Title: Down Time

Author: Aeryn Sun

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Rating: G/ Scary thought, Aeryn the Angst Queen doing a G fic.

Couple: Sam and Brooke.

Spoilers: Any episode is fair game, Strange Road and the Telling Series.

Summary: Sam and Brooke fluff at home with baby Mac.

Warning: If the idea of two women involved in a romantic relationship together disturbs you, run, run far far away and never look back. If it's illegal where you live, move quickly. Too young? Age quicker. Other than that, enter at your own risk, and enjoy.

Author's Notes: I wanted to post a fic but all I had written is angsty stuff and I didn't feel like posting anything angsty right now so I wrote a piece of fluff instead. Hope you like.

Disclaimer: Don't own but looking to buy.

Brooke sat on the floor shaking the teddy bear in front of Mac and watching as the chubby little cherub reached for the stuffed object. She tickled Mac's nose with the bear and made cooing noises at the baby. She repeated the process a few times as Mac giggled happily at her. Sam was watching the whole exchange from the couch as she worked on an article for the school newspaper.

"Want the teddy, Mac? Huh? Want the bear, baby? Come on and get the teddy," she encouraged the baby. Mac grasped the teddy and yanked it out of Brooke's hands making the older girl laugh. Sam laughed from the couch.

"I think that's a yes," she told Brooke as Mac tried to shove the furry toy in her mouth. They were watching Mac while their parents enjoyed a rare night out.

"No, no, no, Mac. Teddy is not edible," Brooke said patiently as she removed the drool-covered toy from Mac's mouth.

"Baby's gonna get a hairball she keeps that up," Sam joked. Brooke sent her a dirty look.

"Not helpful, Sammy," she scolded lightly as she kept playing with Mac. She shifted on the floor and picked up Mac so that the baby was on her chest looking down at her. It left Sam wishing she had a camera. Brooke looked so sweet, so content playing with their little sister that it filled her heart with so much joy and love it hurt.

"What do you think she'll be when she grows up?" Brooke asked, breaking Sam from her thoughts.


"When she grows up, Sam. What do you think she'll be?" Brooke asked again. Sam smiled.

"A little early to be mapping out her future, don'tcha think? She's only a few months old, we don't even know what sort of things she's good at," Sam pointed out. "Other than shoving everything in her mouth." Brooke sighed.

"I know, but it's fun to wonder. I mean, will she be a writer like you? Maybe an artist?" Brooke wondered.

"Not a cheerleader, I'll see to that," Sam spoke up. Brooke stuck out her tongue.

"Unless you intend to use that muscle, don't tease, Princess," Sam tsked her. Brooke grinned devilishly.

"Later, if your lucky," she teased her brunette lover. Sam wagged her eyebrows as Mac grabbed a handful of Brooke's blonde hair and proceeded to try and eat it. Sam burst out laughing as Brooke tried to reclaim her hair.

"Maybe a hairdresser or a chef," Sam giggled. Brooke shook her head.

"Nah, maybe a lawyer or doctor," she thought outloud as Mac bounced happily on top of her.

"That'd be cool," Sam agreed as she went back to her paper. She kept watching Brooke though. The girl had a natural way with the baby, which Sam envied. Sam herself always felt a bit uncomfortable around Mac, like she was going to break her or something. Not that she didn't love Mac, because she did, she just had no experience around babies so they made her nervous. That's why she prefered it when Brooke was there with her.

Brooke lifted Mac over her head as she lay on her back and spun her around.

"If she barfs on you I'm gonna laugh my ass off," Sam warned. Brooke glared at her.

"She is not going to barf on me, are you baby?" Brooke asked Mac who gurgled in response. Thinking maybe Sam had a point, Brooke sat up and put Mac in her lap. Brooke lovingly brushed the baby's dark hair away from her face as she held her.

"You'll make a great mother someday," Sam said softly making Brooke look up in surprise.

"Do you really think so?" she asked doubtfully. Sam nodded.

"You're a natural, Princess. Look at how you handle Mac. You always know what to do, how to act. You'll be a great mom," Sam said confidently. And she meant it. She had no doubt that Brooke would be a terrific mother. Brooke was the most loving, caring, and gentle person Sam had ever known. Any child would be blessed to call her Mom. Brooke gave her a strange smile.

"Thanks, Sam. That means a lot," she paused a minute. "Do you ever think about it? Kids, I mean?" Sam shrugged.

"I guess. Never really gave it much thought. Why, do you want them?" It wasn't something they'd ever talked about. Sam had thought about it once or twice but since she didn't see her life without Brooke in it, she felt it only right to see what Brooke wanted. If Brooke wanted them, Sam was all for it but if Brooke didn't, she could deal with that too.

"Yes," Brooke answered honestly. "Not right now, mind you. But someday." Sam nodded.

"Me too," Sam agreed. Brooke's eyes lit up.

"Really? With me?" she asked quietly. Sam arched an eyebrow and smirked.

"Of course with you. Well, aside from certain anatomical problems that presents…" she started. Brooke rolled her eyes.

"There are other ways of having children, Sammy. Adoption, surrogates, sperm donors," she explained.

"The first two are OK, but I prefer the one where our kids actually look something like us," Sam said. Brooke nodded.

"I definitely want a little dark haired, dark eyed munchkin running around," she said happily.

"You want a mini-Sam running around?" Sam asked surprised.

"Anything that's a piece of you, Sammy, would be perfect," Brooke said as Sam blushed.

"Well, we'd better have more than one because I want one that looks like you," Sam said with a grin. Brooke picked up Mac and joined Sam on the couch.

"A whole houseful, Sammy," she vowed. Sam nodded.

"Sounds nice," Sam said as she placed her head on Brooke's shoulder. It was a nice dream and Sam hoped that someday they could find a way to make it come true. But for now she was content to sit there with Brooke and watch the girl she loved play with their baby sister.

"But you need to get over your fear of babies for it to work," Brooke said a few minutes later.

"I'm not afraid of babies," Sam answered defensively. Brooke snickered.

"Liar. I've seen you with Mac. She makes you uneasy," Brooke pointed out. Sam shrugged.

"So I'm a little unsure about how to handle her, so what? I'm not afraid of her."

"OK, you're not afraid. But admit you're nervous," Brooke challenged. Sam shook her head.

"Will not," Sam said stubbornly. Brooke smiled.

"Fine then, you hold her," she said as she tried to hand Mac over to Sam. Sam put her hands up in defense.

"No, no, that's OK. You've got her and she's obviously happy with you," Sam said quickly. Brooke laughed at the panicked reaction. Sam had reacted like Mac was a live bomb.

"See, you proved my point," Brooke said. Sam shrugged.

"Why upset her when she's happy with you is all?" Sam said logically. Brooke stood up and took Mac with her. Mac began to fuss.

"What's the matter, Mac? You just ate a little while ago, your diaper's dry," Brooke spoke gently to the increasingly aggravated baby. "What's wrong?" Mac started to wail.

"Geeze, Brooke, what'd you do?" Sam asked as Brooke rocked the crying baby. Brooke shrugged.

"I don't know. She's got her toys, I can't think of what it could be," she answered.

"Maybe she's tired and wants a nap," Sam suggested. Brooke frowned.

"Maybe," Brooke agreed. "Hold her a sec while I get her blanket," Brooke handed Mac to Sam before Sam could protest. Mac grabbed a hold of Sam's hair and instantly stopped crying. Brooke turned around to look at the two brunettes.

"What'd you do?" she asked Sam who shrugged in confusion as she stood up. She was as surprised as Brooke was.

"Nothing. You handed her to me and she quieted down. I don't get it either," Sam said perplexed. A smile spread across Brooke's face.

"I guess she wanted you," she said with a barely surpressed giggle. Sam shot her a dirty look as Mac snuggled closer. Brooke watched as the two dark haired girls seemed to engage in a staring contest for several long minutes with Sam staring at Mac with a look of wariness mixed with wonder. Mac just looked pleased with herself. She reached out and grabbed another handful of Sam's long hair, which she clutched tightly.

"She likes you," Brooke pointed out. Sam sighed.

"I hope so, she's stuck with me for the rest of her life," she joked. "Although if she finds out I'm responsible for her name, she might be a tad resentful."

"See? You haven't broken her yet," Brooke said softly as she walked behind Sam and wrapped her arms around the other girls' waist.

"Yet. The key word there is `yet'," Sam said sarcastically. Brooke rested her chin on Sam's shoulder.

"You're not going to break her, Sam. And someday, you'll make a terrific mom, too," Brooke said as she placed a kiss to the side of Sam's neck. Sam shivered slightly.

"Do you really think so?" Brooke nodded.

"I know so," she answered firmly. "You are sweet and gentle and loving, Sam. I know this first hand. And you'll be that way with our children too."

"Our children," Sam repeated. "Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it does," Brooke sighed happily. Mac yawned and then hiccuped in Sam's arms.

"I think someone is ready for a nap," Sam said more to Mac than Brooke. Her voice had taken on the tone that Brooke's had earlier, the tone most people's do when speaking to a baby. Brooke found it to be the most endearing thing she'd ever witnessed from Sam or anyone else. Sam kept talking to Mac as the three of them headed to the nursery and Brooke watched as a whole new side of Sam emerged. The well-hidden maternal side of Sam. Yes, she was the mother hen of her friends and took care of them and Brooke but with Mac it was different. With Mac it really was like Sam's walls suddenly came down. Brooke looked forward to the future with their children.

"There, all set for her nap," Sam said as she covered Mac with her blanket. Mac yawned again and settled into her crib. Brooke enveloped Sam in a tight hug.

"You were perfect with her," Brooke whispered. Sam relaxed into her arms.

"Only because you were here," Sam said.

"Give yourself some credit, Sammy. You have a way with babies once you get past your nervousness," Brooke said as she nuzzled Sam's hair. Sam sighed in contentment.

"I suppose," she agreed. She leaned further into Brooke's arms. "I love you, Princess."

"I love you too, Sammy," Brooke murmured as she captured Sam's lips in a passionate kiss. That night, they both dreamed of a dark haired little boy and a light haired little girl and the fulfillment of all their dreams.

Aeryn Sun

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