Title: Deadly Games

Name: Cherry89

Pairings: Marissa and Alex

Rating: PG to NC-17 (what else is new?)

Warning: Contains strong emotion, sexual content, mild language, mild violence...(totally off base story)

Disclaimer: I own nada, zip, zilch, zero, none...(I'm sure there is more ways to say none)

Summary: Marissa and Alex find each other through an odd experience and find themselves searching for answers.

Spoiler: None what so ever

Author's Note: This story contains a sexual relationship between two women...DO NOT read on if you don't like that sort of thing.

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Chapter One

Marissa’s POV

That night was such a blur to me. Everything happened so fast. I don’t know why I was even walking that night. I don’t remember. All I remember is what I saw. I will never forget those terrible things I saw. That man so familiar yet so unrecognizable. At the time I couldn’t quite place his face. I was too busy hiding. I don’t know exactly what went on to put the poor man he murdered in the place he was in, all I know is that man died. He ran and ran towards some random building like it was a game or something. What I didn’t know was why. At the time I didn’t know that they saw me, but they did and now I am on the run. Being hunted like some animal in the wild. Hiding in the woods, staying in only one place for so long. I needed help, but I didn’t know where to turn.

As I sit here contemplating on my options of what to do I imagine the worst scenarios. I don’t know what to think anymore. Sitting here in an old abandoned cabin waiting for someone to find me and kill me isn’t exactly how I thought I’d spend my evenings. I have only days left of food and water. I only managed to find some berries and greens. I have to get to a near by town. Arising I walked to the door of the cabin gathering what I had left of my supplies and leaving my temporary home behind.

I walked for what seemed like forever before hearing the first sign of foot steps following me. I turned around looking behind me and in all directions, but saw only shadows. I moved quicker towards my destination. I didn’t know where that was, but I had hoped to reach it soon. I heard the sound of cracking branches and rustling of leaves and it made me go into panic mode. I sped up again going faster being sure to be as quiet as I could be. As I reached the edge of the woods I saw lights on the other side of the hill. It was a big clearing and I would have to make a run for it. I heard gun shots in the distance and I needed no more convincing that running was now my only option left.

I broke off in a harsh run hearing the foot steps nearing the clearing. I turned to see the person following me but couldn’t. I wasn’t paying attention to the ground in front of me and I fell forwards rolling the rest of the way down the hill side. My shirt tore and ripped as I continued my journey to the bottom. I felt the branches cut at my sides, and the sting of every tear at my skin afterwards. I rolled head over feet and into a small stream. It was cold. The night was dark and cold. I could see my breath and now I was badly wounded and freezing my ass off. I laid for a few moments catching my breath, but before long the person who had chased me caught up. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t move. My sides bleeding, my face cut, my shirt almost gone by now, and my jeans torn to pieces. I was stuck there with no where to run anymore. I felt my eyes closing as the cold, and pain over took my body, and the man chasing me for some reason had kept going. Maybe he thought I was dead, or maybe I was. I didn’t know.

Chapter Two

Alex’s POV

When Chris found her early that morning I wasn’t sure who she was, not until I washed her up. She had been on the run from something or someone. I had to get her to the hide out quick. “Jimmy will know what to do.”

Chris got out of the cab and came for me. We carried her inside laying her on the table. I walked into my office and found Jimmy sitting at my desk. He looked up as I entered. “Your daughter is outside and hurt badly she needs medical attention now.”

Jimmy stood quickly and ran out of the room. I stood there gaining my composure. Jimmy had told me about Marissa but I guess it never hit me I would actually meet her. I gathered my thoughts and walked out of my office and was now in the hall way shouting. “Get this girl a doctor now.” Everyone just stood and looked around. “I said NOW!” Everyone rushed around not wasting on minute. I sat down beside her as I heard her breathe. She was beautiful. I removed the stray pieces of hair from her face as the medic came and took care of her.

I watched intently as he worked. He looked up at me, “Don’t worry she’ll be fine.” He smiled and gave me the wash cloth. “Here you can finish I have some where to be.” I nodded and sat beside her again and began cleaning her wounds. Jimmy came out and pulled me aside.

“Help her Alex, please.”

“Jimmy I told you I don’t do that stuff anymore.”

“Please she is all Jules and I have. I can’t lose her.”

“Jimmy…ok fine.”

“Thank you so much Alex. And try not to turn her into you know.”

“Hey I can’t promise that and you know it. I am just irresistible.”

“Yeah whatever. She has to learn this. She doesn’t have long.”

I sat back down beside her she was still sleeping peacefully and Jimmy went for some food. He came back minutes later and gave me a sandwich.


He nodded, ‘Just promise me you’ll take care of her.’

“I will don’t worry.” Jimmy left for the night and I stayed with her. Keeping her safe from harm. I liked her but I didn’t know what could happen. I wanted to kiss her. She was so beautiful and from what I heard of Ryan he was a jackass to her. She deserved someone better. I thought of what I could possible give her. I soon let sleep take me as I lay with Marissa comforting her.

The next morning I woke and heard Jimmy come in. I rubbed my eyes and walked to my office. Jimmy again was sitting in my chair. I didn’t want to deal with him right now so I went back to the room Marissa was in and got some coffee. He came up behind me. “Jesus Jimmy.” I nearly spilled my coffee down the front of my shirt.

“Sorry Alex.”

“It’s ok.” I began to clean off my shirt and he harpooned me with questions.

“Have you told her yet?”

“No I haven’t told her.”

“You have to. She has a right to know.”

“I know she does but she needs to rest.”

“Alex. You have to tell her about Ryan. He was her first love she has to know. And you have to tell her why they are after her.”

“Jimmy.” Alex sighed. “I will just let her sleep.”

“Fine but tell her please. She has to know. I am going back to Newport I have to get back to Jules.” Jimmy turned and walked out the door accidentally slamming it jarring Marissa from her fake sleep. I turned quickly to see Marissa open her eyes. Shit. “I’m sorry.” I said noticing her trying to sit up. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t my father did.”

“I am sorry.”

“No I was awake I was trying to go back to sleep but I couldn’t.”

“How much of that did you hear?” I sat beside her on the bed.


“I guess I have some explaining to do now?”

“You guessed right, so I would start now cause you have a lot to cover.” She sat there waiting for me to explain the situation.

“Ok there is no easy way to say this but, Ryan is dead. The things you saw killed him.”

She was confused I could tell. “Things? What things?”

I sighed. “They were warlocks.”

“War what?”

“Warlocks, evil sorcerers.”

“Right…ok.” She sat there still looking all the more confused.

“Anyway they control minions known as zombies.”

“Ok and what does this have to do with me?”

“You saw them turn Ryan into a zombie.”

“Wait you said he was dead?”

“His soul is dead. He is gone. Nothing that was what he was is left. His love, and kindness is gone it isn’t Ryan anymore, he’s a zombie.”

She was still out of it. I wasn’t sure how she would handle the rest of this so I took a deep breath. “They are after you not just because you saw them, but because they know who you are. You are the one who can stop them. And they know that.”

“Stop them? What do you mean do I like have powers or something?” She was dumbfounded. Caught completely off guard.

“Yes actually you do.” I looked at her waiting for her answer or reaction.

“I have powers?”

“Well you will. They come on the full moon before your 18th birthday.”

“And my dad knew?”


“Wait did you say 18th birthday?”

“Yeah why.”

“Cause my birthday, my 18th birthday is two days away. And there’s a full moon tonight.”

I walked out of the room for a few minutes coming back with a rather large book. “I guess we should get started then?”

“Huh?” She just looked at me perplexed.

“On your training that’s why you are here. After Chris found you she brought you here. I knew who you were and I knew Jimmy I called him. He told me to help you. So that’s what I am going to do.” I thought back to my promise I had made Jimmy. I will do this no matter what, I promised him.

“Alex?…Yo Alex, anyone home?” She waved a hand in front of my face.

“Sorry I was just referring back to the conversation with your dad.”


“Nothing, we have to get started.” I hadn’t realized I grabbed her hand as I lead her to the room at the end of the hall. “Ok it’s dark in here, right?” She nodded. “Ok, say this incantation and the room should light up.” She looked at me wearily. “Just repeat after me.”

“Ok.” My hand was still holding hers and I could feel the chills run up my spine.



“Lea lie lo roach a mea luminos .”

She looked at me and I reassured her. “Lea lie lo roach a mea luminos.” The room was still dark.

“Well you can’t expect to get it on your first try.” She nodded and I told her to try again.

“Lea lie lo roach a mea luminos.” This time she said it with more passion and the room light up immediately. She looked at me and I smiled back at her.

“I knew you could get it.” She blushed a little. “So then shall we get started?”

Chapter Three

Marissa’s POV

I had been training with Alex for weeks now. I knew the light spell and many other that seemed to always come in handy. And she could do them to but most of the time didn’t. She never told me why. We had a small party for my birthday, just me and her. It was nice. She made me dinner and dessert. It kind of felt like a date but right now I don’t want on press that issue.

Alex laid next to me as I lay on my stomach repeating a new spell she taught me to do. It was a hard one, the hardest yet. “Alex I can’t get it.”

“Just concentrate.”

“I am.”

“Marissa concentrate more. On something you want maybe then it will come to you.”

“What do you mean on something I want?” Could she know I like her?

“I mean exactly what I said focus on something you want and then say the spell. It should help a little since it is a conjuring spell.” Alex made sense there but I didn’t want to conjure her. That would give it away. But I didn’t want anything else so here I go conjuring a ghost of what I want.

“Mi at lei o cree os som astae.” A cloud of smoke raised from the floor I was still focusing on Alex. The cloud began to take form before me. I saw Alex’s eyes get wide as I looked at her face, she was astonished at how powerful it was I could tell. I looked back to the cloud that was now taking on human outline and a woman’s body appeared next. I looked back at Alex who now was watching intently to see what I had conjured. Alex looked as the woman began to shape again into what she thought was her.

“Is that?” Alex pointed to the cloud.

“Um hum. Yea, it’s the only thing I could think about.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you are all I can think about. The last few days I can’t concentrate on anything but you.” I moved slowly towards Alex as she was still laying there I straddled her stomach and leaned in to kiss her. She just looked at me waiting for our lips to touch. When we finally did both of us closed out eyes and let our mouths take over.

Chapter Four

Marissa’s POV

I pulled away first and looked into her eyes. I couldn’t quite read them. Love, lust, desire, trust, all of it was swirling around in a cloud of blue. She looked back at me astonished at what had happened, who could blame her. This probably shouldn’t happen. What would my dad say? What would others say? I was caught off guard when Alex tried to stand up. “Where are you going?”

“I need some air Marissa.” She said walking away from me. Shit! Damn it! I shouldn’t have kissed her. Fuck! Now what? Follow her stupid! Duh! I ran outside after her, but when I got outside she wasn’t out front.


Alex’s POV

I saw something that caught my eye. It looked like Marissa but when I got closer I saw that it wasn’t. It was…

Bang! I felt something hit me on the head hard and I fell to my knees. I knelt for a few seconds and fell over my head pounding. What the hell?! I rolled myself over to see him. With his dark eyes on me, I backed up trying to get away from him sliding back as far as I could before I had hit my back on a tree. My shoe lace got stuck and when I tried to stand I fell back down. He just looked at me and smiled as he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. He started to walk away I tried to fight, but I was in no condition to do so. I looked at the lace from my shoe still near the tree I tried to move it with my mind. Only getting it close enough to the back wall before I saw and felt the darkness creep over me.


Marissa’s POV

“Alex? Alex? Damn it! Where is she?” I ran around the side of the building and saw the moon in the sky. I looked up at it seeing something fly across it. I looked away. “Wait, fly?” I looked away shaking it from my mind as I try to find Alex. I walked the next corner finding Alex’s shoe lace. “A shoe lace? What the hell?”

I looked around some more trying to find her but I couldn’t so I went back to where I found her lace. “Alex?” I looked around, noticing something at the edge of the woods. I squinted my eyes. Looking closely I saw someone carrying someone over their shoulders. “Alex?!” I ran after them as hard as I could but I lost sight of them. “FUCK!” I sat on the ground and stared at my hands. I looked at them for a while longer then place my head in them and cried. I had lost her, and I had to get her back. Just then I felt a pain in my side and I blacked out.


Someone’s POV

Ryan laughed smugly. “Hahaha…they are both mine. They will both die.” He walked towards the woods and waited for Marissa to come out. She was walking in the moonlight when he spotted her and she saw him. He moved out of the light quickly. She had sat down, she had something in her hands but what he wasn’t sure. He moved around from her view to the side of the building and crept up behind her. She was crying, why was she crying. Oh well. He took out his dagger and soon it protruded from her side as she too fell over unconscious. Yeah he was crazy. Yeah I am so what. And he talks to himself. So! Shut up stupid head.

“Very nice master. Knocked her right out. I’m glad we used the spell on the dagger. Other wise she may have given me problems and I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun of killing her.” Ryan picked her up and dragged the two of them off.


Aiden’s POV

I watched the front of the cave entrance with my patience wearing thin. I had sent Ryan after them hours ago. He should have been back by now. “Damn it where are you?” I looked into the water as it showed me the beast carrying the girls on his shoulders. “Good.” I waved my hand and the vision left. I sat down in a chair and patiently awaited Ryan and my guests. “I got you this time cooper.”

Minutes later I hear clothes rustling in the wind assuming it was Ryan that I had heard I got up. “Aiden, I have them both.”

“Good.” I said. I waved him to the door and motioned for him to drop them. “Lock them up.” He did as he was told and came back to my side.

“Master what are we going to do with them?” He asked me hunched over a little. He may have been a zombie but he could still talk, that I allowed him to do.

“Kill them.” I answered. “And then we are free to begin the end.”

“The end of what master?”

I smacked him upside the head for his remark. “The world dumbie.” He stumbled forward and fell.

“Oh yes master, what a great plan.”

“Yes a great plan.” Even though that’s all anyone evil ever wanted to do. Oh well my plan is working now. It’s only a matter of time.

“What will we do to then master?”

“Torture perhaps. Maybe I’ll let you play with them.”

“Ooo…goody. Thank you master.” He jumped up and down.

“Why was I cursed with such an imbecile of a zombie to do my biding?”

Ryan looked up. “Just lucky I guess.”

I sighed, yea lucky as shit. “Get some sleep, tomorrow we have fun.” With that he hobbled away from me to his side of the cave. I breathed a sigh of relief as I sat down on my bed in the corner. I laid down thinking of what any evil sorcerer, taking over the world and wining. I could do this as long as those two were dead. I let sleep take me as I laid thinking of ways to torture the girls before their long awaited death came to follow.

Ryan hobbled away and passed the girls. He stopped he knew he recognized one of them well. Like he knew them. He thought all his memories were gone when his master turned him, but they weren’t for some reason her remembered something about this girl. A tall lanky brunette. He had known her for sure, maybe even dated her once in his previous life. He felt something jerk in his side before it hit him. He was lifted into the air and he began to change. When he came back down he looked around, everything seemed normal, but when he got up he was taller. He looked down seeing that he was human again.

“What the hell is going on here?” He looked around and spotted the girls in the cage. “Marissa?” I stirred at the voice of someone familiar and looked up to see my first love.

“Ryan?” I looked around seeing Alex on the floor.

“Get up I have to get you out of her before he comes back.” He made his way to the cage.


“My master. He is sleeping right now. He doesn’t know that the spell wears off every now and then to let me walk in human form again. I have to get you out of here while I can think for myself.” He fiddled with the keys as I took the hint and woke Alex up.

“Huh…what’s going on?” Alex looked around seeing where she was, seeing Ryan she put up a defense quick.

“No, no he’s helping us get out of here.” Alex stood and I tried to but I felt pain in my side keeping me from being able to stand. “Oooww…” I sat there examining my side. I had been stabbed.

Ryan looked over. “Oh sorry about that. Let me help you.” Ryan rushed over to my side but Alex moved in front of me. Ryan stopped dead. He was afraid of her. He cowered back to the cage opening. Alex turned around when satisfied and helped me up throwing my arm around her shoulder as we walked. She did a good job at keeping me up. We were out of the cage in minutes. Alex suggested I do a spell, but I could hardly breathe.

“I can’t Alex, I can hardly breathe.” I managed to get it out of my mouth but that was all I could do. She sighed and mumbled something under her breath and I felt a little weird and Ryan said something that made me realize the spell she had cast.

“Where did you guys go?” Ryan looked around but saw no one and decided since there was no answer to go to his cell.

When I realized the spell Alex cast we were already at the hospital. She had preformed a transfer spell. We stood in the bathroom of the emergency room and we walked out she was still holding me up and as we walked by the nurses station doctors ran out as I felt Alex’s legs give away from how tired she was.

Chapter Six

Marissa’s POV

I was laying on the floor and was breathing heavily and sighed with relief knowing Marissa was ok. The doctors took her back to a room. I must have drifted off a bit because I was startled when she tapped my shoulder.

“Sorry.” I looked up at her.

“What for?”

“Kissing you, making you tired.” She looked to my hands.

I stood and lifted her chin. “I’m not sorry.” I kissed her, feeling my insides flip. “We’ll talk later though.” I let go of her and grabbed her hand leading her to the front desk to sign the release forms.

We walked out together and I took her by the hand. She looked over to me and I smiled making her lips curl into a half smile. We walked hand in hand and after passing the windows as I took hold of her again and did another transform spell taking us back to my place.

As the whirl of clouds left and I let go of her, “We need to leave.”

“What? Why?”

“Because he knows where to find us now.” She knew I had a point, they found us once they‘ll do it again, why make it easier for him to find us again. I walked around gathering books and clothes and put them in a suit case. “No magic.”

“What do you mean no magic?”

“That’s how he found us, because your conjure spell was so powerful he felt you.” I looked at her and went back to packing. “And he’s been after me too, not just you. Because he knows what could happen if the two of us combine our powers.”

“What are you talking about Alex.”

“Look at me Marissa.” I took her by her shoulders. “You are more powerful than he expected, which is why he is after you. He’s after me one because I know you, two because I am very powerful. I only helped you because Jimmy asked me to. I didn’t want to cause I knew he would find me, us.” I looked down.

“Alex?” I looked up at her. “How long?”

“How long what Marissa?”

“How long have you been in love with me?”

“Marissa I told you no magic.”

“Alex look at me.” I looked at her and into her eyes. “I am not stupid. I see how you look at me when I sleep. Or when you think I am not looking.” She kept my gaze as minutes flew by.

I finally looked away saying, “We have to leave now.” I grabbed her hand and we got into my jeep and I drove off, leaving behind the clinic. I watched Marissa as I drove not really caring that we had to leave. I just wanted to get her out of there. When I turned on to a dirt road I noticed that Marissa’s face went pale. I parked in front of the cottage and got out.

“Marissa are you coming.” She didn’t move.

“Marissa?” As soon as she didn’t answer I knew this was where she was the first time. “Shit, Marissa get into the drivers seat.” She moved as soon as she heard me say her name and backed up as I took of running to the jeep and jumped in as she sped away from the cottage. I struggled with my seat belt for a while then finally got it in. She dodged trees left and right going around stumps and making it back to the dirt road. I was thinking and she could tell.

“What’s wrong Alex?”

“I am thinking.”

‘I know, what about?”

“Where to go.”

“Liar that’s the second thing that’s on your mind.”

“You’re right the first thing that is on my mind is you.”

“Alex where are we going to go?”

“I don’t know Marissa, just drive while I think.” Marissa drove as I thought, I wasn’t paying much attention until I saw a motel. “Turn around.”


“Turn around.’

“I heard that part, but why?”


“Oh.” Marissa parked the jeep and I grabbed the suit cases and we walked to the motel desk.

“I need one room with two beds.” I asked. “Two beds?”

“I’m sorry miss we only have a room with a queen size bed left.”

“Fine we’ll lea…”

“We’ll take it thank you.” Marissa grabbed the keys before I could say anything and lead me up to the room.

“Why did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Take the room.”

“Because I don’t want to drive anymore. And you’re beat too.”

“Good point.”

“I know.” She sat beside me. “You said we should talk right?” I nodded. “No time better than the present right?” I smiled.

“I guess not. So do you want to start or do you want me too?”

Chapter Seven

Marissa’s POV

“I will, I guess.” She said looking at me. I smiled and waited.

“Why, why did you wait so long to kiss me?”

“Because I wanted to make sure that you liked me.”

“And you had to wait that long?”

“Umm, well no. But that’s how long it took me to get courage enough to kiss you.”

“Ok.” She looked at me and held my eyes. “My turn.”

“Your turn for what?” Before I knew it she was kissing me. I fell back on the bed with her on top of me. I broke away first. “Weren’t we supposed to be talking?”

She smiled, “We did.”

I thought about it and she was right we did talk. We knew we liked each other what else was there? I nodded and brought her face back down to my lips and we continued to kiss. Alex ran her hand up and down my body sending chills throughout me. Alex was fully arousing me to no end as she moved to my neck and sucked it. Then moving her hand to under my shirt and rubbing my stomach. I couldn’t take it. “Alex I am going to explode if you don’t fuck me.”


Alex’s POV

“Shit!” I paced the room. “What am I going to do now?” I walked to the bathroom and back out stopping. “Oh yes! I got it!” I walked back into the bathroom and got a glass of water and came back out to where Marissa was. I dumped the cold water on her face. She opened her eyes slightly and looked at me confused.

“What…what happened?” She asked me.

“You passed out. Are you ok?”


Marissa’s POV

I looked at her and wondered if she could possibly know about my condition. “Yea I’m fine.” Her face didn’t show that she believed me to well.

Alex sat beside me. “Marissa if something is wrong you have to tell me.”

I sighed, ‘Not now Alex please.”

“Marissa! I want to know why you passed out when I kissed you damn it, I have a right to know!”

“Yes, you do. I just would like some rest first, ok?”

“Fine.” Alex got up and I laid down on the bed and shut my eyes.


Alex’s POV

I walked back into the bathroom closing the door and sitting behind it. “Why can’t she just tell me?” Alex felt a tear fall from the corner of her eye and wiped it away. I stayed there thinking. “This is pointless I am getting nowhere.” I said to myself getting up and grabbing my pj’s and walking back to the bathroom turning the hot water on. I undressed and got in the tub and let the water fill the space around my body. It was warm and comforting just what I needed.


Marissa’s POV

I laid there looking up at the ceiling. I owed her an explanation of what went on. I knew that. I just really didn’t want to get into it. I don’t want her to be worried about me all the time. And I know she would be if I told her but I have like no choice but to tell her. “Damn it!” I rolled over and off the bed and I walked into the bathroom. I opened the door and my mouth dropped. Alex was sitting in a bath with her hair down and was very wet. Her body was condensed with moisture and the steam was escaping the room. The water made her skin shimmer with a radiance I hadn’t seen before. She turned her head and looked at me I blushed . “Shit, I am so sorry Alex.” I closed the door. “Great.” I sighed heading back to the bed and plopping on it.


Alex’s POV

“Damn, she looked like she enjoyed that show.” I stood letting the water drip off my body. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my chest so that I was for the most part covered and walked out. She was on the bed lying there. “Marissa.” She looked up at me. “It’s ok. No big deal. Seemed like you were staring for a while though.”

“I…uh…I was. Sorry.” She stuttered. That’s a first.

“No don’t worry about it, it doesn’t bother me.” I lied. It did bother me, because I wanted her so badly she had no idea. I walked to the suit case and put my clothes into it after folding them along with my pj’s. “You know I wouldn’t mind switching places with you there.”


“I meant me seeing you instead of you seeing me.”

“Oh.” Marissa laughed a little and said. “Yea well I never said you couldn’t. I’m just really tired right now. And I wanted to talk to you.”

“What about?” I didn’t want to push her away, so I let her tell me and I would just listen.

“About me passing out.”

“Oh.” I toggled through the suit case finding a pair of underwear and a bra. I slipped on the underwear and I turned around letting my towel drop. I heard her gasp and I knew she was looking at my back I could feel it. I put my bra on slowly and said, “You can still talk I am listening.”

“Oh, right of course.” I tried to muffle my laugh.

“Did you just laugh at me?”

“Um, no.” I said turning around lifting my straps over my shoulders just barely covering my breasts as I turned around to face her.

“You did.” She said still staring.

“Are you going to stare at me all night?”

“That depends on whether or not you plan to get dressed or not.”

“Well I’ll say not for now and watch you squirm.”

“I don’t squirm.”

“Oh really? So you wouldn’t mind if I did this?” I sat on the bed behind her and put my hands on her shoulders massaging them and kissing her neck. I heard a moan escape her lips I knew she was enjoying it.

“Uh, Alex we really do need to talk.”

I sighed, she was right. “Ok.” I moved from behind her and sat next to her taking her in my arms giving her a hug. “You can tell me Marissa.”

“I know.” She smiled. “I love you too, you know.” My heart skipped a beat and was jumping up and down for joy.

“Yea I know.” I smiled at her. We stared at each other for a while before she started talking.

Chapter Eight

Marissa’s POV

“Well, when I was little my parents binded my powers.” I said.

“What so you knew about your powers?”

“Yes I did.” I sighed. She didn’t look at me. “I am sorry Alex.”

“No, don’t be. It’s not your fault. Your dad said you didn’t know.”

“I didn’t until a few years ago. And to tell you the truth I totally forgot about my black outs till now too.”

“Black outs?”

“It’s nothing major, it’s been happening since I was about 16, from getting my powers back slowly.”

“So then you don’t like have a condition I should know about?”

“Well in a way no, and in a way yes. Dad said they won’t stop after they start. They progressively get worse with age.”

“Ok, and how long before they are really bad.”

“I think he said until I was like 50’s. So not too bad till then, he said they were somewhat controllable now. Like I could almost do it on cue. He said it would happen maybe twice a year for now.”

“Well that’s good right?”

“For now yes.”

“So then that’s what that was back there then?”


“So is that the last one or am I looking to get you out again?”

“Should be the last one.”


“Yea, so um, would you mind continuing that felt really good.”

“What this?” Alex moved in behind me and started rubbing my back. “Oh Alex that feels so good.”

“I’m glad.” Alex continued massaging my back for several minutes.


Alex’s POV

I continued massaging her back for several minutes before leaning down into her and kissing her neck. This time she let me and didn’t pull away. I moved my hands around her back up and down and up to where I was kissing her neck. She let out subtle moans now and then when I would hit a spot that she liked me to rub.



“Can we, uh, lay down?”

“Sure.” Marissa fell forward on her stomach and Alex straddled her butt. “Is this alright?”

“Yea.” I continued to rub her back up and down elicting soft moans from her. I was getting hot I knew I was and I knew she could feel it, since I was only wearing under clothes. She motioned for me to stop and get off her and I did. She turned around to face me and leaned in for a kiss. It was a nice soft tender kiss. She pushed me down and climbed on top of me and kissed my neck down to my collar bone and back up to my pulse point where she began to suck. I moaned and she continued the assault on my neck.

“Marissa?” she looked up at me. “Are you sure?” She didn’t say anything. Her actions spoke louder than any words could. She removed all of her clothing and left it scattered on the floor getting back on me. She looked at me and I looked at her then our mouths found each other again.

She pulled away first and went for my bra as I sat up giving her more access. She unclasped the clip and let her hands wander on my back while I was watching her, all of her. She hesitated which left me time to go in and attack her neck as she had done to me. I heard soft moans escaping from her mouth and they got louder as I moved down south. I finally reached the top of her breast and she threw her head back and gasped. Her hands were in my hair and pulling every time I hit a spot she enjoyed. I moved my teeth down to her nipple and grazed just gently over it to make my presence known. Her moaning got louder as I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it and then let it go again moving my tongue around the edges. I moved to the other breast as to not show any biased and did the same thing while my hands traveled around her body.

I had my left hand on her inner thigh and I could feel her tensing below me. I ran my hand gently over her crotch and back to her thigh making her gasp. She moved her arms to my back and pulled me in pulling my bra away from my body. She just looked at me as I continued to move my hands around her body. She leaned forward into my placing her mouth above my right breast placing gentle kisses around it and then to my other one to repeat the same thing. My hand stopped moving and she continued kissing my chest all over and pushed me back down onto the bed again. She laid on me let in her body weight press down on my body. Her skin so soft against mine.

She moved up and down my body while letting her breast drag against my skin in turn making me moan loudly. She continued that until I could no longer take it and I pulled her down on me to feel her skin and her body touching mine. She continued to kiss my breasts while her hands worked their way down towards my stomach and further south and pull off my panties throwing them to the floor. When I felt her finger tips graze my clit my breath caught. She smiled as she continued to use her fingers to lightly graze the nub protruding and her mouth now sucking my left nipple. I couldn’t take it anymore and I finally spoke up.

“Marissa, god please…” She knew what I wanted and she knew how to tease quite well too. She allowed her fingers to continually graze my clit over and over. It was intoxicating and driving me wild. “Please Marissa!” I was moaning loudly and uncontrollably now. She slipped a finger inside me and my hips bucked and she started to pump into my center. “Ohhh! Faster.” Marissa pulled her finger out and added another and continued to pump into me harder and faster.


Marissa’s POV

I couldn’t believe I was that controlling over Alex. She was experienced and I wasn’t at all. I mean sure Ryan and I had kissed and stuff but I never had sex with him. And if this was sex then I loved it. I loved being in control, having this control over her was amazing. Being in control felt so good. I continued to give her what she asked for. Harder, faster, oh yes right there. I pleasured my girlfriend the way she asked me to. And every time she moaned louder and louder until she came. “Oh God Marissa!”

I left my hand where it was and let her ride out her orgasm. She had grabbed me tightly and pulled me as close as possible to her. She was still breathing heavily when I laid her back down. “Are you ok?” I don’t even think she could talk all she did was nod. I laid beside her and let her calm down more before taking her into my arms and holding her tightly. I rolled over and pulled her back to my chest. I could feel the touch of our skin and how good it felt to feel her against me. I could hear her muffled snores as she drifted off to sleep. She turned in her sleep and was facing me. She was so peaceful when she slept. And those were my last thoughts as I let sleep take over my body.

Chapter Nine

Alex’s POV

I woke first the next morning as the morning light shone through the window. I Raised my head looking out the window slightly. I could see the very edge of the trees glowing with the first rays of sunlight. I looked over my shoulder at Marissa’s face and remembered the night before. How forward she was and how in control she was. I brushed away her hair from her cheek and placed a soft kiss there. As I gaze upon her I could see her skin almost radiate light. “Hold on, radiate light? That might not be good.” I nudged her gently. “Marissa…Marissa…” She stirred and looked up at me confused.

“What’s going on?”

“You, you’re uh, glowing.”

“I’m what?”


“Are you serious?” She jumped up and ran to the bathroom. “SHIT!”


“This is a spell.” She came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. “FUCK!”

“What kind of spell?” She sighed.


Marissa’s POV

‘I’m going to have to tell her now.’ I took in a deep breath and just as I was about to explain my version of the spell Alex’s cell rang.


Alex’s POV



“Yea, what’s wrong Jimmy?”

“Is Marissa with you?”


“Good. Can I talk to her?”

“Sure.” I handed the phone to Marissa and got up. “I’m going to get a shower.” She nodded and I walked away into the bathroom.


Marissa’s POV


“Hey sweetie. Are you sitting down?”

“Yeah. Dad what’s going on?” I was worried now.

“Hun now I want you to stay calm ok?”

“Dad you’re scaring me.”

“Hun, your mom is dead.” My mouth hung open and I dropped the phone. “Marissa?… Marissa?” Jimmy yelled into the phone I could hear him but I left it there. I sat there on the bed not knowing what to think.

Chapter Ten

Alex’s POV

I heard something crash and I got out of the shower as soon as I could. I ran out completely naked to see if Marissa was ok. “Marissa?” I looked on the bed where she was sitting, I saw the phone on the floor and the dial tone was dead. I walked over and picked it up. I turned it off and put it on the stand. “Marissa, sweetie?” She was like a zombie. I walked over to her and sat next to her on the bed. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. “Marissa?” She still didn’t answer me. “Marissa, baby?” It was like she didn’t even see me. I held onto her and let her head rest on my shoulder. I felt a water droplet run down my back but when I heard her sniffle I knew she was crying. “What’s wrong?”

“Alex…she’s…dead.” She sobbed.

“Who’s dead?”

“My mom.” She cried harder.

“Oh sweetie I’m so sorry. It’s ok. It’ll all be ok I promise. Did you find out how?” She shook her head. “Do you want me to?”

“Yeah please.” I took the phone and dialed Jimmy’s number.




“Yeah, what happened?”

“I don’t know it’s like one second she was fine, then she was glowing, and had a fever, then she was gone. I don’t know what to think.”


“What does that mean?”

“Marissa is glowing.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am.” My face turned to one with worry as Marissa turned to look at me. I felt the tears running down my cheek already. Marissa looked at me confused. She knew her mom was dead but had no clue why and I didn’t know if I could tell her. “Jimmy, where are you right now?”

“My house.”

“We’re on our way.” I gathered mine and Marissa’s stuff up and we got dressed and then left for Seattle.

Chapter Eleven

Marissa’s POV

“Alex? Please tell me what’s going on.” I waited for her answer.

“Marissa please I can’t right now.”

“Why not?”

“Marissa please I don’t want to talk about it now. Just wait till we get to Seattle.”

“Why won’t you tell me?”


“Why Alex? It’s apparently about me.”

“Yes it is, which is why I am taking you home to your father and I am leaving you there for a few days while I stay in a hotel or something.”

“No I want you with me.”

“Fine I’ll stay.”

“Tell me what’s going on.”


“Alex!” She sighed. “Please Alex if this concerns me I have a right to know.”


Alex’s POV

‘She’s right she does.’ “I know how your mom died. And I know the symptoms.”

“You know how my mom died?”


“Tell me.”



“NO!” I pulled the jeep over. “I am not doing this with you now.”

“Then tell me.”

“Damn it Marissa!” I got out of the jeep and walked into the gas station. She got out and followed. “@0 on one please.” I handed the guy the money.

“Alex come on tell me.”

“No.” I turned to the guy. “Thank you.” I walked back out and began pumping the gas into my jeep.

“Alexandria!” Whoa full name! I turned around.

“Why the hell are you pushing this!?”

“Why won’t you tell me!?”

“I have my reasons.” I turned back to the pump and wiggled the last few drops out of the hose.

“Why is that?” She was really pushing me.

“Because I do ok!” I snapped back at her. She looked hurt. I was sorry about snapping at her but she was just so frustrating right now. The whole situation was. I got in the car and she was still standing there. “Are you coming?”

“No.” She crossed her arms.


“Because you won’t tell me.”

I sighed. “I’ll tell you when we find a motel and get settled in for the night, ok?”

“Fine.” She opened the door got in and slammed it behind her.

Chapter Twelve

Marissa’s POV

Alex drove to a motel after being half way there and on the road for hours. She checked us in and we walked to our room. She sat on the bed and I sat on the floor. “So are you going to tell me what happened now?”

She nodded and opened her mouth and began to speak. “Riss your mom died, it’s weird don’t you think that it’s only now when you’re starting to get your powers and someone close to you dies?”

“Well yea I kind of figured that it was because they were after me.”

“Yea well it’s not just that. It’s also because your mom was a witch.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yea, and the only reason you didn’t know was because she didn’t remember, that’s why your powers were binded.” She sighed letting me take it in.

“Wait, she didn’t remember?”

“No she didn’t not after the accident.”

“The accident? Oh my god not ‘the accident‘.”

“Yes, ‘the accident’ your mom lost her memory. Most of what she learned anyway, any spell or anything else she knew was gone.” I sat there completely shocked from what Alex was telling me.


Alex’s POV

This has to be hard for her hearing this from me instead of her father. “She had symptoms before she died. Many of which coincide with one I never thought would be preformed again. It was used in the middle ages in time of war, to kill off the king’s family. It goes through your blood line and then to the next heir and so one till they are all dead. The symptoms started with your mother a long time ago. When they did start your great grandmother was still alive and one by one your mother’s family was killed off, and now here we are 26 years later and now she’s dead.”

“I don’t get it Alex.”

“Marissa, they were all the women who died, the men didn’t. And now that your mother is gone, it only leaves you.”


Marissa’s POV

Alex’s words hit me pretty hard. Learning that all those years I had been lied to and my mom was carrying a deadly spell in her blood and now I had it. “Alex, what does this mean for me?”

“Well the first symptom is glowing, which you already have.” Alex took a deep breath. “I knew this would happen and I knew of your ancestors’ fates and I didn’t want to be involved, but I fell in love with you, and now I’m going to lose you.” Alex cried. I felt like a horrible person for pushing our relationship to the point of no turning back and when I was gone she would have no one left to love her the way she loved me or I loved her. And now I knew here reasoning for not wanting to do this in the first place, but what I didn’t understand was why she had stopped using her powers.

“Alex?” She looked up at me teary eyed. “Now that I know why you didn’t push our relationship in the beginning I’m still confused about one thing.”


“Why did you stop doing magic?”

“Because I knew if I continued that it would lead me to you and from the moment Jimmy told me about you and I first saw you I fell in love with you. Love at first site. I couldn’t bare having to lose you after trying to help Jimmy find a cure for your mom. I didn’t want to lose you too so I distanced myself from you, Jimmy and your mom. Until he came here asking me to help you, and I couldn’t say no.”

“Do we know how long I have before…” I knew I didn’t have to say the rest she would get the hint and just answer me the best she could.

“No but your mom had along time I mean she was 46 when she died right? So maybe we’ll get lucky.” She sighed as another tear rolled down her cheek. She looked away from me and out the near by window. I stood and I walked over to her.

“Alex?” She turned her head to me. “I love you. And we’ll make it through this.” She smiled at me weakly and I kissed her lips to try and reassure her but I know it didn’t work like I wanted it to. I knew it was going to be a rough few years. “Does this damn glowing ever go away?”

She laughed lightly. “It will eventually, give it some time. Your mom’s stopped when she was 10 and it started about a month before so, give it a month and we’ll see where it goes. You’re mom got it pretty young too so I don’t know what’s going to happen, lets just sleep and get to Seattle and you can talk with your dad and we can go to your mom’s funeral.”

“Ok.” I let that be the end of tonight and got ready for a good night’s sleep holding on to Alex.

Chapter Thirteen

Alex’s POV

Marissa woke the next morning next to me and I thought of how I loved waking up next to her. I loved everything about her. God why me? Why is it I have to fall for a girl who is going to die at anytime? God I’m so fucked up. “hey did you sleep well?”

“Yeah of course I did I was with you.”

“Aha sweet talker.”

“Yup, you caught me.”

“Hey we should get up, shower and leave the funeral is at two and we still have two hours left.”

“Yeah you’re right.” Marissa got up and so did I and we got in the shower. We washed each other and then got out got dressed and left for Seattle. As I drove Marissa looked out the window and I knew she was thinking, not just about anything, but about us. I continues to drive and thought of it myself. I didn’t know how I would react to losing her, I don’t know if I could. As I pulled off at the last exit before Seattle to grab a bite to eat she was wrought with worry and I didn’t know what to say to reassure her. We got a quick sandwich and left arriving at her dad’s a few minutes later.

He came out to greet us and I smiled. “Hi Jimmy.”

“Alex.” he turned to Marissa. “Hunny.”

“Hi daddy. Can we talk?”

“Sure.” Jimmy and her walked up to the house and inside going into the living room while I went upstairs to catch a few winks.


Marissa’s POV


“Why what?”

“You and Alex?”


“Yeah oh, what are you thinking?”

“That I’m in love with her.”

“You are what?”

“In love.” I looked down.

“You are?” I just nodded keeping my head down. “You really are aren’t you?”



“Was that sarcastic?”

“NO of course not. I’m happy for you. Now let’s get ready we’ll talk more later.”

“Ok. I think Alex is sleeping so I think I’ll join her until it’s time to go.”

“Alright.” I went upstairs opened the door and laid next to Alex cuddling up close to her body.


Three hours later Jimmy’s POV

“I can’t believe she loves Alex.” I sighed. “Wow. I never would have thought. But I’m glad she’s happy.” I finished tying my tie and walked to where Marissa and Alex were sleeping. I knocked and then went in. “Hey you two should get up now. We have to be there in an hour.”

“Ok dad, see you in a bit.”

“Sure.” I closed the door and went back down stairs to wait for them.


Alex’s POV

Marissa and I dressed together and I couldn’t help but watch as she pulled on her black silk dress. She turned around and stared at me. “Alex?”

“Huh.” I pulled out of my trance.

“Enjoying the view?” She said laughing.

“Hehe yeah I guess I am.”

“Ok well you still need to get dressed hun.”

“I guess I do huh?”

“Yeah. Let me help you.”

I stood there frozen as she slipped her hands around my torso pulling my shirt off. She smiled at me as she went for my jeans unbuttoning them and pulling them down and off me. She stood there for a while admiring my body then went to grab my dress suit from her bag. She turned back to me and pulled me closer placing a kiss on my lips gently and then put the shirt over my head. She slowly buttoned the top two buttons and went to my waist pulling on my pants. She finished with my light jacket and walked a few steps back. “There all better now.”

“What’s taking you two so long?” Jimmy yelled. “Never mind don’t answer that.” I smiled as Marissa and I walked down the steps and out to the car getting in and heading to the funeral. The drive there was quiet and Marissa and I got out of the car walking hand in hand to her mother’s burial. The funeral wasn’t too long not many people really knew her mother. It was over in an hour and we left and went back to her dad’s. When we got there no one knew about the little surprise Aiden left us.

Chapter Fourteen

Alex’s POV

As Marissa and I walked up to the door with Jimmy I could hear loud ticking. “Shit!”


“Run!” We all turned around to run away. We heard aloud crackling sound like something burning, Marissa and I stopped and turned around trying to see around the burning pieces of the house. We ran and were safe but Jimmy was caught in the explosion. He was on the ground dead fried to a crisp. Marissa and I rushed to his side to check if he was still alive. Marissa bent down and was on her knees shaking her head.

“No, no, no, no, no.” I didn’t know what to do but hold her. She lost both her parents in the course of two days. I held on to her as she began to fall to pieces in my arms.


Marissa’s POV

Why me, why? Why have powers? Why, why, why? I sat in Alex’s arms crying and I heard a sound. Alex and I both turned to see what it was. Something was coming out of the brush. I could quite make it out as the flames were flickering off of whatever it was.

Something hit me then like a lightning bolt in the chest. I fell over in pain as I watched Alex in horror as she turned around to face the thing that attacked me.


Alex’s POV

I walked closer to the thing that attacked Marissa. My Marissa, it attacked her and I was going to kill it no matter what it took. I walked closer making out shapes as the tall figure came out of the flames and toward me. I was stunned never in my life had I thought I’d see him again, but he was here.

“Kore?” He smirked at me devilishly and then turned to Marissa. He was going to attack her again and I couldn’t stop him, there was no way to. I looked back to Marissa I saw pain and fear in her eyes and the last look of betrayal as another bolt hit her smack in the chest. I turned away not letting Kore see the pain in my face. It hurt me to just stand there but there was nothing I could do. I knew Marissa was unconscious and I walked over to her slowly and bent down to her ear. “Marissa” I whispered. “I love you please know that I would have stopped him but I just can’t. but I promise I will try to next time.” I stood up and looked at her one last time. I picked her up and moved her to the grass where she could be more comfortable and Kore took me into his grasp.

“Hey little sister.” His hands squeezed tightly around my neck as he lifted me into the air. “Helping out the other side now are we?” His grip got tighter and I began seeing darkness over coming my vision. “Well you know I never would have pinned you for the lesbian type, but hey, never thought you’d turn on your family either but ya did.”

Chapter Fifteen

Alex’s POV

I woke up in a cell that was black as night the next morning. “Where am I?” I looked around. “Son of a bitch, they put me in the fucking dungeon.” I got up and looked around. I tried a simple lock spell to get out and it worked like a charm. “That was too easy.” I looked around before walking out and closing the door. I took the nearest flight of stairs on my right and walked up them and out to the tower hall. Looking around I crept to the right till I found my old room. I slowly opened the door putting my hand over the hinges so that it wouldn’t squeak. I felt the ping of pain as the hinge cut my hand as I slowly continued to open it. I crept inside slowly and let the door close lightly. I walked over to my dresser quickly grabbing some garments and I put them in a small knapsack and swung it over my shoulder. I tied the bed sheets together knotting them tightly and flung them out the side window where no one would see. I climbed down them slowly and when I got to the ground I said a simple spell to retrieve them so no one would find where I had gone. I put them in my sack and I jogged off toward the stables. Quickly I saddled up my horse and I took off through the woods leading me back to Marissa.


Marissa’s POV

I woke up on the grass outside my dad’s house. The sun shone brightly in my eyes. I sat up seeing the mess left behind by Kore. I saw my father dead, and my girlfriend was taken. I stood on my feet and walked around looking for any hint of a clue to where Alex was taken or anything that was left behind from the explosion. I moved a few of the lose debris revealing a spell book. I picked it up. “Might come in handy. You never know.” I kept looking until I was satisfied with my inspection of things. I sat down and I opened the spell book, which I found out quickly was not a spell book at all. Every warlock was listed in here. I flipped through the pages until I found Alex’s family. Their whole family was evil. Including part of Alex, but she got rid of that. “But how?” I read on learning some useful information on each person’s weakness I her family including hers. Her mother wasn’t good at countering spells, her father wasn’t good at anything, and her brother was nothing but a brut who lacked the brain power. Alex’s weakness, was well, was me.


Alex’s POV

As I rode through the woods I thought about one thing, Marissa. I have to get back to her before it’s too late. I know they know I’m gone, they’ll go after her. I rode harder and used my frustration to think of a plan.


Marissa’s POV

I sat there in the front yard looking still at Alex’s picture in my dad’s book. But how did he know about her weakness. How did he know that we were together and that Alex loved her. More importantly how did he know that Alex was evil at one point? When I didn’t even know. I ran my fingers over it lightly and took out the page folding it then placing it in my bra. I closed the book throwing it to the ground and got up turning around to look for my phone that I dropped earlier when I saw them.


Alex’s POV

I rode faster and harder trying to get to Marissa. I felt the power growing stronger and I knew that they had her. I was too late to get to her before they did, but I could still stop them. I knew I could all I had to do was bring myself to kill my own family. I rode harder ducking branches and dodging trees along the way. I knew I could make it. I saw her dad’s house just over the hill and forced my horse to move faster. As I neared the clearing I saw the glowing energy of my brother’s powers combined with the rest of them. I was running out of time to get there I knew they planned to kill her and I had to disarm their powers quickly but I was still out of range.

Chapter Sixteen

Marissa’s POV

I was a sitting duck there was no where I could go now. All three of them had me surrounded. What am I going to do? Where is Alex? I stumbled backwards and tripped over the debris that were left over. I crawled backwards away from them still they came closer. I tried to remember the things Alex taught me. But they had all slipped through my grasp. I was done for. Kore came closer and picked me up by my wrists dangling me like a puppet and he was the puppet master. I grimaced in pain as he took his long finger nails digging them into my side. He saw the look on my face and laughed in joy.


Alex’s POV

I was just a mile away another few more yards and I could perform the spell and get to Marissa. I reached the near left side behind Kore and mutter the words that needed to be said. I watched as the energy field subsided and they all fell to their knees. I ran to Marissa’s side and helped her up. I took her arm and carried her over behind some taller debris.

“Sit here I have to do something before you and I take care of them together.” she nodded and I walked over to where my family was laying.

“Nice of you to join us little sister.”

“Oh you think so too.” I crossed my arms.

“Come to watch your girlfriend die?”

“No I came to watch you die.” I stood there as I muttered an incantation.

“Sorry little sis but that won’t work.”

“You have no clue why you aren’t glowing anymore do you?”

“No way I thought mom was a counter curser.”

“Nope, well she is, but can’t do them very well a little pointless if you ask me but whatever.”

Kore looked horrified. “Well I didn’t ask you.”

“Oh well.” I shrugged. “And you see the only way for my girlfriend to not die is for me to kill the curser of hr bloodline which is.” I looked to my mother. “You.” I was infuriated. “And I will kill you all if I have to with Marissa’s help.”

“You won’t kill your own family.”

“I don’t have a family, Marissa is my family. Not you.” I spat in disgust.


Marissa’s POV

I watched as Alex stuck up to her family. Her own flesh and blood and she was willing to kill them all for me. I know they were evil but her own family. I can’t ask her to do this.


Alex’s POV

“Alex.” I heard it barely even a whisper behind me as she put a hand on my shoulder. “Please don’t do this for me.”

“I am not just doing this for you Marissa, I am doing it for me too.”

“Alex what are you talking about.”

“Marissa they aren’t my really family, they took me in because they thought I would help them and when I didn’t they abandoned me. My real parents were as human as you and me, and they killed them.”

“Oh, Alex I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not. They are going to die.”

I looked at Marissa, she knew it was all part of the plan. We went over this before we had went to the funeral because all of us including Jimmy knew what would happen. Marissa and I had been over this a thousand times already. Both of us knew the spell and were ready to perform it. Doing this would save Marissa’s life and would punish them all for what they had done to my real family. I looked at Marissa one last time to make sure she was ready. She nodded and we began to say the spell.

“Eroch a mea vos a mi lo ye ol la al poe aro ere a mast de caure.” We repeated it several times over letting the bright lights circle around them. I saw that Marissa was now glowing as well and it suddenly just was like it floated out of her and into the circle where the others were. As we continued saying it they fell to the floor and turned into piles of dust. Marissa and I let go of each other’s hands and looked at each other in amazement. It was over finally, no one would bother me or her again. Everyone was out of the way except for common society. Even Ryan was gone now, as well as Aiden.


Flash back in Alex’s head

Aiden sat across from me and Marissa as we watched him go on about what he knew my parents were up to. We had captured him soon after we had escaped and got everything out of him and then banished him from earth. For all we knew he was off floating in space some where. Ryan however we erased his memory, both of us thought it was better that way. And these deadly games were now over.



“Alex?” I paused to wait for her answer. “Alex?”


“Come on snap out of it.”

“Sorry I was just thinking of how now there’s no one to stop us.”

“I know there isn’t. Come on let’s go.”


“Hey can we stop using magic now?”

“Yes, we can, you’re safe, I am safe, the world is not going to end. I think we are ok.” She took me by the waist and we walked away from my father’s house and back towards town for a car.

Chapter Seventeen

A Year Later

Alex’s POV


I turned around hearing my name. “Yea.”

“Come back to bed.”

“Aww Hun you know I would but we should start packing to head home. We can’t stay here forever.”

“I know, but I wish we could.” She was propping herself up against her hand in doing so the sheets from the bed slid down her torso. I couldn’t help but stare at her bare chest.


I snapped out of it and smiled seductively. “Ya know I think maybe packing can wait.”

She giggled as I jumped on top of her and kissed her neck softly. She moaned as I let my mouth roam her torso and neck. I gingerly kissed every part of her till she was covered in kisses. “Alex…” She gasped as soon as my hand reached her stomach and continued to move further down her body. I let my fingers spread out over her curls and continued to assault her neck. She moaned and gasped as my hand finally reached where she wanted me to be. I let my middle finger slide gently over her clit and down her center and back up.


Marissa’s POV

I felt Alex’s middle finger in me as she continued kissing my neck and moved her way further down my body to my breasts. My hips bucked into her hand and I tilted my head back closing my eyes as she entered another finger inside me while her thumb massaged my clit and her mouth attacked my nipples. I felt her wetness against my leg as she ground her hips into me. I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Baby as much…as…I love…this…I think I…have an…idea.” Alex just looked at me. I moved her back up to me where we were in the same position. I took one of her legs placing it over mine and the other under mine. She looked at me kind of funny. “Just trust me.” She nodded and I took her hand and placed it on my clit while my free hand moved to hers. She finally got my meaning as soon as I starting bucking my hips against her hand. She smiled slightly and started moving her hips with mine. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me and then her head shot backward as moans began to escape from her lips.

“Ohh god!” Her hips moved faster and I had to keep time with her so we could come together. I looked at her and used my free hand to bring her face to mine and kissed her lips passionately stifling a few of her moans.

I broke away leaving us both panting for air. Her eyes were filled with lust looking at me and my head had also shot backwards now as hers did again.

“Ohh Alex!”




Alex’s POV

I was coming I knew I was almost there. I wanted to get Marissa there with me. I slipped another finger in her as she did the same to me. Moving faster and harder with the motions of her hips I came over the edge and bucked wildly against her hand and tried my best to keep thrusting into her. I felt her center squeezing around my fingers as one last moan escaped her lips.

“ALEX!” Her head now too was resting on my shoulder as I on hers. Breathing heavily I removed my fingers and licked them clean and planted a tender kiss on her lips and held on to her.

“I love you Marisa.”

“I love you to Alex.”


A week later

Alex and I were back home again. Well my fathers house actually, we remodeled and fixed it back up into shape and it was good as new now housing the two of us and one little runt of a puppy named Rascal.

I moved from my spot at the kitchen table and went to the living room to find Alex. “Hey baby.”

“Hey sweetie. Can I ask you something?”

I walked a bit closer and sat down on the couch. “Sure.” I smiled at her.


Alex’s POV

God I hope she says yes. I got down on one knee. “Marissa, I have loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. I have kept a watchful eye on you always. You have made me so happy this past year and a half and I would be even happier if I could spend the rest of my life with you.” I paused and whistled for the dog. “Come here puppers.” Rascal walked towards me and I took the box off from around his neck. I turned back to Marissa and took a deep breath. “Marissa Cooper I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You make me so happy and I could make you just as happy if you let me. Marissa will you marry me.”


Marissa’s POV

Hearing her ask me I was stunned a thousand times over but was I happy as ever. I got up from the couch and picked her up off the floor. I looked deep into her blue eyes. “Yes, I would love to marry you.” I thought I saw tears running down her cheek as she leaned in to kiss me. Her lips soft and the kiss passionate. I pulled away and wrapped my arms around her neck. “God do I love you.”

She hugged me back and I pulled away letting her pull out the ring from the box. It was beautifully engraved, “to my Marissa I love you with every beat of my heart”. I cried after reading it and let her slip it onto my finger. She wiped the tears from my eyes and pulled me into another warm embrace. She pulled back and looked at me and then to the bedroom. I nodded and she bent down and swooped me off my feet carrying me into our bedroom and closing the door.

The End


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