Fic: Losing Control

Author: Major Sam


Pairing: Replicarter/Shelley

Rating: NC17

Series: Repilcarter series

Notes: Another random RepSam fic ;)

Summary: Everyone is dead but Shelley is left alone...

She felt no fear, just attraction, fascination and curiosity. She was probably the only one that she wouldn't hurt. Everyone on the base was already dead, killed by the image of her lover. They all lay around her, their bodies twisted. Shelley was the only survivor. Before the attack, she had managed to send a message through the gate to the SGC.

The Replicarter stood in front of her, not being able to see a moment's look of anguish on the redhead's face.

'You're not afraid of me?'

Shelley shook her head.

'No, Iím not.'

'Even after all this? After all Iíve put you through. Holding you captive.'

The redhead looked around the room, bodies around her feet. Bodies of her colleagues at the alpha site. All gone, killed, and having tried in vain to stop the replicator from reaching the gateroom.

'No, I should be, but I don't fear you at all.'

'But there is something you feel?' The Replicarter asked.

Shelley didn't want to admit what she was feeling, especially not to the one who had just killed at least 20 people.

'You only see her, don't you?'

The Replicarter moved closer, backing up Shelley to the wall behind her. It was true. All Shelley could see was Sam. Those gorgeous eyes and lips that were begging to be kissed. But there was a difference. The Replicarter was dressed all in black and Shelley couldn't help but be aroused by the way she looked. She looked sexy, even with the evil look on her face.

Shelley moved out of the way, pushing past the replicator. As she brushed past her, Shelley felt a hand grip her arm, pulling her back.

'I remember everything,' The Replicarter said. 'The way you feel, the way you smell, the way you taste.'

Now Shelley felt scared by the way she was talking. It made her nervous.

'The way your voice shakes when you call out her name when you....'

Shelley closed her eyes as the replicator pressed her self against her back and wrapped her arms around her. It was strange that in the midst of such devastation that she was feeling such pleasure, pleasure that she knew she shouldn't be feeling.

'Don't do this.'

'I know you don't want me to stop. This is what you want. Or you would have tried to stop me yourself. Admit it. Youíre curious to know how I feel. How my fingers would tease you, how far they would go, moving further, faster.'

Shelley threw her head back, falling into the replicarter's arms. She wanted to give in, to lose control for a moment, to let the Replicator slip her hands inside her trousers and into her panties.


'Make me.' The replicator demanded.

Shelley broke free and turned around. Truth was she was more than curious. She did want to know what she felt like. If she would feel any different to her lover. Part of her knew that it would be different. She wanted to experience it all.

The replicator saw the look in Shelley's eyes, sensing her need, her desire to be taken. She wrapped her arms around her, turning her so that her back was to the replicator.

Shelley held in her breath as she felt an arm around her waist a hand unbuckling the belt on her pants. The zipper moved down and the Replicarter slipped in her hand. Her fingers traced the wetness of Shelley's aroused lips, gently teasing her clit. Shelley pressed herself against her, needing her to go deeper than just teasing. The replicator pushed in two fingers, grinning as the redhead in her arms shivered.

'Aahhhh,' Shelley moaned.

'You like that, you can't resist me. You can't help yourself.'

'I need it. I want you.'

The Replicarter thrusted her fingers deeper, harder, unrelenting.

'Faster please... faster.'

Shelley practically screamed as her orgasm began to take hold of her. Her whole body shook in pleasure and guilt.

The redhead turned around, flushed. The Replicarter stood in front of her conquest, smiling, grinning. She had succeeded in destroying the lives of everyone still left at the alpha site and now had succeeded in seducing the lover of the woman who was hell bent on destroying her. Soon she would make Shelley permanently hers.

To be continued.....

Major Sam

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