Title- What Now?

Author- Becca

Rating- pg

Series- Loves Appreciation

E-mail - beccacurrie@msn.com

Pairing- sam/janet

Disclaimer- well folks none of these lovely people belong to me. Sad I know but at least they’re getting put to good use by all. I promise not to harm (or fondle) any of the characters and I also promise to put them back where I found them as soon as I’m done with them.

Notes- Second in my `Loves Appreciation` series second slash fic so I hope u enjoy reading. Feedback as always is appreciated.

It had been 3 days, 3 days since Sam had won Janet over. They had spent those days lazing around the house. Janet had phoned into work and had asked for a weeks personal leave, which she was granted.

“OK today we have to do something. Go a walk, a run, a cycle. Just lets get out of the house please.”

Janet was standing in the bathroom fixing her hair in front of the mirror. Sam walked up behind her and slide her arms round Janet’s waist and laid her head on Janet’s shoulder.

“OK I give. How about a walk? You could show me around your new neighbourhood.”

“Sounds great.” Smiled Janet.

5 minutes later Sam and Janet were strolling through the street hand in hand.

“Do you get the feeling we’re being watched?”

“Erm yeah a bit.”


“Look mommy those two women are holding hands. Why are they holding hands mommy?”

“I don’t know honey but what they’re doing is wrong OK sweety. Just don’t look at them OK honey.”


Sam squeezed Janet’s hand a bit tighter.

“What we’re doing is right. It’s more than right it’s… it’s ….. great! OK?” Sam whispered to Janet.

Janet smiled back at Sam with a half hearted grin.


`Right that’s it` thought Sam. She spun Janet round and kissed her. Deeply, passionately and most importantly in front of all the beady eyes watching them.

“See” whispered Sam” I told you it was great.”

Janet lost her half hearted grin to a full blown smile.

“Yeah. Yeah you did.”

Janet stole a quick kiss from Sam then began walking in the opposite direction.

“Janet where are you going? I thought we were going for a walk?”

“We were but let’s just go home.”

“Is this about the god damn woman? Are you ashamed us?” Sam asked tears threatening to escape.

Janet ran back to Sam and threw her arms round her.

“Oh god no Sam. I just wanted to get home cause remember Cassie is staying at a friends. So I thought we could have a nice night in.”

Sam was sure she saw a sly glint in Janet’s eye when she spoke.

“so she is. How could I let that slip my mind?” laughed Sam.

* * * *

Next morning Sam stirred first. It was now a tradition that Sam would wake first watch Janet sleep for a while until she could watch no more and had to touch. She drew lazy circles on Janet’s back and Janet muttered something that god only what it meant.


Sam collapsed in a fit of giggles.

“Hey there little one.”

“Little one?”

“Well it’s that or baby-girl. Which do you prefer?”

“Erm.” Janet thought for a while. “OK call me them both today and I’ll inform you which I prefer by the end of the day.”

It was now Janet’s turn to collapse into a fit a giggles but she was closely followed by Sam.

“Soun…Sounds … like a…. plan.” Sam managed to say.

After a while a silence fell upon the two lovers as they lay I each others arms. Sam broke the silence first.



“You know I only have three days then I have to go back to the base.”

“I take it we’re gonna have one of those serious talks now then?”

“We could leave it till later or we could jut get it out of the way. It’s up to you.”

“OK Carter lets have it.”

“Well…I…..was just …um wondering…um….”

“Spit it out Carter” Ordered Janet in a mock attempt at being Jack.


“Roughly translated means `I was just wondering if you were moving back with me? ` am I right?”

Sam nodded sheepishly. She was confident in most things like showing other people who much she cared for Janet but when it came to face-to-face confrontations she was worse than useless.

“I think today should be a thinking day. I swear to you by the end of the day of even sooner that I will have an answer to that question.”

Again Sam merely nodded. Janet got up and kneed in front of Sam on the bed.

“Sam, honey, I love you. More than you know.”

Sam opened her mouth to tell Janet she know this and didn’t doubt for a second Janet’s love for her but was silenced when Janet laid  a finger over her lips.

“Let me finish. Nothing will ever stop me loving you. Nothing. Your half of my being. Without you there would be no me. I need you to live like I need oxygen to breathe.”

Tears were now pouring from Sam and Janet.

“Janet I…..I….I.”

Janet laid a finger on Sam’s lips again.

“Sooooo if I was here and you were in Colorado I’d die without you.”

“Your coming back home?”

This time it was Janet doing the nodding. Sam couldn’t contain her happiness. She grabbed Janet and held her tight.

“Er *cough* Sam *cough* oxygen *cough*”

“Whoa? OH right sorry.”

Sam let Janet go but refused to lose contact with her. Hands scrabbled to grab hands, lips searched for lips and bodies yearned for contact with one another.

“Your coming home.” Whispered Sam between kisses. “I can’t believe it.”

“Why? Do u think I could stay here after this. Do you think I could sleep in this bed know what’s happened in it. God I’d never sleep again if I stayed here.”

“I don’t know what I thought. But it doesn’t matter now does it.”

“Nope.” Smiled Janet. “It surly doesn’t.”


“Casie!! Can I be the one to tell her Janet please?”

“Why don’t we tell her together?”


“Cass we’ll be down in a minute. OK”

“OK. Jeez I was only asking.” Muttered the teen.

15 minutes later the two adults strolled down the stairs and into the living room to come face-to-face with a very very unhappy teenager.

“What time do you call this?”

“It’s 20 past 1.”

“Well duh. I’m never allowed to sleep in that long.”

“Ahh but me being your mother and Sam just being beautiful are allowed to do what we want.”

This got a laugh from Sam but a glare from the irritated teen.

Sam and Janet sat down on the couch while Cassie opted for the recliner. The recliner had been Janet’s father’s. it had been given to her after he had died a few years ago.

Both adults were now just sitting holding hands and grinning like infants, and it was annoying the hell out of Cassie.

“OK what is it? Why the hell are you two so happy?”


“Sorry.” Muttered Cassie. “But you really annoying me. I feel like I’m out of the loop here.”

Janet looked at Sam.

“We should tell her.”


“Would you give us a minute?”


“You seem to be using `sorry` a lot today young lady.”

“Sorry I mean…. I mean  sorry”

Sam burst out laughing which got Cass going but Janet was less than impressed.

“Sorry” Sam and Cassie said in unison.

Well this just got them going again. Janet looked as she was ready to kill someone then her professional mask came down and a cool air came about her.

“So you don’t want to hear the news then I take it?”

Cassie shout up fast.

“OK I’m listening.”

“Well Sam and I were talking earlier. About really important serious stuff. We were talking about all sorts but one thing in particular came up……”

“Mum will you get to the point the suspense is killing me here.”

“Yeah me too and I know what the news is.” Chirped Sam


“You have no idea how happy.”

Cassie leapt up and grabbed hold of both her mum’s.

“When we moving?”

“Well I need to call the estate agents and see if our old house is still on the market. So I don’t know.”

“It is.”


“Your house.”

Janet still looked confused.

“Your house is still on the market I checked this morning.”

“Oh you did, did you?”

“Yep. I knew my charm and powers of persuasion would win you over.”

“Oh really.” Janet was trying to be serious but was failing miserably.

Sam and Janet forgetting that Cassie was there entered a passion filled kiss.

“God get a room you two.” Said the teen in disgust.

Remembering where they were Sam and Janet broke apart. Sam being easy to embarrass was blushing like there was no tomorrow.

“Sorry honey.” Janet apologised. “Do you wanna go start packing then?”

“Ya think”

“WAIT. Hold it we’re not moving she’s quoting Jack O’Neill.”

“Awww come on mum he’s not that bad.”

“You didn’t have to do his physicals.”

“You better start using present tense Jan.”


“I phoned general Hammond yesterday and he hasn’t filled the spot for CMO yet and I asked if he would consider taking you back. He told me it would be an honour to have you back.”

“Oh Sam”

Janet leapt forward and grabbed Sam in a fierce hug.

“Yeah happy to help.”

“So when do we leave?”

“As soon as we’re organised I suppose. Cass can you phone the removals?”

“Yeah sure. Where are you two going?”

“Erm to pack in the bedroom.”

“OK no problem.”

As soon as Sam and Janet were out of ear shot Cass whispered.

“Yeah right.”

* * * *

“Just think 1 month ago we were in New York and I was begging you to give me a chance.” Mused Sam out loud.


“Janet and Sam were outside on Janet’s roof balcony watching the stars.

“This is great.”

“Yeah it is. I’m glad you came home with me.”

“Yeah me too.”  Janet swivelled round in Sam’s arms to kiss the beautiful blonde. “I’m just glad you didn’t give up on such a stubborn ass like me.” Laughed Janet.

“Yeah well who could give up on an ass like that I ask.” Giggled Sam.

“Ha ha I’m just saying thank you or not giving up OK.”

Sam had now switched to serious mode and was taking this conversation as serious as Janet was.

“Never Janet. I would never give up on you. You’re here.” Sam pointed to her head. “and here.” Sam laid a hand on her heart. “I could never live without you baby-girl. I need you and I will always need and love you even after the last star in the sky burns out my love for you with burn forever.”

Janet snaked her arms round Sam’s middle and was holding on as if Sam was about to disappear any moment.

“Sam you have no idea how happy I am. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in all my life. I love you so much.”

Both Sam and Janet lay cuddled together on the roof for the whole night. Janet was first to fall asleep and first to awaken next morning. As soon as she had opened her eyes she was confronted by the most beautiful sight. She was in Sam’s arms at the crack of dawn and there was the most beautiful sunrise that she had ever seen. Colours she had never seen. Orange’s, gold’s, red’s it was amazing.

“Sam. Sam honey wake up look at this.”

“Whoa? What?”

“Look.” Janet pointed to the sunrise.

“Janet its beautiful. A bit like someone I know. You think living here for 6 years we might have noticed how beautiful our sunrises were.”

“Yeah you would think we would notice.” Sighed Janet. “But I guess its like a lot of things. You have to be hit over the head or have something shoved under your nose before you’ll take notice.”

A few moments of silence passed over the two lovers as they watched the sun rise over the mountains.

“So baby-girl what are we gonna do today?”

“I don’t know I mean for the first time in a month we both have the same full day off.”

“I know its weird isn’t it.”

“Sure is. So a full day of doing what?”

Sam sat for a few minutes thinking.

“So…. What’s it to be oh one of knowledge.”

A few more minutes passed then Sam almost knocked Janet over the balcony.

“I know exactly what we can do.”


“How about we go rent some girly movies and buy some popcorn and ice-cream and spend the day talking and watching movies. What do you think baby-girl?”

“I think it’s a great idea. We haven’t had much time together and this could be a little getting to know each other better thing. But there’s a flaw in you amazing plan though.”

“Oh really and what would that be?”

“Well since the sun just came up then I’m guessing no video store will be open at this time in the morning. So we’ve have a couple of hours to kill. How do you suppose we do that?”

“Well actually I had thought of that would you believe. Well I was thinking we go to bed and get some proper sleep.” Whispered Sam.

“Proper sleep?”

“Well maybe not sleep but give me credit it did involve a bed.”

Janet laughed like a two year old and swatted Sam on the arm. Then she got up and out stretched her arm for Sam to grab hold of. They both climbed back into the house and headed for the bed room.

Sam and Janet didn’t emerge from the bedroom for another 3 hours. Which was plenty of time for the young lovers to have fun.

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