Author: Erin

Title: Keeping A Secret

Pairing: Olivia Benson/Melinda Warner

Fandom: LAO: SVU

Spoilers: None

Author’s Notes: This drabble is a one-shot.

*Thanks To Romeo for beta-ing this for me*

Melinda suddenly awakes to feel a warm body next to her, she slowly opens her eyes to see Olivia still asleep beside her. She turns onto her side and looks at her. She smiles at her, breathing deeply, which awakens Olivia.

“Hi.”, Melinda whispers.

“Hey, did you have a good night?” Olivia asks sleepily.

“Yeah I slept great.”

“Me too.”, she says in agreement.

Melinda continues to watch Olivia.

“What?”, Olivia asks, suddenly very aware of herself.

“Nothing, I just love watching you sleep.”

She chuckles, “Not nearly as much as I love watching you anywhere.”

“You know, Olivia we’ve been dating for a while now and I’m wondering if we should tell anyone.”

“Me too, but I think I want to keep this our little secret; first of all it's nobody's business but ours, and second, this sneaking around really turns me on....”

Laughing, Melinda gives Olivia a playful punch in the shoulder, “We should really get into the shower and dressed so we won’t be late to work.”

“I know, but I don’t feel like getting up from this bed, it’s too comfy with you in it.”

“I'm flattered, but seriously we do need to get ready for work, because playing around isn’t going to pay the bills.”

“I know, I know...”, Olivia grumbles, making a lazy attempt at sitting up.

“Well come on, do you want to join me in the shower or wait until I get out.”

“Stop teasing, you know I always love showers with you.”

“Well we better get to it.”

They both get up, and hand in hand stroll into the bathroom, take off their clothes and get in the shower.

“Oh warm water, it makes me want to sleep.”, Olivia says in a much-too-sensual voice, inspiring Melinda to turn to cold tap a bit more.

“Me too, but we can’t do that, so let’s just hurry up so we can leave.”

“Yes darling.”

Once they both wash their hair, they wash themselves.

“Hmm..., I need a kiss.”, Olivia pouts when it becomes clear Melinda isn't willing to delay their workday any longer.

“Okay.”, Melinda says in a fake-coerced voice, as she gently touched her lovers' lips.

“That's better.”

They then get out of the shower and get dressed. Olivia puts on a t-shirt and jeans, Melinda put on casual clothes like always.

They get their purses, coats, and keys and headed out to work talking and flirting with each other.

Olivia drops Melinda off at the morgue, “Bye sweetheart, I’ll see you later”

“Bye babe, see ya.”

They both kiss each other before Olivia drives to the precinct.

: Keeping a Secret :

A few minutes later Olivia walks into the squad room.

“Hey guys do we have?”

“A woman was murdered.”, Elliot answers.

“Where is she?”

“She’s at the morgue, Warner’ll want us down there ASAP, so let’s go.”

Five minutes later they're down at the morgue. They stride in just in time for Melinda’s findings.

“You guys are right on time, thanks for coming down.”, Melinda welcomes the detectives, one of which she had just left.

“No problem, what do you have?”, Detective Stabler asks.

“Victim was raped, she’s got bruising to her thighs. Did the a rape kit, positive for fluids.”

“Anything else?”

“No, but If I find something I’ll let you know”

“All right thanks doc.”

Melinda nodded her head.

“Elliot, I'll be right out, can I have a word with Melinda alone?”

“Sure I’ll be right outside.”, Elliot says, giving both woman suspicious looks.

Olivia came over to Melinda, grabbing her lab coat and pulling the ME her into her arms, she places a gentle kiss on her forehead, Melinda then cups Olivia’s face with her hands and kisses her with more force on her lips.

Finally they both stop themselves.

“Olivia, we can’t continue this here, you know that.” Melinda says breathlessly.

“I know.”

“We'll continue with this when we get home.”

“Well I have to go back to Elliot before he wonders what’s going on.”

Melinda reaches for one last kiss. “Hmm you think that will last you until we’re home”?

“I’m sure it will.”, Olivia said, tracing her lips with her tongue as she walks away.


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