Title: That Damned Kitchen Window

Author: AppleCore

Fandom: Popular

Pairing: Sam/Brooke

Spoilers: None

Rating: PG-17

Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me, they are the property of Ryan Murphy, or Touchstone, or Buena Vista or maybe all three - except for Shane who belongs to Ilene Chaikin, Showtime and Viacom, no copyright infringement is intended or inferred. I'm not making any money from them and I make no claim to them whatsoever.

Warning: F/F so if you're under 18 or living somewhere backward, please don't go on! Oh yeah, and sorry about the "L Word" ref and messing around with the timelines there, but I couldn't resist!

Feedback: Yes please (I'm a newbie, so be gentle)!

"Principal Krupps? It's Brooke McQueen."

"Ah, Ms. McQueen," Krupps turned his attention to the phone.

"Sam and I won't be in today, we're both sick." The head cheerleader sounded tired and nasally.

"Not a problem Ms. McQueen, If I can just speak to your father or stepmother..."

"That's the problem, Principal Krupps, they're both away until next Wednesday, but we should be back in school tomorrow, or Monday at the latest."

Now normally Principal Krupps would have simply hung up right there and called a truancy officer to go around and pick up any student who had the audacity to pull such an obvious stunt on him, but this was Brooke McQueen and Sam McPherson. Exemplary students, and by all accounts, completely honest and reliable. And Brooke did sound ill.

"Brooke!" he heard in the background. "Can you go down and get me a cup of tea?"

"No, Sam, you go down this time. I got the aloe vera tissues." McQueen's voice was muffled, she had her hand over the phone. Krupps heard a distant coughing fit and a croaked "Fuck you very much."

Brooke was back on the phone. "I think we caught it from our baby sister."

Krupps made a decision. "Very well then, Ms. McQueen, I hope the two of you are feeling better soon, but if you're not back by Monday, I will need to see a doctor's certificate."

"Thank you, Principal Krupps." Brooke said, before hanging up.

"Well?" asked Sam, coming over to the bed and sprawling out next to the blonde.

"I think we got away with it." Brooke grinned - all traces of illness gone from her voice now - and leaned down to kiss her.


"Oh Brooke!" Sam moaned. She was sitting on the kitchen bench wearing nothing more than her pyjama top - which was open - thighs wrapped around the blonde cheerleader as Brooke kissed her throat, nipping and biting. She entangled her hands in fine blonde hair, tilting Brooke's head back so their lips met as she thrust her hips slowly and lazily back against the blonde's hand. Brooke was stroking just as slowly and lazily inside her, finding the places that Sam liked her to be.

"Sammy." She whispered softly, luxuriating in the feel of velvety soft skin, reaching down to take a nipple in her mouth.


"Krupps told Miss Glass that they both had the flu - they caught it off little Mac." Lily explained as they walked along the sidewalk toward Brooke and Sam's house. "He said that Brooke sounded awful on the phone."

"And they won't be back until Monday?" Carmen asked.

"That's the problem with babies," sighed Harrison, "They're infested with all kinds of germs." He really liked Mac, he was just a bit awkward around small children.

"Thanks so much for coming with, guys, I was so worried about them, all alone and feeling terrible." Lily grinned up at Josh, who had his arm around her waist.

"Hey, it's what friends do." Carmen held up the chicken soup she was carrying with a grin. Lily had objected strenuously to the get-well present but Carmen wasn't to be deterred. "Besides, I kinda want to make sure they're not going stir-crazy and trying to turn each other into man-vests or anything."

As they reached the Palace driveway they were confronted with Nicole Julian's Jaguar. Mary Cherry was climbing from the passenger side as Nicole waited with the remote to lock the door after her.

"Our poor Brookie, all sick and ahlone with no-one to look after her but Spam." The Texan was carrying several bags of gifts and a large bunch of tulips.

"Exactly." Nicole agreed, "And how is she supposed to recover with that face making her feel even sicker every time... Huh." She stopped, seeing the three Unpopulars - plus Josh - approach. "Well hi there, Carm, I wondered what was blocking out the sun."

"We've come to see Sam." Lily explained, quashing the irritation she felt every time she had to interact with Nicole.

"Well, we'll need you to wait a couple of hours until we're finished visiting Brooke." Nicole snapped. "We can't be seen in the same house with social pond scum like you. Except you, of course, Josh." She added with a falsely sweet smile.

"Shut up Nicole." Responded Carmen. "Sam's our friend and we can visit her any time we want." The four new arrivals began walking up the driveway toward the house, Nicole and Mary Cherry trailing behind them.

"Lil' Lily, how many times have Ah told you never to wear those shoes in mah presence?" sniffed Mary Cherry.

"Probably about as many times as I've asked you not to wear that anally-electrocuted mink stole." Snapped back Lily.

As the small bickering group approached the kitchen door, they were stopped in their tracks.


There was a kitchen window at the Palace. If Sam had really thought about having sex in the kitchen with Brooke, she would have pulled the blinds down first, because she herself had used that very same kitchen window (as had many others) to see things she really shouldn't have been privy to. Like the time she had spied on Brooke's reconciliation with her father. Or when her mother had seen Mike kissing Kelly. In fact, the kitchen window had also been all-revealing at her last house as well - she had been scarred for life upon accidentally spotting her mother having sex with Mike on the kitchen floor. But Sam had been distracted by Brooke's sensuous ministrations. And now as she shuddered in orgasm, throwing her head back and crying out Brooke's name, several someones were indeed seeing something through that window that they shouldn't have been privy to.


"Oh Sammy." Brooke repeated, nuzzling against Sam's neck. She withdrew her fingers slowly, feeling Sam jump a little and yelp softly. She was contemplating licking them clean when she felt Sam stiffen.

"Fuck." Her girlfriend breathed and Brooke looked up at her in concern. Sam was staring wide-eyed at the kitchen window and Brooke followed her gaze. There stood Nicole, Mary Cherry, Lily, Carmen, Josh and Harrison, all staring back at them in open-mouthed astonishment through the glass.


Brooke's heart leapt into her throat. "Do you... do you think they saw... us?" she stuttered.

"Uh, yeah, I think they did." Sam responded drily, fingers fumbling as she tried to rebutton her pyjama top.


They watched as Nicole suddenly snapped out of her surprise and lunged for the door. Lily grabbed for her arm. A struggle broke out as Mary Cherry tried to pull Lily off Nicole and Carmen and Josh tackled the Texan. Nicole had the door half open but Lily was keeping her from entering as the shorter blonde yelled "I'm going to fucking kill you Spam!"


Sam and Brooke were frozen at the bench, watching the scene unfold. Should they help their friends, should they run? Neither knew, so they just remained in place as the entire struggling group burst through the door as one.

"Just what the hell is going on here?" demanded Nicole, held back from actualising her obviously homcidal intentions by Josh, who winced as the blonde slammed a stiletto heel into his toe in an attempt to break free.

"I would have thought that would have been obvious." Commented Sam, arching an eyebrow.

"Nic," began Brooke, but she didn't know what to say. "This isn't what it looks... well, actually..." Brooke broke off. It was exactly what it looked like. Sam slipped down from the bench to stand at her side.

"Don't try to talk, Brooke, we know that you're sick, and ahfter seeing Sam trying to ahdvantage of you in your weakened condition..."

"I don't think they're really sick, Mary Cherry," sighed Carmen.

"And it kinda looked like Brooke was taking advantage of Sam," Commented Harrison unhelpfully.

Brooke cleared her throat and blushed.

"Look, everyone just calm down." Lily stepped to the front. "As pissed as I am that you never said ANYTHING about this to me, Sam, if you guys are like... together, then I support you one hundred percent."

"Me too." Harrison added, knowing his role in this kind of drama well.

"And me," Carmen put in.

"Yeah, me too." Josh said, more to Lily than anyone else, releasing Nicole finally, who continued to glare at Sam.

"Well not me." She stated. "I can see what you get out of this, of course, Spam. I mean, you're fucking the head cheerleader, right?"

Sam's face flushed with fury. "Fuck you, Satan."

"No thankyou." Nicole's rejoinder was quick. "But you Brooke, how can you just lounge about in the gutter like..."

"That's enough, Nicole." Brooke voice was low and angry. "You want to know what I get out of this? I get Sam."

"And that's what you want, is it?" asked Nicole.

"Yep!" Brooke's answer was adamant and enthusiastic.

"And what do you think this sojourn into the Sapphic lifestyle will do to all our social standings?" And Brooke suddenly saw what Nicole was really angry about. But she had an ace up her sleeve.

"That didn't worry you last year when you were stalking that Shane woman in West Hollywood." She raised an eyebrow as she exposed one of Nicole's deepest secrets.

That stopped Nicole in her tracks, but Brooke could see from the look in her eyes that there would be hell to pay later. Well, bring it, because she was ready for it.

"I love Brooke and she loves me." Sam glared at the shorter blonde, who pretended to gag.

"At least now maybe we won't have to deal with all that over-bearing Tensione Sexuale in the room when you two fight." Observed Mary Cherry, sensing which way the wind was blowing and inching across to side with Brooke.

"I thought that was just my imagination." Mused Lily.

"Me too." Harrison shook his head.

"It wasn't that obvious, was it?" asked Sam.

"Yeah. Er, sorry guys." Carmen glanced at the couple apologetically.

"I still would have thought you'd have had more sense than to act on it." muttered Nicole.

"I didn't notice anything." Josh frowned.

"Thanks Josh." Brooke smiled at him.

"Okay." Sam shifted uncomfortably. "I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you guys, it's just, well..."

"You didn't trust us?" Lily demanded.

"Well it's not like you told me when you kissed C..."

"Yeah, great, we get it, Sam." Carmen broke in quickly.

"Yeah Sam." Lily shot a worried look at Josh, but the former quarterback obviously wasn't following enough to be suspicious.

"It's not that we didn't trust anybody." Brooke shot a doubtful glance at both Nicole and Mary Cherry, but continued anyway. "We just wanted to keep it to ourselves, you know? Just like when you kissed C... ah... last year, Lily. It was just your business, not anyone elses'."

Lily seemed slightly mollified.

"Who did you kiss last year, Lil?" asked Josh.

"No-one." interrupted Carmen hurriedly.

"So everyone's okay?" asked Sam, not bothering to look at Nicole.

"I think so." Harrison looked around at his friends.

"Good. Can I go and put some pants on now?"

The end.


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