Fic: Three of a Kind

Author: Major Sam


Pairing: Sam/Shelley, Daniel/Shelley, Sam/Shelley/Daniel

Rating: NC17

Warning: Has m/f sex

Series: Sequal to Rules of Attraction

Notes: If you don't like m/f/f fics, then don't read it.

Summary: I'd been putting it off for months and months. So here it is.

It had been 2 days since it happened and Shelley was more confused than ever. She loved Sam, was in love with her but her feelings for Daniel were making things too confusing. Daniel didn't want to come between them. Sam was his friend and the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her. But he couldn't deny his feelings for Shelley, especially now knowing that she felt the same way.

They had met in secret a few times to talk, even though it was hard not to get into anything physical. Shelley couldn't do that to Sam again. It had been so hard not to tell her what she had done. But she hadn't. She could destroy her, telling Sam that she had been weak to give in to her desire for Daniel. The thought of seeing her face as she told her made Shelley not want to tell her at all.

'I have to tell her,' Shelley said. 'I can't hurt her anymore.'

'I know, it's okay.' Daniel said, offering his hand in support.

Shelley took it, smiling as he raised it to her face, brushing it against her cheek.

They were in a local cafe away from prying eyes of the base. Neither of them needed someone asking awkward questions. It was the only place they could talk privately.

'I don't think we should see each other..... Again. It's too hard, it's too...'

'Shelley! I don't know..... I know it's hard for you. You and Sam have been together for a long time.'

'It is hard. It's like I’m being torn in two. I love her so much, but.... I can't stop thinking about you, about being with you.. I just don't know what to do.'

'Then you should talk to her and what ever you decide I’ll be here. I don't want to lose you but it's your decision.'

Daniel felt he had no rights. He was for one of a better word, her bit on the side. But there was something between them that neither could deny.

He agreed that they shouldn't see each other away from the base again, not until she had spoken to Sam, even though she had no idea what she was going to tell her. Daniel didn't want to push her. He just knew that when it came down to it, their relationship would go no further that she would choose Sam over him.

They made their way back to the base, separately.

Daniel sat in the mess, finishing his lunch before going back to his office to try and work, to take his mind off Shelley. He hadn't wanted to leave Shelley alone, to let her have a few days with Sam to explain. Daniel wanted Shelley; the other night in the VIP room had been amazing. He hadn’t thought that she could have been so passionate being as Shelley had spent the last 8 or so months in a relationship with another woman.

Daniel took a bite out of his pancakes as he heard the mess door in front of him open. Sam stood in side, scanning the room. She had noticed a change in Shelley lately, over the last few days. Her girl friend had become distant, quiet, uninterested in their sex life. Apart from the other morning, they hadn’t had any physical contact at all. All kinds of things were going around in her mind. The kind of things that she didn’t want to think about!

She saw Daniel in front of her and sat down on the chair in front of him. Sam knew that out of everyone, Daniel would be the best person to ask. He suddenly felt nervous, as though she’d already found out about his affair with Shelley.

‘What?’ he asked, peering at her over the top of his glasses!

‘Can I ask you something?’


Daniel felt the palms of his hands began to sweat.

‘Shelley’s been acting strange lately, very distant and… Do you know what’s going on?’

The mess was silent for a moment. Daniel shook his head.

‘Mmm, well…erm...’ Daniel mumbled.

Then it was quiet again. Sam had never known Daniel so quiet before, especially when it came to Shelley. They were always close, sometimes a little too close. But since Shelley’s capture a few days ago, something had changed in their relationship.

‘Come on Daniel, after me, you’re the one who’s closest to her.’


‘Is there something wrong with her, is she ill.’

Daniel shook his head.

‘No. No she’s not ill, Sam.’

‘Then what?’ Sam asked.

‘I’m sorry Sam. I promised I wouldn’t say anything. I can’t, I’m sorry.’

Then it hit her, the realisation smacking her straight in the face.

‘She’s met someone else, hasn’t she?’

Daniel stood from his chair, heading out into the hall way and towards his office. Sam got up, following him.

He moved quietly around the office, trying to find a distraction. His head looked up as Sam entered after him.

‘I’m right aren’t I. She’s met someone else.’

Daniel didn’t want this conversation. He shouldn’t be the one to tell her.

‘I can’t Sam.’

‘Oh god! I can’t live without her.’ Sam said.

Both of them turned around, hearing footsteps behind her.

‘Can’t live without whom?’

Shelley stood in the doorway. This was awkward. This whole situation was awkward. Here they were the woman she loved and the man she couldn’t stop thinking about.’

‘I have to go,’ Daniel said.

As he brushed passed the redhead, he stopped momentarily to whisper in her ear.

‘Talk to her.’

Shelley felt his hand brush against hers for a moment.

Sam stood in front of her, wanting some answers. Shelley walked towards her, taking her hand and leading her to the couch in Daniel’s office. Her mind wandered yesterday to yesterday afternoon and how they’d spend an hour on that couch. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Sam saw how nervous Shelley was and ran her hand down her hair slowly, smiling softly.

‘What did Daniel tell you?’

Sam shook her head.

‘Nothing! He wouldn’t tell me anything. He’s such a good friend to you hun.’ Sam said.

Shelley smiled. She didn’t understand what she had done to deserve Daniel or even Sam.

‘I don’t deserve him. I don’t deserve either of you.’

For a moment, Shelley looked into Sam’s eyes and looked away, guilty.

‘Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?’

Shelley grabbed her hand. If she didn’t do this now that she never would. Nothing in her life had ever felt this hard before.

‘You have to know something Sam. You have to know that I love you so much. You mean more to me than anyone in my life before. The way you make me feel…’

‘Baby! What is it, please.’

Sam was desperate. She needed to know what was wrong.

‘You know I love you. Lately, lately I’ve been having feelings for someone on the base. Someone….’

‘Who is she?’ Sam asked.

Shelley smiled, shaking her head.

‘It’s not another woman baby… maybe it would be easier if it was.’

The hardest part was going to be telling her that it was Daniel.

‘It’s okay. We all have feelings hunny.’

‘I know… I… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Sammy. I acted on them, I tried to deny it but…’

Shelley felt Sam hold her hand tighter.

‘It’s okay. We can get through this Shell, I love you. It’ll be okay.’

The redhead moved from the couch.

‘Are you going to tell me who it is?’ Sam asked.

Shelley didn’t want too. She couldn’t bring herself to say his name. Her eyes flittered around the office, landing on Daniel’s desk. How could she explain to Sam that the object of her new found desire was her friend?

‘Have you ever looked at something one way, then one day, seen it totally in a different light?’ Shelley asked.

Sam stood off the couch, making her way over to her girlfriend. The redhead turned her head back to look at a photograph on the table behind her. It was a picture of herself, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c taken a few weeks ago.

‘That you can find something in a place you never thought you would.’

Shelley turned back, heading for the door and left the room quietly. Sam still stood there, trying to find the hidden meaning behind Shelley’s cryptic message. Then it hit her, as though she’d been kicked in the stomach.

‘Daniel!’ she whispered.

Sure it was just because of what they had both gone through together. That because he had risked his own life to save her, to make sure that she was safe the whole time they had been captured. Hopefully Shelley’s feelings, her attraction to him would disappear in time.


It was over, Shelley had told her. She hadn’t stayed around long enough to see Sam sink to the floor, mostly in shock. Shelley didn’t know what was going to happen now. All she knew was that she couldn’t keep away from Daniel; their attraction was just too strong.

Shelley tracked him down to the gym, working out his frustration in sweat. He was wearing a white t shirt that clung to every part of his body. The sweat dripped down his back. Shelley stood in the doorway, watching, realising now why she couldn’t keep away.

Daniel looked up at her smiling as she came into the room.

‘Sweat really works well for you,’ she said.

She moved across the room slowly as he put down the weights.

‘You look so…. Good, so….’

Shelley was trying to avoid the subject of Sam.

‘Did you tell her?’ Daniel said, standing up.

‘Yeah, well… I think she understood.’

Daniel moved passed her on his way to the shower. Shelley breathed in deep, smelling him, his sweat. She felt hot herself, turned on. Something took over her and she pushed him up against the row of lockers. Daniel saw the look in her eyes, totally hungry for him, feral.

‘You’re very forceful?’ he said, looking into her eyes.

‘You seemed to like it yesterday in your office.’

Daniel leaned in and kissed her, hard, deep, taking her by surprise.

Sam was angry, very angry. She searched the base, searching for Daniel. Tears fell down her face. She tried to fight them, not wanting anyone to see her upset, especially Shelley, where ever she was. Sam was suspicious that when she found Daniel she would find Shelley too. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop thinking that her girlfriend was in love with someone else. And not just anyone else, but Daniel! Sam knew everyone loved Daniel, just obviously not as much as Shelley did right now.

Sam had tracked him down too, and stood outside in the hallway, peering through the small window through the door.

During their heated kiss, Daniel had turned her around. Now she was pressed up against the lockers. Her skirt was around her waist and his hands were moving up and down her back, grabbing at Shelley’s ass. The redhead moaned through their kissing, too aroused to even think about stopping.

Sam continued to watch them. For a moment her anger disappeared and she suddenly became turned on by what she was seeing. Shelley’s face was flushed and her breathing had become heavy and shallow. Sam knew the signs and knew what it meant, that her girlfriend was on the brink of an orgasm just by kissing Daniel.

Then she couldn’t take any more and closed her eyes, propping herself up against the wall behind her, shaking her head and running her fingers through her hair.

Daniel pulled away slowly, making Shelley pout at him denying her more contact.

‘I thought I heard something,’ he said, turning to look towards the door.

But there was no one he could see. Shelley groaned in disappointment.

‘We can’t do this here,’

Daniel kissed her quickly, running his fingers through her hair. Shelley melted into his touch and smiled.

‘My place tonight,’ he whispered. ‘We can be alone with no distractions. And we can do this right.’

Shelley fell into his arms, resting her head on his chest for a moment. Daniel kissed her forehead then released her. They parted slowly, Shelley heading for the door and Daniel heading for the shower.

Sam saw her coming towards her and quickly escaped into the nearest room she could find. The Colonel peered through the gap in the door as Shelley made her way towards the elevator. As the elevator doors closed, Sam stepped out into the corridor, her mind set on confronting Daniel, but with something else in mind.

As she entered the room, Daniel emerged from the shower, the towel around his waist and still slightly wet from the shower.

‘Oh… hey Sam,’ he said, slightly unnerved at seeing her.

This was it. The big confrontation he had been dreading for the last few days. Part of him felt ashamed by his actions but the other part of him couldn’t stop.

‘Is there something…’

Daniel knew what she wanted, to rip him apart for sleeping and seducing her girl friend. But there was an eerie calmness about her. Sam sat down on one of the benches and looked up.

‘Actually, I think there’s something I have that you want!’ Sam said, being an cryptic as she possibly could. 

‘Oh, well….’

Sam stood slowly.

‘I saw you and Shelley a few minutes ago.’

Daniel looked away, opening his locker.

‘This is difficult for me Daniel, but…’

Sam couldn’t find the right words to say even though she knew exactly what it was she wanted to say.

‘I…I...,’ Sam stuttered. ‘I like what I saw.’

Daniel was confused.

‘You liked seeing me with Shelley?’ he asked.

Sam’s face grew red with embarrassment.

‘However hard it is for me to admit, I liked seeing, what I saw.’

Daniel stuck his head inside his locker, trying to hide his own confusion and embarrassment.

‘I don’t understand, Sam!’ he said.

Sam sighed, hoping that he would have gotten the hint by now.

‘Don’t be so dense, Daniel,’ Sam said, sighing deeper. ‘I want to watch you with her again. I want to be in the same room. I want to give her a night she’ll never forget, a night to remember, from both of us!’

Daniel was so shocked that his grip on the towel around his waist, loosened, making the towel fall to the ground. Sam smiled.

‘No wonder she’s so infatuated with you,’ she said.

He bent down quickly to pick it up, adjusting it tighter the second time. Daniel thought about Sam’s proposition.

‘So… what do you want to do?’ he asked.

It had taken them an hour to sort out the finer details of their plan. At first, Daniel had been shocked by Sam’s suggestion. How could she possibly want to share Shelley, the woman who was supposed to be the love of her life? Then he thought that it was going to be the only way he could be with Shelley. He wasn’t about to walk away from her either, he wasn’t prepared to let her go. It was every man’s fantasy, wasn’t it? Being with two women, even though Daniel was only going to be with Shelley. Sam was going to watch. Seeing them together had turned her on. At first she was jealous, hurt, angry the decided why shouldn’t she enjoy it. Shelley was the sexiest woman she had ever known and Daniel had agreed.

After talking to Daniel, Sam went back to work. She thought she would feel some kind of jealousy. But she didn’t. It was either this way, or loose Shelley.

Shelley had brought Sam an afternoon snack in the late afternoon and the two of them had talked a little. Nothing too serious and the two of them had even made out on the chair in the corner of the room, where Sam liked to relax after all day in the lab. She smiled as she watched Shelley leave. Daniel hadn’t been the only one who had been able to get the redhead all hot and bothered just by kissing.

They agreed to catch up the next morning. Sam had told her that she was planning on working through the night on her latest project and said that Shelley should go home and get some sleep. She had been captured a few days ago and hadn’t been able to sleep much lately, partly due cause of her brief affair with Daniel. Now Shelley didn’t know what it was. All she knew was that she didn’t want it to stop. She had kissed Sam softly before leaving, just whispering that she loved her and she did. Nothing could ever change that.

Just after she left, Sam picked up her phone and called Daniel, letting him know that she had put their plan into action.

Not long after Sam had left for Daniel’s, Shelley phoned him, telling him that she was going to go home first and freshen up and that she’ll be over soon. Shelley planned on wearing something less than the typical clothes she usually wore.

Sam stared at Daniel as he moved around the house, tidying up before Shelley arrived. She hadn’t seen him move so quickly before.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked. ‘You don’t make this kind of an effort when we came over before.’

Daniel stopped in mid clean and turned around.

‘Well, you guys are family, Shelley… well, I guess she’s not.’ Daniel said.

Sam shook her head. After tonight, she had no idea what their relationships were going to be anymore. They were friends but more than friends, not lovers but… It was going to be something they would have to define later.

‘After tonight, it’s not going to be a problem.’ Sam said.

‘I guess your right. Whatever happens tonight, I just want you to know that, I’ll take care of her. I’ll treat her right.’

Sam didn’t want to hear this. Daniel smiled and not for the first time, she saw why Shelley was so attracted to him. Even though she never thought of him like that herself, she knew why her girlfriend had.

‘I know you will. She’s going to be here soon,’ Sam said, looking at her watch. ‘I should go back into the bedroom; I don’t want her to see me too quickly.’

Daniel nodded in agreement and continued to tidy up as Sam headed off into his bedroom. He knew that he and Shelley would follow her soon. It wouldn’t take too much of an effort to get the redhead exactly where they wanted her, all hot and bothered. Daniel had to admit that he had thought about keeping out of the bedroom and having Shelley all to himself but understood why Sam wanted to do this.

On the way to Daniel’s house, she had picked up her cell phone several times, pondering on whether or not to call and cancel. All kinds of doubts were racing through her mind. Even if Sam knew about her attraction to Daniel, did she really have to have to act on her impulse to sleep with him again? It was purely sexual and not lacking in emotion. If she wasn’t happy with Sam, Shelley could easily find herself falling for Daniel. But she was happy with Sam, deliriously happy and in love. But then why was she going to spend the night with another man. She simply could not help herself. She’s tried to stay away, to deny how she felt but his pull to her was too strong.

Daniel opened the door and smiled, seeing her in the doorway. Shelley stood there is a long skirt and soft silk blouse. As she had waited outside for him to answer, she had begun playing with her buttons. He asked her inside and closed the door behind her.

Her nervousness takes hold again and Shelley began to fidget and play with the buttons on her blouse.

‘You’ve been hanging around Sam for too long,’ Daniel said.

Shelley smiled as he forced her slowly up against the wall next to his front door. She could feel the warmth from his breath. That combined with the smell of him made her head spin a million different ways.

Daniel moved her hands away from her blouse and she felt her body begin to shake in response to the slightest of touch. His lips caressed her neck softly, each tiny touch made her sigh in pleasure. Shelley let her mind wander; all she was focused on was the feel of his hands that had begun to explore her body. Daniel pressed his body against her. The redhead’s body was aroused as her nipples became erect under his ministrations, even through the soft fabric of her blouse.

‘Yesss,’ she whispered, softly.

Shelley let her own hands wander, reaching out to run her fingers through his hair. Both of them moaned as they kissed, their lips pounding against each other. Since their affair began, Shelley hadn’t known Daniel be like this before, in control and wild. She was turned on by it, even more so as his hands disappeared under her skirt and begun to slowly peel down her panties.

Shelley broke the kiss, panting for the need for oxygen.

‘I don’t know what’s got into you, but I like it,’ she said.

Daniel grinned, smiling like something evil just clicked in his mind. He unbuttoned her blouse, letting it fall on the hall floor, along with her panties. Neither item would be of any use to him and would only hinder his need to have her naked and writhing under him. He was right; it hadn’t taken her long to get her all excited. Now there night was just beginning.

He lifted her up, Shelley wrapping her legs around him. Suddenly realising that the jeans he had been wearing on her arrival were now on the floor with her bra and underwear. She had forgotten that she had unzipped them whilst he had been taking off her blouse.

Daniel carried her towards the bedroom, kissing her as they made their way to the main event.

Daniel pushed open the door with his foot as they entered the bedroom. Shelley's eyes widened at the king sized bed that was in front of her. How lucky was she? His arms were wrapped around her and they were still kissing. They broke off their contact as Daniel sat her down on the bed. Shelley lay back on it. She watched with interest as Daniel took off his shirt and briefs. Now she knew just how lucky she was. He sat on the bed, between her legs and pulled down her skirt. Shelley made it easier for him, by taking off her bra. Daniel smiled and parted her thighs. Daniel kissed her inner thigh. The redhead moaned at the feel of his smooth lips on her skin and closed her eyes, savouring every lingering kiss.

Shelley moaned deeper as she was kissed. Only these lips felt different to Daniel's, softer and tasted sweet. Her eyes opened quickly as a familiar smell in the room. Sam was kneeling on the bed in front of her, smiling warmly at her.

'If you wanted Daniel, all you had to do was ask, hun.' Sam said.

'Sam, i...'

Sam shook her head, placing a finger on Shelley's wet lips.

'I'm not mad at you. I want to be here for this. I want to be here for you, please?'

Shelley was confused. Why would her girlfriend want to do this? But she was giving her blessing in this strange kind of union. Several tears fell down Shelley's face, nodding. Despite the circumstances, she was pleased that Sam was here. She was getting the best of both worlds. She pulled Sam down, pulling her lips into a breathtaking kiss. Sam pulled away and Shelley's attention was directed passed her towards Daniel.

'What did you stop for?' She asked.

All three of them laughed. Daniel smiled, dipping his head, resuming the teasing of her thighs. Sam smiled, and lowered her head. Shelley shivered as her lover began to lick her breasts, whilst her hands slowly moved down her stomach. Shelley bit her lip as the double sensations they were creating took over. Sam took an aroused nipple into her mouth, biting it gently between her teeth.

Daniel looked up, seeing the look of pleasure on Shelley's face. He moved, moving his mouth higher towards her wet heat. Shelley breathe was hard as she felt his mouth trace her lips and she moaned deeply.

'Mmmmmmm,' she moaned.

Her moans were shared by Daniel...

'So sweet.' he said.

Sam smiled and began to kiss her way down her lover's body. Shelley arched her back as she felt two sets of tongues pleasuring her. She placed both of her hands on their heads if they even threatened to move for a moment. Her body was in total ecstasy. Her nipples were hard and aroused and the heat between her legs was unmeasurable. Daniel moved away, moving up towards Shelley's mouth.

'Make her cum,' Daniel instructed.

Sam never needed an excuse to make her lover orgasm. Daniel kissed her hard, slipping his tongue into her mouth. The taste of herself on his lips was so erotic. At the same time as Sam slipped two fingers inside the writhing redhead. Sam knew she was close as she began to sense around her fingers.

'Oh god...oh god...that's...that's....SO GOOD.' Shelley panted.

Shelley pushed Daniel away, drawing in Sam for a long, passionate kiss. The two of them kissed, hands roaming over each others naked bodies. Daniel sat back and watched them. It was an incredible sight to watch two gorgeous women making out. It was every man's dream. Shelley turned her head, smiling back at him.

'You enjoying the view?' she asked.

He nodded eager as Shelley moved forward to kiss him, running her hand down his chest, moving lower. Shelley lay Sam down on the bed, seeing the look of need on her lovers face. Both of them were on the verge of cuming. Shelley noticed the look on Daniel's face and motioned him to move behind her. He wanted to come inside her, to feel her tighten around his hard dick. Shelley knelt in front of Sam, spreading her legs.

Seeing Shelley so wet and writhing in front of Sam made it easy for Daniel to enter her from behind. Shelley groaned as she pushed her self back against him whilst still managing to please her blonde lover. Daniel placed his hands on her hips, slowly pounding deep into her. Sam came screaming out Shelley's name. She couldn't take her eyes off Shelley, seeing her face contorted in pleasure. Daniel kissed her neck, moving up to lick her ear. Sam saw the look on the redhead's face, seeing that she was closer. Shelley came, as Daniel pushed her onto the bed. He came a few moments later, falling on to the bed. Shelley fell against him, Sam falling into her arms. They were all exhausted and soon fell asleep.


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