Title:  The Way She Loves Me

Author:  Melanie M./Shai/Misty

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Faith began to stir and reality quickly caught up with her.  She wasn’t in some sleazy cheap hotel.  She was laying with a completely naked blonde who slept contently with her arm draped over the slayer’s stomach, her face nuzzled close to Faith’s neck.  For a moment she wanted to go back to sleep and pretend this world didn’t exist.  This would cause consequences but she didn’t know that Tara was Willow’s ex.  Sure she’d met Tara before but she didn’t want to remember those times when she was evil.  It was painful.  She brought her lips down to meet Tara’s, waking her gently with a kiss.

As the witch awoke they both knew they would have to say goodbye.  They didn’t want to.  It was Saturday, nothing to do alone.  Tara could feel the tears well up in her eyes.  She’d gotten close, too close.  It had only been one night but what they hadn’t considered was falling so deep into the passion that a piece of yourself was given to the other person.  You shared this one beautiful thing with that person and it made you feel, maybe for the first time in a long time.  The fact that they would have to see each other because they were both Scoobies hadn’t occurred to either of them.  They both knew Buffy but neither knew what exactly the other was to the slayer.  Forcing her tears back she kissed the brunette passionately.  She didn’t want to let go so soon.  It was like her dream was ending and she was waking up.

Faith was caught off guard but kissed back with equal passion.  Something wasn’t right here.  Why was she still hanging around?  Normally she’d have been long gone by now.  Something was keeping her here.  More like someone.  She’d let her pain control her and now she’d become weak.  She was beginning to care for Tara.  Not in the way she cared for Buffy, loved Buffy, but in a different way, in a protective way.  She wondered if she could bare leaving.  She wondered if goodbye would be forever.  She knew she shouldn’t stay but the thought of going made her heart tighten and tears well up in her eyes.  How could she let herself get close?  She wasn’t supposed to feel anything for anyone and yet she did.  She caught Tara’s sparkling eyes and gently kissed her lips.

Tara knew what was supposed to come next and she just couldn’t turn away.  They were suppose to say goodbye, kiss for the last time and walk away, never turning around to look back but she just couldn’t do that.  It was against her nature.  She wanted to help Faith.  She knew someone had hurt the slayer and her heart was too big for her own good.  In a way she was being selfish as well.  Not only did she want to help Faith but she wanted to help herself too.  Faith made her feel like nothing else mattered.  The feeling she’d gotten with Willow until the magik had interfered.  It just felt safe and in this safe haven she didn’t have to deal with the pain of losing the one thing she loved more than life itself, Willow.  She knew that Willow would totally freak out about her and Faith.  The night before was probably the last straw.  Even though they weren’t together Willow wouldn’t be too happy with this situation.  That couldn’t be avoided.

Faith pulled away.  She had to go now or she knew her feelings would take over.  She’d want to make Tara’s pain go away, even if she couldn’t.  She leaned back to make her way off of the bed but her body refused to comply.  Cursing under her breath she felt a soft, gentle hand on her side.  She met Tara’s eyes, waiting for what she had to say.  Would it be goodbye?  Get out?  I’m sorry?

“Stay,” Tara whispered, questioning Faith more with her eyes than her words.

Faith was taken aback by the statement.  She wanted her to stay?  That was all she needed.  She knew she should go speak with Buffy later to apologize for running off but other than that she had nothing to do and what could possibly be better than spending the entire day with this gorgeous woman?  She brought Tara’s hand to her lips and kissed it before pulling the blonde closer to her.  “Course I’ll stay.”

Tara smiled, nuzzling to the slayer’s neck.  She felt those strong arms wrap around her and sighed contently.  She felt safe in so many ways.  She couldn’t describe it.  “Thank you,” she murmured.

“Nah, thank you Wicca,” Faith whispered, kissing Tara’s forehead as the blonde giggled softly at the new nickname.


Buffy was frantic.  “WILLOW! WILLOW!” she screamed, pacing in the kitchen like a scurrying rat in a house full of angry, famished felines.  She ran a quivering hand through her blonde hair nervously and she felt her blood pressure skyrocket to about 3 billion.  Her heart was pounding so loud it surprised her that the damn thing hadn’t busted out of her chest by now.  She was two seconds away from screaming for Spike.  Really, she was becoming that desperate.  She needed some help right away.  If Willow didn’t hurry she’d call Xander.  If he and Anya were sleeping she’d have to call Tara.  After all, it was Saturday and everybody would be sleeping in.  It was already noon but to the Scoobies time didn’t matter unless it was life and death.  Now was that kinda time.

Willow leaned against the wall in the kitchen, her eyes still closed.  “What?” she yawned, praying this was something important.  She tiredly rubbed her eyes with another yawn, stretching like a cat.  She was still in a daze.  She’d had the weirdest dream. . .

“Will!  Dawn’s MISSING!  I’ve checked everywhere.  She was here last night and then poof, gone!  We need to find her!” Buffy huffed, shattering Willow’s train of thought.

“WHAT?” Willow screeched, the sound of those words blasting her into a state of panic and alertness.  “I’ve gotta change.”

“Right.  I’ll call Xander.  We’ll meet at the Magic Box.  You drop by Tara’s place & I’ll do a quick search for Faith.  I hate to say it but we need her help.”

Willow nodded.  Why couldn’t she go look for Faith?  She was still a little uneasy around Tara but things did seem to be getting better.  Making her way to the counter, she took Buffy into her arms for a comforting hug.  “We’ll find her.  I promise.”

Buffy let her tense body ease as tears began to slowly fall from her eyes.  “I’m scared Will.  What if something bad’s happened?  I mean, she could be. . .”

“She’s not.  Buffy, we have to believe that she’s ok.  No more negative thinking, k?”  Willow smiled and met her best friend’s eyes.  There was something there that she couldn’t describe.  Something that was off about the slayer.  She knew it had to do with Faith.

“She didn’t mean it,” Buffy whispered, knowing the witch was reading her like a book.

“People don’t just say things like that because they can,” Willow replied, knowing that something was in the air.  This felt awkward but she didn’t know why.  She had a feeling that Faith did love Buffy but that wasn’t what bothered her.  She felt uneasy with her arms around the slayer but it was the only comfort she could offer.

Buffy nuzzled her face to the hacker’s neck.  Something inside of her snapped.  She could feel heat coursing through her, her mind blocking out everything but Willow.  She inhaled the smell of the redhead’s hair & skin.  She pressed her lips to Willow’s pulse point timidly, not wanting this to be an uncomfortable position.

Willow took a deep breath.  Suddenly she couldn’t think.  The slayer’s lips on her skin set her on fire.  She was hungry, thirsty for more.  Closing her eyes she leaned back on the counter and raked her nails down Buffy’s back.

Buffy growled deeply, sending vibrations shooting through the hacker’s body.  Pressing against the redhead she realized they were both far too overdressed for this occasion.  Hungrily kissing Willow’s throat she stripped away the woman’s silk Care Bears pajama top and discarded it carelessly onto the counter.  Next went the matching silk pants, then the matching bra.

Willow shivered as the cold air and warm hands traveled along her skin.  Pushing Buffy against the fridge she noted that the slayer was still wearing clothes and that was unacceptable.  Her hands slid up the blonde’s shirt, taking the material with them.  Buffy raised her arms as Willow slipped the shirt and sports bra off of her.  Pulling her best friend in for a kiss, she unzipped the blonde’s leather pants.

Buffy kissed back passionately, helping the witch strip away the remaining articles of clothing.  She couldn’t resist pushing Willow against the counter as she nibbled on the hacker’s neck.  Her hormones were raging, her passion uncontrollable.  She was loosing herself in Willow and maybe that was what she wanted.  She lifted the woman onto the counter, pushing her down on her back before crawling up there to pin the redhead down.

Willow shivered excitedly as Buffy pinned her to the cold, smooth counter top.  Her warm hands, still on the slayer’s back, slid to the slayer’s sides and caressed them lightly.  She felt an inferno inside, the heat was getting more intense.  With one hand she cupped one of the blonde’s supple breasts and idly rolled the nipple with her thumb.  Her other hand wondered along the woman’s lower back, sneaking directly between the blonde’s thighs within seconds.  She was cutting to the chase.  Feeling the wetness soak her hand, she cupped the slit and rubbed it very slowly.

Buffy was caught off guard, moaning in pleasure.  She was throbbing all over.  She needed Willow inside of her, touching her.  Breathing unevenly, she spread her legs.  She continued kissing and nibbling at the witch’s neck as one hand slithered down Willow’s stomach, then quickly between her thighs.  The slayer would waste no time.  She felt the hacker spread her legs.  She moaned louder as the witch’s fingertip teased her entrance.

Their need was uncontrollable as they slowly slid one, then two fingers into each other.  Their pace was steady for a moment but soon their want forced them to pick up speed, both thriving for release.  Their hearts thudded loudly in their ears as they cried out in unison.  Panting, they lay basking in the afterglow of their sin.


Willow yawned, gripping the doorknob.  She’d picked up two cups of coffee because she knew both her and Tara would be able to use it.  Figuring her ex would be alone she pushed the surprisingly unlocked door open.  Her eyes widened as the coffee slipped from her hands and splashed on the ground.

“Willow?” Tara screeched in surprise.

The redhead turned and left in silence.  This was not happening.  She headed back to the Summers’ home, lost between anger and disbelief.

Tara quickly tried to get dressed but she found Faith staring at her in confusion.  She swallowed hard.  “Faith. . .”

“Wicca, you ain’t gotta explain.  I can see.  Why?”

“She’s using too much magik.  I gave her one more chance and she messed it up.  I. . .I love her and last night. . .”

“Hey, we were both hurtin.  We gave each other the best comfort we could and that’s it.  She can’t hold it over your head cause you ain’t together anymore and if she does she’s stupid.  I can see you two are meant to be together Wicca, just give her time.”

Tara sat on the bed, trying her hardest to be strong.  Willow probably thought she was the worst person on Earth right now and that was how she felt.  She sunk, not in shame but in fear.  Willow might never forgive her but that was something she’d have to deal with.  Glancing at Faith she found something comforting in her eyes.  Blinking, she realized for the first time that Faith did care about her.  As a close friend, of course.  Closing her eyes, she sighed.

Faith bowed her head.  If she’d ever had a chance with Buffy she’d just blown it.  There was no way Buffy would forgive her for this.  No way in hell.  The only thing she could do now was be there for Tara and help as much as she could.  Turning her around, she wrapped her arms around the blonde.  Stroking her hair, she whispered, “it’s gonna be alright Wicca.  We’ll figure somethin out.”


Buffy sighed. She didn’t think Faith would stoop that low.  She knew Will and Tara had something going on, didn’t she?  Running her fingers through her hair, she studied Willow again.  How could they both be upset at Faith and Tara when they had done the exact same thing?  Wasn’t it a bit hypocritical?  All she knew was that she’d spent the entire afternoon hearing the redhead sob and babble.  She felt the same pain but she wouldn’t let anyone know that.  It proved how she felt about Faith, which she wasn’t really sure of herself.  Kissing Willow on the forehead, she whispered, “we’d better go.”

Willow nodded.  Setting the note on the living room table, she stood.  “We’ll get Dawn back without them,” she declared firmly.  With that they left their home to find Rack.


Xander paced, waiting for somebody to open the door.  His thoughts buzzed so loudly in his head he was surprised Anya wasn’t complaining.  She hadn’t said much since they’d found the note.  Her exact words, the only ones she had said, were “let’s get Tara and Faith.  We need to help them or they’ll be killed.”  That was why they were at Tara’s apartment.

The door slowly opened as Tara studied her friends.  “Hey, what’s up?”

“Can we, uh , come in?” Xander asked, noticing a form in the background.

Tara looked back for a moment then moved to let them in.  “Sure.”

Anya went in first, sitting on the love seat.  Smiling, she waved at Faith.  Xander walked in, explaining as he did so.  “Dawn’s in trouble.  Buff and Will didn’t want our help but. . .uh, Faith?  Hi,” he babbled nervously.

“Who took kid sis?” Faith replied, ignoring his nervousness.  Whoever took Dawn was first in line for an ass kicking.

Xander, too nervous to speak, looked desperately at Anya.  Maybe she could help.  Anya picked up on this, surprisingly, and quickly answered, “a powerful Warlock named Rack.  If we don’t help they could get killed.”

“R-R-Rack!” Tara stuttered.

“Son of a bitch!” Faith growled.

“You know him Faith?” Anya chirped.

“Know him?  That little bitch went all round LA braggin about feedin on this hella powerful Wiccan.  FUCK!  I was hopin it wasn’t Red.  I don’t have much info but he’s one tough sucker.  He’s deep in the black mojo.  So deep he eats souls for breakfast.  It ain’t gonna be easy but we can beat him.  Hey Wicca, you know some good magiks right?  We’re gonna need all we can get.  Demoness, you know any magik?”

“Uh, ex demoness and yeah I know some.”

“Great, you can help Wicca.  Xander, you’re helpin me.  They’ll be the magik, we’ll be the muscles.  First we save the kid while they distract Warlock boy.  Then you and Demoness take care of B, Red and the kid.  Get em to safety and we’ll get the rest.”

They all stared at her for a moment.  “Ok, sounds like a plan!  I’ll get the weaponry and meet you out front in half,” Xander agreed, heading for his car.

“Wicca, you two read up on some spells.  I’m gonna go with him,” Faith informed.

Anya went to protest but the look in Faith’s eyes reassured her this was purely for business.  Faith raced to catch up with the dark haired man and hopped in the passenger seat.  “I’m goin with.”

“Uh, ok,” he replied, starting the car.

The ride was pretty much quiet until they reached the Summer’s home.  They quickly grabbed the weapons that could be most useful and packed them into the trunk of the car.  Xander quickly grabbed a few survival kits he and Willow had put together in case of any emergencies and tossed them in the back seat.  Walking into the kitchen he found Faith staring at the counter.

“Uh, hate to interrupt the deep connection you got going with the counter but we have to get going,” he whispered.

Faith growled angrily.  “On the fuckin counter!”

Xander took a step back.  He’d never heard Faith that pissed before and that tone assured him that he NEVER wanted to ever again.  He didn’t know why but he sensed she was more hurt than angry.  “I, uh, hate to sound like an ass but is there something I can do to help?”

Faith was about to bite his head off when she realized this was her chance at proving she’d changed.  Well at least to him anyway.  Calming her rage, she took a few deep breaths.  “Maybe.  You ever loved someone so much that it tore you up?  Then after they tell you they don’t love you back they go and sleep with someone you both know?”

Xander smiled.  He knew that feeling.  That was how he use to feel about Buffy, back when she was with Angel.  Way before he’d met Anya.  “Yeah, I know how that goes.  Every time you see that person you wish they were yours but you know you can’t have them.  It’s worse than hell.”

Faith nodded.  He was more intelligent than she thought and now she saw him as more than just a man.  He was a friend.  “Yeah, it is.  You ever walk in on em screwing?”

Xander shuttered.  He had a feeling this wasn’t good.  Instead of worrying he replied, “no but I did see the aftermath.  It made me sick and angry.  At first I was glad when I found out Angel lost his soul over it.  Then I saw how evil he was and I wasn’t glad anymore.  I had been jealous and when he died I was grateful.  I never really told anyone that but I can trust you, right?”

“Yeah.  I won’t say a word.  Slayer’s honor.”

“So, what’s up?  Why the big bad growly tone at first?”

“She slept with Red in here, on that counter.  I can smell it,” Faith answered with a distant frown.

Xander blinked a few times in shock.  “Whoa,” he mumbled.  “I can so see how you would be pissed.  That’s just wrong.”  Looking at his watch he sighed.

“I know, we gotta go save the kid.  Let’s split.”


The tires screamed as she made her stylish entrance.  She and Tara jumped out of the front seats as Xander and Faith snuck toward Dawn from behind the bushes.  The two witches cast a quick binding spell, catching the Warlock off guard.  He mumbled and cursed, trying to escape the binding.

Faith and Xander made a dash for Dawn, slicing the ropes clean through.  Xander wished Faith good luck with a smile and then headed off to where Buffy and Willow lay.  Anya joined him and they, with Dawn’s help, dragged their friends to safety.

Rack angrily broke the restraint, screaming, “you’ll both pay for that.”

Tara and Faith glanced at each other than jumped into the bushes.  Hiding was their only option at the moment.  Faith eyed the Warlock carefully.  Sensing another presence she spun around, grabbing Spike by the throat.  Dropping him, she knelt beside Tara again.  “What do you want?” she whispered.

“To give you this.  It’s a book of the strongest light magiks there are.  Ol mate of mine said that’s the only thing that can beat somethin that dark.  Hope it helps,” he whispered with a grin.  He had seen their whole stunt and he was really starting to like Faith.  With that he ran off to help patch up the wounded warriors and carry one if he had to.

Tara quickly thumbed through the book.  Finding the perfect spell, she instructed Faith on what to do.  Faith nodded, then snuck up on Rack from behind.  “Lookin for me?” she boomed from behind him.

He spun around, startled.  “You!” he growled, throwing an attack her way.

She easily dodged this attempt which frustrated him.  The battle now began as he launched energy balls and she dodged them.  Beneath their thunderous battle chanting could be heard.


Moments later. . .

Faith was wearing down but she could tell he was weaker than she was.  He could hardly toss an energy ball.  All of a sudden he froze.  Faith took a few steps back as he fell to his knees, screaming in agony.  As he screamed black light shot out of his mouth and eyes, draining all of the dark energy from his body.  He fell weakly onto the ground, groaning in pain.  Tara approached from the brush with a grin.

“What did ya do Wicca?”

“I bound his powers for the rest of eternity and returned him to human status,” she declared proudly.

“That’s gonna hurt like a bitch when he wakes up tomorrow morning.  Let’s get back to the shop, I wanna see how B’s holdin up,” Faith whispered, a little uncertain she wanted to see Buffy at all.

Tara knew something wasn’t right.  She could hear it in her new friend’s voice.  “Faith, what happened when you and Xander went to Buffy’s?”

Faith sighed.  Tara read her like a book and though she didn’t want to hurt her she couldn’t lie to her either.  “I found somethin out about B and Red.  If you wanna know I won’t lie but I’m not real sure you wanna know.”

Tara pondered this for a moment.  “Faith, whatever it is I want to know.  Honesty’s the best policy, right?” she asked brightly.

Faith flinched.  She was about to shatter her friend’s giddy mood, which made her feel like crap.  “B and Red fucked on the counter in the kitchen,” she muttered quickly, hoping Tara wouldn’t understand her.

Tara’s smile faded.  She felt her stomach tighten as a lump formed in her throat.  So Buffy and Willow had done the same wrong she and Faith had accept they were hypocritical about it.  Thinking of it that way the knot dissolved and her stomach returned to normal.  She still felt a little angry and sad about it but that couldn’t be helped.  “Well, at least we know we weren’t the only ones who found comfort between the sheets,” she replied, trying to lighten the mood.

“Or on the counter, right?” Faith laughed.

“Right,” Tara giggled as they headed to the Magic Box.


Silence filled the air as the rouge slayer and the blonde witch entered the Magic Box.  Anya waved at them with a smile as Xander nodded.  He and his fiancé were pretty much clueless as to what was going on but they were about to find out.  “Why did you do it Faith?” Buffy growled.

“Do what?” Faith replied, wondering if the blonde was talking about saving her butt, rescuing Dawn or making love to Red’s ex.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Buffy growled angrily.

“No, I don’t.  I’ve done so much in the last day that I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Me spillin my guts to you, me crashin at Wicca’s place, saving your ass or me and Xan rescuing Dawn.  So tell me, what part you bitchin about?”

“You ‘staying’ at Tara’s apartment.  You knew about her and Will and you resorted to your old fuckin ways.  No pun intended.  First Xander, now Tara?  Who’s next?”

“Look, I didn’t know Wicca and Red had anything til this morning when Red spilt coffee all over the doorway.  Ya know, right after you fucked her on the counter in your kitchen.”

Then there was silence.  Dawn blinked a few times, then whispered to Xander, “remind me not to use the counters for food anymore.”

“Faith, don’t talk like that in front of Dawn,” Buffy reprimanded.

"“Buffy, I’m not a kid anymore.  I know all about this stuff.  Well, sorta.  Anyway, I know the gist of things so don’t get all freakazoid.”

“That’s not the point Dawn.  Go into the training room.  Willow, Tara, Faith and I need to talk,” Buffy commanded.

“What, you don’t want her to know what a fucked up bitch you are B?”

“Shut up Faith!  Dawn, GO NOW!”

“No!  You’re not my boss Buffy.  Faith’s a better sister than you’ll ever be!” she growled, storming out of the shop.

Xander stood.  “I’ll make sure she doesn’t go very far,” he whispered, leaving as quickly as he could.

“Never say things like that in front of Dawn ever again Faith.”

“Don’t act like my boss B cause you ain’t.  I love you and I always will but you can’t get anything done by demanding it.  I know sayin what I did in front of the kid was bad on my part and I’m sorry but I won’t treat her like a child.  She hates that.”

“And how would you know?” Buffy barked.

“Cause I actually listen to her.  That’s why she likes me and Wicca so much.  We actually listen and understand.”

Buffy narrowed her eyes.  “Enough about Dawn.  What you did was wrong!”

“And what you did wasn’t?  Hypocritical much?” Tara hissed.

“Maybe but neither of you had to walk in on it!” Willow muttered.

“I hate to barge into the conversation but I think you guys should take a night to cool down.  The tension’s way to high in here so maybe you could, you know, talk it over tomorrow,” Anya interrupted.

Tara nodded.  “Anya’s right.  Faith, you can stay with me again tonight.”

Buffy stood, angrily pushing her chair in.  “DAWN!” she screamed.

Xander and Dawn walked in just in time to hear Anya’s proposal.  “Uh, Buff.  I think Dawn should stay with Faith and Tara tonight.”

“What?  Why?”

“Cause I don’t wanna be around the likes of you,” Dawn grumbled.

“Uh, I think she’ll have a little time to cool down and all of you can talk this over tomorrow, ok?” he practically begged.

“Fine,” Buffy mumbled, walking out the door with Willow by her side.

Xander sighed, relieved.  “You ladies need a lift home?”

“Sure Xander!” Dawn replied all giddy and perky.  What a day.


Dawn sighed.  “It feel so homey in her, you know what I mean?”

“I guess so but it’s only for tonight Dawn,” Tara reminded.

“Yeah, which really sucks.  You guys are like the family I’ve always wanted,” Dawn sighed, sinking into the couch.

“What’s wrong with the family you have now?” Faith questioned, confused.

Dawn frowned.  “My mom’s dead, my sister’s Miss Too Protective Slay Bitch and Willow tried to kill me.  They don’t listen to me and when they do they don’t hear me, ya know?”

“Willow tried to kill you?” both women chorused.

“Yeah.  She went on one of her little magik trips and nearly killed me in a car wreck.  That’s how I broke my arm.”

Faith sighed.  “Is Red doin better with the mojo?”

“I guess.  I wake up sometimes and I hear her crying.  That’s just not healthy if you ask me.”

“You know what Dawn,” Tara whispered with a grin.

“What?” she asked, her big blue eyes fixed on the blonde.

“When we talk everything over tomorrow and patch things up with Willow and Buffy, you won’t be hearing anymore crying at night.  I’ll make sure of that.”

Dawn grinned from ear to ear.  “You really think you can talk some sense into them?”

“I hope so,” Faith answered, tossing a pillow at Dawn’s head.  “If not we’ll have to have a pillow fight!”

Pillows were flying everywhere in a matter of seconds and the biggest pillow fight Sunnydale had ever seen had begun.


“We need to talk about what happened,” Buffy declared.

“Not in front of Dawn,” Tara whispered.

“But. . .”

“Dawn, can you hang out with Xander and Anya in the training room?  We need to talk about some stuff that’s kinda personal.  When we start talkin about you I’ll call you in, k?” Faith whispered.

Dawn nodded, following Xander into the training room.  “How’d you do that?” Buffy asked, astonished.

“I asked, not demanded.  Maybe you should try it B.”

“Maybe.  Anyway, about the last few day.”

“What about em?”

“You tell your misdeeds first O Changed One.”

Faith sighed.  “Night before last, after I ran off, I bumped into a vamp who was about to make Wicca his dinner,” she began.

“What?” Willow murmured, knowing Tara could more than take care or herself against a vampire.

“I didn’t feel like living anymore.  All of my will was lost, all of my hope was gone.  When he jumped out all I could think about was how painless that kind of death would be but then Faith came along,” Tara added, her head bowed.

“Anyway, the vamp asked who I was.  Said I was the slayer and staked him.  She told me I wasn’t the slayer.  We talked for a bit, only knowing we both knew Buffy the mighty slayer.  I walked her back to her place, we ate dinner, had some wine, danced and then one thing led to another.  We woke up a bit before Red showed up.  So what’s your story?”

“The short version?  I woke up and discovered Dawn was missing.  I was frantic.  For about five minutes I screamed for Willow.  I was ready to hunt down Spike when sleepy head stumbled into the kitchen.  I told her what was going on and she gave me a hug.”  Buffy paused.

“And as you would say, one thing led to another,” Willow added.

Silence was frozen in the air as all four of them tried to figure out what came next.  Buffy seemed to be brooding, Willow looked as if she were about to break down into tears, Tara had the shy, concentrated look on her face and Faith just looked hurt.  “Faith?” Buffy whispered.


“Thank you for saving us.  It means a lot.  You’ve gained my trust again.  Well, partially anyway,” Buffy murmured.

“Tara, you were amazing last night,” Willow complimented with a smile.

“Thanks,” Tara almost stuttered, blushing lightly.

Willow reached over and hugged the blonde with all of her might.  “I love you Tara.  I want you back.”

Tara held back tears of joy as she held her lover and whispered, “I was never gone.”

Faith smiled.  At least one good thing came of this.  Then she remembered the other matter at hand.  “B, Dawn has somethin she’d like to say to you.”

Dawn came out of the training room with a sigh.  “Buffy, I’m sorry about what I said last night.  I was upset and I didn’t mean it.  I would like it if you treated me like a teenager instead of a kid and maybe you could listen to me sometimes.  That’s all I really want.”

Buffy blinked in shock.  “I’ll do my best.  It might take some time but we’ll get there.”

Dawn hugged her sister then looked at Faith.  Sure everyone had apologized but one issue still remained unresolved.  “So when are you two going on your first date?” Dawn teased.

Faith stood to leave.  She didn’t find that very funny.  Heading for the door she was stopped by a strong hand gripping her arm.  Buffy pinned Faith’s body to the doorframe, kissing her passionately.  “I love you Faith,” she confessed, blushing slightly.

“Awwww, how sweet,” Dawn taunted playfully.  “Now all I have to do is get me a girlfriend,” she added with a grin.  Again silence filled the air.

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