Title: Down to One

Author: Aeryn Sun

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Rating: PG to start, but you can never tell with me

Spoilers: All but mostly ‘Friends with Benefits’

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Summary: Spencer tries to deal with the fallout of her evening with Ashley and Aiden.

Couple: Ashley/Spencer

Warning: If the idea of two women involved in a romantic relationship together disturbs you, run, run far far away and never look back. If it's illegal where you live, move quickly. If you're under the legal age, age quicker, it's fun here. Other than that, enter at your own risk, and enjoy.

Author's Notes: My first SoN fic. I haven’t seen all the episodes; so, bear with me while I learn the characters.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were. Not making any $$. Don't HAVE any $$. Don't sue.


After a reaffirming deep kiss followed by a hot and heavy make out session that got them booted from the parking lot, the girls decided to go shopping.  Spencer spent a good portion of the ride telling Ashley all about her argument with her mother, letting Ashley make her commentaries.

“God, is there any way that we could shoot her into the sun just to be rid of her?” the brunette asked, giggling. “I mean really ‘I won’t see you burn in hell’? What the fuck? She’s setting the table down there!” Spencer laughed but it quickly faded. Ashley immediately sensed the change.

“What’s up, babe?” she asked gently.  Spencer sighed.

“I think my mom’s cheating on my dad,” she said softly.  “And I don’t know if I should tell him or not.” Ashley rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“OK, now she’s definitely the Hostess of Hell,” she joked trying to cheer Spencer. It didn’t work. She reached out with her right hand and grasped Spencer’s left that rested on the blonde’s knee, squeezing gently.

“Hey, hon, if she is then it’s better that your dad knows soon so that he doesn’t feel like she’s been making a fool of him for too long.  Trust me, when my dad found out what my mom was doing behind his back, he flipped. He was more angry that he hadn’t noticed before he did. He said it made him feel stupid.”

“What if I’m wrong and she’s not?” Spencer asked. Ashley shrugged.

“What if you’re right?” she countered. “Spencer, I know you; you have really good instincts about people. I mean, something told you that I was worth getting to know when everyone said not to. You thought for yourself then, trusted your instincts.  I think you should do that now; trust yourself. Even if you’re wrong, at least your efforts were well intentioned. You wanna protect your dad. There’s nothing wrong with hat.” Spencer thought over her girlfriend’s words and then smiled.

“You’re right,” she said happily. Spencer knew that whatever she decided to do, Ashley would back her up. It was a big problem and she was scared of what was going to happen if she was right, but right now it was in the future. She decided to concentrate on the here and now and the beautiful girl currently holding her hand tightly.

She lifted their joined hands and lightly kissed each of Ashley’s knuckles, pausing to bite down on her index finger.  She felt the vibration of Ashley’s giggle in her fingers.

“Hey you over there, behave” the brunette warmed, smiling. “I don’t wanna wrap my shiny car around a tree cuz you got fresh.” Spencer laughed.

“Alright, I’ll keep my hands to myself,” she pouted. “For now.”


They hit the local mall, walking around shopping and occasionally holding hands.  Spencer was still afraid of someone she knew seeing her but every once in a while her need to touch Ashley got the better of her and she’d slip her hand into Ashley’s.  And the brunette wasn’t going to protest any of the times she felt that warm palm envelop her own.  She simply wrapped her fingers around Spencer’s and basked in the feeling.  Several times in various dressing rooms, Ashley found herself up against the mirror, Spencer dominating her mouth and hands in places that made Ashley pray that there weren’t any hidden security cameras around to see.  They never went all out into actual sex, Spencer still being tough but mindful of Ashley’s lingering soreness and a bit apprehensive about being caught.

“Ohh, damn, Spencer,” Ashley moaned and hissed as Spencer gave her a hickey on her exposed abs in the changing room at the GAP. (gay and proud!)  She buried her hands in luscious blonde hair and pulled her beautiful girlfriend up into a burning kiss. “You’re driving me crazy.” Spence looked into Ashley’s flushed face and arousal blackened eyes.

“God, I want you so bad,” Spencer growled against Ashley’s mouth.  Ashley smiled.

“Yeah,” she agreed, darting her tongue out to lick at Spencer’s lips and then pulling away, her grin widening. “But not here, baby. OK?” Spencer nodded.

“OK.” They parted and tried on various items, pausing to caress and tease each other for long moments at a time. They bought a bunch of things to add to their already impressive haul. Spencer was trying to watch her money because it wasn’t as unlimited as Ashley’s. Of course, Ashley kept buy nearly everything anyway, no matter how much the blonde protested so her money was at about the same level as when they arrived.

“Hey Ash?” Spencer said softly as they walked through center court. Ashley arched a brow and turned to her girlfriend.

“Yeah?” Spencer blushed.

“Uhm, I was wondering…I kinda wanna go buy you something and I can’t do that if you’re with me…” she started. Ashley’s face lit up.

“OOOO, I wanted to shop for you but hadn’t said anything yet,” she chirped. “Tell you what, I’ll start upstairs and you shop down here and whoever’s done first will text the other and then we can switch. Sound good to you?” Spencer beamed.

“Sounds great!” she agreed.

“OK, I’ll see you soon,” Ashley said, wanting to kiss her girlfriend but knowing better than to do so in public. To her surprise, Spencer leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek, startling her with a quick, barely there lick as an added bonus.  She blushed as Spencer covertly spanked her ass and walked away, leaving her somewhat dumbfounded.

Laughing, Ashley got on the escalator, wondering what kind of goodies Spencer had in mind and what would be something good for the blonde.


After dropping an obscene amount of money in Victoria Secrets on things for both her and Spencer, Ashley moved on to Hot Topic where she picked up several band tee’s, a few obnoxious ones, a few pairs of Converse, and some hair dye.  She wasn’t sure that she’d actually use the dye but for whatever reason, wanted it anyway.

She grabbed a shopping cart from the customer service station and headed into Best Buy. A self-proclaimed (well, mostly to herself at least) technology whore, she perused the new high-tech gadgets, flirting with the idea of getting Spencer a top of the line iPod in black.

(What if she thinks I’m just being pretentious? Throwing money at her? Although my money is one of my better qualities. That and my ass, my abs and boobs.  Oh and my face.  Heh, yup, I’m conceited) she snickered to herself, earning a weird glance from a nearby employee. Still thinking about the iPod, she wandered through the CD’s, grabbing a few and then went over to the DVD section.

(I can have way too much fun here)

Another half hour and large amount of money later, Ashley added several bags from Best Buy into her cart. She was happy with the things she bought, knowing that while she’s spent a lot of money, she also knew that she’d put thought into a lot of it and wasn’t just buying for the sake of buying.

(Although if I could, I’d buy Spencer anything and everything she ever wanted. I never want her to want for anything) she thought, insanely happy that she had someone to spoil other than herself. While it was fun to buy herself whatever little thing entered her head, it was empty, unfulfilling.  Whereas buying for someone she loved, buying for Spencer, made her feel more complete and whole and…happy than anything in her life ever had.

Sometimes Ashley wished that instead of money, she had a worthy family.  But now seeing how Spencer’s family looked so perfect on the surface, with their fresh baked brownies, diagonally cut sandwiches, dinner grace and church on Sundays ways, when it was in fact severely flawed underneath, made her sort of appreciate the fact that her own family was at least upfront about its dysfunctionality and not phony about it.

If there was one thing that Ashley Davies prided herself on, for the most part, it was the fact that most of the time, what you saw was what you got. ‘This is me and if that’s a problem for you, fuck off’ kind of summed up Ashley’s approach to life.  But despite her rough and tumble exterior, developed over time to protect the wounded soul underneath, Spencer had still wanted to get to know her.  And wanted to be with her. Now Ashley didn’t feel quite so dysfunctional.

(Spencer makes me feel normal. How ironic is that?) she laughed silently.

She wandered through American Eagle, Aeropostale, and a few others when her cell phone rang. Flipping it open she read Spencer’s message.

[[ OK. Wanna swtch? Luv u xxx <3]]


After watching Ashley’s ass ascend the escalator, Spencer headed off to shop. She had her bank card, her account fairly flush with years worth of birthday and holiday money given to her.  She’d never really known was she was saving it for; this was the first time that she really felt like spending it on something more than a CD or movie for herself.

(I wish I had the money to really spoil Ashley) she sighed, walking around FYE. (Then I could buy her things, take her places and show her how someone who cares for you really acts. It’s starting to sound like her childhood, while privileged, was very unhappy)

She found a few CD’s she wanted and decided to treat herself while she picked up various little things for Ashley. She hoped that although she lacked the finances Ashley had at her disposal, that the brunette would appreciate her efforts.

Going into a poster store on a whim, she looked for posters and things of Ashley’s father’s band. Delighted, she found a few things buried deep in the racks.  Knowing that Ashley adored her father, she bought them even as the clerk tried to point out that they had concert posters for newer and more popular bands.

“Well, since the lead singer’s daughter is my best girlfriend, I think I’ll take these,” she said somewhat smugly. She wasn’t quite ready to use the term ‘girlfriend’ even to a complete stranger and was very happy with her verbal compromise. The clerk simply rolled his eyes, his facial expression clearly saying ‘yeah right’ and rang her out.

She wandered to the Disney store, spending a great deal of time poking around the store and picking up little odds and ends.  She put a few Disney Land brochures in her bag on the way out, thinking she might mention to Ashley that she’d never been.

(Maybe we can go as a treat for our one year anniversary. I should have enough time to save, that way) she smiled to herself. (Heh. It’s been a week and I’m already looking at our first year anniversary. I can’t help it. I love her so much and I see my future with her in it)

She looked up from her musings and saw the novelty store ‘Spencer’s Gifts’. Grinning devilishly, she bounded over, a few less then church worthy thoughts bouncing around her head.

(’Spencer’s Gifts’ indeed) she thought to herself, imagining a few items she hoped that they had.

When she exited the store, she figured that it was time for her and Ashley to switch floors. Smiling widely as she thought about what was hidden in her bag, she sent a text to Ashley.

[[OK. Wanna swtch? Luv u xxx <3]]

Moments later her phone beeped.

[[meet me @ elevtor n 5. u2 xxx <3]]


“Ok, I think we, or rather you, may have just single-handedly paid the malls rent for the next two years!” Spencer laughed as they pushed their carts to the car parked in the parking garage.  They were both over laden with packages, bags and boxes.  Ashley laughed and opened the backseat door.

“Ah, the benefits of a rock star dad,” she said jokingly. “Unlimited credit!” Spencer joined her at the door and frowned.

“Why don’t we just put the stuff in the back?” she asked, curious. The back section of the SUV was covered in the built in tarp, hiding any contents from view. Ashley froze for a second but then recovered.

“I got some stuff back there that I forgot to empty out. It’s kinda full.  Don’t worry about it,” she said, hoping to get Spencer to let it drop. She didn’t want Spencer to see her overnight bags in back.  Shrugging Spencer nodded.

“Okay.” Relieved that Spencer wasn’t pushing the issue, Ashley started packing the back. It was going to be a tight fit, despite the overall size of the car.

“Here, I’ll go around the other side and you hand me things through,” Spencer suggested. She climbed in the other door and started trying to make all the bags and packages fit.  They were almost done when a loud whipping sound filled the car.  Groaning, Ashley saw the cover on the back roll itself up, their movements in the backseat loosening the clasps on the cover.

“Oh fuck,” she swore under her breath, knowing that she wasn’t fast enough to keep Spencer from looking.

Spencer leaned over to look, seeing several blankets and a duffle packed in there along with Ashley’s iPod and a few bags of food.  She stared at it, waiting for her brain to process what she was looking at.

“Fuck me sideways with a chainsaw,” Ashley grumbled, turning around to lean back on the car.  “Spence I can explain…”

“That you lied about staying at a hotel and are currently sleeping in your car?” the blonde called out from the car. Ashley banged the back of her head against the car in frustration.

“Ashley, stop that,” Spencer said, suddenly right beside her, making the brunette jump.  “Why did you lie to me?” Her voice wasn’t angry, just kind of hurt and confused. Ashley sighed and shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Spencer. I just…I didn’t want you to worry or anything,” she stammered.  Spencer caressed Ashley’s cheek.

“Of course I’m gonna worry, baby,” she said lovingly. “I don’t like the thought of you sleeping in your car in some dark parking lot all alone. You could get hurt.” Shocked at Spencer’s lack of anger, Ashley struggled to think of something to say.

“I…I have mace,” she finally came out with lamely. She was still waiting for Spencer to get upset; after all, they’d just had a conversation that morning about trust and faith and here she was keeping a secret.  But instead the blonde just seemed concerned.

“You can come stay at my house,” Spencer said with a smile. Ashley shook her head.

“Nah, I can’t. Your Mom already thinks I’m the Anti-Christ and besides…” she paused, biting her lip.  Spencer frowned.  She reached over and put her hands in the front pockets of Ashley’s jeans, pulling the older girl closer and letting their hips collide.

“Besides what?” she asked, teasing Ashley’s jaw line with butterfly kisses.

“You’re not mad?” Ashley asked, her head beginning to swim at the closeness of her girlfriend.  Spencer shook her head.

“Nope. Just concerned. I understand though,” the younger girl responded. “Now what possible reason could you have for not wanting to stay at my house?” As she said this, she continued to press just barely there kisses to Ashley’s neck and stroke at the tan girl’s exposed abdomen.

“Have I ever told you that I love you in these jeans?” the blonde purred.  Ashley felt her pulse pounding in her ears.

“Oh God, Spence…this is why,” she gasped. She felt Spencer smile against her neck.

“Oh I see,” she chuckled. “Spending the night on the couch not gonna do it for you?” She licked at the mark she left on Ashley, feeling the brunette shiver.  Ashley shook her head.

“Uh-uh,” she managed to articulate. (very smooth, Ash, very smooth. God, I’m a puddle at her feet!)

“Then why don’t we get a hotel room, baby?” Spencer husked, reaching over and nibbling on her girlfriend’s ear, making her moan.

“We?” (Was that shaky thing my voice? Jesus!) Spencer moved her head to look into Ashley’s eyes and nodded.

“I already told my dad I was staying at your house. I don’t have to be home until tomorrow night,” she said slyly. “We have…” She paused and placed a kiss to Ashley’s neck. “All the time…” this time it was a lick to the smaller girl’s ear. “In the world.” She pressed her lips to Ashley’s, inhaling the moan that rose from the back of Ashley’s throat. She felt it vibrate through her, making the hair on her arms stand up.

When they parted, indigo eyes gazed into nearly black ones.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Ashley rasped.


A room at the Ramada Inn was quickly procured and the girls, along with a bell hop carrying both Ashley’s supplies and their stuff from shopping, giggled at each other the entire way to the room.  As soon as the door shut behind the bell hop, Spencer had her hands on Ashley, tugging at her clothes and kissing her wildly.  Reluctantly, Ashley pulled away.

“What?” Spencer pouted.  Ashley wagged a finger at her.

“You’re gonna have to wait, I wanna show you something,” she said, walking over to one of her bags and rooting through it.  “Go sit on the bed, I’ll be right back.” Not waiting for Spencer’s response, Ashley walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Confused but intrigued, Spencer did as she was told, occupying herself by undoing her bra and discarding it without ever taking off her shirt. She tossed it aside, out of sight and sat thinking.

(Maybe I should tell her now that I’m done waiting. There’s never going to be ‘the perfect time’ for my ‘new first time’. As long as it’s with Ash then it’s perfect.) She smiled to herself, excited to finally share herself with Ashley.

(God I want her so bad. I hope it’s always like this. I get such a rush just from touching her…I think she’d addicting.)

“You ready?” Ashley’s voice called from behind the closed door.

“Oh hell yeah,” Spencer muttered under her breath. “Yup!” she called out louder.

“OK, close your eyes,” Ashley ordered, her head poking around the now barely open door.  Spencer frowned at her. “Do it!” she ordered. With a disgruntled sigh, Spencer complied.

“All right, now don’t open them until I say to, got it?” Ashley asked. Spencer nodded.  She could hear Ashley’s soft footsteps on the carpet.  “OK, open ‘em.”

Spencer opened her eyes and gasped. Ashley looked stunning, standing there in sexy lingerie. The outfit was black lace. The top consisted of unlined, no-wire cups and grommet trim falling over Ashley’s sexy toned abs; the bottom part matched perfectly.  The top itself tied around Ashley’s neck like a collar.  She stood there proudly while Spencer devoured her with her eyes. (inspiration here)

“Do you like it?” she asked shyly. Spencer had been quiet for so long that Ashley was starting to feel self-conscious.

(What if sexy lingerie is like, really bad in her religion? Maybe it’s like a sin or something. I don’t know why this would be worse than pre-marital lesbian sex though. Then again, I don’t understand shit about religion)

“Ashley, I…I mean…GOOD HOT DAMN!” Spencer finally found her voice and exclaimed. “You look so…HOT!” Ashley felt herself blushing. She was used to various compliments about her body; everyone used them to feed her ego and get on her good side or in her pants. But even then she knew them for what they were; empty words. Hearing them from Spencer though was completely different.

She felt really and truly beautiful when Spencer looked at her. It’s one thing to know that you’re pretty; it’s another thing entirely to believe it. She believed it for the first time.

“I bought it for you,” she said softly. “To wear for you.” Spencer reached out and grasped Ashley’s hands, pulling her closer so that the brunette stood between her knees.  She kissed each of Ashley’s fingers and then turned her face up to look at her girlfriend.

“And you look, breathtaking, Ash. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you,” she said sincerely. Ashley blushed deeper and tilted her head slightly so that she was looking at Spencer through her hair.

(Awww shy Ashley is so cute!) Spencer giggled to herself.

“Just so you know, though,” the blonde continued. “Even in a plastic garbage bag, you would take my breath away.”

Spencer pulled her girlfriend down to her, pressing their lips together in a sweet kiss that quickly grew in intensity. Any thought of telling Ashley that she was ready had flown from Spencer’s mind the moment she opened her eyes.  She only wanted Ashley.

She leaned back on the bed pulling Ashley down on top of her. They explored each other’s mouths for several long minutes before Spencer flipped them over and repositioned them on the bed.

“You look so pretty,” Spencer said, her voice holding an element of awe to it. “I hate to take it off.” Her eyes fluttered shut as Ashley’s hands dipped under her shirt and crept up to massage her breasts. Ashley arched an eyebrow at the missing bra.

“Mmmm, nice,” she hummed, gently kneading and squeezing the soft flesh in her hands, feeling Spencer arch her back into her hands.

“Ashley,” was whispered on an exhale, making the brunette in question quiver. There was so much want in the voice that it made Ashley’s need to feel Spencer intensify.

She pinched Spencer’s hard nipples with her fingers, pulling slightly and drinking in the hiss and growl that her actions brought out of the blonde. Smiling, she repeated it, this time a little harder.  The growl deepened and Spencer slowly started rocking her hips against Ashley’s.  She pulled Spencer’s shirt up over the younger girl’s head without resistance, letting her hands then roam the pale skin of her girlfriend’s tummy.  She rested her hands on Spencer’s hips, guiding her as she moved her body in synch with Spencer’s.

Blue eyes finally opened and fixated onto brown, pinning the older girl to the bed with their intensity.  Spencer leaned back down and kissed Ashley, her tongue demanding entrance and then teasing the soft confines of Ashley’s mouth.

Ashley moaned as Spencer left her mouth and began to assault her ears, moving slowly down her neck with nibbles, licks, hard suction and bites as she went.  She was quickly becoming a trembling bundle of need under Spencer’s attentions.

She gasped as Spencer moved lower, biting on her collarbone and then licking the red mark with her tongue in silent apology before moving lower.  Much to Ashley’s disappointment, the other girl skipped her breasts and instead traced the outline of her abs with a skillful tongue.

She was quickly losing herself in the sensations Spencer was creating by worshipping her body but there was something Ashley really wanted.  She meant to discuss it with Spencer earlier in the car but their impromptu argument and the following make-out session had chased it from her mind. Until now.

“Spencer?” Ashley asked quietly as the blonde in question lavished attention on the brunette’s tight abs.  Something in the serious tone of her girlfriend’s voice brought Spencer out of her haze.  She looked up at the deep brown eyes watching her and couldn’t help but smile.

“Yeah baby?” she asked, resting her chin against the slightly heaving flesh of Ashley’s abdomen.  Ashley ran her hands through Spencer’s silky hair.

“I want you, so bad,” the older girl admitted. Spencer’s smile widened.

“I want you too,” she responded, tipping her head down to lick at Ashley’s bare skin.

“Do you think…would you mind…” Ashley mumbled. She bit her lip nervously as Spencer looked back up at her.

“What’s that, sweetie?” Spencer wondered, honestly curious.  Ashley cupped the sides of Spencer’s face.

“Would you mind, if maybe this time, we…if it was…slow?” the last word was barely audible; Ashley was terrified that Spencer was going to be insulted and leave.  With her eyes shut she missed the spark of recognition in Spencer’s eyes.

She understood Ashley’s request, probably better than Ashley realized. Ashley was still unsure of what love was. And while the brunette knew that Spencer loved her, she’d yet to be shown how sweet and gentle love could really be.  She didn’t need the ‘rough, in charge’ Spencer that she’d been with; the one that demanded and controlled. Yes Ashley enjoyed that element of her girlfriend, but right now she needed something different.  She needed to feel the gentle loving Spencer; the one unaffected by LA, the one who had finally broken through the long constructed walls around her heart.

The younger girl moved up so that she could kiss Ashley deeply.  When she pulled away, she stared directly into worried chocolate eyes. She kissed the tip of Ashley’s nose.

“Slow and gentle,” she acknowledged happily. “I’m going to show you what it is to be loved.”


Spencer kissed Ashley again, letting her tongue explore and rub her girlfriend’s mouth in a slow, lazy fashion, just enjoying the sensations of Ashley’s tongue returning the favor and stroking against her own.  She felt her lower lip get sucked into the warm cavern of Ashley’s mouth, the brunette’s tongue flicking across it and then teeth nibbling gently.  She teased Ashley’s upper lip with her teeth and tongue, tickling the sensitive spot where teeth and lip met.

She felt Ashley giggle slightly and pulled away.

“That tickle, baby?” she asked, stroking the side of Ashley’s face lovingly. Ashley smiled, her eyes shining bright with love and passion.

“Yeah…I liked it,” she said shyly. She wasn’t used to the myriad of emotions that Spencer caused her to experience on a daily basis.  No one had ever made her feel this way. Aside from the arousal, there were so many more new feelings swirling around her mind and body, the biggest of these being the incredibly new feeling of safety.  For the first time in her life, Ashley felt safe, secure, sheltered.  She’d never be able to repay Spencer for that wonderful feeling.

“Me too,” Spencer smiled.  She reached up and undid the lingerie top that was tied around Ashley’s neck. “I don’t like things tied around your neck, Ash.” Spencer frowned at the string, pulling it down until the top released Ashley’s pert breasts. “It looks like a collar. And you’re not a pet.”

“Awww, I’m not your sex monkey?” Ashley joked.  Spencer laughed and rolled her eyes.

“OK, you may be that but not one that wears a collar,” she clarified. “Ash…I don’t own you…that way.” Ashley shook her head.

“No, I know,” she replied in the same soft tone Spencer was speaking in. “I didn’t mean for it to look like you did. I just…thought you’d like the outfit.” Spencer leaned back in and kissed Ashley with so much passion that the brunette’s head spun.

“Oh, I definitely liked it,” Spencer said huskily when she pulled away, leaving Ashley lying there with her eyes closed and mouth slightly open.  Brown eyes slowly fluttered open and focused on her, so full of love that Spencer decided that Ashley didn’t need to say it.  Not when it was so clear to see on her face.

“Feel free to wear it whenever you want,” she added. “Actually, don’t wear it to school or I’ll be fighting everyone to keep them away from you.” Ashley grinned and blushed.

She was so unused to being seen as so beautiful by someone so honest but that was something else Spencer did for her.  Safe, secure, beautiful, and loved were all new things Ashley got from Spencer.

She gasped and closed her eyes as she felt Spencer’s hands remove the garment entirely and then move to caress and squeeze her breasts, pinching erect sensitive nipples gently between her fingers.  Spencer’s talented mouth stared blazing a trail of kisses, licks and soft nips on the older girl’s neck and collar bone, heightening the already smoldering fire with her.

There was nothing rushed or rough in any of Spencer’s touches; she was soft and tender, loving Ashley and her body with a devotion that was new to the brunette. And as much as Ashley had enjoyed the ‘take charge, rough Spencer’, the sweet and tender one was taking her to even higher levels of passion.

Spencer licked her way from Ashley’s collarbone down between heaving breasts that rose and fell in time with Ashley’s increased breathing.  She licked and sucked at the surface of each globe, avoiding the sensitive tips and drawing out her girlfriend’s exquisite torture.

She sat up for a moment to adjust the way she was sitting and Ashley sat up with her, trying not to break the contact between their lips.  Once she was more comfortable, Spencer returned to kissing Ashley and pressed them both down onto the bed, the feel of their naked breasts pressing together making them both moan.

Ashley ran her hands over Spencer’s back as the blonde kissed her and started rocking their hips together.  She hissed in pleasure when Spencer bit down on the mark on her neck, the skin there ultra sensitive as it healed.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist,” her girlfriend husked in her ear, the smile on her lips carrying over clearly in her voice. Ashley returned the smile.

“MMmmm, I don’t mind,” she growled back. Spencer disappeared for a moment, discarding her pants and leaving herself clad only in her own cotton panties before she settled back at Ashley’s chest.

Ashley arched her back at the feel of Spencer’s hot mouth enveloping a stiff nipple, trying for more contact. Spencer sucked ardently, enjoying the feel of the soft flesh in her mouth.  She let her tongue swirl around the most sensitive part, teasing and making Ashley whimper for more.

“Mmm, God, Spencer,” the brunette prayed.  Spencer whipped the tip with the flat of her tongue, making Ashley twitch with each touch.  Ashley’s hands were buried in blonde hair, encouraging her to continue.  Spencer could feel the way Ashley was moving beneath her, her hips undulating against Spencer’s stomach where she lay.  The thin lace of the bottoms Ashley was wearing did nothing to mask her rising heat or the copious moisture of her arousal.

Spencer shivered, desire rocketing through her as she felt Ashley’s wetness coating her abdomen as the brunette moved.  She bit down lightly on the nipple in her mouth, drinking in Ashley’s gasping moan at the action.  She fought with her craving to take Ashley like she had been knowing that what Ashley really needed was the gentleness that Spencer possessed. The love and affection that she felt, not the rough desire and unending want she’d shown so far.

Spencer took the hand that was currently teasing the writhing girls other breast and trailed it down the sweat soaked body, letting her fingers dip under the thin elastic of the lace panties her girlfriend had put on for her.

(God, she looked so hot!) Spencer smiled to herself, still sucking on the other breast.  Ashley’s hips bucked, trying to get closer to those fingers taunting the flat skin of her abs.

“Oh please, Spencer, baby,” she whispered panting.  Spencer slid up so that she could kiss those full lips that were begging for her.  She kissed Ashley as she slid a finger into that hot wet heat, running it up and down the slick, smooth slit.  She flicked over the tip of Ashley’s clit, making her lover jump and gasp.  She repeated the cycle a few times, listening as her movements brought Ashley closer and closer to the edge.

Without warning, Spencer withdrew her fingers.  Ashley cried out in frustration and opened her eyes to see why the blonde had stopped.  She watched, transfixed as her ‘sweet and innocent’ girlfriend brought her wet fingers to her lips, licking the moisture off of them and then leaned in to kiss her, sharing the brunette’s unique flavor.  Ashley moaned at the intimacy.

Smiling at the reaction it had gotten her, Spencer reached down and removed the last piece of the ensemble keeping her from Ashley’s luscious body.  She took a long moment to gaze at Ashley’s naked body under her, following the curves and dips of that form she loved so much.

“You are so beautiful,” she said softly in awe. Ashley stared back at her, need and love swirling in chocolate eyes.

“Baby…” the brunette reached out her arms to her girlfriend who willingly descended.  She kissed Ashley again before breaking away and moving down the still rocking body.  With quick licks and nips to the flesh she passed, Spencer made her way down to where Ashley needed her most.  Ashley’s hands again buried themselves in Spencer’s hair, guiding her to where she wanted her.

The first touch of Spencer’s lips to her wet sex almost made Ashley climax immediately.  She was so on edge from Spencer’s previous attentions that she knew it wouldn’t take much.  But she tried to hold back, wanting to experience everything Spencer was offering her.

Spencer let her tongue wander and explore every inch of Ashley’s bottom lips, carefully avoiding that sensitive nub that the blonde knew was aching for attention.  But she wanted more time to experience her girlfriend, taste and pleasure her.  Gently she slipped two fingers into Ashley’s core, feeling the quivering muscles clamp down tight.

“Please, baby…so close,” Ashley begged, pushing herself down onto the fingers stroking inside of her.  Not wanting to tease the pleading girl, Spencer sucked her lover’s clit into her mouth and thrust her fingers into Ashley faster and harder.  It was only moments later when Ashley cried out.

“YES! Oh God, Spencer!” The orgasm flooded Ashley’s body, muscles contracting and pure unadulterated pleasure rushing through each cell and atom of her body.  Again, like in the girl’s bathroom it seemed to be without end, rolling over her again and again.

Finally, the brunette’s body collapsed back onto the bed limply, still slightly twitching.  Spencer moved up the spent form and went to kiss bee-stung lips when she noticed something.

“And she’s down for the count,” Spencer laughing quietly to herself at the fact that her girlfriend had passed out.  She stroked Ashley’s sweat soaked hair off of her face and curled up next to her, pulling the girl into her arms protectively.  She put her chin on Ashley’s shoulder and drifted off to sleep.


Ashley awoke to the feel of Spencer’s fingers tracing small circles on her abdomen in a lazy fashion.  It made her shiver and goose bumps stand up on her skin. Spencer saw the reaction as well as the sharp intake of breath and lifted her head from Ashley’s shoulder to look the brunette in the face.

“Nice nap?” she teased, watching a tint of pink rise to Ashley’s cheeks.  The older girl covered her face with a hand, embarrassed.  She knew that she had passed out as her orgasm peaked, unable to withstand the intensity.  It’d never happened before and she rather hoped that while the orgasms could be just as strong or stronger, she never wanted to pass out and miss an instant of it again.

“God, baby, I am so sorry,” she said embarrassed.  Spencer let out a chuckle.

“Don’t be, it does wonders for my ego for my girlfriend to fall unconscious as she climaxes,” the blonde joked, brushing her nails on her non-existent shirt the same way Ashley did when she was being playfully full of herself.  She pulled Ashley’s hand from her face and shifted to kiss her.  The kiss started off slow and loving but quickly grew more intense as both girls felt their desire for the other grow.

“Ashley…Ashley please,” Spencer panted against her girlfriend’s lips, slowly rocking against the thigh she had trapped between her legs. “I need you so bad, Ashley.” Ashley pulled away and looked at Spencer, confused.

“Spencer?” She stayed perfectly still as younger girl continued to grind herself against her thigh.  Finally she reached out to steady the erratically bucking hips and still Spencer’s movements.  The blonde whimpered and opened her eyes to look at Ashley. Ashley arched an eyebrow in silent question.

“Please, Ashley, I’m ready. I want to be with you.  All with you,” Spencer said softly, dropping her head from Ashley’s gaze.  Ashley felt her heart attempt to pound its way out of her chest at Spencer’s words.  Love and desire flooded through her followed by something else…trepidation.  She knew that it wasn’t the right time and that Spencer was letting her hormones decide for her.

She sat up, pulling herself away from Spencer by accident and reached over to lift the blonde’s head.

“Aww Spence, I want that, I really do,” she said waiting for electric blue eyes to lift and meet her own.  Slowly they crawled up and made contact. Ashley read the honesty and embarrassment in those eyes along with the want and yearning.  She cupped the side of her girlfriend’s face, her thumb brushing gently over silky soft skin.

“But?” Spencer provided voice to the unspoken sentiment.

“It’s not the right time, Spencer,” Ashley said softly. “I want it to be so right for you…and for me.” She stopped, not knowing quite how to express what she really meant.

Spencer felt her heart swell with even more love for the emotionally guarded brunette, a feat that she wasn’t even sure was possible, but there it was.  Her ‘new first time’ wasn’t just important to Spencer; Spencer now saw how important it was to Ashley.  She smiled and bent down to kiss Ashley, their lips connecting in a sweet and understanding caress.

“OK,” she responded, pulling away and gazing into warm chocolate eyes. “Soon, though, OK?” Ashley nodded.  Spencer rolled onto her back and sighed.  While she understood and agreed, it did nothing to ease the ache between her legs.

Ashley sat all the way up and slid herself to the head of the bed, resting her back against the wooden headboard.  She spread her legs to form a v shape and opened her arms to Spencer.

“Come here, sit against me,” she requested.  Spencer lifted her head and turned to look at the other girl, confused.

“Come sit with your back against my front, Spence,” Ashley clarified.  Shrugging to herself, Spencer did as asked and tried to fight away the shudder that raced through her body as she pressed into Ashley’s warmth.

“OK, now what?” she asked, slightly apprehensive but more so turned on. Ashley leaned closer to Spencer’s right ear.

“Remember last week in my car?” she whispered huskily.  Spencer swallowed hard and nodded, feeling herself start to tremble.  She wanted Ashley so badly and their current positions only highlighted that. Ashley placed a gentle kiss to Spencer’s bare shoulder.

“Like that…only this time, you do it,” the brunette’s voice had dropped to a silky purr that made Spencer whimper. Ashley’s warm arms wrapped around her waist, stroking and exciting the skin of the blonde’s abdomen. “Let me hold you while you touch yourself.” Spencer arched her back into Ashley’s chest at the rumbling words.

“Ashley,” she breathed.  She glanced at herself and Ashley in the mirror above the vanity facing them.  A moment of hesitation passed through her but one look into that smoky gaze meeting her own in the reflective glass erased it completely.

“I know you need it, baby,” Ashley’s voice was a raspy growl next to her ear. “Let me watch, listen to you, feel you.” Breathing heavy, Spencer let her right hand drift under her panties and into the abundant wetness that Ashley always caused. She found her clit with her fingers and started to slowly stroke it, already feeling the fire in her belly growing outwards.

“Are you wet?” Ashley asked, voice low, licking at the younger girl’s ear. She knew that Spencer was; she just wanted her to tell her.  She watched Spencer in the mirror, not wanting to miss a moment.

“Mmmm, very,” Spencer gasped. She leaned back against Ashley more, letting her head rest on the brunette’s shoulder.  Ashley’s hands wandered up to cup Spencer’s breasts, kneading them and making the girl moan loudly.

“Are you wet for me?” This time was accompanied by a hard bite to Spencer’s ear.  Spencer whined in the back of her throat.

“Yessssssssssssssssssss.” She started to move her hips to match the motion of her fingers, feeling Ashley pinch and tease her nipples. She took her free hand and covered one of Ashley’s with it, joining her girlfriend in the torture of her breasts.

“Oh please, oh please…” she chanted as she slipped her fingers inside her core.  Her eyes were closed, imagining that it was Ashley pumping and stroking inside her.

“Does that feel good, baby?” Those lips moved to suck on her neck, making Spencer begin to pant shallowly.

“You feel so good, Spencer,” Ashley whispered, still caressing and kneading Spencer’s warm globes. “You sound so good.” She loved the way that Spencer was moving in her arms and the wanton sounds that were tumbling from those luscious lips were like music to her.  The blonde’s hips were starting to jerk erratically, letting Ashley know that she was almost there.

“So close…” Spencer’s voice was barely a ghost of a whisper. Ashley pinched hard at the erect nubs in her fingers and bit down on the writhing girls’ neck.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Ashhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Spencer groaned as she climaxed.  She twitched and bowed into herself as she rode out the sensations.  Never in all the times she’d masturbated by herself had she had an orgasm as intense as the one she was experiencing while wrapped in Ashley’s arms.  Her body arched back out, pressing her closer to Ashley again as the aftershocks started to fade.

She felt herself being gently lowered back onto the bed by caring hands and then wrapped in a protective way in the arms of the girl that she knew without a doubt was the other half of her soul.  Spencer smiled as she felt Ashley kiss her forehead and stroke her hair as a warm sense of peace enveloped her.

“Thank you,” she whispered to her girlfriend.

“My pleasure,” Ashley answered.


They woke later to the sound of two very empty rumbling stomachs.  Ashley rubbed at her belly with one hand while she giggled.

“Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever been this hungry,” she pointed out.  Other than the bagel and coffee she’d had early that morning, she couldn’t remember eating anything substantial since.

“Well then, maybe next time I stop for a burger in the food court, you won’t wrinkle your nose up at it,” Spencer retorted, hopping off of the bed and rummaging through her shopping bags for a change of clothes.  Behind her on the bed, Ashley’s mind was working overtime.  Hit with a fantastic idea, she got up and walked up behind Spencer, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend.

“Hey, why don’t you go hop in the shower and I’ll make dinner plans?” she suggested, kissing the back of Spencer’s neck and feeling the younger girl shiver.  Spencer turned around in her arms and gave the brunette a suspicious look warmed by an electric smile.

“What are you planning?” she asked.  Ashley bit her lip and shook her head.

“Nope, I’m gonna surprise you now go get in the shower,” she lightly shoved her girlfriend towards the bathroom, spanking the cotton clad ass as Spencer walked away chuckling.  She was more than willing to wait and see what Ashley would plan.

Once Ashley was sure that Spencer was in the shower and she couldn’t be heard over the running water, she picked up her phone and started making several phone calls.  She hoped that it didn’t take too long to get the details together; she really wanted to join her girlfriend in the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, she set her phone on the bed, satisfied that everything seemed to be in order and sauntered over to the bathroom where she could hear Spencer singing her own special version of The PussyCat Dolls ‘dontcha’ in the shower.


Ashley went to the door of the hotel room, wrapped in a robe and her hair still wet from her long and fun shower and opened it to greet the bellhop who was holding two white boxes for her.  With a smile and big tip, she took the boxes and closed the door, walking back into the room where Spencer was combing out her long blonde hair.

“Whatcha got, babe?” Spencer asked curiously.  Ashley smirked at her and set the boxes down on the table.

“Part one of my surprise,” she said cryptically.  She opened each box, glanced inside and then closed them again.  Next she wandered to her bags and rummaged around until she found what she wanted.

“Take all of this,” she said, handing a very confused Spencer a white box and a few bags. “And go get dressed.” When Spencer opened her mouth to respond, Ashley kissed her, hard and deep, leaving the blonde glassy eyed and smiling.

“Shush and do as I say,” Ashley ordered softly. “My turn to play the dominate one in this relationship.” Spencer’s eyebrows shot to the top of her forehead at that statement making Ashley laugh.

“Mind out of the gutter, Spence. Now go get dressed in the bathroom and I’ll do the same out here.” Shrugging, the blonde walked away, not a little turned on by Ashley’s behavior.

(That’ll have to wait until later, I guess) Spencer thought as she closed the bathroom door and set everything down. (She’s obviously got something special planned and I’m just going to go along with it; she’s obviously enjoying herself.) Smiling, Spencer opened the box and gasped.

Inside was a beautiful light blue satin dress. She pulled it from the box and held it up to herself, looking into the mirror.  It was low-cut with spaghetti straps and only reached her knees with a slit in the side that went dangerously high.  Looking into the bags Ashley had given her, Spencer found matching panties and everything else she needed to make herself presentable including makeup. Amazed at the lengths her girlfriend had already gone to, Spencer grinned and began to get ready.


When she was sure that Spencer wasn’t going to come storming out of the bathroom to protest or anything, Ashley took out her own outfit and smiled.

(This should rock her socks off) she thought happily.  She got herself dressed and did her makeup and hair, waiting for Spencer to make her grand appearance.  Ashley already knew what the dress she had picked out for Spencer looked like but she couldn’t wait to actually see it on the beautiful blonde.

“You decent?” Spencer called from the bathroom. “Actually, are you not decent cuz that would be fun too.” Ashley laughed.

“I’m ready when you are,” she called back. Spencer opened the door to the bathroom and for the second time that day, gaped at her girlfriend in shock.

Ashley was wearing a short black dress that went up around her neck, leaving her toned, tan arms bare.  In the center of it, from between her breasts down to her navel it was cut out, creating a diamond shaped window to her flesh and a good view of her hard abs.  The hickey that Spencer had given Ashley while out shopping was barely hidden by the curve of the dress.

“Ash, you look so beautiful,” Spencer breathed, meaning every word. Ashley’s hair was pulled up so that only a few curled tendrils framed her face and her makeup was subtle, accentuating her features.  Spencer walked up to her and wrapped her arms around the tan girl’s waist.

“You look awesome, Spence,” Ashley replied in the same breathy tone.  Spencer started pressing light kisses to the older girl’s jaw line making Ashley shiver with desire.

With much effort on her part, Ashley separated herself from those tempting lips and held Spencer at arms length. The blonde’s eyes were dark, almost black instead of their normal azure, making Ashley shiver harder.

“As much as I want to, Spence,” she started slowly, cupping the side of Spencer’s face in her palm. “We have plans tonight. So let me take care of you this evening and we’ll see where it takes us.  OK?” Spencer smiled, lighting up her entire face.  She grasped Ashley’s hand and laced their fingers together.

“Lead the way.”


Ashley led Spencer out through the lobby and to an awaiting limousine. Spencer looked at her girlfriend in shock.  Smiling widely, Ashley let Spencer get into the limo first when the driver opened the door. Sliding into the seat next to the blonde, Ashley felt her girlfriend cuddle into her side.

“Hiya,” she whispered to the younger girl who was wrapping herself around her.  Spencer hummed happily.

“Hey,” she replied softly. The car began moving and she looked up at the brunette. “Where are we going?” Ashley shook her head.

“It’s a surprise,” she informed Spencer. Spencer pouted but made no effort to let go of Ashley.

“This is nice,” she said, looking around at the lush black leather interior of the limo. “You don’t have to do things like this you know.”

“I know,” Ashley agreed. “But I want to so I will.” Spencer leaned in and kissed Ashley, letting her hands roam down into the diamond shape cut out and over the exposed flesh there, making Ashley shiver and goose bumps rise on her skin.

“Spencer,” Ashley whispered in warning. The blonde was winding her up fast and furious. Spencer looked at the darkened window separating them from the driver and grinned mischievously.

“Mmmm Ashley,” she growled lowly, leaning down and biting the skin of the brunette’s abs. “You taste so good.” Ashley felt her eyes roll back a bit at the sensation. She gasped when she felt Spencer’s hand dip inside her dress and wander below her waist to press on the rapidly heating warmth between her legs through her black thong.

Her body instinctually arched into the touch before she could stop herself.  She wanted Spencer, wanted her so bad it hurt but if she allowed her girlfriend to continue on the way she was, it might ruin the plans she had for the night.  Reluctantly she pulled herself away from knowing, skilled fingers and put her hand on Spencer’s shoulder. Spencer looked at her in hurt confusion.

“I want to, baby, honest,” Ashley reassured her girlfriend. She leaned over and kissed Spencer, letting her apology come through in the embrace. “But we have to stop cuz we’re almost to our first stop.” Spencer nodded in understanding and sat back down beside Ashley.

They sat talking about everything and nothing during the rest of the ride, hands randomly caressing and petting until the limo came to a stop and the driver got out to open their door. Spencer gasped as she looked at where they were.

“Ashley, The Ivy? How did you get us in here?” she marveled. “Especially last minute.” Ashley shrugged nonchalantly.

“I’m that good, baby,” she preened, making Spencer roll her eyes and laugh.

After Ashley gave her name to the maitre de, they were led to a beautiful secluded table.  After they ordered their dinners (and a brief talk from Ashley about not worrying about price) they again talked about everything and nothing all at once, just enjoying the fact that they could say anything to the other and know that they would be understood and not judged or laughed at.

Spencer jumped slightly as she ate her salad when she felt one of Ashley’s stocking-clad feet start to stroke her calf.  She looked up at her girlfriend to see the brunette concentrating on her own salad and not even looking in her direction as her wandering foot stroked higher.

“Ashley,” Spencer whispered in sing-song.  Ashley looked up from her plate, her face the complete picture of innocence.

“Yeah, Spence?” she asked, her leg increasing pressure and making Spencer’s breath catch as it tickled the back of her knee.

“Whatcha doing?” Ashley smiled broadly.

“Eating a delicious salad,” was the cheeky reply as that foot somehow slipped under Spencer’s dress and wandered higher. Spencer felt her face flush.

“Really?” she asked sarcastically, smiling at her girlfriend. Ashley nodded.


“So that’s not your foot currently trying to get intimate with me? Cuz if it’s not, this place has some really fresh rats.” Ashley burst out laughing at that.

“Ew,” she crinkled her nose and her foot drifted to the floor, much to Spencer’s disappointment.  Spencer liked this; the easy teasing and playful banter.  No insecurities muddying up their conversation. Just the easy flowing type of conversation that comes from being with someone who really gets you, understands you on a basic level and likes you for who you are.  It was a new experience for Spencer.

Her friends back in Ohio were great; nice people, fun to be around but even then Spencer knew that there was something holding her apart from them.  She didn’t know then what it was other than a feeling of being just slightly out of synch with them.  In hindsight she was able to recognize that she hadn’t really figured out who she was yet and it was affecting her relationships with her friends.  Now, with Ashley, there was no need to pretend to be anything she wasn’t or worry about being shunned because of it. Thanks to Ashley, Spencer finally understood who she was. And she liked who she saw.

“Thank you, Ashley,” she said softly.  Ashley titled her head slightly.

“Uhm…you’re welcome,” she answered. “But the night is just starting.” Spencer shook her head.

“No, not for that…well ok, yes for all of this,” she gestured to herself and their surroundings. “But mostly I meant for being there, helping me find myself. And for just being you.” Ashley blushed and ducked her head, making her look so damn cute to Spencer that the blonde had to fight the urge to move over to the brunette and just kiss her senseless.

Their dinners arrived and Spencer dug into her lobster with much enthusiasm. Thankfully it was one of those where they cracked the shell for her so that she wasn’t in danger of making a mess of herself or throwing lobster around by accident. Ashley ate her salmon happily, glad that Spencer had relaxed about the money it was costing for dinner and was settling down to enjoy it.

Their desserts of fudgy pecan brownie and tart lemon pie were quickly consumed with Spencer moaning in delight at the flavor of the pie.

“Damn, Spence,” Ashley whispered, her face flushed. “Don’t make sounds like that too often tonight or I may have to forget our plans and just go back to the hotel.” Spencer smirked and moaned again, this time louder. When she saw the wait staff glance at her she stopped and tried to disappear under the table in embarrassment.

Ashley laughed.

“You so did that to yourself,” she giggled. Spencer hid her face in her hand and playfully glared at Ashley.

“Hush,” she retorted. After they let the food settle, Ashley called for and paid the check without letting Spencer see the damage. They walked out to the limo, arm in arm.

“Where to now?” Spencer wondered. Ashley smiled brightly.

“The night is young, Spence. Don’t worry, I promise you’ll have fun. Come on, let’s go.”


After dinner the limo took them to a theatre where they watched the production ‘Wicked’ which Spencer has secretly been dying to see since it first opened a few years ago.  She had figured that she’d never get to see it and knew that at some point she’d mentioned it in passing to Ashley.  She was astounded and touched that Ashley had not only remembered something that was said in passing but that she took the time and effort to get them into a sold-out performance on little or no notice.

(Ashley’s really something special) she reminded herself happily as she clasped the brunette’s hand tightly in her own and watched the crowd around them thin out.  They were waiting for the majority of the audience to leave before they tried to fight their way from the theatre.  Ashley was resting her head on Spencer’s shoulder, content with the quiet company.

(She could have her pick of any girl; ones far better looking and richer than me. Girls with more experience who understand the whole ‘LA’ lifestyle better than I do. Sometimes I worry that I’m too boring or ordinary for Ashley. That eventually my ‘newness’ will stop being a novelty and she’ll just decide to go after someone more interesting.)

She tilted her head to look at the brunette she was thinking about and was met by a blinding loving smile that she automatically returned. She felt Ashley squeeze her hand and put her head back down.

(Then she looks at me like that and I feel so beautiful and loved, like I’m the only other person on the planet in her eyes. I never want to lose that feeling)

Eventually they stood and walked out to the limo, still hand in hand. Spencer was beginning to care less and less about what other people thought about her holding hands with Ashley. Especially here where no one knew them. She knew that despite the feeling sometimes to the contrary, people couldn’t just look at them and know that they were lesbians. There was no sign over her head nor was God going to strike them down for it. She was starting to become more and more comfortable with the reality of it. And she knew that it was partially because of Ashley’s patience with her that she was making the progress she was.

“Are we going back to the hotel now?” she asked as the limo pulled away from the curb, somewhat disappointed with the thought of this wonderful, perfect evening ending and blending into a new day. She was having such a lovely time with Ashley that she wanted it to go on forever.

“Aren’t you enjoying yourself?” Ashley asked a little warily. Spencer smiled and gave her girlfriend a soft kiss.

“I am having the best time, baby. You treat me so well,” she purred. She placed gentle teasing kissed along Ashley’s jaw, feeling the brunette smile.

“Good. You had me worried for a second there,” Ashley pointed out. “It’s not all that late yet so we have one more quick stop. Is that OK?” Spencer gave a long wet lick to Ashley’s cheek and then pulled away.

“Whatever you wanna do is fine with me,” she responded, purposely layering her words with more than one meaning. She watched a beautiful blush creep up Ashley’s cheeks as the older girl grinned.

“All right then,” she said simply.

They arrived at a club Spencer hadn’t been to yet but she figured that there were countless such places in LA. It was a small intimate place that seemed somewhat familiar. As she sat at their table and looked around, Spencer realized that it bore a strong resemblance to the club P3 on Charmed.  They sipped their drinks and watched the crowd until Ashley stood up, confusing Spencer.

“Are we leaving?” she asked. Ashley shook her head.

“Nope. I gotta go take care of something real quick and then I’ll be right back,” she reassured. Spencer gave Ashley a suspicious look but nodded.

“All right, I’ll stay right here,” she promised. Ashley kissed her first two fingers and then pressed them to Spencer’s lips, lingering a moment before she walked away. Spencer watched her go, enjoying the view of Ashley’s butt as it crossed the floor until the girl disappeared into the crowd. Now with nothing to occupy herself with, she watched the other club goers.

(We are way overdressed for this) she remarked to herself with a small smile.  She was getting a few looks from both men and women, all of appreciation, and could feel herself blushing terribly. (Ashley, hurry baaaaack)

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the DJ broke into her thoughts with a smooth voice, drawing her attention to the small stage. “We have a special treat for you tonight. A very extraordinary young lady with a special song for her one and only. Please welcome to the stage, the beautiful young daughter of Danger Davies himself, Ashley Davies!”

The crowd erupted into cheers as the spotlight turned on and illuminated Ashley standing nervously but proud in center stage. Spencer felt the huge grin on her face growing as she locked eyes with Ashley and the music started. She really didn’t understand how she could be so lucky as to have had Ashley chose her in the first place. And then to do everything that she’s done so far that evening, Spencer was shocked and overwhelmed.

“Uhm, hi…” Ashley said shyly into the microphone. “This is for my girl. She was supposed to hear me sing once but that didn’t work out.” Ashley laughed lightly and Spencer felt a jolt of regret for her actions that night.  She still felt bad that when Ashley needed her that night, she wasn’t there.

“She is my heart and I’m not sure she realizes everything that she’s done for me…what she means to me.” The music started, a low soft melody that Spencer thought she recognized. Then she was captured by Ashley’s sweet voice, much like the way she had been that night in the car a week ago.

‘I've never written a love song
That didn't end in tears
Maybe you'll rewrite my love song
If you can replace my fears
I need your patience and guidance
And all your lovin' and more
When thunder rolls through my life
Will you be able to weather the storm?’

Spencer felt a chill rush up her spine as she listened to Ashley, a song so utterly appropriate it was spooky.  Her vision narrowed, focusing in on Ashley as the brunette swayed with the music and looked back at her from the stage. There was no one else in the club as far as Spencer was concerned. It was just her and Ashley.

There's so much I would give ya, baby
If I'd only let myself
There's this well of emotions
I feel I must protect
But what's the point of this armor
If it keeps the love away, too?
I'd rather bleed with cuts of love
Than live without any scars’

Spencer watched in rapt attention as her girlfriend sang to her, eyes maintaining contact as her legs carried her from the table closer to the stage where Ashley smiled as she sang.

’Baby, can I trust this?
Or do all things end?
I need to hear that you'd die for me
Again and again and again
So tell me when you look in my eyes
Can you share all the pain and happy times
'Cause I will love you for the rest of my life’

Spencer mouthed ‘I love you’ to the singing girl whose smile grew wider and leaned over closer to the blonde.

’This is my very first love song
That didn't end in tears
I think you re-wrote my love song
For the rest of my years
I will love you for the rest of my life’

The club broke out in thunderous applause as Ashley finished but neither girl heard or saw them; they were focused solely on one another. As Ashley stepped off the stage, Spencer wrapped her arms around the smaller frame, ignoring the crowd and forgetting that someone might see her. She didn’t care. All she wanted was to kiss the girl who had stolen her heart.

“I love you, baby,” she whispered to Ashley when the kiss ended. Ashley smiled.

“Me too.”


Ashley held Spencer’s hand tightly as she used the other one to put the card key into the door of their hotel room.  She took a deep breath and opened the door, letting the blonde wander in a head of her.

Spencer’s gasp clued her in that her plan had indeed worked out correctly.  Before she’d gotten on stage, she’d paid a phone call to the hotel and arranged for one last surprise.

“Oh, Ashley,” Spencer whispered as she looked in their room. Roses of nearly every color filled the room, creating an almost rainbow like effect.  Where there weren’t flowers, colored candles were lit, filling the room with a warm glow and the scent of vanilla. She felt Ashley’s arms circle her from behind and the press of pillow soft lips against the back of her neck.

“Surprise,” Ashley said softly, blowing warm air across the blonde’s neck and making her shiver. Spencer leaned back into the embrace.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, still staring at all the roses. She’d never seen so many different colors of roses before and was stuck in a state of awe. The scent of the vanilla candles mixed with the aroma of the flowers filled Spencer with a feeling of warmth and overpowering love.

(She did this all for me…for ME. I can barely wrap my mind around it. Me, Spencer Carlin, little miss nobody from Hicktown, Ohio has this beautiful, thoughtful, loving girlfriend. I just…wow)

Ashley disengaged herself from Spencer and walked over to a nearby vase of flowers, pulling one from the bunch. She held it to her nose for a moment, inhaling its subtle scent before she looked back over at her shocked but pleased girlfriend.

“Lavender roses stand for love at first sight,” she explained quietly, handing the flower to Spencer and smiling. “And even if the words aren’t there for me yet, I know that I’ve felt that way since the first time I saw you, even as you knocked all my books over and made a mess.” They both giggled at the memory before Ashley moved onto the next color.

“Burgundy roses mean unconscious beauty. Because you are so beautiful, Spencer, and I don’t think you realize it most of the time.” She handed the flower to Spencer to join the first one. “And that just enhances your beauty.”

“Purple roses are unending love. I think that speaks for itself,” she winked as she spoke, and Spencer chuckled as she took the rose.

“Blue roses stand for fantasies, hoping for miracles, and possibilities. You are my fantasy, my miracle and with you, the possibilities are endless.” The blue rose joined the growing bunch in Spencer’s hand.

“An orange rose means that I’m proud of you, and I am, Spencer.  You’ve taken such a huge risk in choosing to love me, to be who you are. And that is so amazing.” She then handed Spencer two pink roses, one light and one dark.

“Dark pink says ‘thank you’ and I owe you so much, baby. I still can’t believe that you love me…ME, Ashley the ‘freak lesbian rebel’ that no one wanted anything to do with. I was so alone.  And then there was you.”

“Ash…” Ashley pressed her fingers to Spencer’s lips to silence her.

“Shh, I know, I know,” she smiled. “Light pink mean friendship. Above all else, Spencer, I am your friend and I never want to lose that connection with you.”

“White roses symbolize my happiness.  You make me so happy; I didn’t know that someone could feel the way that you make me feel. They also mean loyalty and I will always be loyal and true to you, Spencer.” Spencer nodded, not bothering to wipe at the tears that fell freely down her face at her girlfriend’s thoughtful gesture.

“Yellow with the red tip, like this one,” she handed the flower to Spencer. “Means friendship falling into love.” She blushed and moved on to the next color.

“Red roses are true love. And simply put, you are mine, Spencer.” There was one color left that Ashley hadn’t explained.  She slowly drew the bloom from the vase and bit her lip in a sudden onset of shyness.

“Uhm…coral colored roses mean…desire,” she stumbled over her words for a moment, making Spencer’s heart swell with love at the abject cuteness of the moment. Ashley stepped closer and handed Spencer the flower, looking deeply into azure eyes.

“Spencer, baby, I…” she paused, the words not coming.  Hating herself for her inability to say three simple words, she searched her mind for another way to express herself.

“I wanna show you what you mean to me, how I desire you. If you’ll let me.”

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