wanted to with Marissa. She was totally clueless on how to even begin.

Marissa looked at Alex seeing her worried expression she spoke up immediately. "Is something wrong, Hun?"

"Huh..."Alex was snapped quickly out of her daze and back to the real world. "Oh yea I am fine."

"Are you sure because you looked really worried."

"Yea I a...actually I think we should talk."

"What about?" Marissa was worried by the way Alex had carried her voice.

"Well..." Alex wasn't sure if there was any good place to start so she just opened her mouth and said it. "I umm...well I have a kid."

Marissa's expression had changed from totally worried to totally shocked. She couldn't believe that Alex kept that from her. "But how...I mean you said."

"No Marissa, god no. I was raped." Alex looked away from Marissa.

Marissa's mouth stood agape. "What? You were raped?"

Alex just nodded her head. She could feel the tears begin to form in the corner of her eyes.

"Alex, look at me please. What happened?"

Alex didn't want to look at Marissa. She didn't want to feel the sympathy. She didn't want to look at Marissa and see disappointment or guilt in her eyes. She didn't want to see the generous person she knew she loved. She couldn't bare to tell her who did it. She didn't want to, she couldn't, it would break Marissa's heart.

"Alex, please. Alex look at me." Alex still laid stationary. Marissa move on top of her and forced her to look at her. Marissa could see the hurt, pain, the regrets, the thoughts that plagued her eyes were seared into Marissa's mind through her eyes alone. Marissa searched them for any answer she might encounter. "Alex please."

Alex couldn't stand to see Marissa beg, so she finally gave in revealing her story little by little. "I was walking home one night in LA. I guess now it would make it five years ago, a while before I met you. I was 16 then. And some guy walked up behind me and pushed me on the ground, I could remember much just that it hurt. I knew he did it because I woke up the next morning in the hospital. They were talking and I guess I over heard them. And I tried to sit up but I couldn't. My head started to pound with a furious temper I had never seen before. And I just started to cry. The nurse rushed in and she took care of me."

Marissa stared at Alex. "I am so sorry you had to go through that, but why wait so long to tell me?"

"I am not done, let me finish." Marissa nodded. "The guy that they said did it was from Chino." Alex stopped there and didn't have to say anything else for Marissa to know who she was talking about.

Marissa knew Ryan went to LA five years ago to find a friend. She knew he had got into trouble there. She knew he was there for a while, but she never would have guessed. Marissa looked up at Alex. "He raped you."

Alex stared at the ceiling. "Yea, why do you think I am always so weird around him."

"Well he doesn't act really weird and all."

"That's because when they found him he was on PCP and was piss drunk. So they wrote it off as a DUI and let him go. They said he would never remember a thing."

"But you remembered all of it didn't you."

Alex didn't answer she just laid there not wanting to even talk anymore. She didn't want to talk about Ryan, not about this, and not now. She knew she had to though. "Yea I remember everything now. But then it was blurry, he knocked me out cold. And when I woke up I felt dizzy and he was still there and I pretended to be sleeping still but I knew everything that was happening."

"Oh my god Alex, please don't say anymore. It is upsetting you, I can tell. Let's just talk about something else."

Alex smiled and was relieved that Marissa didn't want to hear anymore. She didn't want to reveal more either. Alex laid there for some time. She was still in her very skimpy towel and was getting cold. She sat up and looked at Marissa, removing her towel and sliding under the covers with Marissa soon to follow. Alex laid her head on Marissa's shoulder and cried herself to sleep. Leaving Marissa to think all by herself. She hated Ryan to begin with. And now she hated him even more. But she refused to let that ruin the relationship that her and Alex finally had.

Chapter Seven

Marissa was first to wake the next morning. She slowly opened her eyes, looking around the room for a hint of what today might bring. Nothing, she couldn't tell a thing from her surroundings. She looked to the side of her to the person that she cared about more than anyone or anything in the world. She watched Alex sleep for a few hours before she finally began to stir.

"Hey beautiful."

A groggy Alex answered back, "Hey sugar."

"Sleep good?"

"Yes I did, next to you I always do."

Marissa kissed her forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too. I think we should finish our talk though.”

“Ok. What do you want to know?”

“You said you had a kid. Where is he or she?”

“He is in a good home.”

“You gave him up?”

“I had no choice. I wasn’t ready to take care of a kid. My parents would never have helped me. I gave him up because I thought it would be best to try and give him a life I never could.”

“Aww Alex.” Marissa pulled Alex close to her and held her tightly.

"So what are we doing today?" Alex asked wiping the tears from her eyes.

"I don't know. What were you thinking of?"

"I was thinking stay in all day and order take out."

"Hum sounds good to me. Are we getting dressed?"

"Do you want to get dressed?“ Marissa looked at Alex and read the expression on her face.

“Not really."

"Well then there is your answer."

"Hum ok so what first?"

"Hum...how about....this?" Marissa said as she leaned down to kiss Alex's lips. Alex put her hand on the back of Marissa's neck pulling her in closer. The kiss grew more and more passionate with each passing second. Finally both girls had to break for air.

"Mmmmm.... yea I think that will do just fine for now."


"Yep." Alex said before bringing her lips back to Marissa's.

The two of them spent the day making out, holding each other, and watching movies until they both started to get hungry around 4:30. "Hey I am getting hungry, you?"


"So what do we want?"

"Hum..." Marissa thought before answering that question and came up with the perfect solution. "I think we should get dressed, go to the store, buy some strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup."

Alex looked at Marissa with that 'Are you serious?'. Marissa just nodded. "Come on let's go." She pulled Alex off the bed and drug her to the closet. "here." Marissa said throwing a pair of sweat pants and a t-hirt at her and taking out one of each for herself.

The two of them dressed quickly and got into the car and drove to the supermarket. Alex had her hands on the steering wheel and looked over at Marissa, who obviously had something planned. "Ok..." Alex started. "What do you have planned?"

"Who me?"

"Yes you."

"Oh nothing."

"Yea ok."

"I don't know what you are talking about I am an angel."



"Right, and I am Avril Lavigne."

"Oh really, that's so awesome. I have been doing Avril."

"Oh very funny smart alick."

"Better to be a smart butt rather than a dumb one."

"Yea, yea, yea."

Alex removed one of her hands and placed it on top of Marissa's while she continued the rest of the drive.

They got there and walked into the store. Marissa grabbed a little basket for the things they were getting. As they walked around some people started to whisper. Alex looked around at them giving them the dirtiest look she could muster. Marissa noticed that Alex was bothered and looked toward her. "Baby, don't worry about them." Marissa took Alex's hand and walked down the frozen section. Marissa grabbed the whipped cream, she had already picked up the strawberries and syrup. They walked down the rest of the aisle and Marissa stopped at the froze pizza section picking up two boxes of Tony’s pepperoni pizza and walked to the register. She put the items on the belt and waited for the cashier to scan them.

Again people were staring and now Marissa was getting a little upset. She tried to shake it off a few times but enough was enough. "What the hell are all of you staring at!?" At that hey all turned back to their carts and shopping lists and left the two girls alone.

"And you yelled at me for giving looks."

"What? Me I was just giving them all a taste of their own misconceptions."

"Were you now?"


"was it fun?"

"Yes it was." The girl at the register finally got the items scanned and placed them all in bags handing them to Alex and the two girls walked out of the store. They got to the car and put the bags in the back seat and got in.

The ride home was quite un eventful, that is until Marissa started to tease Alex fiercely. Alex was getting very annoyed, Marissa could tell. "Ok you."

"Who me?"

"Yes you."

"Why me? Why not you?"

"Because I am not the one stroking my girlfriend's leg and trying to get her to crash the car."

"Oh sorry." Marissa removed her hand.

"I didn't say to move your hand. I just said to not stroke my leg so I can concentrate on driving."

Marissa gave Alex her famous crooked smile and placed her hand back on Alex's lap.

Chapter Eight

The rest of the ride was uneventful and Marissa wanted Alex so bad right now. Getting home just wasn't soon enough for either of them. Alex pulled in the driveway with both of them literally jumping out and running inside throwing the bags in the kitchen on the table.

Alex grabbed Marissa and pushed her against the counter top. "Oh Alex." Alex slowly kissed Marissa's neck and moved her hands up and down her body. She stripped Marissa of all of her clothes and lifted her on to the counter top. She slowly slide her own clothes off and got on top of Marissa.

Marissa pulled Alex in for a kiss. Alex opened her mouth inviting Marissa's tongue to join hers. Marissa took the invitation massaging her tongue against Alex's. Alex was beginning to feel Marissa's hands tremble. Marissa was trembling, with fear, and desire...more of desire though. Marissa wanted so much more than this. She slowly moved her hands up and down Alex's back tracing her spine sending chills through her whole body. Alex shivered with sheer passion.

Marissa rolled Alex over so that she was now on top. Marissa kissed up and down her stomach lingering for seconds until Alex couldn't take it anymore. Alex stopped Marissa by reaching for her breasts gently rubbing them making Marissa moan loudly. Alex took that opportunity to get herself and Marissa off the counter and into her bedroom.

Alex gently laid Marissa on the bed and began to kiss her neck moving to her collar bone and shoulders. She moved lower gradually reaching Marissa's sensitive spot. Alex slid herself between her legs looking into Marissa's eyes, she leant down and gently licked. Alex began to bite gently leaving Marissa moaning and wanting more. Alex then began to lick and suck then faster and faster, resulting in Marissa's climax.

Alex and Marissa laid there until Marissa was able to breathe regularly again. Kissing Alex with a passion neither of them had ever known before. Marissa pushed her hip bone into Alex's pleasure zone moving in circular motions setting Alex on fire inside and out. Alex moaned with pleasure and Marissa pushed harder feeding Alex more ecstasy. Alex had began to reach her climax and Marissa continued pressing her hips harder still as their bodies moved as one. Alex and Marissa laid there after making tantalizing love catching their breath. Alex wrapped her arms around Marissa.” That was great."

"Yea." And then they fell asleep.

When the two of them woke around 3 they were so hungry they could have eaten everything in the house. "Marissa I am so hungry."

"Me too, I will put in a pizza."


Alex helped Marissa and the two of them sat at the kitchen table. They talked while they waited. The pizza was done within 15 minutes and they ate it in less than half the time. After they were done they went back to the bedroom doing the things that people in love do.

Chapter Nine

Alex emerged from the bed first and got in the shower. She was washing her hair when she felt a prickle of something on her shoulder. She turned around to find Marissa standing right behind her looking into her eyes. "I love you baby."

"I know. I love you too." Marissa kissed Alex's neck, then her shoulder. Slowly moving along Alex's body. Alex stood there motionless. Marissa always had this effect on her. She couldn't help but get weak in the knees when she came around her. Marissa continued finding her way to Alex's front gently caressing her breasts. Marissa moved in closer to Alex and pressed her hips into hers. Alex let a slight moan escape through her mouth. Marissa's touch sent chills through her body. Marissa continued to move down her body slowly ever so working her way around to the front of Alex. She knelt down in front of her still fondling with her breasts and slowly kissed Alex's stomach moving lower and lower. Alex shivered when Marissa hit her heat. Alex wanted more. Marissa sensed her want, need, desire. And felt obligated to fulfill that need, want, and desire. Marissa licked slowly, then faster gently biting between every so often and then started to suck hard on Alex. Alex could hardly breathe, she felt Marissa move in deeper, she gasped as she felt the sensation of licking again and the insertion of two fingers made her moan so loud the neighbors heard for sure. Alex gripped the shower curtain as she felt herself give into Marissa.

They washed each other and then got out leaving a trail of foot prints from the bathroom to the bedroom. Alex looked through her stuff and decided on a pair of pants and a t-shirt. Marissa looked at her funny, those were her work clothes. "What are you doing?"

"I have to go to work eventually Hun."

"Oh. Right." Marissa looked disappointed.

"Hey now don't look like that, the bills can't pay themselves."

"I know. What time do you get off?"


"Oh, alright. I'll call Sum and see if she wants to do something later."

"There you go babe. I'll see you later."

"Yea, bye." Alex rushed out of the apartment. God she loved Marissa, but she really need to be alone right now. Alex knew she wanted desperately to ask Marissa to marry her but in New Port it just wasn't possible. It was totally unthinkable. Alex walked to work that morning contemplating where to go. The churches around here would never do it, wait what churches, oh yea there weren't any. Alex walked right out in the middle of the road not looking where she was going...she heard scratching tires...but by then it was too late...

Marissa called Summer and started babbling before she realized what she was saying. "Coop, Hun, your upset. What's wrong?"

"Nothing I am fine."

"Coop come on I am not stupid, you only babble when you're upset."

"Sum, it's just I know she took off work today but told me that's where she was going. I am afraid she is lying to me I don't know what to do." Sum knew though. She knew that Alex wanted to propose last month. She knew Alex wanted it to be perfect, and she knew that's what all the late nights were for. She didn't want to spoil it for coop though.

"Look Riss I am sure there is a good reason for it ok?"

"Yea I guess you're right."

"You know I am."

"Yea. So anyway do you want to do something?"

"How about a movie?"

"Sure. What's playing?"

"Ummm, Kingdom of Heaven, Star Wars 3, Lords of Dog Town, A Lot Like Love, Longest Yard, Monster-In-Law, or House Of Wax."

"Let's go see House of Wax."

"Ok, when do you want to go?"

"Umm, when ever you can come get me."

"How about now?"


"I'll be there in an hour, I just got up need a shower and such."

"Well you better make it two then."

Sum laughed and hung up the phone. She walked over to her closet grabbing her cream colored khakis and a pink lace top and walked into the bathroom....

After Sum arrived they left for the movies. They parked close that way when it was over they could find the car easier. The movie wasn't desperately scary. They got up after the credits rolled through and went to grab some lunch at the mall. They walked around for hours finally heading back to the car around 7. The drive home took half an hour giving Marissa enough time to change and get ready.

"Bye Coop."

"Bye Sum I'll call you later."


Chapter Ten

Marissa sat on the couch wondering where Alex could be when her phone rang. Marissa picked up her phone in a hurry. "Hello? Alex?"

"No I'm sorry. But I have some news you might want to hear."

"oh. Uh go ahead."

"Alex Kelly, you're looking for her right?"

"Yes." Marissa was worried and confused by now.

"Well, she was in a sever accident a few hours ago. She's in critical condition."

Marissa went silent. "Miss? Are you there? Miss?"

"Uh...yea I'm here."

"I think you should get to the hospital right away."

Marissa didn't even let the woman finish her sentence before she hung up and called Summer.

"Hello? Coop?"

Marissa didn't answer. "Coop Hun, what's going on."

Summer didn't get an answer she only heard the phone drop to the floor. Sum quickly hung up the phone and grabbed her car keys and flew to Marissa and Alex's apartment.

She flung the door open and ran inside to Coop who was in the corner of the room, huddled into a ball crying. "Oh my god what happened?"

"Alex...She...she's in..."Marissa took a gulp as a tear ran down her left cheek. "She's in critical...cond...ition!" Riss lost it and tears ran down her face every two seconds. Sum looked at her best friend and felt a pang of sympathy. She wanted to hold her and comfort her, but it wouldn't do her any good. Alex was the only one who could ever calm Riss when she was this upset. Sum lifted her friend and carried her to the car getting her in and driving to the hospital so they could see Alex.

Marissa sat in the waiting room crying and Sum held her hand. She started to stop, but when the nurse approached them she started again collapsing to the floor. Sum barely held her up. "She's sedated. She will be ok. It will be a while before she's out but you may go see her now.”

Summer followed the nurse to Alex's room and lead Marissa to the side of the bed and sat herself in a chair in the corner to give them some space but to be here for Coop. She sat next to the bed took Alex's hand and cried the rest of the night. She finally fell asleep around 1am and Sum wanted to sleep too but thought it was best she watch Marissa. They both sat there so still. Alex peaceful looking like she was having the best dream, but Marissa, her face was still pink and rosy from crying, and even in her sleep she continued to cry. Sum was worried about them both. Who knew when Alex would get out. And god knows she didn't need Marissa to fall back into that hole she just got out of not so long ago. As much as Sum tried to force her eyes to stay open she couldn't fight off sleep any longer and fell asleep in the chair.

Chapter Eleven

When Summer awoke the next morning Alex and Marissa were talking. She sat up in the chair and rubbed her eyes getting up to sit next to Coop and Alex. “Hey you two.”

“Hey Sum.”

“How are you feeling Al?” Sum looked at Al she looked horrible. Her mouth, eye, and check busted open. Her arm in a cast, bandages all over. Sum looked to Marissa and motioned her to follow her.

“I’m fine.”

“I’ll be right back baby.” Alex nodded and Sum and Rissa left the room. “What’s wrong?”

“Hun, she loves you so much. And I’d hate myself if I didn’t tell you why she wasn’t home. Why she was even in that accident.”

“What are you talking about Summer?” Marissa crossed her arms.

“She wants to ask you to marry her, but she doesn’t know where you two can go and she needed to think so I told her to tell you she was going to work and to think about it then and I’d take care of you.”

“Sum, I know.”

“You do?”

“Alex told me.”

“Is that what you two were talking about?”

“Yea. Look it was a freak accident. Don’t worry about it.”

The two of them walked back into Alex’s room. “Hey you’re back.”

“Yea. How do you feel?”

“Ok. Can you get one of the nurses to page Dr. Johnson. I want to know when the hell I can leave this place. It gives me the creeps.”

Summer and Marissa chuckled lightly and Summer walked out to the nurses station to ask them to page Dr. Johnson to Alex’s room.

Chapter Twelve

Dr. Johnson walked into Alex’s room and watched as the girls all laughed about something. “You paged me Miss Kelly?”

“Yes, when the hell can I leave this place.”

The four of them laughed. “Actually I was getting ready to sign you out now seeing as you recovered so fast over night, there’s nothing wrong with you as of now. However I want you in here once a week for a month. But your recovery last night going from critical to just recovery in less than an hour is amazing. I’ve never seen it before. But I’ll see you next week make an appointment before you leave your clothes are next to your bed and leave whenever you are ready.”

“Thank god. Ok Rissa, Sum…” She looked at the two of them. “Get me the hell out of this bed.” Rissa helped her up and Sum grabbed her clothes. Rissa took her into the bathroom and then took the clothes from Sum.

“We’ll be out in a second.”

“Ok.” Summer sat down and waited on the bed as Alex and Rissa were dressing Alex. She moved through her thoughts seeking a place where Alex and Rissa could get married since they both wanted to. They loved each other from the moment they saw each other and Sum had to think fast if she was going to plan this with Alex without Rissa knowing all to well what they were doing. The two of them came out of the bathroom and Sum smiled.

“Let’s get you both home huh?”

“Yea.” The three of them walked out of the hospital and stopped by the nurses station. “I need to make an appointment for next week.”

“Is Thursday at 10 ok?”


“See you then.”

“Yea, Rissa get me out of this place.”

Chapter Thirteen

Four months later Marissa and Alex found themselves on a plane out to New York. They were already married. Summer that little devil planned the whole thing with Alex. Rissa was glad though. Alex and Rissa sat staring at each other.

There hands interlocked and smiles crept across their faces. “I love you.” Marissa blushed even now after all that time.

“I love you too.” Alex smiled. They both sat there and thought about all the times they had shared, their memories of Newport that were now moving with them to New York. That’s where they decided on. Alex sold the bait shop and Marissa finished out her last semester in Newport. After She got a job offer in New York they had decided they would go. After all Alex had been to New York before and knew there were plenty of clubs and spaces for new ones.


“Yea babe.”

“Do you think this is going to work? I mean all of it, us moving to New York and all.”

“Of course I do. Time and space didn’t stop us last time and it won’t this time.”

Marissa smiled and thought back to that day when Alex proposed to her.

Alex was down on one knee outside in the garden just watering the plants when Marissa came out to see her. Alex smiled and turned around quickly to catch Marissa staring at her and she pulled her down on the ground with her. They rolled around a little bit and Marissa finally gave up with Alex on top. Alex smiled and kissed Rissa getting up and looking back to the garden. Rissa smiled and stood up only to be caught by Alex again. Alex grabbed her hands and smiled.

“I love you Marissa Cooper.” Marissa noticed she was on one knee again. A tear rolled down her face as she realized what Alex was going to ask her. “Time and space couldn’t keep us apart because they both lead our hearts back to each other. Time to grow as our own people. Space to think about what we wanted. And it lead us right back where it all started. Marissa Cooper, will you marry me?”

Marissa nodded. She was so speechless that she knew she should say yes but couldn’t bring herself to stop crying to say anything.

Alex looked away and pulled a flower from the garden behind it was a small box she picked it up and opened it to Marissa. It was a beautiful gold band with a 10 kt diamond cut in the shape of a heart. The inside was engraved with “A/M forever Through time and space”. Marissa cried harder after reading it. He knew They loved each other and that time and space had in fact brought them back together.

Alex smiled and stood up pulling Marissa into a long passionate kiss. When they broke Alex looked at her again and said. “Rissa…” She took her hands and pulled them to her lips kissing each one. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes.” It came out so softly that Alex knew she was almost speechless .

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” With their foreheads pressed together smiling at one another they were married and after their kiss ended they stood the same way they had then. And it was the same way they stood after getting off the plane and reaching their new apartment and sharing their first kiss in it.


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