Title- When?

Author- Becca

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Series- Loves Appreciation

Notes- Not taken that long to write part three in my series. I don’t know what happened one day I stumbled upon a sam/janet fic and now I cant get enough of it and cant stop writing it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve loved writing it.

Disclaimer- well folks none of these lovely people belong to me. Sad I know but at least they’re getting put to good use by all. I promise not to harm (or fondle) any of the characters and I also promise to put them back where I found them as soon as I’m done with them.

After `Steal Magnolias` Sam and Janet decided that they had watched enough film’s so they switched off the TV grabbed a glass of wine and turned on the music.

Celine Dion was the decided choice. So Sam popped in a CD and Celine’s voice began serenading them. Weaving in and out of they’re conversation.

The conversation sort of stopped after a few minutes as the lovers gathered and got lost in their thoughts.

Janet reached over and grabbed Sam’s hand.

“I’m glad you came after me.” Whispered Janet.

Sam stared back at Janet at a total loss for words.

“Say something Sam.” Pleaded Janet.

“I don’t know what to say. What brought that on?”

“I don’t know. Today maybe, everything I think but defiantly today. I’ve had such a great time just sitting with you and talking. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. It just reminded me of what I could be missing if I had kept ignoring you.”

Sam’s eyes were now full of unspoilt tears waiting and fighting to be released.

“I’m glad, because I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.”

“What would you be doing if you hadn’t come for me?”

Sam thought for a while before answering.

“Truthfully, I’d probably be holed up in my lab. I’d be up to my eyeballs in experiments and paperwork. Trying to cut myself off from everyone because that’s the way I deal with a huge loss and that’s what you’d be Janet the biggest loss in my life. I would be empty without you. You know that.”

“I know Sam. I know because that’s how I’d be without you to.”

The two lovers curled up again and Sam lightly kissed Janet’s temple. They fell silent for what seemed like hours until finally Sam breached the quietness.

“When did you realise you had feelings for me?”


“Well let’s just ask any questions we have the now. Get everything if anything out in the open. I’ve always wanted to know this.”

“Well… I realised for definite when you were laying with the `Entity` stuck in your head . I couldn’t do anything to help and it was tearing me up inside. I cried everyday. I was lost without you. You looked so white and deathly. I was terrified that I was going to lose you before I had even had you. But I did have a fait idea that I had feelings for you back when Narim came here then with Jolinar and again during the Zar’tac testing too.”


“Don’t wow me young lady.” Laughed Janet. “I’ve just spilt my guts to you so time for you to spill yours.”

“OK….OK. Well to be honest I felt something for you as soon as I had met you and every time I saw you after my feelings grew. Even now when I wake up in the morning and I’m lying next to you I love you more. I love you more with each passing day.”

“Sam hugged Janet tighter.

“I love you. Whispered Janet in Sam’s ear.

“”I love you too and I’ll love you even more in the morning when I wake up to see your beautiful face and your beautiful body laying next to me.”

“OK enough serious questions’ time for some fun ones.”

“OK shoot. What do you wanna know?”

“Did you ever have feelings for Jack?”

Janet had chosen the moment Sam was taking a drink to pose this question. With the shock of the question Sam spat out everything that was in her mouth all over the coffee table and herself.

“Whoa?” Sam laughed. “No. nothing more than friendship. Maybe a little bit more but nothing other than that.”

Sam started blushing and Janet knew she was hiding something.

“What else? Your hiding something.” Sam was about to protest but Janet held up her hand. “Don’t start. I can tell, for one thing your blushing.” Laughed Janet.

“There’s only ever been you Janet.” Whispered Sam. “That’s what I was thinking. When everyone else thought I was in love with Jack it was really you I loved. Even at the Zar’tac testing. When Jack said he like me a lot more than he was supposed to. then it was my turn and I just said I had feelings for someone but regulations prevented me from doing anything about those said feelings. Those feelings were for you Janet.”

Janet was for once speechless.

“I…had…I had no idea. I.. I thought you had.. had it bad for Jack O’Neill.”

Sam reached for Janet’s hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I know you did. It killed me whenever I saw you. You thought what I was feeling was for Jack when it was really fir you Janet. Everything was for you.”

Janet leaned forward to capture Sam’s lips and she could swear that when their lips met there was electricity passed between them.

“I think we should move this private party to the bedroom.”

“Yeah I was thinking the same thing baby-girl.”

Janet stopped dead in her tracks.

“I really love that.”


“Baby-girl. I really love that. I don’t know why I just do.” Laughed Janet.

“I’ve just had an idea.”

“Oh no not an idea.” Giggled Janet.

“Ha ha. How about a dance. Our first dance lets have it here. In your house.”

“OUR home Sam. This place is as much your home as it is mine.”

“Yeah but I have my own house to.”

“Well you could sell it.”

“I don’t understand?”

“No you don’t do you.” Laughed Janet. “I’m asking you to move in with me Sam. Properly. All the time.”

“Seriously? But what would we tell everyone on base?”

“Well we would say that you spend most of you free time here anyway because of Cassie. That you never use you house really and it would save you on rent.”

“You know.” Sam said sweeping Janet into her arms. “that sounds like a great idea. But first, our dance. What do you say?”

“I say why the hell not, but what song shall we dance to oh beautiful one.” Chuckled Janet

“Well it just so happens I know an amazing song.”

Sam let go of Janet and padded over to the CD player and placed a CD into the drive and walked back over to Janet, were she slid her arms around Janet’s waist and Janet snaked hers around Sam’s neck.

`There you go again
When you rub up against my skin
I have to catch my breath
Lips tracing down my neck`

Sam was kissing Janet just as the song suggested. Firstly on the cheek and leaving a wet trail as she moved her kissing from the cheek to the Janet’s neck. All this managed to get a moan from Janet, so Sam pulled her closer. Their bodies melting together with the rhythm of the song.

`it’s scarin’ me to death
How’d you learn to draw me to the cliff
Just to push me off
Just to push me off the edge
Damn I hate the way you know me and
Damn you kill me when you hold me
Like I’m your world
Like this won’t hurt
Like a favourite curse in every nerve
Damn I’m fightin’ and i’m losin’
Damn your pushin’ and I’m pulin’
I’m wrestling with, I toss and twist till finally I give in
I hate being addicted only
You would have predicted
I’d be torn I’m worn so thin
You can see right through
You can see right through my soul`

The song continued for a few minutes longer, and when finally stopped so did Sam and Janet. Dead in their tracks. Sam brought a hand that was resting on Janet’s back, up and into Janet’s hair. With her thumb gently caressing Janet’s cheek. Blue eyes melted into brown as time stood still for them both.


I could feel the world spinning. At that moment I knew I had found my soul mate `the one`. Janet is the only one for me. I’m sure that if I ever lost Janet there would be no reason for loving again.


Hook line and sinker is that how they describe it. It didn’t matter if the universe stop existing my love for Sam and the love returned would be a forever constant that could only be found by Sam and I.

there u go folks another in the loves appreciation series. Hope you liked caus I’m working on part 4. anyway plz plz plz send feedback I love getting it be it bad or good but send it anyway.

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