Author: Major Sam


Title: Addicted

Series: Part 3/5

Pairing: Sam/Shelley/Daniel

Rating: NC17

Word Count: 3, 115

Summary: A few days after their 3 sum, Shelley finds herself deeply attracted to Daniel, wanting more

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

Authors Notes: Daniel is very different in this fic but hopefully not too different.

There were the glances across the briefing room table. She had resisted the temptation to sit next to him when she came in and instead opted for the safer option. Not that it felt safe, right now. Daniel looked up, catching her eye and smiled. Shelley couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. It felt strange the day after when they were all back at work. If anyone found out about what they had done, it would have been more than weird. They were practically family. But Shelley couldn't help herself, she had to have him, again.

Her breathing became shallow as she remembered that night. But it wasn't thoughts of Sam that were coming into her head, but thoughts of Daniel. Pulling down her panties slowly as they stood against the door. The feel of his lips as they glided along her nipple, making it harder, followed by his tongue. The thought of that moment, made her totally aroused. What was it about his lips that made her want to relive that moment over and over and over again.

The morning after that night, they had all been in Daniel's kitchen, talking. Sam knew that her girl friend had needs and was prepared to let Daniel fulfil them. As long as she knew about it and that she was allowed to take part, once in a while. Shelley had agreed straight away. It was a strange situation, but Shelley couldn't see another option. She didn't want to leave Sam, leave the life they had together, but couldn't stop her addiction to Daniel.

Shelley turned her head for a moment, feeling Sam's legs brush past hers. It was those little touches that made their love a relationship. It was just lately their sex life had gone down hill. Shelley didn't know what had happened first, their declining sex life or her deep attraction to Daniel. Either way, one was a symptom of the other. Since that night a few days ago, she and Sam hadn't slept together. Her mind on other things.

Sam smiled at her, hoping that tonight would be the night. Their sex life was always great, passionate and heated. Now someone else had caught her eye.

Shelley wished she could stop feeling the way she did. Where Daniel was concerned, Shelley was blinded by passion and lust. She was falling deeper and she couldn't control it.

The briefing seem to go by slowly. All through it, they couldn't take their eyes off each other. Sam saw them and tried not to notice. She had given her approval, so to speak. Shelley hadn't told her yet if they had slept together since that night. Part of Sam didn't want to know. Even though seeing them together was incredibly hot, it did hurt. Knowing that she wanted to be with someone else. Deep down, Sam would have felt better if it had been another woman. Wasn't she enough for her?

Finally it ended and Shelley made her way out of the briefing room. It was a relief, not being in the same room as Daniel. It was driving her crazy.


Shelley sat at her desk, enjoying a quiet moment, trying to work and get her mind off Daniel. She smiled as she felt a pair of arms around her neck.. A pair of lips followed, kissing that spot behind her neck that made her shiver.

'Mmmmm, baby, that's nice,' she whispered.

Only one person knew about that spot on her neck.


The blonde nuzzled against her neck, moving her hands under Shelley's t shirt.

'I miss you.' Sam said. 'I thought tonight we could....'

'I'd like that.'

Sam continued to kiss Shelley's neck, moving her hands higher under her shirt. Shelley stood up, turning around, seeing the glint in her eye. When Sam had that look in her eye, Shelley knew that she was in for a wild night.

'I wish i didn't have to go back to work now,' Sam said. 'I want you so bad.'

'There's plenty of time later, babe. I'll be home about 8. I've got all this work to finish.'

'I'll be waiting,' Sam said.

Sam leaned in, taking her lips in a passionate kiss. Shelley moaned deeply, letting the kiss take over. Her hand ran up and down Sam's back. This was why she loved her.

'You... you should go. Before we... we..' Shelley said breathlessly.

'Okay, okay... we should deffinately do this later. I might have a surprise for you. Something you will deffinately enjoy.'

Sam smiled as she left the room, turning to see the look on her girl friends face.

All afternoon Shelley tried to think about what surprise Sam had instore for her. Her heart raced with excitment with the thought that Daniel might be playing a part. She wanted that so much, maybe wanting to be with him more than wanting to be with him and Sam. She had never felt anything like that before in her life. Double the sensations and double the intense orgasm. To experience double the pleasure like that was incredible. Two tongues, two pairs of lips, not to mention all those fingers. She had lost the ability to recognise who's lips were Sam's and who's were Daniel's. For a time, it didn't seem to matter.

By late afternoon, the growling in Shelley's stomach got the better of her. As she walked down the corridor towards the mess, she stopped mid-stride as she saw him coming the other way. Shelley turned around quickly, hoping that he wouldn't notice her.

'Hey!' Daniel called out after her.

He sprinted down the corridor after her, trying to get her to turn around.


Daniel reached out his hand, grabbing her arm. Shelley turned around, coming face to face with him.

'Where are you off too? Aren't you hungry?'

'No, i.. changed my mind.'

'When you saw me?' he asked.

Shelley shook her head, hoping he wouldn't recognise her lie.

'No, of course not. Why would i...'

Shelley looked up at him, feel his warm breath against her face. There was that look again. That same look they had given each other a few hours ago in the briefing.

Daniel pulled her into the nearest storage closet. Shelley's back was against the door, her shirt on the floor. She felt weak, her legs shaking underneath her. Her mind tried to cope with a thousand sensations and feelings all at once.

Daniel shoved her against the shelves, mindless of her comfort, caressing the curve of her ass underneath the skirt... She was hot, and he needed her quickly.

'Oh fuck... oh fuck...' Shelley kept repeating.

Shelley gasped at how rough and needy he was. He'd never wanted to take her with such urgency. Daniel reached inside her panties, feeling her cleft and the moist heat within. She moaned, flailing her head back against the shelves and begged for him to take her.

'Oh god, please... I need you, please fuck me now.'

Flicking open the buttons on his BDU's, he spun her to face away from him and ripped the panties down her legs.

Shelley was in shock. She had no idea he could be like this. The other night in his apartment had been pretty wild and crazy, but nothing like this.

She pushed against him, feeling his fullness throb at her opening. Shelley's head was spinning, her body overheating, her mind concentrating on the sensations that he was creating. With a swift push he was inside her, pounding fiercely until she was practically screaming for release. The shelves behind them began to bang against the wall, rattling and shaking.

'Oh god, fuck... oh god... so close.... oh god... fuck me.... make me...'

Daniel reached in front of her, grabbing a breast with one hand, and fingering her clit with the other. He was determined she would have the 'well-fucked' look all day long.

"Daniel, oh god, Daniel... harder....." Shelley gasped as she felt her orgasm building.

Securing her orgasm, Daniel let go of his own, his seed spilling deep within her...

'Yessssssssssss, oh goddddddd.' Shelley screamed...

Shelley wrapped her arms around him, riding his body as they both began to slow down, still striving for every last lingering contact. As they slowed, the kissed, finally, putting in every last ounce of passion into it. Neither of them said anything. They couldn't help themselves. That night a few nights ago, with the three of them hadn't been enough. It hadn't been enough to share her with Sam, he wanted Shelley completely. He couldn't get her out of his system in one night. Daniel hated feeling like this.

Shelley adjusted her skirt and buttoned up her blouse. Daniel zipped up his pants and leant down. In his hands were Shelley's abused panties, the one he was ripped from her. He smiled, bundling them into his pants pocket.

'We should...' Shelley said, breathlessly.

Daniel nodded. Despite the way he had taken her, he couldn't bare to leave her. This was getting out of control. Neither of them could stop what they were feeling, even though they felt guilty about it.

Shelley stepped out into the corridor first, looking around and walking slowly towards the nearest elevator. Her head turned, seeing Daniel emerge from the storage room, feeling him pulling her towards him, still.....

Shelley slammed the door to her lab behind her, resting against it. Her body was still shaking. What the hell was she doing? What was she going to do now? Was she going to go home and tell Sam that it had happened again. That she had gone to the mess with food on her mind and ended up being fucked in a storage room. Or the fact she enjoyed it, she wanted it. In fact she wanted it right now. There was nothing stopping her from finding Daniel and starting all over again. She wanted him again. What was wrong with her? It felt as though her life was spinning out of control. A year ago, all 3 of them were friends, then Shelley had been involved in an accident and had become closer to Sam than anyone had ever anticipated. Daniel had been one of the few close male friends she’d ever had. They had always been close and had joked a few times about what would happen if they started dating. Maybe it was that, that brought them even closer. From jokes to actually feeling something, had happened in such a short space of time. Then they were held captive and that’s when their feelings had taken a turn. Daniel protected her all the time, even at the cost of his own welfare.

Now things were falling apart. She didn’t want to keep giving into her desire, her need for Daniel. Shelley wanted to be happy with just having Sam in her life, in her bed, but knew deep down that she wanted more, she wanted her cake and eat it too. Sam had agreed that the other night hadn’t been a one off and if Shelley wanted it to happen again, that she would agree. It wasn’t the convenient of situations but it was better than losing Shelley completely. This was, Sam was in control and could handle it better than if Shelley was seeing Daniel alone.

Shelley’s body tingled with the feeling of Daniel’s hands still on her body. Her breath was hard as she closed her eyes for a moment, reliving every single second of being pressed against those shelves. She needed to feel him again, feeling the fullness inside her. A hand slid down her stomach over her shirt. God, she wanted it so badly and needed to talk to Sam.


Later that night

Sam’s head turned as she heard Shelley enter their house.

“Hey, Baby!” Sam called out, seductively.

Shelley smiled, kissing her lovers neck.

“I wasn’t expecting you home for a few hours hun, is something wrong?”

Shelley shook her head.

“No, no, I just needed to talk to you.”


Sam thought for a moment, realising.


The redhead nodded.

Sam sat at the kitchen table, looking up at Shelley as she sat on the chair next to her, holding her hand tightly.

“The other night, you said that if I wanted too, I mean if…”

“If you wanted to be with Daniel again.”

“Yeah. That it would be okay, as long as you knew and was with me.”

Sam nodded. Despite agreeing to it, she really didn’t want it to happen again. She didn’t want to share Shelley, she was her, mind, body and soul.

“And you want too, again?”

She saw the look of need on Shelley’s face.


Shelley tried to hide her sudden arousal at just thinking about being with the two of them again.

“If, you don’t want too, its okay.”

Sam smiled, kissing Shelley’s hand.

“Baby, I told you, it’s okay. I know the two of you have this thing between you. I just want to be there with you. You’re mine.”

Shelley stood, sitting on her girl friends lap.

“Why don’t you show me,”

Sam wrapped her arms around her, pulling her close for a deep kiss. Her hands ran up and down the redhead’s back, managing to grab at her perfect ass under her skirt.

“I should make the call, I have an idea.”

Shelley unwrapped her legs from around Sam and stood up, heading towards the phone. She dialled Daniel’s number, all the time looking at Sam. Her lover licked her lips, tasting the sweet taste of Shelley’s lipstick on her own lips.

“The door will be open.” Shelley said, putting down the phone.

She reached her hand out to Sam, dragging her into their bedroom.


The moans and groans and sounds of pleasure coming from the bedroom were so erotic. Daniel didn’t want to interrupt them. The door had been left a little open and closed it as he entered the house.

The bedroom door was wide open and he stood there, watching.

Sam lay on the bed, the silk sheet wrapped around her. Shelley smiled as she leaned into kiss her, parting her lips with her finger, slipping one in. Sam suckled on it, licking it all over. Daniel watched with interest as he begun to strip slowly. Shelley turned her head, feeling him staring at her. He moved slowly towards the bed, sitting on the edge of it on the redhead’s side.

Shelley slipped her tongue into Sam’s mouth, sharing a heated kiss. Her hand moved back and forth down Sam’s body, using her palms and the back of her hand. She turned her attention to her breasts, licking her nipples, making them stiff under her touch.


Sam groaned as Shelley’s fingers made contact with her wetness, slipping in, thrusting deeper and deeper. Sam writhed on the bed, forcing Shelley to kiss her. The redhead felt Daniel lay behind her, running his hand down her arms, moving down her hips and legs. He brushed the hair from her neck, kissing her.

Sam began to tense, her orgasm ripping through her body. Daniel pouted as the object of his desire moved away from him, getting to her knees, spreading Sam’s legs wide, devouring the blonde. Shelley licked her lips slowly, making Sam watch.

“You taste so good, baby!”

Another orgasm made Sam shake again, pulling Shelley down for a heated kiss. She could taste herself on those lips, licking them eagerly.

Shelley lay sandwiched between her blonde lover and Daniel. He resumed his hand exploration of her body. Her head fell back against him, turning slightly to take his tongue into her mouth. Finally Sam recovered enough to see what was going on in front of her. She ran her fingers across Shelley’s cheek, brining her back from Daniel’s lips.

“I’m going to enjoy this,’” Shelley giggled, feeling Sam’s hands moving down the front of her body, whilst Daniel’s ran down her back.

Shelley pressed her self back against Daniel, feeling hardness throbbing behind her. It hadn’t been the first time he had taken her from behind, it hadn’t even been the first time today. If she was honest, she liked it. There was something animal, primal about the way it made her feel, how he made her feel when he took her.

“I want you.” Daniel whispered in her ear.

“Then take me, both of you.”

Sam smiled, sliding her hand down her girl friends body. Shelley’s breathing increased at her touch. She felt the wetness, her fingers playing the deliciousness’ of it. It was easy for her to slip in. Her fingers were long, turning them slightly, reaching out for the spot that would make her cum so hard. It didn’t take her long to find her release, panting heavily in Sam’s arms.

Daniel kissed her neck, his hands on her hips, moving her so he could enter her quickly. Shelley bit her lip as she felt him inside her. She raised her hand running her fingers through the hairs at the base of his neck.

Sam turned her attention to Shelley’s soft breasts, tweaking her nipple with her thumb and forefinger. She let her mouth cover one, enjoying the feel. Her breasts so soft and perfect, each nipple dark pink, delicious to taste and feel.

Shelley parted her legs, letting Daniel get a better angle. He began to thrust slowly, running his hand down her body, finally resting on her hips.

“Ahhh, that’s good, that’s so good.” Shelley moaned.

Sam watched as the intense expression grew on Shelley’s face. It was amazing.

The whole night had been amazing. It may have started there but had last for another 2 hours.

Sam’s eyes opened, seeing that her bed was now empty.

“Shell,” She whispered.

But she didn’t answer. Sam heard noises coming from the living room. She got out of bed, wrapping one of the sheets from the bed around her and stepped out into the hallway. Her eyes searched the room, looking for her girl, but couldn’t see her straight away.

The noises were coming from the living room couch. Shelley was laying on the couch, underneath Daniel. Sam was shocked, hurt, jealous. They weren’t just having sex, they were making love. Their movements were slow, tender, not the frantic thrusting and panting of earlier.

“I love you,” Daniel whispered.

“Ssssh,” Shelley whispered. “Don’t say that, just…”

Sam turned away. This wasn’t how things were supposed to work out. Shelley was supposed to get him out of her system. This was just supposed to be about sex. Sam was scared that Shelley was actually falling in love with Daniel and that she would lose her, forever.

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