Title: Intense

Author: Major_Sam

Email: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley Established Relationship. Shelley/Replicarter

Date: 06/01/05

Series: Part 2 of.....on going

Summary: Just read it

The flashes of memory in her mind were intense. Memories that she had no recollection of. She and Sam had never had sex like this before. They had their fair share of intense moments, but this, this was beyond intense.

Sam was off world and Shelley the night to herself. She sat on the bed, her feet up, reading some trashy novel that kept her occupied when Sam was away.

There it was again, a hand on her bare shoulder, slipping down the strap on her dress. Then lips against her neck, her body being pulled pulled, feeling a body behind her, breasts against her back.

Shelley closed her eyes, trying to make the image more clear, trying to make out a face, a smell, anything. After a few moments, they were gone, leaving her frustrated. She'd had numerous counselling sessions with Dr McKenzie, to get to the bottom of her visions, hallucinations. Nothing had come to light yet.

The redhead put down the book, and snuggled down under her sheets.

She felt her body pressed against hers, soft breasts rubbing against her own. Shelley felt as though she was in heaven. The incredible feeling between her legs. Sweet, torturous heat inside her. Two fingers, curved, finding that spot, thrusting slowly. A thumb on her clit. Just knowing how far to go before pulling back, making her want more.

Shelley breathed hard through each kiss, feeling a tongue playing, fighting with hers. She wrapped her arms around Sam's neck, running her fingers through the hairs at the base of her neck. That touch made her moan into the redhead's mouth, moving her lips, teasing her neck.  All the time the rythym of her fingers were maintained. Shelley writhed on the bed below her, thrusting her hips to match those intense movements.

The redhead felt her heat building, making her body sweat in response. Sam stayed calm. Shelley kept her eyes closed, it somehow adding to the eroticism of the experience of this particular night of pleasure. Her hands roamed, finding soft skin.

She felt another finger added, making her growl into the room.

'Oh god!'

The feeling inside her was growing near, being drawn out of her. Shelley's eyes opened quickly, her arms being raised over her head, pinning her down on the bed. Shelley had no idea how Sam was doing this, she didn't care.

Shelley felt Sam's body pressed against her, again. Her thrusts grew in speed, quick, deep. That thumb rubbed harder against her clit, making Shelley whimper in pleasure.

Sam began to slow down her fingers and lifted herself up to look down at Shelley. Her eyes were closed again. She wanted her to see her. Look upon her face she she brought her closer.

'Don't stop, don't stop. There, just there.'

Shelley's arms were released an she brought a pair of lips against hers. She ran her fingers through Sam's hair as they kissed, furiously....

Fingers thrusted faster, deeper.

'I'm.........' Shelley moaned.

Shelley opened her eyes, looking up at Sam. The redhead's heart raced. She bit her lip as she screamed out her orgasm into the room. Her back arched and she rose off the bed. Sam slipped her hands behind her back, pulling in for a deep kiss. A look of total satisfaction on her face.

Shelley smiled, reaching up her hand, brushing the hair from her eyes.

'Mmmm Sam...'

'Guess again.'

Shelley's eyes opened quickly, focusing, realising that she was awake now. She shook her head, not believing what she had just dreamed about. It wasn't real, was it? The replicarter had been in her mind before. But there was no computer, no nothing to make her feel, like she did in her dream. Shelley felt uncomfortable. How was she going to explain this to Sam?

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