Title: Marry Me

Author: Cherry89

Fandom: The OC

Pairings: Alex/ Marissa

Ratings: Humm wouldn't you guess.. NC/17

Warnings: If the idea of women being together bother you, you may want to turn around before you see more than you bargained for... oh wait it is too late... oh well... for all you other's out there do enjoy.

Disclaimers: Not mine, never were, if they were... well needless to say the show would be doing GREAT! =)

Feedback Email Address: Uconnchick4lyf15@yahoo.com or fr3akybaby16@hotmail.com Ah we come to discuss the feed back issue... well I'll be please to inform you that if you give up the feed back no one will get hurt. (Looks around ) HA HA... just kidding... But feed back is always appreciated. =)

Alex silently bobbed her head up and down as the music played on her ipod and traveled to her ears. She walked around the house picking up the clothes from last night that Marissa and her had managed to throw all over the place. When she came to Marissa panties she thought back to their rushing around before the anniversary dinner.

Marissa hurried around looking for her earrings. Not that she had much luck. Alex was already outside in the Corvette waiting for her. She looked at her watch and beeped the horn. They were going to miss their reservation if Marissa didn't hurry.

Marissa ran out the door five minutes later and jumped in the passenger side. "Sorry."

"It's fine sweetheart. Ready?"

"Of course."

Alex drove silently one hand on the wheel while the other was on Marissa's thigh. She wasn't paying attention she was just tracing circles on Marissa's thigh. "Alex "

"Hmmm?" Alex asked not stopping her movements.

"Oh god Alex Stop." Marissa half moaned. And Alex looked over realizing she was arousing Marissa while driving. Alex smiled, she may get hell for it later but she turned the car around and headed back to the house.

She took Marissa's hand after parking the car and lead her through the house and up stairs. As soon as the door was closed Marissa pushed Alex against the door pinning her arms above her head. Grinning Marissa forced her knee between Alex's legs and pressed her body into Alex as she moaned. Alex was lost in her senses while Marissa attacked her neck with kisses and light bites.

Alex tried to wiggle out of Marissa grasp but Marissa's knee pressed against her center each time she tried only rendering her more helpless. "Oh god Marissa bed now!"

Marissa smiled against Alex's neck and lead her to the bed throwing her on it. Marissa smiled devilishly and crawled on top of Alex. Before she could start her assault on Alex again Alex switched their positions.

She pinned Marissa's hands at her sides holding them there with her knees. She let her hands roam Marissa's torso, purposely ignoring Marissa's hot spots. She leaned down to whisper in her ear. "What do you want baby?"

"I want... I want... you to " Marissa paused feeling Alex bite her ear. "Fuck me!" Marissa arched her body into Alex. And Alex just continued to hold her there. "God Alex... Please "

Alex got off Marissa and pulled her panties off throwing them to the floor. She then proceeded to lift the dress over her head. Alex pushed her back down on the bed and didn't even wait for her to regain her balance before moving on top of her. Alex pressed her still clothed body against Marissa's. Marissa groaned. She wanted to feels Alex 's skin. She pushed on Alex's shoulders forcing her up.

"What?" Alex asked.


Alex did as she was told and resumed her position on top of Marissa, pressing her body forcefully into Marissa's. Alex licked the side of her neck then alternated between biting and sucking moving her hands to Marissa's breasts. She rolled each nipple between her thumb and fore finger before moving her head lower and taking one into her mouth while the hand that occupied that nipple moved further south ward.

She stopped above Marissa's curls and played her fingers softly against Marissa's skin driving her insane. "Alex "

Alex moved her mouth to the other nipple as to not neglect it and moved both hands down Marissa's body as her mouth was soon to follow. She stopped every so often to let her tongue flick at the flesh beneath her. Alex moved down further until she was face to face with Marissa's clit. Keeping her eye on the prize she practically lunged forward sucking hard on Marissa's clit surprising Marissa and causing her to buck her hips into the air feverishly.

"Alex oh god Alex oh god "

Alex quickly inserted two fingers into Marissa and started an in and out motion with her hand. Every so often she would bite down on Marissa's clit causing her to moan. Finally Alex took her mouth away from her clit and moved back up Marissa's body replacing her mouth with the palm of her hand. She pressed hard against Marissa and moved the rest of the way up her shuddering body.

Once she was eye to eye with Marissa she kissed her neck while her hand continued to fiercely move inside of Marissa. Pumping harder, faster, curling her fingers up, pulling them back out, pushing them back in, pressing her palm hard against Marissa's clit. All the while Marissa's body shook. Alex laid on top of Marissa watching her reactions but lost all thought when Marissa's knee made contact with her center again. She was dripping wet and Marissa's leg could attest to that. Marissa pulled Alex down on top of her and pressed her manicured nails into her back.

Alex couldn't control the urge to force her hips downward shuddering at the contact. Marissa was moaning and writhing below her while she grinded herself into Marissa's leg. Marissa finally screamed so loud that the sound pierced Alex's ears and made her move faster grinding herself against Marissa's leg faster.

Marissa's breathing started to become normal again as she watched Alex above her. She grabbed Alex's hips and forced them downward and back up faster than Alex could because she was so tired. Marissa forced Alex onto her back and straddled her hips moving her head downward towards Alex's center. Hearing Alex's cry at the loss of contact made her move all the more slower to her destination. She pressed her center into Alex's abdomen and took one swift movement of her tongue through Alex's wetness. Alex's hips rose into the air on their own accord and her breathing was becoming ragged.

Marissa moved her tongue throughout Alex's wetness teasing her. She moved her hands to Alex's thighs pushing them further apart moving her mouth to Alex's clit sucking on it gently then pulling with her teeth before swirling her tongue around in circles. Her tongue moved away from her clit and explored Alex. Finally taking pity on her lover Marissa inserted her tongue into Alex swirling it around at first before pushing it in deeper. While her lower body was being pleasured Alex pinched and squeezed her nipples arching herself into Marissa. Alex could feel Marissa's wetness against her stomach and pulled her hips up to her face. Alex could smell Marissa's essence and before long she inserted her tongue into her.

Both of them moved faster and faster. Alex close to coming in Marissa's mouth moaned against Marissa's center making her moan from the vibration. Alex held Marissa's hips in place still moving her tongue as her own hips began to move uncontrollably. Marissa ground her pussy into Alex's face wanting to feel more as she continued to lick and suck at Alex's own pussy.

Alex couldn't take anymore and finally screamed against Marissa's pussy causing Marissa's orgasm to shudder throughout her body once more.

After several minutes both of them lay spent in their bed. "I love you Alex Kelly."

"I love you too Marissa." Alex reached over to the night stand. "I was going to ask you this at dinner, but I'll ask now." She turned back to Marissa with a small black box in her hand. "After three years of being on and off with you and having to travel back and forth from LA to Newport and finally moving in together and being in this house the last year and a half, I, Alex Kelly, want to ask you for your hand in Marriage." Alex paused looking at Marissa. "Will you marry me?"

Marissa felt tear roll down her cheek and hugged Alex close kissing her face. "Yes " kiss. "Yes " kiss. "Yes."


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