Title: Tasting Desire

Author: Adrienne

Email: soul@brokensoul.net

Date: January 31, 2001

Rating: NC-17

Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Pairing: Tara/Faith, Faith/Wilkins

Spoilers: Ummmm, um, um… none.

Disclaimer Yeah, yeah… Joss owns it all, bastard! I'll just be abusing everything he's come up with for a while.

Note: If I like when the dog barks, and the rainfalls on a full moon during the daytime, does that mean I'm strange?

Note2: Kisses for the Gutter Gang! Especially to Ruth for the beta reading!!!

Summary: This is my own little demented story. Set back before Mayor Wilkins kicked the bucket. He and Faith have a 'not so paternal' relationship. There's a secluded house, a little seduction and… well, you'll have to read the story t see what comes after the 'and'!

Chapter One

Wilkins slammed his body harder into the young woman beneath him. He loved her in this position. His hand wrapped tightly in her long dark hair, pinning her firmly to the bed, her ass up in the air, his to do with as he pleased. He loved the control, the power he had over her. She certainly was a tough one to control. Their relationship always teetered on the edge between mentor and lover, between controller and controlled. He speed up his thrusts as the girls grunting become louder and louder.

"Cum for me baby." he said calmly removing his free hand, which had been holding the girl steady at her waist, moving it underneath her body. He began a teasingly painful rubbing and pinching of the girl's swollen clit, and smiled greedily when he heard the moan escape her lips. She did so hate to let him hear her pleasure. "Cum for me," he said one last time. before leaning his body hard into hers and pinching the tender bundle of nerves ruthlessly. He listened to her scream into the bed sheets as the orgasm ripe through her body, continuing his thrusting a moment longer before allowing his own release to finally wash over him. Draping himself over her sweat caked body a moment as he recovered, he then pulled out, letting her fall flat onto the bed. Getting off the bed, Wilkins went into the bathroom to clean up.

Faith lay on the bed motionless for a moment. In one sense she hated the Mayor. Hated him for doing the same things to her that so many others had done to her all her life. But on the other hand, he understood her. Understood her darkness, even revelled in it. Taught her that it was okay to embrace it. Wilkins would never protest when she talked about going out and beating the shit out of someone because she needed to… because she could. He didn't tell her she was a tramp or a slut when she came home late at night with someone, or several someones she'd meet at some club gearing up for an all night sexathon. He never told her she was bad for wanting the things she wanted. Never chastised her for taking what she needed. He always made her feel like she deserved things… that she should have it all.

Want. Take. Have.

It all rang true with Wilkins. It wasn't just something she said to make her sound cool, or detached; make her feel less guilty about doing the things she did. It wasn't just a philosophy with him; it was a way of life. It was their way of life. Wilkins came back into the room fully clothed and Faith dragged herself off the bed and into the bathroom. While she was in there, freshening up, she could hear Wilkins muffled voice. Unable to hear what he had asked, she stepped back out into the room.

"What'd ya say?" she questioned as she zipped up her leather pants.

Wilkins, who had been in the process of gathering his things together, walked over to the half dressed dark slayer and dragged her back to the bed. Sitting down, he brought her onto his lap. Once they were situated, Faith tried to pull her shirt down over her body. Wilkins fought with her briefly, wanting her to remain shirtless, before finally giving up. Faith pulled her shirt firmly and quickly down over her body.

"I said," he ran his fingers down the sides of her body, resting them on her hips. "Why don't you come spend some time in the country with me?"

"You mean the lake house?" Faith said with a confused frown on her face. Of course, she knew all about the house he had in the country. His own private little secluded hideaway. Supposedly it was beautiful. A sprawling estate with a huge white house situated next to a lake. Balconies wrapped decadently around the entire second floor with views from all angles over the lush green lawn and surrounding forest. She'd heard all about the place. Longed to see it. She shifted uncomfortably on the older man's lap. Faith also knew he never asked people out there.

"Yes, the lake house." He could see she was unsure. That she wanted to just quickly say yes, but that she was unsure of his motives, which made her cautious.

'Smart girl,' he mused to himself. Lifting her up off his lap, he continued to gather his things. "I've brought my daughter home to stay. She's been there since Christmas. I thought it would be nice if she had a little company for a while." Turning abruptly to face the girl who was staring at him suspiciously, "she doesn't get out much," he said without hesitation.

"Uh?" was all she said and he knew he would have to explain further before she would relent and say yes. The kid wasn't that stupid.

Smiling deviously, he returned to his things. "My daughter is a very powerful witch Faith. Her mother took her away from me many years ago. She died soon afterwards leaving the girl to be raised by her grandmother. I have recently been given the opportunity to get reacquainted with her. There was an incident recently at her school which allowed me to gain some control over her legally and to bring her to live with me." A small lighter dropped on the floor and he bent to pick it up, allowing the thought to sink in a moment.

Faith didn't need a moment, "So she's got all this witchy power and you want it..." The thoughts began to process quickly, "Problem is, there's no way in hell she's gonna let you use them cause she's probably some sweet innocent little thing who just can't imagine all the nasty things her daddy's done, and wants to do." Faith smirked at the thought of Wilkins having a child, let alone one he did not have firmly within his grasp. Faith was intrigued. Someone who had something Wilkins wanted, but couldn't get at, was someone she wanted to meet.

"Umm... " he walked over and stroked the dark slayers cheek, "very perceptive my little Faithy. Not only is she sweet, but shy as well, and she has an innocence that is driving me mad." He scratched his fingernail down her face creating a red mark, then turned away from her. "But I recently found out something very interesting about my sweet little Tara," A huge smile crept over the man's face as he turned back around. "It seems my little angel likes girls."

Again it took a moment for Faith to process the implications of what her mentor was telling her. He just continued to smile knowingly as she began to understand. Before she could speak up he continued.

"I want you to come to the house and get to know her Faith. Become friends." Then a serious looked crossed his eyes and his tone hardened. "I want you to seduce her. Make her need you, crave you. Make it so she can't live without you. And when you do... I'll have her." He growled the last three words so angrily that Faith took a step back unconsciously.

A silence hung over the room till Faith finally spoke up. "So what's she ugly or something?" she said lightheartedly.

Wilkins snorted. "Well, to tell you the truth Faith, I couldn't really say. The girl is in a constant state of hiding. Her clothes are too baggy and her hair is always covering her face. Who's to say whether she's ugly or not? All I can tell you is that her mother was beautiful. Long silky blonde hair with piercing blue eyes." The mans' tone softened considerably, "Yes, Abigail was quite the beauty."

Faith wasn't about to give Wilkins the control he wanted without getting something in return, and fucking his daughter was just not prize enough. "So what am I getting in return?"

"Ah, my Faithy, if you succeed, I'll give you what you've always wanted."

The dark Slayer's eyes dilated with anticipation. Her breathing became loud but remained steady as all the things she desired, all the things she wanted to do to all the people who had betrayed her all of her life, passed before her eyes. Revenge was oh so enticing.

Still lost in her hungry thoughts, the Mayor interrupted one last time, "But..." he watched her eyes focus back onto him, "but the first time you take her, I want to see it."

Instant understanding flashed into her dark eyes and she snickered, "You dirty old bastard." Faith laughed.

Wilkins just continued to smile so enticingly.

"So, when do we leave?"

It was the last thing she said as the two left the hotel room.

Chapter Two

As the car slowed into the driveway, to say that the setting she saw before her was amazing would have been an understatement. Looking in awe at the simplistic grandeur of the white house before her, and then back to Wilkins who sat beside her, Faith just could not envision the man next to her as living in that house!

The car slowed and finally came to a full stop on the gravel driveway in front of the house. A tall, elderly man gracefully made his way down the stairs from the front door and opened the car door for her, he then continued around to the other side of the car. Faith stepped out and stretched, allowing her eyes to take in her surroundings.

All around her was green. Lush green grass, neatly trimmed, extended out from the massive house that loomed over her. Surrounding the entire area were tall full green trees secluding the house from all other things… the outside world. It seemed like its own little kingdom to Faith. She then turned her attention to the house. White (don't need definite article here, 'the') wash stairs lead directly to an imposing wood door. A porch stretched from one end of the house to the other, complete with a rocking swing. It all made Faith feel as if she was in some kind of strange dream.

"Thank you Collingsworth," Wilkins said briefly as the man opened the car door for him. They both went to the trunk of the car to retrieve the suitcases. Before Wilkins could make a move to take out the bags, Collingsworth snapped his fingers and a shirtless young man quickly came to join them. Faith watched as the guy's muscles flexed and his tanned body moved fluidly as he removed the bags and carried them through the front door. Faith smirked happily as thoughts of what she'd like to do with those tanned arms swam through her mind… but were quickly interrupted by Wilkins.

"Is my daughter around?" he questioned the stately man next to him.

"Yes sir, Miss Tara is down by the lake reading." he replied, motioning for them all to enter the house. "I did instruct her as you requested sir."

"And what was her response?"

Faith listened to the interplay and began to get a sense that this Collingsworth was Wilkins 'spy-in-the-sky', so to speak.

"She was very apprehensive about your return sir, but she did seem interested when I mentioned you where bringing a girl home with whom you worked."

Wilkins smiled like a conspirator hatching a plot as they entered the house. "Very good Collingsworth." It was at that moment Faith got her first glimpse of the interior she'd heard so much about.

"Holy shit!" she said, not really caring who heard her. She could tell right away that both Collingsworth and Wilkins turned and stared at her from behind. Faith knew Wilkins was probably smirking, while Collingsworth was most likely frowning his disapproval.

"You like?" The Mayor stepped up behind the dark haired Slayer and touched her shoulder.

"Damn straight I like!" Faith exclaimed like an exuberate child and was nearly ready to make a mad dash up the massive wooden staircase that led to the upper floors, but Wilkins held her still.

"Now, now," he soothed and saw her face crinkle in disappointment. Wilkins turned to her manservant. "Make sure Faiths' things are put in her room and begin serving lunch," he looked at his watch, "in about twenty minutes... outside on the porch."

The elder man nodded his understanding and left the two in the hallway to return to his duties.

"Come my Faithy. Lets go outside."

Wilkins dragged her through the house, never allowing her eyes to rest long enough on one thing or another to enjoy it. He was obviously anxious to get her started on his daughter. Quickly they went through the kitchen where Collingsworth, plus three others, were busily preparing lunch, then out onto the porch.

Faith whistled when she saw the backyard grounds. There was an expanse of lush green grass that slopped downward slightly towards a massive lake that glistened in the midday sunlight. Scattered randomly were colossal weeping willow trees creating shaded islands from the penetrating sun.

As they walked towards the edge of the lake, Faith saw a beautiful wood structure to the right. Probably a boathouse she mused, with a deck that ran outward from the structure, wrapping around the edge of the lake to the left. Several lounge chairs and tables littered the deck. They both seemed to notice at the same time one chair that was tucked away nearly hidden behind the trunk of a tree. The towering weeping willow cast a large shadow over the figure that laid still underneath it.

Tara could feel their presence before she saw them, before she saw their shadows coming closer to her. Sighing heavily, she adjusted her position on the chair. Lying her leg down so that it was straight on the chair next to her other, she covered herself up shyly. She continued to read, trying not to let the fear that was building up inside of her take over.

Although they were still a good distance away from the girl, with her Slayer-senses on overdrive, Faith focused her gaze on the figure and saw the girl swiftly drop her leg and cover it up. But not before she was able to get a quick glance at a smooth white limb. "Um." Faith said absently and licked her lips. Wilkins just smiled.

Just as the two of them reached the edge of the deck, Wilkins finally announced their presence. "Tara, darling, here you are," he said letting go of Faith's arm and walking towards his daughter, arms open.

Tara took one long deep breath and gathered her strength. Placing her book down on the small round table beside her, she stood up. "Hel..." She stopped abruptly and stared at the dark haired girl who stood slightly behind her father. Her nervousness increased tenfold. "H-h-ell-l-l-o f-f-ather," she managed to stutter out before dropping her eyes to the ground, her hands clasping frantically together in front of her.

"Oh my sweet angel." Wilkins went straight to her and wrapped his arms around the girl. Faith could see her stiffen immediately. "Are you enjoying the day?" he said holding her firmly to him.

"Y-y-y-es," the girl said with great difficulty and continued to stare at nothing in particular. Wilkins finally let her go and Faith could see the relief that flashed across her eyes.

"I want you to meet someone." He grabbed her hand and led her towards Faith. Once the two girls were facing each other he stopped. "Tara my angel, this is Faith." Still holding Tara's hand, Wilkins placed his other hand on Faith's shoulder.

"Hey." Faith said as she darted her hand out and waited for the girl to take it. The action gave Tara an excuse to release her father's hand, for which she seemed eternally grateful. She took the dark Slayer's hand in her own. Faith stared at her intensely, and the girl looked up only briefly to return her gaze.

"Hi," she answered meekly.

Faith held her hand a moment longer and rubbed her thumb along the back of the smoothest skin she'd ever felt before slowly unlocking their hands. Wilkins allowed the moment to remain, enjoying the anxiety of his daughter, and the anticipation of his Faithy.

"Collingsworth is finishing up lunch," he said as he headed back to the house, "I thought we'd eat outside on the porch, seeing it's such a lovely day." He smiled wickedly and it sent a shiver down both girls' spines.

"Cool," was all Faith said as she started to follow the man back to the house. Seeing Tara head back to her chair, Faith quickly ran after her. As Tara leaned down to grab her book, Faith draped her body over the slightly taller girl from behind, and grabbed it first. "Um..." Faith said as she observed the title of the book, her body still bent and clinging to the blondes, "Witch stuff?" She questioned as she saw the flush rising on the girl's neck. Smirking, she finally detached herself and simply turned and walked away. Still holding the book.

Tara blinked several times trying to regain some balance. She was scared to death, and not just from the fact that her father would be home for an entire month. When she was younger, he barely had enough time to be in her mother's life, let alone hers. She never really had the opportunity to know her father. And then on her fifth birthday, early in the morning while her father still slept, her mother had come into the confused little girl's room and carried her away. Away from the house by the lake that she remembered loving so much, away from her father. She had still been young enough to forget nearly everything about father… nearly. Those things she did remember… at night… in the darkness, made her shiver with fear.

A short two years later her mother had died. Tara had never really known what had happened to her. She had asked over and over again, but it seemed as though everyone felt it best to keep how her mother died from her. She was then sent to live with her mother's mother... her grandmother, Edith. And for the next 10 years that is where she had stayed, without a word from her father. And then three months ago, a spell that had gotten out of control got her kicked out of the high school she was attending. That was all her father needed to finally come back into her life. He brought her right out to this house, and here she had stayed for the last three months.

It had only taken one look at her father for her to know he was a dangerous man. She could sense that he wanted things from her. Things she knew she would have to fight to keep away from him. Talents her mother had taught her to hold sacred and not allow them to be abused by those who would do harm with them. And although seeing her father again for the first time since he had brought her to the lake house three months ago stirred her fear, what frightened Tara the most was the reaction her body was having to the dark haired girl. How a sudden tingle manifested in her stomach when the girl had caressed her hand. And how certain other body parts started to tingle when the dark haired girl draped her body over her own.

The emotions, the desires she had fought hard to keep secret began to stir. Began to boil. And it didn't take someone with 'the gift' to know that her father was up to something with this girl. Something that she was sure involved her. Tara sensed clearly that the girl was here to take something from her. But what frightened her the most was the sudden realization, that, in the end, she just might not be strong enough to fight against her father any longer; fight the desires, the needs that had built up all these years… and fight a dark haired girl named Faith.

Chapter Three

Lunch went smoothly enough. Wilkins talked gleefully about the house to Faith, and then about Faith to Tara. Both he and Faith tried to include the blonde girl in their conversation, but her stuttering and shyness made it difficult for her to join in, especially when the conversation took on a more heated tone as Faith and Wilkins argued over someone Tara knew nothing about. A girl named Buffy. Once lunch was finished, Wilkins insisted that they both show Faith around the house. A good two-hour tour later, he then insisted that Tara show Faith to her room.

As they ascended the large main staircase, which was situated in the exact center of the house, Faith took the opportunity to try and study the girl. It had become fairly clear that Wilkins statements about his daughter the other day were true. Faith had tried for the last several hours to get a good look at the blonde, stealing glances whenever she could. She never could get a clear look at the girl's face, mostly because the girl rarely looked up, and when she did, her hair usually hung down in her eyes. And forget about getting a good look at her body; she was wearing both a sweater and skirt that looked to be about four sizes too big for her. The sweater sleeves were dangling down over her hands, the collar high up around her neck.

Of course, Faith smiled lasciviously, she did get a quick glance of what may lie beneath all the excess clothing, a very smooth milky looking calf. She allowed that brief glimpse to wash back into her mind, licking her lips as she followed the girl up the stairs. She turned her attention to the hand that glided up the railway as they reached the top. Another fleeting glimpse before Tara's sleeve came down and covered it. Long, strong fingers. Fingers that Faith knew would work wonders as they...

"Um, it's this way," the small voice said, breaking Faith from her bourgeoning fantasy. The girl blushed again as Faith just stood and stared at her. They continued down the hallway.

The second floor of the house had a simple layout. The main staircase was in the middle and connected to the main hallway. This hallway ran from one end of the house to the other, ending on each point in a door. Rooms were sprinkled along directly accessible off the main hallway. From what Wilkins had told her earlier, there were seven guest bedrooms and four bathrooms evenly spaced on either side of the stairwell. At each end were two large master suites. Wilkins' room was to the right of the staircase.

Tara led Faith down towards the left side of the house. They stopped finally at a door that was nearly at the end of the hallway. "T-t-t-his is y-y-your r-r-room." Tara's hand reached out for the doorknob only to have it quickly covered by the dark slayers.

"Allow me." Faith said, again taking advantage of the situation and rubbing her fingers through the other girls. Not allowing Tara time to react, Faith opened the door leading them both into the room, her hand slipping onto the girl's hip and pushing her forward. Once inside she left it there and whistled appreciatively.

"Hot damn!"

Finally she let go of the girl, her excitement overwhelming her. The room glowed with an air of freshness and beauty. The light greens and yellows mixed softly with the white furniture that was expertly placed around the room. A large bay window, flanked by two smaller narrower windows, took up nearly all the space along the back wall, allowing the sun to shine in, giving the room a glowing presence. To the left was a large four-poster bed, high up off the ground. To the right a fireplace which had a closet on either side. A few small tables and such filled the rest of the room. Faith went to the middle of the room and started to spin around like a little girl. "Hot damn!" she said again.

Tara watched her suspiciously at first, but soon felt quite infected by the girls' jubilance and a wide smile crept across her lips. Faith stopped abruptly and stared at her.

"Damn!" was all she said as she steadied her gaze on the girl.

This time Tara didn't shy away. She couldn't. She was transfixed by the hungry stare that held her still. Faith continued to hold the blonde girl's gaze as she stepped cautiously forward. She knew that this could be a crucial moment. If the girl bolted, things would be much more difficult, but she also could see the pure desperation in those frightened blue eyes. Faith didn't want to blow it. The idea of taking this girl's innocence was really starting to turn her on. So she was cautious. Stepping close enough to touch, but yet not, she stopped.

"You should smile more often," she said as her own lips turned up in a beautiful smile, letting the other girl be the one to make the next more.

Tara was frozen as the girl approached her. Her mind was racing with possibilities, all of which frightened her. And then the girl stopped, spoke in the sweetest voice and simply stood there watching her. Tara could feel the blush burning up her body. Starting low, and traveling upwards till she knew her face was beet red. She tried to stammer out thank you, but a finger quickly touched her lips silencing her.

"Shh." Faith said, her finger lightly touching the girls lush lips. Holding them there for a moment just before she felt the girl stiffen, she pulled her hand away. "No need to thank me," she said cautiously as she went back into the room, shrugging. "You're a cute chick, you should look up more." She waved her hand nonchalantly as she turned her back, examining her room once again.

Tara just stood in the doorway not knowing what to say or to do. Actually, she did know what she wanted to do. She wanted to cry.

Faith whipped back around to face her, "So sweetness, where's your room?" she asked, her tone dropping slightly, taking on a seductive drawl.

Tara just pointed absently to her left. Faith breezed by her and back into the hallway. She went directly to the room at the very end of the hall and opened the door. This time she couldn't even manage a 'holy shit.' She just gawked. The room was huge! It ran from the front of the house to the back. The bed, an even larger four-poster bed than in her room, was to the right, against the front wall of the house. Along the long wall that made up one end of the house was a large window seat. To the left a fireplace with two doors on either side. In front of the fireplace was a large oversized couch and a small wooden table with a glass top in front of it. Various bookshelves and small tables were scattered about with all sorts of knick-knacks on them. Feeling bold, Faith went to the far doorway on the right side of the fireplace and went in. As she suspected, it was the bathroom. But what a bathroom!

What drew most of Faith's attention was the large whirlpool tub that sat up high off the floor; a massive window in front of it with a view of the lake. She quirked her eyebrow and let her mind wander into a fantasy, but just as quickly halted it and returned to the room.

Tara had followed the dark haired girl into her own room and just watched as it was given a thorough inspection. Letting her eyes linger longer than she wanted them to on the form of the girl as she bent down to look in the chest at the end of her bed, her eyes roamed from the small exposed area of skin at the base of the girls back, over her backside tightly confined in black leather pants, to the breasts that hung down while the girl was bent over.

Faith shifted her arm slightly making sure Tara had an unobstructed view of her body as she leaned over and peered into the chest. She could see from the corner of her eye that the blonde was checking her out. She smirked to herself, 'I love the seduction.' Feeling that she'd given the girl ample time to look her over, she finally stood up. Heading towards the bed, she sat down and tested it by jumping up and down a couple of times.

"Nice," she said and than lay back down, letting her eyes drift upwards to the canopy above her. She closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the feel of the girl's bed underneath her, than abruptly sat back up. "Very nice," she stated bluntly, staring once again straight into the blonde's eyes.

Tara swallowed nervously when she saw the dark haired girl's tongue dart out and wet her lips. "I..." she was about to say something when her father interrupted.

"So how are you girls getting along?" he inquired as he draped his arm over Tara's shoulder.

Faith watched in annoyance as Wilkins looked at her expectantly. 'What does he think... one day together and she's gonna jump in the sack with me.' Snorting to herself she watched the girl stiffen as the blush she had had only moments before faded quickly. She dropped her eyes to the floor, her hair covering her face one again. 'Asshole!' Faith said to herself; to Wilkins she said, "Everything's fine. Tara's just been showing me her room. Awesome place you've got her Wilkins baby."

The older man flashed an annoying glare at the dark haired girl, "Well I'm glad to hear that Faith. Tara is nothing if not helpful, aren't you angel." He kissed the girl on the forehead.

"Yes, father," she said barely above a whisper.

"Well it's getting kind of late. Why don't we all settle down for the rest of the night. I've got lots of plans for us all over the new few weeks." And with that the Mayor turned to leave the room, nodding towards the door for Faith to follow.

Faith decided to take her sweet time and stood up from the bed, stretching fully, before sauntering slowly out of Tara's bedroom. She stopped right beside the blonde girl, and let her finger gently rub against the back of the girl's hand. "Sweet dreams," she said, leaning into her just slightly so that her voice caressed the girls ear. She felt the other girl shiver momentarily as she walked out the door, closing it behind her.

Tara just stood there for the longest time in shock. The emotions, the fear, the anger, the longing, it all rolled over her unfiltered. Rushing to her bed, she flung herself onto it. Burying her face in a pillow, the tears were flowing freely before she could stop them.

Chapter Four

The last week had been absolute heaven for Faith. The days were brilliant and the nights dark and seductive. She was laying out sunbathing down by the lake. Her black bikini hugging her hips low, her top untied as she lay on her stomach. The sun was warm against her skin, without being too unbearable. Wilkins sat reading in the chair next to her. She could feel his eyes lustfully stroking over her nearly naked form through his dark tinted sunglasses.

Faith smiled like a Cheshire cat and turned her head away from the Mayor's gaze, adjusting to a more comfortable position, her head resting on her arms. She closed her eyes. Yes, it had been a fantastic week. Not just the 'people waiting on her hand and foot' thing either. It was the slow dance she was playing with Tara. And the growing frustration she saw in Wilkins eyes every time he looked at her. And even though she loved pushing the guys buttons, it was Tara she was having the most fun with. The girl was just too easy! Faith had taken it to a point where she felt all she had to do was walk into the same room and the girl would blush bright red and start to shake. And from the amount of crying she could hear through the walls late at night, she knew the girl was frustrated as hell, and scared.

Faith knew she wouldn't last much longer. A day or more, at most, and she knew she'd simply be able to walk up to the girl and take her, with out even a peep of protest. She knew the girl was nearly ready to do anything she wanted... that was if fucking Wilkins didn't screw it up.

He had come into her room late three nights ago. She had been sleeping soundly, but her slayer senses woke her immediately when he crept in. He climbed on top of her quickly before she had a chance to get out from underneath the covers, his body straddling her as he held her hands over her head.

"You gonna tell me when you're going to fuck my daughter?" His voice was quite calm... too calm. It was the first time in a long time Faith actually had a tinge of fear creep over her.

"Look it's not that fuckin' simple." Faith spat at him trying to get the larger man off her. Even with her extra slayer strength, he had the advantage. "I can just bend her over the fucking kitchen table okay!" She continued to wiggle underneath him. "You said you wanted me to own her, well a quick slam bam thank you ma'am just ain't gonna do it." Her inability to get loose and her growing anger over his meddling in everything and not letting her handle it on her own, instilled her with the extra strength she needed to finally slip from his grip. Crawling out of the bed, she turned to face him.

Wilkins had a look on his face that she absolutely detested. One that said he totally owned her. "I know that Faithy," he tried to placate her. "But you have to understand, I've waited a long time to harness the kind of power my daughter has. A long time..." He trailed off momentarily. "I can't wait much longer." His voice hardened warningly.

"Look, Wilky." Faith went up to the man still sitting on her bed. She did the only thing she knew how to calm him down. Letting one hand caress his face, she ran the other one up and down his leg. "I know you want it." Her hand inched further up is thigh. "Believe me, I want it too." She brought her lips closer to his. "But if we fuck this up." Her hand hovered seductively over his now hardened bulge. "Neither of us is going to get what we want." And at that she kissed him roughly while her hand began to stroke him. Wilkins quickly flipped Faith over onto her stomach and ripped off her panties, unzipping his pants a second later. Lifting her up on her knees. She may have started this, but he was going to finish it… his way. His left hand pushed Faith down into the soft mattress, his legs spreading her open wider, his right hand roughly kneading her ass.

"Um..." He continued to roughly play with her ass cheeks until they started to redden. He removed his hand finally, stroking himself to readiness. "All I have to say Faith..." he positioned himself near her opening, "... is it better not take much longer." And then he thrust himself deep into her, eliciting a cry of anger, and pain.

It didn't take long for him to finish. When he wanted to punish her, he simply fucked her and left. No pleasure with the pain. She felt him tense and her insides fill with his seed. He pulled out without waiting for either of them to recover, zipping up his pants as he exited her room, shutting the door quietly so as not to wake Tara.

Faith simply crawled under the covers and went to sleep.

That was three days ago, and Faith knew that if she didn't get something going with Tara soon, she'd be spending a lot of time with her face in a pillow and her ass in the air. And each day Wilkins glared at her a little more harshly. She was going to have to make her move soon.

She heard him shifting slightly and then the tension of the chair tighten as he got up. A moment later she heard footsteps tapping along the deck heading in their direction. Just as Tara approached, Wilkins spoke up. "I think I'll head in for a nap." Not waiting for a response from either girl, he quickly departed.

Tara blinked several times as she watched her father leaving. The only reason she had come outside was because Collingsworth said her father wanted to speak to her. Now she simply stood there dumbfounded.

"So, ya gonna sit down or what?"

Tara's eyes flashed towards the brunette who was now leaning up on her elbows staring at her. Her bikini top nowhere in sight. Just enough of her breasts dangling down to be seen, but not enough to be admired. Tara's breathing immediately increased. "I-I..." she looked towards the house, stumbling backwards, "s-s-should g-g-g..." the last vowel never even left her lips as her eyes fixated on the dark beauty before her.

Faith flipped over on her side and propped herself up on her elbow, her head gently resting on her hand, while the other hand stroked down her body. Never really touching, but wildly tantalizing the blonde before her. Not to mention that her breasts, now fully exposed to the blonde, glistened slightly from hours of baking in the sun.

"Awww, come on, stay with me." Faith teased, her voice husky and laden with desire.

Tara's whole body felt like it was on fire, even more so than she had felt ever since Faith arrived nearly two weeks ago. Her mind was spinning. So many thoughts and feelings swirled around inside of her it was getting difficult to breath.

"Tara?" Faith questioned, concern now overtaking her.

The sound of Faith's voice brought her back to reality and she gained some semblance of control back over her mind. She dropped the book she had in her hand, turned and ran. Ran back to the house and to her room.

"Shit!" Faith said, reaching for a towel to cover herself up as she quickly went after the other girl. Maybe she'd gone too far. For an instant there, she thought the girl might faint she was so red. And her eyes were wider than she'd ever seen them... and she'd seen them wide! Over the last few days Faith had escalated her seduction. Touching the girl delicately in places she knew the Tara had never been touched. A soft touch on her waist as she walked by her. A gentle finger stoking an ear as she pushed silky blonde threads out of the girls face. Always looking. Looking at her with penetrating eyes. Eyes that screamed 'I want you.' She'd seen the girl's eyes bugged out with fear and desire plenty of times over the last few days and she'd never encountered that particular look. No, this was bad, very bad. She just might have pushed her too far. All she kept mumbling as she ran back to the house was 'shit... shit' over and over again.

No one really paid any attention as first one, and then the other girl, ran into the house and up the stairs. Those who worked in the Wilkins' household knew better than to question what was going on. You simply did your job and kept your mouth shut. Collingsworth was the only one who paid any attention to both girls as they whizzed on by. His eyebrow quirked up curiously, before he returned to setting the menu up for the upcoming week.

Tara ran into her room and slammed the door behind her. She made a mad dash for her bed and just as she was about to fling herself on it, the door swung open. In walked Faith. Both girls were breathing heavily, Tara more than Faith, and Faith stepped inside shutting the door quickly. Tara could hear the lock click. Fear seized inside of her and she inched away from her bed, across her room and towards the small closet on the left side of the fireplace. Only stopping when she felt the unforgiving wooden door on her back.

"P-p-p-le-ease," she barely managed to stutter out.

Faith dropped the towel and grabbed a shirt that was draped over the couch in front of the fireplace as she approached Tara. Momentarily rocked by the scent, a scent so pure, so Tara, Faith slowed her approach. She could see the girl was trembling almost uncontrollably. Reaching her hand up, Faith tried to sooth away the tears that began to flow down beautiful pale cheeks.

"Please don't hurt me." The whispered plea caressed Faith's ears. She continued to stroke the now reddening cheek.

"I won't," was all Faith said, soft... comforting, as she felt Tara start to calm down. Soon the crying stopped as well as the trembling and the two girls simply stared at each other. A moment later Faith leaned near the blonde's ear and whispered, "I only want to show you how beautiful you are." Faith drew her lips closer to the girl, her hand never stopping its caress of her face. "I only want to make you feel good Tara. I know you want to feel good. I know you've been fighting it, but you don't have to fight any longer. Let me make you feel good." Her lips were so close to the blonde girls ear that the next words she spoke allowed her to feather her lips over the delicate structure. "You're so beautiful." The words were already fading into the silence of the room as they left her lips.

Faith leaned in and began kissing Tara's ear. The girl stiffened for an instant, and than Faith felt the other girl pushing her body into hers. Faith, taking that as permission, began to work soft kisses up the side of the girls face, stopping only when she reached her lips. Those lush pouty lips that Faith had dreamed of kissing, of licking, of the places she wanted those lips to caress her own body.

Faith held her position, her desire, in check. She wanted Tara to be the one to make this happen. So she waited, still caressing the girl's cheek. Dark eyes staring intensely into blue ones.

Tara knew she had lost. Everything that she had thought about, dreamt about over the last few years surged within her. The loneliness that had built up after years of being shunned by kids she had grown up with. How the twinges of desire for the girls around her had begun in junior high, and how they had expanded so much in high school that she could no longer hide them. How the people she had known since she was a child no longer just called her witch, but also dyke. And how everyone moved away from her as she walked down the corridors at school. Everything rushed through her and she felt as if she would implode. Tara no longer cared. All she knew was that she needed. Needed to be touched. Needed to be loved, if only for a fleeting instant. She leaned the short distance between her lips and Faiths and kissed her softly, closing her eyes, unsure of what to do next.

When Faith finally felt those soft pillowy lips caress her own, she thought she would devour them. But she held the burning desire in check and allowed Tara the time to take in what was happening. Gently Faith increased the kiss, lips moving softly. Not demanding, but seeking more. And as the kiss went deeper, Faith allowed her left hand to drip down Tara's arm and latch itself into the girl's hip, flicking her finger under the girl's shirt to touch soft skin. The simple contact elicited a soft moan from Tara's lips, and the girl allowed her own increasing desire to lead her, both hands gingerly resting on Faiths' hips.

Again, Faith took Tara's touch as acquiescence, and turned things up a notch. She pressed her body into the taller girl's, pinning her firmly against the door behind her. Faith let her hand begin a slow firey dance underneath the blonde's shirt, as she bit on Tara's lower lip. Faith darted her tongue out, testing, and Tara allowed her entrance. At first the girl simply felt the tongue probe her mouth. It didn't take long before she added her own tongue to the mix, dancing softly across Faith's.

Faith's excitement grew as she felt a soft cautious hand slowly trail its way up her side. Gently she felt Tara cup her breast and upon feeling the hand become more demanding, she lost any control she may have had. Roughly she ground her body into Tara's. Both hands quickly wrapped around the blonde girls breasts, squeezing. Faith let her fingernails rake over stiffened nipples enjoying the deep sounds of pleasure they elicited from the figure beneath her. She reluctantly pulled her lips away from Tara's only long enough to pull the shirt up over the girl's head. Tossing the item to the floor, hands and lips continuing where they left off.

Tara stopped thinking. Stopped fighting, stopped hiding. She was too tired, and all she knew was that this felt good. That she wanted it... needed it. So she let everything go. Maybe too much. The control her mother had begun to teach her before her death, and that her grandmother had taught her to perfect, crashed around her. She let her senses take over. She wanted to feel everything, but without that control, she went too deep. Suddenly she was overwhelmed but the emotions and the deeds of the person making her feel so good. Pleasure engulfed her, while pain ripped through her mind. The dark slayer's thoughts, her past, why she was here, it all flashed into Tara's mind. And the last image she saw, the one that made her stiffen, was her father and Faith in a hotel room.

Tara grabbed Faith's upper arms and quickly pulled her away from her body. "No!" she said, as she stared incredulously into dark confused eyes.

"Tara?" Faith questioned, as she saw a flash of horror cloud over the blonde girl. "Tara," she tried to kiss the girl again only to be pushed back. "What the fuck!"

"Why?" Tara screamed. Tears flowing down her cheeks. Her hands held over her ears trying to stop the sounds, the images and thoughts that raced through her mind. Everything from the last two weeks flashed before her. Her mind turning the images dark and red as they spread faster and faster. Tara suddenly felt very dizzy and tried to steady herself against the door. Her legs started to buckle.

Faith tried to step closer to make sure Tara didn't fall and was abruptly halted only inches from the girl. "Shit... Tara?" Faith slammed her fists against an invisible barrier. "Fuck this isn't funny." Her fists slammed harder and a crackling blue light seemed to surround Tara. The barrier was weakening, and just as Faith's hand reached to grab Tara's shoulder, she felt herself flying through the air, landing roughly on her ass. "What the fu...!" was all she said as she simply remained on the floor, on her ass, staring at Tara in awe.

Tara blinked several times as she began to gain control over herself. Her breathing began to calm, and she wiped the tears off her reddened checks. Swallowing with some difficulty, her throat dry, it seemed like hours passed between them as they simply stared at one another. Finally Tara spoke, "Why?"

It was so soft and full of pain and Faith visibly flinched at Tara's words. But her old defiant self kicked in and she stood up. "Why what?" she said defensively, "Why did I want to fuck you?" A snarly smile crossed her lips. "Fuck Tara get a grip. I'm stuck out here in the middle of bum fuck nowhere I gotta have some fun. It was either you or Ricardo, and right now I'm thinking boy toy would have been a better choice." Faith straightened out her clothes and looked satisfied at the pain that flashed across Tara's face. "Hey babe, your loss." And with that she flicked her hand dismissively and waltzed out of the room.

Tara sunk to the floor and cried.

Chapter Five

A miserable dark cloud hung over the white house as the rain began to fall. The mood inside mirrored the weather that began to rage outside. Wilkins sat at the end of the breakfast table shipping his coffee, reading the paper. To his left was Faith, who fidgeted uncomfortably while she shoveled food into her mouth. On his right Tara, dark circles under her eyes, her skin impossibly pale.

It had been four days since the incident in Tara's bedroom. Four days of utter hell for Faith. When Wilkins had found out about it, which Faith knew the only way he could have was from Collingsworth, whom she really wanted to pummel right now, he went off on her. He had come into her room late that same night and dragged her half naked down to the boathouse. Once there, he proceeded to berate her. Calling her worthless and an imbecile for blowing the one chance she had... they had. He went on for nearly half an hour fuming about what had been lost. How Faith just didn't realize the power she was letting slip through their fingers.

Wilkins would have left it at that, at a verbal beating, but Faith liked to push him, and this time would prove no different. The smirk that slowly crept across her lips drove him nearly insane. He slapped her and Faith stumbled backwards against a low workbench. Tripping over the structure, landing roughly near the edge of the birth that housed his boat. Stunned, she rubbed her aching check and stared at him in disbelief. He had never hit her before.

Seeing the confused look on the dark slayers eyes, Wilkins immediately went to her. Kneeling down next to her, he pushed Faith's hand aside and caressed the red mark he had just left.

"Faith," leaning into the girl Wilkins continued much calmer, "you do not understand the power she has. She is special Faith. I choose Abigail for a reason. I knew I could harness the power she possessed, but it was nothing compared to that which our child possessed. And when she took my Tara away from me..." Wilkins look directly into dark questioning eyes, "... I knew that she would only grow if she were no longer under her mother's protection. Her mother would teach her, but hold her back. I knew this. I knew that once Abigail was gone from Tara's life, the girl would be lost. Edith tired, but I knew the old woman could never fully appreciate what the girl was. She may have helped her to strengthen her gifts, but she could never give the girl what she truly needed... confidence... faith." Wilkins snickered at his own words. "And I knew, that one day she would walk back into my arms and join me. That I would control her."

Faith had simply listened to Wilkins slow rant. She wasn't sure if she should laugh, or be afraid. She'd always know he had illusions of grandeur, but this all just seemed really ridiculous. And she was getting tired, and bored, of it all.

Wilkins leaned in and kissed the cheek that was no longer red, "I need her to submit to me willingly. If I try and bind her powers to me without her consent..." he got up quickly and shook his head. "She's no use to me unless she's willing." Staring back down at Faith his eyes hardened once again. "You must make her willing."

He turned and left, leaving the door open as a cool breeze traveled through the boathouse. Faith remained on the floor confused. There was something she was missing. It wasn't just about taking Tara's powers and using them, there was something else... something that sent a shiver down her spine. And for the first time since Wilkins had mentioned his little 'plan' nearly three weeks ago, she began to falter in her resolve. 'Maybe getting everything you've ever wanted Faith, maybe that really isn't everything after all.' She thought quietly to herself. And as the wind picked up, sending long willowy leafs spiraling through the quite structure, Faith simply leaned back allowing her hair to deep into the icy water of the night and closed her eyes.

"Sorry sir." Collingsworth interrupted cautiously knowing how Mr. Wilkins hated to be disturbed at the morning table.

Sighing heavily, Wilkins put down his paper and without turning spoke, "What is it?"

"There is a call for you sir. It seems urgent."

Wilkins squinted his eyes in annoyance, but got up from the table. As he was leaving the room he turned back around. "When I get finished with this call, we are going out on the boat." Not waiting for a reply he left. Collingsworth quickly exited as well.


Faith cautiously looked across the table at Tara. After she had tossed Faith around like a rag doll four days ago, Tara had locked herself in her room. For two days Wilkins had tried to talk her out. Threatening to break in the door if she did not let him in. Finally he had. The look on his face when he found the room empty was priceless. Faith would later regret the fact that she had stood there laughing at him as he tore through the room trying to find his daughter.

She shifted again in her seat remembering the price she had paid for that laughter, two full days and nights of Wilkins doing whatever he wanted to her. Faith didn't so much mind the punishment, as long as she got the pleasure as well. And she got no pleasure these last two days. All she knew was she was very thankful for slayer recuperative powers because the entire backside of her body ached terribly as it healed from various 'disciplinary' instruments Wilkins had used on her.

No one had known where Tara was, and a massive search throughout the house yielded no result. Than, yesterday morning, she just showed up. Faith could still see the bruises Wilkins had left on her arms when he had grabbed a hold of her demanding to know where she had been. Two days later and the bruises were still bright purple. Only visible when Tara lifted up her arm and her sleeve would drift to her elbow.

For some reason Faith found herself feeling strangely protective of the blonde. A feeling she could not quite understand considering she had been more than willing to come to this house, seduce the girl, and let Wilkins take whatever he wanted from her. She had watched that day as his grip had tightened on Tara's arm and the pain it caused silently washed across her pale cheeks. If he hadn't stopped... Faith wasn't sure what she would have done. Maybe they we're all lucky that Wilkins was smart enough to stop and get himself under control, finally releasing Tara.

She kept looking at Tara who played with the food on her plate. Would she have done something? she wondered to herself. Would she have stood up to Wilkins for this girl? Her eyes narrowed as she saw a tear slowly make its way down Tara's face. She tried to think of everything she would be giving up if she just grabbed Tara right now and ran out the front door.


"Damn it!"

Wilkins slammed his hand down on the table making both Faith and Tara jump. He than proceeded to slam his other hand down flat on the table as well. Faith rolled her eyes and looked at him.

"What's up chief?"

The snarl that crossed his lips indicated he was not at all pleased, and Faith's attempt at levity would get her nowhere.

"I need to go back to Sunnydale." He did not elaborate as to why, and neither Faith, nor Tara, seemed willing to question him.

"Stand up," he ordered the two girls, who promptly did as they were told. Wilkins motioned for them to follow him as he left the breakfast room and headed to his office. Once inside he closed the door and motioned for them to both sit down. Tapping the side of his chair rhythmically, he thought about what he wanted to say to them.

Faith waited while sprawling her body out on the chair, head leaning back against the high back, legs straight out in front of her. Her hands draped over the sides as she stared at the ceiling. Tara sat up straight, but trying hard to sink into the red leather chair that surrounded her. Legs neatly closed together, her hands playing with the edge of her top. Eyes staring at nothing.

"Look at me."

Faith shifted her gaze without adjusting her position, while Tara looked up, her hair hung covering most of her face.

"Tara, do something with that hair." Wilkins demanded, annoyed.

Faith then watched as Tara darted her left hand up and pushed her hair behind her ear. Her shirtsleeve fell once again, exposing the purple bruise on her lower arm. Faith turned back to Wilkins, his face expressionless.

"I am unsure as to how long I will be gone." He started right in as soon as both girls were looking at him. "You will continue to follow the schedule that I had originally laid out. After I leave, you will go out on the lake as we had planned. I will ask Rodrigo to go with you, and tomorrow, you will have a picnic in the forest. In the clearing I showed you last week Faith." He made sure to lock his eyes on the dark haired girl for a moment. "I will try to be gone no longer than two days. I expect you both to have smiles on your faces when I return."

Faith snickered at his last request and quickly shut up when he glared at her. Annoyed, and frustrated by both girls, he waved them to leave. Sitting back in his chair pondering the future.

Once outside of the office, Tara headed straight for the stairs. As she started to go up to her room, she heard Collingsworth call her from the kitchen.

"Excuse me Miss Tara, but your father has stated that you are to be at the boathouse in half and hour." Without waiting for her reply, he closed the door.

Faith touched Tara's arm, "Hey."

Tara jumped and backed herself against the wall. "L-l-l-eave me a-a-lone." She screamed and ran up the stairs. Faith heard the slam of her door and shrugged her shoulders. 'Oh boy, fun, fun, fun.' She thought as she too went to her room to wait till she had to go to the boathouse.

Wilkins left quietly, not bothering to say goodbye to either girl. A knock at Faith's door told her it was time for the 'fun boat ride.' HA! She laughed to herself. She exited her room and waited a moment thinking Tara would join her. When she didn't, she went down the stairs and headed to the boathouse.

When she reached the edge of the deck, she peered into the door, not wanting to go in. Turning back towards the house in hopes of seeing Tara.


Faith sighed and turned back towards the door. She quirked an eyebrow and a smirk filled her lips. 'This may not be so bad after all.' She thought to herself.

"Hey yourself." She replied and walked towards the young man who was waiting for her... them.

Faith didn't think, didn't care, she just acted. Too many days of pain, and not enough of pleasure. She roughly pushed the darkly tanned man back into the boathouse and up against the sidewall. Ripping off his unbuttoned shirt, she immediately attached her lips to a nipple. Biting hard as the man's hands grabbed hold of her long hair pulling her up to his mouth. A flurry of lips and hands scavenged over each other's bodies as they blindly moved around the room. Upon reaching a canvas that lay in the corner, Faith pushed Rodrigo down onto it, quickly discarding her own t-shirt and bra before pulling off his shorts. She took a step back to admire her handiwork.


Rodrigo settled back into the canvas, lifting his hands behind his head.

"Indeed," was all he said as he allowed the dark haired girl free reign over his body. She wasn't one for small talk, or small actions. She quickly straddled his body and was soon enough riding him fast and hard, her hands steadying herself on his shoulders as his reached up to play with her dangling breasts. It wasn't long before they both screamed out their pleasure, than parted, gathering up their respective clothes and putting them on.

"I'm Rodrigo by the way." The man nodded towards the slayer.


Just as they finished pulling themselves back together, Tara entered the room. Rodrigo jumped slightly, "Oh, Miss Tara, there you are. Shall we go?"

Faith pretty much dove into the boat as Rodrigo opened the boathouse door and began to unhitch. Faith took up residence in the 'V' shaped area at the front of the boat, while Tara opted for the bench seat at the back. Once the boat was unlatched, Rodrigo jumped in and slowly eased them out onto the lake. Before long they where setting a smooth, but quick, pace as they circled the perimeter of the lake. After about 20 minutes of cruising, Rodrigo spotted his favorite little nook, and slowed the boat. It was a beautiful spot. Slightly hidden from the view of the house on the left side of the lake with a towering mountain surrounding the area on three sides. Once the boat was stationary, and the anchor dropped, the man turned towards his wards… and frowned.

In the front Faith sat with a knee up on the cushion, her head resting against her arms on the side of the craft. She looked straight ahead. In the back, Tara sat as if she were trying to use him as a shield, face staring into the nothingness of the slate Cliffside.

"So does anyone want to go for a swim?" he posed.

Tara simply shook her head no, while Faith waved her hand brushing him off. 'Great,' Rodrigo thought to himself. 'The first time I'm given a job other than mowing the lawn, and I'm going to blow it.' Rodrigo had been with Wilkins for nearly 18 months and he knew the deal. You did a good job, a good dead, and Wilkins rewarded you well. Collingsworth had specifically told him that the two girls where to have 'fun' together. Whatever that had meant. Fun, between these two, seemed an impossibility to him right now. Well fuck it! If this little job of his was going downhill, he might as well get a good swim out of it. He rarely got to just do something on his own these days.

"Well suit yourselves. I'm going for a swim." And before either of the girls could protest, he stripped off his shirt and dove into the lake.

Tara jumped up from her seat, "Wait, you can't leave me alone…" her voice trailed off and Rodrigo splashed into the water. Nervously she looked at Faith who seemed to just keep ignoring her. She sat back down.

Rodrigo finished his swim as he closed in on the shoreline. Once his feet were firmly planted, he looked back towards the boat. Both girls were in the same positions he had left them 15 minutes ago. Knowing that he was supposed to keep them out on the lake at least an hour, he decided to go exploring. There was a cave back in this area that he always wanted to check out. One last glance to make sure the boat hadn't tipped over; he walked into the cave's entrance.

Ten minutes later Tara began to fidget. Looking at her watch, they'd been out there for nearly a half and hour. "Maybe we should go back?" she said more to herself than to anyone else and she didn't expect an answer.

"Nay, let's not." Faith said, her hand dipping over the side swirling the water below. For the first time in nearly 30 minutes she turned to Tara. "Stud boy went into that cave. We should probably just wait till he gets back." Tara averted her eyes and Faith angrily slapped at the water. "Fuck! Would you just look at me damn it?" She said frustrated.

Tara visibly flinched and tried to squirm farther back against the seat she was in. Faith was getting completely frustrated. She walked towards Tara. "Please don't hurt me." The blonde pleaded.

"Shit Tara. I'm not going to hurt you." Faith continued to approach the now frightened girl.

"I-I-I m-m-mean it. Don't come near m-m-me." Tara warned and when Faith didn't stop her mind took over.

Faith went flying towards the front of the boat, her body slid across the small bit of boat at the very tip before teetering momentarily… as she slid into the water with a thud.

Gulping madly Faith tried desperately to get back to the surface. Once there she flayed trying to keep her head above the water. "Tara!" She screamed. "Please Tara, I can't swim." She continued to flay her hand slapping at the water, as she got more and more frightened.

Tara panicked. She couldn't trust Faith. Maybe she really could swim and she just wanted to make her help her so she could get her in the water and drown her. But what if Faith really couldn't swim? Was she just going to let the dark haired girl die?

"Please…" Faith went under the water again becoming more disoriented. Finally finding the surface she desperately tried to reach for the boat. "Tara I can't…" She had managed to reach the boat, but was unable to grab onto anything along the slick siding. Slipping once again under the chilly lake surface. Suddenly she felt a hand grab for her own as she was yanked to the surface once again. Faith grabbed a hold with both hands to the blonde's arm; her fingernails scratching unconsciously at Tara's skin. Tara concentrated for a moment closing her eyes. In a flash Faith's body was lifted straight out of the water and over the edge of the boat, flopping down with a squish onto the deck. Tara, wide eyed with fright, tried to squirm her way past Faith towards the front of the boat. As she did, Faith grabbed her leg and tripped her. Dragging herself over Tara's body, she flipped the girl over and held both her hands. With labored breath, dripping everywhere, she tried to speak.

"I won't…" she coughed, "I won't hurt you," she was finally able to get out before falling exhausted onto Tara.

Tara just stiffened and lay motionless. Faith's body was heavy and wet as it lay upon hers and she decided it was best to just stay still until Faith removed herself. It took several minutes before Faith's labored breathing subsided and she managed to push herself away from Tara, leaning up against the side of the boat.

Flipping her wet hair away from her eyes, Faith wiped the water off her face, "Damn girl! Did you have to toss my ass into the lake?"

"Yeah right. No need to explain. I kinda had it coming, I know." Faith chuckled in hopes that Tara would relax.

"I'm sorry." A soft voice said. "I didn't know you couldn't swim." Tara hung her head down, her hair covering her face.

"Yeah well, how could you? I never was one for water sports." Faith looked across at the blonde who looked wet and cold and had several small tracks of blood dripping down her arm where Faith had dug in her nails. "You really do have some serious witchy powers don't you?" She said in jest, but immediately regretted it as Tara stiffened. She began to move closer to the girl but immediately stopped when she saw the fear spread back across Tara's face. Closing her eyes, she tried to calm herself. "I swear Tara… please," Opening her eyes she pleaded, "please look at me." It took a minute, but the blonde finally lifted her head and dared a glance in Faith's direction. "I promise, believe me, I won't hurt you."

"How can I?"


"Believe you. You… you came here…" She trailed off as the memories she had seen in Faith's mind surfaced once again.

Faith didn't know what to say to make the blonde believe she wouldn't hurt her. Didn't think any words would be sufficient to quench the painful memories of a few days ago, so she said the only thing she knew would work, "Just look."

Tara looked at her confused.

"Your witchy powers. Can't you just look and see that I'm telling the truth?" Faith said hopefully.

"I-it's not like that. I-I…"

"But can't you like read my mind and just 'tell'?"

Tara shook her head and sadly looked at the wet girl across from her, "It doesn't work that way. I can't… I can't…" Frustrated, Tara frowned.

"Can you, um, maybe sense that I wouldn't hurt you? Can you do that?" Again, Faith interjected hopefully. She really wanted Tara to know she could trust her. While she was flaying around in the water, not sure if she would live or die, for the first time since Wilkins had proposed her coming here, and maybe the first time in her life, Faith realized that there were some things in life that shouldn't be sacrificed. And for some reason, deep down, she knew Tara was one of those. There was something about her, something special and it wasn't just her powers. It was her innocence. Innocence Faith wanted to touch. To hold. To feel in herself once again if only by proxy. Faith held out her hand in offering and waited.

Tara hesitated for a moment. She could do it. Take the girls hand and see if she was telling the truth. But once again did she trust Faith? The fear she had always felt all her life reared its ugly head. The cautious warnings her mother, and then her grandmother, had pounded into her consciousness swirled around her. Her desires, again reminding her of just how alone she was and how easy it would be to, once again, be deceived. But the look in those dark eyes told her to take this one last chance. She reached forward and with only her fingertips she grabbed a hold of one of Faith's fingers. It was a fleeting touch, but long enough for Tara to sense the change in the girl, and to know that whatever happened from here on in, Faith would not try and hurt her again. She let got of the finger and sat back against the side of the boat a little more relaxed.

"You're bleeding."


"You're bleeding." Faith said as she pointed to Tara's arm.

The blonde looked at her arm to see four scratch marks each with a stream of blood dripping down her arm. "Oh."

Faith got up and started scrounging around the boat.

"What are you looking for?" Tara stood up and simply watched.

"Um, gotta be a first aid kit around here. Knowing Wilky, I'm sure there's a whole fucking hospital tucked away somewhere." She laughed as she lifted the bench set. "Ah ha!" She proclaimed grabbing the plastic container. "Success."

Tara smiled at her softly.

"Sit." Faith instructed the blonde, pointing to the drivers' seat of the boat. Tara did as she was told.

Faith knelt down next to Tara and began to carefully wipe away the blood. Rummaging through the mini-emergency kit, she came up with a disinfectant pad and began applying it over the scratch marks. When Tara flinched slightly she withdrew her hand quickly.


Faith nodded in understanding and as she finished cleaning up the other marks she blew on the wounds in hopes of taking some of the sting out of what she was doing. Once she was finished, she applied a band-aid to each of the scratches, gathering everything up, she pushed it aside, but remained kneeling next to Tara.

A long silent moment hung between the two.

Faith, suddenly feeling bold, let her hand snake underneath Tara's long skirt to caress a silken calf.

"Don't." Tara said softly.

Sighing heavily, Faith withdrew her hand. Looking up into the girls blue eyes, she frowned, "Tara…"

"Please don't."

Suddenly frustrated again, Faith jumped up and started pacing around the boat. "Don't what? Don't be happy? Don't feel good?" She turned to the now ashen-faced blonde. "I know you want to Tara. I know you do." She said almost whining as she knelt back down in front of the girl, taking her hands in her own. "God, you're so cold." She began rubbing their hands together to warm them both. After a while Faith simply stopped and held Tara's hands in her own.

"I'm afraid."

"I know." Faith looked up at Tara as soft tears began to fall down the girls face. Reaching up, Faith wiped away each drop as it slid down Tara's check. When the tears finally subsided, Faith cautiously lifted herself up leaning into the blonde. When their lips finally meet, Tara was leaning awkwardly forward as Faith steadied her by placing her hands on Tara's waist. And when Tara reached out to cup the dark slayers face, Faith glided Tara from the seat onto the boat floor. Turning her slightly, she gently laid Tara down placing her whole body over the now trembling girl. From there time seemed to cease, but their actions increased.

The kiss became more passionate, as lips caressed hungrily and tongues dueled for deeper entrances. Faith slid her hand down the length of Tara's body. Finding the edge of her long damp skirt, she began to ease the fabric upward. When Tara felt Faith's hand reach her knee, she bent her leg upward and the remainder of the skirt slide to her waist. Faith adjusted her position over Tara, slipping in between the girl's legs, her right hand pulling Tara's bent leg further up and away, spreading her open. Faith took the opportunity to knead the outside of Tara's thigh roughly as she ground her body against the one below her. Reluctantly parting from Tara's now swollen and red lips, she placed wet eager kisses down the side of the blonde's face, to her neck, and still further down to her chest, pulling up off the blonde only long enough to allow her other hand to roughly push up her shirt, expose an expanse of pale silken flesh.

"Oh goddess." Tara whispered, her voice heavy with desire as Faith began sucking on the flesh right above her bra. Kissing her way to the other side, she gave the other breast the same treatment. All along her right hand continuing its caressing of Tara's outside thigh. "Lips." Tara demanded and grabbed the dark trestles that tickled her chest, roughly guiding Faith's mouth to her own. As they devoured one another's lips once again, Faith started a slow journey bringing her right hand, fingers teasing, around to the inside of Tara's thigh. The moan of need and want that Faith captured as it escaped Tara's throat, made her dizzy with lust. She quickened the pace of her hand dragging it upward and inward till she reached the leg edge of Tara's panties, playing with the edge tantalizingly.


"Hey?" A voice cut through their heat.


"You guys alive in there?"

"Fuck." Faith growled as Tara pushed her off of her and hurriedly pulled her shirt back over her body. She slid away from the dark haired girl.

Just than Rodrigo pulled himself over the edge of the boat landing wetly on the desk. Grabbing a towel he looked suspiciously from girl to girl. "So, no blood. Although," he suddenly noticed the bandages on Tara's arm, "maybe I spoke too soon." Again neither answered and he just shrugged. 'Okay.' He thought to himself. Slipping his shirt back over his body, he sat in the drivers seat and started up the boat. "Ready to go back?" He wasn't really asking, but Faith spoke up anyway.

"Yeah, fucking ready!"

Rodrigo turned at looked at her wide eyed as she sulked her way back to the front of the boat, flopping down loudly on the seat.

The ride back was sullen, and thankfully quick. Both girls jumped out of the boat and took off towards the house, leaving Rodrigo to tidy everything up.

"Tara," Faith grabbed for the blonde's arm, but she didn't stop. When she was well out of Faith's reach she turned around.

"Sorry," was all she said, than turned and ran into the house.

Faith, not really wanting to go back inside just yet, sat down on the deck and dangled her feet over the edge. Picking up a handful of rocks, she began tossing the bits into the water one by one. Rodrigo paused only momentarily to watch the girl, shrugged his shoulders, and left her where she was. Faith brought her knees up tight to her body and hugged her legs. 'Sorry for what.' She thought as she continued to just stare into nothing.

Chapter Six

Faith flipped restlessly in her bed. She had spent most of the night, and pretty much all of the day, lying around in her room. No one came and told her to get up. No one came and told her to stick to Wilkins 'plans'… it seemed no one really cared at all. Which was fine with her. Actually, she had been surprised, when the clock by her bed ticked down the time, that Collingsworth hadn't knocked on her door and demanded she come out. But she guessed, when Wilkins wasn't around, everyone sort of slacked off a bit. Everyone just trying to take care of himself or herself while they could.

So Faith decided to just stay in bed and do nothing.

It wasn't not like she had gotten a lot of sleep the night before anyway. She had spent a good three or fours hours simply sitting down by the lake after the boat ride. When it finally got too cold for her to stand it any more, she went up to her room and got in bed. All she could think of was Tara. The blonde girl haunted her dreams, both in sleep and awake. If she closed her eyes and concentrated hard enough, she could actually taste Tara's lips on her own. Feel her silky flesh in her hands. Sighing heavily Faith flipped over one more time and stared at the clock. Five o'clock. The setting sun peeked through the blinds of her room just barely as nighttime started to settle in. Her stomach growled and she figured it was as good a time as any to head downstairs for something to eat.

Flinging the covers off she swung her legs over the side of the bed, and just as quickly recoiled them when her bare feet touched the cold wooden floor. Diving momentarily under the covers till she located her socks, she quickly slipped them on. It was chilly in the room, so she grabbed a sweater from a pile and pulled it down over the tiny t-shirt she had been wearing. Combing her fingers through her long hair, she headed out of her room.

The house seemed unnaturally quiet for the time of the evening. If Wilkins had been home the house would be bustling with activity as everyone prepared for dinner. Dinner always seemed like a major theatrical affair to Faith. She just couldn't figure why Wilkins had to go through all that just for three people. 'Whatever.' She mused to herself as she slid across the marble foyer and headed into the kitchen. In the corner was Sally, the cook. She looked up briefly at the dark haired girl, smiled, than turned her attention back to her knitting. Faith scurried over to the fridge to see what she could scrounge up. After five minutes of an unsuccessful search, she peered over to Sally. As if sensing what the girl wanted, the older woman looked up.

"Sit down dear, I'll whip you up something."

Faith smiled gratefully at the short plump cook and jumped up on one of the stools situated around the island counter in the center of the kitchen. As she watched the woman preparing her something to eat, she reached for an apple near her and bit in.

"Where is everyone?" Faith mumbled through her apple.

"Here and there my dear, here and there."

Faith had to smirk. She was right, when Wilkins was away, the staff did play. 'Good for them.' She thought to herself. Wilkins really could be a hard ass sometimes! Faith noticed the stool swirled and she began to slowly spin herself around as she watched the kitchen around her. Suddenly she stopped, a picture in the corner drawing her attention. She jumped off the stool and went over to the chair where Sally had been sitting. The picture was in a small silver frame and it was nearly hidden behind a bag of yarn. Just as she was about to reach for the picture…

"No dearie," Sally came over to her and took the picture, holding it up to her heart, before depositing it in her apron pocket.

Faith frowned disappointed and returned to her stool as the older woman brought over her sandwich and a glass of milk. Sally settled herself back into her chair and began where she had left off with her knitting. Faith began scarfing down her food. When she was half through her sandwich she turned back to Sally.

"Thanks," she said holding up the sandwich as she took another bite.

"You're welcome dear." The woman smiled at her warmly.

Staring outside as the sky turned darker and darker, the lake twirling as the wind whipped across its surface, Faith's thoughts wander back to yesterday… and Tara. "Tara." Not realizing she'd said it out loud.

"Miss Tara is in her room dear." Sally offered.

"What?" Faith was broken from her thoughts.

"She's in her room dear."

"Oh, has she been there all day?"

"Yes. Poor dear."

There was something in the woman's tone that made Faith turn in her direction. The woman had a sad, almost crestfallen look on her face and Faith just continued to watch her.

"She did come down for something to eat earlier in the day though. Which was good. That child really does need to eat more. As do you dear." The woman pointed towards Faith.

"When was that?"

"Oh, about noon. I made her a sandwich as well." Sally smiled tenderly.

Faith quickly finished her sandwich and drank down her milk. "Maybe I'll go up and say hello to her than." She placed her glass on the counter and hopped off her stool.

Laughter drew her attention before she could exit the kitchen.

"Oh no dear, she won't be in that room." The old woman rocked back and forth in her chair, a jolly laughter ringing through the kitchen.


"She'd be in the HER room dear… the special place."

'Special place.' Faith frowned to herself. Than a thought came to her, 'like special place that no one else knows about. Where someone can hide and never be found.'

"Right, the special place. And where exactly is the special place again?" Faith asked expectantly.

"Oh no my dear."

Faith was really beginning to not like being called dear.

"If Miss Tara wanted you to know, you would know." The woman waved her finger at the disgruntled girl, and went back to rocking, a happy smile on her face.

Faith frowned in annoyance and turned to leave once again.

"But…" Sally stopped her rocking and looked directly at Faith with penetrating eyes. "Yes, maybe… maybe," she said again returning her attention to her knitting.

Okay, now Faith was frustrated beyond belief. "Maybe what?" She practically screamed.

"Well, not with that attitude."

Huffing slightly on the verge of a temper tantrum, Faith threw up her hands, took a deep breath and went over to the woman. Squatting down next her, "Maybe what?" She said in a calm voice.

The woman put her knitting down and gently ran her finger across Faith's forehead. Something seemed to click within her and she reached into her pocket pulling out the silver framed picture. She put it into Faith's hands and pushed her to look at it.

The picture was small, and quite old. It looked as if it had been folded in half at one time, a white tattered crease cut through it's middle. The scene was of a woman, young, sitting on a lawn. Looking closer, Faith could have sworn it was the backyard here. She had long blonde hair and was sitting on a flowery blanket. At her knees was a small child sleeping. Faith couldn't tell, but the kid looked like an infant, tinier even. The woman was looking down at the child, her hand wrapped around the sleeping infants stomach. She had a smile on her face, but one more of sadness than of joy and Faith couldn't help but rub her finger softly over the two.

"Took her away. He always kills what is good." Sally said as she gently took back the picture from Faith's grasp. "Would you?" The woman asked, once again putting the picture away.


"Would you kill what is good?"

Faith studied the old woman for a moment. "What was she like?"

Not asking for clarification, the old woman answered, "She was quiet… she was always quiet. But she had the most beautiful smile. Lit up a room when she came in. Yes, Miss Tara was a joy. Made everything happy… everyone." Pausing momentarily to check her growing sadness, Sally continued. "It was clear, from the beginning he wanted to use her. So young, so much power. Miss Abby knew… she always knew…" Sally trailed off again looking out into the nights' sky as if they memories were waiting for her to find them. "There was a room, she would take her, when Mr. Wilkins was away. A secret place where they would go to practice. A place Tara could do things that her mother didn't want her father to know about. A safe place… secret." The woman stopped and tapped her nose. She than asked Faith the same question as before, "Would you kill what is good?"

Faith didn't hesitate this time, "No." Was all she said.

"Come." Sally got up and took her hand. Quietly the two went through the house and upstairs to the second floor. Sally led them to a door, just off to the left of the staircase on the opposite side of the house from Faith's own room. It was locked, but the old woman pulled a key from around her neck and unlocked the door. The room was that of a child's. As if stuck in time.

"Her room." Sally said as she closed the door behind them. Faith went to turn on a light switch, but she was halted. "No." The woman took her hand again and led her to the back of the room on the far side of the bed, opening the closet. Inside tiny clothes still hung dusty from disuse. Faith felt herself pulled into the tiny space and was nudged to close the door. She did. Once the door was closed, Sally turned on the light. Parting a group of clothes in the very back of the closet, the woman bent over and searched for something. All Faith could see was the wall. Suddenly there was a click, like a latch loosing it's hold, and a small panel at the bottom on the wall slid away. Faith peered in and could make out the faint outline of some steps.

"Go." She was pushed down towards the opening. "Go." Sally said once again as Faith got on her knees and crawled through the hole. "But," Faith turned back into the closet, "don't kill the good." Sally warned one last time before shoving Faith, not so kindly, through the hole. The panel slide closed behind her.

Faith sat for a moment allowing her eyes to adjust to the dimness. The stairs were steep and no light showed from above, so she was cautious. Feeling the wall to her left, she eased herself onto her feet and began a slow pace up the stairs. When she was half way to the top she called out Tara's name, but got no answer. Relieved finally to have reached the top, Faith steeped into the room and quickly scanned it. To her right looked like a bed, no frame, it was simply a mattress on the floor. In front of her, along the entire wall, were bookcases that appeared to be full… of books. To her left was a single window with no curtain. In front of the window was a large rocking chair where a figure sat motionless.

"Tara?" Faith questioned again and walked over to the window. She stopped to the right of the chair and looked down.

"She shouldn't have told you." Tara's voice was horse and low, as if she'd been crying.

Faith knelt on the floor and looked up at the blonde. When Tara did not return her gaze, she moved her eyes towards the window taking in the view. "It's beautiful here."


Faith had hoped for more, but would settle for anything she got. "Did you…" Before she could finish she was cut off.


Faith looked back up at Tara confused.

"Why?" Tara said again.

A silence engulfed them as Faith thought. "Why?" She ventured cautiously. "I suppose because he offered me everything I ever wanted."

"He can't see here you know?"


"There are no cameras up here." The blonde said nonchalantly.

"Cameras? What are you talking about?"

It was the first time since she came into the room that Tara looked at her. Her eyes filled with sadness and loss. "He has them everywhere in the house. But not here. Not here…" She turned her attention back to the window. "He never knew about this room. How could he? This wasn't his you see. None of it. He always takes what isn't his."

Faith didn't quite understand what Tara was talking about, but really didn't feel like questioning her. As if sensing that, Tara turned to her again.

"The house was my mother's. In my mother's family for years. Father took the house when he married. Claimed it as his own along with my mother… and me." Tara's eyes became clouded and dark and for the first time in the nearly four weeks they had been together, Faith saw something she'd never seen before… hatred. True hatred. "He'll never own me Faith. Never!"

Tara ran her hand down the side of Faith's face and her eyes softened again. "So you see, he can't see here. But you would tell wouldn't you? To get your everything?"

The cryptic way in which Tara had been speaking to her finally seemed to make sense. Finally realized what she was asking her, Faith took Tara's hand from her face, and gently placed it on the rocking chair arm. Running her own hand down the blonde's forearm, she latched her fingers into Tara's and simply enjoyed the touch between them.

"I would never tell Tara." She said finally staring at their two hands.

A stuttered sigh filled the room, as Tara seemed to melt, "What do you want from me?" She asked on the verge of tears.

"I want…" Faith paused, then carried on hesitantly, "I want to feel innocent again. I want to touch you, and to hold you and to kiss you, and I want you to know that it's because I…" Faith seemed to falter on her own words. Her own emotions.

"Tara," Faith tilted her head down not really wanted to see blue eyes gazing at her, "I've fucked a lot of people. I didn't give a shit who, what where or anything. If I wanted someone I took them. Real simple. Want. Take. Have… real simple." Faith let a short laugh escape her lips before continuing. "Ya know what… I don't think I've ever actually had sex with someone I liked. Maybe Xander, but no, not even him. I mean I didn't hate him… but…"

"But what?" Tara softly said urging her on.

"I thought it would be so easy. Come up here. Four weeks of vacation. Lounge around and get waited on hand and foot. And well," she shrugged, "get laid. I mean, what could be better. And after Wilky got what he wanted, than so would I." This time she did look up at Tara. "Look Tara, I'm not a nice person. I'm actually a pretty bad person and there are people, over the years that have done things to me that I want… I want to hurt them for. And if coming here and fucking you was the price for getting the power to hurt those people back, well than… what the fuck. I wanted to do it. I was happy to do it… it was fun." Faith paused thinking to herself, 'Honesty always did sound more fucked up than lying.'

"Y-you would," Tara was back to stuttering, which Faith knew wasn't a good sign. "Y-you enjoyed what you did to me?"

Faith's heart felt like it was sliced open from the tone in Tara's voice.

"W-what… h-how much it hurt. H-how much…" Tara tried to pull her hand away from Faith's, but the slayer held on to it tightly not letting go.

"I'm not a nice person Tara, I told you that. That's what I do. I hurt people because I can and because it's fun. That's what I do!"

The room went silent as Faith's words seemed to hover, than seep into everything around them. For the longest time the only sounds that filled the room where Tara's labored breathing as she tried to calm herself down.

"But…" Tara's voice was so soft that Faith had to sit up on her knees to hear it, inching closer. "You'd give it all up?"

Faith frowned. 'Truth Faith… truth.' She told herself.

"No. Not how you think. Not what you think. When I leave here I'll go back to working for your father. I'll go back to taking what I want, when I want and who I want. And he'll find another way to rule the world. And I'll be right there with him. But he won't do it through you Tara. I won't let him. I won't tell him."

Tara seemed to slowly take into consideration each of Faith's words, trying to understand the ramifications of what the girl was telling her. Before she could pose her next question, Faith asked one instead. "What do you want from me Tara?"

"I… I…" Tara seemed quite shocked by the question. 'What did she want?' Well she knew what she wanted, but it seemed so wrong, so primal. Shaking her head over and over again, Tara didn't think she could say it.

"Tell me Tara." Faith leaned in closer. "Just say it. I've been honest haven't I?"

Faith sounded sincere and Tara turned to look into her eyes to make sure. Make sure this is really what she wanted. "I… I want you to make love to me Faith. I need you to make love to me."

Nothing more was needed. Faith closed the distance between them capturing Tara's willing lips. It was a soft fleeting kiss before Tara stood up abruptly and took the startled slayers hand in her own. Helping her up, she lead them to the mattress. Pulling down the top covers, Tara went to sit down.

"No." Faith stopped her.

Turning Tara to face her, Faith took a step back and slowly began to remove her own clothing. All the time her eyes locked with Tara's. Her t-shirt was quickly discarded, and than her bra. Slipping slowly out of her leather pants, Faith stood up licking her lips as she leisurely latched her thumbs to the sides of her panties. Watching Tara for a moment, she saw the girls breathing increasing heavily, Faith than slowly slid the silken material down her legs. Stepping out of them, she tossed them aside. Faith stood and allowed Tara's eyes to freely inspect her naked form. The sudden realization that this was actually going to happen flashed into Tara's eyes, and Faith quickly closed the distance between them before the blonde girl had a chance to change her mind. Wrapping her arms around Tara's waist, Faith ground her naked body into Tara's and kissed her hard.

For a moment Tara just stood there in shock. Not really knowing what she should be doing. She felt slightly rough calloused hands slip underneath her shirt, caress around to her stomach, and than travel up to cup her breast.

Tara finally gave into her desire.

One hand went immediately to Faith's neck holding the other girl firmly to her as their kiss became more passionate. The other, roughly following Faith's lead, wrapped itself around the dark slayers breast, a thumb raking over the stiff nipple. Faith began to kiss her way down Tara's face, and to her chest. Her hands coming up to grab a hold of a button on Tara's shirt as she began to undress her. Tara's hands came up and stopped her.

"Um…" She said shyly. "I-I'll do it."

Faith nodded and sat down on the edge of the mattress as Tara took a step backwards. As Faith leaned back on her elbows getting comfortable, Tara began to undress.

Tara took a deep breath, and with trembling hands began to unbutton her shirt. One by one the buttons were undone, and when she got to the last one, she began to remove her shirt.

"Slow." Faith said. Licking her lips, enjoying the view.

Tara's breathing increased even more as she let first one side of her shirt, and than then other, slowly drift down her shoulders. When the shirt was bunched around her wrists, she saw Faith indicate for her to leave it there. So she did. Cautiously, her hands bound slightly by the shirt, she began to remove the rest of her clothing. Shoes and socks were easily slipped off then Tara turned her attention towards her skirt. Slowly pulling down the zipper, her fingers nimbly unlatching the single button on the garment as it slide quietly down to her ankles. Just as she was bringing her arms back around, Faith suddenly jumped off the mattress. Grabbing Tara's arms, she pinned them behind her.

"My turn." Was all she said as she lifted Tara's arms above her head and wrapped her shirt tightly around her wrists, pinning them together. Faith held onto Tara's bound wrists with one hand carefully allowing the girls arms to bend behind her neck, while her other hand began to roam freely over Tara's unprotected body. She spread her fingers wide as she slipped her hand down Tara's left arm. Her hand traveling downward trying to touch as much of the blondes' flesh as she could, down her side, a thumb grazing a hardened nipple through the cotton bra Tara still had on as it traveled further down to the girl's hip. Once there, Faith eased her hand to Tara's backside squeezing their bodies' closer together eliciting a moan of need deep from within the blonde's throat.

Tara struggled to free her hands from her shirt. She wanted desperately to touch the body that was rubbing roughly against her own. Understanding her need, Faith quickly untangled Tara from the twisted shirt, tossing it aside. Instantly she felt hands all over her. Hands and lips. One of Tara's hands went straight for a breast, greedily taking the full weight and squeezing, while the other cupped Faith's ass pulling her even closer. Her lips than began a fevered assault on the dark slayers neck. The wetness of Tara's lips quickly traveled downward, as she fastened them eagerly over a darkened stiff nipple and began to suck.

Faith swayed momentarily at the heat that suddenly permeated threw her body. Faith placed her hands on the back of Tara's shoulders to steady herself while the girl continued to devour her. Closing her eyes, Faith let the sensations wash over her. Tara's right hand pinched one nipple brutally, twisting it, than pulled it taunt while her mouth continued to play with her other nipple. Teeth not so lightly bit down, squeezing as a tongue raked over the engorged tip. Faith felt a gentle nudge as Tara urged her backward, and without breaking contact, the two worked their way down onto the mattress. Faith looked down at the blonde laying on top of her as she moved her lips from one nipple to the other in awe. All she could see was pale skin covering darkly tanned skin.

Faith wound her hands into the long silky threads fanned out over her and pulled Tara upward. She wanted her tongue inside Tara's mouth, but when she pulled the blonde's face even with her own, she stopped, shocked. Tara's eyes were dark, clouded and half lidded dripping with desire. Her large beautiful lips parted in a pant, wet and glistening… demanding. The sight of Tara so hungry, sent an electric jolt of lust straight though Faith. She just held Tara's face in her hands mesmerized by the sight.

"Please Faith."

Faith's dark lashes fluttered, uncharacteristically shaken. If the look on Tara's face wasn't enough to nearly drive her insane with want, the deep seductive voice that travel from Tara's lips, into her mind and wrapped itself around her heart, squeezing, did.

Faith pulled Tara to her, tongue immediately penetrating, lips bruising against each other. Faith needed Tara's remaining clothes off immediately. Hands nimbly undid the latch of Tara's bra, and in one fluid motion she flipped the girl over onto her back and tossed the bra onto the floor. Tara's panties got an even less ceremonious removal as Faith ripped them off, tossing the tattered material aside.

Pale flesh demanded to be touched by dark and Faith obliged, her body covering Tara's. Breasts met breasts, stomachs slid against each other and Faith used her hand to part Tara's legs slightly as she settled down fully onto the girl below her. Faith ran her hands up both sides of Tara's body as the girl began to tremble slightly. When she reached Tara's arms, she caressed them over the girl's head, their fingers weaving together. She squeezed Tara's hands tightly into her own and held them just above her head, looking directly into clouded eyes, Faith began to gently rock herself back and forth.

The sensations she began to feel when Faith's body touched hers sent a primal groan rumbling through Tara's body. Stiffened nipples pierced into one other as Faith's body continued to slickly press down against her own. Dark eyes stared intensely into blue and Tara felt as if Faith was trying to look directly into her soul. Searching for something that Tara had and that she wanted. A sudden gasp escaped her now trembling lips as Faith ground harder into her body. Tara opened her legs wider wanting more contact, the nerve endings in both their bodies sending waves of pleasure through them. Tara latched her feet high up on Faith's thighs and lifted her head trying desperately to kiss Faith. Faith pulled away slightly and when Tara whimpered, she smirked, dropping her lips over Tara's in a slow, but heated kiss.

As she continued to kiss Tara, Faith finally let go of the blonde's hands and began to let her hands roam slowly back down Tara's body, caressing her face, down her neck and stopping only when she reached Tara's breast. Toying lightly with the needy nipple, she let her hand slip further downward.

She wanted to memorize each bit of Tara's flesh as her hand traveled downward over the blonde's heated body. For Faith, this would be it, her last chance. The last chance to rediscover the innocence she had lost so long ago, to feel it emanating from Tara's body. She needed to burn every second into her memory.

Faith's hand slid slowly down Tara's body and the blonde girl withered from the heated trail it caused and from anticipation. Everything was throbbing. Her head, her heart, her sex. She needed this so badly that it was beginning to hurt.

"Please Faith." Tara said hoping her plea would hurry the dark slayers hand downward.

Faith drew her eyes back up the length of Tara's body to look into pleading eyes. A sudden urgency over came her and she slide back up to look directly into blue pools of desire. Faith dropped her lips so they caressed the blonde's delicately without kissing her.

"Don't ever say that again." Faith's voice was hard without being harsh and Tara began to waver. "Don't ever beg someone to touch you Tara. Not now, not ever." Faith took a moment to try and convey what she meant into those faltering blue eyes. "You're incredible." Tara felt Faith's hand leave her body and whimpered slightly trying to watch where it was going.

"Tara, look at me."

Tara's eyes shyly made their way back up to look into Faith's. Eyelids flittering momentarily. A questioning frown beginning to form.

"You're beautiful."

As soon as the words left her lips Faith slide two fingers swiftly inside of Tara eliciting a moan of surprise and need from the blonde. She slowly began to ease them in and out of Tara's tightness as she felt strong hands grip onto her arms for support.

"Oh, goddess…" Tara whimpered as her body began to pick up the same rhythm as the fingers moving in and out of her.

Thoughts from that first moment she had laid eyes on a pale smooth calf washed over Faith and she remembered everything she had wanted that day. Everything she had dreamt about since. All the things she was finally going to get to do. But the need the was the strongest, the one she could only imagine but never truly know till now, was urging her downward. An intense need to taste the beauty below her. Her fingers kept the slow rhythm, occasionally pulling out momentarily to slick over Tara's clit before slipping back inside the girl. The deep moans her touch elicited drove Faith insane with need as her own body throbbed uncontrollably.

Faith let her mouth brush down Tara's chest licking off the thin layer of sweat that started to form between the girl's breasts, before finally attaching herself to one of Tara's aching nipples. Taking her time to enjoy the texture of one, and then the other nipple before moving her lips downward. The entire time Tara's hips rocked gently against her hand.

For Tara everything finally washed away. The past, the future. Who she was, what people thought of her and what people wanted her to be. All that mattered was this moment. She finally allowed herself to give into everything she had wanted. Everything she needed. The touches blazing across her body were doing more than just satiating her desires. The touches were making her believe she was worth something. Worth more than just the gifts she possessed. That someone would desire her as much as the person making her wither with ecstasy made her bold. Bolder than she'd every thought possible. Pushing her hands into Faith's long hair, caressing for a moment enjoying the sensations, her touch gently urged the slayer to a destination they both wanted to end up at.

"Faith." Tara breathed the name over and over again.

It was too much for Faith. Up till now it had all been about what she wanted to do to Tara. But when she finally sensed the girl letting go, joining her… directing her, Faith couldn't stand it any longer. Pulling her fingers suddenly out of Tara, for which the blonde gave a whimper of protest, she quickly moved in between the girl's legs.

"Shh." Faith said as she wrapped her hands around Tara's thighs and pulled the girl closer to her. Blowing softly into damped curls, she saw Tara desperately grab at the bed sheets and squeeze.

"Yes… yes…" Was all Tara managed to say. Her eyes were firmly closed, her senses enflamed.

Everything seemed to slow down for Faith. Three weeks of waiting and wanting. Wanting this one moment. Everything it had originally meant for her was now gone, but the desire for it never loosing it's intensity. She breathed in Tara's sweet smell before darting her tongue out and placing one long slow lick up Tara's pussy.

Tara thrust her hips up screaming for more contact. She felt a slow tightness beginning to gather in her stomach while the rest of her body began to shake. Faith's tongue danced all over her and when she felt the slick heat slip inside of her, all she could think was more… more over and over.

Faith could feel Tara's body tighten as the orgasm began to build up inside of her. She let her tongue taste every inch of the girl. Sucking something one moment, while biting on something else the next, her tongue inconsistently flickering over Tara's engorged clit. The only sound in the room was Tara's deep voice moaning more, for which Faith was happy to oblige. Turning all of her attention to sucking and licking Tara's clit, Faith slipped two fingers back inside the blonde who instinctively started pushing herself onto those fingers. Holding Tara's hips steady with one hand, Faith's other hand set a quick and hard pace in and out. When she began to hear Tara stuttering her name, and her body tense, Faith took the sensitive flesh between her lips and sucked roughly. A moment later, all Faith heard was Tara screaming her name as the intense orgasm ripped through her body. Keeping up the pressure, she pulled two more orgasm's out of the girl, although less intense, before finally slowly stopping her ministrations as Tara's body became limp.

Faith lay her head on Tara's stomach as the blonde's raspy heaving breathing continued to fill the dark attic space. Carefully pulling her fingers away from Tara's body, she momentarily steadied herself not realizing her own heavy breathing had made her dizzy, before kissing her way slowly up Tara's body. When she reached the blonde's chest she finally looked up. She sucked in her breath for not the first time since laying eyes on the blonde. Tara's hair was a sprawled messed all around her. Her entire body was flushed and radiated heat. Her eyelids were fluttering while that lush mouth Faith seemed drawn to, was partially open, sucking in air slowly.

'Shit she's gorgeous after she's been fucked,' Faith thought to herself loving the sight before her. But quickly her mood began to shift. Knowing that this would be the one and only time she would ever get to see the blonde like this, she pulled her knees up next to Tara's waist settling back on them to simply look. She watched and waited as Tara's breathing slowly began to normalize.

Than the most gloriously satisfied smile crept across Tara's lips and Faith felt soft gentle hands run over her knees, up her thighs and to her back, pulling her body back down against the blondes.

"Faith." Tara whispered her voice laden with desire. She flickered open her eyes and stared with intent into dark pools, her hands caressing the slayers back. "Now it's my turn to taste you." She said before capturing Faith's lips.

A shivered thrill swept through Faith's body like none she had ever felt. And as Tara eased Faith underneath her to begin her own journey of discovery and memorization, all Faith could think was for this one moment in time, if nothing else…

I, tasted her innocence, she my desire.

~ fin ~


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