Title:  Everything’s Ok

Author:  Melanie M./Shai/Misty

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Why does she do this to me?  To her I’m nothing.  To her I’m a street talkin tramp.  Y’know, like those cheap crack whores you find in big cities.  I been there.  The big city.  All the glitz and glamour is bullshit.  Just meaningless bullshit.  She’s out there with that fuck toy of hers and I’m stuck in here.  Stuck here where bein a slayer only helps if ya make enough enemies.

One thing they ain’t got here are vamps.  I’m happy about that.  No more wakin up sore as hell with slashed rags for clothes.  Fuckers really screw up a girls attire.  I remember bein out there, out in the cool night with that bitch watchin my back.  I call her that now.  Can’t even use her name no more.  I ain’t mad at her but I know she’s pissed as hell at me.

I’m getting out today.  Leavin this rat hole behind for good.  I’m gonna kinda miss it.  All the headcases that’re worse off than me.  Wonder what the bitch is gonna say when I show up on her doorstep.  Probably sumthin like ‘Fuck off you skanky bitch!’ but I ain’t worried.  The kid likes me.  Little Key is a regular Mini Slayette.  She ran off to get away from all the bullshit in the Hellmouth and ended up here, visitin me.  We connected, the way I wish me and B coulda.  There, I said her name.

It’s been a long hard fuckin road outta hell but I made it.  I actually changed too.  This shrink they had me goin to was a fucking wonder.  She was bitchin.  She helped me with my fucked up dreams.  My fucked up life.


Faith looked up from her cot.  “Yeah?”

“C’mon, time to fly.”

Faith grinned.  She was finally free.


“Faith’s WHAT?!?!?” Buffy screamed.

“She got out yesterday,” Angel whispered calmly.

Willow narrowed her eyes.  Battling this magik addiction was bad enough but now they also had Faith to worry about.  She was almost to her breaking point.  First the breakup, then the addiction, then Dawn running away and now Faith’s return.  What more could go wrong?  “We can handle her.”

Buffy smiled and nodded.  “Yeah, we can.”

Angel sighed and left.  What were they gonna do?  Kill her?  At that thought he stopped and looked back toward the Magic Box.  Nah, they couldn’t.  Faith was forgiven and changed.  They couldn’t kill her.

Dawn smiled.  “So Faith’s coming back?”

“Maybe but she’s not coming anywhere near you,” Buffy growled.

Dawn was about to protest when they heard a knock on the door.

Buffy eyed the door as Faith pushed it open and sauntered on in.  “How’s it goin B?” she asked, lifting herself to sit on the counter.

“Fine,” Buffy growled, gritting her teeth.

Then a dark figure stalked into the store, heading straight for the darkest corner of the place.  Buffy rolled her eyes.  “What the hell do you want?”

“Just stopped by to say ‘ello.”

“Yeah right.  The real reason?”

“Right.  Well, I see ya got company so it can wait.”

“Fine.  Leave.”

Spike eyed Faith for a moment.  “Ain’t you supposed to be in a straight jacket some place?”

Faith was ready to drive any sharp object through his dead, cold heart but suppressed the urge.  She knew what was going on here.  “Sorry to disappoint ya.  I was a good girl and they let me out.”

“Pity,” he muttered as he padded out of the magik shop.

“Why are you here Faith?”

“To do my slayer duty B.  Now I’m 5 by 5 and ready to beat the baddies down.  Vamps and all.”

“Where are you staying?”

“I got some cash.  Should last a while.  Who was that asshole?”

“The biggest thorn in my side, Spike.”

“Why don’t you just stake him then B?  Is he that great in the sack?”

Buffy was ruby red with fury.  “Why don’t you shut your filthy trap F?!?!?”

Dawn and Willow were in shock.  Buffy sleeping with Spike?  Yeah right & ewwww.

“I can see it B.  Don’t get all bitchy.  I know your boinkin him.”

Buffy was so pissed she couldn’t even speak.  Sure it was true but she didn’t want Dawn and the others to know that.

“Buff, tell me she’s lying,” Xander murmured.

“She’s not,” Buffy whispered, her face still scarlet with rage.

There was the initial group gasp, not including the two slayers, and then the deathly silence.

“What makes you think you can walk in here and everything’ll be ok Faith?” Buffy barked, shattering the silence.

“Look, I know it’s gonna take time but a slayer’s gotta do her job.  That’s what I’m here to do.  I learned lots in the slammer and if ya let me talk for a bit I might surprise you.”

Anya could tell the rouge slayer had changed.  Like a sixth sense awarded to her when she’d become human or something.  The changes were in everything Faith did.  The way she walked, the way she talked and even the way she acted in general.

“Let’s not and say we did,” Buffy mumbled.

“I think we should let her speak,” Anya protested, receiving glares from Buffy, Willow and Xander.  “What?”

Faith smiled.  “What’s your name?”

Anya laughed nervously.  “Anya.”

“Thanks Anya.  First I wanna talk to Xander.  All I can say is that back then I wasn’t thinkin.  I’m sorry bout what I did to ya.  I know it ain’t gonna take it away or nothin but I do feel guilty bout it.  Red, I never meant anything I did.  You and B are close and I dunno, I guess I was jealous.  B, I put you through hell and I’m sorry.  It ain’t gonna go away but you can forgive.  I ain’t sayin forget cause you probably can’t but I’m different now, if you can’t tell already.”

They were all speechless for a moment.  Faith had just apologized to them.  That was a first.  This fact got both Willow and Xander thinking that maybe she had changed but Buffy, on the other hand, still refused to believe it.  Guilt?  Jealousy?  What was she trying to say?  There was something deeper in those statements and Buffy wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to know what it was.

“Faith, I forgive you on that account.  I mean, I might still act a little weird around you but I need time to, ya know, adjust,” Xander replied.  After all, she’d only used him for sex.  She’d done worse to the others, like what she’d done to Willow and that still angered him.

Willow smiled.  Maybe Faith had changed but only time would tell if she really had.  “It’ll take time but if you’ve really changed and you prove this, I’ll forgive you.”  Short sweet and to the point.

At this point Buffy was about to blow a fuse. “Sorry to burst your bubble but I won’t forgive you.  Ever!  What you did was evil and I destroy evil!”

“You destroy everything,” Faith spat defensively.

Buffy stood down.  What did she mean by that?  She actually sounded hurt when she’d said it and that was one thing Buffy had never heard in the other slayers voice.

Faith glanced at her watch.  “Time to fly.  I’m goin slayin, you game?”

Then a skull crashed through the window with a note attached.  Buffy read it aloud.  “Slayer and friends,

We challenge you.  Come out and play.  If you think you can handle it meet us at the graveyard in ten minutes.”

“Sounds like a prank to me.  You wanna check it out?”

Buffy glared at Faith.  “Xander, take Dawn somewhere safe.  Meet us at the graveyard in front of Spike’s crypt in ten.”


They all stalked through the graveyard.  Who wanted to meet them and why?  Then they heard a dark voice whisper deeply “Hey there Strawberry.  Glad you showed.”

Willow looked petrified.  Nobody else knew just how powerful Rack was and even she wasn’t sure.  She looked around slowly, scanning the area.

“Show your face Mr. Doom and fuckin Gloom.  I ain’t scared,” Faith growled.

Buffy shot the other slayer a glare.  What was her game?  She made sure to keep her eyes on everyone.  She couldn’t risk losing anyone.  Xander had dropped Dawn off at Tara’s so she was safe but she still didn’t know much about this Rack character and that irked her.

With a primal roar, a creature plowed through the small group, knocking both Xander and Anya out.  Faith was the first to jump to her feet and charge whatever was attempting to kill them.  It threw her as far as it could then picked both Buffy and Willow up by their throats.  “You will both be a tasty treat,” it laughed.

Faith ran to Xander’s side and grabbed the ax from his grip.  Dashing over to the demon, she found the right angle and tossed the ax as hard as she could.  It did exactly what she wanted it to, slicing clean through both of the demons arms.

He dissolved into green smoke as his two previous captives fell to the ground gasping.  “Don’t think I’ll give up so quickly Strawberry,” Rack warned as his voice faded.

Faith padded over to the fallen warriors.  She offered one hand to each of them with a smile.  Willow smiled and took the offered hand to pull herself up.  Faith had changed and she could see that now, through her actions, but she still didn’t know the real reason she’d come back.  “Thanks,” she whispered.

Buffy swatted the slayer’s hand away.  “I don’t need your help,” she grumbled.  Standing, she glared at the brunette as Willow walked over to Xander and Anya.  The two began to wake as the fireworks began exploding.

“I was just tryin to help.”

“Right.  What’s your ulterior motive this time?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Bullshit Faith.  Why are you really here, huh?  Angel couldn’t handle your skanky ass?  Or is it because you want revenge?  Huh?  Tell me that Faith!”

Faith was trying to be strong but those accusations hurt more than just her heart, they nipped at her very soul, tearing and ripping it to their will.  She knew that if Buffy said much more she wouldn’t be able to keep it all inside.  She put her head down like a scared child would if they were being yelled at.

Xander stepped up.  “Buff, chill out.”

“No Xander.  I want her to tell me why she came back.  Why in the hell she’s here again, knocking at MY fuckin door.  Tell me Faith, did you enjoy putting all of us through hell?  Did you enjoy fucking me over?  Tell me!  Tell me why you’re here like a god damn lost puppy!  Always finding your way back to me!  TELL ME!”

Faith lost it.  That was her breaking point.  She couldn’t hold it in anymore.  Her head snapped up, her soft brown eyes meeting the blonde’s cold steel blue ones.  With all of her rage, passion, hate and love she screamed, “because I love you god dammit!”

The others looked like they’d been struck with deer in headlight syndrome, and Buffy?  She was pale, her lips dry from her awkward breathing, eyes drained of their normal shine and filled with emotions she’d thought she’d lost and her body was tense to the point of pain yet she didn’t feel it.  She could only feel the words sinking in deeper, penetrating her mind.  She could only lash out in confusion, muttering, “I could never love you.”  She faced her friends, the cold shoulder turned to Faith.

Faith had seen this scene a million times yet it didn’t seem like deja vous.  Her head was exploding with ideas, thoughts and suicide notes but the only emotion she listened to was the familiar one telling her to run.  She gave Willow a sad goodbye smile then turned and walked away at a brisk pace.  It developed into a jog, then a run.  She was out of site before they could even curse her name.

Willow silently stood with Xander and Anya.  They were all still staring at Buffy, half shocked at what she’d said and still recovering from Faith’s profession of love for the blonde.  “We should go,” Willow whispered meekly, her voice tense and tight with confusion.

Faith panted as she came to a halt.  She grinned at what she saw before her.  Perfect timing.  She casually waltzed over to the vampire, standing in front of him with her arms crossed over her chest.  “Hey fang face, hands off the lady.”

The vampire growled, fairly unhappy about the girl interrupting his soon to be meal.  “Says who?”

The blonde girl in the vamps grip didn’t seem scared.  She’d apparently seen a vampire before but that was a good thing.  “The slayer,” Faith spat, pulling both the vampire and the girl close to her.  She drove the stake through his heart from behind, making sure she didn’t puncture the blonde’s beautiful skin.  Her hand gently caressed the girls back as the blonde shuttered.

“Y-y-you’re not the slayer,” the blonde whispered.

Faith frowned.  “This is B’s territory.  I’m just keepin the peace.”  She was hurt by those words.  She didn’t want to feel hurt.  She didn’t want to feel anything anymore.  She went to turn away but the woman took her hand.

“What’s your name?”

“Faith.  Yours?”

“Tara.  S-so you know B-Buffy?”  Tara was a little uncomfortable.  She remembered brief chats about Faith but never much information on her.

“Wish I didn’t.  Want to forget.  Still this fuckin demon in my brain won’t fuckin let me,” Faith sighed.

“D-Do you wanna walk me t-to my dorm?  Wouldn’t want to end up vampire food again, right?” Tara whispered, trying to cheer up the broody slayer.  She didn’t know why but she was attracted to Faith and this attraction to the rogue slayer was far different than her attraction to Willow.  It was like the slayer was the only thing that was keeping her from breaking.  Before Faith had appeared she’d given in.  She wanted to die.  She’d wanted to feel the blood being stolen from her body as her breathes would grow as weak as her dying pulse but Faith had changed that feeling.  She knew she had to live and maybe move on but the flame within her still burned for Willow.  She ginned as it came to her.  She needed to test herself.  She needed to know if she could possibly be with another.

Faith grinned.  “Sure.  Maybe we could hang.”

“That would be nice.”


“Buff, you gonna be ok?”

“Xander, I’m fine,” the blonde answered, heading upstairs.

Dawn sighed.  Willow had told her what went on and she only wished she could have been there.  Tara had walked her home so she could watch her fav show and left shortly after that, making sure Spike was outside watching over the place.  She was worried.  Faith was like a sister to her.  The sister Buffy could never be.  What if she’d killed herself?  What if things were worse than that?

“We’d better go.  They need some time,” Xander whispered to his fiancé.  Anya nodded as Xander led her out.

Dawn glanced at Willow who was emotionally drained and ready to pass out due to lack of sleep.  Since Tara had moved out Willow had become sick.  Really sick.  She threw herself into her school work, ate occasionally, patrolled when needed and stayed in her room the rest of the time.  Dawn knew this couldn’t be healthy.  She wanted to fix everything but she just didn’t know how.  She walked over to Willow and touched her shoulder comfortingly.  “You need some rest Willow.”

Willow smiled faintly.  “I know,” she whispered, sluggishly making her way upstairs.

Once the redhead was out of site he placed the cloth over Dawn’s mouth, not even allowing her to scream before she passed out.  He grinned and looked up the stairs.  “You will be mine Strawberry,” he whispered then faded away with Dawn in his grasp.


Tara eased open the door to her dorm and turned to face the slayer.  “I better be goin.  Don’t wanna cause no trouble,” Faith whispered, turning away.

Tara gently grabbed the brunettes arm.  “Where are you staying?”

“I dunno.  Hotel maybe.”

“Why don’t you stay here?  Any human friend of Buffy’s is a friend of mine,” Tara whispered in an attempt to convince herself that she trusted this woman.

Faith smirked.  “Sure.  What’s for dinner?  I’m starvin.  Ya know, the whole slayin sayin.”


“B hasn’t told ya?  Well, the thing with slaying is it makes you hungry and horny,” Faith explained.

Tara smiled shyly.  “That’s new and interesting.  Do you like Italian?”

“Italian?  Hope you mean food and I love the stuff.  Especially Fettuccini Alfredo.”

“Must be the white sauce, huh?” Tara joked.  “I have some chicken and broccoli fettuccini.  I could heat it up.”

“That would be great.  You gonna eat?  I don’t mean to just walk in and eat all your food or anything.”

“Yeah, I’ll eat.  Haven’t had anything since lunch so it couldn’t do any harm.  That and my stomach’s yelling at me.  Faith, don’t think you’re an inconvenience.  It’s nice to have company and part of having guests is feeding them.  No matter how big or small their appetite,” the blonde babbled.  ‘Must have gotten Willow’s nervous babble bug,’ she thought.

“Alright, lets eat,” Faith replied happily.  As Tara went to the small refrigerator in the corner she contently watched.  She found her eyes drawn to the blonde’s luscious curves, angelic features and graceful movements.  She reminded her of Buffy, the way she pictured her before she’d been too jaded.  Tara seemed so pure, like even being jaded hadn’t changed her peaceful yet logical ways.  Ways that Faith didn’t believe Buffy could ever be because of her duty to humanity.  But this beauty fought for good, did she not?  And still she seemed to glow.  It made the slayer wonder if this shy creature had always had such a radiant shine.

Tara poured a little milk into the pasta and silently put it in the microwave.  She tried not to make eye contact with the slayer because she didn’t know if the eyes staring back would scare her or draw her in as Willow’s always did.  Her mind reflected and found that throughout the brief time they’d known each other she hadn’t really gotten a good look at the slayer.  She’d only caught glimpses of the woman’s gorgeous raven hair, porcelain skin and slender yet muscular body with the nicest abs she’d ever seen.  Those abs made her heart race, made her whole body tingle.  She also recalled the predatory way the slayer walked.  It was agile and flowing yet had a wicked, queer edge to it.  Her aura seemed to contrast the darkness in her chocolate brown eyes.  The darkness she used to protect what was caged deep within.

Faith found her eyes drawn to the blonde again.  She’d skimmed over the place but found that her dining companion was the most intriguing to observe.  She tilted her head slightly, trying not to be obvious.  After all, she’d just met the woman and she was already trying to scope out the inventory.  She bit her bottom lip as Tara stretched her arms to grab two plates from the cabinet, giving Faith a nice side view.  She admired her for another moment before forcing herself to look away.  She didn’t wanna be caught staring.

Tara set the plates on the counter as the micro sounded.  She took the food out and split the pasta between them.  Taking out two forks a thought occurred to her.  “Would you like some red wine with dinner?”

“You’re spoilin me.  If it’s sweet, I’ll take some.”

“Sweet as sin,” Tara whispered, pouring two glasses full of the red liquid.

“Just the way I like it,” Faith replied, leaning closer to the witch.  She sipped the wine and grinned.

“It belonged to my great grandmother,” Tara added.

“What do ya say we toast?  To. . .um. . .” Faith replied, thinking.

“To being here, with you,” Tara touched her glass to Faith’s as she leaned in for a kiss.  This couldn’t be right but what was holding her back?  Not a damn thing.

Faith kissed back and gently broke the kiss after a moment.  Silence consumed them as they both pondered.  Faith took a fork and began to eat.  Tara followed suite, still trapped in thought.  Once the meal was done, Tara picked up the plates and set them in the sink full of soapy water.  She looked up at Faith as she approached and grabbed her glass of wine.  Sitting beside the slayers she whispered softly, “more wine?”

“Yeah,” Faith whispered back.  She didn’t know why she was speechless but she just couldn’t think of something to say.

Tara poured more wine into their glasses and decided to speak.  “I-I-I’m sorry.”

Faith felt her heart clench in her throat.  “No,” she said softly, letting the word sink in before continuing.  “No, it’s not your fault.  I kissed back. I. . .I wanna kiss you again.  Look, I ain’t usually this forward but bein places does things to ya.  Breaks you down,” the slayer explained, a little shocked at herself for just spilling her guts like that.

Tara blushed as she spoke, “You don’t need to explain.  I. . .I’ve never. . .done this. . .before.”  She hadn’t.  She’d never connected to anyone so quickly nor was she willing to sleep with them.  She’d never understood the meaning of a one night stand before but now she saw it clearly.  Well, more clearly than before.

Faith placed her index finger over the blonde’s lush lips.  “Never had a one night stand?  That ain’t a crime sweetie.”  She removed her finger and gently kissed the blonde.

Tara smiled softly and broke away, heading for her small stereo.  She clicked the play button and turned to look at the gorgeous brunette.  “Would you like to dance?” she asked, her inquisitive eyes soft and warm.

Faith couldn’t resist those beckoning eyes as she stood and drew closer.  Their eyes met as their hands fell into place and they began to glide across the floor.  Neither noticed they were inches above the ground.  Tara felt needed.  She knew this wasn’t love but Faith wanted her.  Wanted to touch her, kiss her, hold her and maybe even whisper her name in the dark.  That was enough for her.  She wanted this, she wanted Faith.  She knew it wouldn’t be anything like what her and Willow shared but it would be like nothing she’d ever done before.  The scent of Faith’s vanilla body spray was erotic to her senses, feeding the hunger within her as she breathed it in.

Faith wasn’t paying much attention to their dancing.  She was lost in every scent her slayer senses were picking up, every touch she got away with and every breath that grew a little more tense.  Her nails, not very long but painted black as night, scaled down the witch’s back gently as her lips crashed onto Tara’s pulse point.

Tara tilted her head back with a low gasp.  As the slayer nibbled and kissed her neck she slowly led her to the bed.  She broke away for a moment, unable to resist kissing Faith forcefully before laying on the bed.  She grinned as Faith crawled onto the bed and hovered over her protectively as if at this moment she owned the witch.  Tara traced Faith’s jawline with her thumb then kissed her lips delicately.

Faith fell into the kiss but broke away to sit up, straddling the woman’s hips.  She guided Tara up, slipping the cotton sweater off with a slightly mischievous grin.  She looked down at the blonde, unsnapping her bra and tossing it to the floor.  She admired the view as Tara rid her of her shirt and bra.  They fell into another kiss, both anxiously stripping the other down to nakedness.

Tara’s hands followed the brunette’s curves.  Goddess, she was gorgeous.  She trapped the slayer in another passionate kiss as one hand caressed one of Faith’s hard nipples and the other hand wondered lower.  She moaned as Faith’s warm, gentle hands caressed her body.  The slayer was gentle which surprised the witch.  She had thought slayers were rough but this showed her otherwise.  She kissed the brunette’s neck as she caressed Faith’s inner thighs with her fingertips.

Faith purred, “Mmmmh, take me away.  I wanna drown in you.”  And she did.  She wanted to die tonight.  She wanted to tremble under Tara’s touch and forget about all that would come calling the next morning.  She didn’t care if Buffy hated her for this because she was dead to her now.  Maybe not forever but for now.

Tara could feel the tension slowly easing in Faith as her fingers eased through the slayer’s dark curls.  This was what she wanted.  She wanted to let go and not worry.  She wanted one night of pure love and passion before she returned to being broken hearted.  This love was warm and gentle, the way it use to be with Willow but this love wouldn’t last more than one night.  They both knew this but neither could care less.  Tara could feel Faith’s heart beating against her fingertips as she slowly explored the slayers wetness.  Now she was drowning.  Drowning in the slayers scent, the citrus musk that consumed the blonde’s senses.  One finger pushed gently into Faith as the witch sucked gently on the slayer’s neck.

Faith shuttered.  Closing her eyes, she slowly moved her hips to Tara’s rhythm.  This felt like the first time.  Like she’d never done this before.  She had but this felt amazing.  It was like nothing she’d felt before.  Knowing how this was making her feel she decided to give the blonde a taste.  She slid her hand down the girl’s side and caressed her inner thigh for a moment, kneading the flesh gently.  Hearing a growl escape the witch’s throat she eased her fingertip across Tara’s clit.

Tara shivered everywhere.  Her eyes closed and for a moment she almost forgot where she was, who she was.  The heat washing over her was like an inferno.  She’d never trembled inside like she was right now.  She felt dizzy.  Her world was shaking.  She let out a long, soft moan as the slayer stroked her clit.  “Uhn, Faith.”  She thrust her finger instinctively inside the slayer faster.

Faith shuttered at the change in pace.  She slid a finger deep into the blonde’s warmth, thrusting gently.  They both moaned in ecstasy, moving rapidly against the other.  Release became vital.  They crashed against each other, passion wracking their bodies, minds and souls.  Faith collapsed onto the Wiccan, gasping as swirling colors dizzied her vision.

Tara was still trembling as she eased her finger out of the slayer.  She tried to catch her breath as the slayer rolled off of her and onto the empty space beside them.  She felt paralyzed by pleasure, seduced by her senses.  Everything felt different.  She forced herself to roll half way onto Faith, snuggling contently.  She became aware of who she was with and asked nervously, “is this ok?  I-I. . .”

“Shhh,” Faith purred, raking her fingers though the blonde’s soft hair.  “Everything’s ok.  Sleep.”  And they did.  Together in the darkness they slept without a care in each other’s arms.  The world around them didn’t exist to them for they were in a bliss words couldn’t dare describe.

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