Title: Secret Lovers

Author: Erin

Fandom: Law and Order: SVU

Pairings: Melinda Warner/Olivia Benson

Ratings: PG

Warnings: None

Disclaimers: Characters again don't belong to me


*Authors Note: This drabble didn't have a beta*

Dr. Melinda Warner stood up as the doors to the morgue swished open, she knew who it was, so she didn't have to look up, to her seeing Detective Olivia Benson coming through the door wasn't unusual, but what was, was her coming there just to see her now she knew that was different, the only time that Olivia ever came there was for cases.

But over the last weeks it had been more then cases between them, although no one knew that except them and they were hoping to keep it that way forever. Olivia walked over to Melinda, she smiled and sat down at a chair that was beside her. It was then that Melinda looked up at her she came over to her gently started to caress her arm, their lips moved to meet the others, they were now the feeling sexual tension between them.

Melinda pulled Olivia close to her, they continued to explore each other's mouths with their tongues, for a second they contemplated stopping, but realized they couldn't. Olivia reached for Melinda this time wanting her more and more, she knew that Melinda felt the same she took her hand lead her out of the office.


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