Title: The Executive and The Lawyer

Name: Cherry89

Pairings: Marissa and Alex (who else?)

Rating: PG to NC-17 (big surprise)

Warning: Contains strong emotion, sexual content, language, strong violence, deals with rape

Disclaimer: I own nothing and if I did Josh certainly would have NO say!

Summary: Alex and Marissa are complete strangers who meet by chance at a bar...

Spoiler: None at all...

Author's Note: If you don't like the idea of two women being together don't read my stuff.

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Part One

"Wow. God could things be any worse?” Marissa asked herself. Her client lost the case and she was pissed the other lawyer brought in uncercumstantial evidence. But she tried her best to win the case for her client. Being a lawyer for a business executive was quite hard.

On top of that she was having man troubles again. She really liked this guy Kevin but he's married. She doesn't want to come between that so she told him either leave his wife or she was done. I guess he still loves his wife huh.

Marissa decided to go to THE PITT, her favorite bar/ club in Miami. When things got to rough or stressful that is where she went to take a load off.

Marissa walked in at 6:30pm she decided to grab a seat at the bar to order something.

"What can I get for you Riss?” Jole asked.

"Smirnoff green apple."

"Coming right up Hun."

He walked back and handed the bottle to Marissa.” Thanks Jole."

"So what's up? You look pretty down today."

"Remember that guy I met and I said I was really into him?"

"Yeah why?"

"He's married."

"Wow! So I guess it didn't work out then huh."


"So what about the DeJarno case?"

"Lost $2.5 mil to Robertson. That son of a bitch used uncercumstantial evidence."

"Hey don't be too rough on yourself sounds to me you have enough on your plate already. I am here if you need someone to talk to."

"Thanks buddy."

"You want another Smirnoff? on the house."

"Yeah thanks. "Marissa knew he was right but it still bothered her. She couldn't help that she always cared about such stupid things that was just how she was.

Marissa got up from the bar told Jole to watch her stuff while she went to the ladies room. She walked in and heard someone crying in the back stall. She walked over and knocked on the door. "Hey are you ok in there?"

"What.." the voice still sobbing. "No I am not."

"Do you want to talk?...I mean I know you don't know me but...maybe it would help talking to a stranger?...and I am a pretty good listener?"

The woman in the stall was still crying. "Ok maybe it will help.” She said coming out.

She is so beautiful, Marissa thought.

She had make up running down her cheeks. Marissa shook the thought from her mind.” Here." Marissa said handing her a Kleenex.

"Thanks...You're so kind."

"Yeah some people think I am too kind."

"Well I don't think so."

"So what seems to be bothering you?"

"Well I thought I had a really steady relationship with this girl and she cheated on me. Just ten minutes ago. I just can't believe it. I thought everything was so good."

"Girl? Different. yeah I know what you mean. I just found out that this guy Kevin who I really had the hots for bad, he's married."

"Wow. So about that girl thing does it bother you?"

"No I have just never meet a lesbian before."

"Wow. You know so many girls are afraid to come out, sometimes the ones you think are straight are the ones that are homosexual."

Part Two

"I guess. So what is your name? We've been talking for hours and we never introduced ourselves."

"Oh...Alex...My name is Alex Kelly. You?"

"Marissa Cooper, I am a lawyer for business executives."

"Wow sounds interesting. I am a business exec."

"Really? Yeah when it isn't so stressful. You want to grab a drink?"


Alex and Marissa walked over to Jole. "Two Jole."

"Aright same thing as before?” Marissa nodded.

"So have you ever dated guys?"

"No not really...unless you count high school prom, I went with my cousin."

"I'll take that as a no.” They both smiled and laughed. Alex couldn't help but stare at her smile. Alex caught herself looking Marissa over thinking she had excellent legs. Her curves shown off by the dress she wore. It was black and hugged all the right places over top she wore a white sweeter. Professional, sexy, yet conservative.” Nice."

"What was that?” Alex was caught off guard by her question. Alex tried to look away quickly before she noticed, but...

"Hey, were you checking me out?” Marissa asked playfully tapping Alex's shoulder.

"Hum...oh...yeah sort of."

"So....what do you think?"

"Do you want to dance?"

"Ok sure.” Marissa took her sweeter off revealing her shoulders and collar bone. Alex felt a sudden rush of temptation. No she thought I just meet her I will take my time.

Marissa took Alex's hand and lead her to the dance floor. Alex looked amazing, she was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a cami top with a pair of sneakers. She moved so gracefully just walking Marissa wondered if she was this graceful now how would she be on the dance floor?

Marissa was soon to find out. The music began to play. It had a catchy beat to it. "Hey I know this song it's awsome." Alex yelled over the music as they started to dance they were far apart but as the song progressed they got closer until they met into a grind. Alex couldn't get enough of it. It was the perfect song at the time. SOME GIRLS DANCE WITH WOMEN, by JC CHASEZ.

God Alex thought she could feel the heat rising of Marissa's body, she loved it and really liked her. She wondered if she should say anything.

Some girls dance with women

(Na na na...)

Knowing that it gives them attention

(Na na na...)

And I wanna get in with them

So pass me a drink and lets roll

As the music faded into the background Alex lead Marissa back to the bar. Marissa walking behind noticed how tight her ass was and thought she really liked this girl and didn't really understand why Alex was the one. She had danced with plenty of other women before but never got involved. But something was just different with this one she knew she had to tell her.

They reached the barstools sitting down taking in deep breaths trying to calm themselves from dancing so close to each other. They took a sip of their drinks and went back to talking. They both started at the same time,” Can...No you go ahead...no you."

They just stared at each other for a while before Marissa decided that was enough she had to tell her.” I...I like...you.” Marissa stuttered for the first time in her life, she had never been that nervous not even at her first court session.

"I like you too.” They both smiled.

Part Three

"So.” Marissa was at a loss for words.

"Yeah. Hey do you want to get out of here?"

"And go where?"

"My place?"

"Sure why not.” Marissa replied shocked at the invitation.

Alex told Marissa to follow her in her new '04 Mustang Convertible. While Alex drove an Escalade. Alex didn't live far from the club 15 minutes tops. It was a nice apartment building with maybe five residents. Though it looked like they were more like pent houses.

"Wow you live here?"

"Yeah, but it isn't much it's a small pent house."


Alex took her hand leading her to the elevator. Pushing the third floor button.


"What what's wrong?"

"I don't like elevators.” Alex laughed.

"Don't worry I'll hold on to you.” Alex said wrapping her arms around Marissa's waist. Marissa shuddered and got so many goose bumps. She wanted to have Alex so much. Alex wanted her too. Marissa moved in closer not breaking eye contact with Alex, kissing her soft lips gently then pulling back to see her reaction.

"Wow.Surprise."The elevator stopped. Alex kissed Marissa back and pulled away. They walked out of the elevator. Marissa pulled away from Alex completely,"Thanx it worked.” She said running down the hall.

"Hey that's teasing."

"So what's your point?” Marissa laughed.

Alex wanted this girl and she wanted her now. Alex got her keys out and opened the door to the pent house grabbing Marissa and pulling her inside and shutting the door. Marissa was jerked in so fast it totally caught her off guard sending her to the floor with Alex on top.” Well if that's not convenient I don't know what is.” Alex laughed.

Marissa still a little dazed by falling so fast looked up in Alex's beautiful blue eyes, and for the first time she felt safe.

Alex stared back into her green piercing eyes knowing all the desire that lay within them.

Marissa able to figure things out now pulled Alex in for a kiss. This wasn't like the one they had shared on the elevator. This was deep, passionate, and soulful. Alex surprised but very happily opened her mouth inviting Marissa's tongue to join hers. Marissa took the invitation massaging her tongue against Alex's. Alex was beginning to feel Marissa's hands tremble.

Marissa was trembling, with fear, and desire...more of desire though. Marissa wanted so much more than this. She slowly moved her hands up and down Alex's back tracing her spine sending chills through her whole body. Alex shivered with sheer passion.

Marissa then move her hands to the edge of her shirt lifting it over her head and surprisingly she had no bra on. Then again wearing a bra and a cami top was not a good thing. Marissa leaned up and nibbled on her ear. This made Alex moan a little. Alex was enjoying it too. Marissa rolled Alex over so that she was now on top.

Marissa kissed up and down her stomach lingering for seconds until Alex couldn't take it anymore. Marissa moved her hands down Alex's torso to her jeans, unbuttoned them, and slid them off throwing them to the couch.

Alex stopped Marissa by reaching for her breasts gently rubbing them making Marissa moan loudly. Alex took that opportunity to get herself and Marissa off the floor and into her bedroom. Alex gently laid Marissa on the bed and began to kiss her neck moving to her collar bone and shoulders. She moved lower gradually reaching Marissa's sensitive spot. Alex slid her hand up Marissa's dress to her panties pulling them down her legs and off onto the floor. Doing this to her made her eyes widen because she knew what was coming next as Alex pulled her dress off next. Alex moved back down to the desired spot and began to bite gently leaving Marissa moaning and wanting more. Alex then began to lick and suck then faster and faster, resulting in Marissa's climax.

Alex and Marissa laid there until Marissa was able to breathe regularly again. Marissa then got on top of Alex pulling off her lace panties and throwing them needlessly to the floor. Kissing Alex with a passion neither of them had ever known before. Marissa pushed her hip bone into Alex's pleasure zone moving in circular motions setting Alex on fire inside and out.

Alex moaned with pleasure and Marissa pushed harder feeding Alex more ecstasy. Alex had began to reach her climax and Marissa continued pressing her hips harder still as their bodies moved as one. Alex and Marissa laid there after making tantalizing love catching their breath. Alex wrapped her arms around Marissa.” That was great."

"Tell me about it.” Marissa said. That was their last full sentence and they slept in each others arms.

Part Four

Alex awoke the next morning to an empty space beside her with a note on the pillow.


Hey I had to get to work early. Sorry for leaving the way I did, I didn't want to wake you up. You looked so peaceful sleeping there. Anyway I am out of the office at 5pm today so I was thinking... meet me at THE PITT at 5:30pm? Hope to see you there.



"Wow!” Alex had no other words to convey what happened last night or the emotions she felt this morning.

It was already 3:30pm she had practically slept the day away. Good thing she is her own boss and the owner of her company or she would be fired. She smiled and walked over to her shower.

By time she got out of the shower it was a quarter after 4 and she was getting her make-up on while thinking about how amazing last night . "Wow, this girl is so damn amazing.” She continued putting her make-up on and then walked to the closet to get something to wear.” Hum...what to wear?"

Alex saw something that caught her attention. A denim skirt and a sexy lace top.” She’ll love this.” Alex went into the bathroom to fix her hair but decided it would look better down. She was ready at quarter to five and left for the club.

She got there a half hour early and was talking to Jole. "Hey so you and Marissa left together last night?” He said raising his eyebrows.

"Oh you saw us leave together and think something happened?"

"I didn't mean it like that."

"Oh really and how did you mean it?"

"I don't know I...I just.."

"That's what I thought.” Marissa walked in hearing the whole conversation.

"Don't give the poor guy such a hard time Alex.” Alex turned around at the voice smiled and walked up to Marissa.

"So, Riss what is up?"

"Not much just wanted to see you again.” Alex pulled Marissa close and they kissed passionately.

"So how about we go into the back where there is hardly anyone ever there and have a make out session?"

"Sure why not.” Alex grabbed Marissa's hand and lead her to the back. No one was there they had the whole room to themselves.

Marissa looked at Alex's outfit biting her lower lip showing her interest. "Oh, you like?"

"Absolutely, hell yes."

"I like what you have on too.” Marissa was wearing an expensive leather skirt a red cami top and leather boots that came up to her knees. Alex licked her lips and pulled Marissa in for a long passionate kiss. Marissa held back with everything she had. She wanted Alex so bad right now and she was making it worse on her.

Breaking the kiss,” Wow you are killing me I can't control myself when you are around."

"Oh really?” Alex nibbled on her ear making her moan slightly.

"You're not helping very much."

"I wasn't trying to.” Still nibbling on Marissa's ear moving to her neck and shoulder pulling her strap down kissing her shoulder. This time Marissa moaned even louder.

"Ok you're right maybe we should leave."

"That would be best I think...My place this time...let's grab a case of Smirnoff first."


Marissa paid for the Smirnoff and they decided to take Marissa's car. Marissa lived about 20 minutes from the club...it was too long for them to wait. They couldn't keep their hands off each other the way there.

"Stop you are going to make me wreck I don't want us to become pancakes Alex."

"Oh but I want you so bad."

"Oh believe me it is not easy telling you no...but I would rather enjoy you alive."

"Good point.” The rest of the drive consisted of them holding hands and every once and a while Alex's hand traveled to Marissa's thigh.

"Ok we are here.” Alex looked up seeing a huge building. Her mouth agape.

"Wait till you see the view, com'on." Marissa said grabbing Alex's hand. They got to the elevator and stopped.” I normally take the stairs but I don't know if you can make it all the way to the 100th floor on steps in that. So elevator?"

"Yea because that means I get to hold you."

"Oh my god I can't believe you are making me take an elevator because it benefits you!"

"Believe it babe.” She said smirking at Marissa and kissing her ever so gently. Marissa was in heaven but still couldn't get enough. It took almost a full ten minutes to reach the top floor. Alex and Marissa got out of the elevator on the top floor not breaking the kiss as they walked toward Marissa's apartment...I mean pent house. Marissa slid a key card opening the door never breaking the kiss that held them so closely together. Marissa guided Alex through her bedroom over to the balcony.

Marissa finally breaking the kiss opened the door and lead Alex onto the balcony. There was a table set for two a nice dinner with wine and candles. Alex stood in amazement and shock.” You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.” Marissa said laughing.

"Wow you did all this?"


"For me? How?"

"Yes for you, I called in a favor when I got to the club I knew you wouldn't be able to resist."

"So we met at the club just for you to get me to come back here?"

"Yeah that's pretty much the jest of the situation."

"Wow, how sweet. You really went through all this just for me, I don't know what to say."

Part Five

"How about we sit and talk about it over dinner?” She said lighting the candles.” It’s so perfect Riss. "She took Alex's hand and lead her to her seat and pushed her chair in for her.

"I hope you like salmon and rice."

"Yeah I do. Wow you weren't kidding about the view. It is beautiful."

"Well I figured it was probably the best view around so."

"And the way the sunset looks is so amazing...The way you look is so amazing."

"Thanks...you look amazing too."

They ate dinner and talked about where their relationship might take them. They talked about their professions and when they would run together.

They finished Marissa took the dishes inside. Washed them and returned to Alex, who was standing at the rail of the balcony. Marissa walked up behind her, putting her arms around her. Doing this startled Alex.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startled you.'

"It's ok I just didn't hear you come back out. Umm dinner was good. Did you make it?"

"Yeah made it before I left and put it in the oven and had a neighbor come up take it out and set everything up."

"Wow all this for me?"

"Well not just you.” She said playfully kissing the back of her neck.

The sun was getting low enough that the colors started to blend.” It is so beautiful. You are so beautiful."

"Thanks, let's watch the sun go down."

"Ok." They held each other quietly taking in all their surroundings and watch the sun continue it's journey to set. The colors mixed so well. They started at the bottom with a serene blue to a shade of green yellow to a lovely yellow and orange mix finally leading to red color in the clouds. They watched the sun for hours until the last remains of the red sunset were turning to a deep blue. As the stars slowly formed Alex and Marissa started to get cold. They didn't want to go inside yet though so Marissa went in a got a blanket an wrapped it around the two of them.

They sat on one of the lawn chairs and looked up at the sky.” It is so wondrous. The stars I mean. They are so far away yet we can see them."

"Yeah they are, but you know what is even more wondrous?"

"No what.” Alex smiled.

Marissa took her hand, "You." They smiled and Marissa lead her back into the bedroom and on to the bed.

"Well at least we made it to a bed first.” The two of them laughed.

"I still can't believe you did all this for me."

"Right now I'd do anything for you."

The two of them had passion welling in their hearts the last few hours and they desperately needed to express it. Alex and unzipped Riss's boots and slid them off her feet and put them on the floor. Riss pulled Alex's lace top off over her head. Kissing her neck, shoulder, and collar bone, sliding her hands up and down her back sending reverberating chills through her whole body. Moving to her bra unhooking it with an expertise unknown to man.

"God you are so good.” Alex whispered in her ear nibbling on her earlobe. This made her moan slightly telling Alex that she wanted her to continue. Alex moved her hands from the back of her neck down to her ass sliding the zipper on Riss's skirt down, sliding it off of her delectable body. Marissa shook with sheer passion.

Alex moved up towards her inner thighs caressing them while kissing Marissa. She couldn't take the feeling it sent through her body. She had to have Alex now. Marissa and Alex both gave into temptation. Alex moved her hand to the edge of Marissa's panties pulling them down and moving between her legs. Marissa felt a tingle when two fingers were inserted in her. Alex knew this was what they both wanted she continued kissing her and pumping her fingers in Marissa. Marissa love every second of it. Alex moved faster noticing that Marissa was about to reach the edge. Marissa moaned loudly calling "ALEX!"

They finished and laid next to each other recuperating. "Damn you are so amazing.” Marissa said. They rocked each others world that night 4 times.

Part Six

Alex and Marissa awoke the next morning at 11am."Shit I have to get to work."


"Because I don't exactly have the luxury of being my own boss.” She smirked at Alex.” I have to get ready."

"NO....I want you to stay with me."

"I can't."

"You could if you worked for me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean turn your resignation in and come work for me...you would have the same days off...see each other all the time...Don't you want that?"

"Of course I do, I just started there a little while ago though. I moved to here from Sacramento 4 months ago."

"Tell them you got a better deal?” Alex said handing her the phone and smiling.

Marissa reached for the phone and smiled at Alex giving her a quick kiss before calling her employer.

"Hi Mr. Toller...I have decide to give you my resignation your firm just isn't the right one for me."

"May I ask why."

"Well see I got this really good deal to work for a really high business company and I have decided to take it. They already have an office cleared for me."

"Well if you are sure it is what you want we'll have the papers for you to sign tomorrow in the mail. Then just send them back and you can be on your marry way. Good luck Miss Cooper."

"Thank you for understanding.” She hung up the phone and looked at Alex.” I have a job right?"

"Yep and you're doing great."

"Hey." Marissa tickled Alex. "Stop..."laughs.” No com'on stop."...laughing.” Marissa stop!"...laughing and screaming. "Marissa." She finally stopped to let her catch her breath and then kissed her. Alex decide to get Marissa back for tickling her by tempting her to want to make love.

Alex nibbled on her earlobe, moving her hands up and down her body. Kissing her neck to her shoulder and her collar bone. Marissa shuddered at Alex's ouch. Then Alex stopped. "What?" Riss asked her.

"Nothing.” Alex got up and walked away with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey! What did you do that for?"

"Who me? Teasing that's all."


"I was getting you back for tickling me."

"Oh, that's why huh? Well I'll show you."

Marissa grabbed Alex by her waist and pulled her in tight to her body so that their faces were only a few centimeters apart. She nibbled on her neck and shoulder moving her hands up and down her spine.” You know what I am not in the mood.” She walked away from Alex and got in the shower.

Alex followed close behind” That wasn't fair!"

"Why not?"

"Because I am the tease not you.” They both laughed.

They showered together and decide to go out for dinner and celebrate the "merger".

"So where are we going?"

"I don't know. Where do you want to go?"

"Alex you're the one who suggested the whole thing."

"I know but...I don't know where to go."

"How about we stay here and order Chinese and watch movies?"

"Ok...that will at least save us the time to get ready and getting dressed."

"We should go rent movies and I'll call the Chinese in now."

"Ok." They got dressed into their pajamas and put on light jackets and got into Marissa car.

On the way the discussed the movies they would rent.” So what about WRONG TURN?"

"I don't know Alex...isn't it scary."

"No not really.” Alex laughed to herself. "Oh and GINGER SNAPS TWO...and TCM."

"God Alex do I have to watch TCM?"


"FINE!” They both were giggling.

They got the movies and walked over to the Chinese place across the street.” What do you want?"

"Yea know I would rather pizza if you wouldn't mind?"

"You read my thoughts exactly."

They got back in the car driving to Dominoes.” Two large pepperoni pizzas please."


They got the pizza and movies and drove back to Marissa's.

"Ok. WRONG TURN first?"

"Sure.” Alex popped in the movie, she knew it was scary and that Marissa would get mad at her for getting it but oh well.

Alex sat down on the couch hiding the remote so Marissa couldn't turn the movie off. Alex patted the couch.” Come sit with me."

"With you or on you?"

"Either.” Marissa jumped on Alex.

"Jezz I didn't say jump on me."

"You'll get over it."

"That is besides the point.” Alex pressed play and they began watching the movie.

At the part where the two lovers were in the woods. Marissa was crying because she thought it was so scary. The guy was just dragging her of like it was nothing.” Marissa it's ok I am here."

"I told you I don't like scary movies. Especially the ones that could have the potential to happen."

"Oh Hun, come here.” Marissa move closer to Alex. Just as they were getting comfortable Marissa's cell rang....

Part Seven

"Who could that be?"

"I don't know Riss just answer it."


"Marissa is that you?"

"Summer, oh my god. What is up."

"Umm...Derrick ran out on me.” summer started to cry.

"Where are you?"

"I am in Orlando."

"What hotel, I am coming to get you."

"The Hilton."

"Stay there don't move I will be there in 3 hours.” Marissa hung up the phone.

"Alex I know this was supposed it be just us but I have to go get my friend she's in Orlando."

"Ok if you need to go then go."

"No you're coming with me."

"I am?"

"Duh, I don't want to be dead somewhere because I fell asleep at the wheel. Come on I'll tell you about her on the way."

"Umm..ok."Alex followed Riss out to the car. They were on route 2 to Orlando.(not sure if there is a route 2 but)

"So what is going on?"

"My best friend from Sacramento is here and she is really upset. Her and I go way back. Freshmen year in high school is when we met. I haven't seen or talked to her in 6 years. It is sudden I know but she was always there for me then and I want to be there for her now. Her husband Derrick left her."

"O.K. understand totally, you don't have to explain anything I know there is nothing to worry about."

They held hands the rest of the way there.” Come on she said she is in room 308."

"Ok, but we aren't driving back tonight are we?"

"No we can stay the night and leave tomorrow morning. I just wanted to be here for her."

"I know I told you you don't have to explain. Is she going to be ok with this."

"Ok with what."

"Oh I mean us. Will she be ok with it."

"I don't think it really matters but

I don't think it will bother her. And if it does it really isn't her place to have an opinion about us because it isn't going to change the way I feel about you."

"I know.” Alex said kissing Marissa on the cheek.” I know."

Marissa and Alex walked to the elevator "Ugg."I don't want to take the elevator."

"Don't worry I'll hold you."

"Ok."So Marissa and Alex held each other all the way to the 3 floor. They got out joined hands while walking to room 308.

"Summer?” Marissa said knocking on the door. Summer opened the door she had been crying.

"Hey Coop.” She said embracing her long time best friend.

"Hey you want to talk?"

"Yea,"Summer looked up.” Who is this?"

"This is my girlfriend Alex."

"Oh Coop I am happy for you."




"Nice to meet you Alex."

"You too.” Alex and Marissa walked into Summer's hotel room.” So where is your stuff?"

"I didn't bring any of it."

"Oh too much of a reminder?"


"I am so sorry."

"No it should be me who is sorry I haven't called or written in years I am sorry."

"Don't worry about it come on.” Marissa and summer went into the bedroom leaving Alex in the living room by herself.

They were in there for a few hours and Alex started to worry, why she didn't know, she trusted her but maybe it was because she didn't want to lose her. Or maybe it was because she loved her?

"Marissa are you ok?"Alex said through the door.

"We're fine. I am coming out."


"Hey, she said we could stay in the room and she will sleep on the couch."

"Ok, that sounds fine."

Summer got a pillow and a blanket and came out of the room and sat on the couch.” If you need to talk again I am here."

"No I'll be fine.” Summer and Marissa talked about all the things that had happened, though they never once touched upon Derik.They talked about Alex and Marissa mostly. Summer was surprised but happy that Marissa found love again after Ryan. And she did, in Alex.

Alex and Marissa talked about how they would work this out.” Well I'll let her stay at my place and we can stay at yours."


"Alex...Hold me?"

"Of course...what is wrong?"

"Nothing.” Alex knew there was something bothering her but didn't know what it was.

Marissa knew what was bothering her she wanted to tell Alex how she felt but she wasn't sure she felt the same way and decided to wait to tell her after Summer had her own place here.

The next morning was uneventful they drove back to Marissa's place and gave Summer the keys and then they drove to Alex's place.

"So what do you want to do?"

"I was thinking the 3 of us could hang out at the club."

"Sure tell her to meet us there.” Alex said to Marissa walking away. Alex didn't want to do anything with anyone but Marissa right now so she was a little bummed. Noticing the look on her face Marissa took her hand and pulled her around to face her."Hey don't worry I promise we'll do something just me and you."

"You promise?"

"Yes now put on something sexy for me will yea, since I can't touch I want to be able to look."

"ok."alex walked over to her closet grabbing the outfit she wore the first day the two of them met.

"You're going to do this to me?” Marissa said looking at her biting her lower lip showing her interest.

"Yes I am, if I can't have you right now I want you to want me later."

"I will always want you.” She smiled pulling Alex in for a kiss. It was strong and passionate, and neither of them wanted to let go. Marissa broke first,"Com'on we should get going."

They drove to the club finding that Summer was already there."Hey where have you been I've been waiting all morning?"

"Sorry we kind got side tracked."

"It's ok but you two have to play catch up."

"Are you kidding?"


Alex whispered in Marissa's ear,” does she do this often?"

"No, she told me she has been doing it for a few weeks since he left that was it."


"What the...Summer.” Marissa said turning toward her friend.

"She is out cold. Get me some water will you?"

Alex ran to get water and a damp towel."Here.She is not going to wake up.Help me get her to the car.” Alex and Marissa picked Summer up and carried her to the car.

They drove to Alex's apartment and carried her to the couch. She was wasted.” Alex? Can you go to my place and get her some of my clothes, I don't want to leave her alone and I want to stay with her."

"sure no problem.” Alex left and about ten minutes later she woke up with a start.” Where am I? Coop?"

"Shh I am here, take this you'll feel better I promise." Marissa sat on the couch beside her. Summer took the medicine and fell asleep on Marissa's shoulder .Alex came back and walked in," Hey I got..."She dropped the bag of clothing.

"Alex shh. I just got her to go back to sleep."

"OH, ok."

"Help me get her to the spare room."

"Ok." The girls carried Summer to the room and came back out to sit down." So do you want to watch a movie?"


"Ok then, what is wrong?"

"It's just since she has been here we haven't done anything and I feel..."

"Left out?"

"Yea .I am sorry I know she is your friend."

"Hey it's ok we'll look for a place for her to stay tomorrow."

Summer woke up in the middle of the conversation and heard what was going on, she was starting to come between them. She didn't want to intrude with her life on Marissa's especially now. she opened the door and took a peek, they were both asleep in Alex's room. She tip toed past and walked out. She knew Coop loved this girl and she was beginning to be a problem so she wrote Coop a note.


Hey I just wanted to clear my head so I'll be back later. You and Alex should talk while I am gone and when I get back you and I can talk about that thing."

Summer left the note under Marissa's pillow. Alex woke up first and decided to get in the shower .Marissa heard the water turn on and got up to find the note.

"Hum ok. Maybe she heard us talking last night?" Marissa got up from the bed and joined Alex in the shower.

"Hey you."Alex jumped.

"Sorry didn't mean to scare you." She said kissing down her neck and shoulders.

"What are you doing Riss?"

"What? You don't want..."

"Oh no Riss it isn't that .I meant with Summer here?"

"She left to clear her head."

"Oh...well in that case you are mine Marissa Cooper." The two of them locked lips in a powerful kiss. Alex moved her hands down Marissa's sides sending tantalizing chills through her body. She then moved her hands towards her breasts rubbing them gently then kissing and biting them gently. This made Marissa go weak in her knees and moan loudly. Alex could tell Marissa wanted her badly and she filled Marissa's every desire. Then it was Alex's turn Marissa pushed her against the wall and pinned her hands above her head, and she began to kiss Alex's soft lush lips .Gently forcing her mouth open Marissa slid her tongue into Alex's mouth massaging her tongue. Alex could feel her body tense giving into Marissa's every move. Marissa pleased Alex until neither of them could take it anymore .They got out of the shower and wrapped each other in towels.

"So what are we going to do today?"

"Well actually I should go to work, the bills don't pay themselves."

"Good point, so I'll see you later then?"

"Yea, bye. "Alex kissed Riss on the cheek and walked out the door." Dam* I am falling for this girl. "Alex walked to her car and drove to work.

"Alex Kelly finally decides to grace us with her presents."

"Watch it Bob you can be replaced."

"I know I will leave you alone, you seem a little pissy today."

"Get me a briefing so I can bring myself up to date."


Alex spent her day in her office reading reports doing her best to keep her mind from wandering.

Back at Alex's place Marissa had just fixed herself breakfast when Summer walked in. "Hey where is Alex?"

"Hum...Oh she went to work."

"Hey I found a place to stay and now we can plan that surprise for her."

"Yea I know I am so excited!"

"so what do you want to do?"

"Something romantic!"

"Ok so how about we have a candle lit dinner at a spot on the beach, with a nice little salmon? Then maybe take her for a walk on the beach. And after bring her back here. I'll take care of everything you won't have to worry at all and there will be a prefect time to tell her you love her."

"Sounds great but I want to find a remote spot on the beach where no one ever goes that we can walk to so I can tell her there and the we can come back to the house. I need you to get 3 blankets and lay down where you find a good spot where no one goes, then I want you to put rose petals around the blanket, then use some that are left to write I love you on it."

"Wow Coop you've been thinking about this for a while?"

"Yea I have."

Coop and summer got the plans into action that afternoon. "Alex gets home at 5:30pm and it was already a quarter til. Summer I need you to go back to Alex's wait until she goes inside and then gets into the shower .Go in make sure she knows you're there and tell her I said to dress in something casual, yet sexy."

"Ok see ya soon." Marissa couldn't wait to see her. She was going to love this. And Marissa was going to love her.

She set all of the plans in action.

Alex arrived home a little before 5:20 and got in the shower. Summer saw that she went in the house waited a few minutes to go in and opened the door," Coop? Alex? I am back."

Alex jumped out of the shower wrapping a towel around her body and came out. "Where is Riss?"

"I don't know," I hope she calls soon. Summer's cell rang." Hello?"

"Hey I am ready."

"OK. "Summer closed the phone. "Marissa wants to see you, she has a surprise for you."

"Ok. Where is she?"

"Surprise Alex...she wants you to wear something casual yet sexy."

"Ok." Alex picked out a pair of faded jeans, a Black tube top and wore a jean jacket over top, with sandals.


"Umm...yeah I think so."

"Here put this on." Summer said putting a bandana over her eyes to blind fold her so she didn't see what Marissa had planned. Summer lead her to Marissa's car and opened the door for her. She drove to the beach where Marissa was standing. Marisa nodded telling Summer that she got it from here .She took Alex's hand and it made her tremble.

"Where are you?"

"I am here don't worry. "Marissa lead Alex to the chair and motioned Summer to fix the other surprise. "Here sit."

Alex sat down and Marissa took her blind fold off. "Wow ."Alex looked around her the sun was at the point in the sky when you knew it would be setting soon and it made the atmosphere perfect ."I...I...am..."


"Yea. "Alex and Marissa started to eat their dinner before it got cold. Alex's hand was laying on the table, Marissa reached her hand out and placed it on top of Alex's.

Alex thought,' her hands are so warm and soft.' Alex looked up at Marissa and smiled. Marissa stood blowing out the candles and walked to Alex's side of the table and took her hand." Come with me." Alex had just then realized that Marissa was wearing the same dress she had when they had met that night in the club.

Alex stood and her and Marissa walked hand in hand down the beach ."It is so beautiful."

"Yes you are." Marissa smiled and stopped to kiss Alex. They stood there for a while holding each other and embracing each other's touch. "Let's keep walking."

Alex nodded her head. This girl was amazing .She had planned all of this. And it took a lot of effort.

They were walking to where Summer had set up the blanket and the rose petals.

Alex could see a solitary candle in the distance. Where or how far it was she couldn’t tell but she didn't want to dwell on it so she took Marissa's hand again and they walked for a few more minutes. "Alex I need to tell you something."

"What?" Alex stopped and Marissa held her gaze with her piercing green eyes.

"I want to show you something first, close your eyes."

"Ok, don't make me fall."

"Don't worry I won't." Marissa lead her to the blanket." Open your eyes and look down. "Alex opened her eyes and saw all the trail of rose petals leading to the candle she saw. Marissa took her hand and they both walked together, because Alex could hardly stand. As the got closer Alex began to see the faint light of the candle getting brighter. She could smell the aroma of warm sea water and roses and it smelled so sweet. Alex and Marissa reached the edge of the blanket, Alex looked down and started to cry. She saw the heart of rose petals written inside it was I LOVE YOU ALEX.

Marissa lifted Alex's chin and whipped her tears away." Alex Kelly I love you. "Marissa said and kissed her. She broke from the kiss. "I...I love you too." Alex cried even more now that she knew Marissa had felt the same way.

Marissa took Alex into her arms knowing that they finally both said the thing that kept their relationship from going any further...those 3 little words...and the surprises weren't over…

Part Eight

Marissa took Alex's hand and they sat down on the blanket. "Why...did you...?"

"Why did I do this for you?" Alex looked up and nodded.

"Why...I thought that that was clear?" Marissa looked down.

"No god...no...Why did you do all this I didn't need it...I just wanted to hear the words come out of your mouth." Alex lifted her chin and kissed her. Marissa kissed back. It was passionate and caring .Alex's tongue made its was into her mouth massaging it. Marissa moaned a little. Marissa pulled away." Come here." She pulled Alex on top of her. Alex quite taken and a little surprised that they were doing this here.

Sensing the worry in Alex" Don't worry Summer made sure that it was the least visited spot on the beach." She smiled at Alex and pulled her down for a kiss again. Alex enjoyed every moment of this date that they were on.

Alex loved that Marissa wanted to do this for her, and Marissa still had a few tricks up her sleeve. "Mmmm...you taste so good. "Alex pulled from the deeper kiss making small little ones on her neck and jaw line. "Alex." Marissa called. Alex moved her hands down from her back of her neck slowly making her way down Marissa's front, gently brushing her breasts and reaching her stomach. Marissa wanted Alex more and more every second they laid there.

Alex looked down at Riss, "So do you have anything else planned?"

"As a matter of fact I do."

"What...?What else could you have planned?"

"You'll have to wait and see. "Alex looked at Marissa, she was amazed by how much she had went through to do this.

"Come on." Marissa and Alex got up and they walked back to the car. Marissa opened the door for Alex, then got in on the other side .She put the key in the ignition and turned the car over. She pulled out of the drive and drove to the club. They got out of the car and Marissa took Alex's hand," Close your eyes." Alex did and Marissa lead her into the club. There were streamers and balloons everywhere. "Open them." Alex looked around absolutely stunned. The one thing that popped out most was the sign above the bar that read," Alex Kelly you are mine and I am yours."

Alex stood there her jaw on the floor." Alex," She turned to Marissa.

"I want you to be mine and I want to be yours.

You are my passion, that I adore.

You see all the good in me and so much more.

You are the light in my darkening hours.

You have something over me this amazing power.

The one that warms me through all the cold nights.

You are the one that gets me like no one else ever will and it will always feel right.

You impress me more and more everyday and I find myself in love with you.

I find myself floating where only clouds roam so high above.

I want you to be mine and I want to be yours.

Forever and always ever more." Marissa finished her little speech and looked into her eyes. "I love you forever and always."

Alex was crying hard now, she knew that what Marissa had told her was true every word right down to the core. And she love her as much if not more now than before." Say something. Please?"

Alex stood there she couldn't mouth the words she was moved.

"Marissa...I...I" Alex leaned into her hard kissing fast and seductively. With her actions Marissa knew that she loved the surprise and she wasn't just saying it to make her happy. She knew that this was real and they both wanted to be together forever. Alex pulled back smiling ,"I want to be yours and you are mine." Marissa whipped the tears off her cheeks." So."


"What now?"

"Now?...Now we spend all night and all day tomorrow together."

"What about Summer?"

"She found a place."

"Oh. Umm...why were we here?"

"Oh I wanted a comfortable place for you to hear all of this."


"Yea ,I wanted you to be relaxed."

"Well I am now." Alex and Marissa kissed again and then went back to the car driving to Marissa's place. They walked to the elevator hand in hand." Look I wanted to do this for you because, I love you so much and I know that Summer being here we haven't done much and I didn't want you to doubt it."

"I know. "Alex held Marissa going up the elevator and rubbed her back. The elevator stopped and the two of them got out. Marissa opened the door and they grabbed a few blankets and pillows walking out to the balcony. They set up a nice little bed and laid down holding each other looking up at the stars. "It is not supposed to rain is it?"

"Nope I checked at 4pm."

"Ok." They sat there just looking at the stars. Holding on to each other for warmth thinking about how good tonight was .They fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning holding on to each other. Marissa on the bottom, Alex on top of her with her head resting on her chest.

Marissa woke up first and looked down to find Alex laying on her .Marissa closed her eyes listening to her breathe she was so peaceful when she slept. Marissa moved her arm and Alex stirred.

"Good morning sleepy head."

"Hey." Alex said yawning.

"Come on I'll make you breakfast. "Alex sat up allowing Marissa up and Marissa embraced Alex from behind," Umm...you smell so good."

"Really I was thinking the same about you."

Alex turned around putting her hands under Marissa's @ss lifting her and carrying her to the bed. She laid her down gently and climbed on top. Marissa felt everything slip away. Alex ran her fingers over Marissa's body giving in to her own sensuality. Alex was short of breath as Marissa reached for her snap on her jeans. Meeting her eyes she unsnapped them and slid the zipper down slowly. She then move her hands to the back of Alex's neck pulling her close kissing her gently full of passion. Alex moved her hands to the strap of her dress sliding it down and kissing her shoulder ,sending chills through her body. Alex stood letting Marissa stand. She slid her hands down to the bottom of her dress slowly lifting it over her head freeing her beautiful body. Alex discarded the piece of clothing to the floor. Standing back slightly allowing Marissa to slide her jacket off her shoulders. Marissa kissed from her neck down to her shoulder. Then moved her hands from the mid of her back to the small of her back, slowly sliding her hands up her top and pulled it down, freeing Alex's perfect breasts. She kissed them tenderly taking her time moving back to her jeans and panties pulling them down, sitting on the bed. She motioned for Alex to get on top of her, which she did. Alex slid her way up Marissa so that she could feel the tenderness of her sweet touch. Marissa moaned as Alex kissed her sensitive spot massaging her thighs and lead her hands to her panties putting a finger in on each side sliding them off her. Alex went back to what she was doing to Marissa having her moaning even louder.

Marissa was in total and utter ecstasy. Alex went faster and faster yet again sucking and biting gently inserting her tongue and rolling it around. Marissa hit her climax hard. Screaming Alex's name. They both laid there after hours of pleasing each other out of energy and holding each other the way it should be. They slept even longer after that.

Marissa woke up at 7pm and took a shower. She was glad Alex didn't hear her leave the bed or get in. She quickly got dressed and grabbed her keys walking out the door. She left Alex a small note beside her.

Alex woke up hearing the car start. She looked over to find Marissa missing but then found the note.

"Hey sexy,

I went to get us some food since we slept the day away. I am stopping at Summer's on the way back to drop her stuff off that she left at the apartment. I'll see you soon.



Alex smiled to herself and went back to sleep until Marissa got home...but she never came back.

Part Nine

*2 weeks later*

Marissa was getting better but wasn't well enough to go home quite yet .Alex never left her side. This week would mark her third week in the hospital. She was starting physical therapy this week.

"Alex I want you to come with me."

"Ok, I will."

Marissa attended her first session Monday morning. "Hello, I am Dr. Casidy."

"Hi ,I am Marissa."

"So then your the patient."

"Yea afraid so."

"So who is this person you have with you? Friend?"

"Yea, my girlfriend."

"Oh, that's cool. Ok I want you just to get up first." she said looking at Marissa.

"Ok," Marissa stood from he wheel chair.

"Good. Now Alex if you would grab her hand and help her walk down the aisle to see how far we can make it today."

Alex lead Marissa down the aisle and they got half way before Marissa started to feel woozy and disoriented. "Ok that's all for today. When you go back to your room just try and stretch a bit then take it easy."

"Yea. I will." Alex helped Marissa sit back down and wheeled her to her room. "Do your stretches then get some rest I am going for some food. What do you want?"

"Nothing I am not hungry...water would be nice though."

"Sure." Alex walked to the elevator and called Summer.

"Hello, Summer?"

"Oh hey. How is she?"

"She has been walking."

"That's great."

"Yea, can you come down here and stay with her...I should go home and get a shower."

"No problem I'll be there in five minutes."

"Ok." Alex walked into the cafe grabbed a water and walked back up to Marissa's room.

"Here...haa." Marissa was sound asleep. So Alex left the water on the table beside the bed. Summer walked in.

"Hey Al..."

"Shh.." Alex cut her off. "She is sleeping. I'll be back in an hour." Summer nodded and Alex left.

Marissa awoke twenty minutes after Alex left. "Hey, there, heard you were walking today."

"Yea, got half way."

"Wow you keep that up you should be outta here by the end of the week."

"That's my goal."


"Where did Alex go?"


"Good, she was starting to smell, don't tell her I said that."

"Be good and I won't." They both laughed. The nurse came in.

"So you must be the one and only Summer."


"You have some great friends that talk about you constantly .Nice to met you. "DR. Casidy held her hand out to Summer. "My name is Dr. Leighanne Casidy."

"Summer...Roberts ."Summer stuttered taking her hand. Why did I do that, she is a girl why am i so nervous she's just a doctor.

"Ummm...Summer...you can let go now."

"Oh sorry...I was.. just...umm.. yea."

"I know what you mean I do it all the time. "Leighanne smiled. Wow what a beautiful smile. What am I thinking she's a girl.

Alex was back walked in past Summer and looked at her face. Alex knew that face, that was the face of OMG what am I thinking..."Summer? You?"

"Huh...oh sorry. "Summer smiled embarrassed. Alex knew exactly what she was thinking now. Alex smiled at her.

"Ah, Alex you're back. I have excellent news Marissa can check out Friday."

"That's great!" Alex said giving a huge grin.

"So. .umm. .well all that is left are the papers and a few more sessions."

"Wow !I am so happy you get to come home!"

"Alex can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure Doc." The two of them walked into an empty room.

"Ok I have this major favor to ask of you."

"Ok, shoot."

"Ok so can you find out if Summer is attracted to me?"

"Oh...sure...I guess I could and then tell you at the sessions."

"Great that would be helpful. She is like giving signals but I wasn't sure what to make of them."

"No problem."

"Oh one more thing, if I were you and Marissa I would wait for a while till you had an encounter again."

"Oh right she might get scared or something, ok." They walked back to the room.

Summer and Alex hung at the hospital all week with her and went to the sessions .Alex still hadn't asked Summer yet about Leighanne.

Part Ten and Eleven

"Summer can I talk to you a sec.?"

"Sure." they stepped outside the room and took a walk to the cafe.

"Summer, look I am not suggesting anything here ok."

"Ok." Summer was a little uneasy." What?"

"Well Leigh Anne was well, wondering if you were attracted to her."


"Look Summer if you are then you should tell her, ok?"


"So...."She gave Summer a little nudge.

"What? Oh...well...yea I am I guess." Summer said with a smile so small you could hardly tell.

The two of them walked back to the room and talked about the problem that Alex and Marissa might have to face." Wow that is going to be hard."

"Yea tell me about it." Alex and Summer walked back into the room.

"Hey where did you guys go?"

"Drinks." They said simultaneously. Summer and Alex looked at each other. Alex gave her a reassuring look.

"Hey can I talk to you a sec. Leigh Anne?"

"Sure." Leigh Anne looked a little worried and looked at Alex. Alex gave her a reassuring look as well. The two of them left to talk.

"Alex? What is going on?"

"Now why would you ask something like that?"

"Hum I don't know, maybe because I know you too well."

"Oh ok I'll tell you....Summer has the hots for Leigh Anne."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeppers." The two of them smiled. Summer would finally get over Derrick.

"So what is wrong, you seemed stressed."

"Well I kind of am."

"Really? Come here I have something to help that. "Summer walked over and turned around so that Leigh Anne was behind her. Leigh Anne rubbed Summer's back relieving her of any stress she had from the day,

"Ohhh.. that feels so good."


"Yea." Summer was in heaven the way that Leigh Anne moved her hands rubbing gently but hard enough to loosen her muscles. Leigh Anne leaned down towards her ear and whispered.

"Do you like this?"

"Yes." Summer flatly replied, feeling her warm moist lips on her neck.

Marissa and Alex heard every word they made no attempt to hide the conversation at all then again it was only a curtain that separated the room. Alex and Marissa smiled.

Summer was feeling Leigh Anne' s soft lips travel up and down her neck, sending erotic chills through her body.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No...but we should considering."

"Oh right...hospital."

"Yea. So when is your shift over?"

"Soon." They smiled at each other seductively and Summer walked back to Alex and Marissa.

"So have a nice time?" Marissa laughed.

Summer blushed, "Yes I did." They all laughed.

"Well I am going to go hang with Leigha and I'll see you later?"

"Ok Sum have fun. "Summer left and waited for Leigha at the front desk, she walked out in her street clothes, god she was beautiful.

"So I as thinking we could go to...The Bungalow?"

"Sure, would you mind driving though I took a cab here."

"Now that is fine." They walked out of the hospital together to the car and drove to the club, a girls only club.

At the club

"So what do you wan to drink?"

"Umm...whatever you get is fine with me."

"Wow, you're trusting."

"Only women sweet heart only women."

"I'll be back then we should talk, head back there. There is a room back there for people that want to get away from things."

"Ok." Summer got up and walked back to the room, which was completely empty.

"Here I got us two waters." Leigha said handing Sum a bottle.


"So about what happened earlier, I...um ..I am."

Summer cut her of in mid sentence, "Don't worry about it."


"So..."Sum looked into Leigha's beautiful brown eyes. "Yea..."Sum trailed off still lost in her gaze. They kept getting closer and closer till finally their lips met. First it was gentle and soft, then it grew hard and passionate.

Sum broke first, "Wait..."

"What's wrong? Did I do..."

"No, Leigha, I just came out of a horrible relationship and I just wanted to take it slow."

"Ok, do you want to talk about it?"

"You mean you wouldn't mind hearing a long boring story?"

"I have all night." Summer told her the whole story with her husband leaving her for a younger woman." How much younger does he want?"

"I don't know and I don't care, all I know is I hope I never see him again."

Summer said staring to cry. "It really hurt me."

"Shh, I know .Don't worry. "She held Summer and embraced their touch, they both did. Summer looked up at her." Screw slow, "Sum kissed Leigha.

After making out for quite a while Leigh stood taking Sum's hand. "Come on. "Leading her to the dance floor. They danced some and kissed some and then went back to Sum's place both very tired." Well here we are."

"Yea...Hey, do you want to come up?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yea. Come on." The walked to Sum's flat. She took her keys out trying to get the door open but couldn't.

"Let me help." Leigha leaned in and put her arms around Sum placing her hands on top of hers and turning the key. Sum could feel her hot body on hers, and thought about what it would be like, but just then they got the door open. Sum turned around in the door way facing Leigha. They stared at each other for a while smiling. Leigha moved Sum backwards with every step she took. When their bodies finally touched they both felt uncontrollable urges to kiss and have their bodies touch now.

But Leigha wanted to take it slow for Sum. She kissed up and down her neck and nibbled on her earlobe. This sent chills through Sum's body." Ohhh." Summer moaned softly.

Leigha moved her hands up and down her sides knowing exactly where to linger.

Summer lead her to her room and they started to kiss heavily.

Leigha threw Sum on the bed getting on top of her, looking in her eyes, "Are you ready for this?" Sum didn't answer she just kissed Leigha instead sending the best signal she could all night. Leigh continued moving her hands to the front of her blouse, slowly unbuttoning it. Tracing the outline of Leigha' s spine sent chills through her whole body and her own.

They undressed each other and made each other tremendously happy.

Part Twelve

Friday morning at the hospital

"Well, are you ready to go?"

"You bet I can't wait to get home and have some fun. "Marissa smiled playfully .They check her out and drove over to Sum's.

Sum and Leigha had been going out every night and afterwards going back to Sum's to "Hang".

"Hey look who it is." Sum gave Marissa a hug after they walked into her apartment.


"How do you feel?"

"Fine,I want to go and play though. "She turned to Alex who got the hint and they went to the spare room.

"Well I guess it didn't effect her that much?"

"I guess not. Umm...you know what?"


"I want to play too." Sum lead Leigha to her room and they started to undress each other once again this time getting in the shower.



"You want something to eat?"


"What do you want?"

"You." Riss said pulling her down. Alex kissed Marissa pushing her tongue through her open lips." You taste so good."


"Yea, really."

"So what are we doing today?"

"Well actually I think we should go to work considering neither of us has been there in what a month?"

"I guess...since we have the same office we still get to see each other...well ok." They showered together, washing every inch and having plenty of fun doing it. They got out dressed each other in casual sexy work clothes. And they drove to work in Marissa's car.

At work they were briefed on the happenings and went in to the office to be "alone".

"Alex come here."

"What...you're so damn beautiful."

"So are you." Alex kissed her neck moving slowly to the bottom of her skirt, feeling her tense not in a good way." Are you ok?"

"I don't know I don't think I am ready yet."

"Don't worry about it take your time I will never leave you. I hope they catch that bastard that did this to you."

"Me too...Alex...me too." Riss started to cry." Can you just hold me?"

"Of course." Alex lead her to the couch that was in front of the window of the view of the beach and it was beautiful. Alex held Riss while she continued to cry.

Part Thirteen

*2 months later*

Summer and Leigha were going steady since that night at the hospital and Riss still wasn't ready.

Riss and Alex were at work Monday morning when they got a phone call from the police.


"Hello I am Detective Grouse. We have caught the man who raped you."

"That's great but I don't see how I am any help I couldn't see him."

"I know just look at him and then we have an eyewitness and they will testify."

"Oh, fine. I'll be down at lunch time."

Marissa hung the phone up.

"So...they caught him."

"Yea and I am happy about it." Riss looked out the window.

"What's wrong?" Alex walked over and hugged her.

"I think you and I should talk."

"Ok." Riss and Alex sat down.

"Alex...I..I think I should see a shrink."

"If that's what it takes then do it, I'll go with you."

"I knew you would understand. "she said hugging Alex.

*2 weeks later*

Marissa and Alex went to see Dr. Thompson. It was their second visit, Riss was making progress. She would talk for hours then Alex and her would go home and kiss, making it further and further to that same feeling they once had .Until the week of their 6 month anniversary .It was November 29, Thanksgiving. Summer, Alex, Leigha, and Riss all had dinner together.

After dinner Marissa and Summer cleaned up the kitchen. "Sum..."


"I...well.. I have been thinking and I think I am going to ask Alex to marry me."

"Wow...that's a big step."

"Yea I know but I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.I need you to help me though."

"Sure no problem."

"Thanks." sum nodded.

Summer and Leigha were still going strong and living together in Sum's apartment.

It was getting close to Christmas, it was two weeks away.

"Hey hun, Sum and I are going shopping I'll see you in a bit."

"Ok. I am going to rent movies and hang with Leigha."

"Ok." Riss walked out the door. Leigha and Sum both knew Riss' s plans and they were all pitching in.

Riss and Summer headed to Tovan and Co. to find an engagement ring for Alex. Riss was willing to pay anything and could afford it too.

Riss and Sum walked around the store until they found the perfect ring. "Oh my god, Sum, this one is it."

"Wow!" It was a round diamond, 3.07ct, and worth $12,000 but it was for Alex and Marissa ha cash up front. That was just the diamond and now for the ring itself, 18 ct, 3mm, $179.

"Damn, wow it's beautiful. "Sum was amazed at the fit and the ring itself was gorgeous. The jeweler set the stone and put it in a box and handed it to Marissa, she gave him the money and they left.

"So do you think she'll like it?"

"She'll love it. "Sum smiled.

"So I was thinking when we get back I am going to put the tree up."

"Cool sounds like a good idea I should too."

Marissa put the ring in her pocket before walking in to the pent house." Alex I am home."

"Oh hey...she left a while ago .I missed you, want to watch a movie?"

"Sure. Hold on a sec I want to change first."

"Ok." Marissa changed into something comfortable and put the ring in the drawer next to her bed inside her jewelry box locking it.

"Hey, are you ready?"

"Oh...yea I am coming. So what are we watching?"

"Um...well how about home alone?"

"Sure I love that one. "Alex and Marissa watched that and then, Miracle on 31st street.

"Well, bed?"

"Yea I'm tired, you?

"Yea." They went to bed and held each other. They hadn't had sex in a long time but both of them were fine with that because they were together.

Part Fourteen

*The 23*

They were all at Marissa's and Alex's place and having dinner.

"Summer can I speak with you?"

"Sure, Riss I'll be there in a sec."

Riss and Sum got up from the table walking to the kitchen. "What?"

"I am proposing tomorrow."

"I know and how are you going to do it?"

"Well I was thinking a fire in the living room, with her beside me and just asking her?"

"Sounds good, then what?"

"Well if she says yes then...well you get the idea."

"Yea but are you ready?"

"I am now, I went to a shrink for months I think I am ready. No I know I am."

"Good, because the two of you seem to be happier when you do."

"I know but every time we tried I couldn't get that night out of my head, until now."

"Well I am sure she'll love it. "Sum smiled and they sat back down at the table with dessert.


*The next day*

It was Christmas eve and Sum and Leigha decided to spend the day with each other and leave Riss and Alex alone because they knew what she was doing later.

"So Alex what do you say to so movies?"

"I say let's."

They watched movies all day, ate dinner at 6 and sat in the living room.

"Hey I am going to get a fire going."

"Ok." Marissa got up and built the "electric fire".She sat back down next to Alex.

"Alex I have something to ask you."

"Ok. Can it wait till I go to the bathroom first?"

"Sure." Alex walked to the bathroom, "What is she doing?"

Marissa got up went to the bedroom and got the box and the rose petals and laid them on the floor. Alex came out walked a few steps and stopped and stared at Marissa. "You always know when to surprise me don't you."

"Yea, I do have something really important to ask you though."


"Umm, come here sit down."

"Ok." Alex was a little unsure but did anyway. "What's going on?"

Marissa took the box from beside her and opened it in front of Alex." Alex, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you and it would make me so happy to be with you, to share everyday and waking hour with you, waking up with you knowing you'll be mine forever." She paused for a second and looked in Alex's eyes reading pure joy and excitement so continued on." Alex, I promise to love you with all my heart and I will take care of you and be here for you always. Everyday I fall in love with you more .I never knew I could fall so fast, so hard. "Pausing again." Alex, will you marry me?"

Alex started to cry before she even finished and barely got out the words Marissa so desperately wanted to hear. "Yes."

Marissa took the ring out and slid it onto Alex's finger. It fit perfect. Alex was still crying and Marissa lifted her chin and they kissed.

"Alex, you have made me the happiest person alive. "Marissa stood and lead her to the bedroom. Alex and Riss stood at the foot of the bed undressing each other. It was amazing that they still felt the same electric feeling of when they had done it the first time.

Alex kissed Riss's neck," Wow it was so romantic. "Alex kissed up and down her neck sending chills through her body. Marissa pulled Alex's cute Santa dress of and threw her on the bed." Are you sure you are ready to do this again?"

"Alex I love you and I know I am safe with you. It just took me awhile to realize it. "Marissa moved atop of her and bit her lip teasingly, then slid her tongue into Alex's mouth. It sent an unknown assurance through Alex. Marissa would be hers forever. Alex rolled over sending Marissa to the floor. "Sorry." Then fell on top of Marissa, smiling wildly. They hadn't done this in so long it seemed like it was the first time. Alex had goose bumps all over her body and shook with anticipation. They fell into a deep passionate kiss.

Part Fifteen

Alex move on top of Marissa slowly rubbing their bodies together. "God you are so beautiful Alex. "Marissa said to her before Alex moved her hands to her sensitive spot inserting two of her fingers and began to pump. Marissa arched her back in the air, moaning crazily, calling Alex's name. Alex felt her climax and after fell beside her and they laid there recuperating, out of breath. Marissa recovered faster than Alex and got on top of her.

Marissa kissed up and down her stomach lingering for seconds until Alex couldn't take it anymore. Then moved between her legs putting her hip on her hips and moving in a circular motion. Doing this caused Alex to tremble with anticipation. Marissa went faster and faster and sent Alex way over the edge.

After their wonderful second first time they lay there legs intertwined holding each other tightly.

Christmas morning Marissa woke up at 9am smiling to herself looking at her life long partner or soon to be wife .It was what she had always wanted. To give love and be loved in return. And now she finally had it.

Marissa got up from the bed not waking Alex and went to the living room and picked up the one other gift she had for Alex. She opened it slipping a note inside of it, then put it down and made them breakfast.

Alex woke up noticing that Marissa was gone. Marissa, God she was great. Alex looked down at her hand, at the beautiful ring that was on her finger. She couldn't help but cry she was so happy. She stopped crying and went to the kitchen because something caught her nose.

"Hey sleepy head."

"Hey." Alex walked up behind her fiancι’s naked body with a bath robe and put her arms around her. "I love you so much."

"Oh really, I thought that was me. "She laughed. "There is something for you on the table."

Alex walked over and sat at the table. She looked down at the box. It was long and not very wide. She opened it and looked inside finding a piece of paper and a single rose. The note read:


It's not everyday you find that perfect person to spend the rest of your life with and I found that someone in you. When I first saw you, the angels whispered 'perfect...It took me a long time to realize this and I think I am starting to, but sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted. I love you with all my heart.

Forever and Always

your Marissa"

Alex cried." Why do you always make me cry like this. Is it because I am so emotional or what?"

"I like making you cry and only happy cries. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and every breath and height that my soul takes, when feeling out of sight, for the ends of being and ideal Grace I look to you and see it within the sparkling stars. If I were to take those stars and put them in the palm of your hands, you won't be able to see them...For those stars are your glimmering eyes...I love you."

"I love you too." Alex cried. I have something for you too. Here." she handed Riss a small box. "Open it."

She did open it and inside found a heart pendent that said," This is my heart which you have stolen and it will forever belong to you."

"Oh Alex it's beautiful." The two of them ate and spent the morning watching movies and at dinner time Summer and Leigha arrived with their gifts.

"Hey I know it isn't much considering you guys had the best Christmas present last night, but here." Summer handed them the gift that Leigha and she had bought. Inside the box was a photo album of the four girls. It had pictures from when they all hung out and when Leigha and Summer first started to date.

"Thank-you guys so much." Marissa and Alex hugged the two of them. They spent the rest of the day together laughing and just hanging out.

It was New Years Eve and they all decided to go to THE PITT and announce the great news.

It was near time for the ball to drop in Manhattan and they were all ready to begin a new chapter in their lives.

"5,4,3,2,1...Happy New Year!" Marissa and Alex kissed. Summer and Leigha kissed. They went inside and sat at the table. Leigha reached for something in her purse pulling it out everyone but Summer knew what she was going to do with it.

"Summer...I have fell so deeply in love with you, I would be the happiest woman alive if you would...marry me?"

"Wh...yes!" Summer yelled. She was on the verge of tears, "I love you too."

3 Months past it was the middle of March and Summer and Leigha had their wedding already and had two beautiful little girls. Marissa and Alex wanted to wait until it was warm enough to have their wedding on the beach and have all of their friends there. So they were planning for May.



Alex and Marissa went to Samuel's Bridal shop. Alex was getting a white suit and Marissa a wedding dress. Marissa's dress had to be short so it wouldn't drag on the ground. So she got one that came to her knees and was strapless with sequins. Alex's suit was a knee high skirt and spaghetti tank top. They both looked absolutely stunning.

Marissa and Alex planned the wedding together. They were going to have less than 50 guests so it was small. Everyone was to come in a nice appropriate outfit for a wedding and no shoes. Marissa also planned to have red rose petals line the aisle and have both of them holding white roses for bouquets. The wedding itself was beautiful a sunset they will never forget. Instead of your normal walking down the aisle song they had Shania Twain sing From This Moment ocapella.

At the reception everyone was drunk and having a blast at THE PITT. The reception lasted four hours. Marissa and Alex danced to Brandy's Have You Ever. After that the party got wild and the drinks were free. Alex and Marissa paid for everything.

The next day they woke up and got ready for their honeymoon in The Caribbean. They were excited to be going. They were about to walk out of the door when they got a phone call...


~*~(flash back)

Sum and Leigh had decide to take the girls to the park and that they were going to walk there because it was so nice outside. They left the house and would be at the park in about 15 minutes so they enjoyed their walk.

As the came to the final crossway before the park that was across the street they began crossing the street making sure nothing was coming Sum and Fara walked out first. Sum stopped in the middle of the road and turned to her left seeing a car zooming up the hill and around a blind corner. She took the time she had to get Fara out of the way and to safety. But before she could get herself to safety the person in the car tried to slow down but still hit her. She was thrown a good 20 feet from where the car hit her. And then he sped away fleeing the scene.

Fara landed on the ground on top of her arm breaking it. Summer lay in the middle of the road unconscious.

Part Sixteen

"Hello? What?...We'll be right there. "Riss hung the phone up.

"Riss? What's going on?" Alex was worried.

"Summer, Leigha and the twins(Tonya and Fara, both adopted by them, both of them 4) were in an accident."

"What? Well come on we have to get to the hospital!" Alex grabbed Marissa and they drove to the hospital. They went to the ER finding Leigha standing there with Tonya. Leigha was crying and Tonya was only 4 and didn't know what was going on.

"Leigha give me Tonya and I will take her for a walk, talk to Riss."

Leigha nodded and they went to sit down in the waiting room. "Hey, shh. There, there tell me what happened."

Leigha was crying so hard she couldn't get the words out and it was like the two of them were playing charades. The hand gestures that she made were quite clear though. The four of them were in an accident. They were walking the kids to the park near by and a car came speeding around the corner where they were standing waiting to cross the road. She cried harder. Summer picked Fara up and threw her out of the way so the car would only hit her.

"Fara hit the ground and broke her arm, but Summer was in the middle of the road unconscious. Right know they were resting Fara's arm and she would be fine, but they hadn't said anything about Sum. I don't know what to do." Leigha cried in Riss's arms.

Alex took Tonya to get ice cream and then back up stairs hoping that mommy wasn't crying anymore. She wasn't she cried herself to sleep in Marissa's arms.

"Hi Aunt Marissa."

"Hi sweetie. Oh I see Aunt Alex got you an ice cream." She looked at Alex with that did you really have to look.

"Well I thought she could use one, you look like you could too."

"Tonya stay with mommy and make sure she is safe while I go talk to Aunt Alex." Marissa took Alex's hand and walked to the other side of the room. "Sum is in critical condition, unconscious. And there has been no word yet."

Alex just stood there amazed at what had happened to Sum and Fara. At least Fara was fine they weren't sure if Leigha could handle both of them being in critical condition. Alex and Marissa walked back over to Tonya and Leigha who was still sleeping, very unmercifully.

Leigha woke up just when the nurse came out to see them. "I am afraid that I have some bad news."

They all looked up at the nurse. Waiting for her to spill the beans.

"Ms. Roberts has sustained major injuries and severe head trauma. She is in a coma right now. I am sorry but we'll have to monitor her for a few days, but you can see her. She will probably remain in a coma for a few days. If you follow me you can see her. "The four of them rose and followed the woman.

They walked into the room and saw that Dr. Nelson was Summer's doctor and Leigha knew him. "I am sorry Leigh Anne it doesn't look good. She has multiple bone fractures in her pelvis and legs. She cracked her skull and lost a few teeth. We will have to put her on the table in an hour to remove the glass particles that we couldn't get and to repair her wounds that need stitches. I am so sorry Leigh Anne, I don't know what else to tell you." And he walked away. Leigha was crying hysterically.

"Mommy don't cry. Mom will be ok."

"I know." but she was still crying. She sat there with Sum, while Marissa, Alex and Tonya went to get something to eat.

"I'm not hungry, get whatever you guys want."

"I am not hungry either Riss, I'll just get us some water ok."

"Yea." Marissa sat there in shock wondering if her best friend would make it through this. She didn't like this at all. The chances of her surviving were slim and her ever walking again could very well be nothing. Only time could tell.

After Alex and Marissa took Tonya home and left her with their nanny the drove back to the hospital.

Leigha was still with Sum when they came to prep her for surgery, she was still unconscious. She couldn't take it anymore and just sat there with her head in her hands crying. She felt a gentle hand on her back and looked up to see the two of them standing there to comfort her.

Fara was fine and was home that night but, Leigha stayed at the hospital.

9 days had passed and they all had been at the hospital for days. Leigha sent the girls up state to see their grandparents because she thought that was the best course of action right now. Summer still hadn't woke up and none of them had gotten any sleep for days. They all just sat there wondering what would happen to her.

Part Seventeen

Leigha cried herself to sleep every night while sitting there in her room. The other two sat silently in the corner holding each other. None of them knew what to expect and none of them wanted to know anything if it was bad news.

Leigh woke up the next morning to find Marissa and Alex still asleep and she was on Summer's bed holding her.

Leigha looked down when she realized someone was holding her hand. It was Summer's hand holding hers, which meant she was finally awake after 2 weeks almost. Leigha was happy she was awake and talked to her." Sum I love you I know you can hear me. I love you."

"Shh, you're yelling in my ear. "Sum could barely talk with the stitches that were near her mouth.

Marissa and Alex heard the whispering in the room and woke up to find Sum awake and talking with Leigha. "Summer..."Alex and Marissa ran to give her hugs and they sat and talked for a little until the doctor came in surprised that she was awake.

"Well I see you are awake, but we still don't know if you will ever be able to walk again."

"I am just happy to be alive and whatever happens now as long as I am alive I don't care."

Several weeks passed and Sum was taking physical therapy to try and walk again. She had very little feeling in her legs so they knew it would take time and that they would have to be patient but it definitely looked like she would be walking again.


*month and a half later*

Summer was finally walking and everyone was so happy again. Leigha and Summer were spending a lot of time together and with the twins and Alex and Marissa decided it was time to go on that honeymoon now.

*Caribbean a week later*

"Alex Hun, can we talk?"

"Sure. Let’s go catch some rays on the beach."

They walked down with nothing on of course. Laid down a blanket and sat down.

"Alex, I...I want kids."

"Me too, but when?"

"I don't care when. I just want kids."

"Well how do you want to do it? Do you want to give birth or me?"

"Well I don't want to really talk in detail about it right now. But we will later, I just want to enjoy this."

"Yea, I agree.” The two of them had their own private beach and they loved it every minute of it.

They spent most of their time at the beach and their hut thingy. And most of the time playing house if ya know what I mean.

They went back to Florida in a week and decide to slowly get back into the swing of things. Going back to work, being married though it really wasn't much different now than it was then. They saw Summer and Leigha all the time they had big family dinners every Sunday at Alex's and Marissa's.

Marissa and Alex decided that Alex would carry and that Marissa would be there every step of the way for her. They decided to get samples from both of them and use it and insert it into Alex's womb so that the baby would have both of their features. Through the classes and the doctors appointments, Marissa was there every step of the way and then when it was finally time, she stood right there with her holding her hand. The baby was so beautiful, it was a girl.

She had Marissa's nose and Alex's eyes. She was the beautiful mix of the star crossed lovers.


*5 years later*

Tonya and Fara are nine and Kendra is five they love to play together at the park everyday after school. Since Sum, Leigha, Alex, and Riss were all great friends they mid as well be family and so they were. Summer and Leigha had their fifth wedding anniversary in March and Alex's and Marissa's was coming in May. They all decided to take the kids and go to Disney. They had a great time at the amusement park and Sea world too. The kids loved it. The adults did too especially since the kids had their own room and so did they. It gave them all privacy. The meals were always great and none of them wanted to leave when it came time to.


*Twenty years later*

The four friends were now in their late forties and all as much in love as when they first met. The kids were in college and out on their own. Fara and Tonya opened a law firm and Kendra followed in both of her moms' foot steps becoming an executive lawyer for the law firm. They were all family working for Alex's and Marissa's firm and they renamed it "Kelly, Kelly, and Roberts. Summer and Leigha worked there as well. Leigha quit her job as a doctor and became a lawyer because she wanted to help women who had been abused. Summer was a defense attorney .Alex owned the place, Marissa of course the executive lawyer along with her daughter and her nieces.

They lived long lives together and grew old together. Alex and Marissa retired at 50 and headed to the Caribbean and Summer and Leigha decided to keep the firm in their hands and keep the name and run the place for them.

The firm has stayed in their family to this day. Now Kendra and Fara and Tonya are all partners and working with each other. Fara is married to her husband Todd. Tonya is a lesbian and married to her wife Lissha. Kendra is single and still looking and hoping to find the love that her moms did.



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